• major: nutritional science 
  • minor: kinesiology 
  • sports: football, assistant swim coach 
  • clubs: brazilian jiu jitsu club, he plays in a rock band on campus 
  • seungcheol is like the most fit person on all of campus. like he follows a strict diet of specific grains and vegetables and lean meat and is the one person up at 5 am doing a jog three times around campus
  • he always has his duffel bag over his shoulder and a towel around his neck. wears sweatpants in the winter and basketball shorts in the summer to class almost exclusively 
  • all the student athletes adore him, especially the freshman’s who see him as a sports god and he’s like. their dad. like he’s not a mean jock who ignores them he’s like actually really helpful and plays casually with them when they’re not at practice and probably goes around ruffling their hair like they’re his sons and it’s adorable
  • is one of the star football players on the team, and would have been a star swimmer too if he had the time but instead he just comes every now and then to help out the coach. 
  • when people first meet him they’re like “oh they stereotypical ‘got-into-college-on-a-sports-scholarship-douche” but the moment seungcheol smiles and makes the corniest father joke they’ve ever heard everyones automatically like what no . we take it back. this person is buff and intimidating on the outside but a soft tart meme on the inside
  • seungcheol: “hell yeah i cried when we won nationals last year, what you think im not going to admit i cried? let me tell you i didn’t cry- i sobbed - the entire han river came flowing out of my eyes-”
  • and you hate to admit it but you kind of pre-judged him too. see you meet seungcheol in your core biology class and you’re paired up with him in a group lab. almost immediately seungcheol introduces himself to everyone first and is all smiles and sweet and the two girls who are in your group also start fawning over his biceps while the other guy is just like asking seungcheol a bunch of questions about trying out for the football team and you’re sitting there with your notebook like: “guys. the lab?”
  • and seungcheol grins your way and you kinda like awkwardly look down because already you’re annoyed that they’re not doing their work and you’re like this guy probably only knows things about football im gonna have to do all the work
  • and it irks you and basically seungcheol rubs you the wrong way until class is over and you’re walking out into the hall, taking your phone out to complain to your friend through text
  • when you feel a hand on your shoulder and you turn around to see seungcheol and he’s like “hey, i know we aren’t friends or anything like that, but you seemed a little angry. im sorry we got off track, but i have some ideas for the lab - do you think i can send them to you?”
  • and you’re taken back because honestly you didn’t think he’d put any effort into this but you’re still cautious and you’re like “ok, by the way what’s your major?” and seungcheol’s like “nutritional science! minor in kinesiology because i want to specialize in physical therapy and athletic dieting after college.” and you’re looking at him like………..
  • ok i might have misjudged him when i thought he was only good for his body
  • (which by the way, you decide is worth fawning over like those girls in your group. like honestly you let yourself look at him and he’s handsome, but he’s also lean and strong and the veins in his hands are distracting and ok what no we’re getting OFF topic)
  • but you also like hand him your phone and you’re like “here, put in your contact.” and seungcheol’s happy smile turns into a kind of little smirk and you’re like ………… and seungcheol looks up and he’s like “were you about to tell your friend about me?” and you’re like “wha-”
  • but then you see your screen and it’s still on the message to your friend and all you managed to write was “there’s this guy in my group from the football team and like he’s hot but-” and you’re like 
  • and seungcheol is looking at you with his bottom lip between his teeth and you grab your phone back and you’re like
  • “we can talk about the lab next class. bye.”
  • and you RUN out of there and seungcheol is left standing in the dust but honestly he’s like
  • grinning to himself like; “this……is going to be interesting.”
  • and it is interesting. very interesting. as in you cannot make eye contact the next lab because the tEXT you got from mr. choi seungcheol was “oh here’s my list of ideas for the lab also thanks for calling me hot, i like a person that’s straightforward (;”
  • and you had stared at that winky face like what the hell does this mean
  • and seungcheol the second you sat down across from him in class leaned his head onto his hand and gave you a little smile 
  • and you just. like you are just OFFENDED
  • because he needs to stop. you need to get work done and like literally you hadn’t liked him when you first saw him but now you couldnt help but kind of maybe who knows….be interested in him a little more just a tinsy bit…..
  • but yeah you try to focus on the lab and engage your other partners, but again the girls are giggling over seungcheol’s fitted shirt and the boy’s ranting about how he’s see seungcheol score touchdowns at the last game
  • all the while seungcheol keeps looking only at you and you’re just like “…..i need to drop this bio lab and do chem instead or something…..”
  • but aside from seungcheol being flirty???? and basically never letting you live down the fact that you called him hot,,,,he’s incredibly intelligent and his ideas for the labs are good
  • and you and him are the only two actually doing the work and like you catch onto this and so does he
