We originally wrote a post about 1D vs. 5sos that has been recently deleted due to our blog being deactivated. We have since written a new one where we tried to discuss the same things as well as a few new topics. This is our opinion on the whole matter that no one is forcing you to read. Enjoy.

Since February 2013 when 5sos began touring with 1D for the first time, many comparisons have been made. Both fan bases have compared the two bands to one another due to the fact that 5sos has not separated themselves career wise from One Direction. There is always talk about who is more talented, who deserves the fame more, and who got who famous. Let’s begin talking about both of their career platforms- YouTube and the X Factor. One Direction were obviously on the X Factor UK, where they were not only formed as strangers but also made it through many obstacles as a group. The X Factor UK was ONLY shown in the UK during the year of 2010 when they participated on the show. The only way people who lived around the world could view 1D’s performances was to look up their videos on YOUTUBE. Yes, Youtube, the place where 5sos began as well; where no one would of known about them if it wasn’t for the popular website. That means Louis would of never “discovered” them either. 5sos were a garage band posting covers of popular songs just like thousands of other aspiring singers who use YouTube. The argument “1D would be no where without the X Factor” is one of the stupidest things a person could say. OBVIOUSLY. The X Factor is a show all about creating superstars out of aspiring singers. That is what all singing competition shows are for. They did not know each other prior to the show, so if it was not for the X Factor they would of never became a band. It’s common knowledge. When it comes down to it, both bands were on something that millions of people have access to every day- the Internet. Since 1D were already famous because of the X Factor and 5sos were apparently already “known” due to their YouTube covers, the argument is invalid and doesn’t work because it is contradictory. Both bands got well known by social media- while one band got more famous than they ever would of because of the other band. But the first difference between 1D and 5sos starts here- 1D didn’t need someone to catapult them into fame. They did it themselves after the X Factor. They broke America by themselves with no help from other artists, as well as everything in between. They also do not bite the hand that fed them. They show their appreciation to the X Factor in mostly everything they do. They understand what it did for them and how much it changed their lives, unlike 5sos who continuously try to talk themselves into thinking they are in the position they are in solely because of their fans. Their cockiness is something that cannot be overlooked, but I will discuss that later in this post. Next I would like to talk about the “reputations” that they uphold, with 5sos being the “pop punk band” and One Direction being the “boy band”. Now, 5sos fans just love using the term “boy band” to downgrade the 1D lads’ talent. Yes, not all of the members play instruments but that is because they were originally put together to be a stereotypical boy band. 5sos on the other hand get treated like royalty by their fans because they play their own instruments. They are truly treated like they are the first band in the world to be able to strum a few chords and play the drums. Using the “At least 5sos plays instruments” and “5sos are more talented than 1D because they can play instruments” arguments is both immature and inaccurate. You cannot base a band’s talent on whether they play their own instruments on stage or not. All of the 1D boys know how to play guitar, piano, or drums, but most choose not to because they already have a backup band and have had them since they began. They also think their voices are most important than instruments. Keep in mind that 1D were made to be a boy band, so instruments were not in the cards for a really long time. There is a huge difference between being able to play an instrument, and being able to play an instrument WELL. There are no Travis Barkers or Jimi Hendrexs in 5sos, I can tell you that much. I base talent on vocals, since vocals are pretty much the whole song. You can have a good beat, but if the voices aren’t that great the song is ruined. One Direction can run circles around 5sos with their vocals and there is no competition. I do not consider singing screaming or screeching into a microphone, but that’s just me. 1D changed their style of music for themselves, while 5sos changed their style of music to become more popular. They have tried to make their songs more pop in order to get on the radio. If an artist changes to become more relevant, that’s says something about them. Now, let’s talk about their careers. In the last 4 years, One Direction have done incredible and unbelievable things in their career. Playing at the Olympics in 2012, all of the awards won, all of the records broken. I could write about all of their achievements until my fingers fall off- that’s how successful One Direction are. But behind all that, is 1D as a band. Simon wanted 1D to be the next N Sync or Backstreet Boys but it was just not going to happen because it was not what One Direction wanted to do with their career. They have since broken the mold of the stereotypical boy band due to the fact that they have taken control of their sound and their career. This is something boy bands could only dream of, since 99% of them are created to stand there and look pretty. They gain all of the respect in my book by making it out on top by not being a puppet of the music industry. They could of continued making