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If this is happening, it’s happening on my terms.

Whether I like it or not, my old CC is being uploaded. While this is disrespectful and a downright bitch move; I can’t control the internet. BUT what I can control is how my content is distributed. And it’s going to be done by me, not some twatwaffle hiding behind my face/display pic (which is super weird btw … you need me to call someone for you?)

I can’t say I’m upset about it as I knew this was inevitably going to happen from the moment I pulled my CC because let’s face it, a lot of people in this community are greedy and want to do anything that will ‘anger’ me. But there are also people who genuinely enjoy my content and will simply take it because it is being offered.

However as the creator of the CC, I know that I have updated some of those files several times since they were first uploaded and I absolutely hate the idea that my followers might be downloading stuff that is unfinished, out-of-date, and could contain viruses for all I know.

So seeing as this is happening whether I like it or not, it’s going to happen on my terms; with safe, up-to-date files, and ‘technical support’ for anyone who needs it.


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Because the thing about mistakes, that people will tell you all the time, is that the fact is that a lot of the clichés are true. You cannot live your life without making mistakes. The only thing you can control is how you handle it afterward. The only thing you can do is make sure your mistakes are ones you will never make again, that your lessons are lessons you have learned and you will not repeat. No one can blame you for making those mistakes because you’re taking risks. The only time your mistakes will take you down a notch is if you become your behaviour pattern, and we don’t learn from them and we let them become our identity.
—  Taylor Swift’s Clean speech on the 1989 World Tour, Vancouver.

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just asking for a friend but what do you if your boyfriend refuses to put on a condom? but you can't take birth control for medical reasons

He sounds like a douche and they shouldn’t have sex with him. He refuses to wear a condom? Refuse to have sex with him.

- Emily

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Louisa Im working on my thesis and I have a flu and Im so stressed, can you please give me some kaisoo moments where the love is obvious. Thank you, youre the best. <3 You put so much effort to make everyone who asks you happy so thank you

ahhh good luck and i hope you feel better and thank you so much my lovely you’re welcome <3

