can anyone even be this stupid

It’s official, Gator is truly the dumbest most idiotic woman on Tumblr.

The idiot believes Aeltri’s “sources”. Anyone with half a brain can see that @aeltrileaf is mentaly unstable. Hell, most of the other septics stay away from her. Here’s an example

Now @jazziedu is as infuriating as the other haters. You should see what she says about Meghan Merkel. But Gator is still defending Aeltri. She still believes that they have sources. How can Gator not see that her sources and Aeltri are one in the same. She is being conned and can’t even see it. How can she read Aeltri’s posts and not notice how unhinged she sounds. How can someone so stupid be in charge of people mortages, I’ll never understand. She went to college for fuck sake! I pity her family, I really do.

(( Alright, I’m gonna get some things off my chest just to feel better. So, first thing I wanna say is about what’s been happening in the community. It hurts my heart seeing awesome mods and ask blogs go due to toxic anons. I just want to remind people that the sole reason people are so toxic is because they really demand attention and in general, think it’s okay to bully and make outrageous claims about people they never even met ever!! And over fictional characters too. You can really tell these people that bully really have alot of time on their hands and have nothing better to do with themselves. For anyone struggling, please always remember that 1.) These individuals do not live with you. They didn’t grow up with you, they don’t pay your bills, buy your food or clothes, etc. Why even acknowledge these people? Don’t even think about these, honestly stupid ignorant people. Just you even thinking about them is already giving them attention. 2.) DO NOT LET SOME PERSON YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW RUIN SOMETHING FOR YOU…EVER!! I’ve been noticing this lately. There are alot people that could ruin Jojo for me but I honestly I really don’t let them. I always remind people and myself that it’s not the anime’s or the creator’s fault here. It’s the fan base, they become so consumed and obsessed that it gets ugly, just look at Steven Universe. The creator created their content so people can enjoy it. So for me, I’m enjoying Jojo as a whole and I am loving every minute of it. I honestly love it. It’s good. It’s not like the typical fanservice anime’s you usually see and y'all hopefully will agree with me on this because it’s kinda true. And 3.) This is super important, whenever you do get toxic anons, do the 3 things that I do, DELETE AND BLOCK AND REPORT. I do those and I have been good. Yeah I’ll get pissed but I remember that whatever claims they are saying are not true and I honestly delete them because I am not wasting my time with that bullshit. I feel everyone should do this. What it really boils down to is that, just ignore, block, delete, and continue doing your thing in the community. You did nothing wrong. You are not at fault here. Don’t believe anything some random person says because GURL WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING OR QUEEN? BITCH I DO WHAT I WANT.

Just honestly enjoy the content as a whole and most importantly, have fun my dudes. Live for you and enjoy the stuff YOU like. Why? Because YOU were not put on this earth to please anybody and YOU can enjoy anything you fucking want man. That goes for ships to. Ship whoever you wanna ship. It ain’t affecting my bills.

Alright now that we cleared that up, let me tell the other stuff that has been on my mind. I’m sure you’re all aware about Net Neutrality lately. To keep it short, it has me bent out of shape and nervous. I urge you guys to call your senator’s and representatives and let them know that the FCC can’t take our internet away from us so continue calling and resisting. Another thing is that next year, I’m going to college. No surprise there. I’m gonna see how it is and see if I can do the ask blog and college at the same time if not then whenever I get alot of homework, expect hiatus’s. That’s what happens when you start college, it will take up alot of your time that goes for jobs as well. And no, this blog ain’t going nowhere baby. I’m just getting started so when I get the chance, expect to see content. I love my ask blog way too much to give it up! I love interacting with yall!! Just know that despite how this year has been, all the bad crap, with bad also comes good and I sense very good things coming soon for pretty much everything in life!! So live your life and enjoy it and have fun, after all you honestly only live once so do all the shit you have been wanting to do. Also I’m going on a 7 day cruise on December 2nd. So the ask blog will be mini inactive during that span. After that, depending how I’m doing, I’ll try to post content. Thanks for listening you guys and as a wise person once said and I quote Ellen DeGenres, “Be kind to one another.” ))

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Dick Grayson is a Goddamn Dork™ ACTUAL CANONS

1. The discowing suit. I mean, really?

2. Canonically was responsible for naming the batarangs, the Batmobile, and probably every other bat- thing in the cave.

3. Continued to defend those choices, even as Batman. “That’s a stupid name.” “You mean *awesome*.”

4. Little kid tries to punch him (as a cop!) and he responded by saying, “you’re throwing a punch wrong. Here, hit me again, like this”

5. Built an entire secret room in his apartment for vigilante purposes, still leaves his Nightwing suit in a heap on the ground next to his bed where Goddamn anyone can see it

6. Puts his fingers up by his head so that thugs who see his shadow will think he’s Batman

7. When deciding what to call his new a batarang equipment, unironically decided to call them “wing-dings”

8. Is honestly flattered when supervillains compliment his butt


10. Does not bother to park the Batwing or even bring it low, flings himself out of it from 1,000 feet up because *aesthetic*

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pls pls do bts when they're drunk


  • the crazy drunk
  • volume is stuck at level 200
  • gets unnecessarily competitive
  • determined to outdrink everyone there
  • “i bet on my left nostril that i can take more shots than u”
  • tries to fight everyone
  • extra blunt and honest
  • hyper
  • everyone laughs at his antics
  • life of the party


  • the reliable drunk
  • he holds alcohol the best out of the boys
  • more buzzed than drunk
  • prevents anyone from killing themselves
  • 50% laughing at everyone’s drunk antics
  • 50% judging them
  • sassy
  • gets in a really good mood
  • more touchy than usual
  • takes videos of everyone’s embarrassing moments to use as blackmail

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  • the wild drunk
  • goes overboard
  • super weird and crazy
  • does the most stupid shit
  • like dancing on a table
  • or using a lamp post as a stripper pole
  • “me? drunk? lmAO im not even that drunk”
  • passes out 5 minutes later
  • is dragged home by yoongi

