can anyone help me out on the source

my family is at a huge risk of losing our house because of this capitalist nightmare

my mother recently lost her job, the main source of the household’s income, on top of any money we were getting from my father through child support ending on august 1st. neither my younger brother or i have been able to find work to even remotely help out with the situation, according to my mother we’re down about $3k a month, and i’m getting absolutely desperate here.

if anyone can help me out and spread this around, i have commissions open, or you can donate to my paypal directly, information and links for each are in this page on my blog (not linking to my directly so this post still shows up in searches, y’know), thank you.

looking for a place to stay in seattle

hey, atm i have to live with my parents because my only source of income is ssi, and it’s making me miserable because of the trauma my family (but especially my dad) has caused me my entire life, so i really want to get out of here asap!

i can pay ~$500/mo in rent/utilities/etc., does anyone maybe have a room available for a mixed autistic lesbian + 2 cats somewhere in seattle (or that general area, bellevue, renton, redmond, tacoma, etc. could all work potentially)?

please message me if you know of anything that could help! tysm

note: i absolutely do not want to live with men (this includes transmasculine people)

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How do you draw muscles so well??? When ever I try it always ruins it,,,,,especially with pretty girls,,,,I'm only good at drawing generic anime chicks and I wanna get better at muscles, especially on women. Any tips?

So for this Imma use Ai’Rita’s body type since hers is probably the best transition from skinny girl to buff mama without getting too into it. (Spoiler Alert: I got too into it)

Now I’ve been drawing dudes alot longer than girls so literally the only thing I did differently is putting the muscles on a “smaller” body essentially.

I start off with shapes even though I don’t use shapes, I just go by memory since my lazy ass cannot for the life of me look up a reference to save my life.

Boom, hourglass, this might help you, I wouldn’t know since I don’t use it.

Here’s what I use:

I use the blue lines to help figure out where the boobs go because I swear to god it is impossible to tell other wise for me. Like you would think “Oh just put boobs where the chest is!” No, there’s a whole fucking science behind it I’m sure and if I don’t use the blue lines as guides the girl gonna have some chameleon eye tiddies I swear to goddess.

Now when I start the shoulders I usually make them where they look a little lumpy I guess? (I don’t know technical terms for anything jot that down) I jsut know dudes have that when they buff so I just put that on my girls. (This is probably all wrong btw)

Add the…fuck what’s it called, collarbone!!!! That thing! The “ends” of it should reach the junction between the near neck lump and the beginning of the shoulder lump if I’m not mistaken. (Again I know no terms, don’t quiz me)

My favorite part is the arms, I’d look at drawn references for this if you want to see actual defined lines, I put the lines where the muscles would be kinda strained if a regular person were to flex.

This references was a really good use for me starting out:

(If anyone could please help me find the creator so I can properly credit I would love, pinterest seems to not know wtf sources are jfc.)

Of course the above arms are pretty weak compared to what guns I pack my girls with but it’s a good starter.

Fill out the rest of the body, unless you’re girl is skinny af bordering on unhealthy there really shouldn’t be a thigh gap? I usually don’t draw most girls with them since I never see girls with thigh gaps? And the ones I do see are your Generic White Girl™ and it’s usually on some tumblr aesthetic blog so…..yeah.

Draw in the abs, give the girl a nice set so she can do some curls ups and get a kiss from her girlfriend as she does okay? She gotta be able to reach the girl. (Apparently bellybuttons are more in the middle of the stomach???)

Add in the “extras” near the top of the abs on either side so she that way when she goes shirtless at the gym in front of a couple of dudebros they’ll piss their fucking pants because she looks like she can benchpress them and their moms combined without breaking a sweat.

I don’t know if this is accurate at all whatsoever but I give my girls a ‘V’ going down since it looks nice to me and further reminds me how fucking gay I am for girls.

Finish with that, add some clothes, then step back and look at the proof you made with your own hands of how fucking gay you are for girls and how glad you are they exist in every shape and size. (And don’t worry, screaming into your pillow is normal)

I’ve met a lot of really cool people on here over the years and a lot of the time I talk with someone for the first time it’s cause they need help. It could be gif questions, photography related, to really intimate and personal matters. At the end of the day, a few of you have trusted me, many of you without even knowing my name, to hear you out and reciprocate with some kind of feedback. I’ve grown to feel socially responsible for helping and enlightening others in any way I can. 

I’ll get right to it cause there’s no grand backstory to this. This is me somewhere just above 400 lbs. I think the one on the left is around 410 and that was taken spring 2010.

And this is me now around 190.

