can anyone help me out on the source

Pro Tip: If you wanna get to know a character (an oc or a character from a series, either or) better but aren’t sure how, make an aesthetic graphic for them. Moodboard, stimboard, aesthetic post, etc. it doesn’t matter, it’ll help a lot. It forces you to think about what the elements of a character are and what separates them from others, to refer to who they are without necessarily using an outright image of them. Trust me, after making aesthetic posts for like 18 separate characters in one go for an event, some who only have a couple lines, it helped me understand the characters better and be more interested in them.

If you’re worried it won’t turn out good, please don’t be; it’s ok if it didn’t make an end product you were satisfied with, just doing it as an exercise can be really helpful for getting in tune with a character, and it can be a lot of leg work but ultimately its something anyone can do. Just search for some images on Google or tumblr (try “[keyword] aesthetic”) and put them on a tumblr post, or download Pixlr or use it on the browser and dive right in. Just be sure to source your work (I beg of you) and don’t worry about it too much.

you know, for years and years all i wanted was to publish a book. i’ve no idea how many words i’ve written or how many manuscripts i have sitting around waiting to be finished, but believe me it is a lot. about a closet full of paper is sitting in the hall because i’m throwing half of it–everything older than high school, out. recycling but you know what i mean.

but now that it’s happened (though i and everyone else here knows it’s nothing like being *real* published) and i go to work on another one that should be fairly easy to finish, very similar to the one i finally got done, and its so much harder than it used to be. 

it’s hard to form a sentence or a paragraph, i hardly know what the point of what i’m writing is, even though i can tell anyone a 50-word summary of what i’m working on quick as ever. i don’t feel like im expert enough in this field, or any field. it really makes me question my grasp/understanding of witchcraft and if it’s wide enough. fuck knows it’ll never be sourced enough.  i used to know that there wasn’t a perfect book in the world.

it just feels so….i dont know. like there’s always going to be some helpful or important tidbit i’m going to leave out. some fact i thought i understood and it’s not right when i write it down. fuck, it might be as simple as using the wrong sources. SO MUCH of the sources in witchcraft are either wrong or made up. a published almanac i own gave me misinformation on some simple fact about how often blue moons occur, and a month or so ago i trusted it blindly and wrote a post using it as a reference. 

i feel like i’ll just end up being yet another wrong source in the witchcraft world

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Hey wild thought that came to me - Some smart mouthed douche coming into the meet and putting down and rebutting everything E says out of cruelty and without facts and E trying to keep his shit together in front of everyone and R just getting up and verbally flaying this guy open with an argument of the century because how dare you come in here and talk to his dreamer friends like that (also hello lovely how you doing?)

Grantaire roasting anyone who tries messing with his friends and their beliefs gives me life


so R @ this guy is like
Watching a mama bear beat the shit out of a dude who slapped her cubs and everyone is kinda staring in awe

Enj is low key heart eyes at R during it and after

(💕I’m good thanks for asking👈😎👈)

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Ok, so I have no idea why I want this, but do you have any head cannons for Dazai, Chuuya, Atsushi, Aku bae, and Kunikida if they were high school students?

Ah yes my fav High School AU, enjoy! ~Admin Yuyu

  • Dazai:
    • Life’s a roller coaster and you gotta enjoy it while it lasts right? Wrong. I can imagine Dazai as a really studious person who takes his grades seriously.

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Please, do you know of anyone who will be at jib today? can you ask them to ask misha if he will be in the show next season? I know you believe he will but I need to know for sure, for my mental health. I've been feeling ill since the episode, i can't sleep and I know i will only feel worse if I don't have news about cas form certain sources. please, could you help me out and maybe ask someone at jibcon if they can ask him or the writers? I really am in need of knowing. thanks.

I know a lot of people who will be at JiB, and I have no doubt that it will be the first question put to Misha…

and he’s expecting it.

He’s probably got something very specific he’s going to be required to say, and there are things he will not be allowed to say.

I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad about it right now. I’m about ready to pass out myself. But honestly I am not worried about Cas.