of course

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Pref# 37: He Gets Jealous
  • Niall:“Baby, what’s wrong, did I do something?” You ask chasing after Niall as fast as you could in your heels. “Oh ya know, just letting the bar tender hit on you, allowing some other guy to buy you a drink, just that, nothing at all.” He says, walking a few feet ahead of you. “Baby, I wasn’t hitting on him back. I can’t control what people say to me. And I didn’t drink that drink either; I gave it to my friend. I don’t understand why you’re acting like this.” You shout after him, because that’s the only way he could hear you. He was at least 10 yards in front of you, and not slowing his pace at all. “Niall!” You yell after him, tears starting to well in your eyes. You walk a few more steps before you hit a rock and your ankle bends. You hit the asphalt hard, crying out as your scrape your knees and the heels of your hands. “Niall.” You try again, tears running down your face now as you look at the blood on yourself. You gingerly touch your ankle, and let out of hiss when pain shoot through it. You see Niall turn around to see if you were following him, and he sees you sitting in the middle of the street, crying. “Y/N!” He yells, running toward you. “Princess! I’m so sorry! Is it broken? Should I take you the hospital?” He asks, worry prominent on his face as he kneels in front of you. “It’s just sprained.” You tell him, not bothering to look into his eyes. “I’m sorry baby. I should have never acted like that. Please look at me.” He pleads, putting his hand under your chin and forcing you to look at him. “I’m sorry.” He says, tears in his eyes, looking at you. “Come here.” He says, lifting you up easily, kissing your head as he carries you to the car. “I’m so sorry. I love you.” He keeps whispering in your ear. “I love you too. It’s okay.” You whisper back, placing your head on his chest.
  • Liam:You watch as your boyfriend Liam walks out of the party, and you ignore it, because you were having fun. It was your birthday after all, and he wanted to leave, then let him; you’d deal with it later. Once you were done with your party, your walk up to your hotel room and when you open in, you see him lying on the bed, his back to you. “Babe, what happened?” You ask, sitting on the bed and putting your hand on his shoulder. He jerks away from you, and moves closer to the edge of the bed. “Liam? Why are you acting like this?” You ask again, hoping to get an answer, but all you get is a grunted “Go away.” “Well fine. Thanks for making my birthday shit. I’m going to go take a shower, and if when I get out, you’re still acting like this, I’m taking your credit card and getting myself another room. I refuse to stay in here if you’re going to ignore me for reasons unknown to me.” You tell him, turning on your heel and walking into the bathroom. You turn on the shower, and once you get in, you sit on the floor, and let the water run over you as tears stream down your face. You had no idea what had made Liam so mad, but now that he was giving you the cold shoulder, you felt it in your heart. You stifle your sobs when you hear the bathroom door open. “Y/N?” You hear Liam call into the bathroom, and then he moves the shower curtain. “Oh baby, I’m so sorry. I was just jealous because I felt like you were ignoring me, but clearly I’ve just hurt you more than you ever hurt me.” He says, lifting you out of the shower and holding you close. “I’m so sorry.” He whispers in your ear as you cling on to him, letting him know it was okay.
  • Louis:“Are you fucking kidding me? You let him hang all over you all night Y/N!” Louis shouts in the car. “He was drunk, he’s a friend, and I haven’t seen him in ages!” You yell back, speeding down the street, taking corners as fast as you could. “You could have told him to stop touching you!” He responds. “He was one of my best friends! He was in the army! He almost died! What was so wrong if he wanted to put an arm around me?” You shout. “You’re my girlfriend! Not his!” Louis shouts back. You slam on the breaks, and pull over onto the side of the road. “Louis Tomlinson! You know that I love you more than anything is this world, and that I would never cheat on you. Why are you acting like this? I never get this way when you have girls hanging on you.” You say to him, lowering your voice and turning to look at him. “That’s my job. And I don’t enjoy it.” He responds, crossing his arms over his chest. “Don’t be a twit Lewis.” You tell him, glaring. “You know that he used to be my best friend. You know that I haven’t seen him in years. You know that he got shot. You know that I thought I’d never see him again!” You explain, your voice rising slightly and tears welling in your eye. “But…” He starts, but he can’t finish when he looks in your eyes. “I just didn’t like seeing another man hanging on you. I’m sorry that I acted like an asshole. You know how I get, and sometimes I don’t realize it until you’re in tears. Come here, I’m sorry.” He says, and you know he’s sincere, so you allow him to pull you against his side and kiss your head.
  • Harry:It was a girls night, so what better to do than go to a club right? You would think, but too bad that’s where your boyfriend ended up going with his mates. So of course he has to walk in at the absolute worst time; multiple guys trying to grind against you, while you were just trying to dance with your girls. That of course would set him off, and you watch as he stalks across the dance floor to where you are and grabs your arm. “You’re coming with me.” You hear him grumble over the music, as he drags you out of the side door. He let’s go of you once you’re outside and he stalks a couple of feet away. “What the fuck was that?” He yells. You look at him, knowing that you had to of looked extremely scary, because he stopped in his tracks. “Yell at me again, and I’m going back in there and dancing with those men.” You say in a quiet voice. “I know what it looked like, I know you’re jealous, and I know you feel like I was letting it happen, but I was trying to get away from those men. They were dancing against me; I was not dancing against them. So you need to stop Harold, or so help me…” You say, hands on your hips, looking at him. “Fuck you look hot like that.” He groans, and you let out a laugh, before shaking your head and walking over to him. “Let me explain things before you get angry with me.” You tell him, and he nods, wrapping you in his arms. “I’m sorry.” He says, and the entire thing is over like that.
  • A/N:This was suggested by fortunezjm. Thanks doll, hope you like it. x

It is no accident that freedom is a weak foundation for capitalism in the west, for it is also a hollow one. Liberty survives there, but in a strangely twisted form. Since free choice has been elevated into a supreme value, social control can no longer appear as infringing on it. Often, however, the accommodation is merely rhetorical.

When the hope of long-term employment is taken away, it is sold as a “flexible” labour market, one that offers the perpetual opportunity to reinvent ourselves. When state provision for retirement is taken away, it is to give us the freedom to plan our old age. We are constantly forced to make “free” choices — decisions we must make alone, though we do not know enough to make them wisely. If this is freedom, it is a burden.

Many westerners sense there is something defective about this freedom. We sense it most when we witness the choices of people who are not free, yet who take control of their futures in ways that we cannot. What was fascinating about the protesters in Maidan Square who demanded a new political order for Ukraine was not that they stood up for the mirage of the European way of life. It was simply that they stood up.

They acted. They made things change. They were not free, and yet they had powers of agency that westerners, for all their freedom, lack.

-Slavoj Zizek

Experts conclude that hallucinations and delusions are common and understandable

See on - The future of medicine and health

A report published by the British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology challenges received wisdom about the nature of mental illness.

