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You are just as responsible for your fandom activism as creators are for their fanworks.

More so, in fact, because your primary purpose is telling people what to do or not do. Any instructive value in creative work is understood to be subordinate to entertainment and self-expression, but if you’re out there explicitly advocating for something, you’d damn well be ready to own it. Including all its implications and potential negative effects.

That means: If you’re urging people not to create some kind of fanwork because you think that’ll protect a vulnerable group, you’d better be ready to account for the members of that group who make it, enjoy it, and find solace in it.

That means: If you’re urging retaliation against creators, you are absofuckinglutely responsible for the harm that befalls them as a result, including harm to members of the group you’re trying to protect.

That means: If you’re holding everyone else to high standards about how they could affect someone with a trigger-able mental illness, you need to hold yourself to the same standards, including effects on people whose anxiety manifests as over-scrupulosity or intrusive thoughts.

That means: If you’re shaming erotica you find “gross,” you don’t get to blow off conversations about how that shame plays into conservative sexual-purity enforcement. You don’t get to wash your hands of the implications, whether or not that’s what you meant. Explicit activism has far more duty to consider indirect implications than anyone’s personal pursuit of sexual fulfillment does.

That means: If your activism has garnered you a huge follower count, you are responsible for the exposure you inflict on the people you pick fights with, and the dogpiles or hate mobs you incite. This can be a tough thing to learn if you get popular overnight, and even well-meaning people fumble with it at first, but it’s something you have to figure out. And don’t fucking give me that “it was just a block list, I didn’t mean for anyone to go into their askboxes on anon and tell them all to kill themselves” crap, the only people fooled by it are the ones looking for an excuse to be fooled.

That means: You are responsible for assessing the relative power and influence of the people you’re addressing, and not griefing marginalized subcultural small fry over artistic sins that are far more egregious among canon creators. Especially canon creators who are just as accessible on Twitter as fanwork creators are on Tumblr.

(Pre-emptive response to objections to the preceding paragraph: Only going after people you know you have social power over isn’t activism, it’s bullying with a thin veneer of activist lingo smeared over it. Only trying to clean up your immediate surroundings isn’t activism, it’s complaining to the local homeowners’ association–valid enough if someone’s running their chainsaw at 2am, but if you just can’t stand Betty’s problematic lawn flamingoes, dressing it up as concern for what tacky decorations say about the neighborhood is a little precious.)

If any of that is too burdensome for you, I suggest you take the advice fandom activists tend to have for fanartists and authors: if you can’t do it without doing damage and you’re not prepared to deal with the consequences, abstain. Restrict your activism to shit that’s not going to hurt people, even if that’s just being the best role model you can be.

You want to set yourself up as a moral authority? You want to dictate what people can and can’t create without activist blowback? That’s power–and yes, local power in a community can exist irrespective of society-wide systemic advantage. With power comes responsibility. Use it wisely or not, as you choose, but don’t act like you get to hold anyone accountable for their art’s indirect potential to harm if you don’t want to be accountable for your direct advocacy.

If you identify with Dan, don’t feel bad about wanting to talk about how you identify with Dan. You’re not making his story about you if the video made you want to talk about it; you’re doing exactly what he wanted, and keeping the conversation going. 

If you identify with Phil because someone you love is depressed, don’t feel bad about wanting to talk about how you identify with Phil or being curious about his side of it. You’re also doing exactly what Dan wanted, because depression impacts more than just the person who has it. 

If you find yourself trying to incorporate this new information about him into what you know of him as a person, you can do that. I think it’s a very natural response most people are having. I do think it’s important to keep in mind that Dan is not a different person today than he was a week ago - it’s just that we know something now we didn’t know then. And Dan is a public figure whose life we, as fans, follow. (Same for Phil, because this has also been a part of Phil’s life for the past eight years.) This should not change how anyone treats Dan but I think it is perfectly natural to do some introspection about what this might have meant to him at different points in his life. Dan did not make this video so no one would talk about it, or him. 

And finally: if you feel like you have feelings about this you need to process and you want to do it through writing meta posts on your own blog, through posting to a shared space, through drawing art, through writing fic, through interpretive basket weaving - do it. I can tell from my twitter feed and my tumblr dash and everywhere else I’m active online that this is hitting a lot of people deeply and personally. People work through emotions and inner turmoil in different ways. I have artist friends that say their art is therapy. I definitely know that writing is therapy for me. Don’t let anyone try to write off your method of emotional release just because it has to do with someone else’s life. 

