hey pals i wanted to apologise for having been inactive lately but i got really ill again and had a series of breakdowns which led my uni to try and force me to interrupt my studies and then the building i live in was set on fire by a random twat (no one got injured thank god but my friend’s room is pretty much destroyed and we had the pleasure of having cops all over campus for 2 entire days)

i should be back once i go home for christmas!

Are you a trans person looking for a college that will make you feel safe and tend to your needs? Here's a great site for you! has got you covered!

Don’t know where to start? This page is organized in a way where you can look at colleges by which policies they have, regarding trans students (last updated on 10/2/14).

Campus Pride also holds college fairs dedicated to showcasing MOGAI friendly colleges, including an online college fair, which you can RSVP for.

They also have resources, like online trainings, for schools and organizations

As someone who is scoping out colleges, it is so hard having to ask college admissions people awkward questions like “do you have gender inclusive housing?” or “what is your policy on pronouns/names?.” Basically, Campus Pride does the work for me. I can look at the gender inclusive housing page or the name and gender page and see a good list of colleges. 

There’s also resources on how to be a good trans ally and a checklist to see how trans-friendly your college/university is.

Campus Pride also has a national LGBT scholarship database

So yeah basically, I am in love with this site and I definitely think that trans people everywhere can benefit from this :)

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Steve Jobs in Apple’s Campus 2 presentation video (2013)


BOOKS I READ IN 2016 Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy

All in all, we’re a happy group. Sometimes I worry that we’re too happy, but then a visit to Nana’s house brings things into focus. We’re happy because we want to be, because we’re pouring our energy and emotion into each other in the best possible way.

Odin’s glad it’s nice a toasty inside because the weather is starting to look quite frightful outside!


There’s nothing quite like sitting dramatically on a flight of stairs with your best friend. (Who later had the audacity to drop me down them, talk about RUDE.)

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Apple CFO Oppenheimer Talks ‘Campus 2′

Matthew Panzarino:

One reporter at the press event also seems fairly insistent on asking Oppenheimer about whether Apple thinks that the new HQ could be ‘repurposed’ when the company (inevitably?) fails. “Could it be subdivided,” the reporter queries.

Oppenheimer restrains himself admirably from reminding the reporter that Apple’s $146B cash hoard could coast it safely through the next few decades even if it decided to cease manufacturing, well, anything.