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Fanfic: In the Cards

So, while browsing tumblr tags I ran across a head-canon by the second person ever to follow me (who also reblogs my fic like WOAH) and my brain went and short circuited on the idea, so I present this fic for millkywell. Just because I can. XP

Title: In the Cards

Based on the headcanon: •They /knew/ each other when they were in their pokémon phases at like 9 or 10 and like went to the same school for a year but didn’t really remember each other until sock found the charizard card with his name on the back in sharpie in Jon’s stuff that he had traded him because he had a huge crush on him

I wasn’t actually able to work in them going to school together, so I went a slightly different route; but I really hope you like. It’s very… fluffy.

Note: What I know about Pokemon the TCG and tournaments can be counted on the fingers of one hand with five left over. I remember seeing the cartoon a few times while I was babysitting but not much more than that. Any errors are mine and freely owned up to.

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“Too Good”…… 

After that TMZ mess died down, Leah shut down any negative comments by showing everybody just how beautiful and bad ass she truly is. At first I was the happiest I’ve ever been with her, shit, my girl was badder than ever, having every blog talk about how great she looked, the paps snapping pics of her everywhere she went, and she even got named the best dressed at the Simmy Music Awards beating out popular artists dressed by the most sought after stylists. I was proud of her for stepping up and owning that shit. With both of us topping any other couple in the industry, I felt like a power duo, like nothing could stop us…On some Bonnie and Clyde type shit. Well, soon after we were swarmed with attention, Leah started changing up. She made sure she was always where the paparazzi would be, dressing a little too extra for attention, dropping money like it was nothing just to show off to her friends and social media, and spending less time with me. I mean it’s been a month and we’ve been out together twice. Lately she’s been doing the most, showing way too much and taking unnecessary ass “modeling” pics that look more like “insta-thot” shit. I’m not really feeling the person she’s becoming and I’m trying my hardest to avoid sayin shit to her because I don’t want to argue, but my patience is wearing thin. To add to my stress, today Sean came through with Deanna and Asia ass been around me non stop. I know I’m partially to blame since I flirted with her a little bit the last time she was here. I was looking at one of Leah’s thot posts and got pissed. There were too many dudes commenting for my comfort, including some in the industry that I knew. That shit had me all the way fucked up and Asia for some odd reason was souping my head up. I let it get to me a little, so when she sat down and wanted to listen to some beats I was workin on, I couldn’t help but flirt a lil bit. I can admit it was a bitch move and that shit won’t happen again. Even though I was just playin around I think I sent her the wrong message, shit, she’s over here dancing and gettin way too close to me. When I jokingly told her to slide over the other way she said “What are you tight for, unless you got a kitty, this dance ain’t for you.” smerking at me. That was enough for me to get up a leave for a second. When I came back Deanna and Asia were dancin by themselves and Sean was siting on the couch wanting to talk.

“So wassup wit you, Mo?…You lookin all dejected and shit.”

“Man…I don’t know…I guess the bullshit Teeleah on, got me kinda fucked up.”

“I feel you…I mean she look good as fuck and she stacked too? Shit, no wonder she got you over here sweatin’ bullets, ha. But nah, Dana showed me some of them posts and umm, yea, I would be pissed too.”

“Exactly!!…I’m just tryin to figure out how to approach her.”

“You, with this damn, “figure out how to shit”, ha. If Dana does some shit I don’t like, I just tell her to cut that shit the fuck out. You the one with the wealth, shit, she knows what it is. That’s the advantage of being in our position, we do what the fuck we want and keep our chicks in line. Dana’s not stupid, she knows not to piss me off or her black card gets revoked. I’m sure she knows I fuck with other bitches…but she don’t ask, they keep their mouths shut, and she enjoys the life I provide. Now of course she don’t know shit about Deanna, ha, that she don’t need to find out.”

“You know you’re deadass wrong…I can’t with that shit.” I said, shaking my head. “But honestly, if you wanna keep it under wraps I suggest ya’ll quit displayin that shit so obviously, before Leah walks in here.”

“Damn you right, kinda forgot.” He said, as we both laughed. “So umm wassup with Asia, I know she claims she gay, but the way she tried to shake her ass in front of you tells me either she full of shit or she swings both ways.” 

“Man I don’t know, but she gotta chill with that shit…Leah already don’t like her and I can’t have anymore drama. I really wish I didn’t need her.”

“Humph, somethin like back in The Valley with that chick?”

“Yeah somethin like that, but it ain’t what you think.” 

“Bruh, say no more…Hopefully that shit gets handled. But um, let me hear that new track you did for Drizzy, before you start lookin dejected n shit again.” 

Crackin up, we both got up and headed towards my mixing area.   


As I was just leaving a photo shoot for one of my girls bodysuit collections, I got a text from Dana that Asia is in Moses’ studio at our house. Apparently Deanna’s there with Sean and as she put it to Dana they’re having a grand ole’ time dancing and listening to new tracks he produced. I damn near dropped my phone reading that that bitch is in my house dancing her ass around my man. She’s been around him more and more lately since I’ve been busy and I’ve honestly had enough. Gay or not, this ho needs to back the fuck off! I raced home to see what the fuck was up and walked in on this foolery. Here this bitch is shaking her ass while Moses and Sean looked on. Now I trust Moses, but I don’t trust this bitch and it’s time for her ass to go. Not only did she embarrass me in front of TMZ but it seems as though she has her sights on my man. What pissed me off the most was that when I walked in, Moses gave me a dirty ass look and turned his head back around without saying a word. I wanted to go the fuck off but I decided to keep it calm, cool, and semi-collected.   

Teeleah: “Moses….Moses….” I said, as he blatantly ignored me. Pissed barely describes how I felt. With my blood boiling I marched right over to the power source and unplugged that shit. “Can you hear me now??” 

