campy cats

Before the hurricane flies me to the moon, let it be known that fandom mentality is dangerous and Randall Boggs was my scalie awakening. Stay safe, my Floridian folk.

5hfeels  asked:

I saw your "camp" post and my mind went straight to Supergirl Camp AU 😍😍


Wet Hot American Summer Style.

The campiest of campy camp!

Cat Grant: Snooty, snarky camp director

Kara Danvers: Senior Camp Counselor, fresh outta college

Alex Danvers: Camp Cook, secretly in love with:

Maggie Sawyer: Camp Athletic Director

Winn Schott (counselor): Horny fuckboy spending his summer trying to get laid

James Olsen (counselor): Sweet horny pretends-to-be-a-fuckboy, but is really a sweet romantic

Hank Henshaw: Co-Director (nice guy)

Lois Lane/Clark Kent: Co-directors of rival camp across the lake

Susan Vasquez/Lucy Lane (counselors): pursued by the boys, fall in love with each other

Siobhan Smythe/Lena Luthor: counselors at rival camp

Mon-El: Senior Counselor at rival camp.  Tries to seduce Kara.  Fails.

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