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We are seeking to train and work with current undergraduate students as our Campus Ambassadors for the 2017-2018 academic year! 😎 😍😀

Our Campus Ambassadors help build sustainable and inclusive programming for LGBTQ and ally university students and youth, all while learning our best practices on leveraging media to create change.

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University AU Headcanons


  • Didn’t get scouted for their university’s basketball team, because the scouts never noticed him. But he joined, anyway. All it meant was that he was going to have to surprise a whole new group of people all over again. 
  • Doesn’t bring lunch or snacks from home. Hence, most of the time you could find him studying in the nearest Maji Burger while eating lunch, and sometimes even dinner.
  • Always makes an impression on the profs every time he goes up to ask a question after lecture. Mostly because he startles them. Every time. They feel so bad about it that they’re extra lenient if they happen to ever be marking his exams.


  • Didn’t go to his university’s orientation week. Instead, he spent that time playing basketball on the university’s courts. By the end of the week, he’d made two new rivals. Of course, he was pleased by this.
  • He honestly forgets about studying for the entire semester, save for those days before assignments and exams. Then he crams everything in, in one night. 
  • He’s fallen asleep in lecture so many times that his lecture group, and the two other lectures after his that use the same room, have come to simply accept the fact that they have to find a way to concentrate with the tall red-haired boy snoring in the back. The profs always turn their mics up higher, to compensate. 


  • Instant campus idol, because who didn’t know the gorgeous blonde boy that was the life of the party during orientation week?
  • Joins the basketball team, of course. In doing so, he manages to gain an unwilling caretaker in the captain’s younger sibling, who is in the same program as him, and also a first year. The younger sibling is forced by the captain to ensure that Kise gets good marks in all his classes, because they desperately need him for the team, and can’t afford him being kicked out. 
  • He once, being extremely tired, took a nap in the lounge. He decided to never do that again, because he didn’t want to wake up once more to a group of fans staring at him.


  • Is that one person you always find in the library, no matter what time of day. No one even sees him get up to use the washroom. It’s rumoured he may live there, especially because he’s always carrying odd objects. Someone even started a “Get the Library Kid an Apartment” fund, which Midorima never received, because the guy running it was a huge scam artist and used the money to pay for his textbooks. 
  • Everyone on the basketball team, besides the captain, is slightly threatened by Midorima, as he manages to never skip a practice, get top marks in all his courses, and gain an internship, all in his first year. 
  • Though he would not like to admit it, the minute he walks into his dorm, he barely has enough energy to change into his pajamas before collapsing onto the bed at around 10-11 p.m.. 


  • He’s always the first one in the Health and Wellness Centre on the third day of every month. That’s the day when they bring in stress-relief puppies, to pet for as long as they were there. 
  • Momoi finally felt comfortable enough to leave Aomine to go to a different university, but made sure to choose one near his, so that she could break into his dorm every few weeks and make sure he didn’t have radioactive fungus growing in his room, and that his fridge had some healthy foods. As well, every night, Aomine has to text Momoi and recount his day to her, which he surprisingly doesn’t really mind. She was put in charge of him by his mother. She always manages to scare him into studying. But, because of her, he never really felt anxious about living on his own.
  • Aomine has gained a small cult of fans who take notes from him, during every practice, almost reverently. They call him the Lightening King, which, in his opinion, is a lame-ass name. This annoys Aomine to no end, but try as he might, he can’t scare them away. 


  • He’s that one student who gets suckered into spending an insane amount of money because he decided to buy every meal from somewhere on campus. 
  • To sustain his appetite, Murasakibara gets a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant, as a cashier. While it was taxing, no one really ever gave him a hard time, because he was always looming over them.
  • He doesn’t really study, but he attends every lecture, and makes sure to make a shrine offering before every exam.


  • In his third year, he takes part in an exchange program to study in Sweden, one of the few countries he hasn’t visited in Europe, yet. The experience is extremely liberating, because whenever he went to another country, it was only for a short period of time, which was usually jam packed with company-related tasks that needed to be dealt with. For the first time, Akashi played the tourist, and he loved it.
  • He was personally asked by the student council president in his first year to run for president for the next year. Akashi politely declined, because his responsibilities at the company were ramping up greatly. However, he did agree to become an adviser. He held too much power and control for simply an adviser, the student government found out the next year. 
  • Akashi insisted that he be able to live in a single dorm on campus, rather than an apartment, so as to gain an authentic university feel. This backfired whenever he got up at odd hours in the night to visit the residence’s communal kitchen. He felt he was being judged too harshly for someone who simply craved rice pudding at three a.m. 
It’s so obvious, but it eludes so many people. It costs nothing to become a Tree Campus. The process doesn’t cost a thing. It doesn’t take up too much time and it gets people to the table to talk and accomplish so many things, building those relationships. There’s no reason not to do it.
—  Jeremy King, Denison University’s sustainability coordinator