This is what you need to know, when you are new to the ship. (Camren)

What is Camren?

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Who are Camila and Lauren?

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Activity they enjoy doing and the meaning of it.

Suggestions from Lauren

What do they say they are?

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Also CS stands for Camren Shippers. It’s not Counter Strike.   

There is more you need to know but this is enough for this post.

Me: *opens a fanfiction website*
*goes through filters*
*selects otp*
*clicks rated M(for sexy reasons)*
*opens results*
*realizes that only a few of them showed up (at least that’s what you think ;) )*
*goes back through filters*
*clicks rated T*
*opens results*
*thousands of fan fictions showed up*

Me: “ur so fucking innocent.”

Camren fanfiction!! For those who do not know what to read. And write me an interesting fanfic, which is not in this list. If you can't find some fic, write me and I'll give you a link.

Trials and Tribulations, If I Lose Myself, Yellow, Blue, Green, Ashes To Ashes CC7, LJ10, Do I Wanna Know, Mondays, Yours Truly, Chances, A Light in the Dark, Linger, The Truth About Tomorrow, An Encounter, Walk A Mile, I Heard Your Voice In The Dream, Dorms, The Silence, The Way To Love, Blood, Sweat And Tears, Journals, Undone, Through Her Eyes, Reason To Fight, Wolf Lake, Rock Me, Ghosts, Coffee Breaks, Shutter, The Stripper, Talk To Me, Butterfly Culture, Till The Death Do Us Part, Not Quite the Opposites, Professor C, Color, Restart, Slytherins Do It Better, The Vindicated With The Monstrous, Ain’t That A Kick in the Head, Blue Creek Lodge, Birdgirl, The Jauregui, The Jauregui: Malfunctions and Corruption, Lifeboat Lighthouse, As the Wind Changes, between heaven and disaster, For Me This is Heaven, A Full Moon Rising, through the mist, Anatomy Of Love, Habits of my Heart, Monotony, Dark Paradise, Checkmate, Fallen Angel, Monochromatic, Soluna, Stolen Moments, Blame It On Bad Luck, when the stars align, Hinder, Thinking Out Loud, Atlas, Lie Here With Me, Wild Flowers, Beach Roses, the sound of your heart, Spring With You, Red String, Breathe Easy, Question Marks, ADRIFT, reasons to go, reasons to stay, Lost in Stone, Lazaretto, Tyrant, Descent, Wishes, Play Practice, Don’t Forget To Breath, life in an upturned boat, girl is like a sunburn, Hero, Post-Apocaplytic Aphrodisiac, Mascot Madness, The Other Roommate, To You, Graceless, The Soulmates Series, A Hug Instead of Saying Something, MI6, you make me sick (for being so perfect), Talk Me Down, Interlude 6, She’s Not Normal, The Trio, The Bachelorette, POWER TRIP, The Jauregui Twins, You Again, Murphy’s Law , Realizing What I Realized, on the road, Home

I recommend you read this entire list above.

Some fics finished. Some fics ‘To be Continued’. And some fics 'On hold’ or just unfinished.