college advice from someone who’s been on both sides of it

So I’m finishing up my Ph.D. and preparing to depart for the real world (no, just kidding, I’m going to be in school forever, only in a different capacity) and I thought I’d put together a list of some college tips to share with you all. I graduated with my B.A. in 2012, magna cum laude, with 2 majors, 1 honours thesis, 2 on-campus jobs, and 3 music things. Since then, I’ve gone to grad school and also taught six semesters of first-year seminars. Now I’m going on the job market for teaching positions. All of this means that I’ve seen both sides of the college experience, as a student and as an instructor. There are a lot of great & useful college advice posts going around studyblr this time of here, and I wanted to add my own. I hope it’s useful. So here we go, with a “read more” because it’s long (sorry if you’re on mobile):


  • find your classrooms ahead of time (profs’ offices too)
  • figure out how long it will take you to walk between places
  • figure out where your best seat will be & claim it
  • say hi to the people next to you, learn their names
  • take notes in class
  • take advantage of extra credit
  • try your best not to fall asleep in class (and if you do fall asleep, apologise to the prof afterwards)
  • bring your glasses if you need them, don’t be stubborn about it
  • check out the library, wander in the stacks, talk to the librarians
  • figure out how & where to print
  • buy used books/textbooks, or rent them, but be careful with ebooks (some profs don’t allow them)
  • plan breaks into your class schedule, or block everything together, whichever works best for you
  • work out the pros & cons of 8am classes and/or night classes
  • plan ahead – have a planner, put things in it, do them
    • fake deadlines are a thing (write down earlier deadlines, trick yourself into meeting them, bask in satisfaction)
  • grades won’t be what they were in high school
    • keep in mind GPA values: a 3.5 will see you graduating with honours
  • be nice to the departmental administrative staff, thank them for helping you (even with small things)
  • office hours versus emailing profs: both will get your questions answered (probably) but if you can go and talk in person, do it
  • profs & TAs are people too, they have lives, they have bad days
  • if something comes up, talk to your prof, be honest but don’t overshare, just show them you’re trying
  • on that note, try

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Never Challenge a Physics Major

Context: So my group usually plays D&D 3.5, but we decided to give Pathfinder a try. Because we play on campus we take a 2 hour break in the middle of sessions because everyone but the GM and myself has class at that time.

Setting in the Campaign as everyone left for class: We had just fought 100 bandits to reclaim a castle, and we see 900 more on the horizon coming as reinforcements.

Both me and the GM chat casually for the next 15 minutes, as I’m looking through everyone’s spell lists and coming up with a plan for us, then I come across a level 1 3pp spell that enlarges weapons by 1 size category.

Me as a light-bulb goes off: Oooo! Hey GM how would this spell work in terms of the weapon’s mass?

GM: I’m going to say that once you let go of the weapon, it becomes as heavy as it should be at that size.

Me with a huge grin: Hey could I increase this medium steel spear into a ginormous one and drop it from super high up, effectively hitting the army with a kinetic missile?

GM: Hmm… Ok since you have a +5 Intellegence score I’ll let you do this, but only on one condition; you must do all the calculations yourself, and before everyone gets back.


Que a hour an a half of calculations for everything (impact velocity, how high up could my character get in 30 minutes, aim, etc)

Me giddy af: DONE!

GM: Ok, roll aim.

Me: rolls a 20

GM mumbling with face in hands: What have I done…. Ok doc, give me the diagnosis….

Me: Proceeds to explain all the science

GM who’s just done with me atm: The short version please.

Me: Long story short, I dropped a 2 ton bomb off in the middle of their ranks, and everyone died do to the high amount of psi. (100 psi minimum)

GM after a long sigh: Roll to fucking loot…..

It was at this point everyone got back to find me laughing maniacally as I roll to loot the, now dead, army, and the GM, with his face in his hands, mumbling "why did I agree to this?“

Radioactivepeasant Presents: That one time I did something really stupid

Senior year of college, finals week.

I have been surviving on 4 hours of sleep a night, holding myself together with black tea and raw spinach and a handful of vitamins, so you’ll have to forgive me if my judgment was a little off.

I’m studying for a test while simultaneously packing up my room to get ready for Move Out Day, and it’s somewhere between 12:00 and 2:00 am. (Once the sun went down, time lost all meaning to me.)

Basically everyone else is in their rooms either asleep or otherwise observing Quiet Hours, and I’m here with a giant mug of tea and all the lights on, studying for an ethics exam. Just as I start to pack up my things and turn off the lights, the most incredible racket starts up.

