can charlie come out and play

‘That Quidditch Cup’ll have our name on it this year,’ said Wood happily as they trudged back up to the castle. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if you turn out better than Charlie Weasley, and he could have played for England if he hadn’t gone off chasing dragons.’

Sorcerers Stone, chapter 10

Can you imagine Charlie reading in one of his letters from home that Ginny has been practicing quidditch plays nearly every day? How, the moment she’s done with her lessons, Ginny is out the door and borrowing his brothers’ the old brooms in the shed? Not only that, but she’s good. Shockingly good for her age.

So Charlie starts writing her. Letters telling Ginny about the dragons in Romania and occasionally dropping hits in how to balance better or pull out of a risky dive. When his parents and Ginny come to visit him that Christmas he gives her his old copy of Quidditch Through The Ages for her gift. Molly scrunches her nose as Ginny reads hungrily, asking him about with the notes and doodles he’d scribbled into the margins from his time as the Gryffindor seeker and the team captain. And when they get home Ginny practices even harder, until the blisters on her hands turn to calluses

Then years later when she earns a spot on the Gryffindor team as chaser Charlie demands a play-by-play of every game. Between her, Ron, and the twins he jokes with the other wizards and witches at the dragon sanctuary that he almost has a full quidditch team.

When the war is over Charlie gets an excited letter from Harry explaining that the Holyhead Harpies are trying to recruit her. Halfway through the letter he whoops with joy and announces to anyone that will listen that Ginny will be the next Gwenog Jones. Whenever the Harpies have a game Charlie checks and double checks that a wizard wireless nearby to hear the game.

Not even the dragons are enough to shut him up when his baby sister is mentioned scoring a goal (although several disgruntled dragons try).

Charlie and Ginny talking quidditch whenever there’s a family meal and he’s in attendance, even after she retires as a professional athlete. Because Charlie’s joy and excitement in regards to Ginny’s success as a quidditch player is second only to Harry.

Reasons Why They Won’t Kill Off Steve Harrington So Let’s Stop Talking About It

I told you guys I’d write it, so here’s the top ten reasons why the idiot Steve Harrington is surviving Season 2.

1) This season is clearly going to mirror the first season in terms of who it follows.  Though there are other plots and characters being introduced, they have two major problems to deal with: Eleven’s absence and Will’s situation. Ending a season like that with Steve’s death would most likely disrupt that flow and take away from our emotional appeal towards the kids

2) As of now, half of the fandom still hates Steve.  Even if they manage to change more minds in season 2, it’d be much smarter to wait until there would be more of an emotional pull towards his death.  

3) The Duffers aren’t lazy when it comes to plot.  They’re not going to kill off Steve so that he’s out of the way for Nancy and Jonathan.  They’re just not. And if they did, do you imagine people would really be satisfied with that? Nancy’s not the type of person to wait for her first boyfriend to die before getting with her other guy.  

4) Speaking of Nancy- she already lost her best friend, and killing off her boyfriend would honestly be pushing it in terms of angst against her.  It would feel forced, like they’re just trying to torture her.  

5) Not really a reason, but anyone who’s saying that the introduction of Billy points towards killing off of Steve, well, let’s be real.  Television can have as many white straight-presenting male characters as they want. I’m just being honest.

6) He just got promoted to a main character.  This isn’t necessarily proof, of course they can kill off mains, but I would guess they’d let him last at least a bit longer in the forefront before pulling the cord.

7) Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve aren’t going to be a perfect trio in season 2, or at least I don’t think they will be.  There’s so much tension between them that they’re most likely still going to be working things through.  Maybe they’ll get there by the end of s2, but maybe not.  That’s a good dynamic to work off of, and three is a magic number when it comes to protagonists (think of all the trios in fiction) and I’m sure the Duffers will want to actually get them to that point before killing off anyone, and I just don’t think that’ll happen by season 2.

8) Steve Harrington only just started to develop as a character.  He has a long way to go.  A long way.  And while there is the possibility of some heroic death to help him achieve that final step of becoming a good person… I don’t know, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  He’s not that good.  They like making him three-dimensional, as they do with all their characters, and having him suddenly play the martyr seems unrealistic.

9) (Besides, the only person he might try to sacrifice himself for is Nancy, who, let’s be honest, can hold her own.)

10) Joe Keery is already pretty much responsible for the complete rewrite of that character.  I’m pretty sure he could talk his way out of being killed off– have you seen his smile?  I trust Joe with Steve’s life.  Not to mention, Charlie and Natalia could probably bribe the Duffers out of it as well.  Come on.

Conclusion: Steve Harrington is not going to die so let’s please stop considering the possibility because it’s giving me anxiety and keeping me up at night.

Hide and Seek

“Oi, Y/L/N.” Michael shouts as he enters the room, sauntering over to you with confidence in his step.

“What do you want now Gray?” You ask flirtatiously, flicking your eyes up from the book to meet his for only a second.

“What are you doing tonight?” He’s stopped next to you, leaning back against the table cooly with his hands in his pockets.

“I don’t know, what’d you have in mind?” You hum, looking up at him with admiration as your head’s in your hand.

“Tommy asked me to watch Charlie.”

“You? Isn’t that what the maids are for?”

“Yeah well after the whole kidnapping he doesn’t really trust Charlie with anyone but family.”

“What are you trying to get at Gray?”

“Would you want to help me? I’m no good with kids but I told him I’d look after Charlie anyways.” He rambles as you get up from your seat so your close to him.

You cock an eyebrow at him. “Are you saying you think of me as family?”

“And so what if I am?” He says, looking down at you.

