camren captain

I wonder if they shipped my ship or not…

my actual dad 2k17

(he was talking about an amazon order but let’s just appreciate that out of context)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   ∙ This year  #IAmThankfulFor ∙

Stranger things 

Prison break returning

La La Land film


After 6 and a half seasons New Pretty Little Liars Opening Title Sequence

Emison reunion

Toby doesn’t want to stop kissing Spencer 

Haleb finding their way. Rhodes-Home

Hook’s life

After 6 seasons of waiting it’s finally happening STYDIA 

Streroline proposal

Darvey rising (it was about bloody time)

last Karmy kiss

Claire and Jamie (Jamie survived)

Daredevil season 2 

Mindblown: HTGAWM season 3 

Pitch and Bawson it’s just awesome 


Pillowtalk –Mind of Mine album– Zigi

Camren is real  [Lauren Comes Out As Bisexual Letter]

Side by side –Dangerous Woman album– Ariana’s existence 

The Night Manager TV Mini-Series – Tom Hiddleston & Elizabeth Debicki

i wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea Briggs is the first to interview Lauren on camera about coming out after looking at Chelsea’s tweets about getting a new job as a host on a new Billboard web music video series and working on a project/having big announcements coming; conveniently after Lauren officially came out on Billboard today. Imagine the Camren ship captain being the first to interview ½ of Camren about coming out. Hmmm…..