Every car in the isolated back parking lot was setting off their alarms somehow. I lived in the part of the building facing that lot: I wouldn’t be sleeping until they turned off.

This was the third night in a row where it had happened, and I was already sleep-deprived. I did something stupid.

In my pajamas, I threw on a pair of boots and grabbed a thin bamboo staff I kept in my room as a walking stick. Then, keys in hand, I marched out to the parking lot at somewhere around midnight. I don’t know what I was planning on doing once I got there.

This was a stupid plan for 4 reasons.

1. I had no way of shutting off the alarms.

2. The campus was situated in a rough neighborhood, and nobody was allowed to go walking alone at night for that reason.

3. There was a rout of coyotes on campus that were crazy or desperate enough to attack a moving pickup truck.

4. The coyotes weren’t the only predatory animals spotted on campus. There is also a bobcat and at least two bears.

So here I am in my pajamas, wielding a bamboo stick like a staff, and walking around the parking lot. Most of the cars have stopped their alarms by now and I’m walking around and whacking the stick loudly on the ground. The thought was, anything there would know I was coming and I wouldn’t surprise anyone.

Well this absolutely terrified rabbit goes tearing past me as I’m looking under all the cars and that should’ve been my first clue that I needed to go inside Right Then.

Suddenly I hear this noise, and it was like nothing I’d ever heard before. I can only describe it as sounding like metal dragged across concrete, but it was an organic sound. All the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and for the first time it occurs to me that I’m doing something really stupid.

Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, I retreat inside and, on a whim, look up the sounds big cats make.

Yeah. There’d been a bobcat less than ten yards away from me.

And that is how I met The Incredible Mr. Whiskers, our dorm’s terrifying unofficial mascot.

Roman Naumachiae

Naumachia (detail), an imaginative recreation by Ulpiano Checa

A naumachia was a mimic sea battle that oftentook place in a constructed basin. These entertainments also took place in flooded amphitheatres. The opposing sides were prisoners of war or convicts, who fought until one side was destroyed.

The earliest naumachia recorded (46 bc) represented an engagement between the Egyptian and Tyrian fleets and was given by Julius Caesar on an artificial lake that was constructed by him in the Campus Martius. In 2 bc Augustus staged a naumachia between Athenians and Persians in a basin newly constructed on the right bank of the Tiber at Rome. In the naumachia arranged by Claudius on Lake Fucino in ad 52, 100 ships and 19,000 men participated.

The introduction of new technologies initially led to an increased number of naumachia. The first three naumachia were spaced about 50 years apart; the following six, most of which took place in amphitheatres, occurred in a space of 30 years. Less costly in material and human terms, they could afford to be staged more frequently. Less grandiose, they became a feature of the games, but could not be considered exceptional. The iconography bears witness to this. Of some twenty representations of a naumachia in Roman art, nearly all are of the Fourth Style, of the time of Nero and the Flavian dynasty.

After the Flavian period, naumachiae disappear from the texts almost completely. Apart from a mention in the Augustan History, a late source of limited reliability, only the town records (fastia) of Ostia tells us that in 109 Trajan inaugurated a naumachia basin.

A later version of the naumachia was practiced in indoor theatres, such as London’s Sadler’s Wells, during the 19th century. A tank was constructed in the pit and stalls areas, and real boats were used for the purpose.

monsta x as students

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  • Not to be stereotypical, but he’d probably be the captain of some sports team like the football/basketball/swimming team or something like that.
  • People think he’s all brawns and no brain but he actually works very hard in his studies and people are surprised when he gets good grades???
  • Is the type of person to study while at the gym – like he would prop his textbook on a chair and read it while he works out or something dfjhbdf.
  • Slightly intimidating when you see him walking around the hallways because of his Broad Shoulders™, but then you see him walk up behind Hyungwon and knock him over with one shoulder and you realise he’s just a big goof.
  • Never brings his own stationary – keeps like one (1) pen in his trouser pockets at most but he normally just borrows Minhyuk’s.
  • Eats bread 25/8. Like no joke, you’d bump into him at the convenience store and see him buy like 80 packets of sweet bread.
  • Would hold the door for you even if you were a mile away.
  • Keeps forgetting to return his library books.
  • No one knows this but he actually does a lot of volunteer work in his free time, like helping to build houses for the homeless or at an animal clinic or something.
  • Very diplomatic and polite to all of his teachers, so they can’t even get mad at him when he forgets to do his homework sometimes because of training or some sports event have you sEEN THOSE CRINKLY EYES WHEN HE SMILES I’M- fine.