‘Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia: Why people sometimes hear voices, believe things that others find strange, or appear out of touch with reality, and what can help’ has been written by a group of eminent clinical psychologists drawn from eight universities and six NHS trusts, together with people who have themselves experienced psychosis.

It provides an accessible overview of the current state of knowledge, and its conclusions have profound implications both for the way we understand ‘mental illness’ and for the future of mental health services.

Many people believe that schizophrenia is a frightening brain disease that makes people unpredictable and potentially violent, and can only be controlled by medication. However research conducted over the last 20 years and brought together in this report reveals that this view is false. Rather:

The problems we think of as ‘psychosis’ – hearing voices, believing things that others find strange, or appearing out of touch with reality – can be understood in the same way as other psychological problems such as anxiety or shyness.
They are often a reaction to trauma or adversity of some kind which impacts on the way we experience and interpret the world.
They rarely lead to violence.
No one can tell for sure what has caused a particular person’s problems. The only way is to sit down with them and try and work it out.
Services should not insist that people see themselves as ill. Some prefer to think of their problems as, for example, an aspect of their personality which sometimes gets them into trouble but which they would not want to be without.
We need to invest much more in prevention by attending to inequality and child maltreatment. Concentrating resources only on treating existing problems is like mopping the floor while the tap is still running.

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An analysis of Nathan Prescott

