can be part of your gang

things people forget about the outsiders

these are some pretty important things i think people should know bc it could help them w/ their character development or story in general. enjoy!

• sodapop would’ve joined dally in dirty talking cherry and marcia. and if they were greaser girls, ponyboy would’ve joined in as well.


• johnny is really good at hiding his emotions. he’s also a brave little shit who can get real sassy sometimes. yes, he is meek and shy, but when he feels the need he can be tough.

• steve is still in school. repeat after me, stEVE IS STILL IN SCHOOL AND ONLY WORKS PART TIME.

• the guys only watch their swearing and behavior around cousin-type girls. if your character is a new friend of pony’s who’s coming over for the first time, the gang isn’t gonna be super-duper nice to her and accept her 100%. they will probabaly be jerk-faces for a lil while, then chill out after she proves herself.

• two-bit wanted to drive to texas to look for ponyboy and johnny.

• darry goes skiing with his friends sometimes and was voted boy of the year. he was a popular, fun guy before he became the dad figure in the curtis household. yeah, he’s hella mature and dad-like now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to have fun.

• johnny was a good man in a rumble. i repeat : JOHNNY WAS A GOOD MAN IN A RUMBLE. HE COULD KICK ASS, OKAY.

• in the book, ponyboy kicked soc ass during the rumble. he is young and emotional, but he isn’t helpless. i personally hated the way the movie depicted him during the rumble; just letting the socs beat him up and crying out for darry the minute it begins. if you read the rumble excerpt, he obviously isn’t the best fighter but he can defend himself pretty well and can take a punch.

• johnny can take a whipping with a 2 by 4 without letting out a whimper. he isn’t gonna be on the floor unconscious after a punch to the gut, please and thank you.

• cherry is afraid of dissapointing her parents if they see her hanging with pony. i personally believe that cherry overcomes that fear and apologizes to ponyboy after ignoring him at school, and they become good friends. but the only true reason she doesn’t want to be seen with ponyboy is because of her parents. we see she clearly doesn’t really care about half of her “friends” or what she’s supposed to do as a soc (beer blasts and river bottom parties), so why would she care if her other friends saw her with pony?

mafia!BTS reaction when they get overprotective & jealous

(requested by anon: Mafia!au bts to getting jealous oor confessing for the first time… I have no idea.. But what is really important is that u point out how ruthless they r to others and kind to u and that its fluff and smut hehe)

warnings: violence, swearing, various kinks *idk smuty-ish*

You were new to the gang. You were great with everyone except this one guy. You were actually scared of him bc he was the leader. That’s why u were sort of submissive towards him and he adored it. He treated u with exaggerated kindness and affection but that was one part of the time.. The other he just glared at u and was cold. But the way he acted when it was either his enemies or anyone who tried to come near u.. he was ruthless. And today a guy from the gang decided to do smthng he shouldn’t have and the word „closeness“ starts to describe it very well..


He stopped listening to the guy who was talking to him and he started to glare at the guy coming towards you. As u saw his face u got up, excused urself and went to Yoongi who was on the other side of the room. He was still glaring at the guy behind u so u sat into his lap and hugged him around his neck while caressing him from his ear to his collar bone and down to his shoulder. He was still glaring at the guy but soon closed his eyes as he hugged you back wrapping his arms around your waist really tight.


He was leaning against the table glaring at the guy intensely. Once u saw his face u knew he’ll blow up very soon. So u went to him as he was very near to u. U were by his side when he started walking towards the guy angrily. You quickly grabbed his hand hugging it around his upper arm. Your lips reached his ear. „Oppa..“ your soft whisper made him calm down and soften. He hugged you making you touch his neck with your lips on purpose.


You knew u had to make him calm down or otherwise the situation won’t end good. „I’m sorry but I think it’s not a good idea to talk to me in front of my oppa..“ The guy was shook by what u said not knowing of that kind of a relationship between u and the leader. He apologised and you slightly nodded while getting up and walking over to Jin. You just stood in front of him watching ur feet bc u knew he heard what u just said. He pulled u roughly towards him so that u bumped into his chest and rested your cheek on his shoulder. „Mine“ he whispered into ur ear. „Only. Mine.“


He just glared and glared after he couldn’t keep it in. He got up and appeared in front of the guy in seconds. He punched him fiercely. You stood quickly up and started moving Jimin away from the guy before someone srsly got hurt. „Don’t you ever come fucking close to her again, she’s mine“ he hissed as the guy went away. Jimin was shaking how furious he was. You hugged him while rubbing his head with ur thumb and with the other hand wrapped around his back. „Oppa it’s okay..“ you said softly as you kissed his cheek. Jimin hugged you back tightly as he moved his head to face yours, rubbing his nose softly against yours.


He just stared in disbelief. He knew the guy knew about his feelings, I mean everyone knew just didn’t dare to say that to u. He didn’t move or anything he just glared at u two. Once the guy went away you were about to get up but a tight grasp around you wrist stopped u. „Do u want me to fucking lose my mind and kill someone!?“ he said angrily. You placed your hand on his cheek caressing it. You kissed him softly trying to calm him down. He didn’t give into the kiss a lot and he was cold. You started moving away when Hoseok grabbed u around the waist and pulled you back with ur face inches away from his. „Where do u think you’re going?“  


He just gave you the come-here-before-I-kill-him-and-teach-you-a-lesson look. You didn’t think much you just went over to him and sat beside him on the couch. He patted his lap and indicated that u sit on him. You were a bit hesitant. He rolled his eyes and grabbed with one hand your legs and with the other your back and sat u on him. You were startled but you didn’t fight back. He made you fall down a bit by spreading his legs so that you were in a submissive-like position. You put your hands on his chest while he caressed your back as he wrapped himself around you. „My little princess“ he said while kissing your head making you giggle.


Jungkook came up to you and took you away from him. He lead you outside making you shake bc it was cold and your jacket was inside. He was looking in another direction when your soft, shaky voice scared him a bit. „Oppa I’m c-cold..“ you were shaking while looking at him. He closed the gap between you two and started taking his jacket off. „No“ you said and placed your hand on one of his as he took the jacket off. „Yes“ he said with a dark, dominant look which made you flustered. He continued taking it off when you all of a sudden hugged him and put his jacket back on. As you put it back on him, with Jungkook’s protests, he unzipped it and covered you with it from both ur sides as he hugged you tightly. „My kitten can’t catch a cold“ he said making you giggle into his chest.

xx oh wow this turned long I’m sorry not sorry eheh.. hope anon likes it, sorry for the long wait xx

EXO Reaction to You Trying Running Away From Them After Finding Out They are in a Gang (Mafia!au) OT9 [Part I]

Y’all don’t understand… This thing took me forever to write… It was too long, so I’m apologizing now in advance, but~ I split it up in two parts! 

Part 2

This is my first EXO reaction and it is a gang/mafia!au. Hope you enjoy it (:

*Note: I don’t own any of the gifs <3

xoxo- MelodyBaby

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Find yourself a guy who’s laid back, mysterious, and sexy.

Find yourself a guy who will always accept a challenge.

Find yourself a guy who can get down and dirty working with engines and motors.

Find yourself a guy who rides motorcycles.

Find yourself a guy with a dragon tattoo. 

Find yourself a guy with extremely wild hair. 

Find yourself a guy who was once a part of a gang and took out rivals.

Find yourself a guy who’s dad accidentally blew up your home city.

Fudo Yusei.

Find yourself a Fudo Yusei. 

mortdeheros  asked:

Hi, just a quick thing to ruin your life. The Foxes are a gang in Ketterdam, Neil is a Grisha fleeing... anyway have a good day!

hellooooo thank u sm for this prompt, this is only part one bc i couldn’t wait to share it, but i’ll post the rest as soon as i can!!

The streets were deadly quiet the night Nathaniel left everything behind – his life, his family, his very name. His father was asleep when Nathaniel climbed down the window of his small, cramped closet of a room. The cold air bit harshly at his skin, froze his bones through the thin cotton of his shirt, but Nathaniel didn’t dare turn back to the slightly warmth of his home.

Not anymore, he told himself. It was no longer his home – if it ever had been. Now it was just the place that would get him killed, or worse. Finally, finally, after years of hiding it, his father knew the truth about him and his mother was nowhere to be found. He knew, somewhere deep in his core, that she would be dead soon. He’d seen the look on her face when they took her away, when his father just let them take her. He remembered the way her frantic eyes found him cowering around the corner, the word she mouthed at him.

Run. RUN.

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A Haikyuu!!! Au

Basically, I’m trash. I’m trash who likes mafia au’s. I’m trash who has noticed there are pretty much no Haikyuu!!! gang au’s. I want them. I will help you make them. I will be your metaphorical nurse. We will birth this au together.

Questions to answer before you ask them:

Will I write this? Maybe.

Can you write this? Give me some credit and the link and we’re set.

Here we fucking go. Straight into fucking hell.

-There are just about six gangs in one giant city.

- Four of those gangs get along pretty well, you can guess who

-Each of them have parts of the city, some leaders choose to run the whole thing on their own, others split it up in territories or something like that.


- Ukai is the leader of the whole operation. Chain smoker, can probably kill you with one hand.

-He has a very obvious crush on Takeda who is his information source.

-Literally whenever Takeda so much as smiles, Ukai turns into this embarrassing, fumbly mess.

- His secretary, Kiyoko, thinks it’s cute, but is really just waiting for him to profess his love.

-Kiyoko is engaged to Yachi, but Kiyoko prefers to keep Yachi out of all the mafia stuff.

-Yachi is super supportive and is a teacher at preschool. Likes to have Kiyoko come home to a warm household.

-Kiyoko one hundred percent has to be in an elegant black dress, and high heels, with a gun fucking shit up. If that is not a scene, I swear to god.

-By secretary, I mean badass bodyguard.

-They have three quadrants. One of which, Daichi runs.

-Daichi is a highly responsible and respected leader, he’s Ukai’s second in command.