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Commuting to Uni - TIPS


Commuting typically means you do not live in the city where your university/school/campus is. This means, when others are on campus for 2 hours because they have a 1 ½ h lecture, you’re there for 3 hours. 

Commuting generally means you are much longer away from home than other people. This also means that you can’t just go home if you need a nap or if you forgot something. You need to be prepared. That means: Organisation is the key. Things other people rarely take with them are your essentials: phone charger/extra battery, hygiene products, things to fill up your (free~) waiting time. Etc.

For me personally, it takes about 50-60 minutes to go from outside my home door to be in the lecture hall. Sometimes less. It might not seem super long but there are also only two trains / hour so I can’t just go spontaneously. It also means I’m usually much earlier for my lectures and have a lot of time left after them. 

Since I am in my forth semester already, I feel like I have gathered a lot of experience so I thought I’d share it with you.

Things to do in the train/bus/tram

  • Read a book // I personally like to read two books “simultaneously”: One at home (usually a very thick and heavy book) and a “train book” which is usually a smaller one or just one I can’t bring myself to read when I’m at home. In the train, I am typically quite good at ignoring other people’s talking and can read quite concentrated for the 20 minutes.
  • Listen to an audiobook // this is especially helpful for when you usually are on very noisy and crowed vehicles or just usually have to take the rush hour train. You can relax, don’t have to hear other people and still “read” a book.
  • Listen to music // quite obvious, probably. Note: I have come to install Spotify Premium eventually because that just made easy access to music a lot more easy for me.
  • Enjoy the view // This is something I had to learn. But it can be nice sometimes.
  • Listen to people // It can be quite amusing sometimes.
  • Do something productive // I personally tend to get very exhausted on the way back from uni but on my way there, I sometimes get productive. However, it depends on whether there is a small “table” on the train, whether there are a lot of people and what have to do. Laptop work always works, reading articles and annotating also works most of the time, but actually writing stuff can obviously get a bit .. shaky:


  • headphones
  • a book
  • enough money to pay for an extra coffee or an extra train ticket (I am always afraid of losing mine!)
  • your keys if you have some with you
  • some extra work for uni that you can do on the train/in a café
  • a phone charger or a spare battery for your phone (!!!)
  • a big bottle of water
  • an extra snack
  • a “hyiene/bathroom-bag” with: 
    • tampons/pads/menstrual cup/panty liners (at least for the female ones here)
    • concealer
    • tissues
    • hand moisturizer
    • a small hairbrush
    • chewing gum or something else to fresh your mouth
    • deodorant (there are also deodorant tissues - very handy!)
    • band-aids (also there are certain one to cover up blisters (for when you’re wearing new shoes etc.))
    • disinfection gel (!!)
  • a small extra bag for when you can leave your backpack in uni in a locker and just make a short trip to a café.


  • where do you get your food? Take some with you? Cafeteria? Just make sure you think about it for a minute the evening before so you could prepare something to take with you.
  • Using a backpack or a handbag? Depends on your personal preference but I find a backpack much more easy and comfortable
  • Will you have longer breaks? If so, when? And where will you be? Think about it and then plan your break time, so either plan a lunch date with your friends in uni, plan in a library session, or a walk in a park to calm you down before the next lecture(s).
  • When will you leave? Which train at which time can you take? Plan this out the night before (also for your way back). I have come to always know when my trains leave and when the connection is really bad but I used to rely greatly on apps of public transportation.
  • How long will you be away and what will the weather be like? It might seem like a minor consideration topic but for commuters I guess it’s best to always have an extra cardigan with them.


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Either "Bitch better have my money" or "Zero fucks given. Next please" for the five word prompts.

Pairing: Trimberly

“Bitch better have my money”

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Trini’s sneakers pound against the pavement as she scours the entire school grounds at the end of the day. Her eyes scan the passing areas acutely but fail to yield the results she’s seeking. Fingers fly across her phone’s screen as fast as her feet are carrying her across campus.