the music they did in 2012, but instead they want to stay true to themselves and who they are as artists and create music that is THEIRS. It’s been incredible to watch them become the band that they have always wanted to be. 5sos, on the other hand, went from YouTube to opening for One Direction. That is all they will be known for- One Direction’s opening act, especially since they are opening twice in a row. And that is all that they have achieved in their career so far. It’s just not something you get respect for. They are too scared to break free from the band that has fed them all of this success and fame because they know what will happen. If they leave 1D, all of the 1D fans will forget about them like they forget about all of the other phases. It’s like a kid who won’t take off their training wheels. People also use the argument “If 1D made 5sos famous then why didn’t they make their other opening acts famous?” Simple. Before 5sos, 1D had Camyrn (a 14 year old female singer at the time) and Olly Murs (a 30 year old male singer) for opening acts. Teenage girls do not obsess over 14 year old girls or 30 year old males. 5sos are a band of four boys who are “attractive” that these girls can consume themselves with. They are around the same age as the fans, so they can relate. It’s as simple as that. As for concert tickets go, while I am somewhat on the same subject, 5sos fans like to say 5 Seconds of Summer loves their fans more because their tickets are $10. Wrong. No one would pay $90+ to see them in a small venue, so they make it as cheap as they can to get a full house. One Direction do not control their ticket prices, it is through Ticket Master and the arenas/stadiums they play. Every other huge act that has world tours have the same prices. While 1D’s meet and greets were $350, Miley Cyrus’ were $1000. They do control how much m&g costs because it soley is for the fans. Scalpers then buy the $90-$100 tickets and sell them for $500 on other websites. Not 1D’s doing. Just thought I would share that since 5sos fans like to use that against them. The last thing I want to talk about career wise is the music writing. To keep this short, 5sos and 1D both write their own songs. So the argument “At least 5sos write their own songs” is inaccurate. 1D wrote 95% of the songs on Midnight Memories and have since written ALL of the songs for their new upcoming album. They write with other artists and for other artists. As I am told, 5sos write their own music as well. Just because they write their own lyrics does not make it good, though. There is a maturity difference with both band’s lyrics. There is something I don’t like about listening to a 17 year old’s heartbreak. Too undeveloped for my taste. 5sos’ music is just music you can tell that they write themselves. That is all I will say on that subject. I will now get into how both bands are as people. Cockiness is not a nice trait to have and it’s something looked down upon in this industry. It is all about being humble. Maybe 5sos is so new to this fame thing that they don’t understand that being cocky is a turnoff. No group or person should brag about who they are as artists and it’s not something that looks good. 1D have not only in my eyes remained humble and genuine, but in many others’ as well. From celebrities, to friends, to strangers who meet them on the street, people say they are literally the most down to earth people in the business. They do not let any of this go to their heads and they have remained the same boys who were on a TV show four years ago. Fan interaction is debated probably the most out of everything. I have discussed the way 5sos interact with their fans in a previous post but I will say one thing. No bands’ love relates to how much they follow fans or respond to them on twitter. 5sos might still meet fans outside but that is because there are 10 fans waiting instead of the thousands for 1D. One Direction do not need to be phony about their relationship with their fans. They may not meet or follow as many fans as all of you would like, but that is because there are millions upon millions of fans and they cannot please them all. 5sos, on the other hand, have an easier time pleasing all of their fans because they don’t have millions and millions. Now, people have asked “What is the point of this?” and “Why are you comparing the two?” Because they are compared to on a daily basis. When the weed video surfaced of Louis and Zayn, 5sos fans had to make it about 5sos and stated, “This is why 5sos are angels,” and “5sos would never do that.” It is a competition with 5sos fans because they want 5sos to be better than 1D in every way possible. But it will NEVER happen. The phenomenon will NEVER happen again. At the end of the day, 5sos fans hate that a “boy band”- the term that they use to belittle One Direction’s talent and success- is better in every single aspect than their precious garage band that fits their image of “cool music”. Maybe in 50 years time there will be another boy band revolution. But then again, in 50 years when that does happen, it will be compared to the “One Direction Mania”, and not “5 Seconds of Summer Mania” because there is no 5sos mania. In few years time when there is an article called “One Direction: The First Billion Dollar Boy Band” and another article called “What Happened to 5 Seconds of Summer?”, you’ll see for yourself. When 5sos has achieved the same awards, records, and album chart placements as 1D, you can get back to me. So the next time you want to compare the two, remember who got to the top all on their own, and who timidly road who’s coattails. Just remember you cannot compare a gold medal to an eight inch trophy you got in little league for “Most Valuable Player”.

