can a ninja ask a question

seriously sit and try to think about how ridiculous naruto’s backstory is. The 3rd didn’t give a shit and just left him money sometimes and when he’s like ‘why don’t I have parents?’ instead of just being like 'kid they died’ he goes 'sTOP ASKING QUESTIONS!!’ also where was jiraya?? hello? your student had a kid and then he died and they named the kid after your shitty oc and you’re not even going to help take care of it?? even until he can maybe take care of himself?? WHERE is the ninja orphanage. WHO was checking up on naruto in his tiny apartment that they put him in when he was like 5 years old. Who let Sasuke go and live in the house his family was murdered in.  


Guess what guys and girls? This week we will be recording with the amazing @ehayes87 aka ERICA HAYES! For all of you who don’t know who Erica Hayes is, she is a storyboard artist and has worked for shows such as Rick and Morty, Little Big Awesome, Future Worm, Bojack Horseman, The Croods, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, and has done many other side projects like tshirt designs, comic book covers, and comics! She graduated from SCAD in 2012.

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Hypocrisy of Sakura Fans
  • Sakura- age 12:
  • *arguably the most privileged person in the entire series of Naruto
  • *had loving parents
  • *punches Naruto for no good reasons
  • *belittles him for being an orphan
  • *a straight up bitch
  • *even until 16 all she did was verbally insult her parents and was happy in road to ninja when they were gone
  • Sakura fans: OMG! All 12 year olds behave like that, gosh like cmon picking on a kid, are you fucking serious?
  • Me: well I must've been a hella mature 12 year old kid, but hey I guess I could see where y'all coming from
  • Sarada age 12: *proceeds to be the WOMAN of the house by asking important questions such as to where her father is as she deserves a father who is there for her
  • *thinks critically about situations rather than her presumably first kiss
  • *although boruto can be a bitch, she doesn't abuse him like Sakura did
  • *never made fun of him for the fact that his dad is gone
  • *asks mother for a simple explanation, no insane insults such as calling her annoying, or embarrassing etc
  • *doesn't even answer the question
  • *SCARES THE FUCK out of Sarada to the point of her almost crying by breaking down the entire house
  • *LIES to Sasuke about explaining things to her daughter so that she could look good in his eyes
  • *VERBALLY abuses her daughter by calling her an "idiot child" like wtf? She called out on your bullshit and you called your OWN daughter an idiot.
  • (I wonder what she tells mentally ill victims who aren't even related to her. Probably the kind of bitch who would tell rape victims to get the fuck over it)
  • Sakura fans: UCHIHA QUEEN!! YASS Sarada was getting out of line, I'm so glad Mama Sakura knew how to keep her daughter disciplined when needed. Gosh what a mother and a strong af wife!!
  • Me an intellectual: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT?!?!
Ninjago: Jay's Big Question

“Kai, can I talk with you?”

The spiky haired ninja tore his eyes away from the Bounty’s scanner and peered with curious eyes at his teammate. “Uh, sure, what’s up?”

The freckled ninja gazed around the bridge where Lloyd, Cole, Zane, and Nya were doing their own busy work. “Can we talk in private?” Jay responded in a hushed voice.

Kai raised an eyebrow, but followed Jay out of the Bounty and down to a lower floor. “Jay, what is going on?” He asked once they were far out of ear shot.

He nervously clasped his hands together. “Well, as you know, Nya and I have been dating for quite a while now-” Jay began, but Kai instantly felt a chill shoot down his spine.

“Jay,” Kai interrupted with a warning tone.

“Kai, please,” Jay held up a hand. Kai stopped talking but he could feel his element stir uncontrollably.

Jay brushed his brown curls out of his face, but the blue ninja bravely continued. “Nya is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, and I have enjoyed every second I have spent with her. I found it only appropriate that I ask you for-”

“Permission?” Kai raised an eyebrow.

Jay paused, then clenched his teeth. Peering up at the taller ninja, he said, “Permission, yes…but more of your blessing.”

Even though he was the Ninja of Fire, a heat flash hit Kai. He stuttered backwards a few steps in shock. “You want….the blessing from me?”

Jay quickly nodded, but then cocked his head. “Why are you so shocked?” He asked Kai.

“Well, you are asking the wrong person.” Kai explained. “My father should be the one to-”

Jay sighed and the curl in the center of his forehead bounced a little. “Well, I thought about it, but he’s not the right person to ask.”

Now Kai’s other eyebrow shot up in curiosity. “And why is that?”

The blue ninja gazed deeply into the eyes of the red ninja. “She wasn’t raised by her father.”

This was one of the very few times in his life that Kai was speechless.

Jay took this opportunity to continue speaking. “You know her the most, even over your own parents. If there is anyone who should bless our marriage, it’s you.”

Kai stared at Jay for a long few seconds before running his fingers through his hair. “Marriage, Jay…” he chuckled. “You are asking me to grant you a blessing to marry my own sister.”

Rocking on his heels, Jay nodded with a smile though tight lips. Then, he paused. “Kai? Are you…tearing up?”

The teen tried to hide his wet cheeks under his spiked bangs. “No, no…it’s just-”

Jay quickly spoke. “If you don’t approve, I understand-”

“That’s just it,” Kai chuckled through tears. “It’s not that I don’t approve, Jay- I just didn’t imagine you asking me.”

“Then I guess that I should go find-” Jay muttered as he turned away, but Kai quickly but gingerly grabbed his arm.

“Jay, I approve.”

The brown haired ninja stopped short, then turned to his teammate. “Kai?”

Kai, still holding onto Jay’s arm, smiled widely from ear to ear. “Jay, it is my honor and pleasure to give you my blessing to marry my sister.”

Now it was Jay’s turn to gawk. He stared wide eyed at Kai.

“Jay,” Kai choked back some emotion as he clasped Jay’s shoulder. “I couldn’t ask for a better brother-in-law.”

With an excited shout mixed with laugher, Jay lunged on Kai with a huge hug. “You are the best, Kai!”

