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Time To Choose The Theme Of My Thesis !

I need to choose one subject for the thesis of my criminology class.
Campus Bullying
Campus Sexual Assaults
Terrorism And Its Influence
I have great interest in each theme.It’s so hard to choose! Give me your points if possible guys and help me make the decision!

Actual KKK members are roaming around University of Missouri campus, terrorizing black students and authorities are doing nothing about it because there’s “no proof,” but a 14 year old gets arrested and called a “terrorist” for making a clock? No one should ever have to choose between staying alive and getting an education.

Even in our outrage-saturated age, people are capable of caring about many wrongs at the same time. I do this every day. I read reports of terrorist attacks abroad, and then a critical review of a TV show, and then dispatches from campus protests, and then a personal essay about sexism in media. I’m able to take all of this in without organizing it into a hierarchy.

Here’s to Paris and Lebanon, who have been shocked by loss and filled with terror in a span of hours. 

Here’s to our siblings of color, who are yet again being threatened in our very country.

Here is to our Muslim siblings, who because of terrorists and the shortsighted violent tendencies of us white people, are likely in danger when they do not deserve it.

You face fear and pain that I cannot hope to imagine, that I cannot hope to rectify, and I sit here in tears unable to do anything but cry and pray for all of you.
Scream Queens' Other Red Devil Talks Hester's Reign of Terror at Kappa
By Rebecca Iannucci

A few words of advice to all future Kappa Kappa Tau sisters: When a serial killer starts terrorizing your campus, you should definitely turn a suspicious eye on the sorority member who’s obsessed with death.

In the second hour of Tuesday’s two-part Scream Queens finale, Lea Michele‘s Hester was revealed to be the other baby in the bathtub and the mastermind behind Wallace University’s Red Devil killings. 

And if you were among the viewers gasping at Tuesday’s big reveal, you’re in good company. Michele herself was shocked to learn her macabre-loving character was the culprit, a discovery she made while reading the script for the finale.

“I really wasn’t thinking I was the killer at all,” Michele tells TVLine. “Having a relationship with [co-creators] Ryan [Murphy] and Brad [Falchuk] and Ian [Brennan] for so many years, I really thought they would’ve told me. So the fact that they didn’t tell me anything made me think, ‘OK, I must not be the killer then.’ But they didn’t say a word! It was so crazy to me.”

Below, Michele reveals to TVLine the characters she suspected were behind the Red Devil mask, the perils of filming the season finale and what it has been like to play the antithesis of Rachel Berry.

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