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  • the philosophical drunk
  • *walks into door*
  • “shit sorry man”
  • has lengthy conversations with his ryan plushies
  • deep discussions about the universe
  • kinda has an empty stare the whole time
  • gets scared by his own shadow
  • dances badly
  • embarrasses everyone
  • just wants to rest his head on someone shoulder

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  • the horny drunk
  • i n t e n s e flirting
  • super clingy
  • doesn’t shut up
  • stumbles and falls all over everyone
  • hugs every person he encounters
  • “did u guys know that i love you?”
  • high pitched giggles
  • uses cheesy pick up lines
  • winks at everyone who makes eye contact with him
  • lowkey a fuckboy


  • the weird drunk
  • wears his shoes on his hands
  • laughs too loud at things that aren’t funny
  • pats everyone on the back way harder than necessary
  • clings onto his friends
  • gets gradually more serious as the night progresses
  • and eventually he’s on the ground spilling all his secrets
  • confesses things he’s never told anyone
  • has the worst hangover and doesn’t remember anything


  • the extra drunk
  • takes a while to loosen up but once he does oh boy
  • even more courageous than usual
  • tries to fight a bush 
  • pranks everyone
  • throws people into the pool
  • does dumb stuff to impress people
  • “kook i bet you can’t break a bottle on ur head”
  • B E T
  • gets the balls to flirt with his crush
  • “are you drunk?” 
  • “no i’m jungkook”
  • overdramatic 

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Grandpa Bucky, you're the greatest storyteller of them all. I'll make you a cheesecake if you tell us what is the craziest thing you and tony have done to entertain yourself while on a SHIELD briefing?

the thing about debriefings is that if you disrupt them, they only go longer. so the trick is entertaining yourself without attracting attention or getting caught. 

that being said, all of the avengers know morse code. so initially we would just have quiet conversations–tapping pens, using the glint of light off a watch, blinking–but we had to stop after nat told a really good dick joke and thor couldnt hold in his laughter, which completely derailed the briefing, because thor’s laugh is really contaigous. (also because dr banner and tony got very distracted by thor’s allspeak working on a code: how far does that work? could he read text spit out by an enigma machine? and then science happened. the poor shield peon trying to keep the briefing together was totally forgotten.)

so we stopped having coded conversations, because nat cant resist dick jokes when the opportunity presents itself, and thor always laughs at them. we moved on to passing notes, because why not? we’re a group of spies, assassins, supersoldiers and geniuses. and thor. we can totally slide a bit of paper around without getting caught. we actually still do this all the time, but we’ve moved on to drawings. each of us draws one of the others as they appeared in the last fight. it gets pretty insulting and really funny very quickly. tony’s compiling a best-of book to give steve for his birthday, because steve likes art. 

so it’s hard to pick just one particular incident, but one of the better ones was the time tony and i built a tiny little remote controlled robot bug, and i slipped it down steve’s shirt just before the debriefing started. fun fact: super senses is all the senses–including touch. steve is incredibly ticklish. so we would wait until he got comfy, then make it move just a little bit, and watch him twitch. then we’d wait again, move it somewhere else, and again with the twitching. it was pretty great. steve tries to keep professional during meetings, which is a joke considering who he works with, and watching him spasm and twist and try not to giggle was just. performance art. 

afterwards we realized that since scott can control actual bugs, we wasted a lot of time making a robot one. but it was still worth it. 

how to stick your plans

by a horrible procrastinator


  • keep things realistic. you may think you can read 200 pages of jane eyre in one night, and honestly, you could…but you won’t unless that essay that’s 30% of your grade is due, you know, tomorrow.
    • you know your habits better than anyone. try to work around what you know you’re going to do. can you read about 25 pages without getting totally bored/sidetracked? well, make yourself do that. it’s only 25 pages, right?
  • try to accomplish one thing every day. don’t ever let your day slip away from you without doing anything. even if that “one accomplishment” is making a stupid text post on tumblr or revising your notes or washing your sheets…just be productive!
    • this is especially important for those of you with mental illness! having a “zero day” can really plummet your mood or set you in an unproductive rut.
    • if you really feel like you need a day to just chill out, napping can count as your accomplishment
  • don’t push studying off! you’ve probably heard this one a million times, but seriously. don’t. you’re not going to retain 10 weeks worth of information with one study session…okay, maybe you can, but do you really want to?
    • the best, low-effort way of remembering information is to, at first, review it often. right after you learn the material, review it a couple times during the week. maybe re-write your notes that weekend. then, the next week, visit one or two times, just glazing over parts you don’t really remember well. then, maybe once every two weeks, etc…by the time you get to finals, you’ll be familiar with all the information! trust me, it works.
  • organize your to-do’s. personally, i make a huge to-do list for the entire week. then, i delegate different ‘levels’ of urgency to it (see below.) you can do this however you want, but i do it this way to help me visualize how lazy i can be and not pay for it…
    • i tend to organize it by these ‘categories’ / ‘urgent levels’
      • is there a quiz on the material due soon
      • how likely is there to be a pop quiz
      • what’s my grade in the class like / how badly do i need that ‘a’
      • does the homework/assignment need to be turned in
      • etc

actually doing it:

  • studyspo helps. okay, i know this is kind of obvious considering i’m a studyblr, but… you see that notebook you just bought? isn’t it fucking adorable? don’t you want to make some sweet, sweet note-love to it? you know you do.
    • don’t spend too much time setting up your work space or browsing tumblr. seriously. you know when you’re overstepping.
  • have some nice playlists. preferably with music you already know! if you don’t know the song already, chances are it’s just going to become a distraction.
    • 8tracks is a great site for this! you can make your own mixes or take a listen to one of the many, many study / chill playlists available. again, take a listen to the track on your way to class or whatever before actually trying to study with it on.
    • instrumentals + classical + video game music are the standard
  • get organized. messy = stressy. seriously. organize your desk, organize your notes. even if it’s not really your style, at least try to keep things ‘in your personal order.’ try to pretend you have your shit together. you will be so much more productive & confident if you feel in control of your situation.
    • if you’re a perfectionist, you may want to disregard this. really. you don’t want to put ‘tidiness’ above productivity.
    • taking pictures of your awesome, super-nice work space is awesome motivation. give that illusion of productivity. become tumblr famous.
    • if you can afford it, matching stationary and cute shit like that is super awesome feeling. it makes studying aesthetically satisfying.
  • take care of yourself. brush your teeth, put on that nice-smelling lotion, drink water. eating healthy foods, getting some exercise, all that good shit people tell you to do…it really is important. it’s kind of hard to focus or remain motivated if you’re miserably bloated & haven’t showered in 3 days.
    • especially for my neurod or mentally ill followers!

