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HELP!!! I'm going to a college admissions meeting tonight for two of my top three universities (Penn and Stanford). I don't want to sound ignorant, but I definitely want to show I am interested in their schools. What questions should I ask to make a solid impression?

What are typical class sizes?

Are there any research opportunities for non-science majors?

Do students usually double major?

What are some ways students can get involved politically on campus?

What do you look for most in prospective students’ applications? (generic af but useful info)

Do more students go out into the workforce or go onto graduate/professional schools?

Are there classes reserved specifically for freshmen?

Is there a vibrant LGBTQ+/music/arts/etc scene on campus?

I also suggest researching the school some and forming questions from what you read. Like on the day of my Brown interview, I looked up their research opportunities and community service events and asked questions pertaining to those topics.