chyuuu asked:

Hi, I'm really sorry you got hit by that terrible virus! I saw that you downloaded KMPlayer on CNET? Would you recommend downloading kmplayer from somewhere else because I was actually planning to download it but after seeing what happened to you and terra, I'm scared to download from anywhere ):

To be honest, I think CNET is fine but DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY EXTRA ADD ONS/TOOLBARS. EVER. THAT GOES FOR ANYTHING YOU DOWNLOAD. But in this case anything with the word PANDORA in it or anything that just looks shady is a no. If you have an antivirus program I would recommend running it on the program before you do anything with it.

The first thing I would recommend doing is backing up everything you have before downloading this, just in case God forbid something infects your computer. This way if you need to wipe your hardrive or something you won’t be losing anything (though if you have things such as Photoshop and whatnot that you don’t have the code for, I doubt you’ll be geting that back :/)

All in all, just be extremely careful with anything you decide to download from the internet. If your computer starts acting weird then immediately assume something is wrong and take any extreme measures.


In terms of showing the juxtaposition I decided to paint one side of my bedroom wall black , so that we could represent Jack as the opposing character to Julie who was filmed in bright locations depicting her moods and innocence. Also the comic book which was used in the opening sequence allowed the binary oppositions between the two characters but subconsciously, as the comic shows corrupt human beings and normal human beings, I understand that this iconography that I used  was not clear enough and could have been presented differently.

With having previous knowledge with using equipment to create films and considering the different moods/looks they portrayed, I did find it quite interesting to experiment with cinematography and mise-en-scene in great reference to lighting.

I did learn a few extra things one being the function of the tripod mount which connects the camera and the tripod together, which also vary in sizes and I understood that it had to be placed and removed correctly. Having used my own equipment  speaking of my digital camera in the past allowed me on set to automatically check the white balance on the college camrecorder which allowed a balanaced light colour as it was lookimg extremely orange…  (however I believed that this was because of the location and the lighting in the flat which couldn’t have been helped as we did not have access to alter the lighting. Still we produced some good shots.)

NOTE: I also understood that instead of focusing too much on the lighting and the white balance, I could fix this problematic situation in the editing stage which would be easier as the settings are a lot more