can I just

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imagine they have a little three way wedding and the other campers are only there for the cake Gregg made for the wedding and instead of wedding rings their bracelets

they can;t afford lil suits and dresses,,, so they just have flowers and makeshift ties,,,,,,

what abt an a/b/o dynamics fic in which yuuri is an omega and part of his ballet/figure skating training was to learn some forms of fluid martial arts (also -and hes fully aware if this, much to his chagrin- for self-defense) and whenever alphas get handsy he just lets them have it. eventually no one wants him bc hes the weirdly aggressive omega. but when viktor comes along and tries it and yuuri whoops his ass and viktor just gets all starry-eyed and immediately decides hes in love.

can i have that 😭🙏🏻

Straight people are always askin why girls

But like, have they ever seen a woman? One with nothing on and that ‘come here’ smile. A woman with her hair in a braid laying underneath a tree, a book in her lap smiling at the pages. Those girls you bump into in the bathroom with their make-up bags out laughing and fixing their faces. Girls in their wife beater tank tops working outside, working up a sweat. The ones sitting behind pianos, behind mic stands or music stands jamming out and smiling their brightest. That girl crying in the bathroom who sniffles indignantly when you ask what could possibly be wrong because she simply doesn’t cry in her opinion.

Women are amazing, beautiful, smart, funny. They’re always both strong and gentle, almost never needing cues as to which you need when you need it even if you don’t know how you need it yourself. Why the hell not girls? I get even more frustrated when straight boys ask me this because how can you not appreciate women? And I mean appreciate them in all aspects of what being a woman is, not just that 'lol tits and ass’ shit boys usually give you.
Women need to appreciated more because every single one is a goddess in disguise.



i did art

originally i made these two icons for @puns-and-pelvises because they’re just the best,, man i really love them. they are the nicest bud you’ll ever talk to.