The Taste On His Lips

Type: One- Shot
Word Count: 1,196
Content: M for Mature

Basically the main content is from a dream I had.



“Dude, The Hulk could totally destroy the thing!” Cam said.

Her best friend, Kay, had just gone on a shopping trip. Starting on the topic of perfume to poo pourri (XD lmao) to corndogs and finally superheroes. They always did this but today was different. The conversation wouldn’t end in a full circle ride back to perfume.

“When do you think Luke is going to propose?”  Kay said out of no where.

Luke, Cam’s boyfriend of two years come tomorrow, was always a hot subject for Cam’s friends.

“Uh, I don’t know?” Cam said, laughing it off slightly. “If I knew that I wouldn’t be buying an anniversary card, I’d be buying a wedding dress.”

The two girls laughed pulling into the driveway of Luke and Camryn’s home.

“When we go in try to be quiet. Luke may be sleep.”

Once inside, they sat the bags down, hiding the anniversary gift and card behind the couch.

“What’s that noise?” Kay asked.

The sound of rapid movements were coming from upstairs.

Cam shrugged. “He might be playing FIFA. He gets pretty excited.”

She climbed the steps ready to mock his excitement over a video game. Instead she was speechless.

From his doorway she saw a woman, not even aware of her presence, and a lump under the covers with a blond quiff sticking out from the top.

It was no mystery who was under the covers but she recognized the look of pleasure on the strange woman’s face and the tight grip she had on the bars of the headboard.

She knew. She was usually the one reacting that way.

The two lovers were still oblivious to her presence until…

“Cam, you coming back down?” Kay yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

A head emerged from under the covers with the same wide eyed expression as the strange woman.

“Cam.” He stated more to himself than to anyone in particular.

She stood there, frozen, unable to cry or scream or turn away from scene in front of her.

The two of them had no idea now to proceed.

“Camryn, what’s going on up there?” Kay climbed the steps. “Wow. Ok you gotta go.” Kay gathered what was most likely the woman’s clothes, grabbing her out of the bed and pushing her out of the room.

The woman smirked at Cam, obviously knowing what she had done to their relationship.

Without saying a word Cam grabbed a pillow and a blanket.


“Don’t Luke. Just… Don’t.”


Stationed on the couch because she couldn’t bring herself to leave she stared mindlessly at How I Met Your Mother. She didn’t care where HE went but she wasn’t going to sleep in THAT bed.

From the corner of her eye she could see a familiar figure.

“Go away.” she muttered, yet he crept closer.

“Camyrn, Just come to bed.” he sighed.

She huffed. “THAT bed!? I don’t think so Lucas.”


“Could you leave now? Along with all the other emotions in me right now, I’m also really horny so I’d like to take care of that if you don’t mind.” She crossed her arms and stared at the tv hoping he would leave.

When she felt his hand placing her legs down she knew he wasn’t leaving.

“I could help you with that.” His hand slid back up her leg and down to her heat. Her breathing became uneven.

Just his touch rendered her legs useless. She wasn’t sure how she felt about him touching her but she couldn’t stop now.

Knowing exactly what he was doing he started to rub her through the shorts she now wished she didn’t have on.

Their faces were so close but she refused to fully give in. She knew if she kissed him she would lose all control. She couldn’t just forget about what happened like that.

“Just kiss me.” He said, as if to read her mind.

Looking into his eyes for the first time that day, she saw no remorse. He felt no regret for what he did. At least not anymore.

He had her crumbling under his hand. She wasn’t going anywhere and he knew it.

They both did.

Until they kissed.

She waited for her brain to shut off and her body to sink into pleasure but instead she felt disgusted.  Every movement with his lips and pressure from his hand made her want to throw up.

She pulled away quickly. A look of disgust, horror, and absolute sadness over took her face as she stared at him.

“That’s what is was.” She mumbled aloud.

He furrowed his brows. “What?”

“That’s what it was.” She repeated, this time directed at him.“ That taste on your lips. It’s her.”

His eyes widened. When she would come home or he would come back from being “with the guys” his kisses were different. She would never say anything, assuming it was some bad tasting alcoholic drink he continuously chose to ingest.

“Every now and then, I would taste something on your lips that I-I couldn’t explain… But it was her wasn’t it!?” Rage and disgust were only a fraction of what she felt.

He placed his head in his hands with defeat, giving her an answer.

Her back was placed on the wall for fear of falling. The mere fact of cheating was enough to change to course of any future they had together but THIS, this was disrespectful on another level!

“You put…your mouth…on that woman…and then you put them…on me.” She recalled aloud, sobbing between every few words.

He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. What was he to say? How was he to defend his actions? Everything she had said was true. On countless occasions he had been with the other woman, Charise, then come home to her.

He wasn’t sure why he cheated in the first place and he knew that wouldn’t be an acceptable answer at all.

“Fuck this.” She grabbed her car keys.

He trailed right behind her closely. He had no plan but his feet followed behind hers quickly.

“You can’t leave.”

She spun around fiercely. “And why not?”

He placed his hand on her hip and leaned in. She pulled away so fast she could have gotten whiplash.

“Don’t you dare put that taste on my lips again Luke Hemmings.” She closed her eyes to gather her thoughts before looking him straight in the eyes. “You don’t believe in hitting women, I respect that about you. I will grant you the same if you just please let me go.”

He slowly pulled his hand away from its perfect spot on her hip.

As his tears began to fall freely he finally realized that at that moment he had to let her go. His cocky smile from earlier was now a frown. He couldn’t do anything but let her go.

She slid into the drivers seat of her little blue car, letting a tear slip. Before she pulled out she rolled down the window. “And I saw the unopened condom on the nightstand.”

Stunned, he watched her drive away.

He no longer had just one problem.


Wow. It didn’t come out exactly how it happened in my dream but it’s kind of hard to transfer everything EXACTLY the same. But still hope you liked it.

If you want the second part, request it lovely people :) That part will have the REAL smut.