The two future brothers embraced in a celebratory hug before Kai pulled away with a smile. “Now, I guess you must be choosing some groomsmen, including the best man-” Kai grinned, but Jay quickly interrupted excitedly.

“Oh yes!” Jay clapped his hands together. “I didn’t have to think hard to decide that the ninja, Ronin, and Dareth will be the groomsmen,” he answered.

“And the best man?” Kai smiled as he stood as tall as he could.

“Oh, that’s an easy one,” Jay crossed his arms.

Kai chuckled and then shrugged. “Well of course I-” he began, but was interrupted.

“Cole will be ecstatic to hear he will be the best man.” Jay grinned.

Kai’s grin faltered. “Uh…Cole….will be…the best man?” He spoke in a dead tone.

Jay raised an eyebrow. “Well, of course. Who else would it be?”

Survival 101: Earth (Part 1)

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Pairings: Bellamy Blake / Reader (Sawyer)

So I’ve been working on this one for quite a while, its been done many times before, the whole rewrite of the 100 with your own character. I’m not expecting my version to be any better than anyone else’s but i’m hoping people will enjoy it anyhow. 

I’m going to be going along with the episodes and adding in parts and maybe changing it up a bit as well. I’ve given the ‘reader’ a name just because I needed one for the storyline. 

I really hope people like this and depending on how it goes down i’ll keep writing it along with the seasons for as long as people want to read it. 

If anyone would like to be tagged in the next parts please just let me know.

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So overall you were having a pretty crappy day. It had started out normal enough, waking in your tiny, cold cell in the Skybox. Now however, it seemed likely that it would end with your death in a large fiery explosion.

You and the other 99 ark delinquents had been marched from your cells first thing this morning, systematically tranquilized and gradually reawakened in a drop ship hurtling towards earth.

From somewhere you could hear Chancellor Jaha explaining what was happening to you all. You weren’t paying attention though too focused on the bone jarring rattling that you were experiencing. Your entire body was shaking in your seat as the ship rocketed back towards earth.

The whole ship was groaning with the effort of re-entering the atmosphere and not breaking into tiny pieces. Across from you a boy floated, enjoying the final moments of zero-g. He was talking to a blonde girl, a girl you recognised as Clarke Griffin. The chief mechanics daughter. You’d seen her a handful of times since she entered the skybox. Mainly because her solitary cell was right next to your own.

“The parachutes are going to deploy. Get back to your seat or die”

Parachutes, parachutes meant almost certain pain. Yeah there it went, the metal of the exodus ship almost screamed in protest as everyone started shouting and shrieking with fear. Cursing you held tight to the seat belts laced around you. Gravity reasserting itself as you were slammed back into your seat, head feeling like it may explode inwards from the pressure.

The floating space walker had vanished, thrown into the side of the ship. Maybe even dead from the impact.

With another groan and horrific impact crash the ship hit the ground, sliding for what seemed forever before coming to a sudden stop. The machines went quiet and for the first time in your life you couldn’t hear any hums from life support machines or engines.

Clarke had unclipped herself and was bending over the spacewalker checking his pulse as the others unclipped and ran down the stairs to the lower levels. You carefully unclipped yourself as well following the main group of teenagers downstairs. Watching as they argued loudly about whether or not to open the door.

The main instigators being the reappeared Clarke Griffin and a man wearing a guard’s uniform. You didn’t recognise him and he seemed older than the 18 year cut off for delinquents in the skybox.

“If the air’s toxic we’re all dead anyway”

He had a point there. “Bellamy!” a dark haired girl appeared. Finally you smiled, Octavia. So the boy she was hugging must be Bellamy. The brother she couldn’t shut up about. Silently you moved carefully through the mass of people getting closer to the front of the group.

You could hear mutterings about Octavia as you got closer. “That’s the girl from under the floor”

“No one has a brother anymore”

“That’s Octavia Blake the girl they found hidden under the floor”

Octavia’s head spun around and you saw the violence in her eyes. Before she could act on it you’d turned and driven your fist into the nose of the boy speaking. His eyes rolled back in his head and he dropped like a stone. All talk stopped as eyes turned to you as you looked over at Octavia. Her eyes widened in wonder as she took a step forward.


“O!” she grabbed you as the two of you locked your arms around each other holding tight.

“Octavia?” Bellamy snapped “Who is this?”

It was Clarke who answered him, staring at you like she’d seen a ghost. “That’s Sawyer Kane. Councillor Marcus Kane’s niece”

“Hello to you too Griffin” you glanced at Bellamy and the uniform he was wearing once more. “You never mentioned the almighty Bellamy was one of my uncle’s underlings O”

“He wasn’t anymore…”

“Enough” Bellamy snapped pulling Octavia away from you, he grasped the lever and ignoring Clarke’s shouts pulled it down. The dropship ramp groaned and slowly swung open. Earth lay there in front of you. You were home.


Predictably the delinquents had gone crazy when allowed off the ship. Racing around, screaming and laughing. Pulling things from the earth and generally living up to the role of renegade teenagers. You however had climbed to the top of the dropship, enjoying the freedom of being able to move your limbs and muscles once more. All you could see from the top was more forest, laying out in front of you like a never ending green carpet.

Below you Clarke was arguing with Wells Jaha about how to find food for the whole camp.

“And how are you two going to carry food for all 100 of us?”

“4” the space walker, Finn, announced grabbing two gangly boys who unfortunately happened to be walking by him at that moment. “Can we go now?”

“Not yet” Clarke looked up catching your eyes “Sawyer?”


Clarke sighed “Don’t make me beg Sawyer. Please”

You stared levelly at her for a moment longer before nodding “Fine 5” you jumped from your perch landing easily on your feet in front of Wells.

“Wait if Sawyers going so am I” Octavia announced linking arms with you “Make it 6”

“Hey, O! What the hell are you doing?”

She shrugged off Bellamy pulling you along behind her “going for a walk”

Bellamy glared hard at your back as you passed by him. He disliked you already, not something you could do anything about right now.