-Daichi is very tough and cold hearted to everyone outside of their team.

-His team consists of everyone on the karasuno volleyball team in canon.

-They are a big family

- Daichi is stubborn, but will do anything Suga asks him too because he’s head over heels in love with him

-Daichi and Suga are very lovey-dovey. Sometimes the last thing someone sees before they kill you is them flirting.

-They are definitely still referred to as Mom and Dad.

-Suga is the best sniper in the whole gang. He’s a great hitman.

-Asahi is definitely their nurse and Noya definitely keeps getting “hurt” to see him.

- Noya and Tanaka are their debt collectors. Tanaka is the bite to Noya’s bark.

-Hinata is their newest recruit. Kageyama, one of their most intimidating and skilled interrogators, is assigned to show him the ropes.

-They don’t get along at first, but maybe Hinata saves Kageyama’s life or something and their relationship blooms from there.

- Karasuno runs a super good illegal weapon store thing

- Tsukishima is their hacker. Yes, he does know that the freckly one has a crush on him. No, these feelings he gets just by looking at him are just the effects of living off of coffee and ramen noodles.

- Kageyama and Tsukishima buttheads a lot because Kageyama always wants to punch someone and Tsukishima always tells him no.


-Oikawa is the overall leaders, obviously.

-They don’t split it up into quadrants because Oikawa is that time of person. It works so who cares.

-Iwaizumi is that guy who everyone knows, but no one except five people have actually seen

-Everyone thinks Oikawa and Iwaizumi are fucking and everyone is right.

-They own five territories, the most out of all of the gangs.

-I’m not saying Oikawa and Suga sometimes get together and gossip, but Suga and Oikawa get together and gossip.

- On the outside Oikawa is proud and confident, but behind closed doors he’s just as insecure as in canon, maybe even worse since he’s running a whole empire.

- Iwaizumi is always there.

-Iwaizumi is his shadow, the bodyguard.

-They’ve known eachother since they were kids and all that. Iwaizumi was there when Oikawa’s dad died and he became a fucking King at the age of nineteen.

-Oikawa is a mastermind, he knows everyone sensitives spots. He knows everything.

- I’m not going to get too into the other characters too much, but yes, Matsukawa and Takahiro are the power couple.

- Also Kentaro is definitely that dude who everyone is afraid of. Not a lot of people like to talk to him beside Oikawa, but he’s super busy all the time.

- Yahaba is their mess cleaner, he makes all their problems with the police disappear, he’s hella good at it.

- Yahaba is fearless so he doesn’t give any shits what so ever about Kentaro being a rumoured puppy killer. So he scolds him when he does something bad and all that. At first Kentaro is angry then he’s all like, “Why are you not afraid of me?” to which Yahaba replies “I’ve seen some shit.” Their relationship probably sprouts into to angry make outs, then into something really tender. Bam! Then their engaged.

- Kindaichi is the super flustered sweet one who everyone is like “Wtf is this guy doing here.”


-Akaashi is the beautiful son of the boss.

-Bokuto is the gang leader who is in love with, but is super out of his league.

-That doesn’t stop him from courting him and endlessly flirting with him. Lots of owl puns because that’s their symbol and he thinks Akaashi will like them.

-At first Akaashi thinks Bokuto is just being nice to him to get into his father’s good graces, but then Bokuto does something really Bokuto.

-They have an affair because of course they do.

-Of course, Kuroo and Bokuto are best friends. Their bromance is the sole reason Fukurodani and nekoma get along so well.

-Bokuto one hundred percent shows Kuroo the same pictures of Akaashi asleep over and over again until Kuroo is just like, “stop. bro. please stop.”

-Akaashi’s dad is pretty accepting of the whole “My son loves someone of a lower position than him.”

- Even though he’s super strict about it and threatens Bokuto none stop. He likes Bokuto though because he’s a good leader and he would be good at protecting his son. Since Akaashi is the boss’s son he needs a lot of protecting.

-He’s pushing for a wedding hard and Bokuto does propose because he loves Akaashi so much like damn.

- They own four territories

- Bokuto runs one of them. The Fukurodani volleyball team in canon are all in Bokuto’s gang.

- They are all really fucking good at their jobs.

- Tbh I don’t know a lot about the other team members so…..

- Fukurodani is known for their super elegants and nice parties. Members from nekoma are usually always there, but Karasuno and Aoba Johsai not so much.

- Sometimes these elegant parties are secret meetings in disguise.


-Kuroo is the leader

-Kenma is the stripper he’s in love with.

-Kenma works at a strip club that Nekoma owns.

-The strip club is a very nice place and all the strippers are respected because Kuroo will kill anyone who is rude to them. There are posters on the walls.

-Their relationship isn’t anything beyond the average lap dance yet because Kuroo has this inability to speak words when he’s around and Kenma is convinced that Kuroo has fifty favorite strippers who he asks to see everyday.

-Kuroo is always showering Kenma with gifts

-During the day Kenma is just an everyday college student.

-Yes Kenma knows that Kuroo is a crime boss

-Kuroo and Kenma sometimes just talk in private rooms when Kenma is suppose to be giving Kuroo a lap dance.

-So Nekoma owns three territories

-Nekoma and Karasuno have this rivalry, but it’s nothing serious. It’s a childish squabble.

- Kuroo annoys the fuck out of Daichi and Ukai. He’ll call them up like, “Guess who robbed that bank first or guess who’s strip club is the best in the city.”

-Suga and Takeda have to talk them both down or else they’ll start a gang war

-Kuroo and Bokuto share a bromance. Kuroo usually always talks about Kenma and how he loves him so much. Then Bokuto shows him a picture of Akaashi sleeping and Kuroo wants to kill him.

- Nekoma are best known for their drugs, cocaine mostly.

-They throw these wild ass party with bright light and really loud music. Bokuto is usually always there because he prefers those over the elegant parties Fukurodani throws.

-Akaashi and Kenma get along super well at these parties because they’re usually always there against their will.

-Lev is one of their hitman. He’s really only there because he looks intimidating, but everyone knows he’s just a hyperactive puppy. He’s super loyal.

-Yaku is one of their best drug dealers and is in charge of all the drug stuff.

-They meet by coincidence and Lev just won’t stop annoying Yaku, damn it!


-So with this you get free range, but I’m a self indulgent asshole so I’ll just tell you what I want.

-So basically there’s been a lot of domestic terrorism around, but no one is really paying attention to it. They have bigger things on their plates.

-Okay you’re going to hate me for this one, so Akaashi gets shot.

-This would work out really well because not only is he the boss’s son, but he is also Bokuto, a gang leaders, fiancé.

-Anyway so maybe the whole thing opens up with Kuroo walking into one of their elegant parties which is really codename for secret meeting.

-He’s escorted to their secret meeting room.

-Theirs the boss looking very sullen and Bokuto with dark circles under his eyes.

-They do this intense small talk thing before the boss is finally like, “My son has been shot.”

-Kuroo is completely baffled and sad about this because Akaashi is his friend and he’s angry too.

-They talk more and they think Karasuno is behind this and all of them are just too angry to really think about how wrong that is.

-Also, Akaashi is in this horrible coma thing and it’s heartbreaking and I’m sorry, but he does wake up, but probably not until the very end.

-So Fukurodani surprise attack Daichi’s base of operations.

-There’s some fighting before they stop. It’s not serious, but it’s enough for Karasuno to know that they are now at war.

-At first they think it’s just with fukurodani, but then one of them points out it’s with Nekoma too.

-So over at Aoba Johsai, Oikawa is in bed with Iwaizumi and they just learned this thing has happened.

-So, he gets a meeting with the leaders of all three gangs. Ukai, Kuroo, and Akaashi’s dad. All of their respective bodyguards with them because it could be a trap.

-Oikawa makes some jokes and all that Oikawa stuff before finally he’s like, “Karasuno didn’t shoot your son, sir, have you heard of all of this domestic terror violence happening all around the city?”

- Everyone is baffled because what does that have to do with anything. Well, Oikawa has been keeping a close eye on them and they’re up to something.

-This domestic violence people could be anyone really, but it would be cool if they are a gang who are looking to take the top four gangs down.

-So they shot Akaashi and immediately everyone wants to go after them, but Oikawa stops them because these guys seem to be powerful enough to do a large amount of domestic terror and start a war with four of the top gangs in the whole city.

-Later, these mysterious gang guy start putting Nekoma’s Karasuno’s, etc. names on their terrorism so these guys are smart.

-So the police get involved.

-Everyone is trying to figure out which of the other two gangs it could be.

-Maybe it could be both of them

-Maybe it could be a gang from a completely different city

-You can choose.

That’s it for this long and rather boring au creation. I’m thinking this would look super cool as a comic or something *wink wink* too bad I can’t draw, *wink wink*

Write it.

SAW (2004) Sentence Starters

“Game over.”
“Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not any more.”
“My name is Very Fucking Confused, what’s your name?”
“I’m sick from the disease eating away at me inside.”
“I’m sick of people who don’t appreciate their blessings.”
“You don’t know me, but I know you.”
“I wouldn’t lie to you.”
“Live or die, make your choice.”
“Fuck this shit!”
“I don’t give a crap if you covered yourself in peanut butter and had a 15 hooker gang bang!”
“I want to live!”
“Oh shit, I’m probably dead.”
“No one has taken your kidneys.”
“My last girlfriend was a feminist, vegan punk who broke up with me because she thought I was too angry.”
“You’re not a victim of this game, you’re a part of it!”
“How can you go through life pretending that you’re happy?”
“What are you, a surgeon?”
“At least we’ll have the cover of darkness.”
“Goodnight, little girl.”
“Maybe you should find yourself a girlfriend.”
“[Name], this is your wake-up call.”
“Don’t look at me. I can’t help you.”
“You failed.”
“I want to play a game.”

Himym life lessons (Part 2)

- You can never be too old to play laser tag because let’s face it, laser tag is just awesome.

