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Can you do an imagine where Cameron kisses you and is really touchy/clingy with you all the time and the guys tease him about it but you love it and think it’s cute? Thank you ilysm 💕💖

Hey love, Wondering if it was possible for you to write an imagine where you and Cameron have a heavy make out session where you give each other hickies, grind etc?

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The setting sun cast a golden glow across your eyes as the end of the day drew near. You sat on the edge of the pool, swishing your toes into the cool water as you watched Cameron mess around with the guys. He’d invited a bunch of them over;  the Jack’s, Nash, and Aaron. The guys were tangled in the grass in a wrestling match that you couldn’t help but laugh at, and as they rolled through the greenery, you saw Cam’s head poke up to look at you. His big goofy grin spread across his face as he cheesed at you happily from across the garden, so you reciprocated the gesture. You heard him say something, and then untangle himself from the boys to come jog over to your side. He plopped down on the warm stone beside you, and dipped his own feet into the water.

“Hey gorgeous,” he said happily.

“Hey Cam,” you grinned, “having fun?”

“Mm,” he shrugged, “I think it’s more fun when I’m with you.”

He kicked his foot up, sending water droplets all over your legs, and looking pleased about it, too.

“Cameron!” you pouted and gave him a shove whilst you scooted away from him.

“Sorry, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity,” he chortled.”Now come back here, I wanna hold you.”

You raised your head and threw him a glare, trying not to break your angry facade.

“I know you can’t stay angry at me,” he teased.

Your face melted into a smile as you scooted back to his side, “Well, you’re right.”

You put your feet back in the water, bending your head down to stare at the crystal ripples across the surface of the pool. You saw Cameron’s wavering reflection in the water, his eyes on you as he noticed a stray hair in your face that he tucked gently away behind your ear.

“You’re really beautiful, but I like you better when you’re not just a reflection,” he said, signalling that he wanted your attention.

You giggled and raised your head, turning to lock eyes with Cameron. His big brown eyes held yours, his bronzed skin glowing under the light of the sun as he wrapped a warm arm around your waist. He bit at his round lower lip, his thumb gently caressing your back, but he only brought himself close enough to you that small gap lay between your mouth and his.

“Fine well if you’re not gonna kiss me,” you joked and pretended to pull away, causing Cameron to pull you forward and laugh into your lips. You brought your arms into a lock around his neck, Cameron’s hands holding your face to his as he molded his warm and soft lips gently into yours. He smelled like the freshly cut grass and he tasted like heaven, so much so that you found your chests pressed together, your nails digging into his skin as you urged him for more.

Suddenly, you were interrupted by a loud whistle, and out of nowhere a huge wave of water crashed over you and Cam. You stuttered and pulled your lips from his, wiping the water out of your eyes and turning to face four smug faced boys in the pool. The Jack’s, Aaron and Nash whooped at you from the water, “Sorry, did we interrupt you?” they called sarcastically.

You stuck your tongue out at them and folded your arms, “At least I have someone to kiss right now.”

Johnson shook out his blonde hair like a dog and swam at you, his hands grabbing at your exposed legs, “Say it again,” he dared.

Cameron kicked at Johnson’s shoulder with his own foot, “C’mon, give it a rest.”

Jack raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Can’t keep your hands off her for five minutes can you?”

“Don’t you get sick of him?” laughed Gilinsky.

Nash swam to the poolside and plopped down right between you and Cam, forcing you apart.

“Guys,” you smiled, eyeing Cameron, who’s cheeks were flared in embarrassment.

“I wonder what would’ve happened if we’d left Cameron for one more minute,” said Johnson.

“He was all over you, (Y/N),” Aaron added.

“I like him like that,” you smirked and extended your hand to Cam, who stared at it questioningly.

Nash grabbed your hand before he could take it, and laced his fingers right into yours. “Awh, look, we’re holding hands,” he sung out at Cameron.

Aaron and the others began swimming towards Cameron at the same time.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” you asked them.

“Stop,” Cameron hissed as Nash pushed him towards the water, the other boys dragging him down.

“Ca-” you started, but he just shook his head at you and let himself be tossed into the water with his shirt on.

When he came up, all the boys had exploded into laughter.

You threw them a glare and kicked Nash back into the water to shut him up.

Cameron hoisted himself out of the water, and began to slink away.