Sean: “I guess that’s our cue…Come on Dee…I’ll holla at you.” He said, dapping up Moses, who stayed in the same position clearly mad.

Asia: “Mo I still have a few things to go over with you about that project I’m working on…You want me to wait in the house?”

Teeleah: *laughing* ”Either you are high right now or just testing me…but no sweetheart, YOU can see yourself out of OUR home. Humph you weren’t too concerned about your job shakin your ass over there.”

Asia: “oook?…I guess I’ll call you tomorrow.” She said, swiftly walking out the door.

Moses finally got up from his spot and turned to face me. I knew he was heated but my ass was too, and at the moment I could care less. I was ready to argue since he’d been giving me the cold shoulder ever since I started trying to parlay my new celebrity into building a brand for myself and add to his.

“Yo! What the fuck is your problem Leah? You on some real crazy shit right now.”

“My problem?? You gave me the dirtiest look and ignored me when I walked in. I figured there was an issue that needed to be addressed so I cleared the room.” I said, with an attitude.

“Aight fine. My problem is the bullshit your on right now. The thot shit you been wearin and promotin hard for everyone to see, you documenting everything on social media from every fuckin purchase to shoppin sprees for your girls, and you jumpin to get in front of the paps any chance you get. The shit is ridiculous and needs to stop. It ain’t a good look for neither one of us. I can’t have my girl out here lookin like a gold diggin, thot and shit. Mothafuckas already gettin disrespectful, commenting on your pics. You got me out here lookin crazy! Look at tha shit you have on now?? I can see your fuckin nippples!!!  Like you on some fake Rihanna Shit!” 

“You’re blowin so much shit out of proportion Moses. First you can barely see them. I’m only wearing this from a shoot for a friend’s clothing line. My nips will be photo shopped out. I came straight home and if I choose to wear this out, I will use covers. Now, If I recall, you were happy I came out of my slump and started turning heads. You couldn’t get enough of it, so what the fuck changed Moses??”     

“Are you mad that I’m out here doing things on my own. That I can look this damn good without, you, by my side?? I’m so sick of that, my girl, bullshit when it comes to what, I, do. First you were annoyed, even though you didn’t tell I’m not stupid, now you’re mad when attention is on me. I’m not your fucking trophy that you can control Moses, I will never be that again. I’m trying to build a brand that will help not only me, but add to yours. My boutique is practically selling out and my clientele list has doubled. But you’re too concerned about your ego to see that. I don’t give a damn who tells me I look good on my posts, that has nothing to do with me! Ain’t that what you tell me?? Speaking of shit that I’m not feeling and why I hauled ass here…What the fuck is Asia doin here? Shaking her ass at that? I’m tired of her disrespect and I want her gone. She purposely played me out on TMZ, she keeps coming around when she’s not needed and now she’s in here boppin’ and twerkin’. You’re the one that got me out here lookin crazy.”

“Leah, you know damn well it’s not like that. Nobody was payin her any mind. She was dancin with Deanna. Yea, she’s my assistant, taking care of PR and specific legal issues, but damn, she can’t come by and listen to a few tracks? She already apologized to me and to you for that TMZ shit and that she meant no harm by it, damn! If you was around more you’d see that, but you’re too concerned about “modeling” or whateva you wanna call that shit. She’s great at her job and I’m not firing her because of your insecurities.”

“Humph, figures…You act like you can’t find someone who can do it better. Like one with a real law degree not a bullshit, online one and one who has actual experience with PR, not just some other rappers. You would never make a business move like that with your 300 million dollar estate. Is that why you’re still linked to that legit and reputable PR firm right? I was looking for my own and they happen ask me if I wanted to use the same reps as you? I just brushed it off thinking maybe she fit better with the industry, but now I’m questioning it. You wanna tell me why she’s really here??” I said, knowing damn well I’ve been looking for a reason to ask ever since I overheard him tell Sean he needed her a while back.

“Seriously Leah…You need to stop with that conspiracy bullshit. She’s here for exactly what I told you she’s here for.”

“Wateva, Mogul…I’m not stupid…Maybe she’s really here to make your dick jump, humph, maybe not. Until you tell me the truth or get rid of her ass don’t expect me to aid you in that department.” I said, headed towards the door. “Shit, “You can watch my fat ass twist boy!”…I swear Moses don’t make me finish that line..And don’t act like you don’t know it, I’ve played it enough.”    

“Yeah, wateva Leah.” was all he could say as I let the door slam. I couldn’t believe the bullshit that just happened. After all the bullshit that bitch is pulling, and he won’t fire her?? I don’t think he’s trying to cheat, but something is up and if he won’t come clean about it or at least fire her disrespectful ass, I can’t say for sure that we’re gonna make it. I love him to death but if I can’t trust him or he can’t trust me enough to tell me everything, then there’s no point in being in a relationship. Also, that, “My girl can or can’t do some shit”’ mentality has to go. Between that nonsense and this secrecy stuff, he’s beginning to be more like Ryan than I thought and here is no way in hell I’m going back to that life. 


blackidyll  asked:

Cherik prompt: Model and/or photographer AU? :D Also, new follower and new to the fandom - your blog is delightful!

Thanks and welcome to the endless feels pit that is Cherik! 


Erik’s going to kill Emma. He’s fantasizing about it even as they run through lighting checks, his fingers clenching tightly on his extremely expensive camera. Shooting should already be underway, but one model is a no-show, so they’re scrambling to find a replacement. But that’s not the reason Emma deserves death. Oh no, she’s done something much worse.

“Burberry for Vogue,” she’d said. She’d left out the most important word, of course, knowing Erik would have never taken the job otherwise.

Burberry for Teen Vogue.

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