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Only in K-Pop

- Satan himself editing TV shows

- googling your favorite without makeup… and that favorite is male

- hardcore rappers doing aegyo

- hair color predicts promotional activity

- fancams are better than actual cameras

- airport fashion hysterics

- the more hip thrusts, the more famous the group

- law of the jungle 

- moles

- the most high quality MV productions ever

- idols exposing each other

- contact lenses

- running man absurdities

- toy hammers and random play dance torture

- abs causing fanwars

- the problematic concept of having a bias

- most K-Pop stars: student by day, famous idol by night

- people getting scared to death by pyrotechnics and confetti

- tons of cf and magazine photoshoot material

- grown men making advertisements for delicate facial cream

- dancing with canes

- twitter antics

- SMTM, the best television drama there is

- slept on girl groups

- it’s not “selfie”, it’s “selca”!

- jenga

- traffic safety videos

- reaction cams

- practise room footage

- instagram wars

- fans getting obsessed with the weirdest body parts

- fur coats and chokers

- idols getting famous for their way of laughing

- your favorite making better memes than you




I Got You- A Cameron Dallas Imagine

I sit with Cameron on a bench in our backyard overlooking the lake. “It’s beautiful under the lights.” Cameron says. “That you hung up by the way.” I say, laughing. He just looks at me and grabs my hand. “To think this all started when we were kids…” Cameron says, his words trailing off as my mind goes back to those days.

I was four when I met Cameron, who was six at the time. Our moms let us have a play date at my house, and Cameron and I were out in the backyard messing around the tree. We decided to play hide and seek, so I hid behind the tree. He came and found me, but what made it special, was that he said, “I got you!” Kissing me on the lips. That was my first ever kiss with Cameron. And me being four years old, I kissed him back.

I look at him and smile. “That was the best day ever.” I said, watching him turn towards me. “I still can’t believe I had the nerve to kiss you.” “Well, I’m glad you did. I love them now.” I say, giggling. “Oh really?” He says, leaning in, inches from my lips. “You really are tempting, Dallas.” I say, biting my lip. “I could say the same for you, princess.” At this, Cameron presses his lips to mine, gently but with a burning passion. 

I lay my head on his lap, bringing my legs up to rest on the bench. “I love you, (Y/N).” Cameron says, playing with my hair. I look at him and smile. “I love you too, Cam.” “No, I don’t think you understand how much I love you, princess. I’ll scream it to the world if you don’t believe me.” “Oh really?” I say, smiling at the idea of Cameron saying it once again. “Fine. Watch me.” He says, getting up and laying my head gently on the bench.

I just watch as he runs into the grass, and starts to yell at the top of his lungs, “I LOVE (Y/N) AND NOBODY COULD EVER CHANGE THAT.” “Wow.” I say, covering my mouth laughing. “You did it.” “Of course, I love you so much (Y/N).” He grabs my face gently, kissing my lips. I smile into the kiss. 

After we sit together for a while, Cameron grabs my hand, and takes me to our tree. “Now close your eyes, and count to ten, okay?” Cameron says, walking away. “Seriously? A game of hide and seek?” I say, even though I closed my eyes and started to count. “Okay, 10. Where are you?” I say, looking instantly behind the tree. I see a diamond ring sitting there, and I smile like an idiot. I feel a familiar pair of hands grab my waist. “I got you.” Cameron says, kissing my cheek. 

“Now that’s not how I remember it.” “Fine. But that’s after you say yes to one question.” Cameron gets down on one knee, and says the famous words, “Will you marry me?” I just look at him and smile. “Of course I will, but can we wait until I’m at least in my 20’s?” I say, laughing. “Of course. It’s more of a promise ring, but it’s still a yes?” “Yes, Cameron! Yes!” He lifts me up and kisses me with all the passion and love that he had.

He puts the ring on me, and I start to tear up, realizing that I am going to marry Cameron Dallas.


“Sierra baby, come here!” I say, walking out the back door to Cameron and mine’s house. We bought my parent’s house from them, because we couldn’t bear to live without it. “Cam, have you seen Sierra?” I say, watching him play with Alex, our baby boy. “No honey, check behind the tree?” He says. “Okay, thanks babe.” I say, walking over to find Sierra at the tree. I instantly grab for my ring, the memories flooding back. 

“Why are you here, baby?” I say, sitting down with her. “I like this tree.” I just smile down at her. “Mommy, why are you smiling?” She says, her hazel eyes shining bright. “Wanna hear a story, Sierra?” I say. “Yeah, mommy!” She says, crawling into my lap. “This is tree is very important to me. When I was your age, I met daddy right here at this tree.” I say, looking up at it. “We played hide and seek here together, and Daddy was trying to find me. I hid behind the tree, and your dad found me, but he surprised me. Wanna know what he said?”

Sierra looks at me and shouts, “Yeah! What did Daddy say?” Just as I was about to speak, Cameron comes and picks up Sierra, lifting her high in the air. “I got you!” He says, looking at me and laughing. “Daddy!” Sierra says, her eyes lighting up as she sees him. I see Alex come and sit by me. “Mom, Dad really loves you, doesn’t he?” “What makes you say that, hun?” “Well, he told me that he screamed that he loved you to the world once.” I just laugh and nod. 

“Yeah, Dad did that. I married a crazy man, didn’t I?” Alex nods and we both laugh, watching Cameron play with Sierra. 

This imagine is for the wonderful cameronislifee

Made with SoundCloud
  • Cam: Cheaters 👍
  • Cam: Cheers, lovelies 👍
  • Cam: CHILL, it was all a typo
  • Cam: *hint fans about being single*
  • Cam: *Non following Ruby at Twitter and (i think)Instagram*
  • Cam: :))))
  • Cam: *Uploads a new photo with him and Ruby saying "Life could be worse"*
  • Ruby: *Likes it*
  • Ruby: *Retwitts it
  • Ruby: *Comments on it*
  • Ruby: *Blocks people saying that*
  • Fans: *arguing about if its all a prank or not*
  • Ruby:
  • Cam:
  • Cam: ITS ALL A TYPO.
  • Cam:
  • Cam: I'm quitting Twitter