  • so like as the week passes you get a text from him and it’s like; “i think it’s up to us to save this lab. the other three don’t even know they’re in a bio class i think.”
  • and you wanna be like “yeah, because they think it’s seungcheol 101″ but you don’t wanna be Petty and you’re like “well, it’s the not the first time ive done all the work, but at least we have each other.”
  • and after sending it you’re like
  • ………….did i just write “at least we have eaCH OTHER” aM I OUT OF MY MIND
  • but seungcheol has already read the text and replies like “that, we do (;” and you’re like FriCK HIM AND HIs DUMB WINK EMOJI GOD
  • but also as the second week passes and you and seungcheol manage to start actually writing up everything for the lab seungcheol’s like 
  • “hey, we probably won’t have enough time if we only work while we’re in lab. come see me after practice tomorrow so we can go to the library?”
  • and honestly you wanna think of an excuse because goddammit he makes your heart race and you just don’t know if he’s playing around and it scares you but also this lab is like 50% of your grade and you want to finish and not pull like three all nighters so you agree
  • and you’re like “shouldn’t we invite the rest-”
  • and seungcheol’s like “do you really think that’ll help?” and you’re like rip you’re right
  • so the next day you don’t want to admit it but you actually plan a cuter outfit to wear to the library and you get there early with all your materials and as you’re sitting there you’re like
  • oh my god do i like seungcheol i put this cute outfit on for a boy who literally only wears sweats outside of football practice
  • but again, you’re too quick to judge, because all of a sudden there’s a guitar case set down on the table beside you and you look over to see seungcheol standing there
  • but this time the sweats are gone and instead there’s ripped up grey jeans, a flannel tied around his waist, and a acid-washed muscle t-shirt 
  • his ears, you notice, are pierced and the shirt’s dip is big enough for you to see a tattoo peek out from under 
  • and first of all you’re frozen
  • and second of all you’re speechless
  • and seungcheol’s like “sorry if we don’t get much done, i gotta be out by 8 to make it to the show at 9 otherwise the guys will kill me.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,, “they guys?” and seungcheol’s like “yeah, my band. they’re always on my ass about being late because of practice or class.”
  • and you’re like ….. “holy shit you’re in a band.” and he laughs into his hand like “yeah!! isn’t it obvious you know i thought the guitar and the jeans would give it away.”
  • and you’re like askhldfjgoefmrg WHAT i thought he was only into sports and like nutrition or something but here he is in front of you with a tattoo and a guitar and you’re like
  • “… it a rock band?” and seungcheol sits down next to you like “yeah, of course!”
  • and ok remember how you were like ‘wow do i really like him or is this just a fleeting thing’ WELL NOW You REALLY Are SURE YOU LIKE HIM because guitarist in a band whose physically fit as hell and smart….he’s the whole package aND THEN SOME
  • but you’re like @ yourself like ok ok ok chill we need to focus on the lab. the lab. don’t look at his tattoo, ok you’re looking at his tattoo, chill calm dow-
  • and seungcheol is scribbling something down and he’s talking but you’re like so distracted until finally seungcheol’s like
  • “hey, you’ve been working really hard on this with me and so you should come to the show tonight and relax.” and you’re like ,,,,the show? as in ,,,,,your bands show?????
  • and seungcheol grins like “yeah! it’s sold out but ill just take you through the back with me!” and you’re like “um i have class in the mor-” but seungcheol ruffles your hair and is like “c’mon live a little!”
  • and you’re like arent you the one whose like eat right and have a good sleep schedule??? and seungcheol laughs like yeah, but also sometimes you need to let go and do something fun
  • and that’s how you end up being pulled by the wrist by seungcheol into the loud backstage of a packed venue in central seoul and seungcheol introduces you to all these guys and girls full of tattoos and piercing who are all like “seungcheol, this one’s cute - look like a keeper!!!” and you’re like ????? are they talking about me??? and seungcheol just winks at you and you’re like STOP wiTH THE winks gOD
  • but yeah you can’t help but just see seungcheol in this whole new light and he’s just like,,,,he’s just so amazing and full of surprises and gosh he look so handsome tuning his guitar and right before he sets out onto the stage he leans in close to you and murmurs “is it ok if you give me something for goodluck?”
  • and your heartbeat quickens and you try to swallow the lump in your throat and you’re like “w-what-?” and seungcheol kisses the side of your lips so gently that you barely feel it but you do see the smirk he gives you before running out to start the show
  • and you’re left there, touching your skin and watching as seungcheol jumps around, swinging his guitar and screaming along with the fans to the lyrics
  • and ……..oh god this is all really happening
  • the show ends and seungcheol, sweaty but so so so so so happy joins you again
  • and before he can even ask; “how was it?” you reach up and throw your hands around his neck and pull im into a long, deep kiss
  • his bandmates break out into a hollering cheer and when you pull back you’re like 
  • and seungcheol searches your eyes until his smile lights up like a million sun rays and he wraps his arms around your waist and hoists you up so he can kiss you again and spin you