“Earth, Sawyer. This is so fucking cool”

“Yeah, awesome” you looked carefully around the woods. You had no idea where you were, what was out here and what the world had left in it. So until you all did, the best thing to do was be cautious. Very cautious.


You were walking easily over the forest floor, taking point in this group of teenagers. Behind you the others stumbled along tripping over tree roots and multiple other debris. You were close enough that you could hear when the conversation inevitably turned to what you’d all done to end up being thrown in the skybox in the first place.

“I got to know what you two did to get busted” Finn was asking the other two boys. Monty and Jasper just shrugged smiling at each other.

“Sumac is not the only herb in the garden, if you know what I mean”

“Someone forgot to replace what we took”

“Someone has apologised like a thousand times” Monty hissed at Jasper the two of them then continuing to bicker between themselves like an old married couple. Jasper was the one whose stare eventually fell on you curiously.

“So what did the ninja princess up there do? What can Kane’s niece have possibly done to get kicked down here with us criminals?”

You stopped walking at the question. It was always going to have been asked eventually, you’d thought you might have had more time but even so you turned to stare evenly at the group of teenagers behind you. It was Clarke who answered the question. She seemed to have a habit of answering questions not meant for her.

“She killed someone. Murdered her mother”

“What?!” Monty squeaked out now looking terrified.

You simply smiled at them all, turning to keep walking. Octavia running to catch up with you despite Jasper trying to grab her. “Sawyer tell them the truth” she urged.

“Why?” you kept moving helping Octavia over a broken tree. “I did kill her”

“You know that’s not true”

“O listen to me” you looked straight at her. “It’s as much of the truth as any of them need to know” you framed her face with your hands smiling at her “it’s cute that you want to protect me but trust me, I don’t need it”

It was Finn who approached the two of you later on, eyes flicking between the two girls.

“Kane teach you anything about these?” he held out a simple knife.

“Where’d you get that space walker?” he chose not to answer as you took the knife off of him. “Sure you want to risk giving the sharp and pointy weapon to a killer?”

Octavia smacked your arm “Don’t be an ass Sawyer. He’s helping”

Finn continued to stare at you evenly “I don’t think you’re going to hurt us if that’s what you’re implying”

You spun the knife round a few times, easily letting it rotate around your fingers “Not right now I’m not”

Laughing at the confused look on his face you continued onwards. The group straggling out into a vague line as you eventually hit a massive lake. Clarke coming up to you.

“This shouldn’t be here”

“Yet it is”

Clarke glared at you “Sawyer. If you can’t help…”

“Watch it Blondie. I’m here aren’t I? Didn’t even get angry when you announced to the group that I’m a murderer. So choose your words very carefully Griffin before I start to become actually unhelpful”

“You did kill her” she muttered stubbornly.

“And If I can kill my own mother, just think about what I could do to girls with too loose tongues”

You smiled nastily as Clarke’s eyes widened in sudden panic. Before you could say anything else though Jasper whispered from behind you “I fucking love earth”

You turned just in time to see a half clothed Octavia jump into the water, surfacing with a smile as she dripped water over her skin, clothes sticking to her body.

“O, get out” you snapped coming closer to the shore line.

“Come on Sawyer, live a little” she splashed water over at you making you jump away again.

“Yeah come on ninja girl, take your damn clothes off and get in” Jasper was rushing forward when suddenly he froze, voice changing to terrified. “Fuck! Octavia get out of the water”


You’d seen it now as well and it was big, swimming straight for Octavia. “Octavia NOW” you were halfway to the edge when with a scream Octavia had been pulled under the water.

“Octavia” without thinking you started pulling clothes off. “Distract it” you ordered Clarke. “Get its attention away from O”

Clarke ran with Finn to start throwing anything they could find into the water. While you waded into a river that had a killer snake in it.

Shit it was cold, you had the knife in your hand that Finn had given you only moments before. Who knew that would be coming in handy so soon afterwards.


Her head surfaced for a moment and you changed direction as with a shriek the thing seemed to let go of her, Clarke was throwing who knew what into the water and you could see its outline chasing towards the splashing further up the river.

You had a limited amount of time to get Octavia out of the water. Grabbing her shaking arm you pulled her into your body where she clung. Teeth chattering.

“Come on O, move it” you commanded starting back out of the pool of water.

“SAWYER IT’S COMING BACK!” Finn screamed running for the two of you.  

Pushing Octavia as fast as you were able you got her to the shore line and stumbling into Finn’s arms. Dropping down on the stone yourself as the blurry outline of the sea snake vanished once more, denied its meal.

You were breathing hard as Finn having passed Octavia to an incredibly thankful Jasper leant over you.

“You ok?”


He smiled offering you his hand, clasping his wrist you allowed him to pull you up to your feet. Handing you your still dry clothes. “That was an incredibly brave thing to do for someone you met this morning”

“Who said I met Octavia this morning?” you pulled you shirt back on, shivering from the cold of the water. “And not brave… stupid”

“The girl under the floor… she’s been in the skybox for 2 years. How do you know her?”

“Don’t call her that” you snapped instantly. Eyes clashing with Finn’s. “She has a name”

Finn held his hands up in peace. “How did you meet Octavia?”

You looked carefully at Finn. He seemed genuinely curious and not just trying to get information for bartering purposes.

“Solitary. I met O in solitary. Ironic really, but even the Ark couldn’t keep us alone 24 hours a day. She had the cell next to mine. I looked after her… I look after her”

“Sawyer?” Octavia appeared stepping into your body wrapping her arms around your waist and letting her head lay on your shoulder. You let one hand rest on the back of her head maintaining eye contact with Finn who was watching the pair of you carefully.

“You’re no killer” he mouthed silently before turning back to the others. Unfortunately he had no idea just how wrong he was, just how much of a killer you actually were. None of them did even Octavia.


“We’ve talked about this all night, someone just needs to hurry up and go first” you snatched the vine off of Finn who had been hesitating for what seemed like forever.

“No, wait…” it was Jasper and you looked at him impatiently. He reached out a hand unsteadily “let me?”

“Fine, go” you handed it over and watched as he took your place at the front.

Finn whispered something to him slapping him on the shoulder once. Jasper nodded and changing his grip once more screamed out “See you on the other side bitches” and took off, the vine held and in what seemed no time he was stood on the other side of the river, jumping about and waving his hands in the air.

You joined the others in celebrating, arm punching the sky as you smiled and threw an arm around Octavia’s shoulders as you waved at Jasper.

“Let’s go Princess your up” Finn shoved the rope at Clarke, who was on the edge of the cliff when something flew past your heads.

You all watched, unable to do anything as a wooden spear lodged itself in Jaspers chest, right under his sternum, he was thrown backwards with the force of the blow, choking on the blood pooling in his mouth. Octavia screamed in your ear as your grip on her tightened.

“JASPER!” Clarke was pulling at the hold Finn had on her as he pushed her to the floor.

“It came from behind us” you whispered to Finn putting Octavia behind you as you glanced back into the forest. “We’re not alone here”

g o t 7 : as neighbours

masterlist here!

warning: none :)
words: 724

제이비 J A E B U M 
- other people in the neighbourhood swear he’s a vampire as he’s rarely ever seen outside
- even though the neighbourhood is 10/10 convinced that JB doesn’t exist he’ll always leave presents at the neighbours doors at Christmas and Thanks Giving
- owns lots of cats but when the neighbours see them they have no idea what home they belong too. he’d probably give them matching collars tho so the neighbours are certain that there’s that one crazy cat lady on the street
- on the occasion that he is seen outside is when he needs to find one of his cats and he’d become so anxious about it >.<

마크 M A R K
- always running around the neighbourhood
- he’s a shy neighbour so he just likes to goofily smile at people and even though it’s sO ADORABLe only the elderly would agree. others; would thinks its creepy why?
- can’t help but snoop on the other neighbours and spread gossip like an innocent child
- when his post is falling out the mailbox, only then will he collect it all
- annoys the neighbours with the noise of his skateboard down the road and when the basketball bounces constantly on the concrete
- his basketballs are always going over the fence and he’ll either 1) never get them back because he doesn’t want to talk to the neighbour or 2) will creep into his neighbours garden to find the ball

잭슨 J A C K S O N
- the kind of person who would know everyone, and everyone knows him
- if he sees an elder struggling with groceries he’ll always offer to take it to their house
- creates a lot of trash. so much so he has to secretly dump it in neighbours trash cans but he’s too sweet so he’ll ask his neighbours if it’s ok
- the slides at the park will be occupied just as much by Jackson as the children,,, even though he knows the park is specifically for under 11s
- his house dominates summer BBQ season because he’d invite everyone under the sun

진영 J I N Y O U N G
- will run out to his mailbox in his underwear trying to avoid neighbours if he has to
- his neighbours own several of his spare keys as he always loses his set of keys. most likely will forget his neighbours have a spare set when he comes home from work thinking he left his keys at the studio
- a neighbour that takes Halloween and Christmas decoration seriously
- he’s smug about how his annoying flashy Christmas lights and excessive Santas dominate the whole neighbourhood

영재 Y O U N G J A E
- offers to walk the neighbours dog not because he likes them but because he likes the cute dogs
- never mows the lawn but once a year he’ll ask a neighbour to borrow a lawnmower
- asks to borrow things, never returns things but if he does return it, it would be as a Christmas gift
- decorates his front lawn with the most exotic and wild plants you’d have ever seen and takes pride watering them
- there will either be a trampoline or paddling pool in his backyard “for the kids” himself

뱀뱀 B A M B A M
- he’ll most likely be seen at the local neighbourhood park on the swings
- tries to do pull-ups on the monkey bars to impress the neighbours doesn’t work for most; but works for you ;))))))
- never ever opens his blinds or curtains just in case there are certain creepy neighbours
- hides behind the sofa when he knows people handing out flyers are in the neighbourhood because he’d sacrifice anything to not open the door probably not Yugyeom
- owns the flashiest car in the neighbourhood and isn’t shy to show it
- you can smell his burning toast from any house around the block

유겸 Y U G Y E O M

- his music is always too loud but the neighbours are too scared to ask him to turn it down since he is the evil maknae
- will knock on other neighbours doors at 2am totally by accident

- all his house lights will all be on even at 3am
- turns ninja when someone rings the doorbell and questions his life
- always invites himself over to neighbours houses so he can become part of all the business in the hood
- spends his saturday mornings doing yoga in the local park

my favorite thing about public libraries is that i can walk in and ask a librarian if its possible to train dogs to sense interdimensional portals before they open and she doesnt even blink she just says its an interesting question and finds me a bunch of books on dog biology and training

it could be theyve gotten used to me but i think its actually part of the secret ninja librarian training they get

agenderraskel  asked:

Question- is there any chance of the villains just raising little Tony, never finding out who he is? (or just not fixing it/telling him, they are villains.) Villains arguing about whether and when he gets weapons/fighting/magic training. Victor pronouncing him the heir to his throne. Loki letting him page through him magic books. Minions pretending not to notice when he sneaks a cookie before dinner. Crossbones giving him the sex talk. etc.

Yes and no. There is technically a chance. But it’s a tiny one. The problem is, the way I picture the verse the villains have no control over whether/how fast Tony grows again. Loki would recognise him but he couldn’t actually undo the magic–or influence it.

(You do not mess with fairy magic. You do not.)

So even if they were perfectly willing to raise Tony, they have no guarantee that he won’t turn into his old self overnight and kill them in their sleep. And I think sooner or later someone would ask Tony for his full name, and then the cat would be out of the bag.

That said, Tony is gonna stay tiny for a while. And he’s with the villains, he’s growing on them before they learn of his identity. I foresee from angst, but once that’s overcome they do sorta raise him. He’s living with Batters probably, and they are like the crazy uncles and cousins that pop in whenever. Sometimes they bring him gifts and tell him stories, and they teach him things (like how to pick-pocket, how to lie, how to cry convincingly, card tricks, the usual).

