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Steve Jobs in Apple’s Campus 2 presentation video (2013)
Apple CFO Oppenheimer Talks ‘Campus 2′

Matthew Panzarino:

One reporter at the press event also seems fairly insistent on asking Oppenheimer about whether Apple thinks that the new HQ could be ‘repurposed’ when the company (inevitably?) fails. “Could it be subdivided,” the reporter queries.

Oppenheimer restrains himself admirably from reminding the reporter that Apple’s $146B cash hoard could coast it safely through the next few decades even if it decided to cease manufacturing, well, anything.


U-GE with Adidas Campus 2

今回は日本のHIPHOPダンスシーンのレジェンド、“J.S.B Underground” “SOUL 2 SOUL” “MO’ PARADISE” に所属する “U-GE” の一足にフォーカスしたい。

彼が着用しているのは、OLDSKOOL好きならマストな “Adidas Campus 2”

CampusはSuper Star等、当時人気を博したのAdidasバスケットボールシューズをタウンユース用に改良した、いわば劣化盤のようなモデル。(Campus=大学からも伺える)

1983年にリリースされ、当時のBBOYからも支持が熱かったモデルだったようで、70年代後半〜80年半ば当時の歴史、風景を写真で収めた “HIPHOP FILES” でもcheckできる。その後継モデルがCampus 2。Campus 2はヒット商品ではなかったようだが、ご存知Beastie Boysが愛用したことで爆発。他にもJamiroquaiのJ Kayが着用していたことでも有名。

そんな音楽カルチャーと親しみのあるCampus 2は、ダンスにおいても抜群の存在感を魅せてくれる。

丸みのあるシルエットは程よいボリューム感を与えてくれる◎(Nike AIR FORCE 1とPuma Suedeの中間くらいの印象)

アウトソールはSuper Starと同様の形状で、グリップ力もいい◎



日本では未発売モデルであったが、海外でも2014 S/Sのラインから外されている為、気になった・ストックが欲しいと思ったら即購入をオススメ。

また、近年はmita sneakersを筆頭にCampus 80'sがリリースされており、こちらはシルエットは細く、よりclassicを感じさせるスニーカーと言える。

ただ、Campus 2が放つHIPHOP臭、ストリート色は色褪せない “freshさ” を感じる。


Apple HQ - Campus 2
Cupertino City, USA

“All hail the mothership..”

Architect :: Norman Foster, Foster + Partners UK


Apple’s Flying Saucer

Apple’s architects were just teasing us in June when they gave us a peek at the company’s new circular headquarters planned for Cupertino. Now, a group of idyllic renderings has surfaced, offering a more detailed look at what we call the AppleSaucer, officially called “Apple Campus 2.” Watch Steve Jobs’ presentation to the Cupertino City Council (6/7/11)

And you loved me too, remember?
—  6 years ago, we met one night and it was love at first sight. Except I was 13 and he was 21. Months later, we found out each others ages and both tried to move on (before anything happened, thank goodness). We stayed friends for my 4 years of high school. I had successfully moved on (mostly, I know now) and he couldn’t get over me no matter how hard he tried. A couple weeks before my graduation, he admitted he was still in love with me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. I said maybe, since I was still with the guy and I also was going to school in Ohio (we live in New Jersey) and wasn’t sure if a long distance relationship was a good idea. I also wasn’t sure where my heart truly was. I broke it off with the other guy shortly after my friend’s graduation party. When I got to campus 2 months later, I dreamed about him and knew my heart was truly with him. We dated for a while, until I had a dream about my ex and realized I needed to get over him before I could go any farther. This made him insanely jealous and we started having problems. The jealousy, his drinking, his hiding things, my lack of time and the distance was killing our relationship but we kept trying. Eventually, we broke up for the final time. We both tried to get back together but I realized I didn’t want to because I fell in love with who I thought he could be, not who he was. He could never be the guy I wanted him to be. I told my ex this and he helped me come up with a plan to get him mad at me so he would stop trying to get me back. We told him that we’d kissed, which we didn’t, and that made him angry. I started screwing around with him, telling him I loved him and wanted him back and how sorry I was and how much I regretted it, all in the form of song lyrics. What I didn’t realize was that his falling for it was an act. He wanted to hurt me like I’d hurt him. And he did. He tricked me into getting back together for a day, then told me we actually weren’t together an started accusing me of things. He told me that I was weird for falling in love with him wen I was 13 and he was 22. I corrected him saying he had just turned 21 at the time and in a separate message sent “and you loved me too, remember?” He never replied. I’m still hurt by how he played me like that. We were once so in love and somewhere along the way, we fell apart. I’m still not sure when.