I’m making this post for a slew of reasons but mainly as an added source of encouragement for anyone that may need it. For anyone curious about the timeline, when I started losing weight, or rather, making an effort to lose it, I lost about 100 lbs. I managed to stay to around 300 for about a year, year and a half, then I was done with school and back at home looking for jobs. The market was pretty ass at the time so I wasn’t getting many replies. So I was at home, depressed cause I wasn’t getting call backs and turning to food for comfort. I must’ve put back on maybe 60 to 70 lbs in a year. My weight went up and down constantly, though. Half assed spurts to work out a week here, a week there, then right back to unhealthy eating habits wasn’t doing any any favors. 

The biggest chunk of progress since that initial 100 lbs loss happened in the last year. I don’t have a good reference for where I was last year this time but my weight and pants size has always been pretty consistent so I mustve dropped 110 lbs since last August, with about 80 of that happening since this March. It could be more but I try not to focus much on numbers they’re not what this has been about for me. 

Look, things take time. Nothing worth having is gonna come overnight. You’re gonna have to make up in your mind that you want something and commit to it. No amount of support from people will matter if you yourself don’t want it enough. I’m only here typing this because I made the best use possible use of all the free time I used to have on my hands. Countless mornings, evenings, nights, I’d be like “eh, I can skip the gym today and go tomorrow.” Nah, stuff like feeds into the mentality of putting off something for tomorrow that you’re fully capable of doing today, even right now. 

And don’t expect to see results overnights. This entire thing took seven years, and at one point I can wiped away almost all of the progress I made. This took sacrifices, as will anything you’re striving for. It’s not easy, and for many people, they simply don’t have the time or money to make the changes necessary in their life to take on healthier habits, and I’m entirely aware and respectful of that. But if this is something you’ve been wanting to do or thinking of doing, go for it. If you have the time and resources, go for it. Don’t worry about the energy, that’ll come. Progress is the biggest motivating factor. I continue to shoot because I think I’m better than I was a year ago, babies try to run right after they’ve learned to walk and they’re doing that innately. We’re wired to feed off of our own accomplishments, so that first 5 lbs or first pants size you drop could very well power you to levels of success you never thought you’d attain. 

Whatever you’re after, the second you can, the moment you’re in the right headspace to give it a shot, do it, and do it for you.

That page about Ink on Undertale wiki

Although I deeply appreciate how much work, content and nice comments (and honestly hilarious ones too) there is on this page, I confirm that this is really not the best page to use as reference for Ink. It has incorrect info, although it respects the character in it’s whole, and frankly the relationship part is just insane.

I really recommend always checking the original creator’s words instead of a fan made page that can be edited by anyone (although honestly, Ink’s page is relatively okay compared to other ones. some are just nuts).

Hence why I adress you all a reminder that I have a FAQ and that you can give me advice on what question to add in it!

>> <<

Still, the people who decided to create this wiki to help out deserve gratitude, because it’s easier to check a global image of a character, and especially who made them. <3 I’m not denying their work, just saying it’s a relatively bad source for some cases such as Ink.

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I finally found time to start watching VLD this weekend and when Shiro heard Keith say "patience yields focus" I teared up. I think I've fallen hard for those two. I did not expect to get as invested as I have haha

Aw yes!!! I really love this part too. Because you can tell it’s not just advice for Keith–it’s something he uses as a grounding technique. When he’s really stressed and struggling to stay calm, it helps to take a deep breath, close his eyes, and just recite those words of comfort. It’s so he can focus, but it also helps keep him anchored when he’s really overwhelmed or distressed. 

It’s reassuring, calming. Of course, we know just how much Keith struggles with his overflow of emotion. And this stems directly from his galra side:

  • Joaquim: “[Keith’s] got this emotional side to him.”
  • Lauren: “It’s kind of exasperated by the fact that Shiro’s gone. Like he’s having a hard time dealing with it, he doesn’t really know how to feel. And I think he just goes back to that inner part of himself where it’s just—he can’t control his emotions. And that comes from the galra side.” (source)

And for a young galra like Keith–someone who lived outside of galra society, who was never exposed to vital coping methods and had no real outlet to channel all this emotion–I imagine that must’ve really hurt his mental health. So the fact that Shiro is the only one that can really soothe that pain, that he helps Keith find a way to center himself and Keith really holds those words close to his heart–it really demonstrates just how much Shiro means to him. And of course, this is further underscored by the fact that it’s only Shiro who was ever really able to anchor him. No one else. 