Be respectful. Be considerate. Romanticizing mental illness is bad. Flat out, I will say that again: romanticizing mental illness is bad.  But creating something to express how you feel about a topic that is moving you emotionally is not inherently romanticizing. It’s okay to be inspired by someone else’s story. It can be done respectfully and this fandom is full of people who will do it respectfully, now in this immediate aftermath and for years to come. 

honestly I’m still not over the fact that blood sweat and tears, a music video with inspirations from and references to the book damian by herman hesse, contains a reference to chatroom (2010), a movie that features a gay kiss, just like the book damian, and in the bs&t music video jin kisses an arguably male figured statue that is implied to be a stand in for tae 

it’s probably the closest to a gay kiss (between males) anyone in the korean music industry can get away with right now without getting loads of hate and be branded as too controversial and would negatively impact the artists and their company

(not to mention the whole song is about forbidden temptation, the line “kiss me on the lips, a secret between the two of us” and the narration “he too was a tempter”, and the fact that every gay person who’s ever read damian can tell it’s gay af and so is bs&t)

Why Namjoon isnt accepted in the krap scene (and why thats a good thing)

  unpopular opinion and confession 

*****im not saying all krappers are like this btw chill ur dick

***also butthurt ppl dont come at me saying YEAH YOONGI TOO bc i shall make a post about him too i didnt forget about yall, always coming into namjoon rap posts and making it about yoongi

****My intention of this post is not to diss your faves or rappers in general. This isn’t a post that has the intention of throwing shade I am simply expressing my respect for an artist. 

I never really respected a lot of k-rappers. I do like some songs because they have a good beat but respect is something that an artist should earn. I respect rappers and groups like epik high, verbal jint, and tiger jk for influencing the krap scene for the good.

I wont touch on american rap but the krap scene is so generalized. Like hey have fake gold chains and a bunch of girls while I rap about shit that doesnt make people feel better about themselves with lyrics that i didnt even write. Many generalize culture, rap about degrading others, and you know all that shit. But let me tell you: RAP stands for RHYTHM AND POETRY.


Listen anyone can have their different perspective on poetry and maybe to someone “squad shit it g ma” is the most well thought out poetic verse that they have heard. 

But rapping all started when people were in pain, when people were in dark time period in life and spilling out their feelings through rhyme made them feel better and got them out of trouble. I`m not saying you need a depressing life story to be a rapper (you dont need a chicken to recognize an egg) but rapping is way more than some beats and a snapback, its a coping mechanism, maybe not always for the artist but definitely the audience.

I sound so old when I`m saying this but rapping isnt just talking fast, its a lengthy process of finding strong and meaningful word play, to beats and rhythms which compliment eachother which is then it put together in one song almost like a prayer.

and don`t come at me with the WELL I LIKE HOW IT SOUNDS, because these days i swear to god ANYONE CAN BE A RAPPER, and thats how it shouldnt be. 

They get others to write songs for them, songs usually have no smart wordplay or meaning and just talk in slightly faster pace. (i definitely find rap flow and speed a plus point in rapping). 

Rappers who arents even all that shit get praised and recieve so much attention and go on judging others just bc their not AS famous.

(random thought i really dislike smtm) Rapping isnt a childsplay. Common korean rap communities like smtm etc are extremely trashy to me.

 In 2015 during bangtan`s vacation Namjoon released his first mixtape (legendary) which proved his ability to write lyrics in both english and korean, write lyrics about depression happiness life hope etc, he made a damn song DISSING rappers who only have flow and lyrics that don`t make sense AND SPAT BARS SO FAST IM LIKE BOI BREATH, he teamed up with a western artist and recieVED EXTREME APPRECIATION IN THE AMERICAN RAP SCENE. 

If you don`t know he started rapping at 13 because he was going through a really low point in his life. He then started writing HIS OWN lyrics about his feelings and educated himself in hip hop and rap culture (he listened to a lot of nas and tupac what a man). He then joined an underground rap team which he gained skills like free-styling and flow (BOY CAN RAP SO FAST BRUH). But definitely his raps are extremely smart. He uses so much worldplay their almost like a riddle you need to figure out. Not only that he can rhyme and compose and has the qualities of a true rapper who IS PASSIONATE ABOUT MUSIC HE LET DOWN  HIS FAMILY TO BE A RAPPER DESPITE HAVING SO MUCH GRADES


Like when someone would think of k-rapper they would think Zico, Gd maybe, Jay Park, Dok2 (and if you are fans of common krappers thats okay) but I honestly feel as if rappers like them are so common. To me they don`t show anything exceptional. Its like comparing Eminem with Lil yatchy (you can like either and thats okay) but Eminem did his own thing with no influence from the stereotypical culture. In shows like SMTM or unpretty rapstar you definitely see the rap community come together and Im like boi why isnt joon there he can own yall asses.

