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idk why people get so hung up over being left on read? I mean, I know people leave read receipts on if they’re pissed at you but like?? Wouldn’t u rather know someone’s pissed than continue to annoy them?

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Tony, what do you love most about Loki's personality?

Tony: “Tricky question. He’s a clever shit- no really. He actually keeps up with my train of thoughts and guys, that’s not easy. He’s curious as fuck and knowledge thirsty and boy, does he know a lot. He’s strong, too, and I don’t mean that he can throw cars around- he went through a lot fucked up shit and is still standing and if that’s not admirable, I don’t know what else. We have lot in common as well, I think. He’s a fighter, he’s a poser and a liar, he’s got a mask on that fools about everyone (sometimes even himself, I think) and really, if it comes down to it, he doesn’t need anyone and he fights his fights alone. Doesn’t mean that I will let him, but you know what I mean. I hope that gave you a bit of an impression.”


“I bet there’s not supernatural gif to…” Bullshit

I’m summoning my Brothers and Sisters here, I need you help. 

I need that gif of Dean freaking out. The one from season two or three (Probably three) from an episode with Bella Talbot where Sam and Dean are dressed, outside, and Dean panics because he thinks someone stole his car. (Can’t remember the name now)

I’m writing a scene where Dean is freaking out, and I can write it inside or outside, but  that’s literally the only gif I remember that features this specific Winchester freaking out and panicking

(If you have any gif of him panicking inside a room, that’s perfect. Thank you❤)

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How do you explain that once Peridot didn't have any power and she was all "oh no i'm an era2 gem, they can't make gems like they used to omg i'm so useless" and now she can lift cars, i mean, it's like that just being on the earth had somehow did something i dunno

I honestly think that Homeworld lies to Era-2 Gems about their powers in an attempt to circumvent another rebellion in the future. 

How could “useless” Era-2 Gems with no powers stand up to the almighty Diamond Authority, right?

Her metal powers were always there, she just had to be pushed to her absolute limit in Too Short To Ride in order to find them.

As to how she’s gotten so strong now… I have to wonder if it’s thanks to Lapis helping her at some point off-screen.  I mean, Lapis is the only Gem we’ve seen who has absolutely exceptional control over an element - and she just so happens to be Peridot’s room-mate/love interest.  I personally think that this is deliberate; we even see them using their powers together in perfect harmony during The New Crystal Gems, and this is actually yet another thing that the pair of them have in common.


Duluth Ore Run—Part One

Here we see a contemporary ore dock run on the Canadian National in Duluth, Minnesota. The loaded ore jennies come down the hill (from Proctor) using the former Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway. The engines first run around the train so they can shift the cars about for unloading of the taconite pellets on the massive ore dock on St. Louis Bay. The images and map here allows us to examine some of the former railroads at this particular area of Duluth as well.

The first image shows the engines on the dock after arriving. Below the dock we can see the former Northern Pacific tracks to the left and some tracks making up Missabe Junction on the right—where the DM&IR and Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway converged. In the second image, a reverse angle, we see the engines after having moved around to the rear of the train for shifting. We see a second dock in the foreground that is no longer is service as well as the same Northern Pacific tracks below.

In the third image we see the former roadbed of the Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific running under the docks. It intersected with yet another railroad, the Soo Line, near this spot. And in the forth image we see the train gathering up the empties and beginning to inch its way over Grand Avenue. The train will soon head back up the hill—which will be the subject of tomorrow’s entry.

The map shows the where the photographs were taken. Four images by Richard Koenig; taken April 17th 2017.

  • Jason: I will never pity you, Dickface. I am the perpetual family disappointment, I pity no one.
  • Dick: Oh come on, you think you're the family disappointment?
  • Jason: Well it sure as hell ain't you, golden boy!
  • Dick: We'll see about that. Bruce!
  • Bruce: Hm?
  • Dick: Who is the family disappointment?
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce: St--
  • Stephanie: NO!
  • Stephanie: Shut up shut up shut uuuupppp!
  • Stephanie: I cannot be the family disappointment because I am not a part of this family!
  • Stephanie: I don't even go here!
  • Tim: You're here all the time--
  • Stephanie: As your personal Kimmy Gibbler! Not a sister!
  • Stephanie: [to Bruce] I can't believe you. I CANNOT believe you! Say it, Bruce, swear to God, SAY IT and I will slap you again!
  • Jason: Again?
  • Stephanie: You know who is, Bruce? You. YOU ARE THE FAMILY DISAPPOINTMENT.
  • Stephanie: You haven't done half the crap you should and YEAH I'm pulling out receipts because I INVENTED fake dying and when I got back no one was nice to me SO YOU DON'T GET ANY FREEBIES!
  • Stephanie: I'm leaving! Tell Cass I'm not talking to any of you and I broke up with Tim--
  • Tim: How is this my fault?!
  • Stephanie: --and that I'll be at Gina's on 5th for smoothies because SOME of us keep our promises and don't just go 'hey I'm back from the dead get out of my cave even though I'm a loser who got lost in time like a loser' which, like, PATHETIC
  • Stephanie: [wads up leftover receipt from her purse and throws it at Bruce] BYE FAMILY DISAPPOINTMENT
  • Stephanie: [slams door]
  • Jason:
  • Dick:
  • Tim:
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce: I was going to say 'Stop'...
I regularly wonder why I do this job

Then @jamesnortonblog​ goes and posts the Grantchester Season 3 trailer here

And look what’s coming, shirtless detectives:

Detectives and babies:

British Detectives thinking very hard to solve crime:

There are even running detectives:

And even handsome detectives in cricket costumes:

I’m even thinking about a new series, detectives in formal wear. Because. Handsome: