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Do you know any new fake dating aus (preferably lengthy)?? I've read everything in the tag basically 😭😭 thank you 💓💓

Bubblegum Bitch by snowmoney - Jungkook is but a simple delivery boy; the last thing he needs is a high maintenance fake boyfriend.

Blue Hawaii by officialkth - Taehyung travels to Hawaii by himself for his honeymoon, his husband having left him mere days before their wedding, and in the middle of his mourning, meets Jeongguk. They pretend to be on their honeymoon to get free stuff, but end up getting much more than free meals in the end.

whoops my hand slipped (into yours) by chahans - Taehyung didn’t like to brag, but there was only a short list of things in the world that he couldn’t do, and they were:
1) Legally ride his rocket powered unicycle on campus
2) Eat three popsicles in a row without getting brainfreeze
3) NOT be whipped for Jeon Jungkook
And now, freshly added to the list: 4) Get Jungkook’s ring off his finger
In which Taehyung gets Jungkook’s ring stuck on his ring finger and Jungkook misunderstands.

hate with a little something on the side by paintmywings - Something about Taehyung irks Jungkook. Sure, Taehyung helped his failing talk show get back on it’s feet, and they keep seeming to meet in the strangest of situations, but Jungkook can still hate the guy, right?

scam romance by cosmostasis - “I had the most brilliant idea when I woke up this morning,” Taehyung says, and this is definitely not a good thing. This is Jeongguk’s cue to back the fuck out. The last time Taehyung had a brilliant idea, Jeongguk went to the emergency room with a raisin lodged in his ear.“You know,” he begins, “I just remembered this thing I have to do. Very important, can’t skip it—”“How do you feel about pretending to be boyfriends?” (On the morning of Valentine’s Day, Taehyung proposes a plan. What follows is the systematic exploitation of every couples-only deal in the city.)

You’ll Thank Me Later by serenitae - prompt: ‘my overenthusiastic housemate keeps trying to set me up on dates so will you please pretend to be my bf to make them stop’ au or: taehyung is pretty and all-around nice guy so obvs jungkook lowkey likes him and yoongi is grumpy grandpa/matchmaker god

blind for love by socklet - It was a casual slip of the tongue for the sake of his pride. Of which Taehyung ends up having to spend several weeks holding hands with someone he can’t stand.

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Roman Naumachiae

Naumachia (detail), an imaginative recreation by Ulpiano Checa

A naumachia was a mimic sea battle that oftentook place in a constructed basin. These entertainments also took place in flooded amphitheatres. The opposing sides were prisoners of war or convicts, who fought until one side was destroyed.

The earliest naumachia recorded (46 bc) represented an engagement between the Egyptian and Tyrian fleets and was given by Julius Caesar on an artificial lake that was constructed by him in the Campus Martius. In 2 bc Augustus staged a naumachia between Athenians and Persians in a basin newly constructed on the right bank of the Tiber at Rome. In the naumachia arranged by Claudius on Lake Fucino in ad 52, 100 ships and 19,000 men participated.

The introduction of new technologies initially led to an increased number of naumachia. The first three naumachia were spaced about 50 years apart; the following six, most of which took place in amphitheatres, occurred in a space of 30 years. Less costly in material and human terms, they could afford to be staged more frequently. Less grandiose, they became a feature of the games, but could not be considered exceptional. The iconography bears witness to this. Of some twenty representations of a naumachia in Roman art, nearly all are of the Fourth Style, of the time of Nero and the Flavian dynasty.

After the Flavian period, naumachiae disappear from the texts almost completely. Apart from a mention in the Augustan History, a late source of limited reliability, only the town records (fastia) of Ostia tells us that in 109 Trajan inaugurated a naumachia basin.

A later version of the naumachia was practiced in indoor theatres, such as London’s Sadler’s Wells, during the 19th century. A tank was constructed in the pit and stalls areas, and real boats were used for the purpose.

Books Are Risen Giveaway

A new book giveaway! Follow the directions, because only people who follow the directions will get books. I have duplicates, galleys, etc, to give away. ONE book PER PERSON, US RESIDENTS ONLY. Email me the title of the book you want at roxane at along with your name and mailing address. YOU MUST EMAIL, not some other form of electronic communication. If you don’t follow these directions, I can’t help you. Please don’t say, “You choose,” because I don’t want to choose. If I respond to you, you won the book. If I don’t you didn’t. (I would reply to everyone but I get a lot of responses to these giveaways.) Have at it! Books are great. REFRESH OFTEN. You will receive your books in a few weeks if you win.

A.J. Verdelle The Good Negress
A.O. Scott Better Living Through Criticism

Abdellah Taia Another Morocco
Adam Hamdy Pendulum
Adaptation of Novel by Jane Austen A Guinea Pig Pride and Prejudice
Adrian Matejka Map to the Stars (2)
Alana Massey All the Lives I Want
Alex Gilvarry Eastman Was Here
Alexandra Brodsky & Rachel Nalebuff The Feminist Utopia Project
Alexandra Fuller Quiet Until the Thaw
Alice Hoffman Faithful
Amanda Maciel Tease
Amber Tamblyn Dark Sparkler
Amit Majmudar Dothead: Poems
Anderson Cooper and Glora Vanderbilt The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son on Life, Love, and Loss
Anis Mojgani The Pocket Knife Bible
Anna Pitoniak The Futures
Anton Disclafani The After Party
Ayesha Mattu & Nura Maznavi Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women
Ayobámi Adebáyó Stay With Me
Barbara Browning The Gift
Barbara Seyda Celia, a Slave
Ben H. Winters Underground Airlines
Beth Macy Truevine (2)
Bianca Marais Hum If You Don’t Know the Words
c n lester Trans Like Me
Camille T. Dungy Guidebook to Relative Strangers
Cara Hoffman Running
Cat Marnell How to Murder Your Life: A Memoir

Cathleen Schine They May Not Mean to, NBut They Do
Chanelle Benz The Man Who Shot Out of My Eye is Dead

Christine Hyung-Oak Lee Tell Me Everything You Don’t Remember
Chuck Palahniuk Lullaby

Claire Vaye Watkins Gold Fame Citrus
Cordelia Fine Testosterone Rex: Myths of Sex, Science, and Society
Courtney Maum Touch
Daisy Johnson FEN
David France How to Survive a Plague: The Inside STory of How Citizens and Science Tamed Aids
David Hoppe Food for Thought: An Inidiana Harvest
David Shields  Other People Takes & Mistakes
Dawn Tripp Georgia
Debora Greger In Darwin’s Room
Deborah Levy Hot Milk

Diane Von Furstenberg The Woman I Wanted to Be
Dinty W. Moore The Mindful Writer: Noble Truths of the Writing Life
Dodie Bellamy the TV Sutras
Donia Bijan The Last Days of Cafe Leila (2)
Donna Seaman Identity Unknown
Doree Shafrir Startup
Dreamland Burning Jennifer Latham
Edited by Ben Marcus New American Stories
Edited by Travis Dinicola & Zach Roth Indy Writes Books: A book lovers anthology

Edward Carey Heap House
Elan Mastai All Our Wrong Todays
Emily Fridlund History of Wolves
Emma Flint Little Deaths
Ethel Rohan The Weight of Him
Eula Biss On Immunity
Garrard Conley Boy Erased
Gary Younge Another Day in the Death of America
Gene Stone The Trump Survival Guide
Gengoroh Tagame My Brother’s Husband
Gerri Hirshey Not Pretty Enough: The Unlikely Triumph of Helen Gurley Brown
Giuseppe Catozzella  Don’t Tell Me You’re Afraid
Hannah Tennant-Moore Wreck and Order
Harper Lee Go Set a Watchman
Heather Havrilesky How to Be a Person in the World
Helene Cooper Madame President: The Extraordinary Journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Hida Viloria Born Both: An Intersex Life
Irin Carmon & Shana Knizhnik Notorious RGB
Isaac Fitzgerald & Wendy MacNaughton Knives & Ink
Isabel VIncent Dinner With Edward
J.M. Coetzee The Schooldays of Jesus
Jade Sharma Problems
Jami Attenberg The Middlesteins
Jane Smiley Golden Age
Jaroslav Kalfar Spaceman of Bohemia (2)
Jasmine Warga My Heart and other Black Holes
Jennie Melamed Gather the Daughters
Jeremiah Moss Vanishing New York: How a Great City Lost Its Soul
Jerry Pinto EM and the big HOOM
Jessica Hopper The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic
Jessica Knoll Luckiest Girl Alive

Jesús Carrasco Out In the Open
Jillian Tamaki Super Mutant Magic Academy
Joan Didion The White Album
John Freeman, Ed. Freeman’s The Best New Writing on Arrival
Jonathan Franzen Purity
Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor Welcome to Night Vale

Joe Ide IQ
Julie Murphy Ramona Blue
Karl Ove Knausgaard Autumn
Kate Harding Asking For It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture - and what we can do about it

Kelcey Parker Ervick The Bitter Life of Bozena Nemcova
Kemper Donovan The Decent Proposal
Khadijah Queen I’m So Fine: A List of Famous Men & What I Had On

Kiini Ibura Salaam When the World Wounds
Kimberley Mcreight The Outliers
Kimberly Mcreight Where They Found Her
Laird Hunt The Evening Road
Laird Hunt Neverhome
Lauren Grodstein Our Short History
Lauren Groff Fates and Furies

Laurie Jean Cannady Crave: Sojourn of a Hungry
Lisa Ko The Leavers

Lisa Wade American Hookup:The New Culture of Sex on Campus (2)
Lori Ostlund After the Parade
Loryn Brantz Feminist Baby
Louise Bennett Pond
Louise Erdich LaRose
Lucy Ives Impossible Views of the World
Lynsey G. Watching Porn And Other Confessions of an Adult Entertainment Journalist

Mallory Ortberg Texts from Jane Eyre

Mara Wilson Where Am I Now? True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame
Marie Vieux-Chaubet Dance on the Volcano

Marina Abramovic Walk Through Walls: A Memoir
Mark Bailey and Edward Hemingway All the Gin Joints (2)
Mary Laura Philpott Penguins with People Problems (2)
Mary Mahoney & Lauren Mitchell The Doulas
Masha Gessen The Brothers: The Road to an American Tragedy
Max Barry Lexicon
Max Porter Grief is the Thing with Feathers
Meena Kandasamy When I Hit You: Or, A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife
Melanie Bowden Simon La Americana
Melissa Ginsburg Sunset City
Michaela Carter Further Out Than You Thought
Mira Pitacin Poor Your Soul
Monica Dux & Zora Simic The Great Feminist Denial
N.K. Jemisin The Fifth Season

Patricia Lockwood Priestdaddy:  A Memoir
Patricia Park Re Jane
Pattiann Rogers Quickening Fields
Penelope Lively The Purple Swamp Hen
Rabih Alameddine An Unnecessary Woman
Rachel B. Glaser Paulina & Fran
Renee Engeln, PH.D. Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obesession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women
Reni Eddo-Lodge Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race
Robert Wrigley Box (2)
Rosecrans Baldwin The Last Kid Left
Roxane Gay Bad Feminist (5)
Roxane Gay Difficult Women (6)

Roxane Gay Hunger (Galley) (3)
Roxane Gay Difficult Women Audiobook (2)
Rumaan Alam Rich & Pretty
Ruth Bader Ginsburg My Own Words

Ruth Fowler No Man’s Land: A Memoir
Ryan North Romeo and Juliet
Sabaa Tahir An Ember in the Ashes

Samantha Hunt The Dark Dark
Samantha Irby We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

Sarah Knight the life changing magic of not giving a f*ck
Sarah Manguso Ongoingness: The End of a Diary
Sarah Perry After the Eclipse: A Mother’s Murder, A Daughter’s Search
Sarah Pinborough Behind Her Eyes
Shann Ray American Copper
TED Fellows Swimming Against the Tide
Therese O'Neill Umentionable
Thomas Page McBee Man Alive: A True Story of Violence, Forgiveness and Becoming a Man

Radioactivepeasant Presents: That one time I did something really stupid

Senior year of college, finals week.

I have been surviving on 4 hours of sleep a night, holding myself together with black tea and raw spinach and a handful of vitamins, so you’ll have to forgive me if my judgment was a little off.

I’m studying for a test while simultaneously packing up my room to get ready for Move Out Day, and it’s somewhere between 12:00 and 2:00 am. (Once the sun went down, time lost all meaning to me.)

Basically everyone else is in their rooms either asleep or otherwise observing Quiet Hours, and I’m here with a giant mug of tea and all the lights on, studying for an ethics exam. Just as I start to pack up my things and turn off the lights, the most incredible racket starts up.

Every car in the isolated back parking lot was setting off their alarms somehow. I lived in the part of the building facing that lot: I wouldn’t be sleeping until they turned off.

This was the third night in a row where it had happened, and I was already sleep-deprived. I did something stupid.

In my pajamas, I threw on a pair of boots and grabbed a thin bamboo staff I kept in my room as a walking stick. Then, keys in hand, I marched out to the parking lot at somewhere around midnight. I don’t know what I was planning on doing once I got there.

This was a stupid plan for 4 reasons.

1. I had no way of shutting off the alarms.

2. The campus was situated in a rough neighborhood, and nobody was allowed to go walking alone at night for that reason.

3. There was a rout of coyotes on campus that were crazy or desperate enough to attack a moving pickup truck.

4. The coyotes weren’t the only predatory animals spotted on campus. There is also a bobcat and at least two bears.

So here I am in my pajamas, wielding a bamboo stick like a staff, and walking around the parking lot. Most of the cars have stopped their alarms by now and I’m walking around and whacking the stick loudly on the ground. The thought was, anything there would know I was coming and I wouldn’t surprise anyone.

Well this absolutely terrified rabbit goes tearing past me as I’m looking under all the cars and that should’ve been my first clue that I needed to go inside Right Then.

Suddenly I hear this noise, and it was like nothing I’d ever heard before. I can only describe it as sounding like metal dragged across concrete, but it was an organic sound. All the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and for the first time it occurs to me that I’m doing something really stupid.

Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, I retreat inside and, on a whim, look up the sounds big cats make.

Yeah. There’d been a bobcat less than ten yards away from me.

And that is how I met The Incredible Mr. Whiskers, our dorm’s terrifying unofficial mascot.

Commuting to Uni - TIPS


Commuting typically means you do not live in the city where your university/school/campus is. This means, when others are on campus for 2 hours because they have a 1 ½ h lecture, you’re there for 3 hours. 

Commuting generally means you are much longer away from home than other people. This also means that you can’t just go home if you need a nap or if you forgot something. You need to be prepared. That means: Organisation is the key. Things other people rarely take with them are your essentials: phone charger/extra battery, hygiene products, things to fill up your (free~) waiting time. Etc.

For me personally, it takes about 50-60 minutes to go from outside my home door to be in the lecture hall. Sometimes less. It might not seem super long but there are also only two trains / hour so I can’t just go spontaneously. It also means I’m usually much earlier for my lectures and have a lot of time left after them. 

Since I am in my forth semester already, I feel like I have gathered a lot of experience so I thought I’d share it with you.

Things to do in the train/bus/tram

  • Read a book // I personally like to read two books “simultaneously”: One at home (usually a very thick and heavy book) and a “train book” which is usually a smaller one or just one I can’t bring myself to read when I’m at home. In the train, I am typically quite good at ignoring other people’s talking and can read quite concentrated for the 20 minutes.
  • Listen to an audiobook // this is especially helpful for when you usually are on very noisy and crowed vehicles or just usually have to take the rush hour train. You can relax, don’t have to hear other people and still “read” a book.
  • Listen to music // quite obvious, probably. Note: I have come to install Spotify Premium eventually because that just made easy access to music a lot more easy for me.
  • Enjoy the view // This is something I had to learn. But it can be nice sometimes.
  • Listen to people // It can be quite amusing sometimes.
  • Do something productive // I personally tend to get very exhausted on the way back from uni but on my way there, I sometimes get productive. However, it depends on whether there is a small “table” on the train, whether there are a lot of people and what have to do. Laptop work always works, reading articles and annotating also works most of the time, but actually writing stuff can obviously get a bit .. shaky:


  • headphones
  • a book
  • enough money to pay for an extra coffee or an extra train ticket (I am always afraid of losing mine!)
  • your keys if you have some with you
  • some extra work for uni that you can do on the train/in a café
  • a phone charger or a spare battery for your phone (!!!)
  • a big bottle of water
  • an extra snack
  • a “hyiene/bathroom-bag” with: 
    • tampons/pads/menstrual cup/panty liners (at least for the female ones here)
    • concealer
    • tissues
    • hand moisturizer
    • a small hairbrush
    • chewing gum or something else to fresh your mouth
    • deodorant (there are also deodorant tissues - very handy!)
    • band-aids (also there are certain one to cover up blisters (for when you’re wearing new shoes etc.))
    • disinfection gel (!!)
  • a small extra bag for when you can leave your backpack in uni in a locker and just make a short trip to a café.


  • where do you get your food? Take some with you? Cafeteria? Just make sure you think about it for a minute the evening before so you could prepare something to take with you.
  • Using a backpack or a handbag? Depends on your personal preference but I find a backpack much more easy and comfortable
  • Will you have longer breaks? If so, when? And where will you be? Think about it and then plan your break time, so either plan a lunch date with your friends in uni, plan in a library session, or a walk in a park to calm you down before the next lecture(s).
  • When will you leave? Which train at which time can you take? Plan this out the night before (also for your way back). I have come to always know when my trains leave and when the connection is really bad but I used to rely greatly on apps of public transportation.
  • How long will you be away and what will the weather be like? It might seem like a minor consideration topic but for commuters I guess it’s best to always have an extra cardigan with them.


It Started With...

Summary: Request: Doyoung Soulmate!AU, in which you really want to meet him, but accidentally panic when you do. College!AU

Idol: Doyoung of NCT

Word Count: 1182

Warnings: None

Before you had ever met your soulmate, he had made you laugh. Every time you looked at your wrist, where his first words to you were forever imprinted, you would laugh. Every time someone new came into your life and saw your wrist, they would question under what circumstances the two of you would meet.

Especially when you were younger, when his words made sense to no one since the trend wasn’t in then. His first words exactly?

“It’s not lit, fam.”

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College!AU Seokmin
  • major: predentistry
  • minor: none
  • sports: baseball (pitcher) 
  • clubs: a cappella, sometimes does stand up comedy at the campus talent night
  • probably the most likeable person on campus, is literally friends with EVERYONE
  • like he’s predentistry so you think most of his friends would be in the pre-med field but nope, he’s got friends from the history department to the math department to the french department. if you ever need a favor from someone, ask seokmin because he probably knows them and can help you out
  • is the pitcher for the baseball team and he’d wanted to be the catcher originally but he heard about a horror story where a catcher didn’t have his mask on and got hit straight in the mouth and as an aspiring dentist seokmin was kinda like Yikes
  • when he wears the baseball cap his ears stick out really cutely
  • has won the comedy portion of the campus talent night three months in a row and counting
  • seokmin’s moto is “a good smile makes everything better.” and jeonghan was like “you should license that and put it on your business card when you become an actual dentist.” and seokmin was like jeonghan my man you are a GENIUS 
  • is the type to make the teeth molds talk in funny voices when the teacher is distracted during lab
  • so how do you meet giggly dentist-to-be seokmin???
  • WELL it’s 2 am and you’re in the communal laundromat on campus. usually this place gets locked up at 10pm but coincidentally your roommate works the last shift there and they passed you the keys in secret so you could come down and do your laundry in peace
  • that and because you fell asleep on your textbook at 7, woke up and it was past midnight, and since you need clean clothes you begged your roommate for the key and to make a long story short you gave up morning shower privilege to get to be able to do your darn laundry this late
  • so anyway you’re sitting there, reading over some old notes when you hear a knock on the door
  • and your first instinct is to grab the big bottle of detergent and throw it at whoevers there because knocking outside of a laundromat at 2 am??? has to be a serial killer
  • but then you’re like let’s be rational, it’s probably just another student
  • and it is. you open the door to see this boy, completely out of breath holding a bright yellow laundry bag over his shoulder and wearing like flannel pajama bottoms and you’re like
  • “????are you ok???? you seem……like you ran here??”
  • and the boys like “yeah i did, im fine!! im glad this place is still open though hoshi told me it’d be closed for sure but i had to run here to check-”
  • and he finally like stops and catches his breath and looks up and you’re like,,,wow he’s cute but yes anyway,,,,and then he smiles before he continues 
  • and you swear its 2 am its dark out but
  • that smile? 
  • sunlight. pure sunlight
  • but aside from being blessed by some sun rays at this dark hour of the night the boy is like “i ran here to check and thank god it’s open!!! and someone’s here, which is even better!! im seokmin by the way!!”
  • he sticks his hand out and you shake it and kind of look over your shoulder to your laundry still in the machine and you’re like
  • “well the other machines are all yours, so-”
  • but seokmin like drops his bag and fishes out what looks like a ??? doctors coat ??? like a white lab coat and holds it up and is like
  • “how much detergent should i use just for this, do you know?”
  • and you’re looking at it and then at him and you’re like
  • “you……came here at 2 in the morning to wash your lab coat?”
  • and he’s like
  • “yeah! i was just about to go to sleep, but i was eating some chicken and the sauce dropped out of my hand and well-” 
  • he like turns the lab coat upside down and right beside the front pocket there’s a bright splotch of orange but honestly it’s only the size of maybe your thumb
  • and you’re like
  • “you know, don’t put it in the machine. i have a bleach pen you can just rub it on this small of a stain and it’ll come right off.”
  • you go over and shuffle around the bag you brought with you and bring over the pen to seokmin who’s looking at you with wide eyes 
  • you flatten the lab coat on one of the folding tables and use the pen to whiten out the stain and after a couple of rubs the stain is completely gone and you hand the coat back to seokmin
  • who’s expression is just beyond shock and you’re like ???
  • and seokmin looks down at the coat and he’s like
  • “are you a miracle worker?” and you laugh like “no, but this bleach pen is. it’s expensive too like seven bucks at CVS.”
  • seokmin starts like digging around in his pockets and you’re like ?? and he’s like “i think i only brought quarters with me and i don’t think i bought seven dollars worth, but i promise to pay you back just give me a-”
  • and you put your hands up like !! dude it’s fine, really
  • and he’s like no no i insist and you’re like “i didn’t use up the whole thing, it’s nothing - really.”
  • and seokmin smiles again and this time maybe it’s even brighter honestly you can’t tell but he smiles and he’s like “well the least i can do is stay here until your laundry finishes. if you want the company.”
  • somehow just the little sentiment makes you sheepishly shy, but you like nod because yeah why not, seokmin’s nice and you’ve got another fifteen solid minutes till your laundry’s done so….
  • (and also seokmin doesn’t explicitly say it but he’s worried about you walking home back to the dorm after you’re done. actually, when he saw you were alone there - he was pretty worried already but like he keeps that to himself although,,,,isn’t he just the softest to worry???? hehe…)
  • so seokmin sets down his laundry bag and like hops up to sit on the folding table and pulls out his phone and he’s like 
  • “wanna have a sing off??” and you’re like “…… the campus laundromat…… 2 am?”
  • and seokmin grins and shrugs his shoulders like “yeah, why not. i have that group’s new album the one everyone’s crazy about - seventeen?” and you’re like “….why do i feel like there’s a catch?”
  • seokmin wiggles his eyebrows like “wELL it’s not like im in a capella club or anything and…’s not like i have a GREAT singing voice…..”
  • and you’re like nO WAY A CAPPELLA and he’s like (—–: and you’re like “well now i know i can’t have a sing off with you, ill lose!!!” 
  • seokmin chuckles and he’s like “fair enough - dance battle then?”
  • you and seokmin don’t really battle but you do spend the rest of the time talking about your favorite music and singers
  • seokmin hands you his phone so you can look through his library and you guys bond over all the favorite albums you have in common and you even get seokmin to sing a little for you
  • and honestly fifteen minutes goes by in a flash, actually you and seokmin forget about the laundry until you get a text from your roommate like ‘dude it’s already 4 am - are you ok’ and you’re like wE’VE been TALKING for OVer an HOUR 
  • and seokmin’s like “I HAVE LAB AT SIX HOLY SHIT” and you’re like aweighfw GO What
  • and seokmin takes his stuff and is like “gonna go take power nap rip!!” and you’re like “im so sorry” and he smiles once again and he’s like
  • “don’t apologize. this was the best hour of college so far.”
  • and he waves goodbye, but like stops in his tracks and he’s like “actually, let me walk you to your dorm if that’s ok, it’s just late and ill get worried if i leave you here.”
  • you’re like oh my god not only is he funny and charming he’s also sweet am i going to crush on the guy i met at 2 am doing laundry
  • but you like scurry to get your laundry into the bag and you come up to seokmin and he takes your bag, throws it over his shoulder as well and is like “do you live on the north or south dorms?”
  • and it’s so nice of him to take you all the way to your dorm even though his is across campus and he carries your bag the whole way
  • and when he finally says goodbye he’s like
  • “i hope ill see you around!” and you’re like “yeah, me too!!”
  • and you watch as he like turns and starts to make a run for his own dorm and you’re kinda like,,,,,,,,,i really really do hope i see him again,,,,,
  • anD YOU DO !!! you see seokmin literally 5 seconds later when he runs back and he’s like
  • “if it’s cool with you, can i get your number?”
  • and in your head you’re like o H THANK GOD HE ASKED i WAS TOO SHY but on the outside you’re like “oH yeah!!! sure!!!”
  • and when you type it in seokmin like grins and again you cant stop from just falling for that smile that makes his eyes into pretty half moons and makes all his teeth visible 
  • like you don’t know what it is but you fall for that,,,it must be his charm 
  • and like the next morning you’re on your way to grab some lunch when you see someone running toward you waving their arms and like you can tell by the lab coat flapping in the wind that it’s seokmin
  • and he’s like “Hey!!! where you headed?” and you’re like “gonna get some food, how was six am lab?” and seokmin laughs and points to the dark circles under his eyes like “can you tell? it was horrible. we were making crowns too and i kept almost falling asleep and stabbing myself in the eye with one of the hooks. the person next to me kept kicking the back of my chair to keep me up.”
  • you frown and you’re like “tell me you at least ate something before the lab? drank some coffee?” and seokmin rubs the back of his head with his hand and is like “if i tell you i ate a piece of candy before lab started, does that count?”
  • and you’re like sEOKMIN FIRST of all you’re a dentist you know how bad candy can be sECOND of ALL that isn’t a meal
  • and without really thinking you take his hand in yours and and he’s like ??? and you’re like “c’mon ill treat you to a sandwich or something.”
  • and it’s kind of cute you buy the both of you lunch but for some reason as you’re about to eat you own, seokmin keeps leaning over to take your wrist and bite into your lunch instead of the perfectly good sandwich you got him
  • and you’re like “this is mine!!!” and he’s grinning while chewing like “yeah, but your’s is better!!” and you’re like “heY be thankful the sandwiches here aren’t che-” but seokmin is like reaching out to take a sip of your drink and you’re like SEOKMIN and he’s like “hehe i can’t resist soRRY!!!”
  • and it’s just a giggly casual lunch and you keep thinking that seokmin really looks good in that white lab coat like he looks like a friendly doctor that you can trust but also ….acuteboywhowouldprobablybeagreatboyfriend. what no you didn’t say anything.
  • and when he checks the time he’s like “i gotta go!! talent night starts at 9 and i promised hoshi id meet him there!” and you’re like “talent night? we have those?” and seokmin’s jaw drops he’s like “yOU DIDN’t KNOW?? it’s every other friday and you’re talking to the three-month-in-a-row champion of the comedy section.” and you’re like “huh, really? but you’re not that funny?” and seokmin gets this look of straight up HORROR he’s like “SAYS yoU wHOSE BEEN LAUGHing AT my JO-” and you start giggling like im KIDDING ofc you’re funny and seokmin calms down and just pouts like !!!! you can’t say it all serious like that
  • and you get up and poke his cheek like “THATS what you get for eating most of MY lunch.” 
  • and like seokmin smiles but you guys kind of are looking at each other and standing pretty close and it takes a moment but your face heats up and seokmin looks away and you two just kinda nervously shift further apart
  • but seokmin’s like “you…..should come and watch. if you’re free tonight, you know, no obligations or anything!!!” and you like bite your lip but ofc you tell him you’ll go because saying no to seokmin is virtually impossible
  • so before the show you fret about texting seokmin something to encourage him and like you pace back and forth in your dorm until finally you just write “good luck!!” with some emojis and like
  • throw your phone into your bag because you’re too nervous to see if he’ll reply
  • and you forget about it because you notice you’re late to get down to the talent show and you like change quickly and grab your bag and basically run out
  • you arrive out of breath and the place is cramped but in the middle of the huge crowd you can see seokmin, smiling and talking to another boy who you guess is hoshi and when seokmin sees you he waves you over
  • and shyly you come and hoshi introduces himself as seokmins best friend/wingman and seokmin elbows hoshi like Shut!!!Up!!! and hoshi just winks @ you and seokmin is like EXCUSE ME NO
  • and they bicker a bit, but you can tell it’s all in good fun until seokmin is like “gotta go get ready, see you guys when im on stage!!” and he disappears and hoshi’s like “isn’t he great?” and you’re like “yeah,,,,he is,,,,” and hoshi’s like “he deserves someone that’ll really cherish him you know?” and you’re like ……where is this talk coming from……but hoshi just smiles again and the lights dim before you can ask and the talent show starts
  • and all the acts are great but you’re excited to see seokmin and when it’s finally his turn you expect he’s going to come out in some kind of silly attire or with props because he said he’s won three months in a row with comedy
  • but instead he comes out and music starts to play and for a moment you’re in disbelief because it’s the instrumental to one of your favorite songs that you told seokmin about in the laundromat last night
  • and seokmin starts to sing 
  • and it’s ,,,, it’s the most beautiful sound in the world and his face is so full of emotions and you’re sitting there with your mouth open
  • hoshi is also sitting there with his mouth open because seokmin has only ever sung publicly with the a cappella club. he’s never sung solo. this is a FIRST
  • and literally the song and seokmin’s voice makes you fall even harder for the boy you liTERALLY met less than 24 hours ago and you don’t know if he’s doing this on purpose
  • but when the song ends he finds you with his eyes and does that charming smile
  • and you’re like oh my god my heart and when the shows done seokmin comes up to you and hoshi and ofc hoshi jumps infront of you with three hundred million questions and seokmin looks over his shoulder and goes; “you told me you liked that song. did i do it any justice?”
  • and you’re like speechless so you can only nod and seokmin steps closer to you and hoshi is like this is my cue to get out isn’t it and he does and seokmin doesn’t wait one more second 
  • he leans in and just carefully places a kiss on your lips and you’re like !!!!! and he pulls back like “oh god was that too fast? it was too fast. im s-”
  • but you’re like “no no no. it was perfect. it was what i wanted.” and tbh seokmin is like “should we wait around to hear the winners?” and you’re like “you’re the winner. to me.” and he’s like foesdawergo and gets blushy
  • but he does win and seokmin lets you wear the like fake gold medal that he gets while he walks you to your dorm (this time you two hold hands!)
  • and like you lean in to kiss him just before he goes because you’re like “you need another trophy, not just the medal.” and seokmin’s like “your trophy was better than the medal.”
  • ANd this is how a BEAUTIFUL albeit meme filled RELATIONShip BEGINS
  • from that day forward you and seokmin are sharing much more kisses
  • even though once seokmin told you to close your eyes and when you leaned in you kissed a plaster of fake teeth and not him and you litERALLY chased him around campus like I WILL KILL YOU and he was like iM SORRy IT WAS A JOKe FORGIVE ME
  • to get him back you jokingly bought him a toothbrush for your 100th day gift and he was like ????? are you telling me my breath is bad???? and you’re like “oh! i thought you’d know since you’re going to be a dentist-” and seokmin was like no way. i brush my teeth thREE times A DAY and you’re like “well—–IM JOKING here i got you this baseball hat actu-” and seokmin is like shiodeghfdnwf iS THIS BECAUSE I maDE YOU KISS the TEETH MOLD ONCE and you’re like YES IT IS
  • you go to watch seokmin’s baseball games and he gets distracted because he’s always waving at you and the catcher has to cough like fivE times to get seokmin’s attention so he finally pitches
  • but the team thinks he’s all cute and keeps wolf whistling everytime you give him kisses before a game or you visit the locker room with snacks for everyone
  • and seokmin’s ears that stick out from his cap get all red hehe
  • seokmin: “here, this is a baseball bat. i know you said you have a late night study group today so when you’re walking back to the dorm, use it if someone attacks you.”
  • you: “you’re telling me to hit someone with a baseball bat?”
  • seokmin: “only if they attack you.”
  • you: “do you want me to get expelled?”
  • seokmin: “what no i want you to be safe!! but anyway here let me teach you how to swing this-”
  • you start encouraging seokmin to sing more on his own and it’s cute because when he’s tired he’ll lay his head down in your lap and softly hum words to your favorite songs together 
  • he really likes it when you fix his lab coat. like he’s always in a hurry so when he meets up with you you’re always like “seokmin!! the collar is inside out!!” and you lean in close to fix it and seokmin just grins and you hit him playfully like stop and he’s like “sorry. sorry, you’re just so damn cute up close like this.”
  • hoshi gets your number exclusively to text you photos of seokmin doing silly things. like once seokmin got his hand stuck in some molding clay in lab and hoshi was like “ill help you bro, don’t worry - but im taking a picture to send to your significant other so they can laugh at you with me.”
  • whenever you do laundry at 2 am now you call seokmin and have more dance battles but now they end up with the two of you like kissing the heck out of each other while you wait for your clothes to dry (thank god it’s 2 am no one walks in on you)
  • except that one time jeonghan walked in on you two and was like “im never doing my laundry here again.”
  • seokmin writes a comedy skit about it and wins first place aGain
  • you’re always like “seokmin you can’t be this silly, you’re going to be a doctor some day!!” and he’s like “im going to be a dentist, so really-” and you’re like pinching his nose like !!!!! still a doctor!!!! 
  • but it’s fine, you love his silly side and his charming smile and his gorgeous voice
  • and seokmin just wants to hold you around the waist and kiss you while spinning around 
  • and you both just love each other (but also play pranks on each other like you’re 5)

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Please keep my school’s Catholic community in your prayers.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on here, but I’m one of the co-presidents of our Catholic group here on campus. Tomorrow (2/7), we’re having a spiritual adoption event in the student center, and I’m so excited for it. That being said, I do have some worries. Our campus has some very outspoken liberal and pro-choice students. Please pray that our event be well-received, that those who have differing opinions on abortion be open-minded and willing to talk with us and ask questions, and that we who are running the event will be able to respond to their questions and arguments in a calm, respectful manner and be able to accurately portray Catholic social teaching and our views when it comes to abortion and the sanctity of life.


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“You can’t stay away from him, can you?!”

Word Count: 5737

Warning: Smut

You walked into class with a positive outlook. It quickly changed when you saw yourself greeted by two men, Jaebum and Mark. Their faces glowed to see you in the same class. You spotted Jaebum on the left side in the middle rows while Mark sat on the right side near the back rows.

Well, this will be fun! you said to yourself sarcastically. You decided to sit with Mark. “Hey, I didn’t know we had the same class” Mark said happily. “Trust me, I didn’t know either” you replied wondering how the hell this even happened, was it fate? or was life trying to fuck you over?

The professor introduced himself and proceeded to start lecture. You were taking notes, yet you paused for a moment to take a breather and looked down at Jaebum. He turned around and gave you a wink and a smile. He sinfully bit his bottom lip as he turned back around to continue taking more notes. You were left in awe, flashbacking to your one night stand. You remembered how he made you feel, what your body needed, how he touched your skin. You realized you wanted more.

“Hey Earth to Y/N!” Mark said waving his hand in your face. You snapped back into reality. “Class is over, you zoned out on me. Are you ok?” Mark asked. “ Yeah, I’m fine, sorry. My mind was somewhere else” you answered. “I’ll catch you later, I have classes for the rest of the day. I’ll probably see you tomorrow, do you want to get lunch then?’ Mark asked as he was putting his backpack on to leave. “Yeah, sure. That’s fine. See you later” you said still stuffing your notebooks into your bag. “See ya” Mark said as he left for his next class. As Mark made his way to the door, you spotted Jaebum looking directly at him. Jaebum’s face changed to pure anger, he sighed and looked back at you to see that you noticed.

You looked down and hurriedly packed your bag to avoid eye contact, Jaebum chases behind you. “Hey, wait up!” he slightly yells. You decided to walk faster to avoid him, but made it to you. “Didn’t you hear me when I asked you to wait?” he asked as he was walking next to you. “No I didn’t because you didn’t ask, you yelled” you answered sarcastically. “Sorry, I don’t usually ask” he replied. “Well, you should try it sometimes, it would do you some good to be polite to people” you said driely. 

He rolled his eyes at you and you rolled yours in return. “Look enough! All I know is that I had a great time Friday night when I met you and I wanted to see if tonight you were free to hang out” he said. An evening with Jaebum, what could possibly happen? You thought and answered ”Jaebum, you’re wasting your time with me. Find someone else to hang out with” He looked disappointed and replied “Come on, you had fun Friday, didn’t you? I saw the look on your face in class, admit it!” Jaebum insisted.

Damnit, he saw. You didn’t want to confess to him, to give him the satisfaction that he was right. He leaned over to your ear and whispered softly “You won’t regret this baby”. 

Stunned, it sent shivers down your spine. “I’ll pick you up at 7pm, but I need your number” he said as he gave you his cell phone. “Fine, how else would you find me anyway” you remarked as you typed your number. “I have my ways” he smirked. “Well, that’s not creepy at all. But, I’ll see you tonight” you said as you walked away, leaving Jaebum in wonder for what would be in store the evening.

Headed back to your dorm to find BamBam sitting on the couch waiting for Christina. “Hey, I’m BamBam, nice to meet you. You’re Christina’s suitemate right?” he asked as he extended his hand. “Hi, I’m Y/N, the one and only” you answered as you shook his hand. Christina came out of her room in a bomber jacket almost matching Bambam’s. “Ok, I’m ready! how do I look?” she asked while doing a 360. “Dammnnn girl!!!, you look good baby” BamBam responded starting at Christina and got up to kiss her on the cheek. Christina pushed him away slightly and said “You’ll mess up my makeup”. He sighed and said “Ok, well let’s go then.” They actually made a nice couple. “You guys have a nice time” you said happily and waved good-bye. They left, leaving you with the dorm at your disposal. 