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College!AU Seokmin
  • major: predentistry
  • minor: none
  • sports: baseball (pitcher) 
  • clubs: a cappella, sometimes does stand up comedy at the campus talent night
  • probably the most likeable person on campus, is literally friends with EVERYONE
  • like he’s predentistry so you think most of his friends would be in the pre-med field but nope, he’s got friends from the history department to the math department to the french department. if you ever need a favor from someone, ask seokmin because he probably knows them and can help you out
  • is the pitcher for the baseball team and he’d wanted to be the catcher originally but he heard about a horror story where a catcher didn’t have his mask on and got hit straight in the mouth and as an aspiring dentist seokmin was kinda like Yikes
  • when he wears the baseball cap his ears stick out really cutely
  • has won the comedy portion of the campus talent night three months in a row and counting
  • seokmin’s moto is “a good smile makes everything better.” and jeonghan was like “you should license that and put it on your business card when you become an actual dentist.” and seokmin was like jeonghan my man you are a GENIUS 
  • is the type to make the teeth molds talk in funny voices when the teacher is distracted during lab
  • so how do you meet giggly dentist-to-be seokmin???
  • WELL it’s 2 am and you’re in the communal laundromat on campus. usually this place gets locked up at 10pm but coincidentally your roommate works the last shift there and they passed you the keys in secret so you could come down and do your laundry in peace
  • that and because you fell asleep on your textbook at 7, woke up and it was past midnight, and since you need clean clothes you begged your roommate for the key and to make a long story short you gave up morning shower privilege to get to be able to do your darn laundry this late
  • so anyway you’re sitting there, reading over some old notes when you hear a knock on the door
  • and your first instinct is to grab the big bottle of detergent and throw it at whoevers there because knocking outside of a laundromat at 2 am??? has to be a serial killer
  • but then you’re like let’s be rational, it’s probably just another student
  • and it is. you open the door to see this boy, completely out of breath holding a bright yellow laundry bag over his shoulder and wearing like flannel pajama bottoms and you’re like
  • “????are you ok???? you seem……like you ran here??”
  • and the boys like “yeah i did, im fine!! im glad this place is still open though hoshi told me it’d be closed for sure but i had to run here to check-”
  • and he finally like stops and catches his breath and looks up and you’re like,,,wow he’s cute but yes anyway,,,,and then he smiles before he continues 
  • and you swear its 2 am its dark out but
  • that smile? 
  • sunlight. pure sunlight
  • but aside from being blessed by some sun rays at this dark hour of the night the boy is like “i ran here to check and thank god it’s open!!! and someone’s here, which is even better!! im seokmin by the way!!”
  • he sticks his hand out and you shake it and kind of look over your shoulder to your laundry still in the machine and you’re like
  • “well the other machines are all yours, so-”
  • but seokmin like drops his bag and fishes out what looks like a ??? doctors coat ??? like a white lab coat and holds it up and is like
  • “how much detergent should i use just for this, do you know?”
  • and you’re looking at it and then at him and you’re like
  • “you……came here at 2 in the morning to wash your lab coat?”
  • and he’s like
  • “yeah! i was just about to go to sleep, but i was eating some chicken and the sauce dropped out of my hand and well-” 
  • he like turns the lab coat upside down and right beside the front pocket there’s a bright splotch of orange but honestly it’s only the size of maybe your thumb
  • and you’re like
  • “you know, don’t put it in the machine. i have a bleach pen you can just rub it on this small of a stain and it’ll come right off.”
  • you go over and shuffle around the bag you brought with you and bring over the pen to seokmin who’s looking at you with wide eyes 
  • you flatten the lab coat on one of the folding tables and use the pen to whiten out the stain and after a couple of rubs the stain is completely gone and you hand the coat back to seokmin
  • who’s expression is just beyond shock and you’re like ???
  • and seokmin looks down at the coat and he’s like
  • “are you a miracle worker?” and you laugh like “no, but this bleach pen is. it’s expensive too like seven bucks at CVS.”