“Babe, wait up,” you called, offering him your dry towel. You were in your bikini, but you’d dried off a while ago, so you stuck your hand out, and Cameron took it halfheartedly. 

He tossed off his soaked shirt and looked himself over, “at least I had my swim shorts on.”

You pursed your lips and nodded, sighing a bit, “Sorry Cam.”

Cameron wrapped the plush white towel around himself, “Not your fault.”

He ran a hand through his brown-golden hair until he had it in place again, his deep brown eyes resting back on yours.

You smiled a bit and ran your fingers through his wet locks, “stray hair,” you smiled.

Cam chuckled sadly, his smile forced.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” you asked. “Please tell me those guys aren’t getting to you.”

Cameron flicked his tongue across his lips, his eyes flickering back to the guys, who were all watching you both.

“Oh come on, babe,” you laughed.

“They won’t stop getting on me being like this about you,” he sighed in frustration.

“I don’t mind, it’s cute” you said.

“But they piss me off so much,” he glared at them.

Your fingers grasped his jaw, making him look at you, “I love you so much,” you smiled wide.

“Am I too clingy?” he responded quietly, his eyes searching your face.

“I could never get enough of you,” you breathed seriously.

His lips twitched, “Your like a drug, (Y/N)”

You folded yourself into his arms, pecking him once, twice, three times. The water droplets sparkling on Cameron’s rippled chest were snuffed out by your skin on his. You moved your face from his, but his hand snapped up, bringing you back into his sugar sweet lips, his breath hot on your face as he paused for air before swooping back down on your mouth. You nipped at his lower lip, your eyes closing, hands moving to his soft hair and letting the sensation of his smooth lips pressing firmly to yours take you away. Cameron tilted his head, crashing his lips to yours for more, his tongue finding its way into your mouth easily. Your tongue slid between Cam’s lips, both your tongue’s fighting for dominance, a low growl rumbling hungrily within Cameron’s throat. You moaned quietly into him, your nails grabbing at his hair, his grip on you unbreakable.

It was Cameron who let go, his chest rising heavily, his lips satisfyingly raw. He brought his hands down onto your curved hips, a smile growing on his face.

“You know they’re all watching us?” you asked.

“Of course,” he smiled and turned you away from the boys, his lips finding your jaw. You bent into him, aware that every second he satisfied you, his eyes were right on the embarrassed boys in the pool. He groaned into your skin, sucking and nibbling at your jaw until he’d left his mark. You let the primal instinct in you take over, your back hitting the wall of the house and closing the space between your bodies. He wasn’t done with you yet, though. You bent your head to the side, Cameron’s hot lips back at your exposed neck and drawing noises of satisfaction from you. His body glued to yours, he held you pinned there, and began to grind his body gently into you, the rhythm of his body on yours matching the pace at which he worked his mouth on your skin.  Flustered and aroused, he detached his lips from your neck, leaving noticeable purple marks across your flesh.  You sighed in satisfaction, nuzzling your head into the crook of Cameron’s neck, one of his hands wrapped tight around your waist, the other holding your head to his sun kissed skin. Cameron ran his fingers through your tangles, dropping a kiss on the top of your head and lifting his head to the distanced boys, who stared dumbfounded at him, drool practically hanging from their open mouths. He threw them a smug expression and momentarily raised his hand to give them all the finger.

“We should go inside,” Cam mumbled faintly into your skin.

“Why?” you asked, raising your eyes to his mischievous ones.

“Because what I’m about to do to you would not be appropriate for the guys to see,” he chuckled.

jerseydevious replied to your post: 19) “You’re gonna make it, just stay awake.”…

hey man why you gotta pull me into a dark alley and murder my emotions like that. that means i gotta like, become the thing in this world that scares me the most, and fight crime dressed as that thing. that means i gotta kick crime in the nuts dressed as a walrus. that’s all your fault, cam. u did this


(And personally, I think whatever city you choose to become a vigilante in should thank me. A WALRUS.)

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Are the Thunder Children a particular Native American myth, or your own creation?

The Thunder Children are from Cherokee mythology, but their form and mannerisms are all things I came up with.

They are the lowest tier in the pantheon of the Thunder Beings, and not particularly important to any legend or story, just some little creatures used to scare children from wandering off. One story about them that sticks out to me is the tale of Stone Boy, who climbs the big tree where the Thunder Children are sleeping and slays them so that they can no longer hurt his family. It was seen as a heroic act, and a sign of Stone Boy’s great power.

