can any man deny this woman

we finally get a good male love interest in a female led superhero movie and half the internet is stupid as shit and they’re complaining about diana falling in love with steve trevor like a)that didn’t happen in the comics or b)like she isn’t a bisexual.

i get it. men suck. but patty jenkins said it perfectly. making diana a “i can do this on my own” figure isn’t fair to her. clark has lois to give him a humanity and love story that makes him so interesting. diana is interesting all on her own but to deny her a love story because of that is stupid.

from the beginning, steve trevor has been a part of her storyline and he’s one of my favorite love interests in all of comic history. i think everyone wants to shame any instance of a man and that’s sad. 

steve trevor never told diana she couldn’t do something just because she was a woman. he tried to teach her the ways of the time and when he told her she couldn’t cross no man’s land, it wasn’t because she was a woman. it was because as far as steve knew, you literally couldn’t do it.

so i think everyone being assholes about steve trevor needs to either read the comics or come to me and let me tell you why this man is honestly incredible. i love him. he’s one of the best comic love interests and wondertrev is perfect to me.

"please come home. i miss you." // that's what home felt like.

prompt list. number thirty nine. (( #39 ))
“please come home. i miss you.” // “that’s what home felt like.”

1,678 words 8,889 characters
summary: reader calls harry in the middle of the night crying explaining to him how much she misses her. she eventually describes throughout the story what home means to her when he’s around.

restless cold nights in your bed alone wasn’t ideal. being too lazy to close the window because it was giving off such a cooling yet uncomfortable breeze to the point where you were freezing. it also didn’t help that you were currently wearing just your underwear and one of harry’s shirts he left at home.

home. your shared london apartment with your boyfriend of three years. there was a lingering odor of cinnamon and vanilla from the spray that you had sprayed all over your apartment from the previous day. home was staying up on a friday night with your significant other and watching romantic comedies while you ate popcorn together. he would lay his head on your chest and wrap his arms around you and repeatedly speak about how he “got so lucky to have a girlfriend as amazing as your are.”

home was waking up in the morning underneath the same sun. the sun that would beam through the windows forcing you to groan and wake up. the sun never seemed to bother him but every time you tried to get out of bed he would immediately pull you back in. he hated sleeping alone.

and so did you. it was preordained that harry would be touring another country while you stayed home in london working and taking care of your shared apartment. however, that doesn’t mean you were strong enough to do it. two calls a day and text messages weren’t enough. and as the days went by your realized how much you were craving his touch. loving the way his soft lips touched your skin. loving the way he pulled you back into bed because he swore up and down the king size bed felt much colder when you weren’t around. loving the way the both of you debated on what the two of you were having for dinner that night.

that’s what home felt like. but he wasn’t there. he wasn’t in your home. and suddenly home felt like hell. you sat up in your king size bed that’s usually shared with your boyfriend before reaching over to the nightstand and turning on the lamp. you immediately grabbed your cell phone before unlocking it, the passcode being the day your boyfriend asked you to be his. it was a memorable date.

you immediately checked the world clock seeing what time it was in new york city. that’s where harry currently was. 12:43am. you knew harry like the back of your hand and depending on how he felt he could either be getting rest or staying up all night with band mates on the tour.

your days usually weren’t like this. you made the best of your days and you weren’t dreading the days without him. however, these months seemed longer than usual. it was causing you to wake up in the middle of the night just craving his arms wrapped around your body. you felt tears swell up in your eyes. it felt like they were going to become waterfalls coming from yours eyes.

your one motivation wasn’t laying in bed next to you. instead, he was on a whole different continent. you knew you should only be calling him when it was urgent this late at night but it felt urgent in that moment.

dialing his number wasn’t the hard part. the difficult part was waiting for his answer. well, hoping he would answer. your pressed the phone against your ear pulling your knees up to your chest impatiently waiting. it felt like an eternity and you were just going to give up and end the call when the phone stop ringing. your eyes widened before hearing his voice on the other line.

“y/n? isn’t it like 5am over there? why are you awake?”

hearing his soothing voice did nothing but make the tears come down your eyes. you immediately put your hand over your mouth silencing yourself but a small whimper escaped your mouth before you could and immediately he knew.

“oh no y/n. you’re crying.” he spoke, not asking a question. he just knew. he knew you like the back of his hand and of course you were the only person he didn’t mind interrupting his slumber. it was one of those nights when he was in bed early. you figured silence wasn’t your best choice in this situation so you decided to speak up.

“please come home. i miss you.”

you squeezed your eyes shut letting the tears fall down from your eyes onto your skin and bed sheets. you’ve never had nights like this when you called him sobbing your eyes out but this was a different case.

“facetime me.” he spoke, softly before turning on a light switch in his bunk. you immediately took the phone from your ear and pressed the face time button. maybe you looked a wreck but to him that’ll be the total opposite. you waited for his answer. it seems like the call connecting took years but your heart started racing when you saw the male wrapped in blankets inside his bunk.

“y/n my love. what’s wrong?” he asked. worried written across his face as he starred at you. tear stained cheeks cause heartbreak in his eyes. if there was one thing he wasn’t too comfortable watching it was his girlfriend crying.

“i-i just… i miss you so much.” you spoke, causing him to frown as he saw more tears fall from your eyes.

“hey now, i’ll be home in two weeks. you’re a strong woman. you can wait that long for me can you?” he asked. obviously the answer he wanted was yes. but in the back of his mind there was always a strong feeling of doubt building up. in his mind he knew for a fact that you would never throw it all away unless he had done something horrible to harm you. but doubt was a whole different story.

he was scared another man would somehow take her away from him while he was gone. his girlfriend was the most loyal woman he ever met and he knew for a fact the woman would never cheat on him. however, he knows. he knows how men are. some have this mindset when they see what they want and their immediate first thought is to take it. he didn’t want any man leaving an good impression on her.

“of course i can wait. but it gets hard.” you spoke, causing him to sigh. a sigh of relief.

“well, im not denying that. i suppose it gets very hard over here too. you know i don’t like-”

“sleeping alone..” you cut him off practically stealing the words right from his mouth. finishing each other sentences was normal after being in love for months now.

“neither do i. i guess i’ve just come to the sudden realization that sleeping alone is not my cup of tea.” you mumbled, wiping the tears from your eyes. speaking with him was relaxing and it gave you a sense of hope.

“you know i’ll be home soon. sooner than you think. it kills me to see you crying in the middle of the night over me. you know if i could i would jump on a plane and come see you right now.”

but you didn’t like that. you didn’t like that at all. harry had two happy places. two asylums. two heavens. performing on stage and being with you. you knew that having so many of his fans see him every night meant the world to him. who would you be if you were to take that away from his fans simply because you have a difficult time sleeping alone?

and he knew you didn’t like that. he knows he shouldn’t put his job before the love of his life. and he doesn’t. however, he cares about his fans more than anything. he sometimes finds himself debating which is more important. he knows that those are horrible thoughts but sometimes he can’t seem to help it.

“you know i wouldn’t want you to do that.”

“then you have to wait for me, love.” he spoke, keeping his eyes locked with yours. if you didn’t know any better you’d think he was right in front of you. everything has felt too real.

you nodded your head because you knew he was right. you knew that you needed to wait and crying wasn’t going to do anything but make the experience much longer.

“you know i would wait an eternity for you.”

“likewise. but you know i hate to see you cry.” he spoke, keeping his eyes on her examining her every feature.

“i guess i just badly missed you tonight.”

“in a few days it’ll be just me and you. a romantic comedy and eating brownies together.” he smiled, causing her to laugh.

he missed that laugh. he’d be lying if he said seeing her upset didn’t want to make him cry as well. however he stayed strong. strong for her.

“and morning sex. then breakfast.” you spoke, causing his smile to grow wider.

“i wouldn’t wanna miss it for the world angel.” he spoke, causing them both to laugh a little.

you smiled, wiping away tears from your eyes before speaking up. “i love you styles.” she spoke, holding the phone in her hands starring at him through the screen.

“i love you more.. try getting some rest for me? i’ll talk to you in a few hours alright?” he asked, making her nod.

“goodnight y/n.”

“goodnight harry.”

and with that the call ended. you locked your phone sitting it on the nightstand before turning off the light and closing your eyes.

and he locked his phone closing his eyes as well thinking of his return to you. how you were the only girl who dare call him while he was sleeping just to tell him you missed him. in a way, that made his heart flutter. someone who would wait for him no matter what.

that’s what home felt like.

Islam is not compatible with the Western civilization or basic human rights

Islam is not compatible with American values or The Constitution  and there will always be altercations between the two. Almost all of Sharia law is a crime here in the U.S. Our govt has and is still setting up the perfect divide and conquer situation. Just look at one aspect of Islam “Sharia law”, as you can see woman are the biggest loser in this twisted system.

Don’t try to tell me that not all people that follow Islam don’t believe everything the Quran says, because they do or they wouldn’t be practicing this faith. “Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death” As a legal system, Sharia law is extraordinarily broad. While other legal codes regulate public behavior, Sharia law regulates public behavior, private behavior and private beliefs. Of all legal systems in the world today, Islam’s Sharia law is the most intrusive and strict, especially against women. 

According to Sharia law:

  • Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand.
  • Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.
  • Criticizing Muhammad or denying that he is a prophet is punishable by death.
  • Criticizing or denying Allah, the moon god of Islam is punishable by death.
  • A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death.
  • A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.
  • A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.
  • A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.
  • Girls’ clitoris should be cut (Muhammad’s words, Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).
  • A woman can have 1 husband, who can have up to 4 wives; Muhammad can have more.
  • A man can unilaterally divorce his wife; a woman needs her husband’s consent to divorce.
  • A man can beat his wife for insubordination.
  • Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman.
  • A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
  • A woman’s testimony in court, allowed in property cases, carries ½ the weight of a man’s.
  • A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits.
  • A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).
  • A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.
  • Meat to eat must come from animals that have been (inhumanely) sacrificed to Allah - i.e., be “Halal”.
  • Muslims should engage in Taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.

The list goes on.

on another note, people who erase the importance of bellamy and clarke’s relationship annoy me more than i can describe. 

for so long, people have gotten away with calling it “white & het”, as if it is any way right — as if it’s ever a label that should be placed on a relationship between a south-east asian man and a bisexual woman. 

nothing about that is “white & het”, and i wish that people would stop embarrassing themselves by claiming otherwise. 

even if you don’t see the relationship as romantic, you can no longer deny the fact that it is central to the show (since the showrunner has literally stated that the story is and has always been theirs.) 

it’s not a perfect relationship, of course. they’ve both made mistakes, but they come to terms with it and forgive each other, which is what matters. forgiveness is key. because of it, their relationship has developed from antagonism, to partnership, to friendship, to love. 

how many relationships have you seen like that? with that much growth? personally, i say none — and that’s why it’s special. that’s why it’s important. 

Sorry for the hiatus. Uni is definitely kicking my ass. I know I promised to live-stream at some point today, and it is definitely still my intention, however, the wi-fi in my new house is being a butthole so I’ve ordered some snazzy gear to fix it today. Woo hoo! See you all later. 

Prompt[s]:  I thought this when I was at work, what if you write “A wish you heart makes part 3”? Maybe it could be their wedding?

this was so sweet! <3 

‘A Wish Your Heart Makes’ (Part 3)

Part 2

Thor gripped his brother’s shoulders fiercely. Loki sucked in as large a breath as he could, hoping that the broadening of his chest would grant him courage. His brother’s mitherings were quickly undermining that attempt, however.
“You can do this, Loki,” he said, rubbing his shoulders. Loki shrugged him off.
“Of course I can! I know that.”
“Well, I- Most people should be nervous about such an event.”

Rolling his eyes, Loki turned swiftly around to face his brother.
“Do I look like ‘most people’, brother?”