  • Joaquim: “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep in check.” (source)

Keith really treasured those words because I don’t think he ever really had anyone else willing to help him. “Shiro’s the only one who never gave up on me, I won’t give up on him.” Shiro was the only one who stopped and cared, who take the time to calm Keith down and reach out to him when no one else would. And when Shiro is surprised but nevertheless touched like this, when he smiles and says, “That really stayed with you, didn’t I?” Keith flat out tells him, “If it wasn’t for you, my life would have been a lot different.” Shiro’s struck by the fact that Keith actually remembered, is completely endeared by that. But Keith takes it a step further and let’s Shiro know he literally changed his life. Of course he remembered. 

When Shiro spoke, I’m sure he hung onto every word. And in those long, lonely nights in the desert pouring over frantic notes and ancient carvings, isolated from everybody and losing hope–reciting those words may well have been the only source of comfort he had 

Anyway, welcome aboard lmao. These two made me way more emotional than I ever thought they would too 

I want to share something that genuinely made me feel better in regard to liberal homophobia, and I hope it helps some of you too.

In the past, I fought hard to overcome the internalized homophobia of being raised by a strictly religious and conservative family, and it took me a lot of time to accept myself as gay. Around when I was able to, liberal homophobia (that is, redefining homosexuality to be about gender and not sex, using progressive language to disguise hatred for gay people, and taking over our language and identities and claiming being gay when they’re actually heterosexual or bisexual) became popular.

I felt I had to defend myself against liberal homophobes, especially the ones who were in the “LGBT” community. I and countless other gay people justified our sexuality, wrote accounts of the harms of redefining homosexuality, and pointed out how illogical and cruel liberal homophobes were being. I put a lot of time, energy, and emotions into it.

Then I realized something. I had stopped engaging with conservative homophobes. I don’t flinch if I hear “God hates f*gs” anymore and if my religious grandmother goes on a homophobic monologue, I just leave the conversation. If someone claims homosexuality as being unnatural, I find I can’t care at all about their opinion.

So then, why was I treating liberal homophobes differently? They aren’t different. I finally realized that. Homophobes are homophobes are homophobes. They hate gay people for being gay and encourage alienation and violence against us. Even if they wrap their anti-gay sentiments in “progressive” language, they are still homophobes. Homophobes have always been wrong, and being gay has never been wrong.

I’m not saying we should never confront homophobia, whatever the source. In fact, I greatly appreciate all gay people and our allies who speak out loud and proud for us. But realizing that I didn’t owe liberal homophobes an explanation for my humanity and that they were no different than any other homophobe who has tried to hurt me in the past truly has helped me. So remember: even if the homophobe you’re dealing with identifies as gay (using the liberal definition where basically anyone who “feels” gay can be gay, except for actual gay people), you aren’t required to give their words any merit.

And also remember that liberal homophobes are often jealous of us. They want gay culture and gay relationships to be their own, so they twist their words around until they find a way to view their own heterosexual relationship as gay. But you know what? They can never have what we have. The amazing power of gay love, the strength of lesbian-gay solidarity, the feeling of having a community that will always be ours at its core regardless of how others try to steal it- these are things that belong to us. The bravery of starting riots for gay rights, of campaigning for same-sex marriage, of loving even when our very love is considered illegal- that bravery is ours, even when they try to rewrite history to make themselves feel important. They can only dream of having the strength that lies inside all of us.

i hate to do this but i have no other resources. basically i live in a very homophobic and psychologically/physically abusive household and not only have a been financially cut off my mom is also threatening to kick me out. seeing as i’m a student with no time for work i have absolutely no sources of income and i’m really struggling to get by. if anyone could send something my way so i can be prepared for the inevitable of not having a permanent place of residence i’d really appreciate it and if you’re unable to donate a reblog helps a lot!

Eyes of Blood — Avengers X Reader — Part 1/?


Summary: With your unique traits and even more unique powers, you are, according to most, modern, fiction, the closest thing to a vampire that there is. As you roam the thick forests of Sokovia one autumn upon hearing the Avengers were around, you find yourself in their fight before you know it, and you’re not able to leave until you’re given an irresistible offer.

Warnings: Blood, fighting, injuries, weapons, enemy death.

Words: Around 2 500.

A/N: I’ve always hated modern vampires that fucking sparkle in the sun and look like they are 12 years old (I have watched every Twilight movie at least three times each nonetheless so don’t hate me for saying this). I love the grotesque ones that resemble gargoyles and are OP as fuck. Sure, the reader isn’t a gargoyle in this, but it’s still not the “teen-romance” kinda vampires that have completely conquered the vampire genre today.