If you’re going to be doing any sort of work with your subconscious, bear in mind that you can’t go removing some specific thing and the impression its got, it’s actually best to “shift” your mental symbolism to encompass whatever association you’re trying to work with.

For example, I was doing some investigative stuff on my subconscious today and found that one of the deities I work with (albeit very, very occasionally) was associated as being a meddler, as sticking their nose into things they shouldn’t. Due to the nature of this sort of work, I had concerns as to whether this association would let them to be privy to information I didn’t want them to have. Rather than straight up remove him I just shifted that position to a character in a video game. That character even if she were to eventually become a thoughtform or something wouldn’t be really damaging with that info. In general the situation is way more under my control now, and I like that.

This displaced the deity associated within that position of my subconscious and, since the association was strong enough with this character (she’s one I’ve seen very recently, I’m deeply invested in the game, the association is valid), I’ve successfully removed a foothold for this guy. I cite this as an example more for helping other people because I did initially try to straight up cut the deity out of my subconscious, but that’s not how this language works. The subconscious is a language of impressions, of feelings and gut reactions. Those reactions can be interacted with, but it’s way easier to replace/work with the source of certain reactions than to outright cut them. In fact, cutting them could be empowering.

Just a tip I thought I’d share. If anyone has questions/comments feel free to respond in a reblog or pm me or something!

au ideas

pirate au: muse a is a fabled pirate captain, well known throughout the land, dominating the high seas with thievery and marauding.  muse b is the child of high standing officials in a town where muse a often stops for raids.  the next time they come around, they decide to kidnap muse b and ask for ransom.  but muse b is kept in the captain’s quarters, and against all morals, they find themselves attracted to the pirate.  what if feelings develop?  what if muse b ends up not wanting to go back?

rage virus au: it starts small—-just a few people.  but it spreads fast.  in a week, it’s a national epidemic.  in three, it’s worldwide.  people start killing each other out of a vicious, uncontrollable rage, but they still maintain their earlier intelligence and human cunning.  very few members of the population are unaffected by the virus, and muse a and muse b are two of them.  alone together, they must try not to be killed, while wondering the whole time if they can trust the other, or if this is just a plan and the virus lurks inside of them, waiting to come to the surface.

haunted au: muse a has just moved into a new house, and they believe they’re alone.  but as it turns out, the place is haunted—-by muse b.  at first, muse b stays back, simply observing.  but soon they start doing little things, just in an attempt to be noticed.  muse a, however, doesn’t believe in ghosts.  they keep finding “logical” explanations for the occurrences, until muse b finally appears to them.  they keep muse a company when they’re lonely, serve as a listening ear, change tv channels for them, and help them find their lost keys.  after a while, muse a realizes that they’re in love…with a ghost.  and they have two choices: move out so they can be away of the source of their feelings, or try to make it work.

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hey, I was wondering, since you are artists with some of the most unique styles online, how do you feel about this? Can you share experiences or advice with developing it and what you think about people copying styles. Ive honestly heard a lot of things and I was curious about your opinion. Thanks for the time!

(cont of previous ask) I also wanted to add my experience - when I really like an artist sometimes I feel like it “brushes off” on my drawings. Im kinda paranoid with this so I end up toning it down so that people dont get onto me. Its just that Im afraid of how fans rage about such things. However a lot of professionals say that style is when you pick things you like from other people’s stuff and arrange them the way you like it. Im just confused.


We’ve had this sitting in our inbox for a while, and this is kind of a hard thing to answer and talk about, especially while we where still very active in a scene where this was happening to us a lot, sorry it took so long to get around to it, Steph will be your host for this evening!

I think copying styles is a pretty big no when it’s not for your own amusement or education. However, there is a world of difference between copying something and being inspired by it or learning from it. I think it’s great to have artists you love brush off on you, it is true that we collect the things we like, the problem doesn’t come from collecting those things, but rather comes from not doing anything with them afterwards. It is like the difference between making a photocolauge and just pasting one photo in the middle of your page and calling it a day.

When we create, we what we project are the sum of our knowledge and experiences as curated by us. The more knowledge and experiences you have, the wider array of things you will be able to create. Experience other artists, take what you need and leave the rest, but understand what you take. If you don’t understand it, it will be hard to make it your own.

