can anyone identify this song

anonymous asked:

I have stumbled upon "come back be here", appropriately by way of an astrology post wherein the signs were matched with underrated Taylor swift tracks. Is this arguably the first song she ever wrote about Harry? It is so much to listen to right now in the face of impending Harry styles/1d emptiness. I, too, want him to come back and be here figuratively, I want it so much! Anyway just wanted to pop by and see if you had any thoughts about this song, as I treasure all your haylor musings.

I love that song!! It seems to me she conceivably wrote it about Harry, about the period way before they were officially dating when they were kind of on-again off-again talking to each other, but I don’t keep track of dates well enough to know for sure. But whether or not she wrote it about him, he definitely felt the shoe fit or he wouldn’t have quoted it in “I Love You": “I didn’t come back and I wasn’t there/I won’t trouble you no more.” One thing I LOVE about what Harry does with that song is that by quoting her lyrics, he is accepting them as a reasonable description of what happened between them, and there’s something kind of…gentlemanly and humble about that. He’s accepting her right to tell their story, and then expressing that he wants to be part of the telling of that story. So her songs are not a subject/object one-way street where Taylor writes about Harry and his reaction is irrelevant––it’s like there’s something collaborative going on. Also, so many of her songs are about her insisting on the validity of her own experience and memories: I was there. I remember. And one way her critics tend to attack her is to be like, oh crazy Taylor blowing things up out of proportion again. But in that song, Harry’s like yeah, you know what? you’re right. I didn’t come back, I wasn’t there. I was exactly the trouble you predicted. With those lines, Harry supported Taylor’s narrative as valid and he responded respectfully and in kind. 

As for the song itself, yeah, I think it’s a spot-on Harry song, because if there’s one thing Harry is good at, it’s getting on a plane and flying away. I can imagine anyone who’s ever wanted to be close to Harry identifying with this song. Is he in NY? Is he in London? Who knows? COME BACK HARRY STYLES!!!