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GOT7 - You sneaking in their bed at night.

Request:  Hello 💕💕 ( I hope you are well btw 😍😍😘😘) can I request a got7 reaction to you sneaking in their bed at night because you had a bad dream?? Thank you love 💕💕💗💗😘😘  


He felt someone lying on the bed next to him, he turned around and saw you. “Hey … what are you doing here?” “I had a nightmare, can I stay?” “Of course you can.” He smiled. He was dying inside, he was in love with you, sleeping with you was a dream. “Thank you, Jae.” “Anything for you.” He smiled shy.


He wouldn’t mind too much, he’d be too sleepy. “Hmm, can I sleep with you?” You said, already lying down. “Of course.” He said and gave a little smile. When you woke up, he was holding you close to him.


You were dating, but no one knew. It was a secret. You were sleeping in the dorm with the boys, but you were in the guest room. In the middle of the night, you decided to go to bed with Mark because you couldn’t sleep alone. “Hey ….” He said when he saw you. “Hi. Can I sleep here with you?” “Yes! Of course you can, my love.”


He would be so happy. “Jackson … I had a nightmare. Can I sleep with you?” “Yes, please. Lie down here, I’ll make you sleep.” You lay down next to him and he hugged you. “You know … My bed is pretty big, you can come sleep here whenever you want.” “Oh, really? I’ll always come to sleep with you.” You laughed. “Feel free.” He smiled and kissed your cheek.


“Hey …” You woke him up. “Hey, is everything okay?” He said sleepy. “I had a nightmare and I can’t sleep …” “Come here with me.Let’s sleep together.” He smiled. “But what if the boys ..” “No! They will not mind. Don’t worry.” He smiled and pulled you into bed with him.


You went to his bed and slept instantly without saying anything. In the morning, when you woke up, he was looking at you. “Good Morning.” He laughed. “May I ask when you came here?” “Well … I had a nightmare and I couldn’t sleep. So I came to sleep with you, sorry.” “No need to apologize.Why didn’t you wake me up? I could cuddle you.” He laughed. “Oh, stop!”


You woke him up, and he was worry instantly. “Are you okay? What happened?” “Nothing … Can I sleep here?” “Of course, baby.” He hugged you. “Is really everthing fine?” “Yeah … I just had a bad dream.” “Okay, wake me up if you need anything.” “Okay.”

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“My Mother who’s an assistant Librarian introduced me to his writing when i was eight. She insisted i read him and i immediately became obsessed. Every single line affected me in some way. I liked the simplicity of the way he wrote. There was a piece called ‘The Nightingale And The Rose’ that appealed to me immensly then. It was about a Nightingale who sacrificed herself for these two star-crossed lovers . It ends when the Nightingale presses her against this rose because in a strange, mystical way it means that if she dies, the two lovers can be together. This sense of a truly high drama zipped through everthing he wrote. He had a life that was really tragic and it’s curious that he was so witty. Here we have a creature persistently ceased in pain whose life was a total travesty. He married, rashly had two children and almost immediately embarked on a love affair with a man. He was sent to prison for this. It’s a total disavantage tro care about Oscar Wilde, certainly when you come from a working class background. It’s total self-destruction almost. My personal saving grace at school was that i was something of a medal athlete. I’m sure if i hadn’t been, i’d have sacrificed in the first year. I got streams and streams of medals for running. As i blundered throught my late teens, i was quite isolated and Oscar Wilde meant much more to me. In a way he became a companion. If that sounds pitiful, that was the way it was. I rarely left the house. I had no social life then, as i became a Smith, i used flowers because Oscar Wilde always used flowers. He once went to a Colorado Salt Mines and addressed a mass of miners there. He started his speech with, ‘Let me tell you why we worship the Daffodil’, of course, he was stoned to death. But i really admire his bravery and the idea of being constantly attached to some form of plant. As i get older, the adoration increases. I’m never without him. It’s almost biblical. It’s like carrying your rosary around with you.” - Morrissey (Smash Hits, 1984)


We haven’t seen the last of Void Stiles. “That’s part of the darkness still lurking inside of Stiles and he’ll have the fear that, is it more than just being possessed? Is there something inside that he has to keep a lid on?” As for the difference between Scott and Theo, Davis added, “Whereas Scott tries to bring out the best in his friends, Theo actually came back for the worst in them. He came back for the angry kid, the killers, and the murderers, he wants that because to him that equates with power.” - Jeff Davis (x)

happy birthday to my fellow shipper, high-level dressage geek, founder of the yoi eq au, medieval horse lover and the best art fam i could wish for!

@havenesc, here’s your beautiful OC Bamardyn! <:

So I just randomly did a search for slbp on google (yes I do that sometimes) and fell on this.

Look at this.



I never saw it before, after playing since slbp launch. I feel so satisfied, like this is the real ending of Inu’s main story pals.

**image cropped**

  • omg third post of the day
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  • yall r probably super tired of me already lmao
  • i have one more requested that i would like to do for today
  • well
  • maybe three idk leave me alone
  • i just have no chill lmao
  • shoutout to the anon who requested this <3 btw
  • and let’s start this
  • let’s go ~~
  • so, u and mark have been in a relationship for like three months or something
  • you were still knowing each other but so far it was perfection
  • what more do you expect from this angel i mean
  • he’s just such a soft and sweet creature i’m-
  • so arguments never happend, never ever
  • and if the do it were only stupid jokes between you 
  • never an actual argument, not even once
  • so, yeah, going to the story
  • i don’t feel like mark is a jealous person at all
  • he’s just to nice, we seriously doesn’t deserve him he’s too perfect
  • he really really trust you but well
  • i feel like, if there is a random guy who keeps hugging his girlfriend and looking at her in ways only he’s alowed to he’s going to get angry
  • and he said once that when he’s angry the first thing he do is calming down, right?
  • so while you and this uknown person who was being too nice to you keep hugging and talking he was internally trying to calm himself
  • he was like
  • “mark, relax, that idiot-i mean that guy doesn’t know you are his boyfriend”
  • “it’s normal, you haven’t been dating for that long”
  • “she just forgot to tell him, they have been talking for.. ten minutes, and sh-she forgot to tell him that y-you’re her boyfriend”
  • “even though you’re right by her side”
  • he was going crazy believe me
  • and once you ended your conversation and gave your attention to mark again he was SO serious
  • “sorry, baby, he’s just an-”
  • “let’s go to the dorms y/n, right now”
  • damn, he looked angry as fuck and it was SO weird
  • but you kept silent and followed him to the 127 dorms
  • you saw all the memebrs reactionand all of them were just as surprised as you
  • even donghyuck loked scared of him
  • and when yall started “talking” damn he was like other person
  • he was really jealous and he wasn’t even trying to hide it
  • and he wasn’t screaming at you or something, but his voice was higher than it usually is
  • and same thing with yours
  • “mark, can you listen to yourself and realize for once that everthing that you’re saying is bullshit? do you think i’m cheating on you?”
  • “do you think i’m stupid? because, no i’m not, you didn’t even told him i was your boyfriend!”
  • “i was going to introduce him to you but he kept talking and-”
  • “yes, you said that already and i don’t care, listen to me”
  • shhhhhhhhhhhit whhattt jfhsh
  • oh boy, you were angry now
  • “you’re so childish, mark! go ask donghyuck for cuddles now, oh no, better don’t i don’t want to get jealous over your friendship”
  • and you were already walking to the door to get the fuck out of there u know but nope
  • “i’m not fucking done y/n”
  • and he grabs your wrist and turns you around
  • at everything passed really fast
  • your first reaction to his action was to cover your face with your arm to protect you
  • and that shocked him, leaving him in blank
  • “d-did you actually though t-that i was going t-to hurt you?”
  • “n-no y/n.. i-i would never..”
  • he never experienced something like this and he wasn’t sure how he should response to it
  • he lets go of your wrist and when he looks at the mark left by his hand he falls on his knees
  • “i-i’m sorry y/n, i-i’m so sorry”
  • you sat on the floor by his side and let him place his head in your lap while you rub his back to comfort him
  • this is so angsty i’m
  • “i’m sorry, mark. i don’t know why did i act like this i-i am really sorry”
  • he sits by your side and take the tears out your face with his thumb
  • “i promise you i’ll never would do something like that to you, baby, never, i’m so sorry”
  • you hugged him
  • “i know, and i trust you and i love you, i really do, please believe me”
  • you broke the hug and kiss him sweetly, still apologizing
  • “i love you too, y/n”
  • i wish this was an scenario it would be so dramatic
  • btw, i made a scenario ver of this too
  • you can read it here
  • and tbh i like that one a lot more lmao
Glanni Glæpur and Íþróttaálfurinn Headcanons