“Well then… I’d say I’m in.” You say giving him a pat to the chest, steadying yourself as you lean up to kiss him. “Pick me up after work.”

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Charlie Charlie, are you there?

“It was a few years ago. The Charlie Charlie Challenge was pretty popular, and of course my friends and I wanted to try it. It was pretty late, I want to say about midnight. My two friends and I were all sleeping over my one friend’s house. I’ll call her Eliza, and my other friend I’ll call Amy. 

So Amy and I were sleeping over Eliza’s house, and we decided to do the Charlie Charlie Challenge. So we snuck downstairs to the basement with two pencils and a piece of paper. We sat at this old table in her basement, and sat in the chairs. We set up the game, and finally balanced the pencils.

“Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” I asked.


Of course we didn’t expect anything. Amy jokingly went “Charlie Charlie, come out to fucking play.”

After that, the chair that was vacant next to us flipped over. We freaked out.

“Charlie, Charlie, can we leave?”

The pencil moved to no. I forced it to yes, and I tore up the paper and broke the pencils. 

We ran upstairs, locking the basement door. I opened the door and threw the broken pencils and ripped up paper shreds outside. We locked all the doors. We ran back upstairs to Eliza’s room and stayed in there. We locked the door, and turned on all the lights. We could not sleep. I got about an hour of sleep that night.

The next day, we went downstairs and her dad yelled. Apparently, the basement was trashed. The chairs we sat in were flung across the room, the coal bucket downstairs was tipped over, coal spilled everywhere. It was atrocious. We tried to convince him we didn’t mess it up, but he didn’t believe us, since there was no one in the house besides us. So we had to clean up downstairs and while we were down there, we all felt very strange. Like a negative feeling was in the air.

I don’t know what the hell happened, if we actually managed to summon ‘Charlie.’The lesson here is, don’t ever fuck with demons. Even if it seems as innocent as two pencils and a piece of paper.”

By: Anonymous

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What do you make of Cait saying they'll be in SA for a little more than another month? They are shooting the finale and they need more than 4 weeks? WTF? Or do they ADR in SA as well and that take so much time? The production time seems to be completely OTT compared to other shows with the same quality. I don't get it. They seem a bit inefficient.

Hello Anon! Now, I know this is going to shock people (lol), but I really do think this is the most inefficient and ass-backwards production. I don’t get it. Weather isn’t a problem. I don’t want to hear about how boats are difficult (I’ll save you the “Black Sails managed just fine” rant) or there’s more CGI. I love Cesar but he is at the pool and/or playing with penguins and seals almost daily, according to his Instagram. Sam has spent a shit ton of time at Roark gyms or doing Barbour shoots. Sorry but I can’t help but side eye this. Because when you give fans nothing about your day job, yet you can constantly update about your side projects, this is what happens—they scrutinize and speculate about where your focus is. Caitriona is certainly not exempt from this scrutiny either.

They probably decided to take their sweet ass time once they found out they weren’t coming back until September—and they’ve probably known that for a while. Anyways, maybe they’re saving time for any pickups that might be necessary. Because it’s probably not feasible to go back and shoot those in South Africa, as compared to Scotland—like they did with episode 208. Charlie Hiett, who plays Captain Leonard, is on his way back to SA, probably for pickups or reshoots. I think ADR can be done anywhere. Sam did it in LA for Season 2. Fun fact: According to Ron’s podcast, the one person who does the most ADR is Sam in order to tone down the Highland accent. They can get rid of voiceover for the second half of the season, IMO, once it’s a shared narrative post-reunion. It’s not really necessary. Show, don’t tell. Kthxbye.

All I have to say is the premiere and finale better be a substantially extended episodes—all of Season 3 should be, frankly. Ron should never have mentioned on his podcast that Starz is pretty generous in run time. There’s absolutely no excuse for cutting down scenes.

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Hartwin, 47

47. “No one needs to know.”

“Harry,” the voice says. “Oh, fuck, is that you?” 

Eggsy’s standing there in the doorway, hair mussed and clad in a Kingsman suit, and Harry’s breath catches. He’s bare-handed, but his fists are clenched, ready to throw a punch, and his eyes flash with shock before his arms collapse at his sides. “Oh, fuck. I thought…oh, Harry. It’s you, isn’t it?” 

“Yes,” Harry says, rising from his bed, then winces at the ache in his head. Poppy gives him painkillers, but they’re not a cure-all, and he doesn’t take them unless they’re forced down his throat. Eggsy still looks stunned, lips parted, eyes as green as the highlands he and Merlin explored as boys. 

“We gotta get you out of here,” Eggsy says, looking behind him. “Now.” 

“How did you know where to find me?” Harry asks. He’ll need a weapon, but Poppy is always careful that he has none. The safety razor is taken away each morning, the utensils he uses to eat are flimsy white plastic, and he’s always kept heavily drugged by whatever the tiny bursts of air emitting from the walls of his cell are. His head is always foggy, always confused, and the marks he uses to keep track of the days must be wrong, but he keeps doing it out of a desire to preserve some amount of sanity and control. 

“I knew you were alive,” Eggsy says, “and I never stopped searching for you.” 

Eggsy had faith in him, as boundless and as endless as the sea. That realization makes Harry want to kiss him, draw him into his arms and say all the things he should have said instead of the hurtful words he’d snapped at Eggsy before leaving. 

Clearly, Eggsy sees, and his eyes widen for an instant, something like a smirk creeping across his face before being replaced with a softer smile. “I missed you,” he now says, and every thought Harry has vanishes with the questions crowding in his mind. “I missed you so much.” He shakes his head. “Remember when you were in that coma, and I kept sneaking down to see you? I knew I couldn’t lose you then, and I can’t lose you now.” 