- Say goodbye to the bad things and everything you really want to do for the last time.

- “Hold out for someone who doesn’t just tolerate your little quirks but actually kind of likes them.” Don’t settle for less than that.

- Making long time bets about your friends’ future is only acceptable if they never find out.

- Maybe there is no such thing as “the one”. You can get more than one chance at love, if you are lucky you can win the lottery twice.

- Don’t cling to the past just because the future is scary. You won’t make any progress if you do so. Just know when it is time to let go of the past, even if it hurts.

- As important it is to have chemistry in a relationship, you also need timing. Meeting the right person at the wrong time therefore might not work out, even if there is chemistry.

- Don’t give up on people too quickly, you could miss out on something great. Maybe the person you didn’t like at first, turns out to be amazing.

- Sometimes you get to like things that you haven’t liked in the past and that’s totally okay. This can go from an ugly shirt in the back of your closet to a person you have given up too quickly.

- Never date someone you already see on a regular basis, it often doesn’t end well.

- When choosing your friends, imagine sitting on your front porch 50 years from now. If they are the people you can imagine sitting on the porch with, they are really worth your time.

- You have to make certain mistakes to know that it was a mistake. Knowing that it was a mistake is better than regetting that you haven’t done it.

- Don’t give up on your dreams. When you take action you are likely to achieve what you want one day.

- Bad things happen in life but you have to learn to accept them and keep going, although this is one of the most difficult things in life. You will lose people you love one day. Just know that moving on doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore, they’ll always be a part of you.

- You can only get support and loyalty from your friends, if you are being a friend yourself. Friendship is not just taking but also giving and supporting your friends in tough times.

- You can’t plan or design your life, you have to take things as they come. It is possible to just “find things”, you couldn’t have planned that way.

- Every moment that you’re living turns into a memory, therefore make it a good one. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up telling your kids that story one day.

- Don’t forget that your story is never really over.

Colors (Part 15)

Genre : Mafia/gangg AU

Word count : 9K

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13


Originally posted by chimchams

You woke up from another nightmare. Lately you’ve been having too many of those.. You always end up waking up in the middle of the night, covered in cold sweat, hands trembling in an unknown fear and a strange jittery feeling in your chest that you can’t seem to shake off. It makes breathing uneasy, feels like a heavy weight above you that’s pushing you down. Finding sleep after that is next to impossible.

3 nights in a row now, the nightmares never end. Mornings are gloomy and nights have become sleepless. The fact that you’re in a different house now doesn’t really help.

This time it wasn’t Min Yoongi though. It was someone else, covered in all black from head to toe; he dragged you by your arm in a huge pit of fire. You screamed as the flames rose 50ft above the ground and swallowed you whole. Your flesh burned and you called for help but nobody came. Until you woke up and found yourself in your room all alone.

You sat on your bed now, hugging your knees while looking out the open window beside you. A cold breeze passes through your hair and an owl hoots somewhere in the far distance as you look on; you can hear the cicadas buzzing. In the stillness of the night you can even hear the wind howling. After sometime you start to feel an ease, the weight on your chest lifts up and your heart settles down.

Then you hear some rustling outside your door, metallic clatter of pots and pans. There’s light seeping into your room through the small gap below the door. The time on your watch shows “12:45 AM”. What was Jin cooking so late at night?

You crawl out of your bed; the floor is cold and creaks underneath your foot with each step. You open the door carefully, step into the small living area and you tiptoe towards the kitchen without making a sound. Standing in a corner you watch Jin from a distance. His hand moves gracefully as he slices and dices through vegetables quickly like a professional.

You thought Jin was too busy with his cooking to even notice your presence, plus you moved so silently like a ghost so there’s no way he could tell. But you noticed how he turned his head just a little, as if listening to your breathing, and then you caught a glimpse of his smile.

“Couldn’t sleep?” he asked without turning his head and you came out of the dark.

“How did you know? I was so quiet.”

“Who do I work for y/n?”

You drag your feet on the floor and walk up behind him, place your one ear on his back and wrap your arms around his torso.

“I had a nightmare” you said closing your eyes. Jin was about 5 or 6inches taller than you and always smelled like vanilla incense to you.

.“Again?” you could hear the concern in his voice.

“Hmmm” You hum

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asks and you shake your head.

“No. it was horrible, awful. Just really bad.. I don’t want to remember it. I can’t even sleep anymore-”

“Well I can’t either” he says.

“Did you have a nightmare too?”

“No, I was just hungry.”

“You had my share of cold noodles too” you bury your face in his back “you’re such a pig”

“I’m also older than you; How about some respect for a change? Is that how you talk to your elders?”

“You’re an old pig”

“You little punk-!” you chuckle. After some time you start to tell him about the nightmare you had.  

“I dreamed there was this huge fire..I was burning and screaming, it was worse than the last one. I don’t dream about anything good anymore. I’m so scared of going to sleep.” Jin turns around, abandons his knife, and brings you into a hug.

“Nightmares don’t last forever. Open your eyes and look around” you look at him instead. “This is real, I’m real”

He was right. This was real, the doe eyed boy with a sweet smile standing in front of you was reality. You flesh wasn’t melting off, you weren’t surrounded by fire. You were wrapped in his arms, safe and sound, where there was warmth and feeling of love.  

You held onto him and he placed his chin on top of your head.

“How long do you want to stay like this?” he asked.

“Is there a time limit?”

“Yes, I have to cook.”

“Just 2 more minutes than” you say smiling.

“2 more minutes it is.-” He looked at his watch and you squeezed him tightly.

Seok Jin’s embrace was always welcoming, it only took seconds for you to melt within him, when his strong arms were wrapped around your back you felt protected, as if there was nothing in this world that could possibly harm you. It soothed you, made you forget the demons that haunted you every night.

You felt safe

You felt loved.

That’s how life with Jin past 3 weeks has been like. Some day’s you’re nothing but a bundle of sadness, just a heap of despair lying on the bed and staring into far distance. On those days, he picks you up and helps you realize that you’re still alive. On good days you talk about a hopeful future or a wistful past.

“Do you miss it?” you would ask him. “People back there, all your friends? Family? Min Yoongi?”

“Do you want me to be honest?” he would say and you would nod eagerly

“I do. But not much of it”

“Will you go back?”

“Yeah..Soon” was Jin’s reply.

One day you asked him how he ended up with someone like Min Yoongi. He had laughed.

“My father used to work for Yoongi’s dad. He was the head of finance, taking care of all the money matters. They were good friends. Until one day he had a car accident, he died then and there. I was only 12. Mother married another business man only after 2 months of father’s death. Apparently father hadn’t left anything under her name so she refused to take me in. I didn’t have any close relatives.. That’s how I met Yoongi and his dad. He took me in, said they were my only family now”

“Your father served me well all these years; you’ll grow up and serve my son. That’s your fate Seok Jin. The sooner you accept it, the better it will be for you” Jin recalled the words Yoongi’s father had said to him with a sad smile.

“You don’t have to do it. If you don’t want to-” you told Jin.

“I don’t have to.. But I don’t mind it anymore. Yoongi is family and for family you do that kind of stuff”’

The day after the incident with Taehyung, Jin took you out for ice-cream. That easily became one of the best memories of him that you have. The night was perfect. The weather was crisp cold; Jin wrapped you up in 3 layers of clothes. Sweaters, overcoats, woolen caps, mittens and scarf. No part of your skin other than your eyes and nose was visible.

You had laughed after looking at yourself in the mirror. You looked like a rag doll.

“Is it too much? Remove the scarf” You hadn’t laughed like that in such a long time, it felt great. Like the heavy weight on your chest was suddenly bearable; you could breathe easily now. Jin said the reason why you needed to wear a bundle of clothes was because it was cold outside but you knew most of it was because he didn’t want anyone to recognize you.

You held his hand and walked among a crowd of people without worrying that anyone could recognize you. Twirled around the street like kid high on sugar rush all the while Jin just watched and smiled. He wore a mask himself but his eyes could tell he was smiling.

“Are you happy?” he had asked on the away back home and you had replied by pulling your scarf down from your mouth and placing a light kiss on his cheek. “I guess you are”

After that day Taehyung hardly ever showed his face to Jin (or you), though they remained in contact through calls. One time he did show up at the house to pick up some of his stuff. When your eyes met he had just glared at you without saying a word, let alone an apology.

“Why do you hate me? What did I do to you?” you had asked him that day, just as he was leaving, Jin was busy doing something in his room.  

“You’re asking me? Why don’t you take a look around” Taehyung had replied “You’ve ruined us. Our family.. Who knows where Yoongi is, Jimin and hoseok are on the run, Jin hyung is here babysitting you and you dare to ask me what you did. Do us all a favor and fling yourself off a building you selfish bitch”

That was the last thing Taehyung said to you and after that you never saw his face. A week later Jin said they were moving into a different house, a much smaller one. Where Taehyung won’t be living with you two, it would be just you and him. You were relieved. Though Living with Jin all alone did make you uncomfortable at first but slowly you got used to it.  

With your cheek pressed flat against the surface of the dining table you observed Jin quietly. His strong back flexed time and again as his hands moved swiftly up and down opening cabinets and drawers. He was skilled at cooking. It was his job to cook 3 times a day and yours was to clean the dishes. Work was divided like that.

Jin turns and looks at you over his shoulder. “Is it that interesting? to see me cook?” he asks.

You shrugged and he went back to doing his work. And you just kept gawking. After he was done he brought the food to table and mouth watered at the sight of it.

“Hey Jin, can I ask you something?” after you both finished your food, Jin picked up the dirty dishes and stacked them in the sink.

“Yeah sure” he replied while washing his hands.

“Why don’t you ever ask me anything-?” you raised the question that has been on your mind for quite some time now. You were always asking Jin about his life but he never asked you anything about yours. Even Min Yoongi never bothered. “I ask you about your life all the time. But you don’t ask me anything?”

