can count

Can you count how many times you smiled today? Maybe how many times you genuinely laughed? Hopefully you shouldn’t be able to. Hopefully, as amazing as it is, it happened so many times that you were unable to keep track!

we got mad people in this country that can’t read or count for shit. maybe someone should go back and make sure that hillary didn’t actually win the election.

Because even the strongest person knows how to cry… you may always see that person smiling and always have that positive vibes that can affect everyone around. You may not see any trace that she’s going through a lot of things. She may always give everyone advice, inspirational words and she’s that person whom you can always count on. She may always be there for everyone, a shoulder to cry on. You might see her laughing and she’s jolly all the time. You may think that everything about her is okay. She may be strong but she still knows how to cry, she’s weak inside. And it’s painful to watch the strongest person cry in front of you just because she can no longer hide it. She can no longer stop and control the tears from falling. It hurts to witness every tears falling from her eyes as you can hear her painful sobs. That the person who’s so strong and always there for everyone and had that sweetest smile is now crying because she’s hurt. It’s just her one way of telling everyone that she also needs a good cry to release it, it’s not that she’s weak but it’s because those tears are words from the heart to tell eveyone how she feels. She also need someone to be there for her during her weakest point. She’s strong but she’s still have a soft heart.

akbar and i were talking about how shia killings are undoubtedly going to take a toll on the mental health of shia muslims and i can literally see that in my parents, who have lost more family members to assassinations and terrorist attacks than i can count and who have also personally been threatened for their life. im wondering what it will take though to get the attention of muslims in speaking up about this. my dad’s work primarily is bringing endangered shia families to canada so they can avoid their eventual assassination. to do this we have to extensively compile evidence. there are things i’ve translated and written and and heard that would shake anyone to their core forever. im just wondering what it’s going to take and how many shias will have to die before muslims stand up 

10 things I love about Ten

What’s good hoes, Its my boi Chittaphon’s birthday so what’s more appropriate than to profess my love to him on Tumblr where he’ll probably never see this. 


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ALRIGHT KIDS STORY TIME so there’s this real life video competition… It’s to encourage kids either to not text and drive or not drink when they’re too young, and, I made a shitty memey lazytown knockoff..?? And there’s this award for the most viewed video so when they post the video for people to watch and vote for (sometime in April I think?), can I count on all you beautiful meme friends to help me out? There’s a real life scholarship of like a ton of money for my school and for me I would love to win this like please it’s 30 seconds.

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A story is sometimes making promises to your reader and fulfilling them. Naruto did become hokage and you can count the canon ships if some want too, but what about the ones like the hyuga curse seal, some actually closure for sasuke and his clan and peace in that world?

What baffles me the most is they talked a lot about changing the ninja world for the better, breaking the cycle of hatred, etc etc but they’re still doing the exact same thing? They’re still using child soldiers, they still have their economies built on systematic warfare, all the same stuff happening 50 years ago is still happening now. The only noticeable difference is there’s more intervillage cooperation, but how long is that going to last? Once naruto dies and everyone from the old generation is gone, whose to say the exact same problems aren’t just going to resurface all over again. All they did in the original manga was attack symptoms of the problem rather than the source, which would be fine if they didn’t make a big show of how they were going to reform everything for the better. The cycle of hatred was only broken in the sense that everyone agreed to put the past behind them and start with a clean slate - but it’s only a matter of time before that slate is muddled again. Idk it just makes me sad. When’s Neji coming back.

the leftovers

Milky crevices
Milky presence
Milky hue
Pallid glow
Pale glow
tall shadows
Eyes glazed over with flickering static
Your eyes sank back like two torrid oases bubbling overlooking some demonic cliff or canyon
couldn’t never manage to wipe the sand from my tear ducts
I’ve smoked more cigarettes than I can count in anticipation of ur bleak memories,
Suspended animation, lapsed in amber resin,
Consigned to infinity,
My psyche re-emerges blistered and beaten
stripped of the snug cognitive JailHouse of language
Collapsing confused and largely silent he crumbles under the weight of fractal ideals,
Deep zooms into the Mandelbrot set
Creating their own ironic spirals that coalesce into nothingness running a psychic train upon my menagerie of neuroses
I’m a prisoner within, my eyes–
OR, if not within then behind..
In coalition with the dark patterned noises


Thank you all so much for the support and love I’ve gotten and the love given to these two queens of pop Miku and Meiko!

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I don’t watch Riverdale, but I find posts about Betty/Jughead legitimately upsetting.  I am trying not to resent the shippers, it’s not their fault that the show decided to ignore Jughead’s explicitly canon sexuality.  They’re very nice people who just enjoy a ship.

But look, I’m aroace.  And I can count true a-spec representation on television on one hand and have plenty of fingers left over.  (And that’s not getting into how certain fans react if we dare suggest that, oh, I don’t know, a character who has to think about food to figure out how to present eroticism might just be bi/homoromantic asexual…I still hold a very strong grudge about that wankfest.)

As for aroace?  My specific orientation?  Forget it.  Maybe I can get a fucking robot or an alien.  Maybe.

Jughead Jones is the only remotely well-known character that I can think of that doesn’t just fall indistinctly on the a-spec spectrum somewhere, but actually uses the word “asexual”.  He explicitly eschews romance.  He is expressly romance and sex-averse.  He is MINE.

Or at least he was.

Until the producers of Riverdale apparently decided that my sexuality doesn’t make for good television.

And that means I’m stuck looking at very nice bloggers posting beautiful gifsets and posts about a pairing that makes me actively nauseous.  Obviously, I’m not going to tell people that they can’t ‘ship a pairing that they enjoy, that seems likely to be canon eventually.  (If it’s not Betty, it’ll be some other girl.  Or boy.  It isn’t actually better if it’s a guy, either.  I know that gay and bi fans could always use more representation, but it doesn’t really give me any comfort when I’ve lost basically the only one I had.)

It’s just a rotten situation all around.