Namjoon however is on a whole different level. He does in own thing without the influence of popular culture (which refers to his message in his song DO YOU). He raps about things that are special TO HIMSELF and doesnt care about others opinions. He never thinks about what others might think of his song or what he should do to catch the attention of the audience. He does what he likes to do and goes with HIS gut.

Namjoon is a special snowflake and I dont want him to be thrown in the *oh look another korean rapper lets put him in smtm and not let them grow as an artist* pile bc I feel as if thatll take away his authenticity.

I`m kinda happy that Namjoon doesnt associate himself with common rappers because he is way better than that. He strives to collab with artists of his choice, his taste, and doesnt go for popular or common people. 

Like you know what I`m trying to say. Imagine an exceptional student who isnt really popular among the folks. and all the students who get like c`s or b`s are extremely praised and popular.

Don`t get me wrong despite getting SO MANY opportunities like 4 features in official songs from other groups (one being korean hip hop legends MFBTY), being in the 4 things show , performing at multiple festivals individually,etc. I really don`t feel as if he reached the legendary rap title yet. He definitely was close to being “part” of the community as in 2014-2015 his rap career was highly active but is on the low now as a individual. 

  I appreciate Bangtan as a group and all the contributions of all 7 members  but since BTS is a group who produces their own music, one member can`t just go off making MVs while their writers do the job for their (cough cough, bts dont got writers they got mean namjoon) I know he is busy writing for bangtan, producing beats, and a whole lot of shit for the group and he is happy with doing that but that also takes away time from doing his solo rap career AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT.

He doesnt care of not being able to produce music all the time to the likings of krappers. He cares about Bangtan. He knows his potential and doesnt need to highly promote in order to prove his worthiness. He can promote small mixtapes or covers for his armys and he is content with that. His intention isnt to get famous, as he always says: i do this for the  music not the fame.

He does his own thing and doesnt worry about the drama. He is too good for them. Someone who is beyond expectations doesn’t mingle with people who are popular. They dont worry about irrelevants. They just keep on focusing on themselves and how to grow.

I can`t wait to see him become so well known as a rapper (he already is so high up in his journey) that everyone who looked down on him now want to be him.

Namjoon is a person who expressed that their isnt a right wrong with hip hop just passion
An open invitation to Artists from Artists Everyday

Hey everyone! It’s Sean, and I have SO much stuff in the works, for both myself as an artist, and for Artists Everyday as a whole!

For those of you that don’t know, I started Artists Everyday around the time I came back to school from my internship at Cartoon Network in 2015. I went to SIU (which I just graduated from), a state school in the middle of nowhere Southern Illinois. (Carbondale to be exact; I’m pretty sure its the center of the Universe, but I digress). I studied animation, but I knew from personal experience how hard it was to be an artist who wanted to work in animation, especially being that I didn’t go to a fancy art school, and didn’t have any connections in the industry. I’ve always been a big fan of blogs that serve as galleries for artists and share artist’s work, so I made the blog initially as a way to reblog other people’s art.

My internship allowed me to meet a host of amazing and talented artists, some I definitely still consider friends, but one of the things that it opened my eyes to the most was the sheer lack of information and transparency that there was in animation. Prior to being hired, I couldn’t find more than scraps of information detailing the internship experience, or how to even go about really getting one. The lack of information, or the lack of the right KIND of information, is what drove me to make this post about my experience and my time as an intern at CN:

I was expecting people to appreciate what I’d written, but I never could have imagined the response to my post being as massive as it was. 

When thousands of people started sharing what I’d written, and messages from artists either looking to find out how/where to apply for internships, or asking me to review their portfolios (a laughable thought considering I still have yet to create a proper animation portfolio) started flooding in; I KNEW we (artists as a collective whole) were fucked. Every new message in my inbox drew my mind back to one idea: nobody knows what to do. NOBODY seems to know how to get into the industry. I was receiving messages from artists on here that I’d followed YEARS prior, and thought were working professionals… (based on their talent levels/audiences etc.) and they were asking ME: a junior (at the time) at a school in Southern Illinois for help on getting into the animation industry.