“Eggsy…” Harry says, but Eggsy comes up, pressing a finger against his lips. His hands are smooth, unblemished, with nothing so much as a dark pink scar from his right knuckles, and Harry stares down at them as one of them coil around his tie. 

“Shh,” Eggsy whispers, “no one needs to know.” His lips ghost over his, and Harry detects a trace of something sickly sweet, something that smells like strawberries. 

Summoning all of his strength, Harry places both hands on Eggsy’s chest and shoves him away. 

The cloaking falls, and in Eggsy’s place stands Poppy, looking disappointed. “And here I thought I was going to be a bit more successful this time,” she sighs, then looks towards the cameras with a short glare. In that second, Harry thinks about lunging for her, wrapping his hand around her throat, but knows it would be futile. There are guards waiting outside, along with countless security measures Merlin, safe in London, would have to break. “Clearly, my information was flawed.” 

“Oi,” a voice complains through the speakers embedded into the ceiling, indignant and drawling. Hesketh. That fucking bastard. “I gave you what I could on Eggsy. Not my fault.” 

You don’t know enough about Eggsy to break me, Harry thinks. It’s a bitter triumph. 

Still, he needs to be careful. Poppy will eventually perfect her concoction and the first test subject will be him, trapped in this cage without an ally. He has to play the good prisoner, confused and as helpless as he can seem, and perhaps would be able to get more privileges. 

Harry knows what leverage he has: information about Kingsman Charlie isn’t privy to and skills that Charlie also cannot match. Poppy’s come in, making references to the footage of the South Glade Mission Church. She knows what he can do, and she clearly wants him to do it for her. It matters not that she has mercenaries of her own, including Chester’s treacherous candidate, with fantastic weapons made out of prosthetic limbs; Poppy’s stockpiling and wants to have everything in her arsenal ready for whatever she wants to do. 

Until then, he’ll keep fighting. Poppy will never get a word out of him, not an inkling, and he’s slowly memorizing all of her tricks. She won’t kill him, not when he’s so valuable, and eventually, he’ll slip through her defenses and find his way back home. 

And when that day comes, he’ll get to see Eggsy again. 

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dude Marlie and the second au scenario (the animal shelter one) would be the cutest thing ever just saying

(I work at the animal shelter and you always come in to pet the cats when you’re sad.)

The first time Charlie notices him, it was raining. The windows were broken and he could feel the raindrops on the back of his neck. April said the window had been broken since she’d been working there and neither of them were brave enough to ask Quill to get them repaired. (Even in a building full of cats and coffee, her two favourite things, Charlie was yet to see her in a good mood.)

It was also a Monday and Charlie had forgotten his jacket. It was a terrible day and then it got brighter.

Charlie hadn’t know his name initially but had smiled anyway. (A distractingly attractive boy had just walked into his life; of course he smiled.)

“Isn’t April working?”

“She has a date,” Charlie had replied, leaning forward. “So I agreed to cover her shift. Can I help you?”

“Yeah. Think so. We have this agreement that if I ever need anywhere to go and calm down, I could come here. To play with the kittens,” Charlie liked how he pronounced it, “is okay?”

“Sure.” He wished he was better with words.

“Thank you.”

Charlie watched him walk away, smiling for reasons he didn’t fully understand.


April was a good co-worker and an even better friend.

“You mean Matteusz?”

Charlie nodded, “I think so. He was tall, very attractive and looked a little sad.”

April almost spat out her tea. “Sorry? Can you repeat that?”

“A little sad. Is that why he wanted to play with the animals?”

“I meant the other part.” April coughed again. “The ‘attractive’ part.”

“Oh,” Charlie pulled on his cardigan sleeve, “objectively speaking, of course. You couldn’t have missed it.”

“No, no, I agree - don’t tell Ram. I just wasn’t expecting it from you.”


“Not that it’s a bad thing! It’s great. Really great.” April patted his arm, which was a little awkward for them both.

“Thank you?” Charlie paused, “anyway, do you think he’ll return?”

“Probably. Matteusz comes when he’s upset usually. We’re friends, same music class.”

“Matteusz goes to Coal Hill?” Charlie was still new but he was sure he would have noticed him.

“Yeah.” April smirked. “Why do you ask?”

“No reason,” he replied, although it was clear April didn’t believe him.


The next time the rain had cleared.

“Hello,” Charlie said, trying to see if Matteusz was crying. “You’re back.”

“You remember me?”

“I… there is no good way to answer that.”

“It’s okay,” Matteusz reassured him, “I am here a lot.”

“I guess I have something to look forward to then,” Charlie said. “Oh, that wasn’t good to say out loud either.”

Matteusz laughed. “Is okay. Promise.”


They fall into a pattern, Charlie doing all he could to make Matteusz smile (usually it worked) (on the days it didn’t…) (they were the worst days).

Charlie would look forward to their visits, if it didn’t mean that Matteusz was fighting with his parents so much. (“They don’t like that I’m gay. They say I’m not meant for heaven. But I know differently. They won’t listen though.”) He didn’t see his own parents very much; they were busy saving the world or whatever being a politician included. But they hadn’t cared he was gay when he’d told them (over Skype, trying to make out their expressions though the pixels).

“How bad are things at home?” He asked, half-afraid of the answer.

“Not good. Very not good. We argue a lot. I made the mistake of asking a boy to the Autumn prom and telling them.”

Charlie felt his stomach sink. “I didn’t know you asked anyone.”

“He said no anyway. It doesn’t matter.” Matteusz ran his hand though his hair, Charlie watched, slightly fascinated. “Are you okay?”