But, man! It really bums me out how people don’t know about common figures in Native American lore! It’s like you are asking me if I cam up with leprechauns! It’s not your fault, it’s just culturally fading away and I hate it. There’s only the briefest snippet of them on wikipedia anymore, because for some reason wikipedia continuously trims down and deletes Native American mythology articles. (not helpful, Wikipedia)

One of the things I plan to do with Wilde Life as it progresses is to write up articles about each of the monsters in the comic – what their tribal affiliation is, what they were known for doing, etc. to give people a foothold into this mythology. Maybe people will be interested enough to read some books!

I can’t do it quite yet though, because it would be spoilers for some things. But soon!

     this is your fault !      ‘       fists collided against ky’s chest before digits curled into the fabric of his shirt ,    balling up what she could so she could push him back .        the next throw was at his right jawline ,   a perfect target for her right knuckles .              @hellfirebound  /  sc

Stay with Me

Author: The Heir of Slythdurin

Rating: T

Summary: I saw someone had written a request for working with Charlie in Romania, and him bringing them home to meet the family. I know someone already filled that, so I hope this is okay. Also kind of combined it with the imagine - Imagine Studying Dragons in Romania with Charlie.

Word Count: 2253

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7


I guess it’s not surprising that I spent the rest of the day and the night alone not letting anyone into my house or answering the phonecalls. I only talked to Layla but just because I had to confirm a few things so she could do her job and… pick up the pieces of my personal life that was not out in the public.

I had never been the one being in or causing the drama and now that everyone in the world was talking about me… I didn’t like it and wished I could go back in time. I went through different stages. At first I thought the world ended. I was like a hopeless teenager who thought no one has bigger problem than her. I cried and screamed until I was finally able to calm down and think the whole thing through.

I couldn’t take anything back, the pictures were out and it was obvious what was going on. I couldn’t deny it because then I would be lying too. I didn’t want to get deeper in this shit, so I had to find another way to deal with it.

Layla tried to take all the photos down, but that’s almost impossible. It couldn’t be undone so all she could do was suing every site that didn’t take them down when she asked for it. I wasn’t stupid, I knew it would never disappear and I had a feeling that more was to come. Who knows where else they photographed us.

By the time I woke up in the morning (after about three hours of sleep) I decided what I should do. I will just go with the flow and not care about it. I will ignore the hate and just embrace the important things. That included doing my job, being focused on joyful things and not listening to the bitches barking at me for trying to look like someone I wasn’t.

I walked into the building in my sunglasses so people couldn’t see my eyes that had horrible bags under it from the lack of sleep, and this way they felt less like they had to communicate with me. Layla had been on the phone the whole morning still working on the photos, she was trying to stop anything else to get out, if there was more, and from what I heard, there was.

I just sat down to get my makeup done when Cameron came into the room. Unlike to anyone, he wasn’t up in my ass in the last 24 hours and didn’t try to get a hold on me. He only texted me once saying that if I needed him he was home and I could call him anytime. I didn’t.

“Hey, how are you?” he asked and it was refreshing that his first question wasn’t something in connection with the photos. Okay, he was involved in them, he knew what was going on between us and… Wait, what was going on between us? That wasn’t exactly clear to me, but never mind. Another thing I had to deal with later.

“I have had better mornings,” I said forcing myself to smile and then let the makeup artist take care of my horrible face.

“Did you sleep?” he asked concerned.

“Not much. It’s hard to rest when you have so many things to think about,” I sighed sadly. “I just wish people didn’t care that much about other people’s life. It’s insane.”

“Yeah,” he nodded and seemed like he was deep in his thoughts.

“How things are for you?” I asked. I was just one part of the story, Cameron was in it too even though he wasn’t getting the fake ass bitch name from people.

“Neutral,” he diplomatically answered. “My biggest problem mostly is that some fans can go crazy if I’m seen with someone. They go nuts from the thought of not being single, so…”

I understood and I wished I could do something, but I couldn’t. We had this long silence between us just taking in the shit we had to deal with, but it was broken by Layla’s shouting outside in the hallway.

“I don’t care who you are! I’m the representative of Zena Morland and are going to pay for the shit you did!” she screamed and I just closed my eyes feeling desperate to get some peace.