And I don’t know SHIT about getting into the animation industry. Not a thing. Even though I interned there, I don’t have any of the magical keys that lead to Cartoon Network. Or any of its employers (for those who’ve asked)

I created Artists Everyday so I can share art, because I know how hopeless it can feel to be a small creative swimming in a vast, endless internet; trying to reach this mythical magical idea of working in animation. I know how it can feel to work on something for hours and put your work, passion and life into a piece- only to share it online and get 3 notes, or a reblog, or a like.

It’s frustrating to feel like this intangible thing that you’ve loved since you were a kid could be yours… if you only had more followers, or a wider reach, or more information, or the RIGHT information, or if you drew a certain way, or used the right hashtags. It’s all too much, and it all takes away from what’s important: your art.

Artists Everyday is my own personal answer to a lot of questions I’ve had in my short career, and some you all may have had yourselves; so here’s the point:


I’ve shared my story as an artist, and as I do more and experience more and work more, I’m going to continue sharing my story. Not because I have all of the answers, but because the answers that I DO have, have allowed me to graduate from a school in the middle of Illinois, and still work full time as a freelance animator, supporting myself fully by making art. 

I can share the negative experiences and pitfalls that I’ve experienced freelancing, and dealing with clients, and how to avoid all of the crazy bullshit that goes along with making art your job, and I plan to..

But this is an invitation to you all; to anyone who read this far and anyone who can relate to some of the things that I’ve talked about in the past or even in this post; I want to hear your stories. I want to hear about your triumphs and pitfalls as an artist. I want to share not only your art, but your stories as well; because it’s that information that I feel is the most important, and the most helpful.

My inbox is OPEN; tell me about the terrible clients you’ve had. Tell me about the bad employers (In animation or art) that you’ve had to deal with; tell me about ALL OF IT. 

I want to hear about the troubles and the fears that you all have about your own art, so that I can better learn how to share and make artists feel like they can share what they make with an audience that will receive them; even if they’re not drawing Steven Universe fanart or even if they’re not a professional in the industry. Your stories; professional, amateur, and otherwise are all just as important as the art that you make, and it could help another artist somewhere down the line.

So please, reblog this; send me a message; tell your artist friends, send me some artists to look up, send me your work,  tell me your stories, tell me how you made it, how you didn’t make it, all of it.

You’re not alone. Even you, sitting there on your computer late at night, ready to post that artwork you made and hope people see even though you didn’t go to CalArts. Even though you go to a state school. Or you, the person who’s never even seen a mountain in person, let alone LA, or anywhere else animation is made… Or you, the CalArts student who didn’t make the best film, or had professors that don’t like you… or ANYONE in between. Share this. Share something. Send me a message, draw something for yourself. I’m cool with all of it.

I want to continue building Artists Everyday as a resource and tool for artists, not just a submission blog. And your stories are going to be the beginning

If you read this far. You’re dope.


anonymous asked:

okay but DOES anyone from Disney know about your comics it's driving me that they're better than the official comics (can we? tell them? about them?)

haha well, gosh, truth is one of the Italian comic artists and an American comic writer have got in touch with me but we’re pretty much just friends- I talk to them and ask them questions from time to time, I wouldn’t want to overstep that sort of relationship by asking them for more. On the other hand, I am horribly shy and clueless about how to tell such people I exist and wouldn’t mind at all if you would like to tell Disney people about the doodle comics SO LONG AS-

1. you are polite and don’t hassle them about my stuff

2. you are kind about the official comics (which tbh I think are A+ and always always better than mine)

3. if you’re talking to Don Rosa tell him I adore his work and hope his garden’s chilli crop is doing well

4. you’re really sure you want to do that I mean hell that’d be cool I have no idea what I’m doing with these I just really really enjoy making them

blue-bird130  asked:

Recently I've been having confidence issue about my art. I don't want to draw because I think I can't do anything good. Do you have any tips for boosting confidence?

We all learn from 0 man! You think I was born with the ability to instantly draw amazing art? Wh-What do I look like, an Asian?

I didn’t know how to draw a DOG when I first started, I just knew I wanted to learn to draw. And non-stop practicing  looked like the right way to achieve that.

A lot of people tend to compare their art to someone who is “better” than them and get discouraged from it. I used to do the same and found it really hard sometimes to grab inspiration.

But I started using that as a form of inspiration, whenever you look at some outstanding artwork you gotta look at it and think “I’ll get there someday” “I CAN get there” and have that goal in your mind, and I can confirm you 100% that it is true, there are so many people and artists that I looked up to 5 years ago, and I loved their work, I still do. And nowadays people compare ME to them, which is absolutely insane. 

