The signs as things as first semester in college
  • Aries: The first week that is dedicated into luring into their traps dubbed 'clubs' and 'organizations' and them talking you into going to one of those cult like events for sororities and fraternities; you can't escape, they will find you
  • Taurus: The urge to back hand annoying upper class men who are offending your eardrums without even being in their stupid conversation about how dog boobs are weird
  • Gemini: "I WOULD LIKE TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU, WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR" starter pack. Does not include tears or awkward conversation skills.
  • Cancer: Must. Find. The. People. Who. Give. Out. Free. Food. And. Money. Or. Maybe. Get. A. Rich. Upper. Classmen. To. Be. My. Sugar. Daddy/Mama.
  • Leo: The fuck do you guys mean you invested all this money into a theater and don't have a theater department? ! Well, student body government here I come.
  • Virgo: Drugs. Frat parties and so much drinking. Then freaking out finals week when the temperature drops and freezes your nipples back into studying
  • Libra: Shaving your armpits and legs more often then you open your $130+ psychology books
  • Scorpio: With black painted nails and freshly inked tattoos, all they are trying tell me is that- YOU TO USE TUMBLR, FOLLOW ME. NOW.
  • Sagittarius: That one hot professor who stares at you and you stare back, hoping to start something new- turns out you have dried drool in both corners of your mouth and those crust boogers in your eyes and they feel bad for you. Or think you were out partying instead of writing that 4-page-double-spaced essay over the history of the fucking United States of America
  • Capricorn: The pathetic excuse they call food in the dining hall that you can't even take food from. But everyone steals the fruit and sneaks out cookies to save money. Don't drink the milk unless you want an upset stomach that lasts a week
  • Aquarius: That one person you have sexual tension with but your not sure whether or not to engage with your first fwb in college or not. Also, this same person spilled ramen on their lap and was forced to go to the ER
  • Pisces: Resisting the urge to call your parents and telling them you have become a stripper and have a roommate who every time they open their bedroom door- their room smells like week old hot pockets and $1 air freshener

marianne as the goblin queen

    • i drew this last night on a whim
    • i remember seeing a lot of awesome versions of goblin marianne, so please consider this inspired by all of them
    • EDIT: a fairy bog to go with this >:)
Eating healthy at college,

Honestly, what a struggle. There is a constant abundance of junk food always floating around while away at college. Chips, pasta, pizza, fries, you name it and they have it. That isn’t completely the case with healthy choices though.

Granted, there being food I can eat anywhere is tough. I’m a gluten free pre-diabetic vegetarian. I know, what a mouthful. But to sum up my life, I cannot have sugary foods due to being a pre-diabetic and not wanting to have to poke myself daily. I cannot eat gluten due to severe IBS. AKA, it just messes my belly up too much to merit eating it. And I do not choose to eat animals. 

At college, I am practically forced to eat the same few foods day in and day out. For breakfast, my option are low-fat yogurt with almond slivers, Rice Chex with Splenda and cinnamon, or toast with peanut butter on it. I’m sure you’re sitting there wondering, but what about fresh fruit? Well, at my school fresh fruit either means moldy strawberries or fruit freshly out of a can of syrup. Yummy. 

For lunch and dinner I kind of stick to the same foods. I have a decent salad bar that offers Beyond Meat Chicken which is a fabulous gluten free vegetarian “tofu”. I highly recommend! So I’ll usually either have that by itself or in a salad. Sometimes they have avocado and I’ll have that with salt and pepper on it. Rarely, they will have a soup that is both vegetarian and gluten free. A lot of the time I’ll have to buy boxes of soup and other microwavable meals and have those throughout the week to give me some kind of variety in my diet. 

For me, eating healthy in itself is a struggle and a half. My college absolutely does not do a good job of providing healthy options for those who have dietary restrictions. 


im trying to come up with a sustainable diet for the semester

At $68,000 per year, George Washington University in Washington, D.C., is one of the most expensive schools in the country, and yet some students — most of whom receive financial aid — still don’t have enough to eat every week.

So the school opened a food pantry for students, joining over 300 other schools across the nation that have done the same.