For example, something that is often taken from me is the way I draw tufts of fur and the way I hatch things. Often, when I see other people copying this whole-sale, it looks really weird and awkward. This is because they don’t understand the choices that went into the shapes I chose or why I even chose to have them in the first place. 

I am all about the flow and form and weight of the linework I do. If the lines I am adding don’t contribute to this, they don’t get to go into the picture. The tufts of fur aren’t really about adding fluff, they are about following the shape and flow of the thing they are on to create more exaggerated shapes. This either adds to the motion of the lines, or can be used to add more weight to a shape. These are things I go for in my non-anthro art, but characters with fur give me even more shapes to work with and I push that as hard as I can:

I look for opportunities to do this with any features the characters I am drawing has and exaggerate them to push this. Body types, cloths, anything. The design of a character is so important to how the character will feel when their shapes are used.

I hope people who may try to copy the tufts we do use this to create their own ways for making shapes for the effect they want and not to more effectively copy us :P But the point is, learning why you like something or what it’s purpose is in the art it’s part of, is what will help you achieve the same thing you like in your own way.

Since my art is constructed around the idea of flow, and the lines and shapes I chose for doing so are done to add to this, Two of my big inspirations in art is are Wendling and Herrera:

While it may seem obvious now that it’s been pointed out, it is clear that this is not a copy of either style. I have many other influences and I have my own vision and goals with my art, which lets me forge my own path with the resources I have at hand. This is inspiration.

I don’t really mind when I see people copying my style for fun or to learn, we do what we want with our art for our own pleasure, but I really hate it when people doing it are also selling it. Now, you are stealing from me.

When I say copying a style, I’m talking about being able to look at something and say “well this is just a cheap version of ___”. It was really weird joining the furry scene in regards to this. In the general art scene, we where very small people in a very large, diluted pond, there where a lot of inspiring figures and a lot to look at and people where taking these inspirations from all over and shaping them in new ways.

Joining FA, was taking something completely different and jumping into a relatively small pond with it. There is a lot of unique artwork in the community, but there are a few styles that stand out as what “furry art” looks like. We got people’s attention pretty fast and it was almost scary how quickly we started seeing influences of our style in people’s work… more frightening still when copycats started popping up. And I’m not talking about “oh they like hatching kind of like we do” or whatever, no I mean, setting up their artwork the same way, copying our conventions without understanding them, looking like all their stuff was frankensteined together from various pieces of art we had done, stealing our IA journals and switching out things like “Kicking ass” to “Ass Kicking!” for every single theme we had on our list. There where a few people who so totally tried to steal our artistic identity, you honestly couldn’t say anything about them as artists in their own right. Then they take this, and sell it. It was frustrating and it was upsetting and it still is.

It is hard to respect people like this as “fans”. They are not an appreciator of your work, they are a re-packager of it. They don’t learn from you or study your work, they take what you draw and mimic it in the most superficial way possible. They feel like they own it and the things you do and heaven forbid anyone mention it (even if it’s not you) because they will lash out at you in vicious ways, even if you never respond to it. How a person can be so thoughtless and self entitled about what they do and how the treat you can call themselves a “fan” is beyond me. A lot of art in the furry fandom, especially the stolen stuff, is fairly immediately a commodity to be bought and sold and often people like this don’t really post for fun, they post to sell and they don’t care how you feel about it. As someone this happens to, it feels a lot like finding someone on ebay selling your art on cigaret cases.

If you are not one of these people, you’re probably ok :P Despite the few times this has happened, none of our fans have ever come after anyone or torn anyone apart or even said anything to them, instead sending me e-mails and notes, if that. People generally don’t seem to care all that much, the same people who point it out to me buy from them because it’s honestly not that important to them.