I just thought I’d finally weigh-in my own personal headcanons I’ve gained for the characters despite me never really talking about them much.

Glanni Glæpur

  • Thinks he is #ALLTHAT #ANDTHENSOME
  • Is the most suave person you will ever meet
  • Elegant to a fault
  • Always dresses to impress
  • Can slay just by walking by people
  • In private?
    • Is the biggest goober ever
    • Like.  The biggest.
  • Cries at sappy movies
    • Especially if there are dogs in them
    • Screams and clings to nearest person during horror flick
  • Loves to bake
  • Loves to cook in general
  • Will spend hours in the bathroom
  • Robbie is a distant cousin of his - appreciates he’s not the only one in the family that understands makeup makes a look
  • Basically, in short:
    • Most elegant, well dressed, suave motherfucker you will ever meet
    • Biggest goober ever in private


  • Big huge bara man
  • Is super duper intimidating
  • But is the biggest softest sweetheart ever
  • The kind of guy that can tackle a criminal to the floor (Glanni) and headlock them but said criminal (Glanni) will not have a single hair on his head harmed
  • Loves fish too much
  • Way too much
  • Proud of Sportacus (his sweet baby child)
  • Shows pictures of him to everybody (Glanni)
  • I mean everybody (just Glanni)
  • Stop showing Glanni pictures of Sportacus, Íþró. 
  • Proud Íþró Pabbi
  • But people who don’t know him think that he’s violent
  • He’s not!
  • He’s pure and good


  • On the surface to others they look like they have a fucked up relationship
    • It looks like they have a really bad love/hate relationship
  • They do… but refuse to admit that they are disgustingly adorable in private
  • They totally love to lay on eachother 
    • Or in blankets (and totally not cuddle…)
    • And watch movies
    • Or read books
    • Or tease eachother relentlesslty
    • Or look at eachother when they think the other isn’t looking and sigh wistfully
  • Constant pranks
    • Glanni will never forgive Íþró for putting lysi in his hair-oil bottle that one time
      • Ever

one member per m/v (vixx edition): hyde → N

don’t give me those scared eyes

reasons Black2/White2 are amazing games

  • the PWT
  • your rival punches a team plasma guy in the face. not a pokemon battle just straight-up fisticuffs
  • colress’s ridiculous hair
  • ghetsis just plain tries to murder you with a legendary pokemon
  • like brutally skewering you he is not fucking around with magical lasers or portal or any of that “oh you’ll die in the process” stuff he tries to kill you
  • reformed old-plasma grunts that spend their days trying to undo their past crimes and return pokemon to their trainers????
  • the pwt did i mention that
  • you can be a movie star
  • you can fight every gym leader and champion ever
  • except koga
  • team plasma is now pirates instead of peta. im not sure where that came from either
How I Would’ve Done the Grand Magic Games Arc

Well people seemed to like my how I would end Fairy Tail so I guess I’ll give you another thing I would’ve loved making alterations to. That being the Grand Magic Games arc. (Be warned as this is an arc it is a little long)

