The Lovely Bad Things Interview

Our very own Clare O’Mahony had the pleasure of speaking with Camron Ward, the co-lead singer and guitarist of The Lovely Bad Things. Here’s what he had to say about Del Taco, drunk camping trips, and riding into town on a dinosaur! Enjoy…

Thanks for talking with us Cam! We’re all big fans here at The Good Time Girls!

 No Problemo at all! It means a lot to me that you dig our music and that you even wanna talk to me! Haha So no, Thank YOU!

 **heart eyes emoji** Ah ok, we’re getting to the deep questions first. Where do you stand on the Del Taco vs. Taco Bell debate?

This is clearly the easiest question to answer in this interview. It’s a Gigantic no-brainer for me. DEL TACO ALL THE WAY FOREVER UNTIL I DIE. I love that place with all of my heart and I owe a lot to the Del. Its kept me fed, content, and warm. It’s like the fast food equivalent of a great big bear hug or your grandma’s quilt but a lot tastier. 

 You’re a man after my own heart; I too am a major Del Taco junkie! Speaking of junkies, if you could collaborate with any 1990’s Hip-Hop start, who would it be?

Hmmmm kind of a tough one! The 90’s had a ton of really awesome Hip Hop artists. I think off the top of my head though I’d have to go with Del The Funky Homosapien. I love his delivery and his lyrics have always been really quirky and intelligent at the same time which is harder than you think to pull of especially when rhyming and rhythm are involved hahaha. And! He did a collaboration with Dinosaur Jr. at one point and that’s a mega double plus bonus for me!

 Yeah I heard you got to play a show with Dinosaur Jr. which is amazing! Besides working with them, what has been your favorite tour memory so far?

We’ve been on soooooo many tours! So naturally there’s a billion great memories from all of them. Including long crazy drunken nights out with our friends from different states and cities or our friends bands we were on tour with. Also of course the messes or weird adventure’s we get into with our best friend Wesley we bring along with us every time. But I think one of my favorite memories would be from our first tour we ever went on. We booked it all ourselves and it was a short run up the west coast to Washington and back and I don’t even think it was a full two weeks. We had a show scheduled in Tacoma, Washington but nowhere to sleep or anyone to stay with (that’s actually how most of that first tour went hahaha) so we decided that we we’re going to camp for three days at this beautiful national park called Dash point. We all however, completely forgot that we were in Washington, a state that rains most of the time and needless to say it got pretty miserable pretty quick. Brayden caught a horrible flu, our tent and sleeping bags got completely soaked from the rain and the only thing keeping us from losing our minds and allowing us to sleep at night was this horrible whiskey called “Royal Gentleman” but its all we could afford and it definitely did the trick HA! On top of all of that, by day three of us staying there, there may or may not have been someone in the woods stalking us (no joke not even kidding). Miserable as it was at times, though, we had this little radio that we would listen to and the only thing that would come in clear on it out in the woods was this old Doo-Wop/Oldies station.  We would get drunk and dance around the fire and laugh so hard it hurt at anything and everything. That’s what makes it my favorite memory though. Because even though everything was shitty at times we had each other and it really felt like a surreal “Us Against The World” type thing and I felt the closest I have ever felt in those moments with the rest of my band. We felt like a family and when it got to that point it felt like we could do anything and take on anything. Regardless of it all, the reality was we were a bunch of punk kids from California, lost in the woods hahaha.

 Okay that is actually the cutest story I’ve ever heard, I need to start a band ASAP so I can get drunk in the woods with them! Now that you’ve done so many tours I’ll ask you this- What would be your dream gig to play? Who would open for you?

 My dream gig would be to open up or play with The Replacements; it doesn’t matter where or when. If they told me the only way I could play with them was that they were touring space I would make it happen. As far as opening for us, I can honestly say any of my friend’s bands in that situation. I wouldn’t even call it “opening” it would be a “co-headlining-what-have-you-Lovely Bad Things-and-friends-extravaganza + The Replacements ” Haha! We have so many friends in so many fantastic bands I couldn’t pick just one its too hard! I love ‘em all. It’s like trying to pick a favorite sibling or something. 

That sounds like an amazing show please get me backstage to that when it happens! So who has been your favorite band to tour alongside with?

 Hands down our favorite band to tour with is Diarrhea Planet. Not only are they the nicest, coolest dudes you’ll ever meet, but also they are THE best live band/musicians you could ever have the privilege of seeing perform. They pretty much became our best friends on the road; it was like we had known them for 40 years or something haha! It was a flat out blast; we love them to death with all of our hearts. I could go on and on about this band but then you’d have to print a 50-page interview haha. YES, the rumors are true they really are THAT awesome. 

That’s really nice to hear! Now that The Lovely Bad Things are getting bigger have you decided if you prefer small intimate venues or a large festival setting?

 I most definitely prefer smaller venues. I don’t like the invisible wall thing that comes with playing bigger festivals. Don’t get me wrong I love playing festivals, it’s fun but I like the fact that I can get in there with the audience. I can be right next to them dancing or thrashing or whatever ‘cause as far as I’m concerned it’s only fun if we’re all in this together ya know? As gross as it sounds I want to feel the sweat and blood from everyone that has come to see us play. I want to be able to jump off the stage and get beat up with everyone by everyone because that’s why I’m in this; I’m having as much fun as you are! It’s supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to have a level of danger involved there should be no safety nets for me and there should be absolutely no magic invisible wall for you. If anyone in the world wants to be on stage with us they should be allowed to! That’s why smaller venues feel so much more comfortable to me. There is less to be worried about and more fun to be had together. 

I love your DIY way of thinking; you’re a tried and true California boy! How will The Lovely Bad Things take over the world in 2014?

With lots and lots of hugs, kisses, snacks, alcohol, and television. And we’ll ride into town on one thousand dinosaurs with such force and vigor that everyone will have to follow us into The Lovely Bad Abyss. Or we’ll probably just try really really hard ;) 

Don’t forget the little people when you’re on that dinosaur, Cam! And one final question I gotta know! What was the idea and inspiration behind the ‘Icee Creeps’ music video? It’s one of my favorite music videos, like, ever. 

Thanks a whole heap! I’m glad you dig it that much it seriously means a lot! The idea for that video came about when Brayden and I were living in an Extended Stay Hotel for a couple of months because our house flooded and it was slightly un-livable for a while. It was actually shot in the Extended Stay itself and I think we did about three takes and that was it. It had to be perfect or it wouldn’t work at all. The concept came about one night when we were all sitting around with our friends having a few beers. The idea was that the subject, or the first person view you see in the video, was walking into a party that began to get weirder with every step taken. Then by the end of it you’re not sure if it was a dream or if it was reality in the first place. Pretty much everything you see in the video came about from us all sitting around in a circle spouting out weird characters or situations and that’s what made it into the video. Not to mention we’re all huge Twilight Zone and sci-fi fans and there was a major emphasis on making it creepy and slightly unsettling. We wanted it to be a little different every time you watched it, as well. That’s why there’s all these small details that you won’t notice the first or maybe even the second time you watch it. We did the same thing with the “Fried Eyes” video. The attention to all the small details was maddening at times for both videos, but so worth it in the end!



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