can I graduate college first

Some More Reasons to Study:
  1. To show my bullies that no matter what they say, I’ll still be better than they are and that I will still succeed in life.
  2. To show kids that you just need to try and you won’t be far from success.
  3. To make my parents proud.
  4. Studying creates a less stressful test day. (Submitted by elisha-is-a-girls-name)
  5. You’re capacity and potential may be more than an educational system but you’re still a part of the system. (Submitted by crababyy)
  6. To remind yourself that the teachings of the teachers are never enough.
    (Submitted by crababyy)
  7. To help others, to help the world, to help myself. To make a difference, rather than just sitting on the rails watching people suffer.
  8. To feel that you don’t waste your life time and gain awareness of the world around you. (Submitted by o-less )
  9. To see my parents retire early and not have to worry about finances ever again. (Submitted by protoncentral)
  10. I study because I want to be able to use my knowledge to help others, and make other people’s lives a bit easier.
  11. To be able to become the person people enjoy going to with their questions and being able to help them understand even when the teacher couldn’t.
  12. So that I will be able to spend time studying what I actually want at university.
  13. Because I want to be successful to buy expensive things. (Submitted byrecovering-edge-of-normal)
  14. When you get good results after an exam you get the best feeling in the world.
  15. I study so I can achieve more myself and be proud. Also, being able to say I did it rather than someone else did it for me. (Submitted bychemistrynerd2020)
  16. So that I can have a better future and make my parents proud. (Submitted by ughnnie)
  17. So that you can make yourself proud and be happy whatever the outcome maybe. And to make your family proud too so that one day you can give everything back to your parents. (Submitted by always-studyinggg)
  18. I want to broaden my knowledge; I have a thirst for truth and information.
  19. So I can be the best.
  20. Because I want a future that will be able to provide for my family. (Submitted by your-teenidle)
  21. Knowledge is power.
  22. To achieve my dreams and show everyone who told me to be less ambitious that they were wrong. (Submitted by bowties-pie-deductions)
  23. To make the world a better and healthier place for every human being!
  24. So I can be the first person in my family to graduate from college/uni.
    (Submitted by studyingsinger)
  25. I study so I can leave those people who made fun of me earlier behind in the dust. (Submitted by queenoftheminidonuts)
  26. So I can become a heart surgeon.
  27. To know that someday I might get a good job and be able to help out my mom and finally give her the life she deserves is a good enough reason for me to study.
  28. So that after I get my test results back and I aced it, I can hit that whip as I exit the classroom. (Submitted by highschool-pls)
  29. To be like Elle Woods, to prove people wrong.
  30. I study because I value knowledge. I also do it because it’s the only thing I really have, I don’t come home to a loving family and I’m not necessarily good at sports. So academics.
  31. Finally finishing at the top and realising how it was all worth it. (Submitted by rogue-thumb)
  32. Knowing I can/could get full marks on a test is not the same as actually getting full marks. (Submitted by thosethatrun)
  33. Because it is part of your personal growth protocol. (Submitted by refinedtaste)
  34. So I can become a Nurse Practitioner and make my parents proud.
  35. To make my idols proud.
  36. To prove that person in the mirror who whispers “You can’t ever do it” wrong.
  37. To bring them haters down just like they did me when I didn’t do as well as my siblings.
  38. To get into my dream university.
  39. To not cry myself to sleep because I’m not good enough. (Submitted by eunkyungjung)
  40. When you graduate from high school/college you will have zero regrets and millions of opportunities.
  41. To make myself feel good.
  42. To get accepted into college and stop sleeping on family’s member couch. (Submitted by brainiac-jazmine)
  43. I study so that I can show the world that it’s possible to not be neurotypical and still be passionate and intelligent. I do it to prove that I’m not a college-pleasing drone, but an individual with their own ideas and beliefs. I do it to be strong.
  44. I study so I won’t have to work as hard later on in life. I study so that one day I can go to a toy store and tell my kid they can have whatever they want. I study so that I get a step closer to having my own business. I study so that I can work for myself.
  45. I study to get away.
  46. I study, because I want to earn much money when I’m older and treat my parents as much, as they treated me in my life. Also I want that they have a nice life, after they stop working.
  47. To make my family proud, knowing their tough immigration was worth it. I am the first to go to college in my family and will take full advantage of my opportunity.
  48. Because I owe it to myself.
  49. To make a difference in this world. (Submitted by inlovewithbooksblr)
  50. To prove myself and them haters wrong. (Submitted by studytoreachsuccess)
  51. Because I love learning!
  52. To help others with what I’ve been through. (Submitted by crazylittlewolfpup)
  53. I study because I want to make a difference in all things STEM related. I look forward to perusing a job in nuclear engineering.
  54. I study because I want to know that feeling of pure joy the first moment when I find out I got into the university I wanted. I study because I want to prove my teacher wrong thinking I was “average”. I’m not. I’ll strive for my goal no matter what. (Submitted by spaceypower)
  55. “Manic street preachers” inspired me to study hard. They taught me that knowledge is power. Because of them, I study the holocaust and learning about humanity, politics, literature. And your blog help me to not being lazy 💖 thank you Nicole!
  56. I study for my future patients. (Submitted by life-of-a-prevet)
  57. I study so that one day I can be secretly recruited for S.H.I.E.L.D. (Submitted by study-and-coffee)
  58. I study so that people with communication troubles (autism, deafness, dyslexia…) can really feel like they are a part of society, and fight isolation.
  59. I study so that I can make my parents proud one day.
  60. I study because my grandparents didn’t get to.

One overlooked factor about Black Businesses is that it helps the Black unemployment rate. As a college graduate I can tell you first hand it’s HARD to get a job, but it’s even HARDER to get a job as a Black Male. Why? because Corporate America is ran by rich white males. When it’s time to hire employees, who do you think they would naturally LOOK at first to hire. This is why it is important that Blacks, Africans, Caribbean, and West Indians realized they are all African and need to work together and build more black businesses so that we can hire our own. Don’t think it’s racist because your staff is majority black, take a look at Corporate jobs and you will see that there is usually just a few black people and the higher you go up in rank the fewer black people you will see. The way we can combat this is to build and establish our own businesses for our future college graduates.

Post written by: @Oba_Tayo
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