Jin wiped his hands clean on a paper towel and walked up to you before placing a hand on top of your head and giving you a wide smile.

“I already know everything about you”

“How?” you questioned still confused.

“When you first stepped foot inside the ‘headquarter’, a day after that Yoongi gave me the job of finding information on you. That’s what my job is Y/n, I’m the information broker.”

“That makes sense”

“I know it sounds creepy but I know every single detail about you. Where you were born, your mom and dad’s name, where your mother lives now, your elementary school, high school, your relatives and all that kind of information, I had to look it all up”

You just stayed quiet after hearing that.

“Are you mad at me?” you shook your head.


“Do you hate me now?”


“Then look at me” you did. You looked him straight in the eyes and he knew something was wrong.

“We trust each other right?” this time you couldn’t say it back.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier-”

“It wasn’t your fault; you were doing your job. I just..  I feel like my privacy has been breached. I feel violated. Does that sense?

“It’s not like that” he said crouching down so his face was right in front of yours. “Don’t say that okay.. The truth is I don’t know anything about you. I know who you are I don’t know you as a person, yet-”

“I’d like to know who you are rather than just your name and where you live. Those are pretty useless information honestly” he smiled and held your face in his hands before placing a kiss on forehead right between your brows. “C’mon lets go to bed its already late.”

Seok Jin’s bed was laid out right in front of the sofa, there was only one bedroom in the apartment and Jin had decided it would be yours. His bed included a single mattress with a bed sheet covering it. Pillows were stacked all around and a blanket that was big enough for two.

“Hey Jin”

“Hmmm” he answers sleepily.

“What’s your favorite color?” he opened his eyes slowly and blinked a few times while you waited for him to answer


“I’ll buy you a gift”

“A gift?” he says in a raspy voice “why? What’s the occasion?”

“For taking care of me and for keeping me safe all this time.. Feeding me Michelin star worthy food everyday” you smile and he smiles back, his eyes shut again.

“It’s pink” he finally tells you “buy me something expensive. No flowers though.. I have pollen allergy”

“You’re petty”

“-And proud” You end up laughing out too loud at his words and he opens his eyes just stares at you.

“Why are you staring?” If only it was possible his stare would burn a hole through your face. You start to get a little shy. “Is there something on my face? Do I have an ugly smile?”

“You have a beautiful smile” Jin says touching a strand of hair that fell in front of your face. “I knew someone who used to laugh like that”

“Who was it? Was it your friend? Best friend? Girl friend-” Jin’s smile dropped too quickly. It was a girl.  You tried to change the subject quickly.

“You know what.. We should probably go to sleep now. It’s already late. I should go now-”

“I want to kiss you.” You turned and gaped at him. Your cheeks started to heat up and probably looked red at sight. With his eyes still stuck on you. he supported himself on his one arm to hover over you a bit. It was his sleepiness talking. It had to be.

“Jin” you backed a little when he came a bit closer “I don’t think we should-”

“Do you mind?” he was asking for your permission. You just had to say ‘yes’. One word and he’ll stop. One word and things will go back to normal. Just one word

Yes, I do mind you kissing me. It’s not right, not when I have feelings for someone else. So we can’t. We shouldn’t.

But then you froze and uttered the wrong word.


The moment the word slipped out of your mouth his lips crashed against yours, knocking all the wind out of your lung. You fell back and your hand caught the front of Jin’s shirt. His one hand was on your side supporting his upper body and the other hand landed on your cheek. You close your eyes breathed through your nose before kissing him back. Your hand that was gripping the front of his shirt loosened up as you decided to push him away. But somehow the hand just stayed there and your fingers started playing with a button.

The last time you kissed Jin, 3 weeks ago, it really felt like nothing. No great fireworks, no fluttering hearts. Just lips molding onto one another mechanically and formally. This was different though, it was too needy and a little sloppy.

Jin finally pulls away, you’re both breathless and in some kind of awe. He just stares at you blankly. He doesn’t even blink, doesn’t move until you move him out of his trance.

“Jin we shouldn’t..-” when you say his name he leans into you again. This time, there’s no hurry.  His lips are warm, comforting and soft like the pillow below your head; you open your eyes while he’s still kissing you. You stop and look at him.

“Jin stop” you hold his face in your hand.

“What is it?” he asks reading the worried expression on your face.

“Jin, why are you crying?” you said wiping his tear away with your thumb.


“What?” Seok Jin sat up straight and touched his own face. You got up and wiped his wet cheeks with the sleeve of your t-shirt “Did I just start crying?”

“Are you okay?” you asked still concerned. Jin turns to you, adorning a frown on his usually smiling face; he starts to look around here and there completely dazed.

“I don’t know. I just, I think need to go out for some fresh air-” but you held his hand, stopping him from leaving.

“Let’s talk about it” You pleaded and Jin removed his hand from your grip “You’re not okay. Tell me if something is something bothering you?”

“No” he lied. “I’m fine

“Jin I know you’re not fine. You can tell me. We could share such stuff”

“I said I’m FINE! JUST STOP ASKING ALRIGHT” he yelled so loud you were taken aback. You let go of his hand. But he quickly realized his mistake.

“I’m sorry” Jin apologized. He closed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair. “I didn’t want to yell. I’m just. I don’t know what happened. But I don’t want to talk about it, I can’t. I can’t tell anyone. I’m really sorry y/n”

“It’s okay. It’s okay If you don’t want to talk about it.. Just stay here. Don’t lock yourself in like that” you stand on your knees to hug him. “You don’t have to keep it to yourself you know. Weren’t you the one who told me ‘there’s no shame in crying’?”

“I’m telling you I’m fine-”

“You can cry right now, you don’t have to hide it-” you put your hand on the back of his head and ran your fingers through his brown locks “we could just stay up all night, just hold each other. How about we go out for ice-cream? On the way home you could tell me one of your stupid jokes again. I promise I’ll laugh this time. Then I’ll tell you a lame story about my high school, you could pretend it’s interesting.” you felt his arms finally going around your back and squeezing your waist.

“We could do all that and so much more. You don’t have to tell me anything right now. Just stay, that’s more than enough. I like staying beside you Jin, it feels.. Nice. Feels warm” He placed his forehead on your shoulder and started sobbing quietly. It was weird change of scenario, usually it was you who was always crying and grieving uncontrollably and it was Jin who whispered hopes and affirmations in your ear. Now you held him in your arms, his shoulders quivered uncontrollably and your shirt was getting soaked in his tears. He seemed so fragile you started wondering how you could protect him instead; shelter him from this cruel world.

“I miss her-” Jin said in a broken voice “I miss her so much. It hurts. Fucking hurts”

“I know. I’m sure she had her reason that’s why she left. It must’ve been hard for her too. Someday she’ll realize how much she misses you she’ll come back. Then you can tell her how much you love her-”

“No, you don’t understand. She’s not coming back. She’s dead y/n” you removed your hand from his hair and he tightened his grip “She died and she’s never coming back. I was the one who killed her-”


“I wish it was me. Everyday..i keep wishing it was me who had died, not her. She should’ve lived. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair!” his body trembled with each word, you held him in your arms with all your might.

“Life isn’t fair” you said to him holding back your own tears “you and I should know it better than anyone else.”


Your bodies molded easily with one another inside the thick warm blanket, the room heater in a corner kept the small living space heated up. You lie on your back and stare above, your one arm resting on your forehead, eyes vacantly staring at the ceiling fan. A hundred different thoughts run through your head. None of them stay too long, they come and go.

Jin sleeps beside you so peacefully, his face buried in the crook of your neck, one hand snaked above your stomach and other one held your free hand under the covers.

It would be morning in 3 hours but you couldn’t sleep no matter how hard you tried. You shifted a little and tried to move away from Jin but his hand wouldn’t budge.

“Why do you move so much” you heard him muttering sleepily. “Go to sleep”

“I can’t sleep” you frown. “How do you sleep so peacefully after such a long day?”

He didn’t reply. He was drained, you could tell. Jin made you realize even the strongest looking people are broken inside; the cracks were visible on him now.

“Hey Jin”

“Hmmm..” he responded

“What are we now?” you asked out of curiosity “You and I?”

Jin answered after a long pause.

“What do you want us to be?” he asked instead. You turn towards him.

“We’re already a lot of things.” You move your hand towards his face and touch his eye brows “We’re lonely.”

“And sad” Jin says after you.




“Hope-less” he says and you both end up grinning like two school kids sharing an inside joke.

“We’re all that.” he blinks in agreement. “For once, why don’t we try to be.. happy?”

Jin moves closer and places a long kiss on your forehead. His mouth stays there when he speaks.

“If that’s what you want then we’ll be that. We’ll be happy from tomorrow.” You smile and close your eyes.

“Yeah, that would be nice. Let’s be happy tomorrow”


You were clingy.

Not the bad kind of clingy though. It was the kind of ‘clingy’ that made him want to protect you, he didn’t mind it, in some way he felt powerful when he looked after you. When you crept your away into his bed beside him, when you cried and leaned on his chest, when he held your frail body and told you white lies about a better tomorrow.

He felt strong. It was something he had never felt before.

Strong was just something Jin could never be.

Even when he was younger Jin was different than the other kids who were raised beside him. Yoongi and Namjoon, they were strong, they could fight the world with their bare hands, and they knew how to make it through the worst of the worst. Whereas Jin.. Jin was barely surviving.

Seok Jin was kinder; everyone always said he had a ‘gentle soul’; he could never get himself to hurt another being. And that made him weak.

“Pathetic” his father had once spat at him. Jin was only 9; he came back from school with one black eye and a bruised face. He got beat up in school by some older kids. They wanted his new bag and he said ‘No’. He didn’t fight back, couldn’t even protect his bag.