i fucked up

  • repeat after me: IT’S OKAY. IT’S OKAY. we all fuck up. you’re allowed to fuck up. sometimes assignments don’t get done, sometimes we don’t do as well on tests as we’d like. it’s okay. you’re okay.
  • recovery. alright, so, now that we’ve accepted that we’re human beans who sometimes grow upside-down…
    • cuddle in a blanket, and write down what you think you did wrong. did you not study enough? do you need to go to your professors office hours? write down your ideas.
    • let your failure motivate you! you hit your lowest point, alright? now you can focus on doing better, even if it’s just a few points difference.
    • you can do some things wrong. you don’t need to get an A every single time. did you understand 50% of the material? well, that’s halfway there!
    • you’re not going to be perfect at everything. we all have growing pains.

well, that’s all i have to say. keep growing towards the sun, kids.

Just in case anyone needed the reassurance.

Here I am, a person with Real Actual PTSD who has been professionally diagnosed for 19 years and got that diagnosis re-confirmed by a different professional 3 years ago, telling you that:

  • Self-diagnosis is valid.
  • It doesn’t matter if it was “just” bullying or “just” emotional abuse or “only” mild physical abuse or “not that bad” of an accident or “not that dangerous” of a situation.  All of those things can cause PTSD, even if it wasn’t as severe as what other people have gone through.
  • Your triggers are not stupid or exaggerated or made up.
  • Your triggers don’t have to cause a full-blown panic attack or flashback to be real.
  • Your flashbacks don’t have to be vivid visual hallucinations of a past event to be real.
  • You are not too young to have PTSD.  Trauma doesn’t card you.  Your age doesn’t make your experience invalid.
  • You matter.
When you are watching

A movie or show and you can see it in your fave characters eyes that they are going to make a stupid mistake and it’s not going to end well for anyone but especially your ship and your sat there yelling at them not to do it and then they do anyways…

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Apparently You’re A Nazi

I just encountered a tweet with a gif that showed a woman in a “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat being blindsided and pepper-sprayed by some guy, with a reply saying “you dont often see female nazis getting what they deserve”

Originally, a “Nazi” meant someone who wanted to create a fascist state and commit genocide. Any decent person would hate these guys, so we all understood that Nazi=Evil.

Then “Nazi” meant someone who endorsed racist beliefs, regardless of policies. This was transparently diluting the meaning from its original form, but we didn’t really mind, because racists suck and we were going to be pissed at them anyway.

Then “Nazi” meant someone who supported Donald Trump for any reason. ie: Over a third of the USA.

Now “Nazi” means someone who wears ~edgy~ hats supporting bitcoin.

And, regardless of your opinion on genocide - or literally anything else, for that matter - in a month, “Nazi” is going to mean you.

It literally does not matter what you believe. Not a single bit. You could be the most fervent anti-racist in the world. You could hate Hitler with all your heart. You could have been completely certain that no one in their right mind would call you a Nazi.

And then someone wearing a dumb hat got pepper-sprayed.

So, the next time you see the punching discourse, remember this: All of those arguments in favour of punching Nazis are encouraging people to punch anyone in a silly hat. Even if the person making the argument doesn’t endorse punching people in stupid hats, this is where it leads. And saying “But I thought they’d only punch the real Nazis!” is no excuse.

Saying “You can punch Nazis” means “You can punch people you call Nazis”. Simple as that. There is no ledger in the sky listing the True Nazis and distinguishing them from the Fake Nazis. If there was, people in stupid hats wouldn’t be pepper-sprayed. Any and all endorsement of punching Nazis on sight is an endorsement of “Use your judgement to decide who to punch, because no one’s judgement is ever flawed”.

And then people wearing the wrong hat will be punched. And people wearing the wrong shoes will be punched. And people eating the wrong food will be punched. And people listening to the wrong music will be punched. And you will be punched. You will always be someone’s Nazi, and this is the political climate in which they will feel justified in assaulting you.

So, if being a fucking decent person who doesn’t attack strangers based on their hat doesn’t compel you, at least let a little self-interest do it. Do you want a jacked up whiteboy with a saviour complex to beat your ass for walking down the street the wrong way? No? Then don’t contribute to the culture that wants to make that happen.

Because when you ride with the disintegration of the social order, you ride with Hitler. ///

Therapy is not defeat

It is, I suppose, an easy thing to see; humans revere thought and the mystery of sentience, and before they understood how the body worked, they saw that capacity for selfhood as being merely captured within it. But times have changed, and science has come to the fore. We now know that the brain is a lump of meat, that thoughts have physical configurations, that electrochemical signals can be vulnerable to the smallest of things - even microscopic bacteria.

Thought is not magical. The goo in your skull is not unique and has no significance by itself. What makes you special is the one-of-a-kind arrangement of all these atoms that compose you, and how they all harmonize to produce consistent traits that can be defined as “you”. So please, let us demystify the brain, the mind, or thought in general.

Let us acknowledge that the brain is a physical capsule and is a part of your body, that it can lose optimal functioning due to diet, activity levels, and medical conditions like disease. Let us acknowledge that it can atrophy from lack of use. Let us agree, nay, insist that it can become fixated upon certain habitual thoughts, comforts, stimulus. It can become addicted. The brain is a physical thing with physical rules.

You would not fill your own cavity, or examine your own eyes when they begin to fail. You would not screen yourself for cancer, or perform your own appendectomy. You cannot work on your own brain, the smallest reason being that you cannot use that brain to work objectively upon itself. That is simply stupid.