You looked down at your cell phone realizing you still have a few hours to spare before Jaebum comes you decided to get a head start on your homework for the week. Focused on your work, your mind kept reverting back to Friday night. What’s so special about a one night stand. But deep down, you were anticipating that tonight would have the same results. Come on Y/N, get it together. You are better than this. You don’t go around sleeping with whoever. Why did I agree to this. I should have just left him standing there. You looked up at your clock to see that Jaebum will be on his way soon.

You wore a loose t-shirt dress with a black leather jacket and ankle high leather boots. Your phone buzzed, it was Jaebum calling you and you picked up. “Hey, which dorm are you in?’ Jaebum asked. “I’m in the International House” you said. “Ok, I’m on campus, I’ll be in 2” he replied and hung up. He texted you, “I’m outside”. You looked at the time and saw it was already 7:00. Jaebum waited outside for you in his car. As soon as you got in the car, “you’re late” Jaebum said sternly. “And your point is?” you retaliated back.  

“I thought you were already out here” he said while having a firm grip on the steering wheel. “Don’t expect an apology, you should have gotten here at least 5 minutes before 7:00” you said  turning your head and saw him smirking. Why does he keep smirking every time I fuss at him. You rolled your eyes. He drove off to a destination you weren’t expecting.

You and Jaebum arrived to a restaurant. You two entered, the hostess was checking for available seats for the next guests. “Alright, how many will it be tonight?” the hostess asked. “Just two” Jaebum answered. The hostess seated you and Jaebum at a table. “Your waiter will be right with you shortly” as she handed out menus. You look over the menu, everything looks good. You look around your surroundings only to spot Christina and BamBam two tables over. 

“Ahh shit” you whispered. “What?” Jaebum asked looking up from his menu. “Nothing, my suitemate is here with BamBam” you answered. Jaebum turned his head, his eyes grew wide when he finally spotted them. “I know BamBam, he’s a good kid.  Although, I wonder why he’s with her.” Jaebum said under his breath. “What do you mean? they make a nice couple to me. They’re practically matching.” you pointed out. 

“I’m gonna go say hi to Bambam, I’ll be right back” he said as he got out of his seat. You saw Jaebum walking over to them. Christina looked up and her face looked terrified. You could hear him and Bambam speaking loudly and constantly dabbing with each other. Jaebum turned around and pointed you out from their table. You waved back at them, BamBam dabbed at you but Christina had a disgusted look on her face. What’s her problem all of sudden. Where is the waiter? Jaebum returned all smiles. You looked over again to see Christina still staring at you and Jaebum.

“Hi, I’m Mark, I’ll be your waiter for tonight” you heard, you quickly spun your head around to see Mark hovering above you and Jaebum. “Oh my God, Mark. You work here?!” you asked in shock. “Yes, I do” Mark says he looks over to Jaebum staring blankly back at him. There was a slight moment of silence. Jaebum looked back at you, you looked at Mark who stared back at Jaebum. Oh, this is awkward. “What would you guys like to drink?” Mark asked. “I would like water, please” you answered while Mark wrote on his notepad. “And you?” Mark still staring at Jaebum clenching his jaws together. You could see Jaebum becoming angry again, but he was trying his best to keep it subtle. “I would have water as well, Thank you!” Jaebum looked back at his menu. “Ok, your drinks will be out in a moment” Mark said and quickly left you two alone. “What’s wrong with you?” you asked curiously. “Nothing, I’m fine” Jaebum said smiling back at you.

“Alright, here are your drinks” Mark said as he settled the water down on the table and asked “Are you guys ready to order?”. “I’m ready, I would like bulgogi bibimbap, please?” you requested politely. “Sure, anything for you.” Mark said sarcastically back at you. Taken by his comment, you narrowed back at him. “And for you?” turning to Jaebum. “Yeah, I’ll have kimchi jijigae” Jaebum said quickly closing his menu and swiftly handed back to Mark so quickly, it hit Mark on the arm. “I’m sorry” Jaebum said to Mark. “It’s ok, your food will be out soon” Mark said swiping the menu from your grasp. You looked at Mark to see his face turning slightly red, he clenched his jaws as well and quickly left.

 “Now that we are alone, let’s talk about us” Jaebum said. “There’s no us, ok” you snorted back. “Your body says otherwise” Jaebum smiling seductively. From afar, you spotted Mark staring at you. He shook his head in disgust to see how you’re with a guy like Jaebum. Mark was hurt by the sight of you two in the restaurant. “Oh Lord, give me a break” you said under your breath. “What?” Jaebum asked. “You are terrible at conversations, I hope you know that” you answered. “I am really good at it, actually” he said leaning back in his chair. “I know you want me, I know you can’t stop thinking about it, can you?” he asked earnestly.

 You became quiet and uncomfortable, you didn’t want to boost his ego and quickly said “NO!”. “Don’t lie to me” Jaebum said. “I’m not!” you snapped back. “Ok fine, I’ll leave it alone”.Jaebum said spotting a waitress who came by the table recognizing your table didn’t have any side dishes. “I will go get your side dishes for you” she said nicely. “Thank you baby” Jaebum said winking back at her. She blushes and walked away swaying her hips. Jaebum turns around to look at the shape of her ass. “She’s sexy” Jaebum said to himself. “Wow, you are something else. Really you are! why are you like this?” You wondered. “I just am. Why? Is Y/N not getting enough attention from me?” Jaebum said teasingly. “Trust me, if anything you give me enough, I can’t handle” you replied as you took a sip of your water. The waitress return with your side dishes, as she slid them on the table making intense eye contact with Jaebum. He smirked gladly back at her. She took a napkin out of her apron and wrote her number with a drawn heart. She handed the napkin to him and winked back before leaving.

He stuffed the napkin in his pocket as if it was nothing. What is his deal? Why is he like this? “That was interesting” you said. “Yeah, I guess, I’m not going to call her though” Jaebum said. “Why?” you asked munching on kimchi. “She’s not my type” Jaebum quickly answered eating bean sprouts. “Oh….ok” you said, sipping more water. You saw Jaebum look over to Bambam stuffing his face in his food, while Christina was secretly texting underneath the table. Jaebum let out a slight laugh thinking it was funny. You looked as well, Christina looked up from her phone and narrowed her eyes at you. What is her deal? “Isn’t that funny?” Jaebum asked chuckling as he looked back at her “I’m not sure, we’ll see. I guess” you replied. 

You looked past Jaebum to see Mark coming with your food. Mark tried his hardest not to look upset, but you knew something was wrong with him. You wanted to speak with him but it was neither the time nor the place. “Here is your food” Mark placed the boiling hot bowls on the table. “Be careful, it’s hot Y/N, try not to burn your mouth” Mark said trying to smile back at you. “Thank you, Mark” you said smiling back. He slightly bowed to you and Jaebum, as he was about to leave Jaebum swiftly puts his leg out and Mark tripped over it creating a loud thud on the floor. Christina and Bambam peeked over to see what happened. 

“Mark!” you called getting out of your seat to see if he’s ok, you help him up. “I’m ok, apparently I tripped” Mark replied angrily dusting himself off, he looks at Jaebum who acted as if he hadn’t done anything wrong but says smartly “I’m sorry, my leg slipped out ” turning around to eat his food. Mark was about to rush towards him with his fists balled up, you stopped him in his tracks. You pushed him back before any damage was done. “Mark, now is not the time” you said anxiously. “Yeah, you heard the lady” Jaebum said while eating his stew.

Mark calmed himself down and was proceeded to leave, you grabbed his hand to see if he was truly ok. He swiped your hand away and said “I’m fine! I’ll see you later” and left. Before you could sit back down in your seat, you saw Christina eyes wide with her hand covering her mouth, BamBam was trying to figure out what was wrong with her. But she just stood there in shock as if she seen a ghost. You looked back at Jaebum and asked “What the hell is your problem?! You didn’t have to be an ass to him!”. “No problem at all, sit, eat your food. I’m enjoying my time here” Jaebum replied happily. You sat back down but you had already lost your appetite.