I also really wanna make this a series, which I probably shouldn’t considering the on-going series that I have that I panick over as it is, but I just seem to love to suffer, so why not make this a series too??? :)))))))))))))

Side note: I posted this over a week ago, although it was then called Daughter of Shadows, but I accidentally deleted it (cause Tumblr is a fucking bitch sometimes and doesn’t do what I tell it to do) but I hope you can enjoy it now instead!

Originally posted by xesoteric-extraterrestrialx

She jumped between shadows, her own one moving across the ground in silence as it quickly traveled in her desired direction. She could hear gunshots behind her and rose, the dark and scientifically unexplainable matter shadows consist of, dripping from her body without leaving a trace. She turned her head towards the sharp sounds of bullets, irises glowing red against the black of her eyes which appeared white on humans, her teeth glistening in the night as she flashed a grin.

“Could anyone help me?” She could hear the sentence like an echo in her head as her ears detected the distant voice amongst the gunfire. She knew it had to be them, the ones she had been trying to find and spy upon ever since she had gotten word of their arrival. “Bucky? Romanoff? Do you read? —  Clint? T’Challa? Can you hear me?”

She dove back into the shadows, jumping so much as fifty meters at a time as she sought out the source of the fight and the voices. Her body was ethereal, compressed into nothing but a mere shadow, inviolable to the rest of the world. In the comfort of her guaranteed safety whilst mantling her darkness and the confidence in her powers even when her fight was brought to light, she strived forward stoically.

The forest came to and end and flat ground surrounding the secure premises of remodeled castle came to view. She traveled through the electric fencing and up a stone wall, materializing on the rooftop ledge and peering down to where she had discovered the heart of the fight. She saw the man from the news, his accomplices further away from what she could hear. He was surrounded by men from the fortress she had kept an eye on for quite some time, a fortress with the same men as the one the man and his coworkers had fought against a couple of years prior, when the entire capital of Sokovia ascended and caused mass destruction. It seemed to her that their battle had yet to be won even after all that time, and the mere thought of a battle made her skin crawl with anticipation and excitement.

“Does anyone copy? I’m being outmanned over here.”

She etherealized, descending down the wall and reshaping at the ground behind one of the enemy soldiers. She hooked her arm around his neck and squeezed quickly but powerfully, releasing upon hearing a distinct crack. The man, donning a red, white, and blue suit and protecting himself with a star decorated shield, spun around to knock down an enemy just as the soldier slipped from her grasp, grabbing his attention.

His eyes were locked onto her. Undoubtedly, he was trying to determine whether she was friend or foe, but there was no time. The soldiers did not pause their battle simply because she had joined. In just a matter of seconds, Steve Rogers had to break away from staring into her inhuman eyes to continue the fight. She would not remain passive much longer, either.

She sprinted forward with a wicked smile on display, approaching a soldier who had the tip of his weapon aiming for her heart. As she came closer and just as he fired, she let her legs give in and dropped to the cobble stones of the old fashioned road, sliding forward until she could reach the man. With a sharp and quick hit to the side of his knee, she caused her another crack of bone, and the man fell to the ground. She grabbed a fist full of his hair and slammed his head against the stone street, the crack radiating through his skull and to her hands. She picked him up with the same grip and smashed him down again, warm blood splattering across her hands.

She rose to her feet, the rich scent of iron filling her nose. She looked at the beads of blood as they connected with others, creating drops which cascaded down her fingers before dropping off of them. She felt them leave a euphoria in their wake and hissed, her body suddenly craving more to the point where it was so uncontrolled, her hearing involuntarily focused on the dozens upon dozens of heartbeats within a five mile radius of her. She could hear the blood rush through their bodies and that sound was like coal to her fire.

She let out a low and almost animalistic growl as she glanced up, desperately searching for another enemy to dig her hands through. Instead of finding more blood, she looked up just as Steve gave a devastating blow with his shield to the chest of a soldier, grabbing him before he could fall and using him like bowling ball to a pin at another, approaching, soldier. She was impressed, and temporarily distracted from her hunger. Steve’s strength lived up to what she had heard and seen from gossip and through news, which people and things seldom did.

She diverted her attention from Steve upon hearing multiple heartbeats and turned around just in time to see a wave of soldiers approaching with heavy weaponry in their hands. They lined up, guns pointing at Captain America, whose back was facing the new front of their fight which he was too occupied to detect. Luckily for him, her hands were free and craving the blissful sting left after a good punch and the thick, warmness, of blood. She dove into a shadow between her and the line containing a total of seven soldiers and reappeared in a mist of darkness in their line of fire. They looked up from the scopes of their weapons in a mixture of surprise, confusion, and fear. As she had expected, their startled pause lasted for anything but long. They raised their arms again, and before she could spare herself, they fired.

