can anyone help me out on the source

Hey, Lapidot shippers - I have a question

Specifically, for those of you who’ve been here since the very early days.

Something has been bugging the shit out of me for a couple of days and I was wondering if anyone might be able to help?

Okay, so I distinctly remember hearing that, after Warp Tour aired, one of the Crew members Tweeted something like “So, who’s everyone shipping Peridot with?” and then following it up with something like“Peridot and Lapis?  Interesting…”

Can I find a source for this now?  Nope!  I remember reading about this around the time of Friend Ship airing, but it seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth now.

So that’s where you (hopefully) come in.

One of my followers also remembers this, so I’ve not just imagined it.  Does anyone happen to remember who it was that made the Tweet(s) and/or roughly when it was Tweeted, or happen to have a screencap of the Tweet(s) in question?

It’d be so good if you did ;__;  Please let me know if you can shed any light whatsoever on this - I’d be really grateful.

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to have sources for kubo's homophobic tweets?? because i'm trying to convince a good friend of mine to stop supporting this show and this is the best ammunition i can get

i dug everywhere on tumblr but i cant seem to find the original screenshots…

the best i can find is this

can anyone help this anon (and me) out please?


(translation by @saotome-michi)“I just saw Arietty! It made me think of Minami-kun no Koibito! By the way, at the movie theater, I saw a male couple in front of us holding hands. Keep that in Nichoume please!!”

Come To Me/You Make It Seem Like Nothing
  • Come To Me/You Make It Seem Like Nothing
  • Elliott Smith
  • Unreleased

I’m not used to coming through.
More accustomed to a falling out.
Trying hard now as I can for you.
Not to trip up on some stupid doubt.
You got your hopes set way up high.
Way on up there where the air is thin.
Limit’s supposed to be the sky.
Trying not to let you down again.

It’s starting to come to me.
I didn’t know about. I hadn’t figured it out.
But it’s starting to come to me now.
A little bit too late.

I can’t see anything you’ve done.
Any reason for the trouble you’ve got.
You haven’t hurt anyone.
Compared to most that’s saying quite a lot.
I can’t help you when you’re sad.
That’s a constant source of pain to me.
Because I want to really bad.
Even though you make it seem like nothing.

It’s starting to come to me.
Didn’t know about. I hadn’t figured it out.
But it’s starting to come to me now.
A little bit too late.

Merquén; a plea to any Chilean readers

Do I have any followers in Chile?

A good few years ago a close friend of mine worked for a year in Santiago de Chile, and when she came back, knowing I love to cook, she brought me a present of a packet of merquén.  Result, I feel in a big way for this wonderful spice mixture. 

So long as I was working at the botanical garden, I was able to bribe a Chilean colleague in the Herbarium to bring me supplies, in return for home-baked cakes.  But I’m no longer working there, and nor is she, and we weren’t close enough to stay in touch; so I no longer have a source of merquén and I’ve almost run out. 

And nowhere in the UK seems to stock it.

It’s such a wonderful spice! - hot but not too hot, smokey but not too smokey. I simply love it and I’m so sad that I can’t get hold of any more supplies.

Can anyone help me?

I will happily pay postage.


Here’s what tags on perfume at Ulta look like babies! I’m more of the brains of my lifting buddy group. So instead of stealing I rather use my skill to scope out tags and be a good lookout to keep my friends from being caught (only because being caught scared me from doing the actual deed ever again). I’ve done some research, and can conclude that you will either see one of these or both on a perfume package. I noted that they mainly use silver RFIDs on lower price range perfumes, and use what I like to call the “Tricky RFID” (lmao you aint slick Ulta) that looks like a corporate call line sticker or whatever tf–on higher priced perfumes. Hope this helped somebody out there. I have no idea if perfumes are source tagged however, so anyone that knows if they are or not hmu with info. 😂 Cuz if they are you’ll pretty much beep unless you debox the god damned thing.

If anyone is out there, please help me, reach out to me, I’m suicidal and I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.
—  Source:Tonicmoons26 Renee Oviedo
Fuck I can’t take this

this instant infatuation and idealization of people and me coming off really personal/strong will probably be the death of me. I pour myself over everyone I meet and then end up wondering wtf, was that even honest or real? I hate questioning whether the way that I interact with anyone is really me or not. I also hate romanticizing the shit out of people and making homes in them and making them my source of happiness. I can’t help it. Where’s my sense of self?

As you all probably know, I never post watermarked images however this is an exception.  I have searched high and low for a version of this with no watermark - never to find it.