A minute later Layla came in looking at us like she could kill someone in any moment.

“I hate ignorant fuckasses,” she hissed stepping to her bag as she got her iPad out and then she walked out.

“I feel bad that she is stressing out, she had enough work without this shit,” I said looking after Layla.

“I’m sorry the photos got out. I didn’t think someone was there at that hour,” Cam said, but I shook my head.

“It’s not your fault. I should have been more careful,” I sighed closing my eyes so the makeup artist could do my eyeliner. I heard him mumble a ‘yeah’ and then the closing of the door.

Walking through the set was like that awkward walk you had in high school after something really embarrassing happened to you. Like, your boyfriend dumped you and everyone wanted to know the juicy details, or someone took a photo of you in the dressing room after practice and uploaded it to the school blog. All eyes were on you, but no one really wanted to speak to you scared of the reaction. I felt the same.

As I took my seat next to Cam and tried to look as carefree as I could he looked over at me.

“You okay?” he asked and God, I would have given anything to just have him hug me, but I didn’t want to fuel the rumors.

“Yeah, I just want to get this over so I would be able to go home and sleep,” I chuckled.

“It’s going to be alright,” he smiled at me encouragingly and I wanted to believe him so badly.

The shooting somehow took my mind away from the madness that was going on around me and I could focus on the topic and actually act like a host. Cam’s help also made it easier for me to keep my shit together.

Only a few minutes were left from the filming and we had to say goodbye, but kicking off the rules Cam spoke up before I could start my usual goodbye talk.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I have something to say,” he said turning to one of the cameras. I looked at him confused, but he didn’t react. In the meanwhile half of the audience took their phones out and started to record it in case his speech wouldn’t make it into the show after the cutting. “The past day was quite hectic about these photos of Zena leaving my place and I wanted to clear things out.”

I didn’t understand why they didn’t stop filming, I guess they wanted drama. In the meanwhile I didn’t know if I wanted to kill him or laugh. He cleared his throat and continued.

“So, I think that everyone should care about their own life and not bitch about what others do. It’s none of anyone’s business that what she does and with who she does that. Even if it’s me. But on the other hand, I have a message to y’all who thinks what is going on.”

I sucked on my breath keeping my eyes focused on the floor as I waited for him to finish.

“I find this woman next to me extremely beautiful and I love spending time with her. I may not be dating her officially, but I would die to change that. Upload that to your pity blogs,” he said and then like a real rebel he stood up, tore the mic off him and throwing in to the couch he walked off the set.

Bare It All (Jack Gilinsky) Part 2


I slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was the white walls, different from the off-gray ones in my bedroom. Then, did the memories start flashing back. The fight with Jack, the asthma attack, the fall down the stairs. I quickly tried to sit up, put the pain in my ribs stopped me, making me lay back down.
“Y/n!?” I heard someone whisper shout.
The person came closer, it was Jack.
“Jack, the baby” I said barely audible, the pain in my ribs was unbearable. “Is the baby okay?” Jack looked at me with tear filled eyes.
“The baby…” He started. “You lost the baby…”
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Tears finally started to slip from my eyes.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry” Jack said as he hugged.
“Jack don’t touch me” my voice cold as ice.
“Jack, I told you I was pregnant.” I paused trying to catch my breath. “Did you forget what you called me? A pathetic liar.” Jack just stayed quiet. “I need you to leave”
“Y/n…” He said coming closer to me.
“Leave or I’ll call security.”
Jack grabbed his jacket from the couch and walked out the door.
The only other person that knew about the baby was Cameron, so I decided to call him to come over. An hour later Cam was at the hospital.
“Hey y/n… How are you?” Cam asked sweetly, giving me hug.
“Dead” I said.
“How are you feeling about the baby?”
“Horrible. It was all my fault, I should have called someone to help me.”
“None of this is your fault. Okay?” Cam started. “Look things happen for a reason and sometimes it’s for the best.”
“Maybe…” I said. A few moment the doctor came in.
“Hi y/n, well everything seems fine, we still want to keep you in for another day, just to make sure everything is okay. You can go home by Friday afternoon.” The doctor said. He checked a few things on my chart then walked out the room.
“I bet you’re excited to go home.”
“Not really there’s too many memories there… And Jack.”
“What exactly happened between you guys?” Cam asked.
As I told Cam everything I saw him became angrier.
“Cam, please promise me you’re not going to do anything to Jack”
“Why he deserves to get an ass beating.” Cam said clenching his fists.
“Cam. Please.” I whined.
“Fine. Hey I’m going to go get some food, do you want anything?”
“Oh! Can you get me a double double from in-n-out”
“Of course.” Cam laughed as he walked out the door.
As I walked down the hallway Jack approached me frantically.
“Hey Cam! Have you talked to Y/n? How is she?!” Jack asked.
“Stay away from her.” I said sternly.
“What?” Jack looked baffled.
“You heard me. Stay away from her. It’s your fault she lost the baby.”
Jack looked at me with death eyes, next thing I know Jack threw a punch.
I move to the side and avoided it, making him stumble forward.
“Just stay away from her. Why don’t you go hang out with Madison?” I said as I walked away.
“Jack what are you doing here” I said sitting up in my bed. The pain meds were finally starting to kick in.
“Why was Cam here?” He asked.
“Are you serious? He’s here because I asked him. I need someone supportive in my life and obviously your not it.”
“Well I came to check up on you. If you don’t remember we were to together for three years, I can’t forget about you just like that.” Jack said.
“Wow I wasted three years of my life with you?” I said “Now do me a favor Jack, please leave and never speak to me again.” I paused. “There’s nothing tying you down anymore.”
Jack finally left the room.
“I heard what you told him, I’m proud of you!” Cam said smiling.
“Yeah it wasn’t that easy, I just lost my baby and the love of my life” I said. Cam gave me sympathetic smile
“Hey, how about you get out of that apartment and move in with me and Nash, you know until you find a place of your own?” Cam asked me scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.
“Yeah I think that would be best.”