There is this weird feeling that artists aren’t really people who can be spoken to or who have feelings or who will even help you through phases you get stuck in or encourage sources of inspiration. I dunno, it’s cool that this is something you think about and if you’re worried about copying someone in particular, maybe ask them about it. I’ve never been shy about sharing my influences or inspiration or explaining why I make certain choices in my art. Learning about where people come from is much more helpful in forging your own path, rather than following in their footsteps :)

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He gets mad at you and you storm out. You go to like a park or somthing to cool down. But he finds you?

in which harry gets it wrong…

Y/N had been on the inside of the One Direction’s circle for a long time. Even before she and Harry began dating, she worked for them. She was there for all the concerts packed with thousands of people, the hysterical fan meet and greets, the unrelenting paparazzi at the airport, outside the venue, following them around anywhere they can be found really.

The point is, she was aware of the amount of fame and fortune each of the boys had. But, this hiatus was weird. Each of the boys were separate entities. She didn’t seem them everyday. She didn’t even see Harry everyday—with the whole movie thing he had going on—and he was her boyfriend. It was hard.

That being said, right now she should be happy. She should be over the moon that Harry is with her in his new mansion in LA celebrating the end of filming his first movie. Instead, she’s sitting at the counter in his ridiculously expensive kitchen sipping scotch. “There you are,” Harry said, entering the room with a bright smile on his face, “I was looking for you.”

She shot him a small smile. “Here I am.” She took another sip of her drink.

“Enjoying yourself?”

She nodded her head from side to side as a noncommittal answer.

“What’s wrong?”


He leaned in beside her, examining her face. “Something,” he concluded. “You don’t like the house?”

Y/N let out a small groan. “No, no. I do. It’s nice. It’s gorgeous. It’s just…” her eyes shifted everywhere in the room, except for at Harry, “Do you know how long it’d take me to afford this place?”

He blinked. “What?”

“Like six maybe seven lifetimes.” She may have worked for them, but the gap in their back accounts was real.

“I don’t understand what that has to do with anything.” It was a fair statement for him to make. She never had an issue with his career or money before.

“Nothing. Just nothing. Go have fun. It’s your party.”

“Are you upset with me for buying this house? Because frankly you don’t have the right to be. What I do with my money is my business.”

“Okay, first of all, you don’t know what you’re talking about. And second, there is no need to be so defensive.”

“But, there is! It seems like whenever I’m trying to do something for me, you have a problem with it.”

Her jaw dropped. “That is not true. Now, I suggest you shut up because like I said you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“No, it is. When I set up my recording studio you had “reservations,” and when I signed my solo deal you “weren’t sure,” and when I auditioned for my role you didn’t want me to do that, either. It’s all good if it’s for One Direction because then you can get your cut right?“

“Screw you, Harry,” she said, then stormed out the house.


How dare he? How dare he? It was the only thing running through her mind. She couldn’t believe he would accuse her of such a thing. She was so angry, but she didn’t have anywhere to go in this god forsaken city.

She walked and walked until she stumbled across a park. She really should’ve been paying attention to where she was going because, like it or not, Harry was the only person she knew and her only source of shelter.

Y/N sighed as she settled down on a swing. The walk over knocked some of the edge off her anger, but she needed to think and sort through everything. She knew herself better than anyone. When she gets in her head, she can assess her feelings and motivations, and It helped her get to the source of the problem. As it turns out, Y/N was just a kid in love.

She tried to keep that in mind as she heard Harry yell out her name and a second wave of anger washed over her. “I’ve been looking around for you for ages. I called and texted you a million times. You had me worried sick,” he stated walking over to you.

“Sure is a lot of trouble to go through for a gold digger,” she spat. “If I was really a gold digger, I’m a lousy one. I could work at McDonald’s and make almost as much as I’m making now, you know?”

“I shouldn’t have said that.” He sat on the swing beside her.

“You think?”

“I’m really sorry.”

“Are you? Because the fact that you could actually form the thought that I’m with you for any other reason than my love for you is unfathomable. Do you really think that low of me? Do you really think that low of yourself?”

He grabbed her hand and she sighed, her anger subsiding. “You know I don’t think that. I just wanted you to have a good time, and you weren’t. I love this city, but you’re never completely happy when we’re here. That’s part of the reason why I bought the house. I figured if you had a place to stay…”

“Harry—you idiot—I miss you! LA isn’t my favourite place in the world because whenever we come here I never see you. You’ve always got an agenda. If I do see you, it’s you with your friends. I’ve always got to share you, so excuse me for being a bit selfish.”