“I… No, but you still look nervous,” Thor smirked knowingly. Loki folded his arms and Thor hummed to himself.
“If… If I was to be nervous about something, it would be that she would refuse me.”

Thor clapped a hand onto his chest and roared with laughter.
“Brother, forgive me when I say this because I know that you value your intelligence but… that is the most absurd, preposterous, and foolish suggestion I have heard in all my years.”

Loki frowned as his brother continued to chuckle.
“I’m serious, Thor. She’s been distant lately. I’ve caught her sneaking out in the early hours of the morn, never to be found until the early evening. Whole days she is gone, with no indication as to where she goes.”
“But when she is here, brother,” Thor placed his hands upon Loki’s shoulders once more, holding his reluctant brother still, “none can deny the way she looks at you. There is nothing but adoration in her eyes. Devotion. Caring. She loves you, truer than any woman has ever loved a man. For her to decline you with such palpable respect for you would be a sign of madness.”

Despite his usual flaws, Thor had an unanticipated aptitude for making Loki feel better. Sucking in one last breath for good luck, Loki turned on his heel and pushed open the doors to your shared bedroom. Once they had closed behind him, Thor smiled sweetly and tucked his hands behind his back before wandering down the corridor in the hopes of entertaining himself elsewhere.

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Anastasia Voltron AU

because i couldn’t sleep the other night so i watched it on netflix and then the next day decided to make an AU of it. one of the very few romantic klance things i’ll probably ever make. but to be honest it was a tough choice between either Keith or Pidge to play the part of Anastasia, since both canonically are separated from their families, but since Keith is the orphan it made that much more sense to give him the part. but i also wanted Pidge in here, so the story is a bit different than from the actual movie haha

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anonymous asked:

I am a cis bi male of color. When you say you aren't prioritizing men I can understand. Women, of all races & conditions, have been denied priority by the kyriarchy, so turnaround is fair play. As a man of color, furthermore, I'm used to being denied any priority of status. All I want to know is why all men (white, MOC, cis, & trans) are being placed in the same basket?

because men, regardless of what other marginalized groups they are a part of & what oppression they face on other axes, are not discriminated against for being men. all men benefit from (and are in fact often complicit in) the oppression of me, a woman, and it’s not my responsibility to tiptoe around that. furthermore, if you can understand why it’s okay for me make a general positivity post about lgbtq+ people without constantly acknowledging that, yes, many straight people experience oppression on other axes and That Is Bad And Should Be Fixed, but you can’t understand why it’s just as okay for me to make a positivity post for bi girls specifically, girls who are marginalized and brutalized and torn down constantly because of both their gender and their sexuality, then you have some unaddressed misogyny you need to be taking a closer look at.

aro/ace/nb dr who quotes

here, have a fuckton of quotes that either confirm or imply aro-spectrum ace nb dr who

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i think the root of the struggles i face in society as a trans man are usually linked directly to the fact that i am generally viewed as a woman and therefore lesser in every way.

the second you say ‘but i’m NOT a woman!’ to explain why you don’t deserve to be treated this way, you become someone who’s no better, perpetuating misogyny, as if you not being a woman means that you do not deserve to be treated like one of ‘them’ and throwing women under the bus - always keep in the front of your brain why society thinks women are lesser, why women are faced with unique challenges to their agency, livelihood, happiness, and success both physically and mentally, & do what you can to help progress, not hinder it. 

listen to women, compare notes, talk about what you can do to be an ally to them. a lot of the ridicule i face is when people i come in contact with believe me to be at least one kind of woman they despise for being themselves. 

i’m not a woman but i spent a vast majority of my life thinking i was & being forced to conform to that, i spent time and time again in the hospital being denied treatment for any and all things for being a ‘dramatic’ woman, i spent years being denied proper diagnoses because of this same discrimination, i faced abuse and trauma for being viewed as a woman, misplaced lesbophobic and misogynistic slurs have been thrown at me throughout the course of my life, and it’s not a matter of ‘i am a man and therefore you shouldn’t treat me this way’ but ‘how can i do the most with my life to help women not be treated this way and actually fix the issues & listen’. and even if i didn’t experience any of those things, it’s still every person’s job to do that. 

Male Orgasm Control for a better sex life

Initial source : Benefits Of Male Orgasm control through applied Tantrism and Taoism
Inspired by a post by Aislin Acquati on May 1, 2013
Edited and augmented by Vulcain99 in June 2017

Other sources :

Alice Stockham – A book for every woman, 1886

Wikipedia - Coitus reservatus

“He knows how I like it,” explains Emily Darnell, a married advertising executive in her late twenties. She’s glowing as she details the sexual routine she has with her husband. “First he goes down on me, often for a half hour or so, and then when I’m right there on the verge of cumming, he enters me and fucks me viciously and I have such an intense orgasm.”
She stresses those lost two words, eyes wide with excitement. Intense… orgasm.
“But not him. He isn’t allowed. He stops after I cum so we can have cuddle time and I think it’s so hot feeling his hard cock pressed against my ass, knowing it belongs to me and his pleasure is mine to give or withold. It is quite the power trip!”
Emily is just one of a growing number of women who practice erotic sexual denial, also known as orgasm denial or orgasm control, a sexual practice in which a man is kept in a heightened state of sexual arousal for an extended length of time without orgasm. The length of time can range from hours and days to weeks and months.
“He’s much more attentive to me when he hasn’t cum for a while, much more willing to please me, to communicate with me.” says Emily. “And I’m all over him cuddling and thankful for his commitment while reminding him that it’s me who says when ”

Old knowledge practiced today

Directly derived from the teachings of Tantrism and Taoism, this way of leading a sex life between partners actually puts old knowledge into modern times. Having her man preserving his sexual energy, making it accumulating and channeling it to her is directly inspired from Tantrism. Taoism teaches us complete control of ejaculation as this is considered as a loss of male vital energy if practiced too often. The theory would be ideally having a man releasing his sperm only when the intention of procreation is there (cf. Alice Stockham) but modern society sees this otherwise as pleasure is the main drive of our lives nowadays.

If we look behind the curtain, science has shown that orgasm and sperm release are two different things and are triggering chemicals in the male brain. Spermal release through various non orgasmic techniques will ease the physical pressure the male partner might experience after longer periods of chastity. The pressure of seminal fluid in the prostatic gland might become uncomfortable and trigger an unwanted release during jntercourse so it is actually preferable to ‘milk’ the male partner when he feels that he is on the brink of uncontrolled release.

Sciences tells us also that orgasm denial builds up high dopamine levels in the brain while orgasm generates prolactin, a substance that makes dopamine drop rapidly. Without high levels of dopamine, a male partner is less attentive and loving than when kept on the edge for weeks and months. Of course masturbation with an orgasm will subsequently drop dopamine levels and thus it is important that the female partner stays in control rather than him. The couple’s harmony depends on these high dopamine levels and to keep these high discipline is required.

Now where is the issue ? Things are Males are addicted to orgasm by their biology and will search to relase as often as possible their sperm through masturbation or intercourse. This is what happens for most of them and intercourse with their partner is centered around his penis and his orgasm. Very often the female partner doesn’t even reach one orgasm while the male partner once done, gets quickly disinterested and the session is over.

The point here is to change this old rule by using ancient orgasm control technique together with modern sexual life where the female partner becomes the center of attention and in control of the male’s orgasms. Basically if the male partner is not allowed to cum when he wants, he will stay aroused and focused on her. He will keep his sexual energy, build it up and wait for her to tell him when he’s allowed to release. You can increase your male partners energy by edging him and by making him wait longer periods of time. This works only with discipline and trust. The truth is, men clearly need help controlling their cock.

Teasing and denying a man is extremely pleasuring for you and sexy to him. Eventually, you might allow your lover to have an orgasm as a reward for pleasing you and to strengthen your intimate ties. But when you finally decide to let this happen - make it HIS moment. Offer yourself to him and whisper sexy things in his ear to ever increase the sexual tension. Be focused on him so that he can release without any afterthought, freeing himself in an incredible orgasmic wave from the accumulated sexual tension.

When asked how she ensures her man isn’t masturbating, Emily said, “well – that’s the trick, he has to give you his word, and you have to let him know how disappointed you’ll be if he masturbates. Most guys who give control of their orgasm to you will at some point cheat and masturbate. You’ll soon recognize the signs – he becomes less agreeable, and his sexual response time slows. You’re able to pick up on subtle clues.”

Kimberly Thomas, a recent college graduate, has a similar approach and says, “A guy’s whole demeanor changes after masturbation. After you get to know him, it’s really easy to tell if he’s jerked off. If I suspect it, I just extend the time until he can cum again.
In some couples the game goes as far as that she physically locks his genital parts in a chastity device but this is more an SM fantasy game than a necessity. Basically this ‘game’ relies on trust and honesty. If one of the partners is not fully involved in the game and it’s rules it’s not going to work. On the other hand full adoption of the rules leads to permanent sexual excitement and a strong couple.

Benefits of Male Orgasm Denial

1. You’re in charge. He cums when you decide.
2. You’re the focus. Receive sexual and sensual pleasure the way you want and when you want.
3. You’re always desired. He’ll want you constantly.
4. The lines of communication are now open. He’s now more willing to share his thoughts and feelings with you and you are driving his desire for you with ever loving attention to make him feel that you value his commitment
5. You will explore your sex life to every extent

There are numerous benefits to women who practice male orgasm denial, and don’t worry about him, because he will experience pure ecstasy as a result. He will enjoy hours of passionate sex, rather than a short session of fucking for release. And, when you do allow him to cum, it will be a mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasm.

Your man will also gain heightened sensual sensitivity. Emily says, “My husband often jokes that he gets a hard on whenever the wind blows. I can just brush my hand across his cock, and it gets hard almost instantly.”
Make no mistake about it – Emily is in control of his orgasms but this is a 50/50 relationship where he enjoys new sensations and she gets more attention and orgasms than ever before – her lover enjoys the results of being played by a woman who has mastered this art. “My husband has become my willing sex toy and I reward him with lots of kisses, cuddles, caresses, teasings and whisper sexy words  in his ears. I can ask him to undress when I want,  to have him licking my pussy whenever I desire, to kiss and massage or have intercourse anytime. He is always aroused and ready to go. And it almost never ends with him cumming, only me.’’

Male orgasm denial is erotic for both partners, but it offers multiple benefits to women. Being in charge of a sexually aroused man is electrifying – both mentally and physically. Knowing you have the power to cause and prevent events from happening, as well as create the conditions, is exciting.
Kimberly says, “I feel very excited. I mean, I control a very key part of his manhood. I learned by experience that a horny man is an loving man,” says Kimberly. On the other side she covers him with compliments, affection, massages, flatters his cock, whispers thankful words in his ear for taking care of her many orgasms and shows gratefulness while reminding also that she counts and controls the days on which he’s allowed to cum.
This is precisely the way this partnership works, keeping him confident and aroused and her sexually satisfied to every extent.

 Orgasms – Orgasms – Orgasms

Since you decide when your man will be able to cum as a reward for pleasing you, he will make every effort to give you orgasms – with his cock – his tongue – a vibrator – any way you please. Some men can stay hard and please their woman as long as needed once they are used to restraining themselves from cumming. As a result, you can expect to have multiple orgasms.
When asked how she benefited from male orgasm control, Kimberly said, “More orgasms more often for me, harmony in our partnership and peace".

Teasing and denying

Teasing and denying is fun, and it gives both sex partners a rush. When practicing male orgasm denial, you arouse your lover until he is on the verge of cumming, and then you make him stop – he is not allowed to cum. Tease and denial can take place during sex, but you can also get very creative by using sex toys.
Kimberly says, “Tease and denial is a very important aspect. I’m really into edging and brewing guys. I also like to use some emotional teasing – like when I’m cumming, I’ll say something like, ‘No, don’t cum, I don’t want you to, resist the urge. I decide ok ?’ to him which makes him even more excited. I’ve also told him in the past a man’s orgasm is for making babies, and since we’re not trying to make a baby, why does he need to cum? This makes him even more aroused. I’ve also reasoned with him that a woman’s orgasm is purely for pleasure. It’s really fun between us as we have a huge complicity in sex.

Milking or brewing

The problem you might encounter is that your man might actually build up too much sperm in his prostate, especially if you keep him chaste over weeks or months. This might make him unstable when rocking in and out of you. To reduce the risk of ejaculation or spilling sperm unwillingly, you might want to tease and milk your man to reduce the pressure. It will slightly reduce his levels of hornyness but evacuate the excessive sperm and allow again long sessions with him in you.
To milk or brew your partner i.e. to evacuate the excessive sperm without making him cum there are basically two options. Either you tease and deny him until sperm starts to flow like lava from his cock (sexy and exciting but this can take up to an hour and you take the risk of a preorgasm through risky stimulation) or you can stimulate the prostate gland directly by introducing one or two fingers in his anus and gently massaging the prostate’s seminal gland (not easy to have him accept this in the beginning btw). This second option might be surprising and requires lots of trust but it’s very efficient and rather quick depending on the levels of fullness of the gland. Some couples even use a prostate stimulator to make sure he gets the right stimulation.

You see, when you tease your man and deny him an orgasm regularly, you are building his frustration tolerance; therefore, he becomes very affectionate and more fun to be with. Why ? Because when a man is teased and denied, he experiences a mindset change. Remember the dopamine/energy pile up ? This is the reason. As a result, he reacts much like a female does after an orgasm. He wants to be intimate and snuggle. This allows for a more like-minded, enjoyable relationship.

 An Energetic Lover

As you now know, when a man cums, his energy level declines. However, a guy who has his orgasms controlled has an increase in vitality due to built up sexual energy. The result is a man full of life who is willing to use his energy – by taking you out – communicating – massaging you - however you want.

Emily explains it this way – “In some spiritual beliefs like Taoism, orgasm control is encouraged to preserve a man’s strength and essence. Ever heard that old adage in sports that athletes should avoid sex while training? You know that brief moment after a guy comes where he gets emotionally distant and physically spent? Taoists call that ‘the little death,’” she said.

Getting Started

It’s easy if your partner is willing and trusts you. The key is the way you make him feel how much you appreciate him for leaving you in control so that you build up his trust in you. Be aware that handing over his orgasms to you is a true gift from him to you and a sign of true love and devotion to your person. Make it clear that you’re now managing this part of his life but that you also highly appreciate his commitment. This is key in the rewarding mechanism that makes him feel good for giving you pleasure and affection. It’s this that keeps the whole thing going. Being a selfish bitch that uses her man just to cum whenever she wants it will ruin the alchemy rather quickly.

If he’s not, try to explain the benefits and start having sex where he holds back for a day, then 2 then 3. He’ll get to understand how this works and how exciting it is.

How long between two orgasms ? Keep in mind that you will have to increase the amount of time he goes without an orgasm gradually, but 2 weeks to 1 month is a good time frame for a build up.
In the end it can be one per month as a routine but some couples have been seen with him having an orgasm only once per quarter and sometimes more.

The thing is that he can improve and master his orgasms or need to orgasm through tantric exercises where he releases his perineal muscles completely combined with slow breathing to evacuate the contractions leading to orgasm. That way he stays in control of his body and will serve your pleasure endlessly without fighting constantly the urge to cum.

You are the sweet princess - he is your energic knight. The ability to tame him lies in your hands.
Have you mastered the art of male orgasm control ? If not, are you ready to start?

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hi i was hoping you could help me? so i was raised in a christian home and i like loved god? like every moment i had i was at church and generally enjoying myself. but i discovered my sexuality and im a lesbian! and my parents said that god looks down on me and that i am a disgrace to him and that i have a darkness in my heart. so i left christianity and ive been going through some tough times and i could really use god rn... but i dont know if he wants me. does he?

Anon, God loves all his children unconditionally. I mean, when you actually read the Bible that’s kind of his whole thing. I’ve read it in many different languages and different versions, and even the King James version, which is IN English does not say the word “homosexuality”. The way it’s worded in that version, it says to “lie with a man as one likes with a woman” is a sin which basically means butt sex and that could easily just mean having sex for pleasure which literally strait people do all the time. Besides that, in the original Hebrew version of the most jumped to clobber passage actually says “and with a male you should not lie beds of a woman” which can also be interpreted as talking about arranged marriages and not gay sex at all. Also, any way you want to interpret it, the one thing you can’t deny and that it states over and over is that our God loves ALL his children wholely and unconditionally, Jesus died to clear away ALL our sins (so sin or not, Jesus died for you and it would already be forgiven anyway), and He wants us to love each other just as he loves us (wholely and unconditionally) so if they’re going to judge you for your sexuality they really aren’t following the Good Word themselves completely anyway.

I really hope you are able to find your faith again and I’m sorry some hateful people have pushed you away from it. Just know that if you ever need it, I’m here to talk and I’m sure there are others who would be happy do the same. Remember, God loves you and no matter what the haters say, He made you perfect and beautiful and loves you just the way you are.

Rath dé ort

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You complain about the unfortunate plight of being bisexual a lot in your posts; why be bisexual? You can pass as straight.

Wow. I don’t even…I have waited and waited to answer this but nothing has come to me and I don’t even know how?? 

Not that any of this is your business but I’ve been thinking about this ask all day and it’s making me completely crazy

I am bisexual. I am attracted to woman and attracted to men. I have kissed women and kissed men. I have had sex with women and had sex with men. I think the heteros would have a problem with me claiming I’m straight. Yes, if the individual I happen to be with at a moment in time happens to be a man, then I can pass as straight. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable denying myself attraction to women in an attempt to pass as straight. 

Because why??