  • seokmin starts like digging around in his pockets and you’re like ?? and he’s like “i think i only brought quarters with me and i don’t think i bought seven dollars worth, but i promise to pay you back just give me a-”
  • and you put your hands up like !! dude it’s fine, really
  • and he’s like no no i insist and you’re like “i didn’t use up the whole thing, it’s nothing - really.”
  • and seokmin smiles again and this time maybe it’s even brighter honestly you can’t tell but he smiles and he’s like “well the least i can do is stay here until your laundry finishes. if you want the company.”
  • somehow just the little sentiment makes you sheepishly shy, but you like nod because yeah why not, seokmin’s nice and you’ve got another fifteen solid minutes till your laundry’s done so….
  • (and also seokmin doesn’t explicitly say it but he’s worried about you walking home back to the dorm after you’re done. actually, when he saw you were alone there - he was pretty worried already but like he keeps that to himself although,,,,isn’t he just the softest to worry???? hehe…)
  • so seokmin sets down his laundry bag and like hops up to sit on the folding table and pulls out his phone and he’s like 
  • “wanna have a sing off??” and you’re like “…… the campus laundromat…… 2 am?”
  • and seokmin grins and shrugs his shoulders like “yeah, why not. i have that group’s new album the one everyone’s crazy about - seventeen?” and you’re like “….why do i feel like there’s a catch?”
  • seokmin wiggles his eyebrows like “wELL it’s not like im in a capella club or anything and…’s not like i have a GREAT singing voice…..”
  • and you’re like nO WAY A CAPPELLA and he’s like (—–: and you’re like “well now i know i can’t have a sing off with you, ill lose!!!” 
  • seokmin chuckles and he’s like “fair enough - dance battle then?”
  • you and seokmin don’t really battle but you do spend the rest of the time talking about your favorite music and singers
  • seokmin hands you his phone so you can look through his library and you guys bond over all the favorite albums you have in common and you even get seokmin to sing a little for you
  • and honestly fifteen minutes goes by in a flash, actually you and seokmin forget about the laundry until you get a text from your roommate like ‘dude it’s already 4 am - are you ok’ and you’re like wE’VE been TALKING for OVer an HOUR 
  • and seokmin’s like “I HAVE LAB AT SIX HOLY SHIT” and you’re like aweighfw GO What
  • and seokmin takes his stuff and is like “gonna go take power nap rip!!” and you’re like “im so sorry” and he smiles once again and he’s like
  • “don’t apologize. this was the best hour of college so far.”
  • and he waves goodbye, but like stops in his tracks and he’s like “actually, let me walk you to your dorm if that’s ok, it’s just late and ill get worried if i leave you here.”
  • you’re like oh my god not only is he funny and charming he’s also sweet am i going to crush on the guy i met at 2 am doing laundry
  • but you like scurry to get your laundry into the bag and you come up to seokmin and he takes your bag, throws it over his shoulder as well and is like “do you live on the north or south dorms?”
  • and it’s so nice of him to take you all the way to your dorm even though his is across campus and he carries your bag the whole way
  • and when he finally says goodbye he’s like
  • “i hope ill see you around!” and you’re like “yeah, me too!!”
  • and you watch as he like turns and starts to make a run for his own dorm and you’re kinda like,,,,,,,,,i really really do hope i see him again,,,,,
  • anD YOU DO !!! you see seokmin literally 5 seconds later when he runs back and he’s like
  • “if it’s cool with you, can i get your number?”
  • and in your head you’re like o H THANK GOD HE ASKED i WAS TOO SHY but on the outside you’re like “oH yeah!!! sure!!!”
  • and when you type it in seokmin like grins and again you cant stop from just falling for that smile that makes his eyes into pretty half moons and makes all his teeth visible 
  • like you don’t know what it is but you fall for that,,,it must be his charm 
  • and like the next morning you’re on your way to grab some lunch when you see someone running toward you waving their arms and like you can tell by the lab coat flapping in the wind that it’s seokmin
  • and he’s like “Hey!!! where you headed?” and you’re like “gonna get some food, how was six am lab?” and seokmin laughs and points to the dark circles under his eyes like “can you tell? it was horrible. we were making crowns too and i kept almost falling asleep and stabbing myself in the eye with one of the hooks. the person next to me kept kicking the back of my chair to keep me up.”