The school’s food pantry is unmarked. Students fill out forms that list their email addresses and student ID numbers, but they do not have to give their names or discuss their finances.

“One of the things that we learned from talking to all the other universities that we spoke to this summer was one of the concerns for students is anonymity around this and being able to feel like they can use us without having any judgment,” Miller says.

He describes one student who walked in terrified of not knowing what the pantry would be like and was overjoyed and brought to tears when she saw it was like a grocery store.

More Colleges Open Food Pantries To Address Campus Hunger

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RyeACCESS and the Good Food Centre are holding a free community gardening and outdoorsy support group this summer at Ryerson University! 

Who we are: RyeACCESS is the equity centre for students with disabilities at Ryerson, challenging ableism, sanism, and audism on campus. The Good Food Centre works to reduce the impacts of food insecurity for all Ryerson community members.

What the program offers: Gardening, creative arts, meditation, discussions, and workshops depending on what participants want.

Who can participate: Any Toronto student who lives with mental health stress. We recognize the following terms: mad, consumer/survivor/user, mentally ill, crazy, neurodivergent, brainweird, and other similar terms.

What students will get: a place to de-stress, connect with each other and resources, learn skills, and chill out. Meals and TTC tokens will be provided.

Our first session is this Saturday. We will be developing community guidelines for a safer space together. All locations will be wheelchair-accessible and sober scent-free spaces. If you’d like to know more, please contact And please signal boost <3

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my friends decided to go off campus and buy food and im not going with them but im forcing them to go to burger king and buy me chicken fries, never done anything more #me

8 Questions, 8 Tags (eh)

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last movie watched: Finally watched Interstellar the other night.

last song listened to: Uh, on my walk back from class I was listening to…“I’m Not Famous” by AJR. 

last book read: Well I have all my books for classes…but besides that I’m currently reading The Industries of the Future

last thing eaten: Campus food. Although the breakfast today wasn’t all that bad. Had sausage, a biscuit, and potatoes. 

if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Ummm, I guess back on the west side of the state. I mean I love my friends over here at college, but I’m missing some people on the other side mighty fiercely. 

a fictional character you would hang out with for the day: Someone who could bestow immortality upon me. 

what fictional world/universe would you want to spend a week in: Assuming I get to use magic, definitely Harry Potter universe. 

last video game played: Rarely play any video games anymore, but played Skyrim over winter break. 

Not tagging anyone since I just did one of these. 

Hufflepuff Headcanons (Post Hogwarts)

• Hufflepuffs finishing their graduation ceremony by gathering everyone they know and exchanging their contact info 

• Talking to their core friends in their squads and trying to go to the same university as them 

• Trying desperately to get a hold on this whole ‘adult’ thing 

• Hufflepuffs more concerned about not disappointing their parents than what they actually want 

• Joining Hufflepuff alumn chat rooms to find friends and get advice 

• Automatically knowing who would be a Hufflepuff when they meet a person 

• Seeing a best friend after a long summer of drama with financial aid and crumbling into a weepy joyful mess 

• Sticking with their best best friend in the dorms to protect them from the ravages of uni life 

• Being the designated driver 9/10 times to assure their friends stay safe 

• Needing to cut loose and being the one someone will have to carry home because you partied a little too hardy 

• Knowing all the places on and around campus that delivers food 

• Often seen at the Union or cafe when not in dorm or in class 

• In 20 campus orgs but only attends meetings for 1 or 2 

• The first ones to sign up for a campus wide nerf gun battle because they get to be aggressive without hurting anyone 

• Feeling uber guilty when a nerf bullet actually does hurt someone 

• Spending finals week so hyped up on caffeine that they haven’t slept in hours, everything is too funny, and the entire dorm is clean (including the microwave) 

• Going home for the holidays and enjoying being with family but missing their friends too 

• Going to the advisers office is an unheard of action unless forced into it 

• Knows exactly where all the stops for the campus shuttles are and when they’ll show up 

• Schedules nap time and lunches into class schedules 

• “This semester I’ll do way better!” (Doesn’t

• People watching in the library and knowing all the major drama in campus without knowing anyone involved 


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