“Fine, mostly,” he answered. 

“Good,” Matteusz smiled, which was so pretty, Charlie almost fell off his chair.

April found him, still stunned, five minutes later. “You have such a big crush on him,” she commented, placing a mug of tea in front of him.

“You have no idea.”


The day Charlie realises exactly how bad he’s got it, is the day he meets Marcelina Andrzejewski. She looked young, emphasised even more with the height contrast between her and her brother. She was still in school uniform, with black hair tied in a long, frizzy ponytail with wisps of hair escaping.

Matteusz was already grinning and that was enough to make Charlie’s heart skip a beat. (Metaphorically of course.)

“Hi,” she leaned up on the tip of her toes. “I’m Cela.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Are you Charlie?” She asked, still stretching to her full height. “You sound posh, so I think you are.”

“Yeah,” he answered.

“This is my little sister, Marcelina. She wanted to see the kittens too,” Matteusz introduced.

“Matti says you’re nice,” Marcelina said, crossing her arms and almost losing balance.

“Cela, co ci powiedziałem?”

Marcelina pulled a face at Charlie, rolling her eyes. “Przepraszam.”

“Children,” Matteusz said, looking fondly at his sister anyway.

“Mums allergic to cats. I wanted to get one but we are not allowed. So Matti promised I could come play with them. And since it’s my birthday, we’re here.”

“Happy Birthday.”

“Dziękuję,” Marcelina replied. She pulled Matteusz along, practically bouncing. Charlie watched the siblings walk off, with an  even lighter feeling than usual.


The first time they kiss, the sun is shining through the tiny little reception area. Charlie was sipping his tea even though it’d been cold since April had left an hour ago.

The animal shelter was yet to have visitors. Mostly due to most of the kittens being adopted already.

Charlie wasn’t expecting Matteusz to walk in but he hadn’t the first time.

“Are you crying? Your eyes look red.”

“A fight. Another fight. We always fight and I hate it.” Charlie moved from behind the desk to comfort him. “Sometimes I worry that my farther is right; that there is something wrong with me.”

“There is nothing wrong with you. How could there be?” Charlie gently pulled his hands away from his face. “Matteusz, look at me. You have been visiting here for half a year because of him. It breaks my heart to see you cry. And it’s not just because I’m in love with you, it’s because you deserve so much better than horrible parents-”

“Charlie?” Matteusz interrupted.

“Did I go too far?”

“You said, you said, that you were in love with me.” Charlie felt his face warm up.

“It was an accident.”

“Did you mean it?” Matteusz asked. “Do you mean it?”

“Of course I meant it. How could I not? You’re so amazing. I see you cry and I’d do anything to stop you from feeling so sad. And if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is-”


“It’s okay. You don’t have to feel the same-”


“I wasn’t expecting you to-”

“Charlie!” Matteusz said, finally stopping his ramble. “Be quiet, please, for a moment.”

“Because I messed up everything?” He asked miserably.

“No, because it’s hard to kiss someone who’s talking.”

Charlie barely had time to process it before Matteusz leaned down and kissed him.

“For the record,” Matteusz said breathlessly, resting their heads together, “I’m in love with you too.”

Charlie smiled, noticing that it was raining again, before leaning up for a second kiss.  


co ci powiedziałem? - what did I tell you?

przepraszam - I’m sorry

dziękuję - thank you

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The surprise single that's coming out is Charlie Puth not Liam. And the Bebe Rexha single release (with someone else) seems to be delayed so her fans think the ep album is also delayed.

Ok. Now the real questions: if Niall is supposed to perform on May 12, 21 days from now, where are his jams? He can’t just be playing one song again, right? What’s going on over there Niall? Why did he look dead in the eyes after his fun photoshoot? Did they refuse to let him wear a newsboy hat? And is Liam the mystery person in the picture that will join Niall at one (some?) of the shows? And if he is, where are his tunes? Are they going to come out around the time Rollercoaster finally drops? Will it be delayed again? Who are these mystery fans that heard it? Did they like it? Will it get an IKEA endorsement?

Imagine Thanksgiving with Chris.

A/N: Hey lovelies, I’m back from my hiatus. It was Thanksgiving recently so in the spirit of that, here’s a imagine about the holidays. I know I’m a bit late with this but oh well, enjoy! The word count is a little longer than usual, oops.

Chris pulled his car to a stop in front of your family home. In the front yard, your niece and nephews ran around and jumped into piles of red, orange and yellow leaves in their fall coats. Chris smiled as he watched the children, imagining a future where your kids were in the mix. His smile grew wider when he remembered that that future wasn’t too far away because after two years of being married, the two of you’d finally decided to start trying for a child. There weren’t any results yet but- it’d only been a couple of weeks.

“Are you sure your mom is okay with you spending Thanksgiving with my family this year?” You asked Chris and he turned to you. “I mean I know she said she was okay with it but- was she really okay with it, or was she just saying she was okay with it?”

“I love how you ask me this every time we spend a holiday with your family.” He chuckled with a shake of his head and you smiled. “She is fine with it, sweetheart. She understands that she can’t always have us, we’re married- we have to split our time between our two families.”

“Yeah but-” You began to protest like you did every time you came home for the holidays.

“Y/N,” he cut you off. “We’re having Thanksgiving here and we’re having Christmas there, we’re not skipping out on anyone. We did the opposite last year and everyone was happy with it. So do me a favor and stop worrying?” He grabbed your face in between his thumb and index, squeezing your cheeks. “We’re good,” he said then pecked your lips.

“Okay,” you chuckled softly.