  • and ok it’s just the most spontaneous, best decision you’ve ever made
  • seungcheol gets someone to give you two a lift back to campus and he walks with you to your dorm and kisses you again until you’re breathless and he presses his forehead to yours and is like “see you in lab.”
  • and wow from that moment on you’re in bliss. you’re in LOVe
  • you come into your first class just giggling like an idiot all your friends are like ??????? until you’re like “guys. i made out with seungcheol from the football team.” and theY ALL LOSE IT
  • lab comes around and like you’re the first person from your group there so you take a seat where you usually are and one of the girls sits beside you until you hear a voice and it’s obviously seungcheol and he like taps the girls shoulder and is like
  • “hi, is it ok if i sit next to my baby?” and you’re like DID HE JUST and the girl looks between you two like “wh-wai-what-wait-what????” and seungcheol thanks her when she moves, still with her mouth hanging open and he just leans in to kiss you softly and ask how the lab is going
  • and you’re like “baby?” and he’s like “yes?” and you’re like “no i mean-” BUT TOO LATE CLASS STARTED HEHE
  • you learn super quickly that seungcheol loves to let people know about the two of you
  • like you leave lab and promise to see him the next morning for coffee and as you’re walking to another building like 6 people stop you to ask if you’re really dating seungcheol
  • and you’re like jesus news travels fast but honestly it’s just seungcheol got super giddy and told the whole damn football team. and swim team. and tennis team. and lacrosse team. and YOU see where im going w/this
  • you see him in the morning as promised to get coffee and seungcheol literally keeps you in a hug the whole time and he pulls you into his lap and you’re like oh my god we’re in front of people and he’s like ???so
  • one of your guy friends comes over to ask if you did the homework for another class and you feel seungcheol’s grip on your waist tighten and you’re like oh my god reaLLY
  • but it’s cute
  • anyway you guys have on lab left and finally you finish and like just after sending the e-mail to the teacher with the finished lab seungcheol is like
  • “you know, ive liked you since before we had bio together.” and you’re like “???? wait seriously???” and he’s like “yeah. i remember you from orientation when you got put into my group. you didn’t even look at me once, you kept nervously playing with your hands and reading over the college handbook. it was cute.”
  • and you’re like asdfhoadfsgef and you hit seungcheol playfully but he just catches your hand and gives it a kiss
  • and you’re like “seungcheol, i never thought id say this but im sorry. i want to apologize for misjudging you the first time we met.” and he just shrugs and is like “it’s fine. but you should make it up to me.” and you’re like ??how and he’s like “come to my show again this weekend. i love it when you’re by my side to support me.” and you hide your face in his neck like DONT say that but also ofc ill come
  • and it becomes a regular thing, you showing up to his shows and to his football games to cheer him on
  • the football team all starts referring to you as parent number two since seungcheol is parent number one and it’s adorable you bought snacks for the whole team once and they attacked you in hugs and seungcheol was pulling them off like “NO!!! you can only look you CANNOT TOUCH!!! NEW RULE!!!!”
  • they’re like “dAD come ONN” and seungcheol pulls you against him like “be grateful but be grateful from far away.”
  • he gets jealous way too easily, but you always just kiss him and reassure him it’s fine - you’re his
  • and it’s cute like he tries teaching you to play guitar when you guys are just hanging out on the quad
  • he like puts his hand over yours, guides your fingers with his own 
  • you wear one of seungcheol’s big shirts with his band logo to sleep because it’s comfy and reminds you of him
  • seungcheol tries to get you hype about exercising and once takes you jogging with him around the school at like 6 am and you’re dead 5 min in and seungcheol is like ok ok and just piggybacks you for the rest of his time and you’re like how are you human and he’s like a good diet and exercise 
  • seungcheol getting super passionate about his classes and what he’s learned when he’s talking to you and you love watching him be so engaged, like you can see the love in his eyes for sports and for helping people
  • he’s just a cute angel person who is SWOLE and is in a BAND 
  • the tattoo you find out is actually a tribute to his mom and you’re like THATS THE ……MOST CONSIDERATE cUTESt THING EVER
  • and seungcheol is like SHuSH i have to hide the tattoo from the football coach he doesn’t know and you’re like hehe still a tattoo for your mom seungcheol that’s adorable…..
  • jeonghan whose seungcheol’s best friend is just like “how do you put up with him?” and you’re like “what do you mean?” and jeonghan’s like “how do you put up with someone that flirts with you EVEN though you’re dating him?” and you’re like “what he does no-”
  • but then you look up and seungcheol sends a cheesy wink your way and you’re like “jeonghan, i really don’t know how i put up with it.”
  • you’re seungcheol’s sweet, soft s/o but when he’s playing football you get fired up and you’re like “CRUSH THEM BABY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!”  LOL seungcheol teases you for it but he loves it
  • seungcheol: “remember when you called me hot-” you: “stop living in the past seungcheol or i will purposely untune your guitar. seungcheol: “im sorry and i love you.” 

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and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus 

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Could I have a clingy RFA? Pretty please like "look only at me clingy?" thanks a lot doing great!

The first post written by one of the new admins I’ve brought on



  • Balancing his time between LOLOL and you is going to be sort of a challenge at first
  • He’s so close to beating this dungeon boss aaaaa
  • He learns quickly how to manage both of you though
  • But then there’s when Yoosung goes on campus
  • He has a handful of study buddies that he works with regularly at the library on campus
  • You had come on campus looking for him and had made him lunch hoping it would make studying easier on him
  • Needless to say, when you found him it wasn’t exactly the best first meeting between the group
  • Yoosung (bless him) had quickly defused the situation and made a bee-line back to his apartment
  • He quickly brings up how you acted to his friends after getting home and sitting on the bed with you
  • He diligently hears you out and comes to understand how you feel
  • He makes a vow to devote more time to you
  • “I don’t completely understand where you’re coming from MC… But I see nothing wrong with giving you more attention!”


  • Zen probably has the worst time dealing with an S/O like this
  • Zen has a rather flirty personality and it tend to tick you off to no end because of it
  • There would need to be a moment where you have to take him aside and mostly likely tell him that you don’t like it and it makes you feel neglected
  • At this point Zen with do everything in his power (and self-control) to keep his flirty nature at bay
  • There are some slip ups here and there but he always makes up for it with extra one-on-one time with you
  • There are also a couple of times where you had to step into his conversations as well
  • It ended with one of his co-workers barely looking at Zen from there on out
  • Still loves you to pieces though and does everything in his power to make sure his full attention is on you when he’s not working
  • “Hey, I only have eyes for you, babe. You can count on me always being here for you.”


  • It takes Jaehee a short period of time to adjust to an S/O like this
  • With her line of work it’s rather hard for her to focus on you 24/7 like you want
  • It’s a constant battle between these files, you and organizing Jumin’s hellish schedule
  • She really does make her best effort to give you as much attention as she can
  • She calls you between breaks, makes lunch plans with you, helps you cook dinner (if she’s home early enough), and even makes time to cuddle with you after dinner before working on some paperwork she had to bring home
  • Jaehee does feel bad that she can’t give you her undivided attention but… Work is work, my dude
  • Still loves them to death and would gladly give one of her free days off to spend the whole day with you
  • “Just because I’m busy and not always around, MC, doesn’t mean I’m not always thinking about you.”


  • Probably understands how you feel the moment you explain
  • I mean, there was a time Jumin had honestly considered putting you in a cage… For your own protection, of course.
  • This man
  • tHIS MAN
  • Will literally do anything and everything in his power to see, call, text or communicate with you
  • Hell, the guy even installed skype on his phone so he would be able to video chat you while he wasn’t busy (or doing mundane busy work)
  • Has also been known to flat out walk out of meetings if you call him about something important (the word ‘important’ is used loosely)
  • If anything, Jumin is just about the same brand of clingy as you
  • There have been multiple times his man has told off or threatened someone for flirting or getting a little too close to them during parties or some kind of gathering
  • More or less, it goes both ways
  • You both want undivided, loving attention
  • And both of you are more than willing to give it
  • “There’s not a moment that goes by where I’m not thinking about you, my love. The only real peace I find these days are you in my arms.”


  • Dude, if he could sign up for a 24 hour, lifetime pass of your cuddles, he would
  • He would in a damn heart beat
  • But alas fate is a cruel mistress and Seven is usually stuck in front of multiple computer screens or out doing field work
  • There are times where you wish he could drop everything and just give his full attention to you
  • And he honestly feels bad that he can’t
  • Again, that lifetime pass is t e m p t i ng
  • Seven does make sure to take naps with you though
  • That will forever be his favourite hobby with you
  • The clinginess never really becomes a big problem for Seven (unless he gets into one of his depression episodes)
  • But if anything, he loves the fact that you’re always so willing to shower him with affection and vice versa
  • “Another cuddle attack from my legendary rival, MC!!! What am I to do other than take these beautiful, wonderful, soft cuddles~”


  • Doesn’t mind an S/O like this at all
  • Loves the fact that you’re so willing to love and adore any part of him
  • And loves even more to give that affection back
  • He does feel absolutely awful when he has to travel without you to take pictures
  • Also downloaded skype so you could at least see what he was up to (guys still kinda blind after all)
  • V has also gotten into the habit of having you on the phone while taking pictures
  • He’ll listen to your day as he snaps pictures and takes in the area
  • He makes up every trip he takes without you with a homemade dinner and night filled with cuddles, sweet nothings and all the love he wasn’t able to give you while he was away
  • “I would give anything to keep you like this, MC. You are my light, my world, my everything and I love you.”