“’S that why you always ask me about things before I do it?”

“Well, yeah. I know you’ve got a lot of people in your ears telling you to do this and do that, but I want you to think through things thoroughly. And, you’re always so so busy, I’m afraid you’re going to run yourself into the ground.”

He was quiet for a few beats before he scrunched up his nose. “That still doesn’t explain why you have a problem with the house.”

She exhales exasperatedly. “Harry, I miss you. I don’t need another house. I need you. Do you know how many days we’ve spent together in your house in London since you’ve asked me to move in?” He stayed silent. “Thirteen. I mean at least when you’re with One Direction I get to see you and yeah you’re a bit busy but I’m there. I know you’re thinking of me. But, here?” Tears began to well up in her eyes. She’s actually surprised it took this long for them to spring forth. “I can’t compete with this. I can’t compete with all your friends. I can’t afford to eat where you guys eat or shop where you shop. In London, I can pretend that I have something to offer because I pay half the utilities, but I can’t stop you from seeing how much you don’t need me here.”

Sobs were racking her body by the time she finished speaking. “Oh, doll.” He pulled her into his chest. He shushed her cries as he kissed her forehead. “You love me, don’t you?” She nodded against him. “That’s all I need. I just need your love. Not anyone else’s. And I’ve got more money than I know what to do with, don’t I?” She nodded again, and he chuckled. “Alright then. You don’t have to worry about competing with anyone. I’m all yours. And, I’m sorry that I haven’t done a great job of letting you know how important to me. Most important person in my life, aren’t you?” He waited for her response. “Go on and nod,” he said and she chuckled but nodded nonetheless. “And, the house is all empty now. No more movie. No more people. No more party. We can go out and do whatever we want. Just me and you. I’ll make you love LA as much as I do, now.”

Y/N pulled back from him and he wiped the tears from her cheeks. “Ummm… Harry?”

“Can we go back to the house? I’m actually real keen on getting in that pool.”

He smiled that lopsided grin with his dimple popping out. “We can do that.”


Here’s what tags on perfume at Ulta look like babies! I’m more of the brains of my lifting buddy group. So instead of stealing I rather use my skill to scope out tags and be a good lookout to keep my friends from being caught (only because being caught scared me from doing the actual deed ever again). I’ve done some research, and can conclude that you will either see one of these or both on a perfume package. I noted that they mainly use silver RFIDs on lower price range perfumes, and use what I like to call the “Tricky RFID” (lmao you aint slick Ulta) that looks like a corporate call line sticker or whatever tf–on higher priced perfumes. Hope this helped somebody out there. I have no idea if perfumes are source tagged however, so anyone that knows if they are or not hmu with info. 😂 Cuz if they are you’ll pretty much beep unless you debox the god damned thing.

A Change Of Life

Summary: Phil changes Dan into a vampire and takes care of him as he goes through the “newborn” phase.

Phil hummed softly to himself as he heated Dan’s drink up in the microwave as Adam had done for him during his change. When Phil was a “newborn”, he had been exactly how Dan is right now. Dan is very much a weakling at the moment and loves to be babied. He’s still very jumpy and childish, but Phil expected this; it’s only been two weeks since he changed Dan.

~Two Weeks Earlier~

“So,” Dan whispered as he snuggled closer to his boyfriend, “You’re really a vampire? How old are you? Will you ever die? How can you die? Wait, so you actually drink blood?! But I’ve seen you eat food! Have you drank blood around me? Do your parents know? Do PJ and Chris know? How come you don’t attack anyone? What-”

Phil eventually stopped his boyfriend’s obsessive questions by putting his hand over his mouth. He knew Dan would have a lot of questions, and he was more than happy to answer them; but he needed Dan to slow down a bit.

“Well,” Phil started, speaking softly, “yes I am a vampire love, I’m 169 years old. I won’t die and it’s absolutely possible for me to die, but only if I kill myself by starvation. And I do drink blood but I eat other things too; I can eat ‘normal’ food but it won’t help me live or fill me up, but I can eat for the taste. No, I haven’t drank blood around you, I drink it from the source and before you ask, I have never killed anyone. No one knows what I am besides you, me and Adam. And as long as I’m well fed, I can control myself.”