  • First off we are cutting out the time travel. No Future Rogue, No Future Lucy, and no dragon’s from the past. Not every arc needs to have the world in danger to be compelling.
  • Makarov died on Tenrou. That way we have reason for Mavis to come in and act as the new mentor figure.
  • The Fairy Tail team is getting a goddamn training arc. Look the GMG was the longest arc (before Alvarez) and if we cut the future stuff we should have those extra chapters contribute to something better.
  • No second origin. Hacking yourself is not interesting.
  • The A team is aware of the B team. (It was a stupid reveal and if your all working towards the same goal then it makes no sense not to tell them.)
  • So in this training arc each character gets their own way of training.
  • Mavis tells Elfman of a forest that Gildarts went through that full of beasts and he could go there get new souls
  • This way we see Elfman hunt the beasts he’ll use in the tournament. Hunting and taking over weretiger and lizardman
  • Mavis says this is good training for Elfman as not only is he getting new souls but when in a wilderness setting like the forest the body to move around and uses a mix of muscles. This way not only can he get souls but also he’ll increase his base states as well.
  • Lucy still trains with Capricorn but make it longer. Capricorn is the wisest spirit, having him mentor Lucy on the secrets on celestial magic is a good idea
  • Erza actually recalls her fight with Azuma and how he was able to counter all her variety with only one form of magic.
  • Erza decides that maybe she might need new armor, after all it’s been 7 years advancements had to have been made. (Also this way we can see her buy the piercing armor and Nakagami armor)
  • Also she asks to spar Mira because Erza is now using more variety in her fights. (I’ve written before how the progression of Erza’s powers should’ve been: 1 armor–> Variety of Armor–> Mixing weapons from other armors with other armors. This seems it’s still variety stage of that progression)
  • Wendy’s training is with Laxus. (I mean all of FT’s DS all are pals except for Wendy and Laxus)
  • Wendy realizes she needs strength training and can’t just be support so Laxus tells her to punch a tree and see how hard she punches.
  • Naturally it doesn’t leave that much of of a dent and Laxus tells her that her first thing is to take her emotion and put it behind her punches.
  • Wendy keeps trying but it’s pretty much to no avail, she gets upset thinking about losing Mystogan and cait shelter but also she thinks about Brain, Faust, and Zancrow with how they hurt people close to her and she gets frustrated think if only she was stronger that she could stop them on her own.
  • She then punches and starts cracking apart the tree from the punches coming from her anger till Laxus catches her fist.
  • He tells her the point was to put her emotions behind the punch, not let them overwhelm her. He tells her that she must fight with her convictions but angry will only drive you in the wrong direction. Laxus himself getting flashbacks over his rage induced goals.
  • Wendy agrees to what he says and they begin to train (There I just did character growth and expanded the bonds of FT members)
  • Then we get Grays training. And he believes he needs to become faster molding magic. So he focus’s on increasing his already high speed.
  • Mavis comes across Gray after some of his training and he states he’s made no progress and Mavis tells him maybe instead of focusing on all his shapes being made faster he should choose one mold and increase it’s speed.
  • Gray decides he’ll increase the speed it takes for Ice-Make sword. This way when he shows off Ice make unlimited we see his speed really iss different and why.
  • Mavis offers Cana a way to permanently master Fairy Glitter.
  • Also notice Mavis is actually being smart and helpful. like an actual mother/strategist.
  • Natsu and Gajeels training is first they have their wrists bound and are then launches with Erza’s giant armor so far into the deep forest.
  • The two have to first get along with each other but they just end up letting their egos keep getting in the way.
  • The first challenge they face is giant waterfall