Bullets pierced through her grayish, cold, skin, with ease and she staggered backwards by each piece of metal that entered her body. She glanced down at her body as her grin faded, hands clutching over two of the many wounds. Steve had turned his attention around as he had heard the shower of bullets and as he had gotten rid of the last soldier breathing down his neck. He stared wide eyed at the stranger who had taken more than half a dozen bullets to save him. As he remained looking at her still, standing, body, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she had yet to fall dead. She raised her head in that moment, her grin returning as smoke began to well from wounds dotting her body, her cursed blood vaporizing the metal into grey dust before closing her own skin.

As her body was back to its prime, she launched forward to the enemy line at such a speed that Steve wasn’t able to see her between the two positions. He only saw as she had already arrived by the soldiers and as she with the same, unnatural, speed, took out one soldier after the other until they all laid unconsciously on the ground in a big pile.

“Steve? Are you okay?” A male voice spoke through the intercom in his ear. She heard it, but pretended she didn’t, as she slowly turned around to face the American hero. Blood splatter stained her arms and her clothes, a few streaks running down her face from stray drops.

Steve looked back at her and into her red eyes, and despite having more questions than his mind could comprehend, he bowed his head vaguely as a subtle sign of gratitude. No matter who or what she was, she had saved his life, and he would never ignore such a thing. As he picked his head black up, she did the same, widening her smile whilst Steve reached with his hand for the intercom. “I’m alright, Clint.”

“We’re coming to you now. Things seem to be clear over here… Completely clear.” The same voice spoke as Steve let his hand drop to his side with a sudden feeling of defeat coming from him, his gaze unbroken with hers, nonetheless.

She would have thanked him for the fight he had provided her in that moment, but his fellow heroes were closer than she had thought. Within just a short moment, four individuals, all of which she recognized, appeared through a valve which connected a street with the courtyard through a building. Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, James Barnes, and T'Challa, she determined without a shred of doubt. They were worn from their own share of the battle but became instantly alert as they noticed her stand in front of their Captain.

“Steve?” The red haired woman spoke with a questioning and hesitant undertone, raising her weapon and aiming for the red eyed stranger just like the two beside her did, the King stretching out his clawed fingers instead.

“Hold it for just a second.” Steve raised his hand flat in the air for a moment as he inspected the woman responsible for saving his life. “Who are you?”

She maintained her smile. “My birth name is Y/N Y/L/N, but I prefer Caligo-”

What are you?” Natasha rephrased Steve’s question, impatience and distrust conquering her aura which Y/N could sense against her skin like a heated breeze.

“A rather complicated question I’m afraid.” Y/N appeared to melt into a puddle of a misplaced shadow in the middle of the street before dashing to the backside of a lamppost, then to the underside of a car, before ascending the wall of the nearest building. She materialized again with her heels balancing on the ledge, glowing eyes glimpsing over her shoulder in the dark night down to where the five superheroes stared at her with intimidation and amazement.

“You can’t leave.” Natasha said with a firm tone as if she had any authority over Y/N. All that Y/N did was keep her smile, finding the confident spy to be rather amusing.

“I believe I’m allowed to come and go as I please.” Y/N replied whilst turning to face Natasha. “I came for the fight, and the fight is over.”

“Is that it?” Steve called up to her, moving his shield to its resting place at his back. He didn’t believe her for a second. No one with abilities like hers shows up to an enemy base in the middle of nowhere just on time with the Avengers. Coincidences happen, Steve knew that, but Y/N being by that Sokovian castle with them on that day was no coincidence. “Yes, you fought, but that’s not all, is it?”

Her smile faltered just a bit, her eyes doing the same and glimpsing her bloody knuckles at her sides. No matter how much she despised the modern depiction of creatures of her like and how inaccurate they all were, some facts that all of the romantic novels and dramatic movies mentioned still held a fragment of truth. She did crave blood, but she never desired to drink it. Her unquenchable thirst was not for consumption, but for relishing. Soaking the ground beneath her, splattered across her face, dripping off of her fingers. It did not matter if she could feel it, smell it, or just sense it. She hungered for it all the same. She had impulsively thought that seeking out the Avengers would lead her to more blood and battle. She hadn’t been able to think clearly and she had already set out to find the team of heroes before she could go over the situation with herself.