“Just look at yourself. Crying like a girl in front of me. You let those scum bags beat you up? Why didn’t you fight back? Don’t you have hands and feet’s? Are you slow in your head?” The look his father had given to him that day was just pure disgust. “This is the second time you came home looking like a piece of trash. I’m ashamed of you. Next time this happens, I’ll beat you up with a belt until your skin bleeds and throw you out of this house naked”

But Father was just like that. He was cruel to his own blood but loved the extravagant world outside his home. His ‘secret’ yet not so secret affairs and immoral behavior led to mother turning bitter towards every man that had ‘Kim’ as last name in the family.

Mother failed miserably on her part too. She was never home, hated father from the marrow of her bone, Jin was just a nuisance to her. Money and alcohol were her first priority. Her family never made it to the list.  

It was a few years later Seok Jin found out that father had been hiding one of his offspring from the whole world, one from his mistress; He had a half-sister, younger than him. His dirty little secret was unraveled; people would talk about it in hushed voices and faint whispers. But Jin heard it all and so did mother.

After father died, Mother was quick to put an end to the rumors. She made sure that nobody ever knew about the existence of the girl or where she came from, in fear that in future she would demand her own share in fathers will. Poor girl disappeared without a trace.

Jin only heard from one of the maid:

“The mother died in a some “unfortunate’’ car accident and the girl.. She was sent out of the country. I heard she became mentally unstable after her mother died- ”

Years later Jin ended up sharing his family history with Min Yoongi.

“Rich people are fucking crazy” Min Yoongi had chuckled “It’s a miracle you turned out fine

Jin was a years older than Min Yoongi and yet it was always Yoongi who looked after him. After moving into his house Yoongi and Jin hit it off quickly, they became inseparable. Yoongi was 11 and Jin was 12. They went to same private school, shared the same bedroom, had dysfunctional families and lacked any kind of right parental guidance.

So they found family in each other.

By nature they were poles apart. Jin was quiet, more reclusive, avoided opening up to other people. He always wanted to help others, care for them. He wanted to have a family; he had aspirations for when he would grow up. Jin always believed that his future would be much kinder than his past.

Min Yoongi on the other hand was downright cruel ever since he was a kid. He was blunt without any regards of the other person’s feelings. He liked winning, didn’t matter how, he loved standing over other people said it made him feel powerful. Min Yoongi lacked a sense of morality. World was either black or white for him.

Most of it was his father’s fault.

“People always have a choice. Live or die? Fight or fly.  You can choose to become weak or you can be strong. What kind of men do you want to grow up to be? Weak, spineless, whimpering cowards who spend their life chasing women and paying debts or do you want to become strong and powerful. When you have power and stand on the top the people below you just look like ants scramming for a grain of rice. You have the power to let them live or crush them beneath your feet”

That was his father’s ideology. That’s what was fed to you and Min Yoongi on the dinner table for a long time.  
A year later another new face made an entry in the house. Another kid, another young mind for Yoongi’s father to manipulate..

Kim Namjoon. He was even younger than Min Yoongi. A scrawny little 10year old, face tanned and eyes eerily hollow. He wore rags for clothes and looked like he hadn’t been fed properly in last 2 or 3 months.

3 years later, in a school playground, the same scrawny little boy almost beat another boy to death. Reason: The boy accidently knocked shoulders with Yoongi and refused to apologize. The boy survived only because Jin pulled Namjoon off him in right time.

The boy who had lived was 17. He survived with a broken jaw, a fractured left arm 4 or 5 missing teeth, 20 stitches on his face and a compensation of 50,000$ from Yoongi’s father that came with a term that he would leave the country and never comeback unless he actually wanted to die this time. They never saw his face ever again.

“Did I do it right?” Namjoon had asked Yoongi excitedly, like a child seeking approval from his parent.

“You almost killed him..” Yoongi would say with a cigarette dangling from his mouth “On the fucking school property. You know how angry father was. We would be in so much trouble if he wasn’t good friends with the principal. Be careful next time.”

That was only the first of many more to come. Incidents like those became a common thing for the three of you. Namjoon had a reputation for spilling blood everywhere he went and Yoongi loved playing fetch with him.

“Namjoon is trouble” Jin had warned Yoongi once. It was after Namjoon ended up in a drunk and drive accident. An old man lost his life, Namjoon had his car privileges taken away for next 6months.

Yoongi’s father took care of it though, just like always.  

“He’s just a kid” Yoongi would brush it off. Namjoon was 16 and far from a kid. He was the tallest among them and the quickest to get angry.
“He’s old enough to understand the consequences of killing someone. That too someone innocent-”

“People do mistakes. He did too..Geez let the kid breath”

It was only a few years later Yoongi saw the monster Namjoon had truly become. It took 1/3rd of his organization and a dead 14year old to make him realize the atrocity that Kim Namjoon was.

Yoongi never said it openly; But Jin knows he secretly blames himself.

Half of Seok Jin’s childhood and all of his teenage life was spent under Min Yoongi’s shadow. Min Yoongi wasn’t just his boss. He was his best friend, his brother and the only true family he ever knew. They could see through each other easily. Jin saw time and again how broken Min Yoongi was and Yoongi knew Jin was weak. So Yoongi protected him, stayed beside him no matter what, through thick and thin they remained brothers.

For Jin, Yoongi would put his life on the line and Jin would do the same in a blink.

Because they were family and for family… You do that kind of stuff.


What about the one he wanted? The one he dreamed about. A home he had desired or a family that he wished for. He used to think about it, a lot. Back when things were looking up, back then when there was girl he could plan a future with. Even though they were young, they had hope.

Hope that their future would be different.

“Let’s run away”

“We can’t”

“Why not?”

“They’ll find us”

“They won’t look for you. They don’t need you Seok Jin”

“Min Yoongi does. I can’t just leave everything and run. Min Yoongi needs me-”

“What about me?” she had said with tears in her eyes “I need you too. I need you more than him”

Jin still wonders what his life would’ve been if he had said ‘Yes’. In his dreams he always ends up saying ‘yes’ but there is nothing beyond that.

After Bo-ra died, Jin locked up that part of his heart for good; the one that dreamed so fondly, the one that wanted love constantly or had any hopes for a brighter tomorrow. After that day it all became so grey. A monotonous cycle of work and survival, Family were the people he was surrounded with, working for Min Yoongi was his moral obligation.

He was never deprived of anything good.

He ate good food, wore fine clothes and spent leisure time with the ones he cared about. Women were never an issue.

He had his life set. Everything was perfect.

And he was doing just fine.

No, He wasn’t happy. But he was ‘fine’. Up until now..

After so many years of working under Min Yoongi he had completely forgotten what real happiness felt like. And now suddenly he’s starting to remember it all.

“For once, why don’t we try to be..happy?”

You said to him last night. And just like that the realization hit Seok Jin, he did indeed wanted to be happy.            

He was happy; these past three weeks were like a dream. A dream he had dreamed about a thousand times in the past, the one he had forgotten even though he wanted to hold onto it. Last three weeks were a strange reality.

Waking up next to you every morning was something he could get used to, he liked cooking for you and you liked watching him cook. You laughed loudly, smiled brightly, held his hand so tight it made his palms red. But he liked it all. He loved the warmth that you two passed onto one another under the blanket. Your forehead next to his beating heart or his face buried in your neck – He loved it all nevertheless.

When he kissed you yesterday, for the second time, all he could taste at first was guilt. Yours and his, mixed all together, gave a bitter aftertaste. There was a girl he loved whose face he started picturing so vividly. He had a brother to whom he had given a promise

Take her far away, keep her safe”.

How could he do this to the dead girl whom he loved? Or betray his brother who was his only family?

He could’ve pulled away that very instance but you kissed him back. And that’s all it took for him to forget it all. He didn’t care about a girl who had left him so selfishly or his boss who ordered him around all these years, some stupid organization he worked in or an old man who was obsessed with power and money.

He only cared about you. You were sweet, a little mellow at times, warmest person he had ever touched. And when he was next to you, he was happy. Kissing you was like finding everything he had ever lost in his life. The part that he had locked away for so long burst open and he was washed up with all those feelings. Love, kindness, warmth, guilt, hurt.

And then he cried. He cried because he missed all those people who had left him so abruptly. Mother who never cared to call and Bora whom he couldn’t save, even father who could never see his son grow up. He cried because he missed a chance of living a life. He cried.. because he missed being happy.

But now, Jin has decided he wanted it all. He wanted to live, instead of just existing. He wanted to be happy, if not for himself then for someone else.

If it was for you then he would give it chance to be happy.

“Tomorrow-?” You exclaim with a mouth full of food. Jin nods while moving his spoon around in the bowl of oatmeal. He looks at your still awe-struck face.

“Why? You don’t want to go?” Jin moves his hand up to your face and wipes off food from the corner of your mouth.

“No.” You reply with a shrug “It’s just that we don’t ever go out. Last time we went out it was 3 weeks ago, almost a month. I haven’t been out of the house ever since. I feel like I’m in a prison sometimes”

“waaah you’re really ungrateful aren’t you” Jin says while feeding himself “Last night you said I fed you Michelin star food everyday and now you’re in a prison. Have you always been such a professional liar? Fine then we won’t go”

“It’s not that…” you whined while clinging to his arm “I do want to go out. It’s just that it’s kind of odd that you asked.”

“It’s Chinese new year tomorrow. Usually it’s supposed to be celebrated with family but since we don’t have that right now-” Jin brought a spoonful of oatmeal to your mouth and fed you “We’ll make-do with each other”

You smiled while chewing.

“It’s tasty”

“I know. I made it”

There was a sudden knock on the door that interrupted your quiet eating session. Jin placed the bowl in your hand and went to open the door. Usually it was one of his informants. They were the only ones who knew where Jin was staying. It was either them or-

“Hyung” Taehyung stood outside the door, a plastic bag in his one hand, wearing a cheesy grin and a dark hoodie over his head.

“I told you to call before you show up”

“I wanted to surprise you” Taehyung held the plastic bag up front handing it Jin. “Here”

“What is it?” Jin asked suspiciously while taking it from his hand.