You can hire a contractor with training and experience, someone who can treat the trauma, the repetitive thoughts, the invasive feelings, at the same time as they treat your physical effects. They can help you see yourself from the outside, help you over those blocks you did not even know you had.

Mental health is not something with which a few broken people deal. Mental health IS physical health, and anyone with a body ought to be receiving help and guidance with it. There ought to be magazines devoted to obsessive thinking, just as there are for nutritional health, advice on how eating can improve cognition, what illnesses can change how the mind functions. Skepticism of your own thoughts should be as skillfully taught as is mathematics. Deciding how and when to tell your brain to shove off, ought to be the foundation of this culture.

It is not a failure to seek assistance with the maintenance of your meat-ball. It is actually perfectly rational, sensible, and utterly essential. Anyone who thinks otherwise is afraid of what they may find lurking within them, or simply does not grasp the concept. It is not defeat. People who attend therapy are not broken. Just because it is “a tiny problem” doesn’t mean you should not bother to address it. Time and chronology mean nothing to the memory, that holds all worlds as one and all moments as the present, and therefore, trauma is never really gone.

There is nothing, NOTHING at all dismal about therapy. In fact, you deserve an award for being good to yourself, for taking ALL of your health, in its entirety, seriously. You are not “half-assed”. You mean business.

That is the opposite of defeat.


He stared hard at the table, chewing his bottom lip as the team surrounded him at all sides. “What were you thinking!?” Shiro yelled, “this is by far the dumbest thing you’ve ever done!”
Lance curled into himself even more as the tension in the room increased.
“It turned out fine.” Lance muttered quietly.
“Are you being serious right now Lance?” Allura sighed shaking her head.
They were in the heat of battle. Defending another planet from Galra rule. “Lance, keep a distance. Provide cover for us.” Shiro ordered over the comms.
“Roger that!” Lance yelled back, settling into his snipers nest.
A loud explosion echoed across the city. “Buildings going down Shiro.” Hunk relayed.
“Good, that’ll flush out the rest of the Galra to the surface.” Keith added.
“Wait.” Lance said, noticing a large group of aliens rushing out of the way of the toppling building. “There’s people down there!”
He quickly got to his knees and stared down at the street. “We have to get them out of there.” He said frantically getting to his feet.
“Lance, stay in position.” Shiro order, “we’ll handle it.”
“You’re too far away!” Lance yelled back already on the move, alerting blue.
Blue quickly responded covering the citizens from the crumbling building. He breathed out a heavy sigh of relief before he was interrupted by Shiro’s yelling. “Now the Galra know that we have more than Black and Yellow down here!” He yelled.
“Get back in position. Now.” Shiro seethed.
“Yes sir.” Lance sighed, making sure everyone was safe before moving back to position.

“You completely jeopardized the mission.” Keith said with a glare.
“But we couldn’t just let those people die.” Lance replied meekly.
“You always do this Lance!” Pidge hissed, “It’s. Always. You.”
“You’re becoming a liability Lance,” Shiro said crossing his arms, “you really need to think about what you’re doing; and how it’s affecting everyone else.”
His tone turned cold making Lance go rigid. “The more stupid stunts you pull, the more likely you are to get someone killed.”
He bit the inside of his lip even harder, tasting blood.
“I hate to admit it buddy, but they’re right.” Hunk said with a sigh, “you’re getting selfish.”
A tiny gasp left him, his attention snapping up to Hunk. “S-Selfish?” He asked, his voice quivering.
“Voltron was created in order to save the universe, and stand as an icon of freedom.” Allura cut in, her voice harsh, “we can’t have someone who only thinks of themselves piloting one of the lions.”
He looked up at all the faces of his teammates. They all wore the same scowl, or disappointed look. He let out a shaky breath putting his head in his hands, and rested his elbows on the table. “I don’t understand.” He stated, his voice coming out hoarse.
Keith scoffed, leaning over the table. “Why am I not surprised.”
“Keith.” Shiro warned.
“Well, we’re telling him how it is aren’t we?” He snapped back.
Keith leaned towards him more. “You don’t understand because you’re arrogant, and stupid.” He said, “You’re selfish, and don’t understand why you’re finally getting called out for it.”
Suddenly Lance’s fists connected with the table, echoing throughout the room. Keith took a surprised step back. “Don’t call me stupid.” He said lowly.
“Oh, shut-.”
Lance raised his head cutting him off with a sharp glare.
His demeanour had gone cold, making the team uneasy. His posture quickly corrected as he crossed his legs and sat up straight in his chair. He glared sharply at the faces around him. “Okay, let’s pretend I actually care about what you’re going to say.” He said, his carefree tone catching them off guard, “what did I do wrong today?”
Everyone stayed silent. “Go on.”
Shiro swallowed thickly, opening his mouth. “You left your position after I ordered you to stay at a distance.”
“There were citizens in danger of perishing.” He replied cooly.
“Yes. But-.”
“Service before self.” Lance replied simply.
“The military code. Service before self. In this case, cause before self.” Lance stated, “as the Princess stated earlier, ‘Voltron was created to save the Universe.’ The Universe includes all innocent living being within it.”
Shiro fell silent.
“That means, the need to do everything I can to save everyone I can negates your orders.”
“You revealed that the Blue lion was on the surface.” Pidge interjected.
“Oh, please. If you didn’t think we needed the Blue lion she would have been left on the ship.”
The team looked between themselves, making Lance smirk. “Will you just admit it?” He asked raising out of his chair.
“Admit what?” Hunk asked.
“You’re trying to use me as a scapegoat yet again.” He replied, “You’re putting all your frustrations on me again.”
He started laughing. “You call me selfish even though I put my life on the line today. You can me arrogant when I haven’t made any off handed comments in weeks.” His eyes moved to Keith, “and you call me stupid even though I contribute just as much to planning as everyone else.”
He took another step towards the doorway. “I am the farthest from those things as anyone on this ship.”
He turned his back to them. “You’re putting a strain on our team bond Lance.” Shiro said finally.
He paused a step before he was out the door. He half turned towards them with a small frown. “I’m not going to apologize for this. Not anymore.” He said simply before turning again, “As for the team bond. It’s been strained for a while; and I think you oughta start looking for different causes.”