“I don’t know why you helped. The way you smiled through it says one thing, and the way you took those bullets for me says another. I don’t know if you see yourself as good or bad or if you see yourself as neither, but what I do know is that someone with abilities like yours can do a lot of good.” Steve watched her red irises glow vividly on the rooftop, the most distinctive and visible part of her body from where they all were standing, and he watched a darkness wash across them like a ripple on a still lake, like a flickering candle in the wind.

She felt the memories rush to her unwillingly, years upon years of suppression in vain. She tried to fight them, tried to push them back, and she just managed to balance her sanity on a thin thread for the moment. “They can do a lot of bad, too.”

Steve could hear the pain laced to her words, her display of emotions seeming out of her nature, something he could tell even so shortly after first meeting her. “Not on my watch.” He assured, feeling the burn of his friends eyes at his side. They though he was insane, some more than others, but Steve held an unexplainable sympathy for Y/N. He sensed there was more to her underneath her cold and harsh surface, and for some reason, he couldn’t imagine himself letting her run off into the night only to never to see her again.

She remained silent as she found herself to have uncharacteristically little to say. Instead of saying anything, she used her shadows and traveled back down to Steve and the others. She raised her gaze, looking into Steve’s eyes before looking over to Bucky, Natasha, Clint, and T'Challa. She was so far from what they were that it was almost humorous. She couldn’t as much as begin to imagine herself being with them, not even close to them.

“What are you proposing?” She raised the question despite how she felt, her old accent shining through for just a short moment.

“This is all very… Fast, but I’m relying on my guts here and suggest you follow us on this mission. Today we conquered one castle, eliminated more of Strucker’s men, but there are still men fighting for his side and yet another base, just like this one.”

“An old structure in the mountains, about thirty miles north west of here, I know.” Y/N spared Steve from having to explain what she already knew. “You’re looking to bring them down?”

Steve’s eyes darted away from hers, making it his turn to show pain. “They… They have a friend of mine- ours.” He was quick to change his choice of words.

“His name is Sam.” Bucky took a few steps forward as he, Natasha, Clint, and T'Challa still stood passively on the side. Y/N looked at him, facing his stone cold and stoic stare welcomely. Bucky knew it was hard for Steve to talk about Sam, as it was Steve who had signed the mission during which Sam was captured. He would spare Steve the torment of having to go through the details of it himself. “We thought he was here, but it seems we were wrong.”

“The man with metal wings?” She recognized the name.

Bucky bowed his head to confirm it. “We need to hurry before that base gets words of what happened here. I trust Steve, but if you’re coming with us, you better not go outside the lines or hold us back.”

She let her signature grin return, allowing the five before her to catch a glimpse of her fang-filled mouth for the first time. Without warning, she moved to a shadow across the courtyard where they had been stood, heading in the same direction she could smell the gasoline from within their vehicles. “I believe that your car and motorcycle is this way, no?

Steve raised his chin, forbidding himself to dwell on the whole Sam situation any further for the time being. He had to fix his wrongdoings and he couldn’t sulk his way through it. He needed to be alert, and fighting and life saving aside, Y/N was with them. He felt a strong need to keep an eye on the woman who saved his life yet still was very much a stranger, but he also wanted to keep an eye on her to figure out who she was. He could tell that the puzzle that was Caligo was a big one, and that putting all the pieces together would be more than complicated and take more time than he could imagine, but he intended to start somewhere, and that very moment, in the middle of the Sokovian wilderness, was as good of a place to start as any.

“And just so you know, if there is anything I won’t do, it is hold you back.”

Should this story continue as “Avengers X Reader” with no, romantic, relationship, or should it be specefied and have a romance in the future? (Make it a Steve X Reader or Bucky X Reader etc. etc.)

Tell me what you think? What could I have done differently and what do you want to happen next? Constructive criticism is always appreciated!


Pro Tip: If you wanna get to know a character (an oc or a character from a series, either or) better but aren’t sure how, make an aesthetic graphic for them. Moodboard, stimboard, aesthetic post, etc. it doesn’t matter, it’ll help a lot. It forces you to think about what the elements of a character are and what separates them from others, to refer to who they are without necessarily using an outright image of them. Trust me, after making aesthetic posts for like 18 separate characters in one go for an event, some who only have a couple lines, it helped me understand the characters better and be more interested in them.

If you’re worried it won’t turn out good, please don’t be; it’s ok if it didn’t make an end product you were satisfied with, just doing it as an exercise can be really helpful for getting in tune with a character, and it can be a lot of leg work but ultimately its something anyone can do. Just search for some images on Google or tumblr (try “[keyword] aesthetic”) and put them on a tumblr post, or download Pixlr or use it on the browser and dive right in. Just be sure to source your work (I beg of you) and don’t worry about it too much.