“Now come on.” He released your face from his grip, smiling. “Your mom’s pumpkin pie is waiting for me in the kitchen.” He winked with a click of his tongue and hopped out of the car, leaving you laughing as you followed suit.

“Do you need some help?” You asked Chris as he walked around to the trunk to grab your bags for the weekend. “Oh, right.” You began to tease him when he shook his head at you. “I forgot I was talking to Captain America. The Super Soldier doesn’t need any help, he can lift a motorcycle while showgirls sit on it.”

“That’s cute,” he chuckled and proceeded to pull out your matching leather duffles.

“Aunt Y/N!” You heard Rosie; your second brother’s youngest daughter call out for you as she came barreling towards the car. You smiled and rushed in front of her, scooping her up off the ground as she jumped into your arms. “I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve missed you too, baby.” You cooed, hugging her tightly. “Or should I say young lady,” you teased her and she giggled as she leaned back. “You’re so big now, and so pretty just like your mommy.” She gave you a toothy grin and you chuckled. “How are you?” You bounced the five year old gently.

“Better now that you’re here-” Rosie stopped herself when she saw Chris, her eyes lit up just like they always did when they saw her superhero uncle. “Captain America!” She reached out for him and you took it as a sign to put her down. “You’re here!” She squealed and hugged his leg.

“Of course I’m here, sweetheart.” He lowered the bags onto the sidewalk then picked her up, hugging her tightly. “How could I not be here when your aunt’s here. I go wherever she goes, remember?” Rosie giggled as he winked at you. “How are you, love bug?”

“So good!” She chirped. “Spencer, Alex, Charlie and I have been playing tag and jumping in piles of leaves that Papa raked up for us. I was just about to jump into that one,” she pointed it out to the two of you, “when I saw your car. Will you come play with us?”

“Why don’t you go play with the boys so Aunt Y/N and I can go say hi to the adults?” Chris suggested and lowered her onto the ground. “I’ll come out and play soon, okay?” He assured her and she nodded, running back to join her older brother and cousins.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” you told Chris as he picked up the bags off the ground. He chuckled as you looped your arm with his; the two of you walked towards the opened front door. “You do this every year, you tell her you’re coming out to play and then you get caught up with my dad and my brothers with the beer and the game, and I’m stuck running around with them.”

“Yeah, but you love it though,” he nudged you playfully.

“No,” you chuckled. “I love them, I don’t love running around.”

“That’ll change when we have our own ball of energy begging you to play with him or her.” He whispered into your ear; the smile you couldn’t see, you could hear, and it made you smile too. “Don’t worry, I won’t do that this year. I’ll come out and play with them, I need practice considering we’re planning to be parents soon.”

“Like you need practice in that division,” you scoffed and rolled your eyes. “If anything, I’m the one who needs practice. You ooze paternal instinct,” you said and he chuckled. “Me, on the other hand? God help us.”

“Oh stop,” he planted a quick kiss on the side of your head. “You’re going to be a great mom, trust me. Whatever you can’t do, I’ll do. That’s why there’s two of us, Y/N.” You felt yourself smile. “We are going to nail it, I promise.”

“Speaking of nailing it,” you stopped walking and made him stop too. You turned to him and waited for him to turn to you before you spoke. “Can we not say anything about us trying for a baby until we have a baby to talk about? I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up and I don’t want to jinx anything. I know you’re excited but we’ve only just started trying and I just- I don’t want people to know yet.”

“Okay,” he nodded and kissed your forehead.

The two of you entered the house and the smell of home cooked food washed over you; roasted turkey; baked potatoes and yams; pumpkin, apple and pecan pie. Everything traditional at one of your annual family Thanksgiving dinners. It was very, very good to be home.

“Kiddy,” you heard your eldest brother, Scott’s voice. You saw him walk towards you with his arms wide open and you pulled away from Chris to bury yourself in one of his bear hugs. “It is so good to see you.”

“You too,” you smiled.

“Chris,” he pulled away from you to hug Chris. “It’s good to see you, man.”

“Yeah, you too.” Chris smiled when he pulled away. “I’m just going to go put our bags upstairs-”

“Let me,” Scott took the bags from him. “Everyone’s in the kitchen, and there’s someone particularly excited to meet the two of you.” His smile grew when he said that, much to yours and Chris’ confusion. “Now go, I’ll sort this out.” He beckoned his head towards the kitchen before taking the stairs upstairs.

“What is he talking about?” Chris asked with a raised brow.

“I have no idea,” you narrowed your eyes in confusion. “Let’s just go.” You took his hand and the two of you made your way for the kitchen where everyone was crowded around the kitchen counter. “What’s so interesting?” You quizzed with a light chuckle and gasped when the crowd parted to reveal your no longer pregnant sister-in-law carrying a baby. “Oh my God, Lexi!” You dropped Chris’ hand and rushed to her side. “When did you…” You trailed off, mesmerized by your adorable new niece.

“A while ago, clearly.” She chuckled softly because it was obvious the baby wasn’t a newborn. “We wanted to tell you as soon as I went into labour but- with your job and Chris’ filming schedules, we didn’t want to cause any problems. We’re all the way over here and the two of you are all around the world, it was just easier to wait till Thanksgiving. Plus- it was worth seeing the look on your faces.”

“Please,” Chris chuckled, joining your side. “We would’ve dropped everything and flown from anywhere to come see this precious angel.” He poked his index finger into the baby’s hand and smiled when she gripped it. “But you’re right, the surprise was- well worth the wait.”

“She’s beautiful,” you gave your sister-in-law a quick kiss on the cheek. “Congratulations, Lexi. You and Scott, you finally got the baby girl you’ve always wanted.” You smiled at her and she smiled back with a satisfied look that every mom had.

