campus short

Sometimes hope is a thing with feathers
And sometimes hope is a thing with a snow covered snoot


“(Blame it on the) Night Moves” by Janne Marie Dauer

Made for the Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2016


College Confession #47

My friend was letting me borrow his saxophone neck (the top part of a saxaphone) and was walking around the music department to give it to me. But he kept it in his coat pocket and held it in a way that maybe looked like he had a gun. 

So long story short, campus police showed up, interrogated him, confiscated the neck, and I was late for my concert.

- Rowan University

HANDS TIGHTEN AROUND DUFFEL BAG STRAP,  pointless meandering a fruitless pursuit as he struggles to locate something as base-level as a cafeteria

      where do people get food around here? or is this place like some kind of rat maze? ❜    

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Teddy crossed himself before entering the church, head ducking despite the fact that he knew he would fit under the door frame. He certainly wasn’t Catholic, but he would make do with whatever faith was available, and St Gabriel’s Church was closest to Salem’s campus. As Teddy knew perfectly well, the place was very nearly abandoned on Tuesday afternoons.
He was content to be left to his quiet contemplation. Teddy had been sitting for nearly half an hour in his preferred pew– front left, but not too front– when the sounds of the church’s doors opened. Rotating to face the sound and feeling like a schoolboy caught red-handed, he noted the entrance of someone he actually saw around campus. She sat a short distance from him.
Leaning forward on the pew in front of him, Teddy spoke up. “Come here often?”


no place i’d rather be (than with you next to me)

“You can’t just pick the apples–”

“It’s an apple orchard–”

Bellamy stares at her, so hard that Clarke can practically feel a hole being burnt into the side of her head. His hands are on his hips in that way that he does sometimes, when he’s trying to mother-hen Octavia or trying to make sure Jasper and Monty don’t burn the place down. 


Bellamy owns a cider mill, and Clarke needs a job while she’s away at college. Slow burn. Mostly Clarke’s POV.

Author’s note: I am in a fall mood and really want to go to a cider mill, so this happened. 8k+ words. Title is from the song “Falling In Love” by Ben Rector.


The relief Clarke feels at being back on campus is pretty short lived when she realizes she’s going to go broke. 

It’s been a tough year for her, between losing her father and her relationship with her mother completely falling apart, she wasn’t sure she was going to make it back to school once September falling apart. That, combined with the fact that the house she grew up in didn’t feel like home anymore convinced Clarke to get a small apartment off campus, and she packed up what belongings she could get into her car before her mom could talk her out of it, and then she was gone.

She spent what little money she had left on the deposit, and on registering for classes, and while she was able to get a few scholarships the year before, her mother’s income pretty much ensures that the people at FAFSA are not going to give her any financial aid.

“You should get a job,” her friend Wells tells her, on the phone from California where he’s in school. “Or you could just ask your mom–”

“No,” Clarke cuts him off, “No. It’s… no. I want to do this. I don’t want to owe her anything.”

Wells is quiet, “You should do something with kids,” he says finally, “You’re good with them.”

“Good idea,” she says, smiling softly even though he can’t see her. “Thanks,” she tells him, and she hopes that he understands that she’s not just thanking him for the idea.



A month later the air on the east coast gets cooler and the leaves start to change color, and Clarke almost slams on her brakes in the middle of a two-lane highway when she drives by a cider mill that has a large sign out front advertising that they’re hiring.

It’s perfect, she realizes as she pulls in up the gravel driveway and into the parking lot. They have a giant cider mill, an apple orchard, and they offer hayrides. She sees some people milling about in red t-shirts with the name “Aurora’s” on the front, and they all look about her age, so she figures she’s a shoe-in.

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Some guy on campus wearing basketball shorts walked up to me and said “Hey dude you dress nicely, are you gay?” Then when I said no he proceeded to explain that he was extremely heterosexual??

Friday nights were never her strongest point. She would stress over studying too much, but tonight she decided to let her hair down and relax. She attended a house party a few miles away from campus, wearing a short skirt with a crop top to let her stomach show. Smiling and dancing casually around to the music, Roxanne sipped on her vodka and turned to the person in the corner. “Why so glum? There’s alcohol and plenty of cute people around.”