The signs as things as first semester in college
  • Aries: The first week that is dedicated into luring into their traps dubbed 'clubs' and 'organizations' and them talking you into going to one of those cult like events for sororities and fraternities; you can't escape, they will find you
  • Taurus: The urge to back hand annoying upper class men who are offending your eardrums without even being in their stupid conversation about how dog boobs are weird
  • Gemini: "I WOULD LIKE TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU, WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR" starter pack. Does not include tears or awkward conversation skills.
  • Cancer: Must. Find. The. People. Who. Give. Out. Free. Food. And. Money. Or. Maybe. Get. A. Rich. Upper. Classmen. To. Be. My. Sugar. Daddy/Mama.
  • Leo: The fuck do you guys mean you invested all this money into a theater and don't have a theater department? ! Well, student body government here I come.
  • Virgo: Drugs. Frat parties and so much drinking. Then freaking out finals week when the temperature drops and freezes your nipples back into studying
  • Libra: Shaving your armpits and legs more often then you open your $130+ psychology books
  • Scorpio: With black painted nails and freshly inked tattoos, all they are trying tell me is that- YOU TO USE TUMBLR, FOLLOW ME. NOW.
  • Sagittarius: That one hot professor who stares at you and you stare back, hoping to start something new- turns out you have dried drool in both corners of your mouth and those crust boogers in your eyes and they feel bad for you. Or think you were out partying instead of writing that 4-page-double-spaced essay over the history of the fucking United States of America
  • Capricorn: The pathetic excuse they call food in the dining hall that you can't even take food from. But everyone steals the fruit and sneaks out cookies to save money. Don't drink the milk unless you want an upset stomach that lasts a week
  • Aquarius: That one person you have sexual tension with but your not sure whether or not to engage with your first fwb in college or not. Also, this same person spilled ramen on their lap and was forced to go to the ER
  • Pisces: Resisting the urge to call your parents and telling them you have become a stripper and have a roommate who every time they open their bedroom door- their room smells like week old hot pockets and $1 air freshener

15. November 2016 ::: Walking to university on a monday morning.

I thought, I’d show you some impressions of where I study. I had to walk to uni on monday because I left my bike there on friday and of course did not leave my house on the weekend (it was so cold! [and I was so lazy!]). BUT: Monday morning was just amazing. Freezing, but sunny, so I grabbed my camera and walked on. And as you may see, biking is highly common here. Enjoy!

Day 11/100
04.02.2017 Sneak peak to my University

Today we had our first mandarin meeting and learned 52 new vocabularies. It was quite a pain to remember. 😥😥😥

On other things though, here is a photo of my University. I study at the University of Sto. Tomas, claiming to be the oldest university in Southeast Asia, founded in 1611. The building in the photo is the main building which holds the College of Science, Faculty of Pharmacy and the Administrative Offices.

Zodiac SQUAD: Capricorn, Virgo, Leo & Pisces
  • Capricorn, walking past the court yard near their dormitory, sees a couple of friends & waves:
  • Capricorn, heads over to the dining hall to meet up with Leo, Virgo and Pisces, sees Leo talking nervously on the phone:
  • Leo, in a hushed tone, kinda: But Mom- No, I'm not doing drugs- what do you mean I'm lame?! You told me not to! I'm not a loser! You know what Mom, I'll call you later. Heeeeeeey Capricorn!
  • Capricorn, chuckles as they get scanned in and walk over to Leo: Save it. You are your mom's baby.
  • Leo, scoffs as they point behind them: At least I still have my youth, unlike that train wreck behind you
  • Capricorn, turns to see Scorpio take out plastic baggies and stuffs food into them: Smart.
  • Leo, laughs while they shake their head: It's wild, man
  • Virgo, walks over with Pisces who is complaining about a project they have to do with Cancer: Hey guys!
  • Pisces, pouting: Hey everyone...
  • Leo, fixes their hair: Hey Virgo, and hello there, little baby
  • Pisces, glares: Just like your pe-
  • Capricorn, claps hands: So! Anyone have any updates or anything to talk about?
  • Pisces, taking a fry off of Leo's plate: How about Leo's crush on Virgo?
  • Leo, stares at Pisces:
  • Virgo, wide-eyed and embarrassed, looking down at into their lap:
  • Capricorn, gives Pisces a look: Dude, what the fuck
  • Pisces, gets up to get some food: They are taking too long, and I'm getting tired of hear Virgo gush to me about how they like Leo. So there
  • Capricorn, shakes head and gets up after Pisces: You two should talk
  • Leo, glances over at Virgo: Is that true? That you like me, too?
  • Virgo, nods head: I didn't think I saw you in that light but after a while of thinking and failing to push away my feelings- I came to that.
  • Leo, smiles brightly: Well that's great! Would you like to go out some time?
  • Virgo, smiles at them: I would love to..

Center for Student Involvement Banners
24″ x 135″
Digital output

These banners were designed for the Center for Student Involvement, a central hub for departments that focus on student-oriented programming at Eastern Michigan University. The banners went through a number of revisions and design directions, but ultimately were not produced due to budgetary concerns.