Kinda short… It was just a filler next part should be better and do you guys think there something up with cam???

btw you guys are hilarious ily
Cameron Dallas *Requested*

I followed Carter out of the car and looked at all the screaming fans. I smiled as a group of girls asked for my autograph. I tried to hide my stomach as I took pictures and signed papers. 

“Y/N, are you pregnant,” a couple of girls asked. I blushed and tried to dismiss the questions. Murmurs and whispers of me being pregnant started to spread throughout the crowd. Cameron wrapped his arm around my waist and rubbed my belly. I overheard some girls ask the same question to Carter. He nodded and a couple of girls screamed, looked over at my a gushed at my stomach. They cooed and told me the typical pregnant things, “You’re glowing,” “Is it a boy or a girl,” things like that. 

I rolled my eyes at Carter and answered all the fan’s questions. After a couple of hours, my back started to kill me so I sat down with a bottle of water. 

Cam sat next to me and held my free hand. “I’m sorry we couldn’t tell them ourselves,” Cam apologized. “It’s not your fault. It actually took all the awkwardness out of it,” I laughed. Cam smiled at me and placed his hand on my stomach. 

“I’m gonna love this family,” he whispered.

Short Imagine//
Cameron Dallas: for Paola

You stumbled quietly into the house you shared with your boyfriend. You and Cameron had been together for 2 years now and some of his fans really hate you. You were out walking tonight just to clear your head and some girls walked up to you. They said some really hurtful stuff and when you replied back the started hitting you. One of the girls pushed you on the ground and began kicking you. “I would hate for Cam to see me like this.” You thought to yourself. You slip your shoes off and walk to the bathroom. Then you took off the jacket that had some blood that dripped from your nose and lip on it. You looked at your face and surprisingly no marks, just a few scrapes that were barely noticeable. You then cleaned your face and figured he wouldn’t notice. You walk upstairs to the bedroom and see him fast asleep. Quickly you throw some pjs on and crawl into bed with him. “Did you have a good walk?” He asked sleepily. “Yupp.” You replied quickly. He wrapped his arms around you and then tightened his grip and you let out a small scream of pain. He sprung up. “WHAT THE HELL? Paola what happened? Why did you scream?” He asked nervously. “Its nothing Cam, go back to bed.” You tell him. “Are you okay?” He asked getting out of bed. “I’m fine, just tired.” You tell him. He turned on the lights. “No you aren’t. What’s wrong?” He asked. You turned over to face him with tears streaming down your face. “Cam, please don’t be mad.” You tell him. “I could never be mad at you love, tell me what’s wrong please Paola.” He begs you as he sits next to you. You show him your side and all its bruises. “Wh-What happened?” He asked. “Y-Your fans, they hate me.” You said choking on your tears. “MY FANS? THEY DID THIS? THEY HURT YOU!!?” He yelled angrily. “Cam, calm down..please.” you say. “No fuck that! Do you see yourself? You’re fucking hurt Paola!” He yells. “I can’t believe this bullshit!” He shouts. “Do you know who it was? What’d they say? Fuck! I swear I should have been with you!” He said angrily. “Cam, its my fault.” You tell him. “Your fault!? What?” He asked. “They hurt you! Paola it Isn’t your fault and you arent to blame!” He yelled. “Cam, I thought I could handle all of this hate but now it’s getting physical….I cant handle this.” You tell him crying. He holds you in his arms. And takes out his phone. “What are you doing?” You asked. “Tweeting.” He told you. His tweets read:
“To the girls that hurt my princess, I just want you to know you that you arent shit, that was uncalled for.”
“She has bruises and marks and for you to do that out of your love for me shows that you don’t really love me.”
“I hope you are happy that you hurt her, but I want you to know that when you hurt her, I’m hurt too.”
“Lastly I just want to say, I thought my fans were better than that, I thought you’d never go so far to hurt her. But I was wrong.”
“Honestly, if you don’t love Paola you don’t love me. Goodnight!✌”

