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Request~ thumbelina sized kibum and he fell in the jinki's lunch bag \(//∇//)\

lunch buddies; onkey; pg

a/n: this prompt was so precious i had to write it immediately ////v//// tiny!kibum is so perf ;~; thank you for sending me this! ^^

Kibum huffed silently, arms folded as he camped out behind a napkin dispenser in a college cafeteria. He hadn’t eaten in a while and his little stomach was grumbling impatiently for food. This campus was close and the door was left open on this bright, sunny day, so Kibum had just walked in and climbed up onto the first table he saw. Unfortunately, it was just a table for condiments and drinks. Those things would not fill Kibum’s hungry tummy at all.

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Student dining across campus in days past, in which gendered dining halls, presence of serving staff, and the use of place mats were not uncommon.

Dining at Green Hall, one of the women’s residence halls, 1956

Hutchinson Commons, 1966

Burton-Judson Dining Hall, undated

International House Dining Room, 1936

Ida Noyes Refectory, undated

Images from our Photographic Archive

Getting Your Money's Worth at Mealtime: a Dining Hall Comparison

Aside from breakfast, I get most of my meals from Blanchard. I am not ashamed. The menu is consistent , the staff is friendly, and as one of my friends put it, “You have the convenience of going to a fast food restaurant, but with healthier options.”

However, more often than every once in a while, Blanch food becomes boring, so I turn to one of the five other dining halls we have at our disposal here. 

Because my luck is just that good, I unwittingly chose a dining hall who on that day was serving pretty Blanchard style food. So my palate couldn’t get the change it was looking for. Instead, I did get the opportunity to see how far my meal swipe can go in a dining hall in comparison to the $7.50 limit we have at Blanchard. 

The following is a list of items I got at one of the dining halls and what it would cost me to get it at Blanchard.

Food Item: Blanchard Price

  • 4 Chicken Strips: $5.25 
  • Fries: $1.75
  • Serving of veggies: $1.00 - 1.75 (depends on whether it’s from the Grill or Culinary Creations)
  • 2 slices of coffeecake: $1.50 (from Uncommon Grounds)
  • Orange: $0.65
  • Total: $10.15 - 10.90

The same meal I got in a dining hall for the low, low price of one meal swipe would cost me a meal swipe plus over three dining dollars over at Blanchard. The dining halls aren’t perfect, but at least you can eat like a king/queen and still go back for seconds.

i got an email asking me to take a survey about our on-campus dining.

why yes, i’d love to take your survey.

i just wrote them an angry vegetarian novel about how much their food sucks and how i consistently live on cereal and day-old lettuce at the salad bar. i didn’t mention that time i found a big slice of ham in my grilled cheese and how it made me throw up.

they will wish they never sent me that email, yessir.

let the wrath of the thirteen year vegetarian unfold.

Sixth Entry

Choosing a semester long project didn’t seem like it would be that huge of a deal in the first place. Try to pick one problem that is happening either on or off campus and try to improve that problem. My group chose campus food. Obviously, cafeteria food among numerous campuses lack nutrition and healthy options. First of all, Kutztown recently signed a contract with Aramark, who is a food provider. I honestly did not think it would be a huge deal trying to contact Aramark. I wanted to see what kind of options were available to different institutions and which type of meal plan Kutztown currently had. We sent an email, tried calling numerous times and received nothing. This was essentially our first obstacle we encountered. We soon began to lose hope that there was a way of fixing this problem. Proposed budget cuts towards public institutions allowed for us to realize that Kutztown University would be facing money troubles and they wouldn’t exactly want to spend more money towards cafeteria food. Multiple jobs and majors could be lost if this proposed budget passes, so why should cafeteria food be a worry? This allowed for my group to realize that there really isn’t any way of tackling this problem about the cafeteria food here at Kutztown. We realized that maybe instead of trying to revamp the whole food selection throughout the multiple cafeterias, we could just try to make students aware of what healthy options are available. For example, I just started eating lunch at the Student Union Building and immediately realized that there was a fresh deli serving hearty fresh sandwiches while other options such as a burger studio, Chick-fil-A exist as well. If students would take the time to explore their options and realize how unhealthy grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese fries can actually be, maybe students wouldn’t have to worry so much about gaining that “freshman 15” or even living a healthier lifestyle. If students would just try to focus on eating the required serving amount of fruits and vegetables at least a few times a week, they would probably perform better in school and live a much healthier lifestyle.


Before I left San Diego, Tiffany treated Kydric, Harry, and I to dinner at The Bistro at The Strand at UCSD, courtesy of her dining dollars. It was a pretty swanky place for a university campus restaurant. They provided all you can eat wonton chips wrapped in seaweed to start. We ordered some sushi rolls (with spider crab!), pork sliders, pork loin, and some amazing dessert (crème brulée and chocolate marquise). The only complaint I had was of the modern furniture, it was nice to look at, but uncomfortable to sit on.


Hot off the Press

what I ate:

The Good Fella, popcorn chicken, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, bacon, and oregano.

how it was:

So, this sandwich was basically a take on the chicken parmesan. Overall I was pretty disappointed. The chicken was bland, the cheese was not melted, and the tomato sauce was dry (how is that even possible?!). For some reason there was oregano flakes on the inside. This gave it a very overwhelming oregano spice flavor. Usually this is mixed into the sauce and most of the time you can’t even tell it’s there, but this was very “in your face” with flavor and it wasn’t good. The bacon kind of threw me off and it really did nothing for the sandwich. I love bacon with pretty much anything but on not on this sandwich, and it was very chewy.

This was a total miss for me, but! on the plus it came with a mountain of potato chips!