  • He’s not even sure where to start with a clingy S/O
  • To put it bluntly, he probably wigs him out a little at first
  • That’s a lot of interaction and care that he needs to put into you to begin with and to add more to that just makes him nervous like nothing else
  • He loves you deeply but showing it???
  • Oh lord that’s something still really foreign to him
  • But when you mention it to him, he gives it an honest go
  • He’ll try
  • He really will
  • He’ll go out of his way to hug you more
  • More conversations
  • More lovey-dovey nonsense
  • He gives it an honest shot and finds himself enjoying the closeness
  • Being able to open up and feel safe with you is something he longs for from there on out
  • You can bet that he’ll be just as clingy, physically, from there on out
  • “Yeah, okay, I’ll admit it… I like the cuddles… Now stop bringing it up.”

~Admin Orchid

to reiterate my points about kevin taking care of himself and as my second contribution to @aaronminyarddefencenet ‘s first creation event. week one: favourite major character(s) - Kevin Day.

  • don’t tell me he’s not gym buddies with matt
  • they don’t go together but there’s no way they haven’t seen each other at the palmetto campus gym and just had a weird sort of agreement in silence to spot each other
  • matt is nice. he’s sweet and his sort of humour which is god awful to everyone else makes kevin hide his smile and bit his lips to keep it contained.

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Allies as college students? Like what would they major in, what kind of student are they, what does their dorm look like, what is their life outside of studies?

America (Alfred F. Jones)

Aerospace Engineering

  • That one kid who is legit so smart in class but the second he steps outside, he loses all his brain cells
  • Will do just about anything if you say “I dare you”
  • Let’s be real, his dorm is a wreck
  • Ask him how his classes are- just do it. His eyes will light up like a Christmas tree as he goes on and on about what he’s working on

England (Arthur Kirkland)

Classic and Modern Literature

  • Chances are that if you see him, his nose will be buried in a book
  • Overanalyzes everything- even in everyday life
  • His room looks like a library vomited in a dorm
  • Dresses up unnecessarily just to go to lectures
  • Tried to take a cooking course- dropped out on the first day after setting a bowl of dough on fire (How? It’s a mystery)

France (Francis Bonnefoy)


  • Knows how to woo a person in seven different languages
  • He’s such a hipster, you’ll probably find him in a small corner café with a band no one has heard of playing, sipping a cup of coffee even though it sucks all in the name of aesthetic
  • Likes to show off- a lot
  • His dorm looks like it was shit out of a Cosmopolitan magazine 

China (Yao Wang)


  • He’ll go to lectures in pajamas and a blanket- watch him
  • His dorm is full of cute stuffed animals
  • Gets really nervous to turn in assignments
  • Not much of a party person, but if someone does let him get near the jungle juice, you’ll be listening to him nonsensical philosophy all night long

Russia (Ivan Braginsky)

Business Administration

  • Has a hard time making friends, but when he does, he really likes to treat them to nice meals
  • Kind of quiet in class, but he’s a really great student
  • His room doesn’t really emit any personality, although his bed is really nice
  • He’s a great study partner!

Canada (Matthew Williams)

Climate Sciences

  • This is his time to shine
  • He is still shy, but now he feels he has something to really drive him forward so he can come out of his shell
  • Catch him at protests calling for a more ecologically friendly campus
  • He is the guy to go to for hangover cures. I don’t know what he puts in his pancakes but damn do they do the trick

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College!AU GOM, Nijimura, Himuro, and Hanamiya Headcanons if s/o went to the same university as them?


  • still with a low presence, it’s more often than not that he has to find you in a crowd rather than the other way around
    • the two of you have started to designate certain meeting spots all around campus for this purpose
  • he will sometimes sit in your classes during his free time


  • he made the mistake of choosing some of his classes just so he could be in the same ones as you his first semester
    • that was when the both of you found out you have wildly different interests
  • now he just bases his breaks around yours, trying to match them up


  • he’s almost never in his dorm room, always sleeping over in yours and getting in trouble with your RA
    • your both pretty sure your roommate knows him better than his own
  • the two of you start investing early on to get your own apartment together near the college


  • dates are often spent in the college library where the both of your have your noses buried in books
    • late night study sessions that last into the early hours of the morning become a regular thing for you two
  • by now he has your coffee order memorized, so he just shows up with it


  • it’s easy to find him no matter the time of day because he chose all his classes based on how close together they were distance-wise
    • that and he still manages to be the tallest out of most students
  • you two always make it a habit to each lunch together, even if that means having it really early or really late