I know it sounds cliche but, don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. Because… there were SO many people telling me my art was cringe, that it waas bad, that I should quit, that I should do something else. But… whenever someone tells me that I can’t do something, that just gives me more reasons to prove them wrong. 

Everyone has the potential to be a great artist, be happy with yourself, everyone’s got their own unique and fantastic style. 

You just have to stay determined ♥


Damn, what a Fresh Fox ™

Guys I’m thinking about selling my original psd files, wondering if anyone has interest😊

For me, looking at artists’ psd files works better than watching tutorials. It makes me think more about artists’ thinking process instead of just following the techniques step by step. The layers tells the clue of the decisions that artists make, which will make you think more like" I want to create this scene in my imagination, how can I make it?“ instead of ” To make this effect, I need to click here and here and then here….“ Which will make you improve more.( And I’m kind of lazy to make tutorial videos, I hate talking and my computer is too shit to do screen recording lol )

Just wondering if it’s a thing that you’ll be interested in so I can start preparing <3

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Anticipating the next chapter of the artist series!!! 😍

Mod Note: If anyone can remind me which fic this is, I’d be very grateful. Until then, have some more CoC.

Chain of Command: Part 5.

Claire traced the pattern on the rough table, trying to avoid making eye contact with Mama Crook who –with a very motherly stare– was keeping council with her in the privacy of the downstairs study.

“Who, Claire, ye need to tell me, aye?”

Dipping her head closer to the wooden hardtop, Claire tried to contain the butterflies that were forming in her belly.

She shook her head.

“Did he force ye? You can tell me. Ye *ken* me, Claire…”


For six months she’d managed to conceal the child, using rags to hold her belly flat under her skirts after her failed ‘escape’ attempt. But in a moment of weakness, she’d snuck away from her duties, undone her bindings - just as her baby began to move within her - and just sat with her palms cradled over the unborn babe.

Mrs Crook watched her sneak away and had followed, curious as to why Claire had been so withheld recently. Pushing the door open, she viewed Claire with a sort of awed-wonder as the lass stripped down and sat cross legged on the floor, cradling her extended belly with such peaceful reverence.


Claire shook her head again, keeping the identity of her secret lover concealed.

Huffing out an audible sigh, Mrs Crook dropped her joined hands onto the tabletop, her patience wearing thin as the minutes ticked by.

“Claire, ye need t-”

Opening the door, Brian plowed into the small room a large smile on his face as he viewed the two women, “Mrs Crook! I need some…” his words trailed off as he took in the tense scene in front of him, his smile faltering as he caught the sweep of Claire’s belly beneath her thin dress.

“Mary, mother and bride,” he cursed, pulling a chair beside Mrs Crook as his weight fell into the seat with a solid thump.

“Dinna ask me who, sir,” she sighed in defeat, “I canna get her t’ tell me who’s fathered the bairn.”

Holding his hand up to Mrs Crook a look of understanding crossed Brian Fraser’s face as he placed his large palm over Claire’s joined ones. “Claire, lassie, who?”

Remaining stoic, Claire pressed her lips together, Brian’s familiar blue eyes piercing her armour as she tried to stay quiet. “You’ll send me away, so what does it matter if you know?” She questioned, her voice stable for the moment as her fingers twitched where they lay beneath his.

No matter what, she wasn’t from their world. Whether she told him the truth or not, she would not be allowed to raise her baby the way she’d dreamed since discovering her new circumstances.

“Ach! It *does* matter, Claire,” Brian whispered, his hard stare holding some unspoken emotion that Claire couldn’t place, “especially if it’s someone who hurt ye! And we willna send ye away, why would ye think such a thing?”

Hiding her head beneath her curls, Claire pulled her eyes away.

“Is that the reason fer *Inverness*?” Brian whispered, sensing her crumbling resolve he changed tack, his palms rubbing soothing circles over Claire’s clammy hands.

Claire’s cheeks pinked but she remained quiet.

“Did I ever tell ye,” he began, a wistful reverence in his tone, “about my mother, Claire?”

Bringing her head up, Claire studiously ignored Mama Crook as her eyes locked with Brian’s once more. Shaking her head, she licked her lips as unshed tears welled in her eyes. “No,” she replied, the hunched set of her shoulders relaxing a little as she settled to listen to his tale.