kevin and neil headcanons because i dont see nearly enough for them

☆neil: what is ‘dabbing’ kevin: absolutely not
☆kevin has to chop vegetables into tiny pieces and sneak them into neils dinners because his eating habits are shit
☆they go grocery shopping together and neil keeps putting junk food in the cart and kevin keeps shoving it back onto random shelves with varying levels of rage
☆neil: do i even weigh anything to you? kevin, holding him a foot off the ground: no. its like holding a bag of grapes
☆whack each other w their exy racquets when they get too Extra during practice
☆scary movie ride or die fans
☆kevin curls up and watches through his fingers and neil punches kevins leg when a jumpscare gets him
☆kevin: *mentions anyone who has even slightly inconvenienced him* neil: you should kill them
☆kevin can always sense neils bullshit and he will, inevitably and invariably, be able to tell when neil is doing Something Stupid
☆neil photobombs kevins interviews at/after games ALL THE TIME
☆kevin: it was a tough game but our hard work paid off
☆neil: in the background wearing 3 pairs of sunglasses and dumping an entire gatorade over his head while maintaining eye contact with the camera
☆neil can suplex kevin
☆they are savage at dragging like god help whoever brings down their Roasting Session upon themselves bc they will taste the wrath of a god
☆neil makes a game of how many outlandish claims he can make and still have kevin believe him
☆neil: did you know i once spent a week in australia and had to eat nothing but jellyfish and twinkies to survive
☆kevin, wide eyed and scandalized: how are you alive
☆neil WILL pick a fight in a fast food restaurant and kevin has to bail him out
☆kevin listens to 80s pop music when he works out and neil finds out. neil Finds Out.
☆neil plays 21 loops of tom jones’ ‘whats new pussycat’ and kevin tells him to put in 1 ‘its not unusual’
☆kevin will send neil a million texts until he gets a response. like in a row, in the span of 15 seconds buzz buzz bitch where are you
☆neil watches chopped and kevin loses his mind because neil will drag a contestant for mixing caviar with peppers while at the same time eating like mac n cheese with nutella
☆they get too into laser tag and get kicked out

thanks i love them

I think Suho is the most underrated member of Exo and it worries me. He sings well, is very handsome, his jokes are stupid but funny (I will fight anyone who says they’re not lol), and he’s done so much to be a good leader for Exo. I know some people think he doesn’t stick out but if you’re an Exo-L, even if he’s not your bias hopefully you can come to appreciate and respect him for his hard work, talent and dedication.

It Wasn’t Real (part six)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - finale

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see) Richie x Reader and very slight Eddie x Reader

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, and sexual abuse (mild) plus Henry being a dick, so….

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You watched with an expression of boredom as Henry shot at every can he could find, missing with terrible aim each time. You could literally be doing anything better than this right now, but you didn’t have a choice. Henry had dragged you all the way over here because he wanted to show off, something, you didn’t even know.

You didn’t care.

You felt drained, mentally exhausted. Nothing seemed to register in your mind anymore. 

Despite the night and morning you had, school had been more the uneventful. Because of the stupid moves you’d pulled recently, word traveled and every one acted as if you were crazy. No one expected prim and proper Y/N Y/L/N to flip off a teacher, or to ditch detention and skip a whole afternoon of classes; it’d seemed you’d made a new name for yourself. Then to make it all better, the minute you’d left your last class for the day Henry had found you.

You never really enjoyed your time with him, but something told you today was going to be ten times worse. 

Watching with lazy eyes, Henry shot the gun, a loud echo going off that didn’t make any sound in your mind. He actually managed to hit the can this time it seemed, as him, Victor and Belch cheered in excitement. What a stupid thing to get excited about… 

“Hey, Belch, grab that cat.” You furrowed your brows, your eyes immediately snapping over to the orange tabby sat by the garbage. Panic set in and you shot up from your seat on the fence, watching as Belch hesitated for a moment but eventually begun making his way over to the cat.

“Henry….” You whispered, taking a step towards you. He only shushed you, a pleased grin on his face as Belch set the cat up next to one of the cans he’d actually managed to hit. He was a terrible aim, but he was getting better and something told you he’d be able to hit his target this time. “Henry!” You said, a little bit louder this time.

“Shut the hell up, Y/N.” Henry spat back at you, not glancing back. Raising the gun, he closed one eye and began aiming as Belch stood there with an uncertain look. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you felt your breath grow frantic. He wouldn’t, would he? Shoot an innocent cat?

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It's Goin' Down

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Summary: Peter Pans daughter goes to The Isle of the Lost and meets Harry Hook

A/N: I kinda combined Descendants and OUaT (thought I haven’t watched the last 2 seasons so…) 

“All it takes is one swing and I’ll humiliate him

Matter of fact, make one wrong move and I’ll debilitate him

And if he even starts to slip, I’ll eliminate him

All it takes is one long look and I’ll-“

“Oh my God, we get it chill.” You stood behind Mal leaning against the railing a bored look on your face as you rolled your eyes looking at your nails. Everyone stopped and looked at you, the VKs and Lonnie smirking while Umas crew looked at you in disbelieve, they couldn’t believe you had interrupted the boy with the fake hook. You looked up at him, challenging him to say something.