“This is Phoebe,” Lexi introduced your niece to the two of you. “Phoebe,” she spoke gently to her daughter. “This is your aunt, Y/N, and your uncle, Chris. They’re two of the best people you will ever know and they are going to love you as much as they already love your brothers.”

“May I?” Chris asked and Lexi nodded, passing him Phoebe. She had the prettiest green eyes, like your brother. “You are such a doll,” he cooed and bounced her gently, walking her away from the crowd. “Aren’t you just the cutest little thing in the world? Yes you are.”

Everyone went about their business while you stood and watched Chris interact with your baby niece. It was because of his interactions with your nieces and nephews, and his niece and nephews that made you change your mind about having kids. You had never thought about having children, but that was until you met him. With him- children had to be a part of your future because you knew he was going to be the best father in the world and you couldn’t deprive him or your future children from that.

“He’s going to make a great dad one day.” Your mom wrapped an arm around you, drawing you out of your love sick daze. “Hopefully, one day soon?” Your mom raised an eyebrow at you and you chuckled softly. “I know you’re not a kid person but- surely that’s changed now that you’re with Chris. C'mon Y/N, you’re the only child who hasn’t yet given me a grandchild.”

“I know, Mom.”

“So when?” She pressed.

Chris looked over at you and smiled, beckoning his head excitedly at the little baby in his arms. He didn’t have to say anything but you knew he was saying, “I can’t wait till we have our own little one.” You smiled and you nodded at him, which earned you a wider smile from him. You let out a sigh when you realized you were about to break your promise.

“When the universe decides to bless my womb with a baby.” You told her and she smiled; she was so used to your way of talking that she knew what that meant without you explaining it. “You’ll get your grandchild soon, I promise.”

“I guess I’ve got another thing be thankful for today,” she began as Chris joined the two of you. She turned to Chris and her smile grew wider. “I’m thankful you married Chris, because without you-” she glanced at you and chuckled. “This stubborn child wouldn’t have wanted a stubborn child of her own.” Chris’ face lit up when he realized you had broken the promise of keeping things hush. “You really are a miracle worker.” She patted his arm then returned to the stove to cook.

“Don’t let that get to your head,” you playfully warned Chris as you took your turn in carrying Phoebe. “You’re not the reason I’ve decided to have children.” You said and he nodded, chuckling because you’d already told him numerous times that it was in fact because of him. “It’s because of babies like you, Phoebe. Your cuteness won me over,” you cooed at her.

“I don’t really care what your reasons are,” Chris whispered into your hair as he wrapped an arm around you. “Because as long as you’re happy to have a child with me, I’m happy. In fact, getting you to marry me- is a miracle in itself.”

“Aren’t you a sweet talker,” you bit back your smile.

“And how did you think I won you over?” He chuckled and pressed his lips against yours.

The Ellen Show: Chapter 5

A/N: Wishing you all a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Hope you enjoy. :D

The Ellen Show Master List

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“I think that one looks lovely.”

I looked up to Charlie, phone in hand as it rested under her chin.

“You think?” I said pulling up the slinky silvery gown. I glanced into the mirror again turning to the side letting the dress drop and brushing my hand along my body. “I don’t know.” I cringed slightly.

We had been trying on dresses for the premieres of the movie that began in London in two days.

London was a long low cut and very fitted emerald dress. Japan a short white frilly dress with strong shoulders. But L.A the most important of the premiers was falling short of something to wear.

Turning in the mirror again I looked at the dress, as I did I noticed one of the stylists in the back of the room moving a rack of dresses.

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Should I Be Watching: Class

Welcome back everyone to another exciting edition of “Should I Be Watching”! Today I have for you the “Doctor Who” YA spinoff “Class”! If any of those words instantly made you uncomfortable then I can just cut to the chase right now and let you know you should NOT be watching “Class”. See how easy this is. Technically "Class” has already aired out on BBC 3 this past fall, but for us Americans/legal television watchers it is currently airing on BBC America as a companion to the new season of “Doctor Who”. I have watched the first two episodes that have aired on BBCA in order to give you MAXIMUM information.

“Class” is an 8 episode series (super manageable!) written entirely by Patrick Ness, the novelist behind last year’s film  "A Monster Calls", in his first television outing. The show follows four school youths who are in whatever the Brit equivalent of high school is (despite best efforts I continue to have no understanding of the UK’s schooling system), who are unexpectedly plunged into a world of sci fi danger. As you may have already guessed, our young heroes must  battle the forces of evil, while also dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. Although this isn’t a groundbreaking set up, the shine on this apple is that all of these surging hormones and genocidal aliens exist within the larger Whoverse.

The show takes place at Cole House Academy, where the ill-fated Danny Pink and Clara Oswin Manic Pixie Oswald taught in the mothership series. And the first episode also boasts an appearance by the man himself who swoops in to save the day and deliver a TARDIS-full of exposition. As an aside I will admit I briefly rage quit watching “Doctor Who” somewhere in Season 9 but am newly reunited with it in Season 10 and enjoying it MUCH MUCH MORE. Bonus: if you are wondering if you should be watching Season 10 of “Doctor Who”, the answer is yes!

As far as British teen dramas and Doctor Who spinoffs go, the bar is fairly high in both departments. Where “Class” excels is in it’s cast of characters who represent a diverse swath of London youth and also talk like real teenagers. The show is charmingly loaded with pop culture references and also refreshingly aware of it’s place in the pop lexicon (in the first episode they compare the rift in space/time causing their problems to the Hellmouth. At least they know). However when compared to the wealth of  other Brit teen dramas it comes up a bit short. “Class” lacks both the irreverence of a “Misfits” and the unabashedness of a"Skins" which results in the show feeling a bit buttoned up and stiff. And while the show does it’s best to take on serious teen issues, the dialogue can sometimes veer onto After School Special Boulevard.