  • Natsu says he can get over it easy and use his flames to increase his jump and says when he’s at the top he’ll pull up Gajeel by their bindings.
  • This plan fails as Natsu can’t make enough jump to make it to the top. So Gajeel says he’ll handle it and uses his Iron to pier the rock and climb the the waterfall. This fails too, as the waters are too fast and force him down.
  • They keep trying their methods and get nowhere till Natsu asks Gajeel how far can he extend his Iron pillars and so using a combo of Gajeel’s iron club to push them up and Natsu’s fire to propel them up they are able to clear the water fall.  
  • They decide to rest for the first night and in the morning they find a stream and see fish in it.
  • Gajeel has trouble catching them but Natsu doesn’t and while Gajeel is a little refusing to accept any of the food Natsu caught, Natsu tells them need to eat.
  • But the food attracts a Vulcan pack and while they beat them they find out there are more vulcans and they keep fighting and once they win they decide to move on and get out of they forest quickly.
  • They however are stopped by a sudden rain storm and flee to find shelter but those same vulcans followed they and attack again Natsu is having a difficult time in the rain but Gajeel is still able to push them all back and they find some shelter.
  • Gajeel sleeps but Natsu stands out in the rain trying to increase his fire but each time it’s doused.
  • Natsu then thinks he’s doing it the wrong way and instead of making the flame bigger, he focuses on just increasing the heat and slow the flame burn brights as the water evaporates,
  • They continue on but it’s then when they hear the sound of the same vulcan horde Gajeel says they’re going to fight again Natsu tells Gajeel to just run as they clear more ground and when they stop Gajeel questions what the hell is up with Natsu
  • Natsu says they couldn’t fight as they are hungry and sleep deprived.
  • Natsu remembers what Gildarts told him about overcoming weakness and the first step is to know your weakness.
  • Making it closer to the end of the forest they come across a huge monster that beats the 2 around Natsu keeps up most the fighting and finishes the beast off but collapses.
  • Gajeel see’s this and turns his arms to blades and starts scrapping them against each other to create sparks to feed Natsu.
  • They both stand up and make it to the end of the forest yelling that if this place couldn’t beat them down then either could any guild.
  • They return as we gets shots of other people finishing their training.
  • During all this there are scenes introducing characters like Lyon and Jura but also new ones. I think you can keep Sting and Rogue’s intro, use the Erza getting new armor to introduce Kagura like when she’s coming out of the blacksmith shop have her pass Erza, or have Bacchus drinking at the FT bar, or with Raven Tail show Ivan rallying his men for the GMG.)
  • The actual tournament begins with the sky labyrinth. Focus on it a little more as it is the prelim.
  • Also team B meets assembles and Gajeel questions that he, Juvia, Mira, and Laxus are there and Cana is the reserve so who’s the fifth man.
  • The fifth member is Bickslow, and let me explain I wouldn’t done Loke but it seems like cheating for a spirit that’s owned by another contestant and on another team to be a member. It wouldn’t be Levy as she is made out to still not be a stronger member and they already have a reserve. Out of the thunder god tribe Bickslow is the most untapped into, Freed’s the most tapped into (that’s not saying much) but also his dark ecriture and jutsu shiki seem as they’d take to long to make and would be a detriment, Evergreen I’ll be honest has really undefined magic so I see it hard to make it interesting.
  • Bickslow on the other hand has powers that can be used in a variety of purposes and as I said he’s the least tapped into.
  • Another change to teams: Sho and Wally are on mermaid heel and there’s no beth or arana. (OKay first off Hiro wanted to include them in the first place but felt like there were too many characters, so why not cut your loses as having more already established characters like sho and Wally so you have more time on new characters like Sabertooth, Kagura, Chelia etc. Also Mermaid Heel doesn’t have to be an all female guild.)