I complain because I’m tired of ignorance. I’m tired of biphobia. I’m tired of homophobia. I’m tired of people making stupid sexual assumptions about me when they hear the word “bisexual”. I want other bi people to have a better hs and college experience than I did. I want my best friend, who is more than a brother to me, to not have to deal with even worse biphobic and homophobic shit than I do. I want to tell my date that I’m bi and not have him respond “are you sure you’re not a lesbian?” I want being a victim to not happen to any other bi person, having someone think it’s not vile to try and “fuck you straight” no one needs to live with that experience. I want things to be better. I don’t want to lie to myself about who I am. That is not a solution

It’s not unfortunate to be bi, I would never say that. It’s unfortunate being surrounded by cishet bullshit all damn day and not even often finding refuge in a community that you think you’re a part of. Things need to change but me being bisexual isn’t one of them 

fuuuuuuck just unfollow me or whatever

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So like I'm in this weird middle ground grey zone where I'm not sure how I feel about terfs. On one hand I have trans friends whomst I adore and would die for, and I don't see why a woman would be excluded from feminism because she's not the right kind of woman. On the other hand you're a person with your own goals and experiences and aspirations. You have reasons for being a terf and you aren't evil. I'm not sure. How to feel. And it's difficult to express.

I don’t post now, just don’t want to - and just posting an answer to a question would be kinda off. but i really wanted to answer you.
basically no, we’re not evil. also no, we don’t wish death upon people - usually it’s us who get attacked. like, for real. and for what? - for “violent misgendering”, which is apparently the same thing as LITERALLY MURDERING TRANS FOLKS TERFS ARE KILLING MY FRIENDS - we don’t. even redkatherinee doesn’t. that was satire and people didn’t get it. and to be exact - she herself never threatened anyone or wished someone death, those are things that are told TO HER. won’t go in details, though, but if you’d want them - just ask.
we get compared to nazis - which is in its core incorrect. we don’t hate people for what they don’t choose - we don’t hate them for dysphoria, a lot of radfems suffer from it - but we believe transitioning just isn’t the way to fix it, moreover, it’s harmful to health, especially of children. what we say is - if you like like girls, if you like cars instead of dolls and pants instead of skirts - that doesn’t make you a boy. it literally means nothing at all, because gender roles are forced upon us like it is something necessary. the same goes for boys, who like dresses and dolls - they are not less of boys for that. we believe that the only difference is basically sex. nothing more. you can behave however you want - that doesn’t change your identity.
this means that transitioning is, in fact, a choice. quite harmful one (if you want facts, search for blogs of detransitioned people).
then again - if you don’t agree with that, we won’t go punch you or wish you to die. because this is violence and violence is not okay. but apparently it’s okay for trans people to go hunt us down. without any research on what we’re actually saying. and hey, this pattern is male. because we don’t see a lot of trans-men going full-on creepy and threatening on us.
so yeah, this is kinda why we don’t like interacting with them on practice.
the analogy i can give you is furries andtherkins. i don’t deny the feelings those people have, but they come to the wrong conclusions. being brave and liking doesn’t mean you’re a lion. being big, hairy and strong doesn’t make you a bear. the same with transgenderism - being “feminine” doesn’t make you a woman, if you’re a man.

the reason why we talk about it a lot nowadays is that apparently now you can’t reject someone post-op just because they’re trans and you’re not attracted to them sexually. which is homophobic. (this is just a quick review of the points, not to take a lot of time)
but they just go full insane with that whole “go choke on my girl dick” and “i’d rape a terf and murder her” (and this is LEGIT, just look it up). still, we’re the threatening ones for some reason. the reason is, i believe - they just want women to shut the fuck up with their protests and opinion. nothing new, though.

also censoring female anatomy is a thing again - last time i checked it was considered misogynistic. but somehow it’s okay if you’re a man who just wants to be oppressed real bad.

kinda like that. already forgetting where i was going with this whole thing. so yeah, not evil, a human being, just like everyone else. we see trans people as equal, especially in the field of human rights and all that. but the whole gender thing is oppressive. you can read more on that yourself, if you want to, sure. i’m really happy if this clears things up a bit for you. feel free to ask anything, i’m pretty sure my explanations may be very messy.

PS. I won’t start a conversation with anyone but the author of the question.
PPS. English isn’t my first language, so forgive me if there are any mistakes.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had ant*s tell me that I denying Rey her agency, her legacy, her title, by denying that she’s a Skywalker/Solo. But they’re the ones denying Kylo his.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that Kylo is the character with Skywalker and Solo blood in his veins. By refusing to acknowledge that, they are reducing his character to a one dimensional villain with no story.

Kylo is the son of Alderaan’s crown princess, the grandson of one of the most revered rulers in Naboo’s history. By all rights, he is a prince. True, Alderaan is no more, but the title is not gone.

Kylo is the grandson of Anakin Skywalker. The Force is exceptionally strong in him, which is why Snoke targeted him in the first place.

By refusing to accept that Kylo can change, that his conflict can lead him closer to the light, they are the ones denying a central character his agency. They are attempting to strip him of his legacy and pass it off to someone who has no blood connection to the Skywalkers.

As for Rey, the very same people who claim I am denying her her agency, refuse to accept that she is important with or without legacy blood in her veins. They reduce her to the daughter of Luke Skywalker. To them, without that blood, she is nothing.

They have reduced Rey to the what I think of as the reverse of a ‘magical vagina,’ a woman who means nothing without carrying the DNA of a powerful man.

It is my personal belief that they want Rey Skywalker because that means they can hate Kylo without any qualms. Who’s denying whose agency now?

Someone got me thinking about trans head canons so *bangs trashcan with a metal bar* gather round, my fellow Fiskley garbage, I have food for you.

There was a theory going around about Fisk saving Wesley from something, right? What if it was something similar?

