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Have we figured out any of the characters and which tarot card they represent? I mean these are my guesses based off what I already know about tarot but I want to hear feedback.

  • Nadia - The High Priestess.
  • Lucio - The Chariot.
  • Portia - Strength
  • Asra - The Hermit
  • Julian - The Hanged Man
  • Muriel - I honestly don’t know maybe Temperence.

frankcastle  asked:

you pointed out to me that Micro's voiceover says "The same thing that happend to you (losing your family) happened to me. we can make this right." and it flashes right to Frank holding Karen's face

YES. Has anyone else noticed this???? Micro says this quote and then we get like 3 fast clips of Frank and Billy and then it’s the slow-motion kastle explosion scene fade to black before ending with a montage of full-out brutality. I MEAN!! I’m not saying it’s a completely intentional parallel but I’m just saying…if it isn’t then they should’ve done that better woops!


Hayley Kiyoko - Feelings (Official Video)

Something that happened in one of my classes
  • Teacher: Raise your hands all those who read at least once every other day.
  • *Several students raise their hand*
  • Student 1, whispering to student two: I don't think fanfiction counts...
  • Student 2: *Lowers their hand in shame*

everybody screws up. that’s what happens. it’s what you do with the screw-ups, it’s how you handle the experience - that’s what you should judge yourself by. i have a great life and an amazing kid. and i took a detour, i ended up some place good.