Seeing her calm, Brian’s mouth twitched upwards as he continued. He had an idea, of course, as to why Claire was being so coy about her tryst. But he wanted her to tell him the truth of it without having to force the information from her. He knew that this story was likely the only thing to break down the walls which she’d built around her wee secret.

“Ye already ken Jamie and Jenny’s grand-sire, aye?” He forged ahead, waiting only briefly for Claire’s nod in between words, “weel, he met my ma in a rather unconventional position…”

Sitting on the guest bed, Claire shifted her weight. The mattress was incredibly comfortable but she just couldn’t seem to relax. Despite his best efforts, Brian had been unable to coax the identity of Claire’s mystery suitor from her. She very nearly cracked after hearing his story but the more rational part of her saw through his attempts to prize the information from her. In the end, the story saw Brian’s mother raise him alone - without the help of Simon Fraser. Only in guilt had the man gifted Lallybroch to Brian and Claire could only see the same fate for herself and the baby. Why bring Jamie’s reputation into disrepute? She’d rather continue to conceal it in the hopes that Jamie wouldn’t feel the need to claim ownership of her unborn once he discovered her secret.

She’d come this far, already in too deep, Claire -as stubborn as she was- had chosen her path.

Ellen clicked the door open, pushing the thick wood slowly so as not to spook Claire. She had returned home to find Brian with his head in his hands and and empty dram of whisky drained on the table in front of him.

He’d only to say two words and Ellen knew it all.

‘She’s pregnant.’

With the words still echoing around her head as she snuck into the bedchamber.

“Claire?” She questioned quietly, reaching her hand out to run over the young lassie’s hair as she tried to hide her eyes from Ellen. “Ye ken what you mean to me, to us…” she began, her hands trembling a little as she tried to quash Claire’s misgivings. “I wouldna be here today if it wasne for you.”

“I’m so sorry, Ellen,” Claire blurted, her emotions boiling over at Ellen’s motherly touch.

“What is there to be sorry for, a leannan? I dinna think there is anything ye need apologise for. But we canna do more until you tell us…tell me, Claire…” she pleaded, “please?”

When Claire still refused to speak, she tried one last thing. Wrapping her arm around Claire’s shaking shoulders, she brought her against her chest. “Ye ken how strong our Scottish blood is, Claire,” she whispered, “tell us and we can assure you both safety and protection before the bairn arrives. Do you want to be a family?”

The question was supposed to be rhetorical, but Ellen did not, and had never believed in the impossibility of any situation.

“You’ll send me away once you know,” she spoke repeating the same worry to Ellen as she had to Brian, her voice muffled as she burrowed deeper into the wool of her shawl. “Or take my baby away from me. Why yearn for something I can never have?”

“This has to be your choice, Claire. I canna force yer honesty. But I will strive to help you in any possible way. And we would *ne’er* remove your child from ye.” That particular statement and cut Ellen deep - for Claire to assume that either her or Brian would punish her so severely made her heart ache. 

Taking Claire’s hand in her own, Ellen first ran their joined palms over Claire’s belly and then raised them to place over her own heart. “Trust in us, Claire. We will see ye safe.”

Closing her eyes tight, Claire felt the steady beat of Ellen’s heart and swallowed. “I should have told him first,” Claire sighed, tears falling down her cheeks as she opened her eyes again, staring directly at Ellen as she tried to convey meaning with simply a look. “W-will you tell him I’m sorry for it…?”

Padding downstairs, Ellen huffed out a rather large breath as she pressed herself to Brian’s side.

“How is she?” He asked, eager to know if his clever wife had managed to wrangle the truth from Claire.

“Scared still,” Ellen sighed. “She thinks she’s alone.”

“Have ye managed to convince her that view is supremely foolish?” Brian chuckled worriedly.

If anyone could do it, Ellen could. After Jamie, Ellen was the Fraser with whom Claire had the strongest bond.

“What’s amiss, Mam?” Jamie piped up, his voice echoing through the almost-silent room. Brian and Ellen’s eye rose to meet his immediately. They’d been so deep in thought that neither had seen or heard their youngest enter until he’d made himself known.

“Son,” Ellen coaxed, patting the sofa next to her as she spoke, “before I tell ye, I think we need a wee chat, aye?”

Sitting with some trepidation, Jamie perched on the end of the seat with his fingers strumming out a nervous rhythm against his bare knees. “It’s Claire, isn’t it?” He broached, unaware of her current predicament. She had been off-colour for a while, avoiding him completely in recent weeks. He’d been busy though, which had made giving her space easier.