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Dating Emmett Cullen would include:

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  • Forehead kisses
  • Cheek kisses
  • Neck kisses
  • He kisses you everywhere 
  • And it can be in a completely nonsexual way 
  • Because he just likes adoring every inch of you 
  • (it can also be in a very sexual way) 
  • (because he will make sure he adores every inch of you) 
  • lets be honest Emmett crushes on you like a total dork 
  • like running into you in the hallway at school and pretending it was an accident
  • or trying to read the books he sees you reading 
    • some of them he ends up really liking 
    • some of them he just asks Edward or Jasper about  
  • He looks at your schedule and then changes his to be in more classes with you 
  • Ends up in classes he is in no way equipped for 
    • Like AP Physics 
    • Or an advanced art class 
  • But it works out because you offer to tutor him one day 
  • Him sneaking out to meet you somewhere bc there’s no way he could explain to a family of scholars why he’s being tutored by a high school kid
  • He just listens to your voice and smiles the whole time you’re trying to teach him  
    • “Emmett, are you even listening to me?” 
    • “Every word.” 
  • Eventually he gets to the point he can casually flirt with you without making a fool out of himself 
  • He’s never actually forgotten a word you’ve said to him
  • Knows everything about you before you even get together
  • Probably broke into your house at some point to steal a sweater bc he likes the way you smell 
  • Or to try and find a diary of some sort bc he needs to know if you like him and Edward won’t tell him what you’re thinking 
  • He gives Edward shit for watching Bella sleep all the time but he sits outside your house at night to make sure you’re safe
    • He tends to be very restless but when it comes to you he could sit there for hours and listen to how steady your breathing gets when you sleep 
    • It calms him down 
  • When you finally ask him out on a date he gets flustered as fuck 
    • “I … uh–you y ou wanna go out? With me?” 
  • He’s no less flustered when he picks you up at your house
  • You’re trying not to laugh bc he’s wearing a tie and it’s cute as hell but you can tell he hates it 
  • He gets totally embarrassed when you find his music
    • He has things like Miles Davis and Elvis but also things like Pussycat Dolls Greatest Hits  
    • The entire Grease Soundtrack 
    • And Grease 2 
  • Gets all his romance tips from the 1950s 
  • Calls you baby, babe, doll
  • Digs out a letterman jacket from the actual 1950′s for you to wear 
  • Wants you to wear his class ring 
    • “Emmett, this is from 1945. People are actually gonna think I’m dating my grampa” 
  • He tries so hard to take the relationship slow
  • Fails mostly 
  • Probably accidentally bruised you a few times during makeout sessions  
  • Feels v bad about it.
  • You do not mind. 
  • Him touching you all. the. time. 
  • Grabs your ass whenever he catches a guy staring at you 
  • Grabs your ass on the daily 
    • even in front of his family 
    • just for no reason 
  • Total pillow princess 
  • He’s never particularly dominant and can even be kinda submissive 
  • Wants to have sex 24/7 
  • Even after you’re a vampire you can’t keep up 
  • He’d be sO FUCKING NEEDY omG 
  • Loves you unconditionally
  • Firmly believes you can do no wrong
  • Will fight anyone who says otherwise 
  • You, Rosalie, and Jasper form a relationship solely on shared glances whenever Emmett does something stupid 
  • The stupid things he does are almost always to show off for you
  • Gets v pissed at Jasper in Eclipse for putting him on his ass in front of you
  • Introduces you as ‘My Girl/Boy’ or ‘My baby’ 
  • You wear his clothes to tease him
  • Nothing drives him crazier than seeing you in his clothes askdjhkjh 
  • You wear his boxer shorts a lot 
  • And his basketball shorts
  • It’s the single sexiest thing he’s ever seen 
  • lets be honest he’s probably given you a lapdance or two 
    • unironically 
  • Emmett wanting a huge white wedding and a huge white house
    • both of which so that he can show you off to everyone within miles 
  • He swears he’ll follow you to whatever college you want to go to 
  • You two being absolute children together
  • Forever. 

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||| Part One ||| Part Two ||| Part Three ||| Part Four ||| 

“Oh, what fresh hell is that,” [Y/N] murmured under her breath as Peter drew out the schematics for her project. Raising a brow and tilting her head, she swore that Peter had just invented a new language. Running a hand through her hair, she shook her head. “I’m going to use the bathroom, I’ll be right back.” Picking herself up from Peter’s bedroom floor, she walked out the room.

“So, did you ask her yet?”

Peter yelped, jumping in his bones and then quickly turning towards his bedroom window to find Ned climbing through it. “Ned!? What the heck are you doing?!”

Nonchalantly, Ned struggled to get himself into his friend’s room. Cocking a brow, he motioned towards himself, “A little help would be nice.”

Unsure of what to do, Peter scrambled up from his spot on the floor and rushed to his friends aid. Yanking on him, he spoke low. “Seriously, dude, what are you doing here?!”

Ned snickered, “To make sure you don’t chicken out.”

Scrubbing his hands over his face, Peter groaned. “Why did you climb up the fire escape? Why not, I don’t know, ring the doorbell?”

Again, Ned snickered. “Would you have let me in? Besides, I know you don’t lock your window for quick Spidey emergencies.”

“Sh, sh, sh!” Peter growled. Now, he started to panic. “You need to leave,” pointing towards the cracked bedroom door, “[Y/N] will be back here any minute. What am I suppose to tell her when she finds you here? You can’t lie, you’ve almost told her I’m Spiderman on more than one occasions and I can’t lie to her because she knows I’m hiding something. And I definitely don’t want to ask her out with you standing here.”

Shrugging, Ned pondered. “Dunno.”

Smacking his forehead, “Oh god.”

“Hey, Peter? Can we switch it up and work on history? My brain hurts from all this engineer-” stopping mid sentence, she raised a brow at the sight of Peter and Ned awkwardly standing facing each other. “Ned? When did you get here?”

“Uh, just now!”

“Funny, I didn’t hear anyone knocking.” [Y/N] crossed her arms, her brow still raised. “What’s going on?”

Peter stumbled over his words, desperate to say something that wasn’t stupid. Ned on the other hand watched his friend walk himself in circles with sounds and noises that didn’t even sound human. Rolling his eyes, Ned patted Peter’s back hard.

“What Peter’s tryin’ to say is that he likes you, a lot.  A lot, a lot. Way more then Liz and trust me when I say that because the kid was obsessed with Liz. I mean who isn’t though, you know? She’s hot and really smart,” Ned winced, “not, not that you aren’t hot or smart [Y/N]. I just mean like, Peter was just really-”

“-enough, dude.” Peter muttered, slightly humiliated.

[Y/N] crossed her arms, amused by Peter’s bright red cheeks. Trying to ignore the fact that her own face was flushing, she chuckled. “I see, and what was your purpose to crash our study session?”

Ned smiled brightly, “To make sure he didn’t mess it up!”