That isn’t to say the show is without it’s quirk and charm. Two of the central core cast are aliens forced to hide out as humans on Earth and they are easily the most compelling part of the show. Greg Austin adorably plays Charlie, an alien Prince Charming who is touchingly clueless and casually into dudes (who isn’t) offers both a much needed comic relief and also very gentle eye candy. Meanwhile a delightfully homicidal Katherine Kelly is forced to be his reluctant guardian by night and begrudging teacher by day. These characters are the only elements of the show that feel utterly unique, and the conceit of it feels most worthwhile while they are on screen.

It’s the sci fi elements of “Class” however that most closely ties it to “Doctor Who”. The first episode boasts a host of genocidal monsters that live in your own shadow, which is SO “Doctor Who” I’m surprised it wasn’t a two part Moffat special already. So far the capers and badies all feel very much in line with the Whoverse with the monsters of the week feeling like they could be just as at home on the main series. This is positive if you come to a spinoff hoping for more of the same. However it’s impossible not to compare to the other Who spinoff “Torchwood” that was able to accomplish staggering sci fi storytelling (specifically with Children of Earth) in a way that was totally original while still playing off the larger Who world.

While “Torchwood” was a show that was able to at times achieve greatness, “Class” is a show that has so far achieved good. But if you are into sci fi, Brit TV or Doctor Who in general, good can be good enough!

You should watch this show if you love Doctor Who and one hour of space hijinks a week just isn’t enough. You should watch this show if you have been flirting with re-watching Misfits for the third time and need something to spice up your life. However if you are a newcomer to this genre of television and are looking for your new favorite show, there are many more interesting offerings to devour first.

“Class” airs Saturdays on BBC America after “Doctor Who”. So an hour after whenever that’s on. 


charlie-bradcherry replied to your post “I feel like the end of the season is going to ruffle quite a few…”

Sam sees Lucifer in his new leather jacket, hands his gay ass over in a second, they make out for a solid 10 mins from 30 different camera angles and then they flee with the baby. This is definitely what’s going to happen.

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I do? - Jackson x Reader

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Jackson imagine similar to how April was getting married and he confessed his love to her

A/N: This was so cute and fun to write!! I hope you enjoy!!


**Your POV**

Your wedding day was the day you planned down to the littlest detail when you were younger. You’ve dreamt about this day since you were a teenager. Finally that day was here. Your relationships have been all over the place, especially with Jackson. You really loved him for the longest time, however he was dating Lexie. So you moved on and met your fiancé, Charlie.


**Reader’s POV**

You were standing at the back of the park, Derek by your side. “Thanks for walking me down the aisle. You didn’t have to.” You whispered to Derek. “Shut up, it’s fine (Y/N). I’m actually kind of honored that you chose me.” He said. Right as the last bridesmaid and groomsman reached the altar, ‘Here Comes the Bride’ starts to play. You begin to walk down the aisle, looking around at everyone. And then you see familiar eyes on you, Jackson’s. You tried to get him out of your head. Before you knew it, you had reached the altar. Right in front of you was Charlie, looking like it was the best day of his life. If only you could’ve felt the same way. You handed your bouquet to Meredith and took Charlie’s hands. “If any one can objects the joining of (Y/N) and Charlie, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” The priest said looking around at the guests of your wedding. “I object.” You turn around to see Jackson standing in the middle of the aisle. “I love you (Y/N). I have been for awhile. Before Mark died he told me something that I feel like I should share. He said,’If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. Even if you’re scared that it’ll cause problems. Even if you’re scared that it will burn your life to the ground, you say it, and you say it loud and you go from there.’ So I’m saying it loud and clear. Every little thing you do I love. I find it cute when you’re angry. I love you. I wouldn’t object if I didn’t think we could have a future together. But I believe, I know we can. So I object.” He said. Your mouth was wide open from the shock that he actually said the words that you’ve been dying to hear. You turned to Meredith and Arizona and said, “I’m sorry.” before letting go of Charlie’s hands. “Where are you going?!” Charlie asked yelling at you. “I’ve loved this boy forever. I’m sorry Charlie. He isn’t you. He’s different.” You ran to Jackson and grabbed his hand before running away from the whole reception. 

Two Can Play This Game

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1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “Umm…I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @feelmyroarrrr

“It’s my birthday, bitches!” Charlie yells after she opens the front door.

You, Jess, Sam and Dean walk into her parent’s huge expensive house. They’re gone for the next few days, leaving you and your friends a perfect place to party for the weekend.  

You walk into the kitchen and immediately pour yourself a drink. To say classes have been stressing you out lately is an understatement. This party couldn’t have come at a better time. 

“You’re not wasting any time, sweetheart.” Dean says eyeing the glass in your hand as he walks in.

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Comics on the way! Promise! ^w^

Trying to scribble out at least 3 panels of Overtime: Part 2 each night this week so I can post it by the end of the week! Also still scribbling the Shadow Day arc and other stickynote comics. The current 3 comics I’m scribbling are just longer than usual so they’re coming a bit slower.

Charlie, Husk, Crymini, Angel, Baxter, and Niffty all belong to @vivziepop and I LOVE playing with her characters, she just puts so much soul and detail into each of them! X3

So yesterday was @wanderingcas birthday and she mentioned a few days ago that she wanted me to write a femslash version of her amazing fic, Passing Ships, so I wrote the first half of chapter two :)

Happy birthday, Sam! Love you!

