can anyone id her


Miz Beulah Fowler and Miz Ruthie Wyandotte, 13 x 10.5″ each, mixed media on Rives BFK Tan paper. I posted Beulah when I finished her; now she has a friend. And today I begin work on my 2016 calendar: Chickens of Distinction. Oh – and I have no idea what breed Beulah is; her owners didn’t know either. Can anyone here help me ID her?

Posting here so my arachnophobic friend doesn’t accidentally see it on my main Super cool spider I found? HUGE like 1.5-2 inches and had captured a yellow jacket here. Found in western NC Appalachia area on a hike over a bridge above a stream. Didn’t get a pic from another angle bc I was afraid to wreck her web. Can anyone ID? I go on nature hikes a lot here and haven’t seen a spider like this before. Gorgeous red and brown.

I got carded for Deadpool, thus ending my four year not-getting-carded-for-movies streak.

And not only was I carded, nay: upon dejectedly grumbling ‘im twenty three’ to the teenager who took my ID, I was told “oh! Then I don’t need to see anyone else’s IDs, you can all go in with her”.

Come with me, children, I’ll admit you to violent action-comedies, im the smol movie matron


And then she hopped onto the phone I was photographing her with…

External image

This is my Penh. :D Finally, some proper photos of her!
She hasn’t molted yet, nor does she show any signs of doing so any time soon. So she’s still only about an inch in length. She eats and eats, and is quite the firecracker in terms of energy! I love her so much, she’s so CUTE (I just want to shove her in my mouth, that’s how cute she is. I’ll eat her up)!!

Now, can anyone in the Mantis tag can help me ID her? I have very strong suspicions that she’s an hierodula membranacea (giant asian). She’s a stalker and a stone cold killer, typical of the species. I have no idea what instar she’s at, either–but as I said, she’s about an inch in length if you were to flatten her out, and her wing buds are not yet noticeable as far as I can see. 

 For the record, she’s wild caught, right here on Phuket Island, Thailand (where I currently live). 

Here, have a bonus gif as a sign of my gratitude to anyone who can help confirm or rebuff my observations!:

External image