Here’s What I Know: The photo is obvi Jordan playing against Ewing. From what I can tell from the photo its circa ‘84/'85. The KMOV on the windows and the banner is a radio station in St. Louis, which would make me think this was a summer league of sorts. Ewing’s Adidas gear and Knicks colorways lead me to believe its post 1985 draft but what about MJ’s Tarheel colorway 1’s? 

I need the answers, Sway. 

So… if anyone knows the story behind this, please reblog/share - someone out there has to know the 411 of this image. With your help maybe we can crowd-source the answer and all find out the story together. 

The image is too dope not to be captured with some context, agreed?


And We Danced

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, Fluff

Word Count: 1800ish

Prompt: This is for @faith-in-dean​ & @for-the-love-of-dean​‘s July Saints and Sinners Challenge. My prompt was Castiel x Reader with the song
Favorite Record- Fall Out Boy

Summary: Your date with Castiel is turning out to be a complete disaster, but maybe a little music and rain can fix it.

A/N: Castiel is so hard to write for! This is my first time trying a fic for him. It literally took me til last minute, which I feel very bad about. Sorry! It’s grossly fluffy. Hope yall like it!

x ( I can’t find the source to the 2nd gif. If anyone knows, let me know so i can credit!)

“Cas, just let me help!” You shouted over the rain through the rolled down window.

“No, Y/N! Stay in the car!” Castiel shouted back.

You grumbled at his denial. You knew the pimp-mobile was only going to make it so far in this storm. Now you both were stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. You kept your head out the window and felt the raindrops beat against your hair. You watched as Castiel attempted to unscrew the bolts, a look of pure concentration on his face.

“Can’t you just zap it back to normal?” You asked.

“I ‘zap’ humans, Y/N. Not cars,” Castiel responded. He looked up and saw you peering out of the window and commanded, “Shut your window. You’re going to ruin all your hard work.”

You sighed and pulled your head back inside the car, yet kept the window open. Although you appreciated how Castiel understood the struggles of getting hair and makeup ready for a date, he was being way to protective of it. You had spent hours in front of the mirror, attempting different hairstyles for your first date with Castiel and when you finally walked out and saw the way Cas stared at you, you couldn’t help but feel overpoweringly successful. However, Castiel refusing to let you help him change a flat tire just so you could stay pretty was ridiculous.

To put it mildly, the date was just a series of disasters. First the two of you had arrived at the restaurant to find that Castiel never made a reservation. Then Castiel refused to use a GPS and overconfidently attempted to find another place to eat only to get lost in the middle of bumfuck-nowhere. Finally, a tire on the car got punctured when the infamous pimp-mobile took a bad hop on the rocky road.

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I’m looking for the source of the following images:

if anyone wants to help me out. No, PokéJungle is not a legit source. He even thinks they’re probably fake. Anyone else I’ve seen post these is like “I saw these on /vp/”

I want to know where /vp/ got them. I’ve seen them before (like a while ago) but I can’t remember where

Personal Opinion About the Taxidermy Business

Sorry for the more personal post, but I’d like to address something that’s been irking me for awhile: the taxidermy community in real taxidermy businesses. For the most part the online ‘vulture culture’ community is a warm place where anyone can ask about laws, methods, and for help and expect a great response. Almost anyone is willing to lend a helping hand or reach out to one another no matter the level of experience. This is the community I would love to be known as the taxidermy community, but those who don’t use online sources like tumblr are familiar with a much different array of people.

The people I’m talking about are the real life present (soon to be past) generation of taxidermists. Speaking from my own experiences, this community averages out to be men between ages 40-60 and has a strong air of bitterness and superiority complexes. Almost every taxidermist I have spoken to in the areas I’ve been in isn’t remotely interested in any scientific aspect of taxidermy and does not have the same respect for the animals I have seen online. The animals they work with are just dollar signs to them. At work one past week a trapper came in to sell my boss some bobcats, and I was appalled to hear the he left them in his trap for a couple extra days while throwing them food to ‘fatten them up’. My boss shrugged it off later when I brought it up and told me business is business.
Another thing that bothers me is a complete lack of community. Almost every taxidermist I’ve met has been friendly to other taxidermists faces, but the minute they leave it’s all shit talk and 'I stole x customers from him’. Their methods are always secretive and always somehow 'the best’. No one does it right but them, and if you want to know their 'right’ way to do something you’ve got to be prepared to pay hundreds to observe them. As an art major graduate, I am positive that everyone will always have their own methods of creating and never will there be a single right or perfect way.
Lastly, the current working taxidermists can be condescending to any 'new’ ideas about taxidermy. Rogue taxidermy and soft mounting is a joke and an insult to them. Someone who commissions work to be done of a pet is considered crazy. Anyone who can’t talk about their favorite gun and lacks hunting experience has nothing in common with the business owner (and is often dismissed as a liberal? Not hunting does not equal hating guns and wanting to ban hunting). This in itself is bad business, and they have no desire to cater to the next generation of people interested in purchasing or creating taxidermy. In fact, many of the future taxidermy customers may not be hunters which will be a major switch up. The industry is growing and changing, starting with the vulture community online.
My hope for this current online community is that we grow stronger and closer. As these older men begin to retire, we take their places and restore some peace between taxidermists. So share your methods, refer customers to others (especially if they specialize in something and are amazing!), and don’t be a dick. Care about your specimens, don’t settle for poached/barely legal trapped or hunted animals. Make taxidermy more available and better understood to those who do not hunt or do not understand. I hope together to gut (pun intended) the current taxidermy business model and turn it around into a more forgiving, helpful, and closer community. Any other opinions/input on this?