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  • non-canon ships, which means it’s almost impossible to run into your notp! (pre-game Asgoriel and Alphyne will be tagged)
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This is not a blog to bully or shame people who post these things! It is only a safe space away from them. We are here only for good clean fun. :3 [points at Woshua icon] If for any reason anything unsafe is posted in error, or you would like a specific warning tag, the askbox will always be open and (hopefully) anon will always be on. (If the source on a particular post is bad, you can report this to me on or off anon! I will answer privately or publicly without naming names so as to avoid accusations of bullying or calling out.)

This blog was started by me, @thegeminisage (Mod Liz), and since I am a pretty busy person, my friend @elsa12tmnt (Mod Elsa) is helping me out with finding new posts, tagging, etc. If anyone else would like to lend a hand or submit cool things they found, please send us a message! This blog is always happy to boost new and younger artists who don’t get much attention, so please don’t be shy about sending us or tagging us in your own artwork, either! We would also love to hear about other blogs that post safe UNDERTALE content so that we might scour their archives! And finally, it would be really cool if you could reblog this post and spread the good clean word!

If you have questions, feel free to send an ask! We also have an FAQ tag for the important/frequently asked things.

Thanks, everyone!

*I edited this in later. This blog may post AU material if it’s lumped in with other cool stuff, but it will always be tagged, and I probably won’t post AU-only stuff. Definitely nothing wrong with AUs, of course, but since this is such a vanilla blog, and I’ve heard the sentiment from a few people that they wished there was a place that focused on JUST the classic versions of the characters, I figured this place would be a good a place as any to make that happen!

missscarletawesome  asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you had any blog recommendations for someone who is new to the Desus fandom? I really love your blog and I hope you have a beautiful day.

Hello Angel welcome to the ship! 

Thank you for following me and I hope your day is about to get even more beautiful. 

Originally posted by lordchrysanthemum

There are so many amazing blogs in this ship run by super talented people. Its been a thrill watching this tiny paddle boat turn into a steam engine since the end of Season 7. We are experiencing a bit of a changing of the guard. Not many of us from the early days are still active. That might be because of the hiatus. 

To make sure I didn’t forget anyone I asked my wifey @abigailht to help me craft this list for you. She is a blog you have got to follow she knows all the goings on’s in this ship. She makes gorgeous FanArt and writes stories. English isn’t even her first language she amazes me daily. 

Presenting Desus Crash Course

@annyanka-x-o  is a must for their FanArt

@themeedes is incredible but odds are you already follow them.

@mypinkcactus makes FanArt and FanFics. So double score.

@adelekthomas is another FanArt to follow 

@irenedrew is my sweet child that I adopted after her very first Edit because oh my god shes so good and getting better everyday. 

@lawofaverages This blog along with @in-case-you-get-thirsty and @anxiety-instinct are blogs I want to describe as analytical breakdown sources. They are always involved when we are talking about a scene and the choices made and the characters behavior as compared to the rest of Canon and all that. They are a felt presence in the Desus community to me. 

Most of our GIF set making blogs are inactive for Hiatus so I wont be able to list the best of those for you until we are back during season 8 and they reactivate. 

So I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone major but thats all I can think of right now. I hope it helps you out! Welcome once again prepare yourself for the most rational sassiest ship in The Walking Dead fandom. 

*** UPDATE *** I knew I would forgot someone. you GOTTA check out @youremyfanart please forgive me  they are BAMF and @edenmo122 for their Edits!

Originally posted by grimesandrovia

Introducing Autistic-liberation-front Heals

In honor of nearing in at 17,000 followers, I am introducing Autistic-liberation-front Heals.

So I noticed how autism can really plague us. Sometimes life throws so many stale memes at us. It prevents us from posting memes and watching anime in our parents basement. I really want to reach out and help people break free of certain negative patterns in their lives, so I’ve created autistic-liberation-front Heals. I am not an intuitive and empathetic individual, and could not care less about your problems. I will always judge and disclose any of your problems to anyone. You will be the subject of ridicule to anyone I see walking in the street. I wont help you transcend confusion.

 Here’s how it works:

1) Send a messenger hawk to saying you’d like to participate in the autistic-liberation-front heals. Please include “autistic-liberation-front heals” on the title line.

2) I will send you a short survey that you can fill out, that will let me know more about you. It’ll provide a source of entertainment for me.

3) You will type up all your major/minor doubts, anything at all that you want clarity on in the present time.

4) I will take out time to mock you. I will also recommend you to my friends so they can mock you as well.

5) I won’t keep in touch with you. In fact, once you pay me, you’re getting blocked.