You glanced back at Christina. She hurriedly put her jacket back on leaving, with Bambam following behind her. You shook your head regretting everything even being seen with Jaebum. “Why aren’t you eating?” he asked almost finishing his stew. “I’m not hungry” you answered feeling bad for Mark. “Well, you should, you need to eat” Jaebum continued. “I don’t need to do anything” you snapped back, “Why are you acting like an ass?”. Jaebum shifted his attention back to you and said “Because I have a right too”. “A right?, he’s just doing his job, Jaebum” you said defensively. “Why are you defending him?!” Jaebum yelled. 

“Because he’s my friend” you said sternly. “Oh yeah! Well, I guess he did you a great service. I wonder what he did to make you feel this way, how many times did he spread your legs?” Jaebum said getting in your face. Your anger was reaching it’s limit and you looked at him with a death stare. “What? did I hit a soft spot?!” Jaebum said eyeing you up and down. Highly offended, you grabbed what water you had left in your glass and threw it in his face and slammed the glass to the floor shattering it to pieces. “Fuck you Jaebum!” you said angrily. The entire restaurant drew their attention on you and Jaebum. You stormed out, leaving Jaebum frozen in his seat with dripping wet hair.

You made it halfway down the street before he grabbed your arm. He pulled you back and even though you struggled he got you into his car.

“Jaebum Let me out! I’ll walk back to my dorms.” You yelled. But he was silent as he started the engine and started driving. Immediately you noticed he was going the opposite direction of your dorms. “Jaebum where are you taking me.” You asked. He was still silent. You looked over at him.  His jaw was clenched tight and his hands gripped the steering wheel tightly.

You sighed buckling your seat belt as he sped up. His hair still dripped down his shirt. You had only the slight amount of guilt. You only regretted making a scene in front of that many people. You should have  just walked away. But thinking about what he said made you angry all over again.

“How dare you!” You started fussing again. He kept silent, not even flinching when you began talking. “You’re just trying to get in my pants and you try to call me out?” You questioned angrily.

You huffed “I don’t know why I came out with you! You’re rude! and such a hypocrite! Everything is all fine when you’re flirting with other girls right in front of me. We aren’t dating but you could have some kind of decency! Then you throw a tantrum after you were wrong!” You ranted until he stopped the car.

“Get out.” He said coldly. Your head whipped around to glare at him. “I’m not getting out with you until you explain yourself, Jaebum.”

He took off his seatbelt, looking out the window.

You crossed your arms, your foot tapping impatiently. He looked at you. “You’re really not gonna let this go and come up?” he asked. You nodded slowly, with a serious look across your face.

He leaned back with a deep sigh, closing his eyes. For a few moments he was silent. His hands ran through his hair, and his chin poked out in obvious anger. After calming down enough he spoke up.

“Mark cheated with my ex. I honestly don’t think he knew but it still pisses me off to look at his face. “ he said roughly.

You looked down at your lap. You toyed with your fingers, a bit guilty that you made him reveal that.

You looked up when he reached over placing his hand on your thigh. “Don’t worry about it. Let’s just go inside and forget okay?” he said with a smirk smoothly stretched across his face.  You looked him up and down, telling he was just faking. “Are you sure you’re okay, Jaebum.”

“Don’t worry about it Y/N. My past isn’t your business.“ he said sternly.

You nodded quickly looking at him. He squeezed your thigh before stepping out of the car. He opened your door, and after you got out he lead you inside his building. Before hitting the elevator he lifted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. “It has to start in the elevator uh?” you looked into Jaebum’s eyes. “I wanted to build some momentum” Jaebum smiled and quickly kissed you. “As nice as that sounds, you forgot to press button to move the elevator or we can just stay like this” you started kissing him back. He moved and pressed five. His hands roamed your thighs lifting your dress to grab a handful of your beautiful cheeks, he pushed his weight on you to feel that he was ready. He was ready to give you what you waited for. He slowly pulled away from your soft lips to gently kiss your neck letting his tongue twirl against your skin. You let out a soft moan and softly spoke “Don’t bite”. Jaebum replies teasingly “I can’t make any promises”. The elevator finally came to a stop as the door opened, Jaebum puts you down and held out his hand. You grabbed it allowing him to lead the way.

Jaebum came to a halt and pulled out his keys. “Well, this is my apartment, I’m sure you wanted to see it” he said as he opened the door and clicked the light on. You stepped in to find everything neat and clean. Jaebum took your jacket off and set it on a hook. “Thanks” you said seeing he was being a gentlemen for once. Jaebum didn’t want to waste another second he pushed you against the wall, diving into a kiss. You couldn’t utter a word, it happened so fast. “Jump” Jaebum whispered past the kiss. You didn’t hesitate, you jumped and had your legs wrapped around his waist again continuing what he started in the elevator. He carried you to his bedroom. He sat on the bed with you still around him. His hands traveled throughout your body, you thrust your hips slowly, his bulge was turning you on. He groaned in your ear and quickly lifted you off his waist to place you on your feet. He removed your dress, you removed his shirt. He planted you on your back on the bed. 

He stood above and looked down to say “Ohh, baby. You look so good”. He pulled you closer to the edge of the bed, he slowly removed your panties. He kissed your thighs, his breath against your warmest place made you shake. You looked down at him, he looked up at you and smiled. His smile was genuine, as if he wanted you to enjoy all he had to give. He opened your moist lips and his tongue swirled around your clit. You gasped. His tongue flicked at the clit and moved downward to the opening of your pussy. His tongue moved up and down slowly and stuck it inside licking the juices that came out. You couldn’t hold it in, you grabbed his head to bury it deeper. You heaved and moaned as Jaebum alternated between your clit and pussy. He finally came to a stop and he kissed you on your lips. 

“You taste amazing” he said grinning at you. He laid next to you on the bed to remove his pants and underwear. You stared at his full erection, you placed your hand there to jack him off. He steadily entered his fingers in you. He moved them in and out each time he did; he kept going faster and faster simultaneously you speedily jacked him off. You looked into each other’s eyes, you were close to cumming but Jaebum stopped and licked the juices from his fingers. You leaned over to put his whole erection in your mouth down to the shaft. The tip of your tongue swirled the tip of his dick, Jaebum let out a low moan. You sucked and jacked in unison. His precum spilled out from his opening, you licked it off. Jaebum buried your head lower to continue, he thrust his hips upward into your mouth enabling him to feel the warmth of your mouth. 

“Oh Y/N, damnit!” he whispered breathlessly. You went faster and felt his cum, “Oh baby” he said softly as came into your mouth. You sat on top of him, his length was between your legs, you rubbed your pussy against it triggering his erection to pulse again.

Jaebum reached over to his night table and pulled a condom out, you removed your bra. He slid the condom on. Jaebum grabbed both sides of your hips, you made yourself comfortable as you slowly inserted him inside you. You moved up and down on his dick. You looked at Jaebum leaning his head back enjoying the feeling of having your pussy again. You moved faster wanting him to penetrate the deepest reaches of your body. Your breasts bounced in rhythm each time your thighs smacked against Jaebum’s. Jaebum couldn’t resist, he grabbed a handful of your breasts and pulled himself up for his tongue to work it’s way around your nipples. You leaned your head back, letting him have full advantage.

 “Jaebum!” you whispering breathlessly into his ear. “Get on your back for me, baby” he says. You got on your back, Jaebum entered slowly, he put his weight on top of you and thrust his hips forward. He kisses you. He pushed his thighs up further to go deeper. You were starting to feel dizzy. “Jaebum….” you said. “Shhhhh” as he put his finger to your lips. “Don’t speak, just feel” he said continuing to kiss you. 