“Rice cakes” Taehyung said with a tightlipped smile. Jin was finally starting to recognize his younger brother. No matter how much of  a mess he created Jin could never stop seeing him as the 13 year old boy whom he had come to love so much over the years.

“Stay for lunch” Jin said as Taehyung removed his hoodie, revealing his straight blond hair. He ruffled it up with his one hand and looked over Jin’s shoulder before answering.

“I’m not invited” Taehyung said and Jin looked behind him and found you standing there watching you two from a safe distance.

“I just came to gave you that. Also wanted to talk about some important business.. But I guess we’ll talk about it later when you’re free. Until then-” Taehyung put the hoodie back on and was on his way when Jin stopped him.

“We’re going out tomorrow” Taehyung turned hearing Jin’s voice “Since tomorrow is Lunar New Year, Y/n and I are going to the festival. Come with us, later we can have dinner together”

After giving it a some thought, Taehyung nodded in agreement.

“Okay, what time will you be there?”

“Meet us at the Japanese bakery by 9. We can see the fireworks together.”

Taehyung put his earphones back in “I’ll see you there hyung” he said before walking away.

Jin closed the door after he left and turned to look at you. He smiled, but you didn’t return it.

“I guess we’re having rice cakes for lunch”


Time is just a handful of sand; the more you tried to hold onto it the quicker it slips out of your fingers. A day passes away in a few blinks and you’re left wondering how you utilized all those hours.

Truth be told, you wanted time to go a little slower when you were with Jin. But it just never stops. Hours go by as you’re laid in his arms cozily. But it only feels like a second or two.

It was so perfect, the way the scene was set up. Just Like a sweet dream. An old blue sofa sat in the living room, Jin was lying on his back engrossed in his book; your pillow was his chest – swaying you up and down as if you were on a boat that was putting you to sleep. You could hear his heartbeat; the page turned after every 40second. There was a washing machine that quietly burrred in the background. Jin’s one hand held his book above his face and the other one was lost in your hair.

Half of you was in the real world while the other half was strolling in a dream land. Just as you were about to drift off peacefully, Jin moved and you woke up.

“It’s 6 already. I need to make dinner” he mumbled, somehow it reminded you of your mother. You paid no mind to it. Your eyes were still weary.

“Y/n” he whispered quietly in your ear “Get up now. I need to make dinner”

“mmmm..” you replied but didn’t really move.

“Yah.. wake up now I need to do stuff. Quickly” when you still didn’t move, he sat up straight in a quick motion pushing you up with himself.

“Why are you such a baby?” You heard him say when you started dozing off while sitting straight up.

“WAKE UP Y/N! WAKE UP” he yelled and shook your shoulders and you finally opened your eyes and stared at his face, his mouth was curled up in a coy grin.

“Open your eyes baby” Jin cupped your cheeks with his cold palms. You cried out at the contact but he kept holding your face giggling cheerfully.

“Aaahhh you’re the one who’s acting like a baby. You’re an adult baby!” You threw back at him but he just laughed at your words.

“Fine” he said without removing his hands from your face “I’m the baby. Get up now, I have work to do”

You moved from above him and he made his away to the kitchen. Then began the usual cycle doing evening chores: He cooked the dinner; you cleaned the table and then you two washed the dishes together. After that you would tiredly crawl back to your room and Jin would stay awake for next 2 or 3 hours reading books or his work files.

Next day You were excited about going out. Almost a month has passed since you stepped foot outside, in the real world. For a time, you even started believing that these four walls were your only home and Jin was your only reality. 2 months since that incident with Youngjae happened. His dead face still haunts you at night, some nights you wish you could go back in time and save him.. so you could save yourself in the process. 4 weeks and 2 days since you last saw Min Yoongi. You try to remember him every day – the fading green and the musk of cologne – while still clutching the silver feather in your hand. Not a day since you took off the locket, in fear that those bleak memories of him in your head would fade away. But you still asked yourself at times, “why? Why do you want to remember him so badly?”

You watched the sunset from the window of your room. A fiery ball of red orb settles behind the crest of mountains and the sky becomes ablaze with colors – Crimson, amber, hues of orange and pink shot across the sky. You watched fireworks before the actual fireworks even began. It was beautiful, an oncoming signal of the long night that was to come. You smile to yourself; somebody somewhere must’ve had the same thought.

“You ready?” A voice makes you look back.  Jin walks in, you smile and nod vivaciously. He stands in front of you with his hands behind his back.

“What is it?” you ask him. He just stands there holding in a small smile.

“Nothing” Jin replies while moving a strand of hair behind your hair “It’s a good day. Isn’t it?..Oh, by the way. Here-” he took your hand and handed you a small pink box. It had a cute bow on top of it.

“what-?” stared at the box in your hand and then at Jin’s face. “- what is this?”

“A gift” Jin answered coolly.

“But why..?”

“Just open it” you pulled off the black ribbon and opened the box while Jin watched eagerly.

It was a bracelet. Just A simple thin gold bracelet.. You didn’t even take it out of the box, the moment your eyes caught a glimpse of the ‘gift’ you looked up at Jin in utter disbelief.

“Don’t say you didn’t like it. There’s a no-return policy

“Why did you buy this?” Instead of answering, He took out the bracelet from the box and wrapped it around your wrist and showed it to you. Why did it have to be so pretty?

Jin smiled and cupped your cheek before pressing his lips on your forehead.

“Happy new year kid” he then moved back and looked at you one last time before taking your hand and pulling you out the door with him.


You were surrounded by a crowd of people. ‘Strangers’ they all were and yet you felt a strange giddiness standing among them, a ‘sense-of-belonging’ that you haven’t felt in such a long time. You were smiling to yourself like an idiot, good thing that the big woolen scarf hid the lower half of your face.

A flock of young girls, probably 15 or 16 years old, walked past you. They eyed Jin standing beside you who was too busy on his phone to notice all the eyes on him. They giggled audibly and went on their way.

An itch bubbled up in your stomach at the sight of them and you quickly found Jin’s hand and held it tightly. Jin finally looked at you and smiled.

The light turned red. The crowd quickly dispersed to get to the other side.

“Let’s go” Jin pulled you with him and you crossed the road to get to the other side.

“Where are we going now?” you asked Jin, your hands were locked tight and cozily tucked inside his over coat’s pocket.

“We’re going to see Taehyung-”

“Oh-” you said, sounding a little displeased with his answer.

You two walked in silence the rest of the way. Everywhere your eyes went you would only see lights that decorated the shops, building, houses even the trees. Streets were filled with cheery people, the sweet smell of fried food made your stomach groan. Children were running across the street without a care. There was man on the sidewalk surrounded by people; he was doing some kind of magic show. You were intrigued but since Jin kept walking you didn’t stop either..

“Walk faster! We’ll be late for the lion dance” You heard a girl who walked past you with her friend.

“I don’t want to miss the firework this year” Another boy talked loudly with his group of friends.

But your eyes were on a man who was juggling knives. Everyone applauded him

“Somi! Don’t run! Hold my hand” you turned your head quickly to look straight at the source of the voice but then something bumped on your stomach and you heard a loud thud. You gasped at the sight of the little girl who had fallen to the ground right in front of you. You let go of Jin’s hand and helped the little girl get up.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see you. Are you hurt?” you said crouching down to her position and dusting off some dirt from her orange frock.

“No, it was my fault. I should’ve watched where I was going. I’m fine”

“Be careful next time kid” Jin said to her and the kid just nodded obediently.

Then another woman, probably her mother, came running behind her and started apologizing to you two before dragging the little one ahead and walking off.

You two finally reached the small bakery. The bakery was closed shut and no ‘Taehyung’ was on site.

“He said he’d be here.” Jin said looking at the time on his watch. You started playing with a small pebble on the ground, moved it around with your feet out of boredom.

“Why don’t you call him?” You said to him after 30 mins of waiting. You ended up sitting on the sidewalk.

“I did. He’s not picking up” Jin said sounding more and more frustrated.

“We should just leave. We’ll miss the fireworks. I don’t think he’s coming” you proposed the idea. Jin sighed and took out his phone from his pocket to call Taehyung one last time. When Taehyung didn’t pick up again Jin decided to curse it out.

“Fuck it” he said and put the phone back in his pocket “C’mon we’re going”

“Finally..” you said with a sigh of relief and got up.

And then you were sprinting towards your destination. “C’mon we’ll be late” You said while dragging Jin by his arm.

“We have plenty of time we won’t get late” he tried to reason with you but you weren’t listening. You were just running.

There was a huge crowd surrounding the area, loud music filled the air. In the middle, you saw some people in bright red costumes dancing to the beat of drums and instruments while the crowd cheered and applauded. The festival was all feathers, sparkles, smiles and laughter. You immersed with the crowd and cheered while Jin stood behind, guarding you from those who were pushing each other to get a good view.

You held Jin’s hand and started cutting through the crowd to get a closer look at the people in the middle.

“Y/n wait” you turned and looked at Jin who was struggling to remain in contact with you. Even though you were holding hands, your sweaty palms were starting lose grip.

“Jin” you called his name but he probably couldn’t hear over the music. “Jin!”

Your locked hands were released from each other’s grip. You looked at Jin’s face as he was trying to make his way to you while pushing and shoving the people around him. You decided to get out of there, as you started to walk towards him someone pushed you from behind, you regained your balance and kept walking towards Jin’s head which was barely visible to you.

“JIN!” you yelled. This time he heard your voice and looked up at you. He made a gesture telling you to get out and meet you outside. You nodded and started walking through the crowd again. You were almost out when suddenly someone bumped into you. The collision was hard enough to make you hiss in pain, you still turned and apologized to the person who had already mingled with the faceless crowd.

You pushed your way out and breathed in some fresh air. As soon as you were out of the ruckus you started looking around for Jin. You searched for him frantically. Your heart was racing too fast; a cold shiver ran through your body when you started having all the wrong thoughts.

