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Hi!! Can i ask for sick virgil fic?? I really want and need some fluff where he s like feeling really down and the others caring for him and giving him cuddles!!!

Yay! Here’s more of a University!AU style thing. Idk writing their dynamic reminds me of writing about the marauders? got me all nostalgic lol <3

Virgil crosses his arms. “I’m not sick.”

Rather than reply, Logan throws something at his head. Virgil’s reflexes are slower than normal, and he only just manages to catch it. It’s a pocket mirror.

“Hey! What was that for?”

Logan sighs. “I’m hoping you can save me the trouble of listing all the evidence that points to your being sick and instead look in the mirror and come to the conclusion yourself. It would be much more efficient.”

“Wow, hilar-” Virgil is cut off as his headache builds. He stops his hand from flying to his temple but, obviously, Logan still notices and rolls his eyes.

“Of course, your head isn’t hurting, because you’re not sick.”

“I’m so glad we understand each other.”

A sudden crash from the kitchen makes both Logan and Virgil jump. Virgil stares at his closed bedroom door in dawning horror.

“You didn’t tell Patton, did you?”

Logan adjusts his glasses nervously. “Well, it may have come up in conversation.”

Silence. And then, Virgil can’t stand the expectancy, so he asks: “Uh, Patton, are you okay?”

There’s another muffled crash, and then a far too cheery reply: “Sure thing! Also, the kitchen is not on fire!”

“Oh, good Lord,” Logan says. He’s about to open Virgil’s door and rescue Patton, but then he turns around. “The proposed plan is you stay in bed, Patton makes food without destroying the building, Roman will take notes on the classes you miss, and I’ll inform professors about your absence.”

In his tired haze, Virgil can only find one objection: “Roman’s taking my notes?”

Logan hums. “A fair point. Alright, I will take notes on your classes, and inform professors about your absence, and Roman will be… Roman.”

Virgil scoffs, not having the energy to fully laugh. “Do I have a say in this?” he mumbles, but he’s already getting back into bed as he speaks.

Logan opens the door and hovers, hand still resting on the handle. “Of course, it’s not obligatory, but the plan was drawn up with your best interests at heart.”

Virgil yawns, but he’s awake enough to realise what Logan is deliberately missing out. 

Your plan,” he corrects, and Logan only tuts, “Feel better, Virgil,” before leaving.

A few hours later, Virgil thinks Patton has given him entire bucketfuls of soup. He leaves reluctantly for his own classes, writing down his mobile number ( “Patton, you know you’re already in my contacts, I have your number!”), and insisting that, “I’m just a text away! So, if you need a cup of tea or anything-”

“I’m not on my deathbed, I think I can handle walking to the kettle. But, thanks. Really.”

Now, Virgil thinks he might actually listen to Logan’s advice for once and try to sleep. He’s just settled back into bed again, when his phone lights up with a text:

[from Royal Nightmare]

i’m really offended that you don’t trust my note taking skills

Virgil smiles. Before he can reply, though, another message from Roman comes through:

oops. probably should have opened with a how are you feeling text or something OH WELL

He laughs. It’s always been funny to him just how much Roman’s texts sound like he’s actually speaking in front of you. He goes to reply and is again interrupted by Roman:

It’s a gif of a tiny cartoon ghost, with the text: ghost hug! you can’t feel it, but it’s there!

Virgil blinks and thinks of how to respond. He settles for:

wtf is that

Roman’s reply is near instantaneous:

it’s a gif

I know what a gif is

I just figured out how to send them on mobile!!!

was three exclamation marks really necessary


oh btw. think patton might have taken up the whole freezer.


he made enough soup for the whole campus

L M A O. how are you feeling?

Virgil stifles a yawn. He’s surprised- usually, texting Roman is just a series of sarcastic back and forth nonsense. He’s quickly becoming too sleepy to think on it.

better actually. headache gone. actually ate soup.


Virgil doesn’t realise he’s been drifting off until his head snaps back up, and he sees that he’s sent Roman a long message of jumbled letters and numbers. Roman soon replies:

???? Is this code?????? gdi are you and logan doing cryptography again

Virgil yawns again, it suddenly feeling like a monumental effort to tap the screen.

no, sorryyyy..fallnasleepithink

There’s a lull in Roman replying and Virgil has to fight to stay awake. Eventually, his screen lights up:

aw :)

He doesn’t really know what that means. And, before he can think better of it, his exhausted mind types out the only reply he can think of:


damn think prof’s noticed im on phone. see ya later virgil. sleep well! x

:) x

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