  • The first day can stay the same.
  • Lucy vs Flare keep it
  • Mirajane vs Jenny change it to an actual fight but have the reason Jenny lose is she’s a little vain with her take overs and Mira takes advantage of it. (There I made a way for there to be fanservice without any demeaning of the actual fight… yay)
  • Orga’s intro keep it
  • Bickslow vs Jura. Jura fights the same way and while Bickslow is aware he’ll lose he’s still fighting for Laxus. Take this time to dive into Build on why Bickslow follows Laxus.
  • When it looks like it’s over as Jura has Bickslow on the ground Bickslow stands up even though it seems impossible and the reason is Bickslow posessed his own soul.
  • Even though it’s damaged he can still move his body and at least go out with everthing. Plus it’s not impossible to believe he could possess his own soul as he can see them and we can all naturally look down at our bodies.
  • Spend more time on Raven tail and define that they just came to beat FT they don’t care to win.
  • Chariot: Change the FT teams with A to Elfman but B being Mira because then we can see satan soul’s feature of speed (Doesn’t have to fly and i’d assume the enhanced mode would increase speed)
  • Elfman vs Bacchus, don’t change it
  • Kagura vs Yukino, don’t change it
  • No Natsu v sabertooth and just introduce Jiemma as this dick and show off Minerva (Hell use it as good parallel to Ivan and how they are similar only Jiemma use strength as a reason why he’s an ass and Ivan just wants to hurt people out of vengence.)
  • Pandemonium, for the love of god don’t change it
  • MPF, keep it the same
  • Laxus vs Alexei needs more time and insead of Laxus clowing all of Raven Tail, just have it be Ivan and they lose by disqualify.
  • Wendy vs Chelia, don’t change it
  • Naval Battle, change the wings of love scene but Minerva can still win
  • The team merges but there is a penalty and they lose some of their points
  • Ichiya doesn’t beat Bacchus as it completely makes Elfman’s win seem weaker
  • Instead of Lyon and Yuka vs Millianna and Kagura, have it be Millianna and Sho because an issue with Kagura was too much overhype so this will space it out.
  • Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rogue, I think you can keep most the back and forth the same but the ending with the uniso raid should be countered with a unison raid. (No minecart crap)
  • The Raid is Stronger as not only because of the shared conviction but also that whole training arc got Natsu and Gajeel closer and stronger
  • Sting can still blow a hole in Jiemma and Minerva can trick him with lector
  • Final day, It’s Erza, Laxus, Natsu, Gray and Gajeel. Mavis has her god damn mouth closed
  • Gray fights Rufus but Rufus gets caught up in using all these powers he’s memorized and Gray takes advantage using Ice make unlimited and beats him as Rufus let his arrogance and constant binding of moves makes him over look something basic like Gray taking a basic move and focusing only on that.
  • Erza fights Kagura and Erza uses more damn variety of armors against Kagura.
  • Minerva enters and yes no samurai pants still just Erza and her swapping out her armor and fighting her, like she should.
  • Orga faces Chelia and crushes her telling her about how God slayer are at the top of world and somebody like her is weak.
  • Chelia asks how can he tell what weakness and strength is and Orga says he killed the man who taught him god slaying because the student needed to prove he was stronger, and says Chelia doesn’t have that in her.
  • Laxus comes up and tells him he’s full of shit
  • Gajeel and Rogue fight with no shadow and just about Rogue’s fear of Gajeel and Gajeel pointing out that he’s not the same person back in phantom. Gajeel then shows that he’s glad there are other dragon slayers and eats the shadow.
  • Gets his dual mode and beats Rogue
  • Returning to Orga and Laxus’s fight they are throwing around lightning and destroying stuff and Orga tells Laxus he’s not reacting quick enough.
  • Orga isn’t thinking out his moves he’s letting his instinct fight but Laxus exploits this when Orga uses his black lightning canon and puts his all his magic behind it but when the attack is coming Laxus smirkks saying that instinct can always be trumped by expierence and Laxus eats the lightning