And why he’s not so bad.
Note that analysis is used lightly here. By analysis o mean a messy train of thought as to why I sympathize with Nathan
Warning: spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.
Nathan Prescott. Douche bag? Yep. Mentally ill? Definitely. Abused? Oho yeah. Manipulated? You got it. Did some horrible shit? Hell yeah. Still deserves to be forgiven? You guessed it.
Nathan is taking a shit load of prescription meds, of which all correspond to one of 3 illnesses. This indicates that not only is Nathan bipolar (and you can definitely pick out his manic and depressive episodes), but he also has anxiety and schizophrenia, both of which cause extreme paranoia.
Throw the kids constant partying and drugs and drinking and you’re gonna have one fucked up kid.
Meaning: Nathan is paranoid; he is scared out of his fucking mind, he can’t control his emotions, and everything gets processed into rage. Or something rage like. This gives us the base for his twitchy, irritable, yet somehow still lovable character.
But what lies underneath the surface of his paranoia?
Lots of complex shit.
First, let us observe some of his behavior, starting with comments he makes in regards to control. He doesn’t like being told what to do, he doesn’t like being threatened, he doesn’t like being manipulated. When he is or when he feels out of control of his life, this ups his paranoia and causes a lot of lashing out. This is pretty easy to spot and catch on to. What not many people will catch on to, though, is the subtext of these actions and words. Nathan has, and most likely still is, being emotionally absurd by his family, especially his father. We see a lot of evidence for this, especially in episode four. The boy craves for his approval but just doesn’t get it. His dad is constantly manipulating him, as seen through emails and notes and Nathan’s general behavior towards him. In episode four, you can find a world’s best son certificate from when Nathan would’ve been about 10 (I believe). He holds onto that and a single picture of his dad and him, which he is bawling in. I think this speaks a lot to their relationship. This need for acceptance and vulnerability coupled with his untreated (because of his father) illnesses makes him the perfect target for Jefferson. Just like his dad, it’s exposed that Jefferson manipulates Nathan, and the methods he she’s mirrors his dads. There’s some interesting theories that Jefferson is Nathan’s dad but the picture in his dorm easily disapproves that. But whatever: point being, Nathan is such an easy target for Jefferson because Jefferson acts like his dad and stands in as a father figure.
Remember when Nathan did some fucked up shit and drugged Chloe, taking her picture and shit?. (Let’s be clear, he didn’t Rape her or anyone. I’m sick of those theories. Thanks) we know now he attempting to imitate jefferson’s/ work in the black room. And we all know what they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Texts between the two show that Nathan was trying to make Jefferson proud, but he failed terribly. This really fucks with his mind further. Now he has two dads that really don’t treat him well or approve of him, no matter what he does.
But let’s diverge from the obvious a moment and look at some more parts of Nathan that are hidden.
Nathan is the only person on campus that locks his dorm. You could argue it’s because he does fucked up shit and drugs but the lrescott’s own the school and the town, so he really wouldn’t be worried about that. No, Nathan locks his door because he’s scared, of Jefferson most likely. If you get David suspended from campus, he sends him an anonymous email talking about how he doesn’t feel safe on campus anymore. It’s known David does work for the prescott’s on the side. Nathan is literally scared for his life at Blackwell. He’s scared of Jefferson. He’s being manipulated and abused and he’s scared. This is why he has the gun. It’s his way of protecting himself, whether it be from scumbag Jefferson or the emotional abuse and paranoia he faces daily.
But again, this is the obvious bits.
Beyond this, we get remorse.
Nathan is remorseful about all that he does.
When he shoots Chloe in the bathroom, you can stick around and watch him literally stumble to her body and sob a bunch of oh nos and oh shits and oh gods. He’s terrified. He didn’t mean to shoot her, and he definitely mean to kill her. All he tried to do was gain some control in the situation and his life.
The kid is fascinated by the morbid, but he has no wishes to be a killer. He’s not psychopathic. He’s mentally ill, and while they can overlap there is a difference between the monster tumblr wants him to be and who he really is.
If Kate dies, he takes her cross necklace and a sunflower from her memorial. To me this is not a trophy, it is, again, a sign of remorse. She wasn’t supposed to die.
If you ask me, the video exists purely so Jefferson can wash his hands of any evidence that he ever kidnapped Kate. He wanted her to die. But Nathan? I doubt it.
He is in this situation against what he wants. Maybe he entered it because Jefferson’s as supposed to replace his dad but he sure as hell doesn’t want to be in it anymore. This much is clear.
After Kate’s death, he even goes to comfort a crying Victoria. This, again, shows regret but it also shows that he has the capacity to care and empathize (things not characteristic of what y'all accuse him to be. Thanks) he truly cares for Victoria.
Let’s go to another point though.
Rachel in the dark room. That cute (not) little drawing he did of her. Pair that with the photo of her and Nathan drugged out of their minds together tells me that he doesn’t know exactly what happened to Rachel. He’s trying to cope but, as his psychiatrist puts it, he loses his grip on reality even further (to paraphrase). Not only is Nathan confused about the Rachel situation but he’s scared. He doesn’t know what happened to her or if he does its fragmented and weird because he was drugged to. I promise you he didn’t kill Rachel. His entire reality has been messed with and this I creases not only his paranoia, but his anxiety (which I think may be a form of ptsd) and schizophrenia as well. (Note schizophrenia is characterized by loss of reality and delusions). You can bet your ass Jefferson is manipulating this new state too. The scumbag is playing on his lack of knowing what’s real and what isn’t to further torment him.
The last thing I want to touch on is his reactions to being beaten by warren. If you let warren continue, Nathan stops trying to resist. His facial expression shows distance. He just takes it. It isn’t until after warren beats the shit out of him that he curls into a ball and starts crying, chanting that everybody hates him. This is characteristic of someone who has and is being physically abused. Honestly, enough said.
Edit: on Nathan and eating disorders. I do think Nathan has an ED. I understand diet pills will give a hell of high but Nathan gets plenty of drugs elsewhere. There’s no real reason for him to spend that much on diet pills just for the high. No, I think he really does have an ED. His clothes are baggy, the kid is a literal stick and has no meat on his bones. He looks pale and worn down (which could be attributed to other things to, I know) but don'tnod doesn’t just put things in like that for nothing. They’re very careful with the information they give us. Nah, we already knew Nathan was doing drugs. The diet pills were unnecessary; he has an ED.
What does all this mean? It means his behavior, however bad it can be, is understandable. He’s a victim of years of abuse, his being manipulated into doing things he doesn’t want, his reality is being altered before his eyes and he believes his life is in constant danger.
Does that mean we should forgive everytjing? No. What he did to Chloe was fucked up. What he caused Kate was fucked up. What he was forced to do the girls though? Nah. That’s not him and there’s plenty of proof that it isn’t. The kid deserves some forgiveness. He deserves empathy. And he certainly doesn’t deserve what tumblr wishes on him.
That is all.
Sorry for my lack of eloquence and messy thought train I was mostly doing this for myself. 👌🏻

Fucking slay me.

The way Ren says his name here is so full of mother fuckign emotion I can’t even control myself

Aoba is getting a case of mental diarrhea right now over Koujaku going into the club with a lady. And he’s totally upset over that and freaking out but not saying a word.

Several seconds ago Ren makes a reference to him over-thinking, reminding us that Ren is somewhat aware of Aoba’s mental state at these times.