Some regulations:

1) The pricing is 300 memes person.

2) I will only be taking 10-15 people a month because I will really be spending a lot of time mocking you. Also stealing memes to post on tumblr takes up a lot of time.

3) This is not in any way a substitution for mental health or medical treatment.

Thank you guys for reading and I really hope to be of service to you all.

 Also if you want to get the full autistic-liberation-front heals experience, you can come live at my house. The conditions are:

- You work for 12 hours a day doing hard labour.

- You don’t get paid

- You family doesn’t hear from you

- You are provided one meal a day, and semi livable shelter.

Also I can legally get away with all that because it’s better than working on the street.

dastaire  asked:

Hey wild thought that came to me - Some smart mouthed douche coming into the meet and putting down and rebutting everything E says out of cruelty and without facts and E trying to keep his shit together in front of everyone and R just getting up and verbally flaying this guy open with an argument of the century because how dare you come in here and talk to his dreamer friends like that (also hello lovely how you doing?)

Grantaire roasting anyone who tries messing with his friends and their beliefs gives me life


so R @ this guy is like
Watching a mama bear beat the shit out of a dude who slapped her cubs and everyone is kinda staring in awe

Enj is low key heart eyes at R during it and after

(💕I’m good thanks for asking👈😎👈)

you know, for years and years all i wanted was to publish a book. i’ve no idea how many words i’ve written or how many manuscripts i have sitting around waiting to be finished, but believe me it is a lot. about a closet full of paper is sitting in the hall because i’m throwing half of it–everything older than high school, out. recycling but you know what i mean.

but now that it’s happened (though i and everyone else here knows it’s nothing like being *real* published) and i go to work on another one that should be fairly easy to finish, very similar to the one i finally got done, and its so much harder than it used to be. 

it’s hard to form a sentence or a paragraph, i hardly know what the point of what i’m writing is, even though i can tell anyone a 50-word summary of what i’m working on quick as ever. i don’t feel like im expert enough in this field, or any field. it really makes me question my grasp/understanding of witchcraft and if it’s wide enough. fuck knows it’ll never be sourced enough.  i used to know that there wasn’t a perfect book in the world.

it just feels so….i dont know. like there’s always going to be some helpful or important tidbit i’m going to leave out. some fact i thought i understood and it’s not right when i write it down. fuck, it might be as simple as using the wrong sources. SO MUCH of the sources in witchcraft are either wrong or made up. a published almanac i own gave me misinformation on some simple fact about how often blue moons occur, and a month or so ago i trusted it blindly and wrote a post using it as a reference. 

i feel like i’ll just end up being yet another wrong source in the witchcraft world

Confessions of a Teenage Sugar Queen: Flight

So sorry for the hiatus on this one! Very cruel of me to leave Chapter 6 on a cliffhanger, too. So, for Chapter 7, I could not make it fit for Day 7 of Zutara Week (starlight) and I think it’s going to take another chapter or two to finish this story. Hopefully it won’t take me a month to post it, though.

Chpt. 1 | Chpt. 2 | Chpt. 3 | Chpt. 4 | Chpt. 5 | Chpt. 6

The content of the “Blue Spirit” file is not what I expected. I have tried texting and calling Zuko numerous times because he HAS to see this. And I HAVE to know what he found in the “Painted Lady” folder. Needless to say, I do not sleep a wink.

This makes me a miserable wreck in the morning, but I remember to shower and put on clean clothes since I didn’t the day before. Gran Gran fusses at me for not eating breakfast. Apparently I skipped dinner the past two nights, too? I resent the look of utter disbelief she shoots me when I yell, “I am fine!

I mean, I will be fine once I talk to Zuko. To avoid further questioning and expressions of pity, I wait on the sidewalk for him to pick me up. Except it isn’t his ten-year-old sedan that pulls up in front of my apartment building. I would have never pegged Iroh for a sports car aficionado, yet a white Lotus Elise now purrs in the nearest parking spot with a bearded driver poking his head out to grin and wave at me.

I smile back, but my heart sinks. It’s a two-seater which means no Zuko. That new car smell combined with crisp leather wafts when I open the door.

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dragonarmada  asked:

Ok, so I have no idea why I want this, but do you have any head cannons for Dazai, Chuuya, Atsushi, Aku bae, and Kunikida if they were high school students?

Ah yes my fav High School AU, enjoy! ~Admin Yuyu

  • Dazai:
    • Life’s a roller coaster and you gotta enjoy it while it lasts right? Wrong. I can imagine Dazai as a really studious person who takes his grades seriously.

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