Before I lose my mind, can someone help a plaid captain out?

City on the Edge of Forever. At some point, I read a thing which described Jim having a lot of issues finding food for Spock. Like there were only certain veggies he could eat.

It might be from Ellison’s original script. Or perhaps it was from the comic based on that?

Can anyone hook me up with the source because I can’t find it and it’s driving me crazy. Thank yooooou~ <333


Gif source:  Bonnie

Imagine being Bonnie’s best friend.

——— Request for anon ———

“I want to help Damon, but I can’t go back to that prison world,” Bonnie frets to you, feeling as if you’re one of the last people she can speak to about how she really feels. “What happened there— it changed me.”

“Bonnie,” you reach out, hand finding her for comfort, “you sacrifice so much all the time. I’m not going to be the one to tell you to do it again. You don’t owe anyone anything. If you’re going to help him, do it because you want to, and if you don’t, I’m not going to hold it against you.”

She looks at you with a small smile, “There you go again, never telling me what to do.”

You laugh, “I don’t have all the answers, Bon!”

Hello there! I was wondering if anyone knows of any good sources for chant-only spells. Currently, and most of the time, I’m in a place where I can’t burn candles or incense or herbs, but I’m having a lot of trouble finding spells that are chants only. If anyone can help me out that’d be swell!

Or I guess if you have tips on how to write spells that might be useful too

Hello can you do me a help

If anyone out there is familiar with any good and reliable sources on modern paganism / polytheism, particularly Hellenic Polytheism or Goddess-centred belief systems, can you let me know? 

I’ve managed to find some really great journal articles, mostly on Wicca (which isn’t really what I need, to be honest) but I’m struggling a bit on the book front. It seems like most academic books (which I need, because personal testimony won’t be reliable enough to support my argument) about the subject are just ‘hahahah it dumb’ and I want to avoid that approach in my dissertation, because the core of my argument is basically ‘hahahah it not dumb’. 

I picked this subject thinking it would be good because it’s not been focused on very much in an academic context, and now I’ve realised that this is BAD because I need REFERENCES 

Thank you!! 

Please help me.

I’m a trans guy, 16, ftm. I’m pre-everything, and I want to get started at least somewhere, and I desperately want a prosthetic. but its far out of my budget, and I have no source of money from my parents or a job. The issue is, my dad is unwilling to help, and my mom can’t afford it and neither can I. Would anyone be willing/able to pay money for commissions/donations to me so I can save up $2000 for it? It would help so much, even the smallest amount or signal boosting is extremely appreciated….. Please help me!

​(If enough of you say you’d be willing I’ll add on to the post adding prices and info for the commissions)


I saw this story on Facebook and know I have some international followers in Asia. Please read, share, or donate your blood:

“Can’t really come to grips that one of my best friends of nearly 7 years is in intensive care in Thailand…whenever she needed me I was always there and now I can’t even do anything!! If there is anyone in Thailand now PLEASE READ and SHARE help anyway that you can!!!! Sending my love to the Hill’s too!!!


Help is needed. Yesterday my friend and I were out for the day when Lucy suffered a an accident being hit by a car whilst on a moped. She is now in intensive care and has had emergency surgery but is needing blood transfusions.

Negative blood is rare in Thailand and sourcing the blood is difficult.

If anyone is around and is ****A NEGATIVE**** blood type please can you contact myself on Facebook, call me on +61 484346507 or head to Maharaja Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and say it is to be donated to LUCY ANNE HILL at RAJAVEJ HOSPITAL.

I understand it is your holiday but this is my friend. It doesn’t take long and it will do a great thing. My friend wore a helmet and did nothing wrong.

If you’re around and unsure please get tested.

Everybody please share. We need to get this everywhere. Social media can be so powerful”

The poster is named Darren Burns.