Phil slowly uncovered his lover’s mouth, staring into his chocolate brown eyes. His eyes showed nothing but shock and love, to Phil’s delight he didn’t seem to be afraid. Phil let out a soft sigh of relief a he stroked Dan’s soft hair.

“So… that means that I’ll die and leave you here alone?” Dan whispered, his eyes suddenly watery.

Phil reached out and wiped his love’s tears with his fingers, “That’s why I told you what I am baby, you have a decision to make. You’re getting older and… well. If you want to be with me forever, I’ll need to change you and if I don’t do it now while you’re still young, the blood would be fatal to me and the bite fatal to you.”

Dan bit his lip before kissing Phil lovingly, wrapping his arms securely around him. Phil smiled softly into the kiss before running his fingers up and down Dan’s back, trying to calm him without making it obvious what he was doing.

Eventually, Dan pulled away from the loving kiss, “Phil, I want you to change me now.”

The vampire’s eyes went wide in shock as he looked at his boyfriend. He really wants this? He wants to be with him forever?! A smile broke out across Phil’s face, showing his fangs to Dan for the first time. Dan slowly traced the protruding fangs with his finger, marveling at their size.

After Dan moved his hand away, he looked up at Phil expectantly, only to see him sigh and bite his lip. “Dan, I love you more than anything and I want to be with you forever, but this is a huge decision. You have to think about everything that you’ll have to get used to and how things will change, how you will change. Do you really want that?”

The brunette thought to himself for a minute before nodding, “I want you to change me Phil. I don’t care about the consequences. I love you and as long as I have you, I can deal with anything else that might come at me. Just promise to never leave me when I am a vampire.”

Phil smiled and kissed his true love’s cheek, “Okay, if you’re sure. But it’ll be a painful process for a few days, then very confusing. Then you’ll be insanely horny for about three or four days and finally, your change will be done and you’ll be a newborn vampire for about a year. You’ll have to rely on me for a lot of things so you’ll have to trust me.”

A light blush came onto Dan’s cheeks as Phil told him all of the phases of his change, but he knew he could make it through all of them. “Okay Phil, I can handle it love.” He kissed his boyfriend’s lips softly as he stroked his cheek.

“Okay baby, I’m going to bite into your neck and both of your wrists. It’s going to burn for a minute but it’ll go away. You’re going to feel numb for a few hours but then you’ll feel burning all throughout your body and random bursts of excruciating pain, but I’ll be here the entire time. If you need help during this at all, tell me. I mean it Dan.”

Dan nodded and laid down, watching his boyfriend intently as he stood, moving Dan into a more comfortable position before tilting his head back, sinking his fangs deeply into the brunette’s neck. Dan gasped out in pain, writhing beneath the vampire as tears sprung into his eyes. It hurt more than anything he had ever felt before, but he knew he had to endure it.

Phil pulled away with a sad look in his bright blue eyes. He pecked Dan’s cheek after licking the blood off of his own lips before biting down into each of Dan’s tanned wrists. This time didn’t hurt nearly as much and Dan was grateful of this fact. But this relief was short lived, all too soon Dan felt burning in each place that his boyfriend had bitten.

Tears formed in his eyes as well as Phil’s as the pain took place. Phil touched each bite with his cold fingers, offering a little relief from the agonizing burning,  “I love you Dan, so much.” Phil whispered, placing butterfly kisses on Dan’s sweaty face.

Dan smiled tearfully, gripping his boyfriend’s hand tightly, “I love you too Phil, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be doing this. This hurts even more than the first time we had sex.”

Phil chuckled and shook his head, “You’re hopeless.” He whispered fondly as he held his changing boyfriend closely to his chest.

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As you all probably know, I never post watermarked images however this is an exception.  I have searched high and low for a version of this with no watermark - never to find it.

Here’s What I Know: The photo is obvi Jordan playing against Ewing. From what I can tell from the photo its circa ‘84/'85. The KMOV on the windows and the banner is a radio station in St. Louis, which would make me think this was a summer league of sorts. Ewing’s Adidas gear and Knicks colorways lead me to believe its post 1985 draft but what about MJ’s Tarheel colorway 1’s? 