Ren is seeing the emotional spike Aoba is suffering as a consequence of his friend going off with a woman.

And Aoba is quite fixated on the fact that it’s a girl, too.

Which Aoba isn’t. But that’s another issue altogether.

Ren just looks at Aoba and says his name with so much deep rooted emotion. And it fucking kills me to know that this isn’t even his fucking route and ahh

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How do you stay positive ?

Constantly surrounding yourself around things that make you feel good and make you happy. Whether it’s good friends, good food, good places, etc. and if you don’t have those things then create the opportunities for you to have them. I always try to remain happy because happiness is contagious and if I can spread that to other people then I’m complete. I don’t worry too much about things that I can’t control, because it’ll just drive you insane. As well as I try not to be materialistic about things that don’t matter. Having the best clothes, staying updated with Twitter beef, being popular and such. It doesn’t matter because when I’m no longer here, those things won’t mean anything. Now don’t get me wrong I have bad days and I get sad sometimes but I try not to stay in that state for too long because it’ll effect the energy around me. You guys also play a big part into it as well. You guys are beyond sweet and encouraging and uplifting and I appreciate it so much..💓✨🌻

How are y’all snarking at Ben rn??  Poor boy loved Maggie and went through unspeakable pain to save her and she threw it away without telling him!  Like, obviously Maggie didn’t do anything wrong, but neither did Ben!!  The only thing he did that could be misconstrued as wrong was act on his feelings for her, however he was never pushy!  (I mean yes the spikes could be seen as pushy but he can’t control that)   Like, he even gave Maggie the space she needed to go behind his back!!   He’s been as gentlemanly as you possibly can when you’re in love with your brother’s gf who just so happens to have weird alien spikes in her back that make you impossibly drawn together 

STOP. I’m begging you.

I know about having one’s buttons pushed. But getting defensive when an anonymous nobody posts a numbered list of entirely unsubstantiated crimes committed by shippers is beneath you. It also makes you look nervous and guilty.

If you have nothing to be ashamed of, you have nothing to fear. And YOU, gentle reader, kind and romantic soul that you are, have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing. Not one thing.

You can’t control what that harpie says, you can’t stop her from saying whatever inflammatory hostile made-up bullshit she chooses to, and responding in any way gives the appearance that you take her seriously. She is mentally ill, remember? There is no need to respond at all, let alone defend the (possibly non-existent) people she keeps calling “shippers.” Whoever she might be talking about, she is definitely not talking about you, so you need not respond any more than you might to that crazy lady on the bus who rants about the people always trying to steal her [fill in the blank].

Anyone who reads her posts and believes / sides with her is a complete idiot, anyway. Why do you care what a complete idiot thinks about you or anything else? You cannot make yourself look better by trying to make someone else look bad. NOR CAN SHE. Leave it.

I still have cake. And whisky.

My $.02


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Jess kudos to u. Like how ur handling the ship. Can't control other ppl only urself & ur showing good leadership. Wouldn't get involved in the silly hysteria triggered by a dumb mug & a manipulative girl.

Thank you, I’m trying!!! 

Dear Everyone

I’m not really sure what to say or how to say this or even where to begin. I can’t come back and it gives me such pain, it’s like a lucid nightmare I can’t control. But for promises I have made to my parents, myself, and God, I must try to be normal. I will go on, I will still enjoy our beloved ship, albeit alone, but with thoughts of all of you. Go on for me, write the headcanons, live the dreams, and when we are canon take a small moment of your celebrations to remember the Penashi Queen, and know I will be celebrating too. I will miss you all, I will miss this blog, I will miss every wonderful hour I spent in the glow of otp happiness with all of you and especially with my admin family. This was my life blood, and now I must leave it behind. To quote clearly the most depressingly beautiful chapter from my favorite book “And so, goodnight…” Thank you all for everything.

Love, Admin the First and Last Mimzie, the Snowy Owl, the Penashi Queen, Mim.

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I've tried everything, still not happy

You sound like you have a defeatist attitude. Other people have achieved happiness. I am sure you have felt happy before. It is possible, believe it, and dont half ass it. The reason we are the way we are is because of the stories we tell ourselves. If you tell yourself that you are a person who had a hard time finding happiness, then that is what you are going to be. Instead wake up and be like “I am a person who is fully capable of happiness and enjoying life. Stressful or sad situations may arise but they will pass like everything else and I can’t control them but I can control my attitude.”