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ALTL Part 50

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Title: ALTL Part 50

Characters: Sam, Dean, Y/N, Balthazar

Word Count: 1,078

Warnings: none!

A/N: You are in for ONE HELL of a surprise! I hope you all enjoy this next part! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

As Dean repaired your car, you looked through your car for anything else that could possibly be missing.  Fortunately for you, nothing else was missing.  However, the things that were missing were incredibly important.  A book all about you and your powers was dangerous in any creature’s hands.

You sat in the driver’s seat, staring off into space as you got lost in your thoughts.  You couldn’t help but wonder who was after you this time.  It couldn’t be your mother, she was no longer around.  Bradley and Danny were dead and so were your mock parents.  Crowley wasn’t dumb enough to come after you, was he?

“[Y/N],” Dean called.  “How many times do I have to say your name?”  Dean pulled you out of your car, shutting the door behind you.  “I have to paint a little bit of your car.  You can’t sit in there.  You’d be trapped for hours.”

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