What if they found him? What will they do to him? What are you going to do? Where will you go?

Your eyes started to well up when you couldn’t find him no matter where you looked.

In the end you just stood on that one spot and prayed that he’ll see you there standing, somehow, He’ll find you.

“oh! Eonnie” A kid’s voice ringed loud in your ear, even among the blaring music and cheering crowd. You heard the voice. You turned and looked at person who had called out. It was the little girl who had bumped into you. You gave her your best smile and she returned it with a bigger one. She let go of her mother’s hand and ran towards you.

“Eonnie!” you sat on your knees to face her “Here-”

It was your bracelet. You looked at your empty wrist and realized you must’ve dropped it. She handed it to you and gave you a toothless grin since her one front tooth was missing.

“You must’ve dropped it as you were leaving. I found it on the ground where we had bumped”

You took it from her hand and wore it quickly.

“Thank you so much. You’re a really smart kid you know that” you got up and placed a hand on her head.

“Y/N!” finally you heard Jin. You turned around and saw him in a distance, out of breath running towards you. Your eyes started to water out of relief but then-

“Eonnie…” you turned and looked at the kid whose face had turned pale in horror. “Eonnie blood

You noticed she was pointing something on your T-shirt. You followed her finger and saw what she was pointing at.

She was pointing at your stomach.

No, not even that. She was pointing at the growing red stain on your T-shirt.

You tried to find the source. Was someone hurt in the crowd? You must’ve got their blood on you.. Maybe they need help.

But then you felt it, the excruciating pain on one side of your torso. It felt like someone was hitting you on the side with a hot metal rod over and over again.

“Eonnie…” the kid read the distress on your face quiet easily.

“Run to your mother. Go now” you said hiding your pain the best you could and refraining to touch her with your bloody hands.

“Y/n!” Jin yelled, you turned and saw him huffing at a close distance now. You smiled; you knew he couldn’t see your pale face from the distance. He started walking towards you and you took small steps to reach him.

When the distance between you two was less than an arm you ran towards him jumped and he enclosed his arms around your waist so tight, picking you off the ground.

It hurt, so much, tears came out but you couldn’t miss out on hugging him, not if it was the last time.

“Fuck I was so scared” Jin’s face was buried in your hair. You squeezed him back with all the strength in your body

“I’m sorry.” You said in a broken voice.

“Okay let’s not do this ever again alright. I’m not doing this stupid ‘date’ thing ever again. We can just stay at home and I’ll cook for you instead-”

“I didn’t know this was a date” you smiled leaning your head on his shoulder tiredly and closing your eyes.

“I thought if I told you.. You wouldn’t agree.”

“You could try again” you laughed but the pain just made your legs weak. You were trying your best to stand still on your two feet.

“Hey.. Jin” you said in a meek voice.

“What is it?” he finally looked at your face

“Can we.. go back home now..I don’t.. feel good..” he held your face in his hands and sensed something was wrong.

“Yeah.. of course. Fuck why is your face going so pale? You’re cold. Are you sick?” It was only when Jin moved his hand away from your face he saw blood all over his hands that had transferred to your face.

“What-?” You fell but he caught you in his arms. “Y/n..”

“No.. no” You fell to the ground “I’m fine..”

The last you remember before losing consciousness was Jin’s petrified face as he had held you in his arms and fireworks

 “Jin look.. the fireworks” You said in a weak voice that he probably didn’t hear. he muttered something like a ‘what?’ or your name maybe you couldn’t tell . So you raised your hand and pointed at the ignited sky above your head, Jin looked above. 

“So pretty…” you said just before closing your eyes.

Thank you for reading it ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) . Do tell me your opinions, do no hesitate to ask.

Love, Ri. 

Blood Relations Part 12

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 - Extra, Part 11 , Part 12

A/N: after a long time away… I’m finally updating!!! So this part has a lot of shocking things happening in it prepare for smut and I can’t wait for you to read it!! I hope it’s worth your time!

Words: 6214

Pairing: Jaebum/Reader

Warning!: slight smut xD

Summary: another vision troubles your sleep, making you seek out for answers but not getting the ones you were expecting…

Previous Part: Part 11

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Resolute - Tenacious Part 2 (10.2k)

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This is part 2 of Mafia!Yoongi’s Tenacious! :3 Please tread carefully and know it has swearing, emotional angst/hurt, and mild violence. It is the last part of this story. Maybe. I don’t know. But please do enjoy and spread this around if you can. THIS HAS OVER 10K WORDS OKAY I’M FREAKING OUT/BTW GOT7 IS IN THIS

Your gang is reunited by your neighboring gang’s hospitality. Will Yoongi be able to meet you again and restore BTS back to their infamous crime-making without obstacles?


Tenacious 3

Tenacious 4

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Was Never Mine (Part 1)- Joker X Reader

Was Never Mine (Part 1/5)- Leto!Joker X Reader

Warnings- None

Summary- Being an assassin working for The Clown Prince. You are madly in love with him and would do anything to protect him. However, the same can’t be said about him.

The halls of the penthouse were dim. The silence had you worried you but you just held your head high. Frost escorted you to the bedroom. You had just returned from a mission to tail a leader of a rival gang and had found news that they had planned to end the Joker’s life. You looked to Frost. He knew your feelings for your boss. Was the one always at your side every time it became to much for you. This love had fogged your mind time after time, driving you mad. 

“He’s going to send you for them-” he began

“Even if he didn’t I would still take the matters into my own hands, Jonny” you retorted.

“Y/N, I know that but you got to think of the job and push the feelings aside” he looks to you. His face unreadable. You nod, knowing he’s trying to help. He pushes open the door and you both find the boss laying there wide awake, yet not alone. Harley Quinn, fast asleep laying right beside him, arms wrapped around The Joker’s torso, head resting against her lovers chest. Even in her sleep she has that breathtaking beauty that you envy. You cross your arms over your chest, trying to put your mind off your childish jealous thoughts and on the task at hand like your companion had advised.

“Ahh, Y/L/N, Frost. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Joker’s voice chimes in.

“Boss, Y/N found something from her mission out at the docks” Frost explains. Joker slowly lifts himself from the bed, being careful not to wake Harley. He makes his way over to you.

“And what would that be Miss Y/L/N?” he questions, leaning against the table beside you. Your eyes are locked onto his blue ones. You fiddle your fingers as a chill wanders up your spine.

“Holden, he plans to come for you, kill you” you reply, your voice holding strength as everything else wanted to just melt. The warm felling he sent through you with just a stare. It boggled your mind how such a terrible, yet beautiful man, could send you into such a state of mind. “I know it’s not shocking or anything, I mean we had expected it, but-”

“But what Miss Y/L/N? Even if we expected it it’s still a plan someone has against me, right?” he purrs, not letting his gaze leave yours. A smirk on his crimson painted lips.

“Right, sir” you reply.

“Right. Now you won’t allow that to happen would you? You wouldn’t let them kill me?”

“No, sir” you swallow, standing straight.

“Good girl” He exclaims with glee, finally turning away and taking a bottle of wine off the table and taking a swig from it. “Now now, run along, wouldn’t want to keep Holden waiting now would we?” He finishes, walking back over to the bed and crawling in, pulling Harley to him who gives a small sleepy giggle. Frost takes your hand and pulls you out. You felt weak. As if he sucked all your strength away, but you couldn’t think about that. you had a job to do and no one will hurt the King if you had anything to say about it.

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I'm not her (Part 2)//(N.M)

“I’m sorry Nate, but I can’t keep being with you knowing your heart belongs to someone else” I go upstairs and pack a bag to last me for a while before I find a place. I walk back downstairs and see Nate sitting in the same position I was a while ago.

I open the door and turn around knowing I’ll be regretting it. I turn and Nate’s pleating brown eyes staring at my own silently pleating me to stay. Instead I walk out and start my car never look back.

*Nate’s POV*

I watch her leave. My heart is shattered once she muttered the words ‘I can’t keep being with you.’ Both of our hearts shattered in the process. I messed up big time and I don’t know if I can repair it.
*Nate’s POV*

I stay looking out at the door the girl who I have adored this past year. She wasn’t any girl. Her eyes lighted up with a simple mention of children. Y/N always wanted a big family.


I watched as Y/N played around with children in the park near our house. They played tag and giggled every time she pretended to trip on something, so she could be the tagged. I smiled as the children’s faces would light up when they saw Y/N walking towards them.

“Aww. I’m sorry kiddos but I have to go” Y/N told them as she gave the each a hug. The children would mumble a simple ‘okay’ and set up at time so they could play again with her tomorrow. I see her walk up to me with arms wide open.

“Come on Maloley you know you also want a hug” she teased as I wrapped my hands around her waist. I kiss her temple and smell you scent.

“From you always, baby” I say as I lift her up into my arms and spin her. She giggles trying to tell me to stop. I finally put her back down and throw my arm over her shoulder. I pull her in close to make sure she doesn’t run back to play with the children.

“Don’t worry I had enough play time today, but I’m going to be so tired after I have all my children” Y/N says as she intertwines our fingers as we near a ice cream parlor.

“How many?” I question as I ask for a vanilla ice cream in a cone. Y/N orders cookie dough before answering.

“I always wanted a big family. My children will grow up and I’ll need another baby to keep me company. While my other children are fulfilling their passion. Changing the world to become a better place for future generations.“ Y/N finished while taking a spoonful of her ice cream. While she was talking she had a sparkle in her eye that made me fall in love with her more.

"Then so be it can’t have you feeling lonely” I tease back as I kiss her lips quickly from across the table. She gives me a smile before turning towards the window.

*flashback over*

My phone keeps going off. I finally check it and see who it is. Ana.

To: Nate
From: Ana
Hey had fun tonight!❤️

I throw my phone at the wall. The screen shatters, glass all over the floor.
I have no idea why I started talking to her again. This idiotic mistake just cost me the girl who makes my heart beat like crazy. My motivational to bring out new music.