  • the two of you have a small, cheap apartment together just off campus
    • he likes to joke with you that living there is just practice for when you two finally own a real home together
  • though you’re in different majors, the two of you try to have at least one elective together each semester


  • it’s still rare for you to see him around campus because of your drastically different class schedules
    • the most you get during the day is a passing wave as you two walk to your next class
  • to remedy that problem, you live together off campus in a home he has


  • for now he’s only a part-time students, using his other day hours at a job he uses to pay for college
    • it’s because of this that you two normally can’t see each other
  • on his days off, he spends his free hours joining you in your classes that he’s allowed to sit in


  • actually going to lecture is a waste of time in his opinion, so you have to physically drag him there if you want him to join you in class
    • you two are polar opposites, him being the student to only show up for exams and you being the one to never miss a day
  • the only days you miss are the rare ones where he convinces you to stay

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking requests, may you do a university au headcanons of the RFA+V? I just love your writing and responses!! Thank you and have a good day lovely^^

Thank you so much anon. I actually love doing the school/college AUs with the RFA. I’m basing this off of college where I go because it’s my only experience I can draw from. I had some pretty good ideas earlier actually at school, but it seemed to have slipped my mind after my nap :/


  • he’s just a natural college student
  • knows all the places to rent used textbooks
  • he’s very conservative with his money and only spends it if he has to
  • is actually really sociable in class?
  • NEVER has his phone out in class
    • because one time his professor caught him texting Zen and held it until the end of the day
  • takes some bullshit classes just for the experience
  • he doesn’t like to talk about Intro to Welding
  • goes to class early to study before the test
  • OVERSTUDIES and panics when he takes the test so he doesn’t do too hot
  • club whore
  • joins whatever club he thinks is cool
    • and whatever gives him free stuff
  • Jaehee invited him to the Honor’s Society but he never shows up
  • spends some of his off time volunteering at an animal shelter 
  • eats lunch in the cafeteria with Seven, Zen, and you
  • lugs around his Medical Terminology and Physiology textbooks 
  • has a ton of physio lab stories to tell
  • can be found taking naps or he’s playing on his DS in the library


  • one of the smartest and most dedicated students
  • her name is always on the dean’s list
  • is VP on the student senate 
  • balances her schedule out perfectly so she at least has time to sleep, practice, and study
  • can be found in the communications lab, on the quad or in the gym
  • asks Yoosung where to rent used textbooks
  • carries her judo gear with her almost everywhere she goes
  • also lugs a GALLON of water with her
  • runs the honor’s society club and is very particular with its members
  • minors in communication
  • is a boss at debate
  • tutors in different subjects and is more accessible than Jumin
  • always knows the answers in class
  • omg she has a cute pencil pouch filled with different pens, midliners, pencils, erasers, and adorable sticky notes. 
  • if you ask, she will let you borrow one of her spare pencils
    • looking at you V
  • sees all of the drama performances Zen is in with you
  • brings power bars or buys the food at the cafeteria
  • because she doesn’t have the time to prepare her own food


  • is THE drama dork
  • openly advertises the plays in season
  • he hangs with all the drama kids at the theater
  • if he’s not there, he’s in class or being tutored by MC and Jaehee
    • because he REFUSED to be tutored by Jumin
  • eats with Seven, Yoosung, and you but he mainly talks about himself or has them rehearse lines with them
  • most of the time he stays quiet during the lecture
  • but he starts to fall asleep or gets incredibly bored
  • so he will have his phone in class and be on snapchat
  • sends about thirty selfies to the group chat before class ends
  • if he thinks he’s going to get caught, he whips out his small mirror to look at himself oh god zen
  • that guy who rides his motorcycle to school >.>
  • waits once every few weeks for the guy who sells fish shaped bread on campus
  • he’s in an improv group that performs every Friday
  • doesn’t really buy textbooks since he knows he’s not going to use it
  • HATES online homework and quizzes
    • will not let him progress until he gets it right so he calls you to vent and ask for help


  • the business major guy
  • this donut buys all of his textbooks NEW from the bookstore
  • why??????
  • is the know-it-all some people hate
  • wears suits every day
  • he can’t count how many times he was mistaken for a professor
  • brings food from home that is calculated to give him the exact energy he needs
  • like Jaehee he’s also on the dean’s list and in the Honor’s Society
  • is the president of the student senate
    • poor Jaehee
  • he’s the best tutor but he’s very particular with who his pupils are
    • you were lucky enough to get a slot
    • Jaehee gets all the rejects ;-;
  • hangs out with V and Jaehee in the study lab, or stays in his chem lab
  • coordinates schedules with V so they have some of the same classes
  • calls home to check up on Elizabeth 3rd
  • she’s okay??? okay good