And oh god, Tony would so want to get fight training the first time he witnesses one of them fighting. And the villain in question would be horrified because the others are gonna KILL him but also incapable of saying no because Tony. It would get ugly. Tony would not let it go.

(Also lets imagine for a moment Tony stumbling across the Winter Soldier, smiling brightly, walking up to him and asking “Can you teach me how to be a ninja please?”. And just think of the heart attacks the poor villains will suffer.)

Honestly, I’d love seeing Crossbones giving Tony the sex talk. But at the same time, I don’t think Tony would stay tiny that long/grow up again. The fairy magic doesn’t work that way. It’s either a curse or a blessing but there’s always a purpose behind every spell, and once that has been fulfilled, the spell will be lifted.

(”Will he remember this?” Crossbones asks Loki quietly one night.

He’s not sure what answer he’s hoping for but “That I do not know,” isn’t it.)

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Maybe kai for the characters analysis thing?

  - How I feel about this character

I don’t hate Kai as much as other characters, infact he holds a soft spot in my heart where I can’t help but still enjoy him no matter what, (ha ha he’s like a metaphor for the entire show) but that doesn’t mean he’s a good character.

A lot of Kai’s flaws lie in the writing of the show never making him an interesting character. Everyone likes to joke about how Kai was the main character of the show before Lloyd showed up, but it’s still true. A lot of season four was dedicated to Kai trying to adjust to not being the center of attention. And when he does accept that, he takes the backseat to all of the other characters and the arc for a long time, making him boring and make him feel like a pointless character.

But honestly, that’s not really his problem, yeah it’s a problem, but not the biggest one. His biggest problem are the writers always giving him a set up to be a really good character and grow, only for the writers to completely drop it and either do it lazily, never complete it, or just not take the chances.

A really big example of this is in Season 4 where we find out that Kai still holds grudges against Lloyd and wants to be powerful too. We get confirmation of this when Kai almost betrays everyone when he gets the Staff of Elements. (or whatever it was called) So what we learn from this is that now the ninja know of his inner anger and grudges, but guess what! It never gets addressed again!! We’re just lead to believe that the ninja never care to talk about what happened with him or get him help, and now we just got to have to wait until he possibly betrays them again and the ninja will actually deserve it!

Other examples of the writing being in his favor but never actually pulling off is in Season 5. Season 5 arguably could’ve been Kai’s best season, everything about the set up of the story could’ve made him the best character in the show. I don’t know if this is just me but I love stories where the protagonist and the antagonist have similar stories and motives. It can create really interesting drama and can teach kids that everyone can become corrupted.

Morro and Kai could’ve done this trope perfectly. We already know Kai wanted to be the green ninja too, and Morro’s whole thing is he wants to be the green ninja as well. So imagine the could’ve fights tey could’ve gotten into, Morro could try to take Kai down verbally by telling him that they’re a lot a like. He could even make Kai think he doesn’t deserve to call himself a hero. So many interesting stuff could’ve come from this season.

…But instead we get “oooh I’m afraid of water oh no,” something we’ve never seen him be scared of before. And to be fair, it’s not …awful. We at least get a complete arc of Kai overcoming his fears to save Lloyd at the end, but jesus imagine all the more cool stuff that could’ve happened! Kai could’ve come out of this being an amazing character, but instead all we’re left with is being annoyed at how the writers refuse to make anything really interesting with the characters anymore.


I like Kai in theory, but the writing and story in the show always fails him at being a good character.

 - All the people I ship romantically with this character

Plasmashipping, Oppositeshipping, Lavashipping, and…. i refuse to answer the last one it’s just not worth it

  - My non romantic Otp with this character

I guess if I had to say anyone I would say Kai and Nya. Even though I don’t think they’re relationship isn’t that interesting I still hope that we can see more cool Kai and Nya brother and sister moments (that was one of the few things season 7 did well actually)

  - My unpopular opinion about this character

No one will ever convince me that Kai isn’t a closet gay

  - One thing I wish would / had happened with this character in canon

Pretty much everything I said about Season 5 I wish would happen. Sorry to answer this question with the same answer but it’s the only thing I can think of to say.

Send me a Ninja and I’ll analyze them with these questions

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kiss on bridge of the nose + lord yukimura??

  • Yukimura + Bridge of Nose (treasuring)

He knows his worst fears are confirmed when his heart dislodges from his chest and rushes headlong into the ground, splintering in tiny little shards. It will be the worst he has ever felt in a long time, having it confirmed that what he’s been seeing isn’t a dream or flights of fancy. The roar in his ears deafens him.

Saizo doesn’t immediately quip back either, and that’s how he’ll truly know. The ninja, so meticulous in each breath of his muscles, will still as if his whole body has been put momentarily on hold for his mind to catch up. In fact, he stills for so long, a second longer than necessary, Yukimura really won’t know how to breathe for the rush of panic that comes billowing through the hole in his chest.

“You’re going to have to repeat that, little lord.” And it comes out low, warningly, cautioning him to think through his thoughts carefully before uttering them into the space around them and making it real.

He soldiers on, because he’s a Sanada and he’s never stopped, not when it comes to fighting for his heart. “I asked you how do you seduce a woman, Saizo?”

Saizo looks at him then, his whole body twisting around like crooked bark. The gleam in his eyes won’t be unkind, but it won’t be compassionate either. He drops the arm halted midway on its path to his new cupboard, and Yukimara spies how his friend places an old, crumbling comb onto the floor, wrapping it in a kerchief before tucking it away from his prying eyes.

“And why are we asking this?”

He would have thought it obvious from the question, or at least obvious enough from the way the ninja looks him over. Nothing has ever escaped Saizo’s observations, so why bother asking? He can only conclude that his friend is being cruel, forcing him to confront what little pride he has left after having it chipped away piece by crumbling piece every day since—

He first notices it at dinner. The spark in the air crackles loud and tingles across his skin. It’s the strangest feeling, like trying to catch fireflies in moonlight, but nothing will come to him until his eyes settle on her, not too far away, and his entire body awakens at her smile. But she’s not smiling at him. That’s when his vision booms out and he notices his brother in frame, staring at her as if she alone possesses the moon and stars in her eyes. Their gazes lock too long on each other for it to seem appropriate.