Brian took Ellen’s hand, watching as Jamie’s gaze flittered restlessly between them both. After Willie had been taken, sickness in the house always came with some manner of trepidation.

“Jamie,” Ellen began, her eyes serious as she clutched Brian’s hand tightly, “Claire’s pregnant.”

Steeling himself, Jamie wrung his hands together as he stood outside the guest bedroom door. The distinct sound of sobbing filtered under the door and his heart shattered at the idea of Claire suffering alone for all this time, afraid and unable to come to him with her news.

*Promised*, his mother had told him. She’d spent most of their romantic time together thinking their actions to be illicit - all because of some misconceived notion that he was to wed another.

In a moment of weakness as a child, his grief at losing his brother consuming him inside and out, he’d made a promise to his father. Claire had been his beacon. His shining light. And no matter how she saw herself, he saw the treasure she truly was. In those dire days he had promised Brian that one day Claire would be his bride - no matter what.

Brian, it seemed, had taken him at his word to this day. The rumours that had been spilt throughout Broch Tuarach had not been wrong, he was permanently entangled with someone whom he loved greatly. But since the name of the lucky lassie had been conveniently omitted - to allow Jamie the chance to woo his intended properly - Claire had only heard a partial truth.

She’d craved Jamie, labouring under the assumption that sometime soon he’d be betrothed to another woman.

Suddenly her downtrodden mood over Laoghaire became clear to him as the mist evaporated before his eyes.

Cursing his foolishness, Jamie berated himself for the lack of clarity on his behalf. This mess would not have occurred had he cleared Claire’s misconceptions. Had he not allowed her to block his every attempt at making his position clear to her, they would *not* be in this situation now.  

Opening the door, he walked across the wood paneled floor and knelt beside the cushioned four poster bed.

“Why, Claire?” He muttered, taking hold of her frozen hands as he began to kiss her frigid digits. “Why did ye spend all this time thinking yerself no’ fit for me?”

Stunned, Claire remained silent. She’d expected the ‘why’. After all, Jamie was loyal to a fault. To think that he’d missed the chance to resolve this mess earlier would have certainly had him in knots. But she hadn’t expected latter part of his statement.

Ellen’s calming influence earlier had worked. Within moments of their unusual mother/daughter-like conversation beginning she’d broken, sobbing relentlessly as she hiccuped through her sorry tale.

“Because I’m not, Jamie. You’re the Laird Broch Tuarach… and I’m plain Claire, nothing more.”

“No!” Jamie cried, tears slipping from his eyes as he leaned forwards, pressing his forehead gently against hers, “dinna you ever say that, Claire!” He castigated, his patience at the depredation of her self-worth depleting.

“It’s you, mo nighean donn. It’s always been you! Can’t you see?” He begged, pleaded, his tone reverent and true as he grasped her tightly.

“All of those years ago, I pledged myself to ye. My body, my heart…everything. I told da. So yes, I am promised. I was *always* promised…but to you, Claire.”

Fresh tears cascaded down her cheeks now as she dragged in a ragged breath, relief and sorrow coursing through her veins as she hurled herself from the bed and into Jamie’s waiting arms.

“Oh, Jamie,” she spluttered, gripping onto his shirt so tightly that she almost tore into the fabric, “I l-love you…God how I love you.”

“Then you’ll have me?” He whispered, his lips caressing her ear slowly as he pressed his flat belly against her round one, the feel of his child between them emboldening his words by touch alone. “Because, Christ, Claire, if I don’t love ye too. I always have…”


Art School | Nathan Bell (Los Angeles, CA)

As one of the shows featured in our April First Thursdays, Los Angeles-based artist Nathan Bell’s upcoming solo show ‘Mixed Feelings’ will featured 400 works using materials such as french paper, coroplast, and mixed media.  Self described “introverted over thinker with a design background,” Bell expresses himself through the painted word, or rather words –a whole lot of them. Through experimenting with “language, typography and aesthetic,” Bell’s work focuses on thoughts, ideas, wordplays, inside jokes, reflections, all of which he has been creating for the last two years!  

We’re excited to feature him on Art School where we find out more about his works and words! From working with new materials to his process to what we should expect in his solo show ‘Mixed Feelings,’ which opens Saturday, April 22nd at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles. 

Photographs by Katherine Sheehan

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Hey can anyone tell me the name of the artist, or link me to that sailor moon picture where all the girls look like they’re gonna kick your ass?

