can control

why pads/tampons should be free

there is some freedom in urination/BM because u can at least kinda control when/where you do it, and there’s still free toilet paper in every bathroom.

yet, with periods u literally cannot control where/when/how much AT ALL, but tampons/pads aren’t free??

like, do ppl understand that u can’t control when the blood comes out. like, idk, you should either get used to the sight of blood, or provide free products so that the blood can be controlled.


what ur doing right now is blatant capitalist manipulation for the exploitation of female-specific uncontrollable body functions to drive male profit, contributing to the global financial power imbalance and by extension the absolute domination of men over women

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: BokuAka
A/N: Inspired by a few things from this meme. For @cutiekeiji because bad days suck, but they don’t have to end that way.  ♥

It’s usually Bokuto that has the bad days. The days that unravel like a yo-yo stuck at the ends, unable to untangle itself, to work properly again. 

Those days, Akaashi would go through scenarios in his head, calculate their consequences, figure out which is the one likely to bring Bokuto out from his rabbit hole and back to his old self again. 

But not today. 

Today, it’s Akaashi’s mood that drops. His mood that swings like a pendulum he can’t control. He isn’t sure what’s caused it, exactly, or what he can do to pull himself from internal ire he’s directed at everything, at everyone. But mostly, himself. 

First, the train missed on his way to school. Then the hole he found in his book bag that only proceeded to widen as the day wore on. Practice, one of his usual sources of normalcy, had also been a train wreck and it’s after the last unsuccessful set to Bokuto that he finally unravels. Takes a step back. Clenches his fist, the scrunch of his nose and play of a scowl along the firm line of his mouth the only indicator that something is off. 

Bokuto notices immediately. The others follow suit, though from the way they move away, Akaashi knows they’re confused. Perplexed. His usual levelheadedness is what keeps the team in place. The glue to hold them together.

“I need a minute,” he says, quiet as always, expression deadpanned when he walks off. 

There’s a squeak of shoes behind him as Bokuto calls out to the rest of the team, “okay, uh, receive drills ‘til I get back!” 

The footsteps come quicker and a hand grasps Akaashi’s elbow just as he makes it inside the empty locker room.

“You should go back.”

“But you’re not okay,” Bokuto says, equally quiet. A rarity for someone who yells as a form of communication.

“They need you out there. I’ll be fine, Bokuto-san. I just need a–”

“You need me more.” Bokuto turns him around and leans in, forehead pressed against Akaashi’s and breath so close that it makes him tremble. Makes it that much harder to hold it in. Hands rise and cradle the sides of his face and Akaashi leans in to the touch, closes his eyes. Breathes. “It’s okay to have bad days. Remember you told me that when I couldn’t get a handle on my new spikes? Or when I didn’t make the top three? Or when I got lost on the way home after taking the wrong train after school? Or–”

With a small noise, he doesn’t wait for Bokuto to finish and instead closes the gap between them, the words dying as Bokuto stills at the contact. His mouth is soft, softer than Akaashi has imagined a hundred times over, and at first, he wonders if he should have waited, if maybe this isn’t the right time to show him how he–

Bokuto pulls away just enough to exhale warmth against Akaashi’s mouth. “Sorry, are you sure you–”

Akaashi sighs and looks to the side, murmurs, “yes,” like it should have been obvious.

Then Bokuto quirks a grin, child-like and endearing and enough to lift the tension, enough to make the gnawing ache subside. “If I had known that’s all it took to pull you out of a slump, I’d have done it sooner!”

Akaashi sniffs. Mirrors Bokuto’s cradled hold, thumbs brushing across apple-round cheeks. “Bokuto-san,” he says, brows creased, nose wrinkled. “You talk too much.”

With a hearty laugh, Bokuto nods. Presses the weight of his forehead against Akaashi’s again. “Kiss instead?”


And as Bokuto complies, Akaashi realizes that bad days, however terrible, don’t always have to end that way. 

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I'm a very proud Hufflepuff. The Hogwarts song says we are "unafraid of toil." I have depression and anxiety... Does that make me any less a Hufflepuff?

Definitely not. If anything, having depression and anxiety means you have to work so much harder to get through tasks others find easy and you have to put so much more effort into each and every day. So no, having a mental illness does not make you any less of a hufflepuff and you’ll always be welcome here so don’t ever think poorly of yourself for things you can’t control okay?

