camren diary

No matter how much I missed you or how much I was in agony, I never would have erased everything we ever had. Even if I was drowning in grief. I’d rather hold onto every moment I ever held you, every laugh that I ever heard, every shred of happiness that we ever had. I would rather spend every waking moment in agony then erase the memory of you.
—  Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries

Dinah’s aunt just spilled the biggest fucking Fifth Harmony Tea of the Year. 

This is why the girls have been walking on egg shells around Camila and probably why she got her own management team.

… Recently revealed this was tweeted by a hacker.
Camren during Tour Diaries w/ Fifth Harmony Ep. 2
  • Camila: AAAAHHHHH!!!
  • Lauren: HI! What's up?
  • Camila: I just wanted to scare you
  • Lauren: You really scared the crap out of me. Thank you!.
  • Camila: I was hoping for a bigger reaction.
  • Lauren: I'm doing an interview.
  • Camila: So?... I can still scared you wherever i want.
  • Lauren: Ok.