“Paola, I love you, and if that means my fan base hates me I’m fine with that, I’ll deactivate my twitter, I’ll delete all social media if it means it stops you from getting hate. I’d do anything to keep you from getting hurt and if my fans don’t understand my love for you then they were never really my fans to begin with.” He tells you. “I love you so much and I swear nothing, nobody, will ever hurt you again, especially not any fan of mine.”

lashtonbabexx I hope you like it, sorry if its not that good. I was kind of in a rush. I hope it was what you wanted tho. ❤ Im taking imagine requests so message me if you would like one of your own.
Falling In Love Part 12 (Cameron Dallas)


    ***ANDREAS POV***

It’s been hours since we got to the hospital. I saw Kayla at the scene of the accident and went to go get Cam and Nash before coming here as soon as they put her in the ambulance. From what I saw it wasn’t good. The whole time I was freaking out. Cameron broke out in tears once I told him. And now no one was telling us what was going on or what had happened. All I know was that I was possibly losing my sister.

There was no sign of any doctor or nurse who knew anything about Kayla. It got to the point where It was literally breaking Cameron as he paced the room. All I could do was stare at the doors to the surgery room… waiting, for anything. “Andrea… she’s going to be ok.” Kian said grabbing my hand. “What if she’s not?” I said looking at him with a no expression on my face. “Don’t think about that. We just have to hope for the best.” He said. I looked at the doors once again and a doctor came through. “Andrea Russett?” He said. I stood up slowly as did the three boys. “What happened? How is she?” I asked walking up to him. “The police found her phone at the scene. Turns out she was texting and then the oncoming car hit her.” He said as Cameron took her phone in his hands. “No… no she was texting me.” He said running a hand through his hair. “What did it even say?” Nash asked. “It said that we need to talk when I get there.” Cameron said starting to freak out. “How is she?” I asked returning my attention to the doctor. He was silent for a moment which made me worry more. “She has some major injuries but she should be fine. We were able to treat them quickly. She got out with a broken leg and and a pretty bad concussion but Kayla should be fine once all the medicine wears off.” I sighed in relief and hugged Kian in relief.

“But she did lose the baby.” The doctor said. His words put me into total shock. I let go of Kian and looked at the doctor once again. “Baby? What baby?” I said looking from him to Cameron. “Kayla was 2 months pregnant. The impact was so bad that the baby didn’t make it.” He said. Everyone in the room was silent. “I will be back later to update you all.” He said and walked back into the surgery room. “Did you know about this?” I said looking up at Cam. “No…” He said with a blank expression. “Thats probably what she wanted to tell you.” Kian said. "Cameron…” I said putting my hand on his shoulder. “This is all my fault. If she wasn’t texting me this wouldn’t have happened!” He yelled as he started to pace the room again. “Wait, Kayla was pregnant?” Nash asked in total shock and confusion. “I guess so.” I said still frozen from hearing Cams words. “Cameron it’s not your fault she got in a car accident.” Kian said walking up behind Cam. “Yes it is! Don’t you think if she wasn’t on her phone she could’ve avoided the impact?” Cameron said his voice breaking. “We don’t know what happened dude just calm down.” Nash said walking up to him. I saw Cameron now crying even more as he slid down the wall pulling his face into his knees. I’ve never wanted to see my little sister so much before.

The doctor left an hour ago and still hasn’t come back to tell us anything. I looked up at the clock, 10:30. I never realized how late it had gotten. I was starting to fall asleep when I heard the doors open again. “Andrea?” The doctor said. I quickly stood up and walked to the doctor. “How is she?” I said. He was silent for a minute. “She’s in a slight a coma right now.” He said and my heart stopped. I felt someone come up behind me and I turned my head to see Cameron. “Will she come out of it?” He asked seeming very calm. “We don’t know. It’s not as serious of an a coma but she should be able to come out of it but If she doesn’t by tomorrow then it could turn into something more serious.” The doctor said. “Can we see her?” Cam asked. “Yes you all may.” The doctor said. The four of us followed him through the hospital hallways and came to a door. He opened it slowly walking in front of us. I was the first to see Kayla. Everything inside of me broke and I felt like crying. But I stayed strong, for my sister. “I’ll leave you all to be alone.” The doctor said and walked out. “I can’t believe this is happening.” I said and started to walk over to Kayla. “Andrea, leave her. You don’t want to disturb her.” Kian said grabbing my hand. I stood there and looked at her. The room was silent except for the sound of her heart monitor. At least that was normal.

Time passed by slowly. My heart was racing and my mind was going crazy. I had to walk around. I had to clear my mind. I let go of Kians hand and stood up from my chair. “Andrea, where are you going?” Kian quickly asked. “I need to walk. I’m just gonna go get a drink or something.” I said. Nash and Kian stood up and walked over to me as I stood by the door. “We’ll go with you.” Nash said. I smiled and turned to look at Cameron as he sat in his seat staring at my sister. “Hey Cam… you want to come with us?” I asked. He looked at me for a second and then turned back to Kayla. “No. You guys go ahead. I’m fine.” He said. But he wasn’t fine. I could see right through him and everything inside of him was broken. Understandable. I looked up at Kian and Nash and then opened the door. I walked out with the two of them behind me. I felt like Cameron was more hurt than me. He thought it was his fault, which I knew it wasn’t true. My sister never texted while driving. There had to be another explanation for what happened in the accident.


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The Holiday: A Cameron Dallas Story (part 8)

links to previous parts:

I’ve never been one to stay in bed all day so I woke up the next morning at about 9. I opened my eyes with a smile on my face, if you’ve ever experienced something that made you so happy that you’re still smiling the next morning you’ll know how good it feels. I practically jumped out of bed and got ready to head down to the pool. I picked out a different bikini to yesterday and took it into the bathroom. I covered myself in suntan lotion and slipped into my floral bikini. I applied my mascara but no other makeup. I hate the feeling of wearing a face of makeup in the sun but I knew I had to make a bit of an effort for Cam. I tied my hair into a long pony tail, grabbed my aviators and slipped a baggy vest top on over my bikini. I picked up my beach bag containing my glamour magazine, phone, headphones and towel and left the room.

By the time I’d got down to the pool it was about 9:30 and there were only a handful of people around the pool. I lied in the sun for about 2 hours with my headphones blaring until I got really hot and slightly uncomfortable. I sat up and pulled out my headphones to see that Mum, Emily, Lawrie and Gina had joined me on the nearby sunbeds.

“Morning gorgeous girl!” Gina was so sweet to me; I was starting to get along with her so well.

“Morning Gina! Sleep well?”

“Yes thanks lovely, what about you?”

“Yeah really well thank you!”

“Good! Did you and Cam have a nice time last night?”

I couldn’t help myself from smiling when she mentioned Cam

“Yeah, we went down to the beach it was so beautiful.”

“It was wasn’t it?” I looked up to see Cam stood behind me leaning forward “Morning Bethany”

We smiled contently at each other. I stood up and he pulled me into a hug, with my head resting on his chest I went up on my tiptoes to whisper in his ear

“Morning babe”

We both sat down on the sunbed and spoke mindlessly about random things. We spent the rest of the day together, mostly sunbathing but we went in the pool and up to the bar a few times. I felt like I’d never get bored of spending time with him.