It’s impossible, his mind shouts, so he leaves it be. Until he catches them again, this time in the hallway, and their palms brush softly underneath their sleeves, grasping each other’s fingers for the solitary second it takes for them to pass each other. The slide of skin is so quick and furtive his breath catches in his throat and something sharp oozes down to his toes. He almost wishes he hadn’t caught them, damning this strange prickle in the air whenever they’re together. 

He gains a fierce awareness of their proximity soon after, a deep pooling suspicion that makes him want to rip his skin off and hack it to pieces. He sees them everywhere. Hiding in plain sight. So heavy will his heart weigh, it pulls him down and down and down until he chokes on the longing and sickness coming from a fear he knows is not his natural state. He’s forced to wear the rind of somebody he doesn’t recognise, and it makes him sick.

Is it any wonder why his heart crashes so quickly now?

“Dear, why are you asking me this?” Saizo will move from his spot on the floor, his breath close enough to hiss.

Because I love her.”

And the confession destroys him. It bubbles so suddenly to the surface he has to spit it out, because what’s he to say under such scrutiny but the truth? A sharpness, bitter and biting, weaves itself around every muscle. He thinks it’s his heart, a new one, spawning in ugly spurts, that squeezes his breath in a chokehold, strangling him.

He hears a sigh rushing out not in irritation, but sympathy. He knows it’s a little pathetic, so he expects many things from Saizo in this moment. He expects the ninja to huff in amusement, the cruel jeer cutting at the skin he wears now until it peels off him in layers. He expects the ninja to offer advice, doled out sardonically, until his words shame him enough to crawl out of the pitiful wasteland that has become his heart. He expects the ninja to take out another lovers guide, and hopes that the salacious content will sizzle the fire lying dormant within so that it burns across his face, his chest, his soul, cleansing him. 

He expects all of it. What he doesn’t expect, at all, is the softness cupping his cheeks, the nothingness before a heartbeat, and then, like a faint candle, the feel of Saizo himself. Lips on his nose. Gentle. Sweet. 


It melts him.

Then Saizo pulls back, and everything is bright again. Sharp. “If you want to seduce a women, that’s how you do it,” he says, betraying nothing in his voice. “But I think it might be time to face the truth, dear.”

And Saizo turns him around, fingers clasped at his shoulders, so that his gaze faces towards the garden where he can see, in the little alcove hidden to most, the woman who takes his breath away together with his fierce, noble brother. She’s laughing though he won’t catch the sound, and he peeks Nobuyuki swaying ever closer, as if a force out of their control pushes them together until their bodies wilt into each other. They’re alive and so beautiful, silhouetted by the sun, that words dam up in his chest. Choking. He battles silently to drag them out.

It should be me, he screams. He should be the hero, not the one left behind. But silence is all he gets in this story.

They’re going to fall in love, he weeps. And the revelation exhausts what’s left of his strength.

Stop, he pleads. They won’t.

He stands there with the Lord Assassin holding him adrift, watching his brother curl errant fingers into her hair, and he will be too afraid to move for fear of the cut and burn and blinding pain caused by his broken heart strewn pitifully on the floor. 

He wonders through the roaring waves what he’ll do with all these pieces.  

There are too many pieces.

Voltron TNG/Daddy Klance Headcanon/Oneshot:

Ally (my Klance baby) is all grown up (well university aged) and dating Rangi Garret (My Hunk baby) and they have all been invited to Alfor Shirogane’s (Shallura baby) wedding which is in his bride’s hometown a few hours away from Roswell where I imagine the gang settled when they all got back to Earth.

Ally and Rangi are driving to the wedding.

Rangi: So my parents are apparently flying to Hawaii after the wedding for a week or two and I can’t go with because I have too many projects on the go at school and you and Fara (another Shallura baby) are going to a music festival from the wedding and taking the car, right?

Ally: Ya

Rangi: Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a ride back to Roswell with someone on Sunday.

Ally: You didn’t plan a ride home before hand?

Rangi: I figure someone is coming back this way and I’ll be able to hitch a ride to the Garrison.

Ally: Well, I’m sure you can get a ride back with my dads.

Rangi: Yay! 3 hours in the car alone with your dads sounds like a good time.

Ally: Why are you saying it like that?

Rangi: Oh, I don’t know. Now that we are dating, your dads are a little intimidating.

Ally: What? My dads are not intimidating.

Rangi: Putting their hero/defenders of the universe roles aside cause my dad is one too, Keith is literally some sort of sword pro alien space ninja and Lance is all super confident, in my face friendly and asks all these questions. Like, constantly. And I’m like, “OMG, what if I fuck up and say something that makes him mad? If he’s extra friendly, is he extra not friendly if he’s mad? So my tongue gets thick and I trip over my words and I don’t think I am presenting my best self.

Ally: Papi seems extra friendly because he is extra friendly. He was practically your uncle. He loves you. He’s just interested.

Rangi: No, your probably right. Lance is fine, but I am pretty sure Keith hates me though.

Ally: Daddy doesn’t hate you. He loves you too. What makes you think he hates you?

Rangi: Unlike, Lance, Keith hardly talks to me at all. He just stands or sits there with his arms crossed, side eyeing me from beneath his thick furrowed brow.

Ally: That’s just his face! He always looks like that.

Rangi: Now, that I think about it…even when we were kids, that was his general stance.

Ally: See, your fine. If it helps, remember that he cries during kids movies.

Rangi: I have shed a tear or two myself during some films. Sometimes you just got to get those emotions out. No judgement from me.


Lance decides to stay and get a round of golf in with Shiro and Bride’s dad. Keith agrees to drive Rangi back.

Keith has no idea how to carry on a conversation with this young man who is dating his daughter. It was one thing when he was just Hunk’s son but now things were different. He liked the kid. Couldn’t think of any one better, he’d want as a potential son in law but he has no experience in this relationship dynamic so he kind of freezes up.

The first ½ hour of the drive is silence.

Rangi attempts conversation: So

Keith: So

Rangi: Seen any good movies lately?

Keith (side eye, then returns eyes to the road): Nope

(Side eyes again): How’s school?

Rangi: Fine. How’s work?

Keith: Fine

More ackward silence.

Rangi: Would you think I was rude, sir, if I were to just listen to my headphones and catch a nap on the way home?

Keith: Nope

Both of them in their heads: Thank fuck

Rangi puts on his headphones and feels relief when Keith gives him a brief smile before returning his attention to the road.

Lets talk about modern strong female characters in manga.

Now, if you know anything about me i’m a HUGE shoujo fan and one thing I love to death is an A+ quality strong female character. But here’s the thing, I honestly think that a heroine doesn’t have to be physically strong to be an awesome female character. Its nice to have girls that kick butt but what about my girls that are (pardon the Steven Universe reference) strong in the real way, and what even is the real way? I’m here to talk about 2 series that demonstrate strong female characters who don’t rely on physical strength to be awesome in every way possible and if you read shoujo manga, you know the two i’m talking about. Akatsuki no Yona’s Yona and Skip Beat’s Kyoko. Well start with Yona (since at the moment it seems to be the more popular series)

(From here on out there will be spoilers)

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I consider the topic of eugenics in naruto a missed opportunity because of the idea of bloodline limits. The sharingan and byakugan are exclusive to their respective clans and there are people in the story who want them. Kishi decided to go with just plucking the things out easy peasy. It would make the story more fascinating and darker to me.

And the story actually brought the concept of genocide against people for their bloodline very early! Remember the Wave Arc, which is the cause of a lot of plot holes about kekkei genkai because Kishimoto admits he had no idea how big a deal it would become in the story, Haku says the the Land of Water was committing genocide against people with kekkei genkai, to the point that a man was willing to kill his own wife and child?

Also worth pointing out for the context of debunking the notion that you have to be “pure” to have a bloodline limit, Haku himself obviously only had one parent with kekkei genkai yet he inherited it.

Yes, there’s a lot of wasted story potential here! But as is one of my pet peeves, people in Naruto generally don’t behave in a realistic way when it comes to reproducing. They’ve transplanted modern Japanese childbearing choices into a high body count clan-based society that uses child soldiers and expect the reader not to notice the disconnect. Societies with high death rates where children contribute economically have high birth rates. Period. Even more so in collectivist and clan-organized societies.

Somebody hand me another whip to beat this dead horse some more, I think I saw it twitch.


Movie Night with Mumon in the Land of Stealth - Japan Cuts - NYC - 7/13/17

Director Nakamura was special guest and he has fans & supporters in the NY artsy film scene

Spotted some Ohno fans in the audience during Question & Answer time. Spotted fan girl with the Are You Happy Con bag.

Mumon is not a true period piece, like an off beat genre set in the Sengoku Era. No cool samurais or ninjas here, ordinary people trying to survive. Though the love for $$$ kind of reminds me of Nino….XD And director used a weird off Jazz music as the movie’s BGM which works.

Very funny but in off beat kind of way, people killing each other but accepted in quirky weird way. No doors & gates can keep Mumon out except his wife can lock him out of his own house.

The climatic scenes were heartbreaking, you really cannot watch or hear Ohno scream or cry. In the theater, the scream was primal. Someone who didn’t show true emotions before and just discovered heartache. Whole theater was silent and I think everyone held their breath.

Go see it if you can, you do laugh, cry, and lots of OMG, they just did that.

Questions to director: old lady fan asked why Ohno was chosen. Wasn’t sure if director was kidding, but he basically said that some of the battle scenes require a lot of $$$$ and Ohno being involved guarantees the $$$ will be there.

Memorable moments during shooting: it was really hot and when you have armies of men sweating, it stunk. He told everyone to bear with it until they move the shooting to Nagano where its cooler. Also the Ninjas in black were sweating so much, the salt from their sweat was crystallizing onto the clothing. Crew had to get sand to blast the white streaks of salt off.

Future project with Ohno? Tea ceremony?

Toho and TBS - if you are reading this, please put the cut fight scenes back into the DVD. Leader, Suzuki Ryohei & Iseya Yusuke’s fight scenes were terrific.

Lessons. (Benjamin X Reader)

short imagine but you can request ben imagines//

Prompt: Ben trying to teach you the aikido Morgan taught him so far.

Warnings: dirty joke!! 

“Okay, like this?” you ask, adjusting the stick. “Yea, perfect!” Benjamin smiled. You pushed the stick back, attempting to do the move Ben showed you. “I feel like an idiot, maybe I should stick to a knife?” you groaned. “You’re doing fine, and what if you don’t have a knife one day but you have the stick?” he questioned. “I can hit someone with a stick no problem Ben, but are these ninja moves necessary?” you ask, twirling the stick around. “Yes, please keep trying,” he stuck out his bottom lip. You stood still for a minute, before propping the stick. “Now aim forward, hit, and twist back,” he said. You nodded, doing as told. “That’s my girl,” he smiled. You did more moves you were taught before Ben stopped you. “Hold on,” he walked towards you. “You want it aimed higher,” he took your hands gently and brought them up. Before he walked away you grabbed him, kissing him softly. “Thank you for this,” you said, “I know I haven’t been the most patient student.” “Anytime, my love,” Ben smiled. You blushed and appreciated your boyfriend so much in that moment. “I love you, Ben,” you said. He looked at you, “I love you too.” You didn’t even feel like continuing the session, you just wanted to hold Ben tight. “Am I getting better at this? Can we take a quick break?” you ask. “Hell yeah, you’re doing so good handling my stick!” he exclaimed. “Benjamin!” you shook your head. “What? All I said was you’re doing so good handling my stick, and you are getting good at it so…” “Okay we’re taking a break.”