  • you frown and you’re like “tell me you at least ate something before the lab? drank some coffee?” and seokmin rubs the back of his head with his hand and is like “if i tell you i ate a piece of candy before lab started, does that count?”
  • and you’re like sEOKMIN FIRST of all you’re a dentist you know how bad candy can be sECOND of ALL that isn’t a meal
  • and without really thinking you take his hand in yours and and he’s like ??? and you’re like “c’mon ill treat you to a sandwich or something.”
  • and it’s kind of cute you buy the both of you lunch but for some reason as you’re about to eat you own, seokmin keeps leaning over to take your wrist and bite into your lunch instead of the perfectly good sandwich you got him
  • and you’re like “this is mine!!!” and he’s grinning while chewing like “yeah, but your’s is better!!” and you’re like “heY be thankful the sandwiches here aren’t che-” but seokmin is like reaching out to take a sip of your drink and you’re like SEOKMIN and he’s like “hehe i can’t resist soRRY!!!”
  • and it’s just a giggly casual lunch and you keep thinking that seokmin really looks good in that white lab coat like he looks like a friendly doctor that you can trust but also ….acuteboywhowouldprobablybeagreatboyfriend. what no you didn’t say anything.
  • and when he checks the time he’s like “i gotta go!! talent night starts at 9 and i promised hoshi id meet him there!” and you’re like “talent night? we have those?” and seokmin’s jaw drops he’s like “yOU DIDN’t KNOW?? it’s every other friday and you’re talking to the three-month-in-a-row champion of the comedy section.” and you’re like “huh, really? but you’re not that funny?” and seokmin gets this look of straight up HORROR he’s like “SAYS yoU wHOSE BEEN LAUGHing AT my JO-” and you start giggling like im KIDDING ofc you’re funny and seokmin calms down and just pouts like !!!! you can’t say it all serious like that
  • and you get up and poke his cheek like “THATS what you get for eating most of MY lunch.” 
  • and like seokmin smiles but you guys kind of are looking at each other and standing pretty close and it takes a moment but your face heats up and seokmin looks away and you two just kinda nervously shift further apart
  • but seokmin’s like “you…..should come and watch. if you’re free tonight, you know, no obligations or anything!!!” and you like bite your lip but ofc you tell him you’ll go because saying no to seokmin is virtually impossible
  • so before the show you fret about texting seokmin something to encourage him and like you pace back and forth in your dorm until finally you just write “good luck!!” with some emojis and like
  • throw your phone into your bag because you’re too nervous to see if he’ll reply
  • and you forget about it because you notice you’re late to get down to the talent show and you like change quickly and grab your bag and basically run out
  • you arrive out of breath and the place is cramped but in the middle of the huge crowd you can see seokmin, smiling and talking to another boy who you guess is hoshi and when seokmin sees you he waves you over
  • and shyly you come and hoshi introduces himself as seokmins best friend/wingman and seokmin elbows hoshi like Shut!!!Up!!! and hoshi just winks @ you and seokmin is like EXCUSE ME NO
  • and they bicker a bit, but you can tell it’s all in good fun until seokmin is like “gotta go get ready, see you guys when im on stage!!” and he disappears and hoshi’s like “isn’t he great?” and you’re like “yeah,,,,he is,,,,” and hoshi’s like “he deserves someone that’ll really cherish him you know?” and you’re like ……where is this talk coming from……but hoshi just smiles again and the lights dim before you can ask and the talent show starts
  • and all the acts are great but you’re excited to see seokmin and when it’s finally his turn you expect he’s going to come out in some kind of silly attire or with props because he said he’s won three months in a row with comedy
  • but instead he comes out and music starts to play and for a moment you’re in disbelief because it’s the instrumental to one of your favorite songs that you told seokmin about in the laundromat last night
  • and seokmin starts to sing 
  • and it’s ,,,, it’s the most beautiful sound in the world and his face is so full of emotions and you’re sitting there with your mouth open
  • hoshi is also sitting there with his mouth open because seokmin has only ever sung publicly with the a cappella club. he’s never sung solo. this is a FIRST
  • and literally the song and seokmin’s voice makes you fall even harder for the boy you liTERALLY met less than 24 hours ago and you don’t know if he’s doing this on purpose