I found a shop that sells it on tshirts without permission and I’d like to warn the artist, but I can’t find them by reverse google image because the only image I have is this: (the stolen t-shirt)

attention ppl who like art!

i’m a young POC writer and artist, and i’m currently working on a weekly (or every 2 weeks) subscription newsletter email thing that will include poetry, music, book recs, podcasts, photography and more!

i’ve currently just been working on the first email and the design and all that jazz…but eventually you’ll be able to send in your own pictures or poetry and things for others to see!

if you’re interested in niche club news (a working title…) then you could like..drop your email in my ask box or in reply to this post and over the next week or two you’ll receive the tester email, and you could tell me if you like it or if you think i should change it up!

if not…simply reblogging this could be very helpful to get it out into the world…this is geared towards younger artists and poc (though anyone from the ages of 13-25 can join in!) and i’m very excited about it. please help out your young poc artists dudes!



and their respective first cards to show off the art style

The Wild Unknown Tarot - Gifted by a friend, my favorite deck. I connect so well with this deck and the art work is amazing. the guide book reads like poetry its just lovely to work with

The Deviant Moon Tarot - One of the only two decks that i bought myself. I love this decks art style but it doesnt work very well with me, i find it very passive aggressive in readings for myself but it loves giving advice to others. 

Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot - i literally just recieved this deck today as a trade with @keepersreprise so i havent had the chance to work with it yet, i need to cleanse it hardcore. But the art work is breathtaking and i cant wait to use it

The Osho Zen Tarot - I received this deck as a gift from a coworker and it literally vibrated in my hands when i first held it. The art is absolutely gorgeous and doesnt follow the standard suits so i use it more as an oracle deck which i think is very common for this deck.

The Native American Tarot  - this was the first deck that i bought for myself. It stood out to me at my local metaphysical shop because it reminded me so much of my grandmother and the art is beautiful. It is very motherly in readings, giving hard truths in a gentle way. 

Unknown Deck - I won this deck from a free community yard sale page. I have never used it, i was planning on using it as a learning deck but then i lost the book and i have no idea the name of the deck or the artist. It uses elements in place of the standard suits. So if anyone knows the name of this deck please let me know so i can update this

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle - I’ve only used this deck a few times but its spot on with its readings and telling you just what you need to hear and the photos of the stones are amazing and honestly have helped me identify some of the crystals in my collections lol

Spirit De La Lune Oracle - This deck was gifted to me by the amazing @ursalala. it has been on my wishlist since i first started getting into tarot and it is absolutely gorgeous. i havent had the chance to work with it much yet but i love just flipping through and looking at them omg are they pretty. 

reasons why the miraculous ladybug is gross

honestly it makes me so uncomfortable to see how popular the show has gotten on tumblr

all the nsfw has been removed bc the guy got called out but I saw all three pictures so if you wanna know specifically what the nsfw was of, I can let you know

EDIT: updated with link to post with archived nsfw in case you want proof as well as a little add ons I made

Too Much

Recently (Since closing my Ask Box)  I’ve had a slew of individuals message me about requests.

This is totally fine because not everyone knows I’m closed for requests.   Most people are very courteous when I tell them I’m not taking any at the moment, and usually the conversation ends with me gaining a wonderful new friend.

But that is not always the case.

The past few days alone I’ve had a small handful of individuals harass me to take their requests.

I’ve had people attempt to guilt me into doing them or having their request done immediately.

One individual was told no repeatedly and even began berating and bullying me in an attempt to get what they wanted.

So you (Peep-Who-Can’t-Take-No), and anyone who thinks this is okay, knows-

I am not some green artist that owes anyone a favor.

I am  a grown 27 year old Security Forces Veteran.  I spent years guarding critical assets and leading in situations that most people would cower in. You can not scare me or harass me into doing things for you.

You have no f*cking idea who I am.

If I clearly tell you ‘No. Your taking this too far and making me uncomfortable.’ and you persist I will block you and release our conversation and your username- labeling you a cyber bully, and warning all other artists to steer clear of you.

If I feel you are a threat I will hand the situation over to authorities

I do not tolerate such aggressive behavior- consider this a warning.

You guys, I have a confession to make…I CANT GET OVER THIS SHIP! UGHHHH! It’s why the songs keep on coming and the writing won’t stop.

So here’s yet another Katsudeku inspired fansong but this time it’s from Deku’s point of view and lemme tell you, it has all the angst….because this ship is all the angst.

I’m trash, I know. Enjoy and keep those requests coming!!!!

***Also if anyone knows the artist for the fanart PLEASE send me their way so i can give credit where credit is due.******

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