Deanna finally eases off the gas as they enter the school zone and Cas stares almost in awe as the building comes into view. It’s nicer than she expected, almost homey with its white-washed bricks and Victorian windows laced with the not-yet shriveled vines of summer. There’s evidence of a beautiful garden during warmer seasons and an expansive field of grass surrounding the whole property.

It’s like no school Cas has ever seen and she shares her thoughts with Deanna. 

“It’s a Montessori school,” Deanna explains as she parks the car. “Lots of funding, super fancy. I probably wouldn’t even have this job if Sam’s wife’s sister hadn’t taught music here.”

“What do you teach?” Cas asks.

“First grade.”

Cas almost smiles at memories of Claire in first grade, with her blonde pigtails and Barbie backpack.

“Well, see you in seven hours,” Deanna says as she opens the car door 

Cas scrambles out of the passenger door. “I’m coming too.”

Deanna squawks like that’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard. “The hell you are.”

“I have to be able to observe you,” Cas says as she trails after the blonde. “There was no point in me coming here with you if I can’t even see you.”

“Then I guess you should just hitch a ride back to… wherever the hell cupids stay.” Deanna waves a noncommittal hand. “Whatever. See ya later!”

She’s just about to open the front door when Cas barks, “Deanna. My orders are to understand what is preventing your soulmate connection. In order to do that, I must be allowed to observe you in your day-to-day activities. This is Heaven’s will and I am going to follow my instructions to the best of my ability, so I am coming into this school.”

Cas can hear Deanna’s strained exhale before the woman turns around, lips pursed. There’s still fight in her eyes but she just closes them and sighs again. “Fine,” she grits and points a finger at Cas. “But you don’t say a word, got it? Nothing about this soulmate bullshit. This is my job, and if you get me fired, Heaven will have hell to pay.”

Cas nods once. “I understand.”

Deanna just rolls her eyes and yanks the door open before impatiently gesturing Cas through.

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some favorite quotes:

“my long hair like a spillage of blue ink, and I was, playing girlfriend, playing secretary, sexpot, writer. beneath it all I was a farm girl, watching locusts devour the crops, wondering what all the fuss was about.”

-Diane Seuss

“all this, all life, is reduced to stair railings.”

-Sylvia Plath

“of course loss is the great lesson…”

-Mary Oliver

“the old horror that is nothing.”

-Robert Hass

“now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.”

-John Steinbeck

“i’m here. i went away but i’m back now and nothing else matters.”

-Sarah Kane

“i don’t blame the yard for not existing.”

-Anne Cecelia Holmes

“nothing is a joke with me. it just all comes out like one.”

-Lorrie Moore

“to truly laugh, you have to be able to take your pain, and play with it.”

-Charlie Chaplin

“i changed by not changing at all.”

-[Pearl Jam]

Sherlock Subtext 101

In case you missed it – The shrine to Thatcher was given prominence in the middle of the room while the shrine to their son Charlie was over in the corner of the room, telling everyone these parents care more about their conservative values than their only son, making that son hide himself and die before he is ever able to come out, his parents none the wiser, never giving him the happy moment where he can come out to the father he loves and can have his love radiated back to him, that’s why there’s a rainbow prism in this shot as we play the loving scenario the boy hoped he could have but never got with his conservative father.

High school best friends Charlie, Sam, and Cas doing a webshow as an assignment for their computer apps class. And between Charlie’s queen of the nerds thing and Cas’s confusion at all thing pop culture and Sam’s bitch faces, they actually become pretty popular, so they keep doing the videos even after the assignment ends.

And in the question vids, the question that probably gets asked the most is “Why do Cas and Dean hate each other?” Because everyone can see that they totally do. Whenever Dean does something on the show, Cas glares at him, and he glares right back. They’re constantly making snarky comments to and about each other. And Cas always insists that he doesn’t hate Sam’s older brother, but then Charlie and Sam give him matching bitch faces.

After a couple years of the videos, they’re coming up on the big 200, so they decide to do a live show with live tweeting and tumblr interaction with their 5000+ followers. And midway through the show, they decide to play spin the burrito (a game of their own invention).

“I’ll go get the burritos!” Sam volunteers while Charlie yells, “I’ve got the sombrero!”

“Here, have a staring contest with Cas while we’re gone,” Charlie instructs the viewers as she and Sam stand to leave.

As they run out of the room, Dean can be heard in the hallway, “what’s up guys?”



And Cas is busy staring directly into the camera, so he doesn’t see Dean peek his head into the room to check that the coast is clear. He doesn’t anticipate it when Dean’s arms wrap around him from behind as the older boy says, “Hey, Sexy.”

He barely has time to process before Dean is turning his head to the side to smash their mouths together. Cas tries to pull back, “Dean!”

“Don’t worry; I hid the burritos in the way back of the freezer this time. It’ll take him at least four minutes,” Dean promises. “And the sombrero is in the back of the hall closet, so that’ll take her five.”

“The camera!” Cas protests. Dean leans in for another kiss, murmuring, “Just edit it out later like you always do…” He presses another hungry kiss against Cas’s mouth, and Cas allows himself to be pulled under for a moment before he remembers that he can’t just edit it out later because…

“It’s a live show!” Cas squeaks, and Dean freezes. His eyes flick over toward the camera.

“Live?” He asks, and Cas nods his head.

Dean stays frozen there against Cas’s mouth for a solid ten second before he mutters, “Aw, fuck it!” And then resumes kissing his boyfriend.

When Charlie and Sam run back in a couple minutes later holding their spoils, she actually squeals. She holds out her hand toward Sam. “Pay up, bitch!”