Nodding, “And you think he would have been worse at admitting his feelings than what you just said?”

“Uh,” Ned thought, frowning as he went over what he had said. Looking over at Peter who looked a cross between annoyed and embarrassed. “Sorry, bro….”  

Peter hid his face with his hands, “It’s alright, buddy.”

[Y/N] sucked in air and let it all back out as she thought of what to say next. This wasn’t how she pictured her night with Peter going at all. They had spent the last few weeks getting to know each other and helplessly trying to get her to understand basic mechanical engineering fundamentals. “Ned, can you give us a moment?”

Ned bowing his head, sulked out of the room.

Smiling, [Y/N] lightly nudged Peter towards his bed. Sitting down next to each other, she chuckled at the obvious mortified expression. “So,”

“So.” He repeated under his breath.

Feeling her cheeks get red, she looked down at her hands and whispered. “If it helps any, I kind of, sort of, like you too.”

Snapping his head up, “What? You do?”

Nodding, “Yeah.” Giving Peter a sideways glance, she smiled. “I didn’t plan on it but you kind of crept up on me.”

Peter stared at [Y/N] with wide eyes and an open grin. He didn’t know what to say, all he wanted to do was do a happy dance and fist pump the air a few times but he knew that if he did that, it would be even more embarrassing than what Ned had just done.

Clearing his throat, Peter looked down at his hands. “What do we do now?”

Running her hands down her legs and then standing up, she motioned towards the books that laid sprawled on the floor. “Well, we should get back to studying-”

“-Lame!” Ned uttered as he walked into the room with his arms crossed.

[Y/N] gently rolled her eyes as she sat down on the floor. “Wanna let me finish, Ned?”

Annoyingly motioning her hands for her to do so, he huffed. Muttering some words under his breath about them being idiots for studying.

Turning to Peter, she smiled. “As I was saying, we should continue to study and once we both pass, then we can decide what we’re going to do for our first date.”

Peter smiled back, “Uh, yeah, definitely.”

What?!” Ned exclaimed. Running a hand through his hair, he rose a brow. “What is wrong with you guys. You two basically professed your love and you’re going to focus on school?” Shaking his head, he groaned. “No, you two should be practicing kissing not practicing who took over Poland.”

Peter and [Y/N] exchanged looks before saying at the same time, “Get out, Ned.” Both of them laughed as he huffed and puffed out of Peter’s room.

As their laughter quieted down and they started to get back into the groove of where they were before Ned interrupted them, Peter piped up. “I’m not opposed to the kissing thing…”

Looking up from her history textbook, she quirked a brow. “How about this, if you ace your history test, I’ll consider it.”

Peter chuckled, “Oh, I’ll ace it, alright.”

||| Part One ||| Part Two ||| Part Three ||| Part Four ||| 

Advice for People Entering College

– Wash your hair. Wash your sheets. Try to keep your room clean. Cleanliness might not be next to godliness, but it sure as hell is next to happiness.

– Get. Enough. Sleep.

– Set your alarm for thirty minutes earlier than is strictly necessary. Get up, get some work done, tidy your room, or just sit and enjoy being awake and at peace.

– There will be other parties. If you’re swamped or feeling down, skip this weekend’s rager.

– No one cares if you don’t drink or smoke. Seriously. Do only what you’re comfortable with.

– Put aside time to talk to people from home – parents, siblings, high-school friends. Those relationships don’t have to end just because you don’t see each other every day anymore.

– I know it sometimes seems like everyone else is BFFs with each other and you’re an outsider, but it’s not true. Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outsides. Everyone has times when they’re feeling lonely, even if it’s not obvious to other people. You’re not strange or unlovable.

– To-do lists. I’m not kidding, people. They’ve saved my life on more than one occasion. They’re super good at keeping from feeling overwhelmed. Make a tangible list of everything you have to do, and you’ll realize you can do it. Also, crossing stuff of to-do lists is orgasmic.

– Procrastination sucks, but don’t beat yourself up over it. Everyone does it.

– If you’re really struggling with starting your work, tell yourself you’ll do fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes is too much? Okay, ten minutes. Five. Just start. You’ll feel so much better once you have.

– That being said, your soul needs a break sometime. Don’t expect yourself to work from sunup to sundown. Give yourself five-minute breaks every hour, fifteen-minute breaks every two-hours — find a schedule that works for you.

– Seriously: sleep. If it’s 11pm and you feel like death, go to bed. Set an early alarm to get the work done the next morning if you have to; just get yourself to bed.

– There might be some really, really rough days. They’ll pass.

– Try not to analyze your life at midnight; everything looks better in the morning.

– Feeling lonely? Reach out to people. Facebook message someone you’ve talked to twice but haven’t really hung out with; invite them to a movie or out for coffee. Chances are, they’ll be as excited to make a new friend as you are.

– I know it’s hard to find time, by try to exercise at least a couple times a week. The benefits of cardio are unbelievable.

– Use the resources available to you – they exist for a reason. Go to tutoring hours. Go to office hours. They might be awkward (they probably will be awkward sometimes, depending on your professor) but they’re worth it.

– Stop beating yourself up over stuff. Got a bad grade on an essay? It happens. Missed a few deadlines? Had a bad interaction with a professor? It happens. Take a deep breath. You’re doing fine.

– Journal every day, or at least a few times a week. It doesn’t have to be in a nice, expensive, leather-bound notebook. You don’t have to doodle cute little cartoons all over the page. You’re handwriting doesn’t have to be nice. Just get your feelings out of your head and onto paper (or a Google doc).

– Sometimes professors are bad or the material is hard. A few bad grades (a few bad semesters, even) aren’t going to kill anyone. C’s get degrees, people.

– Fight for yourself. Don’t be afraid to tell people — your advisors, your professors, your roommate — what you need.

– Some people don’t graduate in four years. It doesn’t make you stupid or inadequate.

– Being a grown-up can be scary, but you’re going to figure it out.

– Everything. Is. Going. To. Be. Okay.

Richie Tozier Headcanons : Alcohol

- He never ever ever drinks alcohol. He sees what it has done to his family, and he is terrified of becoming like his mother.