I need the answers, Sway. 

So… if anyone knows the story behind this, please reblog/share - someone out there has to know the 411 of this image. With your help maybe we can crowd-source the answer and all find out the story together. 

The image is too dope not to be captured with some context, agreed?



Gif source:  Bonnie

Imagine being Bonnie’s best friend.

——— Request for anon ———

“I want to help Damon, but I can’t go back to that prison world,” Bonnie frets to you, feeling as if you’re one of the last people she can speak to about how she really feels. “What happened there— it changed me.”

“Bonnie,” you reach out, hand finding her for comfort, “you sacrifice so much all the time. I’m not going to be the one to tell you to do it again. You don’t owe anyone anything. If you’re going to help him, do it because you want to, and if you don’t, I’m not going to hold it against you.”

She looks at you with a small smile, “There you go again, never telling me what to do.”

You laugh, “I don’t have all the answers, Bon!”

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Any idea if there's a source to Jon Rua leaving? I've only seen a couple vague posts on insta saying "I am in the next chapter of Me and so thankful because it was through Hamilton that I arrived." But that's it?

Bumping this up because I can find absolutely no source for this info. 

So if anyone knows, please help us out. If not, I’m taking it as merely a rumor; I assumed Jon was taking over as Javi’s understudy.

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Wait has anyone done a Richonne timeline like how they were getting to know each other S3, became an open door in 'Clear" became friends, bestfriend, in like with each other, a family, and finally a relationship?? Like I would love for someone to do that because you all are the best ever in life with the breakdowns and analysis of Richonne.. also I would love for someone to ask Andy about it so we can know when Rick felt like yeah we are good friends etc...

My friend, let me see if I can help you out. Here and here are good sources for a very by-the-books analysis of Rick and Michonne’s relationship, starting from the end of 3x06 (when they first met and when a lot of us first started shipping them). It’s a very cut and dry explanation of what happened, being as the links are literally 1) a plot synopsis of each episode showing their progression and 2) a concise but effective summation of their entire relationship, which perfectly displays their evolution from strangers, to friends, to best friends, to parents, to two people in love. (Which, after reading ur ask, is something I think you would be highly interested in, and the video is honestly flawless/one of my favorites, so I highly, highly recommend it.) and also it existed!!! before they were canon!!! their love has always been so obvious!!! yay them!!! yay us!!! validation!!!

I also know there was an actual movie-type video that I saw floating around on Tumblr a while ago which put together literally every scene between Rick and Michonne (and maybe Michonne and Carl?) to show the progression of their relationship, although I don’t know if it’s still around or not. I sadly wasn’t able to find it.

However, if you’re looking for, say, another Richonne blog’s take/in-depth explanation of Rick and Michonne’s character and relationship development in chronological order via important episodes and lines of dialogue and thangs, I know I’ve seen (and liked and reblogged) other people’s posts like that, although I unfortunately haven’t found anything that goes too in-depth (probably because it would take up half a lifetime to complete). Although, now that I think about it, it might be fun to go back and rewatch their seasons together and write about the importance of what’s happening an episode at a time… Hmm… I mean, I’m pretty sure others have done it already. (For example, I know for a fact that Clear has been written extensively about [cuz duh – can u say “copious amounts of sexual tension” or “mother-son bonding time”???], and that I for one received an A+ on a project I did in regards to interracial relationships on TWD. I was going to get into Gleggie at some point, but ran out of time and obvi had enough material with just Richonne. Yeah….that’s literally my life. And, you know, not to brag or anything, but may I just say, I went off.)