He held your hands tightly wanting you to feel every inch of him. You melted underneath him, you were seeing stars, he deepened the kiss. You notice there was something different about Jaebum this time. As if he wanted to feel something, you couldn’t put your finger on it. You felt a tightness in your abdomen, you knew you were about to release, Jaebum could tell as you wrapped your legs around his waist to hit your G-spot. His thrusts became faster and faster, you were losing all senses. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as he kept going. “Jaebum! I’m about to cum” you said out of breath. Your words gave him ammunition to keep his pace. He murmured “Cum for me baby”. You screamed his name as you lost control of your body and let everything go, you came while Jaebum kept going. You screamed more as your body violently shook. Jaebum kissed you trying to keep you quiet as he kept going. “Oh my God, yes Jaebum, yes” you muffled. “Call my name. Damnit you feel so good baby” Jaebum said. His thrusts got sloppier, he was close. “Y/N!” Jaebum groaned as the condom collected his semen, his thrust began to slow down as he was finishing his moment of ecstasy. He removed the condom and threw it in the trash.

 You both were out of words, you looked at each other in silence clueless about what took place. Did you fuck or made love? Jaebum looked content and relaxed. He pulled you over to his side and spooned you with his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. You could feel his breath on your shoulder, you couldn’t stand the silence you spoke up “Jaebum, about tonight?” your voice quivered. “Shhhh, I don’t want to talk about it, I want to enjoy this with you” he said softly and kissed your neck. “Get some sleep” he said as he turned the lamplight off. Left dazed and confused, you wanted to talk about tonight, but you guess there will be another time to discuss it. Feeling warm and protected underneath Jaebum’s arms, you fell soundly asleep.  

You woke up in a hurry , the next morning. you looked around quickly seeing that you were still in Jaebum’s bed; but he was nowhere around.  You lifted yourself, searching the room for your clothes. After dressing yourself, you stepped out of his room. You saw Jaebum leaning against the counter, devouring a bowl of cereal. His shirt was off and he wore a pair of blue shorts. “You’re up~” he stated with a mouth full. You nodded quickly, pushing your hair back. “Need a ride home?” asked you. You raised an eyebrow. “Last time you were ready to send me off in a cab as soon as we finished” you teased, walking towards him. He shrugged “That’s before I figured out we could make this a regular thing” he said. He placed his bowl in the sink before closing off the space between you too.

“A regular thing? Like us hooking up?” you asked biting your lip. He smirked nodding quickly. He pulled you closer, his hand wrapped around your waist. You giggled, turning your head. “I’ll think about it Jaebum and I’ll walk home. I need fresh air.” You pulled away and walked to the door and just that quickly you were leaving.

 You took the bus halfway to your dorm and walked the remainder of the way. Your jacket in your hand and your hair still a bit messy, you obviously rushed out of where you slept. Your head tilted back as your groaned. If you wanted to avoid anyone while you looked like that, it was Mark. Anyone else seeing you like that wouldn’t be a problem; but after last night…it just seemed like it would make it worse.

When he saw you, his expression turned cold, his jaw clenched tightly. You started down the hall to your hall to your door. Mark passed your right up, like he never saw you. If you weren’t so tired you’d call his name and make him greet you. At that moment, you wanted to take a nap. Mark didn’t seem like the type to hold a grudge, so you decided to fix things after a shower and some rest.

For the next few months you and Jaebum continued to see each other, you called him when you were stressed, or on weekends when neither of you had anything to do. Mark was cold towards you. He couldn’t avoid you completely, because you had the same circle of friends; but he didn’t talk to you.

It was annoying; because you didn’t understand why he was angry with you. You defended him against Jaebum. He should thank you for being on his side.

One day your group of friends went to the went to the park, it was about nine people including you and Mark. You sat on a blanket, eating some of the fruit that was bought along. It was a nice warm day out, until you made eye contact with mark. He glared at you before he stood up and walked away heading down the walking path.

You groaned, standing up to follow him, when you caught up to him he was sitting down by against a tree.

You sat down right next to him and watched him as he scooted away from you.

“Mark…stop being this way to me.” You say, looking over at him. He scoffed, pushing his hair back. You watched him play with his fingers, as he ignored you. You groaned loudly scooting close to him and snaking your arm through his, hanging on tightly, your shoulder lying on his shoulder. He tried to ignore you even though you were that close to him.

“Mark~” you sang cutely, “I don’t know why you’re mad at me but it’s annoying.”

He looked at you, “You seriously don’t know why I’m mad at you?”

You shook your head, “I understand why you’d be mad at Jaebum; but not me.” You looked back at him. He pulled his arm away, standing up and walking away. You followed him, annoyed but trying settle this quickly. “Mark!” you said angrily as you followed behind him.

He ignored you.

“I didn’t do anything! Why are you so mad at me?” you yelled. You watched him whip his head around to you, “You didn’t sleep with him Y/N?” 

It caught you off guard and it took you a moment to answer. Was that really what he was upset about?

“M-Mark, I…it’s not like that.” You said; but his face was still filled with anger.

“Did you?” he snapped.

“Once,” you lied, “but it didn’t mean that much.”

You didn’t understand yourself. Why were you suddenly lying to him?

His face softened a bit, but there was still obvious anger. He suddenly groaned, “God damn, why is this bothering me so much?” he asked walking closer to you. It was the softest he looked at you since the restaurant incident. You were asking yourself the same thing. Why did it bother him that much who you slept with?

“Mark, I still don’t know why this so important to you, like what’s going on with us.” you asked him, scratching your head. His arms wrapped around you in a tight hug. “You’re the smartest person I know, you pass your classes with flying colors, and you can’t figure out that I like you?” he asked

You felt yourself starting to relax in his arms. It was nice and gentle. In the months, you spent hooking up with Jaebum, he never hugged you like that.

You suddenly felt guilty for lying to him; but to be honest with yourself, Mark was the relationship type. Jaebum was good to hook up with; but it was honestly all he wanted from you. His ex-girlfriend hurt him so much he didn’t want to date…and being honest you two were hardly friends at all. You didn’t know much about him at all. It had never been in your interest to know much about him, so you never asked.

You watched Mark as he leaned in for a kiss, and your lips connected for only a second. Yugyeom, a younger friend of yours (that you met through BamBam), ran up to you.

“’Noona, there’s someone here looking for you.” he said excitedly. You had to stop yourself from hitting him for his bad timing, because it wasn’t his fault.

You walked back to your friends, casually holding Mark’s hand.

First your eyes landed on Christina who was, giving you the same stank face she had been giving you since the restaurant, and sitting on BamBam’s lap.

Next your eyes landed on Jaebum, standing, and staring with dead eyes at your hands.

You stared back at him, gently letting go of Mark’s hand. “Oppa, let’s go talk.” You said walking towards him. He didn’t say anything; but he followed your lead.

He let you explain why you decided to date Mark; before he spoke. Nothing could have shocked you more or made you angrier.

“Fine. Date him, have fun…but just know I plan to take you away from him. He can’t just take what’s mine again.” He had a smirk across his face.

Your attitude changed quickly, your eyebrows raised, “I am not ‘yours’ Im Jaebum.” You said.

He pulled you close by your waist.

“Don’t forget how I made you feel Y/N,” he whispered into your ear, “I’m just warning you before it happens, and I’m letting you know I’m going to get revenge on those two.”

“Those two? Your ex has nothing to do with me.” you said angrily.

He nodded, “Oh yes she does. She’s your roommate babe.“ he said. Your eyes widened and you stared at him.

“See you later.” He slowly kissed your cheek before walking away.

You stumbled back a bit. Your eyes were still wide opened, when you turned around to see Mark.

Thank you for waiting patiently. We hope you guys enjoyed Part 2. This one was much longer. Part 3 will be coming soon. Thank you so much, we greatly appreciate it!!! :)