- He is the designated driver

- He is the one that nurses everyone’s hangovers because he has been trained to nurse his mother hangovers for as long as he can remember (even when he knew he’d get yelled out/abused).

- He is the one who tries to stop the Losers from getting out of hand when drunk.

- However, he never tells anyone why he doesn’t drink. He passes it off as “why get drunk when I have just as much fun sober” and he does believe that in part

- but the Losers Club just knows the real reason

- in secret the other members rotate off who will also stay sober with Richie that night

- they don’t drink often, but when they do drink they drink

- if it’s Bev they talk about crushes they have/rant and get angry about home life with someone who actually kind of understands

- if it’s Bill they talk about what their plans are for the rest of the week and discuss days everyone will be free to hang out (mentions Stan waaay too much)

- if it’s Ben it’s super awkward at first because they never really talk alone but Ben is Bev’s crush so Richie goes out of his way to get to know Ben (he has to be good enough for his best friend, ofc Ben is)

- if it’s Stan they talk about school and roast each other continuously and Stan rants about how some people can be so oblivious to other people feelings for them (Richie isn’t stupid, he thinks he knows who Stan is referring to)

- Stan (regardless of what anyone thinks) isn’t talking about Bill, he is talking about Richie and Eddie

- Most of the time Mike walks around chatting with everyone sober and even some of the only slightly drunk people because he is an angel and wants to make sure everyone at the party has a safe way home so that doesn’t leave much time for a conversation between Richie and Mike

- When it’s Eddie’s turn they try to make the worst most perverted twisted joke they can and they see who wins

- there is also a hefty amount of flirting

- Richie is actually oblivious to why they do that much for him because he doesn’t think he’s worth it??

- No one tries to peer pressure Richie into drinking because they would get the crap beat out of them by the other Losers if they did

Add on if you want I guess?

Alright people, let’s get something straight:

Now, I’ve both made and reblogged posts of this nature before, but earlier today I was scrolling through the ‘Recent’ tab of my Billdip search, yknow, just checking out what’s new in one of my favorite ships, and I kept coming across anti-ship posts and people complaining about incest and pedophilia and all that shit.
*Inhales* Now there are just a FEW things I’d like to add to the ‘arguments’ these posts and bloggers were making:

  1. “It’s supporting pedophilia/incest!”
    Actually no, it isn’t. Unless the author of the said ‘fan-work’ themselves DIRECTLY STATED that pedophilia or incest was fun/good, it is highly unlikely that they support it. Depicting something in a creative medium does not mean in any way that you condone it; for example, just because I joke about killing myself after a bad fanfic or maiming one of the characters in said badfic DOES NOT mean that I would do it in real life, or encourage others to do it in real life. I’ve said this line in my previous post, but I’ll say it again: LIKING FICTIONAL CHARACTERS IN A FICTIONAL RELATIONSHIP HAS ABOUT AS MUCH IMPACT ON SOMEONE’S PERSONAL/POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS VIEWS AS SOMEONE ELSE COMPLAINING ABOUT IT DOES ON THE REAL WORLD.

  2. “It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, it can still be used to groom kids into thinking that pedophilia/incest is okay or erotic.”
    Believe it or not, I agree with this one. BUT, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s not OUR JOB to teach naive children what is right or wrong in the world. IT’S A PARENT OR GUARDIAN’S. If a child is young or impressionable enough to think that just because there are pictures and other such media depicting pedophilia/incest it means it’s okay, then they SHOULDN’T BE ON THE INTERNET. Or their parent/guardian should monitor their child’s activity more closely. Moreover, if a child IS naive enough to think such things, then it’s not fucking Fandoms and Tumblr and Fanfiction I’m worried about, I’d be more worried about them stumbling across an ACTUAL PEDOPHILIA OR INCEST FETISH SITE! What then, people? You gonna make accounts on those forums and bitch about morality there? Good luck.

  3. “Well, I dislike it and think it’s disgusting, and I have a right to post my opinion about it on someone else’s blog.”
    Yeah, yes, absolutely, you DO have a right to an opinion! Do you have a right to whine on someone’s blog other than yours, though? NO. Do you really think that you posting a comment in the tags about how disgusting someone or something is will really change anything? It won’t. Now it’s one thing if someone said ‘I don’t support this, I personally think it’s awful, but you’re your own person and are allowed to like whatever you want.’ But even then, I STILL don’t understand why you’d say that on someone’s post. You don’t know this person, that person doesn’t know you, you clearly just implied that you want nothing to do with them or their interests, why the hell can’t you just blacklist their blog and be on your merry way? Know why ladies and gents? Because people are insecure and they need to wave their ‘opinions’ everywhere and at everything until they get recognized. If it’s not constructive criticism and is just someone who’s ‘politely’ stating that they dislike a piece of media and nothing else, they’re not worth your time.

  4. “But it’s encouraging real life pedophilia/incest.”
    *sighs* Yknow, it sucks that I’m the one who has to come out and shatter the Tumblr illusion by saying this, but halting media depictions of something dark or taboo won’t stop horrible things from happening. People, real-life pedophiles are laughing and real-life survivors are scoffing at you for thinking that censoring or filtering TUMBLR media will change ANYTHING. That’s like saying if we cease mass production and marketing of weapons, then worldwide WAR will stop! It’s stupid to think like that. Sadly it doesn’t fucking matter what people do or don’t ship, or write, or draw about, there will always be bad people in the world, and I can assure you that attempting to police stupid fandoms will not change that fact. You want to help fix the world? Go DONATE or VOLUNTEER instead of spending your time whining about what someone is doing with their blog.

  5. “If you ship <Ship Name>, then ur disgusting.”
    That’s close enough to a direct quote I saw from a post, and honestly, I can’t find much merit from someone who can’t even spell ‘YOU’RE’ correctly. And neither should any other sensible person.

And that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Sorry for the long post, but Black Cat is known for her rants lol. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do with your time, and don’t tell anyone that they’re a bad person because they ship this or that.

Like seriously people, it’s just stupid pairings n’ shit.