  • Laxus asked Natsu about god slayer magic and Natsu explained the trick he used on Zancrow.
  • Orga’s baffled by this but Laxus uses Roaring thunder on Orga
  • Orga tries to stand up but Jura knocks him out saying he would know when to quit
  • Cut to Gray who then takes Lyon with Gajeel’s help
  • CUt to the threesome and Kagura still loses to Minerva but now Erza says that she’ll handle this
  • Back to the fight with Jura and Laxus the fight is on a grand scale, lightning crashing down, Jura raising the ear and using every single rock to attack Laxus just blow for blow it’s a battle between titans
  • Jura says Laxus is running on low and Jura reveals a technique called “wrath born from earth” which is a giant rock assimilation that becomes massive hands and try to close together similar to a prayer and crush laxus
  • Laxus uses Lightning body to dodge the attack and propel towards Jura and uses the black lightning he ate and merge it with his dragon lightning and then try to crush Jura
  • Jura creates a massive rock wall to guard and sees that the dragon god lightning move didn’t pierce it
  • But Laxus reveals he used lightning body again and moved around the wall using this moment of Jura’s surprise Laxus uses Roar and not only fully hits Jura but also blasts Jura through his own Rock wall
  • Erza reveals Nakagami to Minerva and Nakagami doesn’t have the same power. It uses holy light as a weapon
  • Minerva laughs this off as her speed still can’t touch her thanks to territory but Erza reveals that not only does Nakagami produce holy light
  • It also manipulates light and Erza bends the setting sun’s rays and uses them like blades to attack Minerva and while Erza wins she passes out from exhaustion
  • The final fight with Sting, Gray tries to fight but Sting beats him, Gajeel tries and Sting beats him. Sting gloats saying lector has given him more strength that their bond makes him stronger
  • Natsu see’s Sting and challenges him
  • Natsu takes advantage of the first move and punches sting in the neck disorienting him as Natsu beats him around, but Sting regains his barrings and easily punches back Natsu
  • Sting wastes no time with fighting Natsu and is even in dragon force beating around Natsu.
  • Natsu feels each of Stings punches and they seem to have more weight behind them and Sting says it’s because of Lector each punch is stronger than the last time they fought
  • Natsu gets a few hits in but it’s one sided
  • Natsu thinks about the guild and how it was his home, how hard it was for his guild to be insulted everyday for 7 years, sad that Lucy’s in bed not fighting with them, and he then says everyone else finished their fights and he’ll finish his
  • Natsu goes for crimson lotus exploding flame blade and that pushes back Sting and Natsu charges forward coated in flames and tries to ounch Sting but Sting catches it similar to how Natsu caught his white drive punch
  • Natsu tries with his other fist but Sting catches it and says Natsu still won’t win getting up in his face as Sting is crushing Natsu’s fingers while they’re caught
  • Natsu then roars in front of Sting and charges at him while saying that bonds do make you stronger and each punch Sting threw was because he carried the conviction of his friend in them but Natsu says in fist he carries the conviction of every member of guild and their hopes.
  • He punches Sting into the ground and Sting is out
  • Sting gets lector back as the guild is titled the bestLector tells Sting it doesn’t matter he lost and that Sting looked cooler than he ever had beforeSting tops yukino as shes boarding a train to leave and on his hands and knees begs her to come back apologizing
    We cut to arcadios who’s walking to the king and tells him that the eclipse gate reacted slightly when the zodiac keys were in crocus. As it’s printed that FT is the strongest we finally see crime socirere and their new looks and Jellal says he’s proud of Erza and Ultear says the same of Gray. Then Meredy reminds them that only one head of balam is left and thats Tartaros (there I created intrigue for the next arcs and instead of the time lapse we just use the Eclipse gate to get to neo eclipse)