  • “Jem” Wesley doesn’t realize what the problem is until he’s going through puberty and he’s all like *raised eyebrow* the fuck are those things on my chest.
  • He does some research in the library, figures out what the issue is, and brings it up in the middle of dinner, because he doesn’t think it’s a big deal, he should start taking steps to remedy his discomfort, that’s all.
  • Cue Wesley senior flipping the fuck out and his mother crying and his little brother looking at him really weirded out. I think he came from a very strict household, so he knows that when his dad says “no”, it’s final, and he’ll have to deal with it.
  • He saves for a safe binder and gets to school a little sooner than necessary so he can put it on in the bathroom. He pretends to have a goth phase so he can wear darker colors, not all those flowery things that his mother likes and his father approves of. It’s a small victory. He refuses to wear skirts, arguing that the boys at school are pervs and lift it, and cuts his hair reasonably short. “What? It’s fashionable. Many girls wear it like that at school, I swear, dad.”
  • He doesn’t have true friends, and his social life is greatly diminished because he now dresses like “a fucking weirdo”. His mates at chess club don’t complain because they have enough social problems of their own. He doesn’t actually come out, doesn’t ask anyone to call him “he”, especially the teachers, because they would report it to his dad, but he does ask to be called Wesley instead of Jem.
  • His father does find out about all his shenanigans eventually, and sends him to conversion therapy. Wesley takes it as he can, plays the good little girl, says he was just having a rebellious phase. He knows it’s a lost battle, and he loses hope to ever be the man he feels like.
  • He becomes the perfect woman. Does his nails, wears make up, push-up bra, pencil skirts, the whole she-bang (pun not intended). He smiles and makes his eyelids flutter and swallows the bile that clogs his throat. He takes it as a performance, as a part he has to play. He imagines himself a constant actor, and it makes it easier. Even when he’s away in college or after, feels the shadow of his father, not allowing him to be who he is.
  • He starts working for Rigoletto at 25 and ends up as Fisk’s assistant not long after. He feels guilty for liking him, for being attracted to him, and has a brief panic about his identity which is solved by some internet forums that say that it’s ok, you can like men if you are a trans man, it doesn’t make you any less trans. He learns the word “bisexual” that day.
  • After a few months Fisk confronts him, asking him if he has some kind of problem with him, because he often looks uncomfortable when Fisk is around (Wesley is uncomfortable 90% of his waking hours, but his boss doesn’t know that). When Wesley denies it, Fisk tells him that, although he knows that their line of work is not classy, Wesley shouldn’t put up with it if he was being disrespected by any of Fisk’s men. That often a woman in his position- “But I’m not a woman” Wesley blurts out accidentally (he’s tired of lying and his boss is always nice to him and he has a headache), and Fisk frowns confusedly so Wesley explains that he’s trans, but that it’s ok, really, he deals with it, he will make an effort to hide his discomfort better. Fisk doesn’t really know what to say so they leave it at that.
  • A few days later Fisk gets to him when he’s alone even though Wesley has been avoiding it since the reveal and tells him that he’s done some research about what Wesley said, and that Fisk can call him a man and a he, if Wesley prefers it, and can use more gender-neutral terms when other people are around if Wesley doesn’t want to come out yet (or ever). Wesley wants to cry but he doesn’t. He thanks him and accepts.
  • It makes all the difference in the world, having someone respect you, having someone knowing your real self. Fisk doesn’t misgender him once and does sophisticated linguistic jumps to avoid gendering him in front of others. And Wesley’s armor starts fading: first the skirts turn into pants, then he stops wearing makeup and nail polish, he cuts his hair really short. Fisk notices the changes and gets him a set of quite comfortable binders for his birthday (it’s the first time Wesley hugs him). Finally he starts taking T and tells his coworkers to call him a man. When he meets someone new he introduces himself as Mr. Wesley.
  • He gets top surgery a year after. He’s not sure he wants to get the other one. When he goes to pay the hospital bill they tell him “it’s been taken care of”, and the only reason Wesley doesn’t go hug Fisk for a whole week is that his chest is still sore.
  • Someone calls him the t-slur in front of Fisk and Fisk shoots them in cold blood. Wesley yells at him that he can’t just go killing his allies’ representatives, but the effect is somewhat diminished by the huge grin on his face.
  • Fisk takes him to his tailor so that he can get proper suits, teaches him how to choose his ties (Fisk doesn’t usually wear them, but he knows his shit). Wesley tries to teach Fisk about wines as a repayment, but the man is helpless at it.
  • At some point Fisk finds himself staring at Wesley and says casually “You are a very handsome man, you know?”
  • Wesley tries to play it off as a joke. “Why do you sound so surprised? I know for a fact I was a beautiful woman.”
  • “You weren’t a woman.” Fisk states resolutely, and Wesley smiles, he goddamn grins so widely. “And you weren’t happy. Now you are. It’s a good look on you.”
  • Fisk feels very happy, too, when Wesley kisses him.

So I’ve been thinking of the lyrics of ‘Love You Goodbye’ and I’m curious about how other people interpret it.  I was really thrown by the person who thought there was any implication that the object of the song was wearing Gucci, because that’s not my interpretation at all.

‘Love You Goodbye’ has that ‘Hotline Bling’ thing - where the narrator is a terrible man being terrible, but the song itself shows a woman having agency and doing whatever the fuck she wants (away from the man).

I’m trying to figure out which early 1D songs can be read that way (my general impression is that in most of them the narrator is so obsessed with the idea of the the object of the song that he wouldn’t notice if the actual object of the song walked out of his life wearing a hazmat suit). The narrator of ‘I would’ for example is probably talking about a sexy lamp. 

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Omg I'm sorry but I just got this idea and found it so hilarious I couldn't not share it with you *coughs* So.... What if Guardienne came back from a mission.... And at that exact day her period started... And Nevra sniffed blood and thought she was injured and freaked out xD? I'm sorry I should just stop pestering you but I fear I can't :'>

P.S:It´s a little short, sorry about that >.<

Guardienne came back from a very dangerous mission and Nevra never felt more relieved until he smelled the scent of blood, worrying him.

“Oh! Nevra!” Waving at him, she got closer to the black haired man, making the scent of blood become even more noticable for the vampire. “How are you?”