  • drives his sports car to school
  • mainly takes afternoon classes since waking up in the morning could be a bitch
  • always has food in class and munches on his chips as quietly as he can
  • that guy with the witty one-liners in class
  • occasionally falls asleep when the content gets pretty dry and not as engaging
  • textbooks??? PFFFTTT
  • he just downloads bootleg versions online
    • sends the files to whoever asks him for it 
  • mastered the pen spin
  • can be found in the computer lab, in the library with his laptop, or in his Computer Science class
  • hangs out with Yoosung, Zen, and you at the cafeteria
    • talks about the D&D session at his place on Saturday
    • they tease Zen’s lack of interest 
    • gets incredibly offended and considers joining out of spite
  • makes programming jokes only he knows
  • he’s in the Programming club and the Astronomy club
  • spends some late nights on campus doing some stargazing with some club members


  • where Zen is a drama dork, V is a total art nerd
  • he ALWAYS has his camera with him
  • of course, he’s majoring in photography
  • he can afford to buy the textbooks new, but he prefers to rent used books
    • likes the feeling that someone else used the book to study from
    • plus they sometimes leave important notes
  • isn’t on the dean’s list but is on the honor roll
  • writes in pen all the time and always has to ask for a pencil from someone if he needs one
  • asks the most profound questions in class
  • is filled with much sagely wisdom
  • takes classes that he’s interested in like Astronomy with Seven or Environmental Science with you
  • can be found all around campus taking photos to add to his portfolio
  • knows all the secret spots on campus
  • he occasionally hangs out in the garden for some needed alone time with nature

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omg I really really like your headcanons a lot!~ I was wondering if you could do some for the RFA members upon finding out MC can play the piano? .o.

im glad you like them! ^^

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • he’s giving MC a tour of Sky University
  • they walk together holding hands as he shows MC the cafeteria, his dorm, and the different buildings on campus
  • he also just wants to show them off
  • “this is the music building. i’ve never been inside, though”
  • Yoosung tried to continue the tour but MC insists they explore the music building further
  • “i dont know if i’m even allowed in there. i’m not a music major”
  • “oh, what? is Yoosungie scared?”
  • MC teased him
  • Yoosung puffed up his chest and denied being scared, leading the way into the music building
  • though once inside, Yoosung insist MC keep their voice down and tenses up every time he sees another human being
  • “you’re such a baby, Yoosung!”
  • MC pulls him into a practice room
  • it’s a small space with nothing but a piano and a chair
  • “i really dont think we should be-”
  • but before Yoosung could finish, MC started to play the piano
  • it was beautiful
  • Yoosung really thought he might cry
  • since then they always sneak into the music building so MC can play the piano
  • usually Yoosung just studies, or listens, or he’ll ever take a nap in that tiny room while MC plays for him
  • thank god no one ever came into that room, or they might get in serious trouble


  • “Zen, you have a piano?”
  • it was the first thing MC noticed when they came to Zen’s house for the first time
  • “yea! i dont use it a whole lot, though. just to teach myself songs and stuff like that”
  • Zen smiles and rubs the back of his neck
  • “it’s pretty out of tune, to be honest”
  • MC sits down on the bench and scoots toward the piano, placing their hands delicately on the keys
  • they play a few chords
  • “MC, i didnt know you could play!”
  • MC looks back at Zen, scoots toward one end of the bench and pats the space next to them, inviting him to sit
  • “Zen, do you have any piano books?”
  • Zen stands again to fetch some old music books from when he first started playing piano
  • “this is all i have. they’re for little kids though”
  • MC grabs a book and opens it to a random page
  • “you can read this, right?”
  • Zen nods
  • they place the book upright on the piano
  • “i’ll read the right hand and you can read the left”
  • MC turns to Zen and smiles brightly
  • “will you please play a song with me, Zen?”
  • Zen feels his cheeks heat up
  • why does MC have to be so irresistibly adorable all the time


  • on Jaehee’s break she decided to check if anyone was logged into the messenger
  • she enters a chatroom that MC and Yoosung were in
  • “Hello, Jaehee!”
  • MC greets her
  • “hello, MC”
  • Jaehee reads what she missed, seeing that MC was just asking Yoosung what they should do when they get bored
  • he, of course, started begging MC to play LOLOL with him
  • thank god Jaehee logged in, because they were about to make an account
  • “why dont you try doing something more productive?”
  • “theres nothing to do in Rikas apartment besides play this dingy old piano, and i’ve already done that for like five hours today!”
  • theres a piano in Rikas apartment?
  • and MC can play it?
  • “if you played for hours, you must be pretty good”
  • “yea i’m alright i guess”
  • Yoosung leaves the chatroom after a few more minutes, and Jaehee’s break ends so she has to leave, too
  • “dont go, Jaehee! i’m so bored T_T”
  • Jaehee smiles at her phone
  • “dont forget to have lunch, MC”
  • when Jaehee leaves the chatroom she checks the time again and sees still has a few minutes before she needed to start working again
  • she decides too call MC
  • “Hello? it’s me, Jaehee”
  • “i know, silly. i have caller ID”
  • Jaehee blushes
  • “i was thinking about what you said about the piano and Rikas apartment and, well…can i listen to you play?”
  • “okay!”
  • MC puts their phone on speaker and sets it on top of the piano, then starts to play one of their favorite songs
  • Jaehee feels herself relax as the music reaches her ears
  • it’s like MC is lessening the stress of her day with every note
  • after that Jaehee calls MC everyday after lunch to hear them play piano


