can I have


↳preston garvey aesthetic

i had to put on a brave face as long there were people still counting on me. that’s the only reason why i kept going.

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you

I will pay someone actual money* for a picture of young ben organa, who is already too big for his skin, this great dane puppy with ears like satellite dishes and a nose like a starfighter, sitting behind his tiny mother and delicately braiding her hair in traditional Alderaanian style

alternately, very smol rey following angsty teenage jedi ben organa around, begging him to braid her hair like his. He plunks her down in the grass and yanks her hair into three uncomplicated loops just to get her to leave him alone.

alternately, ben on the transport from Luke’s academy to Snoke, unpicking his braids with bloody fingers.


since i already answered #8 here, i’ll post #1 separately!

#1: Favorite hero?

not only do i love them both but i also play as them the most (i have at least 19 hours as lucio on record…and 17 for genji…someone save me), and as such i couldn’t choose between them so i just drew them both (in the skins that i have for them in-game)! go team green 

i really love tracer and too (but i’m terrible at playing as them), and i am a fan of playing as soldier 76 as well but alas i’m too lazy to draw everyone HAHA

For FrUk Week 2016~  @frukweek

Day 7: Alternative Universe

This drawing is based on the movie “The Aristocats”. I was listening to a song from the movie and decided to draw this <3

I’m a bit late for the last day but I hope it’s alright, I had so much fun this week!

i haven’t even watched high speed (fingers crossed for a subbed version to show up soon) yet and i’m getting emotional about sousuke and makoto as kids. and thinking about how things would have been if sousuke and makoto were friends growing up. 

maybe with makoto around, sousuke would have smiled more, felt less lonely, been more careful with himself. makoto’s cute little antics, his tendency to get scared easily of things that he doesn’t understand, and his capacity to stay strong for the sake of the people he cares about even when he is frightened, would have been so helpful for sousuke. 

imagine when makoto’s goldfish died, that sousuke and haru both stood by him, one hand on each shoulder. sousuke felt like he would cry just because makoto was crying. it would have made him softer, it would have made it easier for sousuke to grieve, to let out his feelings instead of bottling them up and turning them into angry outbursts at himself and haru.

maybe with makoto around, with his ability to smile even when he was hurting inside, to find happiness in little things (like playing with kittens and eating a slice of chocolate cake) would have made sousuke a little more relaxed, would have made his false sense of abandonment dissipate.

maybe with makoto sitting next to him- writing down silly letters to rin with badly drawn pictures of haru, nagisa, and himself in them- sousuke would have felt it was okay to do the same. that he would have been able to let out his frustrations, and communicate his real feelings to his best friend, instead of feeling unworthy and overworking his growing body. 

sousuke would have laughed more, wept more, loved himself more, with makoto around. maybe makoto would have brought out sousuke’s protective side, and he would have been able to show how much he cared for others more openly. maybe he wouldn’t have seen his emotions as weakening him, but would have drawn strength from them. 

maybe they would have grown up, side by side, and maybe sousuke would have confessed to makoto and maybe they would have been more than friends when they grew older. maybe it would have helped sousuke to hear from makoto that sometimes it’s okay not to live out your childhood dreams. that it’s okay to pursue new ones, with new people. and that it’s just as important to appreciate new horizons as it is to cherish the memories of your past.

maybe life would have been a little easier, a little sweeter, and more full of promise. just maybe. 


I’ve been wanting to thank a certain someone on tumblr…

Thanks to her… she made me want to draw more, get new friends and being noticed…

TBH, I had this blog for quite some time annnnd this was the only time that I felt like people wanted to see more of what I’m capable of…

I seriously want to strike up a convo with you… but im too shy, plus I feel kinda bad for suddenly ignoring you (which I didn’t.. I just didn’t know how to show my appreciation.. until now) 

Thank you so much @kyorinumnum … 
Thank you for filling me with determination ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

//upsetting realization

So on FB I was like “I think from now on if anyone asks me to draw them for free I’ll just respond with shittily draw pics of shadow the hedgehog,” and so some of my friends hopped on the joke, told me to draw them.

And I’m sitting there doodling these shitty shadow pics as responses and like… They weren’t awful??! And I realized they weren’t looking as shitty as I wanted probably cuz of just been drawing a certain small angst ridden spiky AF rodent nonstop for 3 years that I’ve just accrued massive amounts of muscle memory and UGH *lays down*

okay but bones on tumblr like “i’m a doctor, not a discourse machine”

u know what’s great:

  • thorin looking @ bilbo
  • bilbo looking @ thorin
  • bilbo and thorin HOLDING HANDS
  • bilbo and thorin sitting next to each other with their shoulders/arms/knees/FEET brushing against each other
  • bilbo and thorin giving each other sweet lil kisses 
  • gentle touching of shoulders/lower back to give subtle comfort and reassurance 
  • arguing for arguments sake bc they honestly have fun arguing with each other about stupid things 
  • looking at each other while in a large conversation and communicating via weird looks 
  • BUYING EACH OTHER WEIRD GIFTS (’bilbo, what am i going to do with a ceramic cat statue’ ‘display it of course’)
  • waking up in the middle of the night and they can’t help but smile at how nice the other looks while they’re asleep (or laugh bc how ungracefully they sleep, but it’s still cute) 
  • soft quiet moments where they silently reach out and H O LD HANDS