can cravats be a thing again

Scarf v. Crabot, Docket No. 3838

Citizens of the jury. Check this shit out.

Before I show you this shit, I would like to remind you all what brought us here today. Exhibit A:

That’s right. This beautiful, good man. But more specifically, this, Exhibit B:

What exactly the hell this is has teased inquiring minds for years, one can safely presume. There have been theories and inquiry into the neckwear of antiquity. But this man’s fashion sense has eluded precise articulation. The prevailing theory is that it is a cravat, but a Google Image Search shows otherwise. Exhibit C:

A cravat seems to be like an extra puffy necktie scarf thing. It certainly does not flutter to that extent, being tucked inside the shirt.

An alternate, but equally doomed theory arose–that of the jabot. Exhibit D:

A more likely option, with the layers and the fluttering, but, please observe again Exhibit B:

See how the collar is a few inches tall, with dimples in the cloth, around his neck, and how the fluttery layers seem to come out from the top of it and down? Here’s an image of him in his daily asskicking duties to compare as well, Exhibit E:

Well, it clearly doesn’t have the thin collar and flat lay of the jabot, because the fluttery front comes over the top of the collar, not attached to the bottom like the jabot.

I too was resigned to ambiguity, until I was sitting on my bedroom floor writing fanfiction one Sunday afternoon and my mom brought me something. She had been cleaning out her closet and found something interesting from her Los Angeles department store days in the 1980s. It is a booklet guide from Nordstrom on how to wear scarves. The booklet, Exhibit F, is in such a state due to Dog:

Cute, wholesome, etc. But the true revelation waited inside. Citizens of the jury, my decisive evidence, Exhibit G:

[Transcript: 6 SQUARE SCARVES 1. Take a square scarf and make accordian (sic) pleats from top to bottom 2. Wrap around neck and flip one end over the other. 3. Fan out pleats and wear off to the side or in front.]

BROS DO U SEE THIS RN??? This shit has the exact same features that were missing in the cravat and jabot, and is identical to the Chest Kleenex on this beautiful man. Once more, Exhibit B:

Conclusion: He’s been wearing a specially folded square scarf this whole time. The prosecution rests. *mic drop*

*hasty scrambling to pick up dropped mic* The prosecution takes official notice that there are three layers of ruffle in every official art, not two. The prosecution saw that just now and has no idea how that could be but stands behind its argument. Okay, thanks guys. *puts mic back into stand*


Yuuri!!! On Ice || Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki || Part I
notes: i needed a small break from solo and pair so i started writing super self-indulgent regency au. this is (hopefully) not going to be more than 10k, so i’ll post it in pieces here on tumblr, and then in full on ao3 once it’s finished. i hope you guys like it! ♥
warnings: chris attempts matchmaking, the author attempts to write period appropriate dialogue, and victor has no chill. also, there are mentions of alcohol consumption, though none of the characters are drunk


Yuuri Katsuki is not a gentleman. He has fine manners and an impressive education, but he is what he is: a man of no significant standing who must work to support himself.

Because of this, Yuuri stands out.

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Role Play

Gintoki walked down the road with a red Chuubert dangling from his mouth. It was mostly gone, so he was taking his time with what was left and really put a lot of effort into savoring it. It wasn’t a warm day by any means, but he’d been in the mood for something cheap and cold. Thus, Chuubert. He was on his way back to his apartment and like with the Chuubert, he wasn’t in any kind of rush. The place had been empty when he’d left and though he enjoyed the quiet, he didn’t feel like being by himself. He was in a weird sort of mood, stuck in a state of blah. Blah meaning he wanted to be with people and he wanted to be on his own – such was the current definition of what blah meant.

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Are You Happy? Tour Overview! Part 1 (Spoilers under the cut!)

Don’t look under the cut if you don’t want to be spoiled! This was more for me than for anyone. I didn’t want to forget so on my way home I’ve been desperately trying to recall details. It’s taking longer so I thought I’d put up the first half. This is to the MC! I know it’s a bit…. robust, but I really didn’t want ot forget what I COULD remember. I was in so much of a shock that a lot of details didn’t stick .Just kind of like HOLY CRAP WHERE AM I.

Let me say though, they are charming on DVD… Everything is 10x more charming in person. They weren’t as short as I was expecting but I had been in Japan for 3 weeks by then so I was kind of used to it. I’m 5′9 and I wasn’t shocked, so they aren’t SUPER tiny. About average. Aiba is taller but he’s so skinny he seems smaller than he is.

Ohno can seem a bit low energy on DVD but in person he is so amazing. He has the kindest expressions and he is almost constantly trying to pick people out of the crowd. He did the most reacting with the fans and it was so endearing. What can be mistaken as low focus, is focusing on singling people out in the crowd. You can’t quite capture it on video.

Aiba was so handsome. He also was far more professional than what the TV personas give him. He is so efficient and always looks like he’s having a good time. I really liked seem him transition between songs because he was really methodical.

Nino is always 100% into the music, even if he’s kind of just goofing off dancing in the background he’s always lip singing along with it. You can see that in the DVDs but when he was next to me I watched and he does it CONSTANTLY. Either to the other members’ parts or the instrument melody.

Sho is so funny. He get so into it and just starts dancing away. He’s more of a broad crowd pleaser rather than picking people out. He is so good at pumping people up. Whenever he talked you couldn’t help but get energized.

Jun is just… cool. He’s hard to explain. He’s very professional and elegant in everything he does. It all seems so deliberate but natural at the same time. But that’s when the focus is on him. When the focus isn’t on him, he goofed off just as much as Nino does.

They all were exactly what they look like on TV. They’re handsome on TV, but they are so good looking in person. It’s just different and special.



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Laundry Duty

summary: Hanji catches Eren in his crush on corporal Levi. Drafting Erwin, they decide to play matchmaker.

Ereri, fluff

Given how small their budget was—most going to new weapons and 3DMG—the Survey Corps was always cash strapped. As a result, everyone shared in the chores save for those with an adequate amount of seniority. For the most part Eren hardly minded doing the chores. He looked forward to working in the kitchen because he could sneak food and tending the garden was strangely liberating. The one chore he detested was laundry.

The wash board made a rough groan each time he scrubbed a piece of clothing against it. His fingers were starting to wrinkle from over exposure to the water. As the hours stretched out endlessly, the pile of dirty laundry beside him seeming to never end, he started hoping in vain Hanji might drag him away for an impromptu experiment. The relief never came. The hours dragged on.

Eren should consider himself lucky, he supposes. Since most of his squad, alright all of his squad, has sufficient seniority to get out of chores duty, the amount that he gets assigned is very small. Even now, he is only technically doing his squads and the Commander Erwin’s laundry; but the lightened load still seems insurmountable.

For last, Eren had separated out Levi’s laundry. He knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the corporal would skewer him on his 3DMG blade if his cravat did not sparkle (the coproral’s words, not Eren’s; the titan-shifter for one had no idea how to make a cravat sparkle). With a groan that shakes him to his bones, Eren slides over Levi’s pile of laundry. He just has to do this, he reminds himself, and then he is done.

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