It had got to about 5 o’clock and me, Mum, Gina and Cam were relaxing on the sunbeds when Lawrie and Emily joined us. I almost forgot these two were still with us because they were always off together. They’d become such good friends it was so nice to see.

“Mum im hungry! When are we going for dinner?” Typical Emily, she literally could eat 24/7 and still be stick thin.

“Oh god I hadn’t even realised the time! Shall we meet at the pool bar at 7 again tonight Gina? Then we’ll go find somewhere to eat?”

“Yeah sounds like a plan! Me and Lawrie are gunna go up to the room now.”

“Yeah so are me and Emily, Bethany you coming?”

I looked back at Cam and something in his eyes told me to stay, he didn’t even say anything but I knew he didn’t want me to go

“Nah, im gunna stay here for a bit longer, I’ll be up later”

“Okay sweet, see ya later. Bye Cam!”

“Byee! See you later guys!”
Everyone went off to their rooms leaving me and Cam by the pool. As soon as they were out of sight Cam leaned against the back of the sunbed I was perching on the end of and pulled me by the waist towards him. I sat in between his legs and leaned back onto his body. He was still shirtless from the pool and I was just wearing my bikini. We weren’t even being sexual but the way that so much of our skin was exposed and touching each other gave me Goosebumps.

“Cold?” Shit. Cam had noticed my Goosebumps. I wasn’t even cold but I wasn’t about to admit to Cam (or myself) just how he made me feel. I just looked up at him and shyly nodded. He leant over to our neighbouring sunbed and grabbed his towel. He motioned for me to lean forward and he wrapped the towel around me. Once I was cocooned in the towel he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight. He then continued to rub up and down my arms quickly so that I would get warmer. I literally didn’t have the heart to tell him I was already warm, he was being so sweet. Instead I leaned up to his face, kissed him on the cheek and whispered a “thank you” into his ear. I sat back down on the bed and Cam rested his chin on my head. He then tilted his head and kissed my forehead as he said “no problem babe”. His husky tone made me want to melt, God he was so sexy.

We sat there cuddling for at least another half an hour. I sort of lost track of time, being with him made me momentarily forget everything else going on around me.

“I really should go start getting ready Cam” I turned around to face him

“No please don’t go Bethany, I’m so comfy” he looked at me with these puppy dog eyes that I just could not resist. He stuck out his bottom lip and wiggled it slightly to emphasize his sadness about me leaving.

“fineee, 10 more minutes, but if I look like a train wreck tonight it’ll all be your fault Cam”

I slotted myself back in between Cams legs and leant back against his chest. I sat a little further forward this time so I was virtually lying down with my head on Cams stomach looking up at his face. He looked down at me and we locked eyes

“Now that’s just impossible, you could never look like a train wreck; you’re beautiful Bethany Paige and NEVER forget that.”

I couldn’t stop the enormous smile that had erupted on my face; I hid my hands over my face to avoid the embarrassment spreading across my cheeks. I don’t know if it was the fact that Cam had called me beautiful that was making me blush or if it was the fact that he called me Bethany Paige. It was so nice to hear him say my middle name. When I told him it yesterday I did not expect him to even remember it let alone call me it. I have such a soft spot for people who remember little details about me. It shows that they care and I could see that in Cam he really did care.

“Thank you Cam” I continued blushing and smiling “but I seriously do need to go now”

“Ugh fineee”

“Babe its 6 o’clock now, we’re meeting again at the bar in an hour” I laughed as I gathered all my things and began walking back to the room.

“Oh shush you! You know what I mean, being around our families is nothing compared to when we’re together. I feel like I can’t act how I really want to when our gossiping Mothers are watching us.”      

“I know, I know. We need to do more things without them so we can really get to know each other”

Cam’s face lit up “yes definitely!”

After a little more walking we reached my room

“well this is me..” I rummaged around my bag to find my phone and looked at the time 18:13. “See you in 47 minutes Mr Dallas” I teased him

“Oh I can’t contain my excitement ahah, see you in a bit.”

“Byee” I called out after him

I knocked on the door of the room and my mum appeared with a towel wrapped around herself and one on her head.

“Someone looks happy!”

I couldn’t stop smiling; I just nodded and walked into the bathroom. I needed to get ready AND I needed to look good AND I only had 45 minutes. SHIT.

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