  • but when the song ends he finds you with his eyes and does that charming smile
  • and you’re like oh my god my heart and when the shows done seokmin comes up to you and hoshi and ofc hoshi jumps infront of you with three hundred million questions and seokmin looks over his shoulder and goes; “you told me you liked that song. did i do it any justice?”
  • and you’re like speechless so you can only nod and seokmin steps closer to you and hoshi is like this is my cue to get out isn’t it and he does and seokmin doesn’t wait one more second 
  • he leans in and just carefully places a kiss on your lips and you’re like !!!!! and he pulls back like “oh god was that too fast? it was too fast. im s-”
  • but you’re like “no no no. it was perfect. it was what i wanted.” and tbh seokmin is like “should we wait around to hear the winners?” and you’re like “you’re the winner. to me.” and he’s like foesdawergo and gets blushy
  • but he does win and seokmin lets you wear the like fake gold medal that he gets while he walks you to your dorm (this time you two hold hands!)
  • and like you lean in to kiss him just before he goes because you’re like “you need another trophy, not just the medal.” and seokmin’s like “your trophy was better than the medal.”
  • ANd this is how a BEAUTIFUL albeit meme filled RELATIONShip BEGINS
  • from that day forward you and seokmin are sharing much more kisses
  • even though once seokmin told you to close your eyes and when you leaned in you kissed a plaster of fake teeth and not him and you litERALLY chased him around campus like I WILL KILL YOU and he was like iM SORRy IT WAS A JOKe FORGIVE ME
  • to get him back you jokingly bought him a toothbrush for your 100th day gift and he was like ????? are you telling me my breath is bad???? and you’re like “oh! i thought you’d know since you’re going to be a dentist-” and seokmin was like no way. i brush my teeth thREE times A DAY and you’re like “well—–IM JOKING here i got you this baseball hat actu-” and seokmin is like shiodeghfdnwf iS THIS BECAUSE I maDE YOU KISS the TEETH MOLD ONCE and you’re like YES IT IS
  • you go to watch seokmin’s baseball games and he gets distracted because he’s always waving at you and the catcher has to cough like fivE times to get seokmin’s attention so he finally pitches
  • but the team thinks he’s all cute and keeps wolf whistling everytime you give him kisses before a game or you visit the locker room with snacks for everyone
  • and seokmin’s ears that stick out from his cap get all red hehe
  • seokmin: “here, this is a baseball bat. i know you said you have a late night study group today so when you’re walking back to the dorm, use it if someone attacks you.”
  • you: “you’re telling me to hit someone with a baseball bat?”
  • seokmin: “only if they attack you.”
  • you: “do you want me to get expelled?”
  • seokmin: “what no i want you to be safe!! but anyway here let me teach you how to swing this-”
  • you start encouraging seokmin to sing more on his own and it’s cute because when he’s tired he’ll lay his head down in your lap and softly hum words to your favorite songs together 
  • he really likes it when you fix his lab coat. like he’s always in a hurry so when he meets up with you you’re always like “seokmin!! the collar is inside out!!” and you lean in close to fix it and seokmin just grins and you hit him playfully like stop and he’s like “sorry. sorry, you’re just so damn cute up close like this.”
  • hoshi gets your number exclusively to text you photos of seokmin doing silly things. like once seokmin got his hand stuck in some molding clay in lab and hoshi was like “ill help you bro, don’t worry - but im taking a picture to send to your significant other so they can laugh at you with me.”
  • whenever you do laundry at 2 am now you call seokmin and have more dance battles but now they end up with the two of you like kissing the heck out of each other while you wait for your clothes to dry (thank god it’s 2 am no one walks in on you)
  • except that one time jeonghan walked in on you two and was like “im never doing my laundry here again.”
  • seokmin writes a comedy skit about it and wins first place aGain
  • you’re always like “seokmin you can’t be this silly, you’re going to be a doctor some day!!” and he’s like “im going to be a dentist, so really-” and you’re like pinching his nose like !!!!! still a doctor!!!! 
  • but it’s fine, you love his silly side and his charming smile and his gorgeous voice
  • and seokmin just wants to hold you around the waist and kiss you while spinning around 
  • and you both just love each other (but also play pranks on each other like you’re 5)

