can anybody spell s h e w a n t s t h e d

Trying to Protect YouYes I know I should have done a demon gif in there okay but I think these lovely gifs of Calum are enough I mean if you keep watching them like fUCKING LOOK HE’S SEX GOD IN THE FIRST AND CUTE AND CUDDLY PUPPY DOG IN THE SECOND FUCK YOU CALUM HOODokay anyway.

Someone grabs your wrist. “Y/n,” You turn around, surprised that Calum Hood, one of the popular soccer players, is talking to you.


He looks up the stairs, in the direction your friends had gone. “I wouldn’t go with them if I were you.”

You follow his eyes. Your friends just wanted to test out a ouija board that a football player had brought to see if it actually worked. After all, it is Halloween and you’re at a party with a ton of other people, so why not? “Why?” You ask.

His eyes darken. “Some things shouldn’t be fucked with.”

You chuckle shaking your head. “Calum, it’s just a stupid game. I’ll be fine. I’m a big girl.” You shake him off and keep going towards the stairs.

Calum moves in front of you. “I’m serious, y/n. Ouija boards are nothing to be fucked with. Stay down here with me.”

The idea of staying downstairs with Calum is tempting, but you really want to see if that board works. You shake your head. “I really want to see this.”

Calum lets out a sigh. “Then I’m coming up with you.” He takes your hand as you lead him up the stairs and into the room your friends are in.

“Hey, y/n got Calum!” One of the football players shouts, his words slurring together. You give him a tight-lipped smile and take a seat in the circle.

There are at least five other people here besides you and Calum- two are your friends, two are football players, and one is the one football player’s girlfriend.

“Okay,” Your friend says. “How do we do this?”

The football player with the girlfriend takes a sip of his beer before setting down. “We all have to place our hand on the thing.”

Calum pulls you a little closer to him. “Last chance. Are you positive you want to do this?”

You nod. “Absolutely.” You lean forward and place your hand on the thing. Calum rests his hand on top of yours, wrapping his other arm around your waist.

Calum’s face pales slightly.

“Are you okay?” You whisper.

Calum nods. “I’m fine.” He whispers. He definitely doesn’t look fine.

“Dude, you look like shit.” The drunk football player says to Calum.

Calum narrows his eyes, but it looks like he’s squinting. “I'm fine.”

“Can we just start this and get it over with?” The football player’s girlfriend snaps.

Her boyfriend sighs. “Yeah, sure. Okay.” He takes a deep breath. “Is anybody there?”

You all sit there, your heart pounding in your chest as you wait for something to happen. Nothing. You release a breath. “See, Calum?” You whisper. “It doesn’t even work.”

Calum doesn’t reply, his head resting against your shoulder.

“Calum?” You shake him a little, and his head rolls to the side.

The board moves.

You let out a gasp. Y…E…S.

You wrap your free arm around Calum’s waist.

“W-who are you?” Your friend stutters.

The board moves again. A…F…R…I…E…N…D.

“A friend?” You whisper. “Who-?” The board moves again, cutting you off.


Your lower lip trembles. You should have listened to Calum. You shouldn’t have done this.

What are you?” Your other friend asks.


You all stare at each other. You’re trying to determine whether or not you’re scared when the board moves again.


“That’s what they always say,” The football player’s girlfriend- isn’t her name Becky or something like that?-whimpers.

“Help with what?” You ask.


“Who?” The football player- whose name you think is Trent- demands. 

The board doesn’t respond for a minute. Slowly it moves, spelling out your name.

Everyone in the room stares at you.

“T-there has to be a mistake,” You say. “Maybe there’s someone el-”

The board moves, stopping you midsentence. N…O.

“It’s me?” You squeak. “I have a demon protecting me?”


“If we ask you to leave, are you going to leave?” Becky asks.


“It was nice talking to you, demon-we-don’t-know-the-name-of, but we have been creeped out enough for Halloween. Thanks for this lovely conversation. Um, can you go now?”


“Goodbye.” Your friend says. “Are you gone?”

The board doesn’t move.

You remove your hand and gently shake Calum. “Calum?”

His eyes shoot open, totally black.

Becky screams, hiding behind Trent.

Calum’s eyes slowly return to normal, and once they do, he looks up at you. Your heart pounds hard in your chest, waiting for him to speak. 

He takes a minute to catch his breath, breathing as hard as he does after a soccer game. “Can I talk to you?” He whispers.

You nod, helping him up. You lead him down the hall to an empty room and sit him down on the bed. Sitting down, you’re only a little taller than him. He wraps his arms around your waist and rests his head against your stomach, still breathing hard.

“What the hell happened back there?” You ask, your voice barely above a whisper.

Calum pulls back a little to look at you. You brush some of his hair back off of his sweat-covered forehead. “I thought that was obvious.” He says. He gives you a small smile. “I told you ouija boards aren’t to be fucked with.”

You try to take a step back, but Calum’s arms keep you in place. He reaches up and tucks some hair behind your ear. “I told you I’m here to protect you.” He murmurs.

You shake your head. “Y-you’re a demon. You’re evil.”

Calum pulls himself to his feet and pulls you even closer to him, hugging you against his chest. “If I wanted you dead or hurt, I would’ve done it a while ago.” He whispers. “I promise I’m here to protect you, y/n.”