It’s startling to see all these kids I went to high school with who are the same age or younger than me popping out 2-3 kids already. And I’m just like *gets iud inserted for 10 years of contraception*

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Okay I have like a need for an episode were idk like a photographer or someone gets akumatized and if they get a bad pic of you they can control you so chat is fine because he knows how to model and has to get ladybug out of the mind control because they are a team


(Though, spoiler alert: there’s already going to be an akumatized photographer using the guy from the opening. There’s also going to be a scene where Adrien and Chloé are trapped in a photo, and while that sounds like that episode, I feel like Reflekta might also have something to do with it)

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Is it possible to go on birth control without getting any sort of examination that involves my genitals being touched or looked at? I have sensory processing disorder and am severely repulsed by pretty much all physical contact but especially to my genitals and I think it an examination like that would boost my depression and anxiety and I can't risk that but I'm feeling so messed up at the idea of having to keep having periods for the next 3 - 5 decades

Fox says:

Nobody needs to look at or touch your genitals for you to be prescribed birth control!

All you have to do is go to the doctor and say, “Hey, I’m having irregularities with my menstruation and I’ve heard that birth control can help to regulate it. Do you think we could give that a try?”

They’ll ask you what your cycle looks like and as long as it’s inconsistent or super heavy or inconvenient in some way, they should be all for sending a prescription to your pharmacy right away.

#menstruation #genitalia #medical

It’s important to remember that you can’t control everything in life, and have hope that outcomes beyond your control will work in your favour.

OMGOSH why the hell should it matter if you feel sexually attracted to the boys? If you are, great! If you aren’t, also great! This fandom has been preaching about your freedom to love who you love and how to accept your own identity, whatever it might be, ever since I joined and the fact that straight larries or any LARRIE who might feel attracted to Harry or Louis in any way are suddenly feeling bad about those feelings is disgusting. You can’t control your feelings, that’s the whole point of why we are here! Love who you love! Be who you are! And NEVER let anyone make you feel inferior. If you ever begin feeling that way, please go to someone you trust and let them help you boost your esteem again because you seriously, truly deserve better than that! Anyone who says otherwise can go screw themselves.

My Favourite Times To Go Sideways

I wrote recently that I think taking angles is overhyped and coaches should make sure their students can judge and control distance before they tell them to go sideways. Naturally, a lot of people confused that for saying you should never step offline or laterally. Their lack of reading comprehension is on them, anyway.

When do I go sideways? Well, as mentioned I circle a lot out of range. That almost always bears no fruit, but it’s something to do and to try set ups from.

Most of the time, it’s in the second or later move of the exchange, when we’ve already closed into the Krieg. What are my favourite combinations that involve a side step? Well, removing the most common (i.e. double zwerch) here’s a few that some readers might want to play around with, the first two basically built from going weak in the bind and disengaging with an offline step, the others are a 

Zornhau, Verkherer, Zwerchau to the lower openings. I enter behind a Zornhau (or pretty much anything else) and get a bind, with my opponent going strong against my strong. Once their sword has been raised a bit (and if your opponent wants to march forwards in Kron, at least you have the luxury of fighting an idiot) I let mine fall with a turn of the wrist and step forwards and diagonally past their right (my left), almost like I’m entering by Durchlauffen. Except that I disengage from their sword to hit their torso under their arms as I go past. Very Seven Samurai. If their forearms get in the way, then I try to keep enough pressure through my sword to inhibit their own attacks (Hendetrucken!).

Double vertical Schiel. I enter behind a long Schielhau from the right. If they go strong and push my point offline, I go all hangen and schnappen into another Schielhau, moulineting across my right side and stepping to my left, turning the sword as it comes over to throw a long edge cut with my thumb facing me. With heavier binds you don’t need the step, as they’ll push themselves offline, but with lighter contact between the blades the step will open the line for you.

Absetzen in Pflug. I’m in right Pflug, and my opponent attacks with a thrust. I take a passing step to the right, and thrust while winding to the left low hangen. Because of the degree to which I step offline, I actually wind up in a left foot forwards stance after taking a passing step with my right foot, because of the amount I turn my facing.

Screwing with Ochs. If my opponent takes Ochs (let’s face it, 90% of the time it’s left Ochs, especially with sparring safe gloves on) in the Zufechten, then one fun option is just to circle to my right. They’ll have to turn to track me which creates moments when they can’t attack, many folks are actually quite poor at thrusting straight from Ochs, and if they hesitate I can start playing the Krump-breaks-Ochs handsnipe game and it’s whole system of Fehlers etc.