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It Started With...

Summary: Request: Doyoung Soulmate!AU, in which you really want to meet him, but accidentally panic when you do. College!AU

Idol: Doyoung of NCT

Word Count: 1182

Warnings: None

Before you had ever met your soulmate, he had made you laugh. Every time you looked at your wrist, where his first words to you were forever imprinted, you would laugh. Every time someone new came into your life and saw your wrist, they would question under what circumstances the two of you would meet.

Especially when you were younger, when his words made sense to no one since the trend wasn’t in then. His first words exactly?

“It’s not lit, fam.”

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Wandering Campus ft. DK (pt. 2)

Originally posted by jongindiaries

pairing: lee seokmin (dk/dokyeom) x reader
word count: 1.1k+
admin: mingyu
genre: fluff, college!au
tags: @jisooschristneedstostopme
a/n: help me aha i have so much school work and i stilll do this to myself hahahaha this is a mess and i’m sorry if you don’t like it! i can rewrite it if you don’t!! pls request! 
here is pt. 1

  • from that fateful day that you and seokmin stayed out till 3am on your porch
  • you both began to notice each other more around campus
  • the way that his eyes lit up when he saw you was hard to miss
  • especially with his long haired friend jeonghan elbowing him right in the ribs to get his attention
  • but instead seokmin would just stare at the back of your head while you looked away
  • and little did he know that this would be a small game that the two of you would play at the beginning
  • he would see you more at his choir performances
  • across the street with groceries while you were walking home
  • between classes
  • in the local, cheap coffee shop
  • even just in the courtyard as you sat with friends
  • and from that
  • it only meant that you would talk more of course
  • “hey y/n?”
  • you looked up from your coffee to take a look at seokmin
  • “mm?”
  • “why don’t I have your number yet?”
  • it was actually a thought that made sense
  • unlike most of the things he would blurt out to you
  • such as the one time he went on about the milgram experiment to freak you out
  • but the way he had worded those very words
  • it made you burst into laughter
  • your quiet laughter sounded through the cafe
  • little did you know that Seokmin was staring at you
  • harbouring the expression of a puppy in love
  • with a big smile on his face, he couldn’t help but laugh too
  • and after you calmed down a bit
  • his phone was sitting in front of you with a new contact open
  • you plugged in your name, much to his delight
  • and your number
  • he nearly knocked over your drink while excitedly snatching back his phone to send you a text
  • and you simply laughed more
  • “you’re so cute,” you say quietly
  • seokmin had a broad smile on his face for the rest of the day
  • and minghao had to smack him with a rolled up newspaper to get him to stop
  • “stop thinking about y/n, i’d much rather your vocal exercises than your creepy ass smile”
  • study sessions became more normal for the two of you
  • between your own extracurriculars and his choir practices
  • the two of you sat in the library quietly to take notes while listening to recorded lectures
  • though most of the time you got off track because of seokmin
  • “did you know that college students have their own set of body language to communicate??”
  • it was weird things like that
  • that would throw you off your study schedule
  • “i don’t believe that”
  • “why else would the international students who are at an amateur level of korean still understand??”
  • suddenly it hit you
  • he was actually right
  • you then wondered how long he had been observing international students for
  • to make that kind of judgement
  • but the serious look on his face made you bite your lower lip
  • a smile playing on your lips once more
  • and you began laughing quietly again
  • you noticed you did that a lot with seokmin
  • he made your heart flutter with happiness very often
  • but you didn’t think he felt the same way…
  • “seriously y/n, are you on about this again?”
  • “yeah, why in the world do you think he likes me back?”
  • you had been having this talk very often with your best friend
  • you couldn’t believe that out of what she’s heard so far
  • and what she’s seen so far
  • that there’s apparently evidence that he likes you too
  • ?!?!?
  • e v i d e n c e
  • and honestly, even when she told you things like
  • how he looked at you so lovingly
  • how he took care of you
  • held you so close to him
  • was always so gentle around you despite usually being rowdy
  • always trying to show his best side around you
  • you were always so dear to his heart
  • right from the day you first met him
  • yet you didn’t really seem to grasp that this was Seokmin’s way of telling you he had a huge crush on you
  • but what you couldn’t ignore was the growing pool of nerves in your stomach
  • and your palms getting a little sweaty when you chatted with him
  • the fear of getting rejected despite your best friend telling you otherwise
  • was rather overbearing
  • so when he asked you to go to one of your school’s formals with him
  • you didn’t exactly think twice before saying yes to him
  • friend dates are cool, right????
  • but the moment you realized when this was something more
  • was when he showed up at your dorm room on time
  • with a bouquet of your favourite flowers
  • the nervous laughter that escaped him
  • the words of your best friend rang through your mind
  • so as you were filling a tall glass with water to put the flowers in
  • it finally struck you
  • why else would Seokmin be doing all the things he’s been doing over the past little while?
  • why else would it be other than that he likes you?
  • but instead of giving it more thought..
  • after you placed the flowers within the water and set the glass on your desk
  • you threw your arms around him as he was sitting on your bed
  • and you could feel the hesitation as he wrapped his arms around you in return
  • “why didn’t you tell me?”
  • it was a question the two of you asked at the same time to each other
  • and naturally, you were prompted to speak first
  • “i.. thought the way you treated me was the way you treated everyone..”
  • the smile that he wore was a gentle one, pulling you closer towards him
  • “you’re the only one i treat this way.. and the only one i want to treat this way because you deserve the world”
  • the tenderness of his voice made your heart melt as you leaned closer toward him
  • “i’m glad because i feel the same way about you”
  • but instead of a gentle kiss following this, the two of you ended up bonking noses
  • and beautiful smiles spread on both your faces when you realised
  • causing seokmin’s laughter to fill your room momentarily
  • and as it died down, he swooped down again
  • with a slight tilt of his head to gently kiss you
  • so when he pulled away after what felt like an eternity, you couldn’t help but ask
  • “are we going still?”
  • “it’s a waste if we don’t go since we’re already readyy, but at least now we won’t have to awkwardly watch each other from a distance”
  • your face reddened, a quiet snicker escaping your lips as you got up, motioning for him to follow
  • and so the two of you journeyed to the party to dance to your heart’s content
  • but all that mattered to you is that you were there with him
  • and he was there with you
  • with many kisses and embraces
  • and many more to come too
  • all because of a mail run at 1 in the morning