It is harder than it looks - Steve McGarrett Request

I was just wondering if you could do a Steve McGarrett one where the team helps Steve propose to the reader 


Steve has never been a nervous person, but in the last days you realised a change in him. He was edgy. He moved more than usual and he did not look you in the eyes as much. It was odd. You and Steve knew eachother better than anybody. You met 10 years ago, when he was still an activ SEAL. It was difficut building a relationship. But you were more than sure that Steve was worth it. And you were right. Your life with him was wonderful. You loved living in Hawaii with him. One of the reason why you were confused why he did not tell you what made him so nervous. You were always honest with eachother. Your last solution to figure out what was wrong, was to ask Danny. Steves better half (other than yourself). 

“Danno?” “Yes Y/N?” “Can I ask you a question?” “You just did. But because I am so kind I allow you another one.” “That is so sweet of you. You know Steve… and well.. have you realised his weird behaviour lately?” “Lately? Have you met him? He ALWAYS behaves weirdly. I do not think he ever in his life behaved normal. He was born ninja like. And that is definitly not normal.” “I do not mean in that way. I mean he seems to be nervous. At least around me. Is he hiding something from me?” Danny looked at you like you have been growing a second head. “Steve should keep something from you? Are you insane? Steve would never hide anything from you. I do not think he even could. It is in his nature to tell you everything that happens. As soon as we know something new his instinct is to call you and inform you. To make it short. No he is not hiding anything from you. You must imagine thinks. And lets be honest with eachtother I do not think Steve CAN get nervous. His ninja SEAL training does not allow it.” “You are probably right.” “Probably? No I am definitly right.” As soon as he said that he nearly run away from you. It was like everyone around you behaved differently.

No matter how much you wanted to believe Danny you somehow could not get rid of the weird feeling. It seemed like Kono realized that. And to clear your head she invited you to the beach for another surfing lesson. You could surf, just not good enough for Kono, but lets be honest noone could surf like her. Nevertheless you had a lot of fun. But you were exhausted and you just wanted to go home. “Kono I think it is time for me to go home. I am tired and I would really like to see Steve. We havent seen eachother today.” With that you turned around and made your way to your car. “Y/N!! Stopp.” Kono came running to you. “I totally forgot. Chin wanted to see you. Something about his wife. I dont really know what it was but he really wanted to have your help.” “Cant that wait till tomorrow? I really just want to see Steve.” “NO it CANT wait. I am sure it will be quick.” Being confused by her behaviour you just choosed to give in and go to Chin. “Okay I will go, but just because I love Chin like a brother.”  

What you could not believe was that Chin made you wait 3 hours. It was now dark and you were more than ready for bed. The day was long. Kono was way to sporty for you and Chin really made you move his furniture. All of it. Just to surprise his wife. Way could he not ask one of the boys. They liked to play with their muscels. At least Chin was kind enough to drive you back to yours and Steves place. “Thanks for bringing me home Chin. I hope you wont be mad but the next time you want to move your furniture, dont ask me. I will never do that again.” He laughed. “No problem Y/N, next time I ask one of the boys. Enjoy your evening.” With that he pushed me out of the car and winked at me. But instead of driving of, he parked the car and waited. You now nervous walked to your front door, to find it unlocked. 

To your surprise you found rose leaves on the ground leading to the beach. “Come Y/N, or do you want to keep him waiting.” You jumped, to caught up in yourself. Chin took your arm realizing, that you would not move on your own. You were to shocked. He lead you out into your backyard, where the entire team stood. Danny, Kono, Max, Lou, even Kamekona. In the middel of it all stood Steve, surrounded by candles. He came closer to you and took your hand. 

“Y/N we know eachother now for many years. You went through the hardest of times with me. The first time I thought about doing this was 6 years ago when Freddie and I were on a mission. He just told me he was about to be a father and that he hopes for me to feel this kind of joy one day and to never let you go. He was right. I should never let you go. You make me happy and I know you will be the person that can give me the same joy, that he had.”

With that he went down on one knee, still holding on to your hand. Opening a small box with a beautiful silver ring in it. It was simple but exactly what you would have chosen. It represented you and Steve perfectly.

“Y/N Y/L/N I love you with all my heart and I never want to lose you so I hope that you will do me the honour of becoming my wife?” 

You were again speechless. You looked into the eyes of everyone around you until your eyes fell on Steve again. Your eyes got teary. You were so happy that everyone you loved was here that your answer was clear as a sunny day. 

“Of course I want to marry you. It always be a yes. I love you.” 

He put the ring on your finger and you bend down to give him a long sweet kiss. 

Your friends were cheering in the backround and you heard Danny say “Ready for the fireworks? I made a special one just for you.”

With a couple beers you, Steve and the rest of the team were celebrating your engagment. It was one of the best nights you ever had. 

Looking up to watch Steve you knew, just like 10 years ago, that Steve was worth all the wait. He was your man. The man and love of your life. 


Hey readers ^-^

This was my first request. I hope it is to your liking. I gave my best. 

Love Chris <3 


This was a hilarious way of establishing that a dog doesn’t talk on a show where dog-like creatures routinely do talk.

I also liked that the guy who spent the last ten years with monsters and aliens is the one who asks this question since presumably he’s run into dog-like creatures that can talk. The look on Brody’s face is like, “Oh yeah, dogs don’t talk here. Sorry, my mistake.”

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what are like. the "tumblr popular" musicals nowadays???? are musicals on tumblr dying out??? how do u know whats popular??? how can i get Updates on what will have an active fandom i can interact with??? if u don't know the answers to these questions who can i ask????

dude i dont know what about my blog made u think im following tumblr trends i legit do icarly fanart and drew shit for randy cunningham ninth grade ninja last week,,,

sorry to dissapoint but i just get into whatever musicals or fandoms i want?? idk im not swayed by shit besides my friends? if ur talking about firebringer its not actually that popular? me and scribs watched it like three? weeks ago and not a lot of people actually contribute ejnmrejkfejrv IDK THIS ASK IS SO WEIRD WHY DID U COME TO ME