The black haired man, without answering her, picked Guardienne up and took her to the infirmary.

“Ewelein, are you here? Guess not…” Looking around, he placed the woman in his arms on the bed, trying to see any sight of the elf woman.

“Nevra? What´s wrong?” Wondering what was on the vampire’s mind, she asked.

“Take your clothes off.” He demanded, making guardienne widen her eyes in shock.

“What? Why?!” 

“How do you want me to treat your wounds if you´re covered with clothes?! I can smell the blood!! Don´t even try to deny it!”

Seconds passed by as Guardienne tried to process what he said, until a scarlet color appeared on her face.

“Nevra, I´m not injured… it´s just… my period…”

“Your… period…” How could he be such an idiot?

Both of them looked at everything besides each other as silence surrounded them.

“Let´s forget this happened.” Both of them said at the same time and nodded their heads in agreement, getting out of the infirmary and going in their separate ways, trying to avoid each other the rest of the day and restart everything tomorrow…

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Sentence Starters
  • “We’re currently formulating a Plan B. Although, technically it’s a Plan C.”
  • “I am aware of that, ______. You’re not helping.”
  • “I didn’t need help. I just- I needed assistance. It’s a different thing.”
  • “Not that door! The other door!”
  • “It really is you? I’ve heard stories, they can’t all be true.”
  • “I can neither confirm nor deny details of any such operation without _____’s approval.”
  • “Nice shoes, by the way.”
  • “Are you worries he’s gonna take your place?”
  • “You should go before it gets ugly.”
  • “….. We’ve never met before… Right?”
  • “You’d better hurry now. Good luck.”
  • “______ is living his/her/their last day as a free man/woman.”
  • “I’m actually third in line to the throne.”
  • “We are not friends. I owe him/her/them nothing.”
  • “Welcome to Vienna, ____. Miss me?”
  • “For your sake, we shouldn’t be seen together.”
  • “You want drama? Go to the opera.”
  •  “Meanwhile, I will try and overlook the fact that you are an international fugitive wanted by the CIA and that this little unsanctioned operation is tantamount to treason.”
  • “Nice tux, by the way.”
  • “Join the _____. See the world! On a monitor… In a closet.”
  • “Shoes. Shoes please.”
  • “She/He/They tried to shoot me!”
  • “You have everything you need to find me.”
  • “At least tell me what this is all about.”
  • “I can’t protect you! That’s why I need you to leave.”
  • “I know the risks. More than that, I am your friend.”
  • “I am staying! And that is all we are gonna say about that.”
  • “Are you questioning my loyalty or my ability?”
  • “Trust me or kill me. But if you’re gonna kill me, be a man. Do it yourself.”
  • “Very strange thing for a young lady to be carrying in her sundries.”
  • “If I have one second of doubt whose side you’re on….”
  • “That doesn’t sound impossible!”
  • “I misjudged you.”
  • “One of these days, you are gonna take it too far.”
  • “Whoa, whoa whoa… Are you ok to drive? A minute ago you were dead!”
  • “Stairs! Stairs! Stairs! Stairs! Stairs!“
  • “It’s a high speed chase, you just HAD to pick the 4x4, didn’t you?!”
  • “Don’t blame me, you chose the car!”
  • “You’re asking me that now?!”
  • “Things got a little out of hand…”
  • “There are no allies in statecraft, ____, only common interests.”
  • “I’m so proud of us…”
  • “I’m killing to bring about change.”
  • “I’m interested to see who you blame for what happens next.”
  • “Come away with me. Right now.”
  • “I have a job for you, ____. And for the sake of your friend, you will do it.”
  • “I’m not interested in playing games.”
  • “I’m not interested in seeing my friends get killed either. So if I’m gonna betray them, we’re gonna do this on my terms and my terms only.”
  • “We do what we have to do for our friends, right?”
  • “_____ is the living manifestation of destiny.”
  • “Desperate times, desperate measures.”
  • “You’ve got a very warm hand….”
  • “If I’m not there in fifteen minutes, he’ll kill ____.”
  • “This is the end, _____.”
  • “This is me speaking, by the way, it’s not him.”
  • “It hurts, I know.”
  • “I’ve done my part.”

Prompt: You are Loki’s wife, of Asgard. And with Thor’s help have finally found your husband. It is only you who discovers Loki’s true intentions when he is on the S.H.I.E.L.D  Helicarrier, how he is trying to get the Hulk to go on a rampage to distract the Avengers. Everyone underestimates you because you’re quite small and fragile looking. But it turns out you’re really clever. 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Loki x Reader, Avengers x Reader

I'm actually really glad to have a Loki request, at long last :) Hope I get it right and that you enjoy! 

I'm looking for my Husband

Finally you have found the whereabouts of your Husband. It has been a long search indeed. Even though it took you so long, you never for a minute wanted to give up. Finding him became your top priority. You were not ready to give up on him. Hopefully you could talk him out of all this madness. He even managed to fool you, setting up his own brother, just so he could be king. To you it appeared his intentions were true. Until the truth was later revealed. But, at the end of the day, he is still your husband. And you take your vows pretty seriously. 

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Petition to decriminalise homosexuality in India Guys please please sign this petition. No matter where you’re from please help homosexuality be decriminalised in India. It is illegal according to Section 377 of the Indian constitution to have intercourse with any man,woman or animal against nature(whatever that means). One of the reasons for refusing to change this law is that the lgbt+ community is a “miniscule minority” Please sign this petition to ensure a better future for those who have deemed criminals for the mere act of love. I am in no way shaming India. In fact I am Indian. But there is no denying that homophobic bigoted idiots who want to shove their opinions up everyone’s a** are found everywhere. Please reblog so that many people can find this. This is for the sake of those Indians who have been denied the basic right to love. Send me a message after signing the petition if you can just so I know how many people signed this. I’m tagging this randomly so that many people can see this. Once again, reblog so that many people find this and sign the petition. Please if you believe in equal rights for all. Ten minutes of your time. That’s all it will take to change the future of the lgbtq+ community of India.

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