So that’s how I would’ve done GMG. Again I found this as a satisfying way to do it and hope you guys enjoy.

LOOK AT THEM!! AHHHHHH!! I commissioned the ASTONISHING @soddingcloudgazer for a bit of “pick me up” art and I am so beyond thrilled! I even rolled my sick butt out of bed to post this! This captures them so well!! 


ps. If you get the chance, definitely commission!

Cats and Dogs

Okay, so after watching the trailer like 10,000 times, I can officially say that November 10th cannot get here early enough! Since a lot of people in this community has given their own thoughts on the expansion pack, I thought I would give mine!

  • The world Brindleton Bay is beautiful
  • The fact that your cats and dogs and wear clothes is like completely amazing and adorable
  • the build/buy items are to die for
  • You can have your dog wear LIFE JACKETS AND BANDANAS
  • again the fact that the world is a coastal world makes me very happy because my legacy world in my head looks exactly like that
  • you can feed your dog table scraps (I do that 24/7 with my little doggos)
  • that lighthouse is everything
  • you can take your doggies little baths 
  • YOU CAN BE A FLIPPING VET AND OWN YOUR OWN CLINIC (one of Bea and Lee’s children are totally gonna be one! 100%)
  • Your pets can give your sims hugs (ಥ﹏ಥ)
  • i know this is simple, BUT THE COLLARS
  • they animations of the little things doings tricks ⊂(♡⌂♡)⊃
  • walking your pets is the most precious thing
  • you can custom make your pet (you can freakin paint them)

Okay, i know a lot of simmers don’t like the fact that you can’t control your animals or the fact that the color wheel is only for the pets. Those don’t really bother me. I really didn’t use the color wheel at all, it was to much of a hassle, and controlling the dogs were a little to much. Letting the pets having their own free will makes them more life-like to me and I really love that aspect! 

But what sucks is that we don’t have horses. I really loved horses in The Sims 3 Pets, but I probably won’t miss them because I’ve been waiting for pets ever since The Sims 4 came out. I’m really happy with everything that we are getting and like I said, November 10th cannot get here any sooner!

anonymous asked:

driftrod hcs? I need the goods pls.

!!!!! here u go friend

  • they’re literally the friends => best friends => boyfriends trope it’s Great
  • “we’re best boyfriends!” “aW YEAH”
  • they don’t kiss all that often. they see it as something incredibly intimate, but that still doesn’t stop them from giving each other quick smooches
  • honestly they’re the source of like,, just about every prank. rodimus gets blamed for a lot of them though
  • drift absolutely still teaches rodi how to use a sword, and they spar every now and then to help
  • they’re always holding hands in public, drift being a little more cautious about it since the rest of the crew still don’t like him
  • despite the crew, rodimus does everything in his power to make drift feel appreciated and welcomed 
  • drift appreciates it so much
  • rodimus trusts drift with his life, and when they’re in private, he’s able to talk about his insecurities and problems freely, something he feels he’s never been able to do with anyone
  • likewise, drift can talk to rodimus about,, well, everthing. his past as a decepticon, his time with wing, being on the LL and not exactly feeling very welcomed
  • rodi loves his best friend and best boyfriend and will fight everyone that makes him feel like shit so watch out

Battle Stats: Nolanel

★★★★★★★★☆☆  —  strength
★★★★★★★★★☆  —  offense
★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆  —  defense
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆  —  speed
★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆  —  durability
★★★★★★★☆☆☆  —  accuracy
★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆  —  agility
★★★★★★★★★★  —  stamina
★★★★★★★☆☆☆  —  teamwork
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆  —  stealth
★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆  —  close combat        
★★★★★★★★★★ —  bladed weapons
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆  —  blunt weapons  
★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆  —  ranged weapons
★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆  —  superpowers / abilities
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆  —  traps/setups
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆  —  medic

Any lasting injuries from combat?  — Nolanel mostly walks away with scars, but over time he’s broken ribs and had several sprains and cracks in his ankles.

Fighting style?   ( BOLD any that apply. ) —  commander / duelist  / honorable / dishonorable / would have others do their fighting / stealthy / long-ranged / melee / technological / sorcery  / superhuman abilities / has fought in an illegal tourney / a lover of fighting / a hater of fighting / cowardly / reckless / strategic / uses underhanded tricks / renowned for their skill / trained /  untrained / keeps skills secret / won a battle / lost a battle / ruthless / merciful

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