  • Jumin is real pressdt about making sure MC is comfortable in his home
  • they came to visit just to make sure he was okay and he’s just like
  • i didnt have any time to prepare
  • during dinner he tells MC about all the different rooms
  • “um…what about that piano over there?”
  • MC shyly gestures to a baby grand that was in the room
  • “you can play it if you’d like. i even have plenty of music book for you to read out of”
  • MC smiles, and gets up from the table
  • Jumin follows them to the piano
  • they start looking through a pile of music books until finally they find one they want to play out of
  • MC blushes and looks at Jumin, who was standing next to the piano, facing them
  • “my sight reading might be a little rusty…”
  • as MC starts to play, Jumin can immediately tell they were just being modest
  • the music was beautiful, and they didnt play a single wrong note
  • Jumin really thought he might cry
  • he’s never met anyone who could play so amazingly
  • is this LOVE


  • every once in awhile MC will force Seven out of the house
  • he pretends to hate it but lowkey loves it
  • today MC was excited to show Seven they’re favorite shop in the whole town
  • “wow, this must be a pretty fantastic place”
  • holding Sevens hand and dragging him along, MC turns around and nods
  • “it is! you’ll see!”
  • Seven giggles, MC is so cute
  • the place they finally arrive at is a tiny music shop, so packed with stuff it was almost hard to move around
  • “MC, you never told me you liked music”
  • MC rolls their eyes
  • “everyone like music, Seven”
  • they continue to pull Seven through the store until they arrive at a section with a few pianos on display
  • “this is why i like it here so much”
  • MC sits down at one of the pianos and starts to play
  • the music is gorgeous, like the most gorgeous thing he’s ever heard
  • he gets on both knees to watch MC’s hands more closely
  • they laugh, but continue to play
  • Seven wants to tell MC they are amazing, but he doesnt want to interrupt the music
  • when MC’s song is done, Seven stops a store clerk that passes near him
  • “hello sir, i would like ten of those”
  • he points to the piano MC just played on
  • they start laughing
  • “Seven, we dont need ten pianos”
  • “fine, i’ll just have one”
  • Seven grabs MC’s hands
  • “now you can play music for me all the time, and we never have to leave the house!”
  • MC isnt sure if getting a piano is a good idea anymore


SMH tour HCs because the college process is about to engulf me

Just Sophmores through Seniors bc they’re the elligible ones and, frankly, Even though he’d probably want to, I don’t think our moustache son is ready to take on other people’s overbearing families.

(under a readmore bc I went a tiny bit overboard)

Ransom and Holster:

  • Frankly they’re pretty spot-on for tour guides social scene wise
  • And they’re bubbly AF so they know what to do
  • Frankly their biggest flaw as guides would probably be the fact that other students are always interrupting/greeting them mid-explanation
    • Their tours take 15 minutes longer than they were supposed to from sheer socialization
  • They do the thing where you go around the circle and say your name, your hometown, and your main interest
  • every tour there’s that one goober who asks about zimmerman
  • Ransom actually changes a few outlooks now and then
    • Like, part of the tour is sitting in a seminar room while the guide gives a brief description of Samwell’s academic life, And he goes on his own schpeal about how, yes, academic life takes a lot of work and it’s important at Samwell to work hard 

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Hi!!! Can I have soul mate au with college!Oikawa and Iwaizumi??

// since no specific soulmate au was identified i kinda made it vague?? -mod bird //


  • when he finds his soulmate in a denny’s parking lot at 2 am, no one is surprised.
  • they’re both confused and almost pass out drunk
  • they both end up going to oikawa’s dorm and end up falling asleep in his closet on the floor rambling on about things they won’t even remember in the morning
  • they are both just so puzzled in the morning but vaguely remember the denny’s parking lot.
  • they end up getting breakfast together after both agreeing that waffles would be amazing right now


  • he finds his soulmate at an 8 am lecture, both of them downing like a gallon of coffee because it was too early god dammit.
  • soulmate was so dead tired that morning that they accidentally left their notes at home
  • iwa notices and offers to share for that day. he is their savior
  • they offer to buy him lunch at a nice Mediterranean restaurant a little off campus
  • he orders a kebab meal thing and actually really likes it
  • once a week they meet up for lunch somewhere they haven’t been before