AND NOW, IN REGARDS TO ANYONE READING THIS (YES, YOU!!! YOU READING THIS!): if you have any links to anyone’s Richonne posts or videos or vlogs or anything that’s along the lines of what’s been mentioned above, please reblog and add them!!! Make sure to include ur own lovely creations that u worked so hard on!!! I feel like we could all use a masterpost of the evolution of Richonne!! I know anon and I rlly want to read them!!! They’re seriously the best things!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Also, about Andy’s thoughts on what Rick thinks about Richonne: fret not, little one, for I believe the longer Richonne is around, and the more Rick and Michonne open up to each other about their thoughts and pasts and hopes and heartbreaks, the more likely it is that either on the show or in an interview they’ll start to discuss when these feelings first emerged, and elaborate on when and how that happened, as well as go a little more in depth on what they both meant when they said things like what appeared in this snippet of an International Business Times article:

“In a behind-the-scenes interview for the upcoming “Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season,” Gurira says she thinks her character, Michonne, has been “in love” with Lincoln’s character, Rick, for some time. Lincoln agrees, saying that he thinks it was “natural” for the characters to explore a more intimate connection. “I kept thinking, ‘Of course, it’s been right in front of me all the time.’ […] ‘It felt like a grown-up relationship that was always meant to be.’”

Also, I’d like to quickly address something just while we’re on the subject. After making my post about why I think Rick is a good (more like perfect) fit for Michonne, lots of people came up to me asking me for Andy Lincoln’s thoughts on the whole thing, even though 1) google exists, and I suggest you take full advantage of that and 2) the post itself was clearly not the right place for Andy to be getting involved. It was all about their relationship from Michonne’s perspective, and thus warranted only Danai’s thoughts on their character arcs/progression, not Andrew’s. She is a real, valid character, who is very underappreciated in fandom (if you ask me and a lot of others), and for many people their favorite character on the show - and rightfully so. She is strong, she is smart, she is soft, she is complex, she is a viable love interest. Please try not to make everything about ur fav, because it tends to push away someone else’s. Rick is not the only one involved in their relationship (obviously). Please stop making everything about him. There are already hundreds of thousands of posts/interviews out there just like that if you wanted to read up on them: about how Michonne is good for Rick, what she brings out of him, etc. Trust me, they’re there if you really want to look, but that wasn’t the question I was being asked to answer so it never came up.

That being said, there is a reason why Andy (and his mom) are the best captains a ship could ever ask for. Like honestly, before Richonne became canon (ugh, remember what an angsty, desperate, hellish place the world was back then?), he was the one who got me through it because I knew that beautiful man was never going to let it go. Andrew has repeatedly gone out of his way to bring up Rick and Michonne’s relationship (despite no one even remotely asking him about it), and often through the thinly-veiled excuse of his mom’s shipping of them, before finally getting fed up with everyone’s years of brushing him aside which led to him flat-out stating, just TO BE CLEAR FOR THE THOUSANDTH MILLIONTH TIME, “That’s what I want it to be. I want Michonne and Rick to get together.” Ahhhhhh. God bless him. He wasn’t going to give it up until it went canon. Danai could keep her cool, but Andy…

Just look at him light up every time someone so much as mentions them getting together, or the way he defends the idea at every possible chance he is given, or the way he interjects Danai CONSTANTLY just to talk about her and Rick’s relationship. Guys, he’s so obviously smitten with Richonne.

I mean, when one half of ur otp and THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THE MOST-WATCHED SHOW ON PLANET EARTH wants something to happen, it has a lot of sway over what’s going to happen. And if he saw that it made sense to him, and he thought it was the right place for his character to be, who’s going to tell him otherwise? Guys. He IS Rick. He knows that “he trusts her with his life, and with his children’s lives” and that “[they both have] a deep respect and a deep love for one another.” (ugh, just watch the video, it’ll help you sleep better at night).

SO IN SUMMARY: Andy never shut his mouth up about Richonne, using his privilege and his power to will it into being (cuz rlly, what could they do? fire him???? he had the upper hand and used it to his/all of our advantage), and now look where we are. In canon bliss.

P.S. “Like I would love for someone to do that because you all are the best ever in life with the breakdowns and analysis of Richonne.” I agree, there are so many great tumblrs out there that are always coming through with their interpretations of Richonne scenes and their beautiful second-by-second depictions of Richonne kisses that make me squeal <3 And the fact that I am a part of this “you all” is just… like….. the best thing to ever happen to me??? thank you??? I think I love you???? but it’s whatever