Y/N changed my life for the better like no one has. I rarely go out to parties seeing as I come home to Y/N. She is the party I never want to leave. But what do I have now. NOTHING. The girl who keeps me sane is not here.

I need to get her back and tell her the stupid mistake I did was nothing. She is my world and I wouldn’t trade for anyone not even Ana.

I hope you liked it in Nate’s point of view.

  • Episode 1
  • Me: Omg Cheryl is a bitch
  • Episode 3
  • Me: Wow Cheryl redeemed herself. She can be in the squad
  • Episode 5
  • Me: Wait why is she a bitch again? I thought they were allies.
  • End of episode 5
  • Me: Now we know for sure that she is a good person and she is going to be a part of the gang and they can all hang out together.
  • Episode 7
  • Me: Oh come on! She is supposed to be on our side now. GIRL STOP!
  • End of episode 7
  • Me: REALLY?? Does her character development disappear at the start of each episode, only to reappear in the end. GIRL GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER

Part 2 of Volt is OUT!!XD
Sorry if it’s a little short..I was too busy to do the rest part 2 so asked @lazerpuppys to help me with the rest. Unfortunately….there was mistakes that we can’t remove😅
But hey! Now Volt and the gang can start answering your questions..*throw confetti*

I Don't Like You Part 3 (Cassian Andor x Reader)

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Word Count: 933

Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader

AN: You can read Part 1 and Part 2 here :) This is the final part by the way.

It was an hour until the plan went into action. The goal was for you to get inside the club that the gang leader attended every night and find a way to talk to him, eventually gaining the information about the weapon from him. You knew you had to somehow get this mans attention and wearing your dirty jeans was not going to help. With how you looked now, he’d immediately know that you were a rebel. So you wore a skin tight black dress and heels, a lot more revealing than what you were used to but desperate times do call for desperate measures. You had washed any dirt from your face and even put on makeup, along with doing your hair. You obviously were not playing around, this was serious. 

Cassian and K2 were to stay hidden just outside the club in an alley, listening in on what’s being said with the help of the tiny microphone you hid on your dress. It was also a way to keep you safe just in case the mission were to fail. Some part of you was nervous for Cassian to see you like this, after all these new feelings for him that were surfacing. 

“Y/N it’s time.” You heard his voice call outside the ship. You took a deep breath, reassuring yourself that everything would be fine. 

As you stepped off the ship you heard K2′s shocked voice. “My gosh what are you wearing? Since when do you ever wear a dress?”

You frowned at the droid, even though he was speaking the truth. You literally never dressed up. Cassian walked over hearing all the commotion but stopped abruptly when his eyes landed on you. Neither of you said anything, just both staring at each other not knowing what to say. Your cheeks were turning red, you couldn’t help it though, the way he was looking at you. You couldn’t tell if it was shock, longing or lust? 

“You look-wow.” His raspy voice startled you and his words only made your cheeks get redder. But you couldn’t let this distract you from the mission. 

“Come on boys we have work to do.”

You spotted the target sitting alone at the bar and confidently walked over, sitting next to him. As soon as he see’s you he’s interested, already offering to buy you a drink within a minute. His flirting is painful, but you put up with it for the mission. You make sure he’s had a few drinks before asking questions about the Empires weapon. The fool blurts out plans of a weapon called the death star, said to be powerful enough to destroy entire planets. A part of you hoped he wasn’t telling the truth, with a weapon of that power the Empire could cause even more chaos than you thought possible. 

You sent the man a fake smile as you said you were leaving, since that’s all the information you needed. You were stopped however by his grubby hands gripping your waist tightly and forcefully pulling you in to him. What a sick freak!

“Get off of me!” You shouted in his face, but his grip didn’t falter, instead a smirk appeared on his face. Outside Cassian is listening and furious, ready to beat the shit out of this guy for touching you. He starts to rush inside to help you but stops hearing a loud thud and groan through the earpiece. 

You had punched the man right in the face making his nose bleed. No one touches you like that ever, no one. You rushed out of the club, straight past Cassian and K2 towards the ship. They called out to you to stop but you ignored their shouts, instead hiding yourself away in your room.

Later that night on the way back to Yavin 4, Cassian heard quiet sobs coming from your room. He tapped on the door, you quickly drying your eyes telling him to come in. He sees your red eyes and instantly knows what’s wrong. 

“Hey hey don’t cry.” He comforts you, rubbing circles on your back. You’re surprisingly enjoying his presence, leaning into his chest and letting the tears fall.

“You don’t have to worry about assholes like that guy. Y/N did you see what you did back there, you punched that guy straight in the face without hesitation. You don’t need anyone’s help when it comes to defending yourself. You’re the most strong woman I know, no, you’re the strongest person I know. Don’t let people like that jerk get to you, alright.” He wiped away your tears, resting his hand on your cheek. Was this real? When did Cassian become your favourite person ever?

You couldn’t help but lean into his touch, looking up into his eyes. “Thank you. That’s probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me before. I thought you hated me?” You asked confused. 

“I was a stupid teenage boy when I met you. I guess I just stuck with the act, I don’t know why. I’ve never hated you. It’s quite the opposite in fact, i’m utterly infatuated with you.” He admitted making your eyes widen at his confession. 

You don’t know what came over you but you slowly leaned in closer to Cassian, pressing your lips to his. He instantly kissed back and your kissing quickly turned a bit more heated, you gripping his hair and Cassian pulling your body against his. Your intense make out session was sadly interrupted however, by the doors sliding open to reveal K2. 

“I knew it!”


Requested - Dating Stefan Salvatore would include:
- Sweet kisses.
- Him always making sure you’re okay and just checking in throughout the day.
- Always letting you make your own choices even if he doesn’t agree with them.
- Being friends with Damon because you’re constantly at the house.
- The girls wanting to get to know you and then considering you part of the gang.
- Wanting to always make you happy.
- Him taking you on romantic dates.
- Stealing his shirts and he pretends to moan but really loves it.
- Him teasing you in a cute way.
- You joining in with Damon and teasing him about his hero hair.
- Knowing you can be yourself with him.
- Stefan telling you that he’ll always be there for you no matter what.
- Him putting you above everything.
- Spending evenings cuddled up in bed together and just talking.
- Knowing everything there is to know about each other.

He’s A Dad!

Requested by @pips69

Darry: He’s the dad that always promises to go to events but never ends up making it because he gets caught up trying to work extra hours, even though he wants nothing more than to be there for his kid.

Tim: Not really in his kid’s life, Tim stays distant from his child for the majority of it’s childhood until his child grows up to be exactly like him and expresses interest in taking over the gang because of it they became really close.

Two-Bit: He’s a single dad and gives his kid the world, working two jobs so they can have whatever they want(for the most part) from him. Although it’s tough him and his kid are inseparable.

Steve: Constant piggyback rides/sitting on his shoulders. His children look up to their dad so much they’re convinced he’s a superhero.

Dallas: Chances are you can catch your baby on his chest and both of them sleeping on the couch. He refuses to change diapers and he’s a pretty normal dad, not over fatherly but adequate.

Angela: *She’s A Mom!* Hates the thought of becoming a mom but when she’s convinced to keep it she kinda just accepts it. It’s not until she sees her baby that she absolutely falls in love with them. She’s definitely the hot mom.

Sodapop: He’s so devoted it makes you want to cry sometimes at how much he gives up for your child. He’d sell his kidney just so your child could have Christmas presents(that is if you would let him.)

Johnny: He’s pretty clingy and overprotective, especially when your child is a baby. It takes him a while to get used to the gentleness yet toughness of children.

Curly: He’s the amazed/curious dad. When your kid does something like arrange Cheerios in a certain shape(or what he thinks is a shape) he gets so excited. He’s the one who tries to make your kid walk at two months old and tries to get them to talk from the day they’re born. If your kid is in sports he will 100% be the aggressive-supportive dad at the games/matches/etc. A.K.A. “What’d you say about my kid?!”

Ponyboy: He’s the paranoid dad, childproofing everything there is to childproof and becoming a slight germaphobe when he reads of all the diseases children can get in their early stages of life. Even when your kid grows up he’s still overprotective and extremely cautious of literally everything.

Beautiful AU

‘Okay buddy, this is it. You can’t be here. You know your gang isn’t allowed in this part of town, that’s not how this shit works, and I know you know that because I’ve been telling you so for every single time you wander into my street, one day my boss is gonna make me shoot you and I’d hate to ruin that pretty face’ au

Being the first female member of SAMCRO would include

Author: Johannah

“Six inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody’s business
Goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness She’s stacking money, money everywhere she goes
She don’t gotta give it up, she professional
​​​​​​​She mixing up that Ace with that Hennessy
She love the way it tastes, that’s her recipe
Rushing through her veins like it’s ecstasy, oh no
She already made enough but she’ll never leave…“

✦ Being the baddest bitch in all of Charming

✧ Loving it when leaders of other gangs underestimate you, just so they can see how good your aim is with a gun

✦ All the guys have tried to get with you, but they quickly learn never to ask twice

✧ Even Gemma being scared of you

✦ Always being the first person to call one of the guys out on their shit

✧ Not being afraid to fight dirty

✦ Or being afraid to fight one of the guys for that matter (Juice learned that the hard way after a very unwise bet on his part - His jaw recovered though… eventually)

✧ If you think the croweaters treat Gemma and Tara like the Queens of Charming, you should see how they act around you

✦ If one of the old ladies is going through some rough times or is struggling to make ends meet, they know they can always come to you

✧ Your mugshot going up on the wall with all the others - front and centre

✦ You getting the reaper tattoo on your forearm right where everyone can see it, and know who you belong to

✧ When you go to jail for your 14 month stretch after Belfast you have to go to the female-only prison (You basically run the joint, orange is the new black style)

✦ Gemma comes to visit you every week

✧ You and Gemma having a maternal love/hate kind of relationship

✦ Your loyalty to the club being unmoving - No matter the consequences