campus short

  • university: don't do an internship for free, that's exploitation!
  • university: *charges $6,000 to do an internship*

Sometimes hope is a thing with feathers
And sometimes hope is a thing with a snow covered snoot


She was taken as a child. Cute and creative, loved fairy tales and made up stories as easily as breathing, and born to cruel parents and an uncaring world-she was precisely the sort of child They sought. She was taken.

When she turned up in a field outside the university, no longer cute, no family to speak of, she enrolled. What else was there to do?

Nobody shares her room now. The first year she was there, they tried assigning roommates-the first one requested a transfer. The second was a freshman. Two days into rooming with her, he packed his things and left. She’s a scene of what you risk here.

She doesn’t use a name, goes through stick on “Hi, My Name Is” tags like water, wears one everywhere, Call Me Jenny, Call Me Sal, Call Me Tari. Her first month she went by twenty-three different names. She tries them on the way some of her classmates try on tops at the mall, seeing what fits, discarding what doesn’t, into a pile bigger than she is. After so much time Away, she doesn’t really know who she is, but she’s two years into her degree and has found, so far, 389 people that she isn’t. When a classmate invited her to their study group, she accepted, and showed up, five minutes early, set up chairs and notes, and gave every bit of knowledge she had. A bargain was made. Bargains must be kept.

The rest of campus shied away from her, the face that never changes expression, the eyes that seem to see too much or nothing at all. “That strange girl” they whisper as they pass, “the one who hid under the porch of Hagerworth Hall for a week, who walked around campus unclothed for a week when she was new.” And of course she had, of course freedom frightened her, of course she had no clothing, for the very same reason the stray cats about campus didn’t wear shorts, but she was strange, and she reminded them of the strangeness of EU.

One day, though, a student saw her walk into the library. She had nothing with her but a notebook and pen, and when she stepped inside she smiled, the way a dying flower smiles at the rain. She sat for hours at a small table with one chair, back to the corner, writing. When she got up to leave, the pages were torn out, fed to the fire, offerings to the ones who had raised her, and the ease in her face vanished as she crossed the threshold.

But the whispers changed, a little. And they call her what she asks, they check her for who she is today, but amongst themselves, they call her Story.


What do you mean? -  Peter Parker x reader (1/3)

Summary: Soulmate AU

You possess your soulmate’s body in a dream. Marks on your soulmate appear on your own body. You and your soulmate share all physical senses (I.E pain, heat, pleasure, etc…) Everyone is given a journal that they can use to write to their soulmate. Telepathy soulmates. 

Word count: 620

Warnings: Swearing


The thing about soulmates is that they are supposed to be the one person you can trust. The one person that is created to be with you.

And yet, you hated yours. You’ve never met the person, but the pain you felt half of the time was incredible. Was your soulmate a fucking box player or something???

You would sometimes wake up with cuts on your legs and small scratches on your arms.

The worst part was the physical senses.

Oh, the physical senses.

If it’s the middle of the winter, you would be walking around in shorts and a t-shirt because your soulmate is probably in the fucking Bahamas.

And your body hurts all.the.fucking.time.

But it wasn’t all bad.

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I just came out to my parents O_O So idk if you're taking prompts but I'd love to hear about Cat coming out

Technically I’m not, but for such a special occasion (well done, you!) I’ll make a brief exception.

She’s nine years old the first time she tries to form the thought out loud, lacking both vocabulary and imagination to express what it is she means. It’s an innocent joke after all, some great aunt or other getting a cheap laugh by suggesting that Kitty will grow up to marry the boy whose birthday they’re celebrating, in this drafty Metropolis mansion.

The force behind her no I won’t is unexpected, but Mother tells her off for being contrary, once the other adults have drifted away in search of another dry martini. This isn’t a birthday party, it’s a wake held four decades too soon, and Cat wants to go home.

You don’t have to marry the first man who asks, her mother tells her, like it’s some private joke.

I don’t have to marry any of them at all, Cat retorts, not knowing why her mother laughs.

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Ballad of Campus Accomodation Shaw

(A short piece, inspired by Elsewhere University, based on the Ballad of Minepit Shaw)

The bellow of a brass hunting horn broke the chilly night air, echoed by the baying of hounds as Suzie and Kath sprinted across the building site waste ground in front of Pelham house. Suzie held her high heels in one hand, and a bottle of vodka which was not hers in the other, while Kath had dropped her shoes a few metres back, and clutched two bottles of what she had assumed were fancy coloured spirits. They shifted in their bottles against rhythm of Kath’s run.

“Fucking Pelham house!” Kath panted. “Party flats my arse!”

“Of course he’s a fucking Gent!” Suzie groaned in exasperation. “Of course he is!

Neither of them risked a look behind them, but they both swore they heard thundering hooves and slobbering hounds. In their panic, they had made a bee-line for the muddy expanse where builders were already sinking the piles for the new Shaw House accomodation. Kath spotted a large bulldozer and grabbed Suzie’s shoulder, pulling her towards it. They ducked under it’s backhoe and pressed themselves against the shadows behind it.

They stood there holding their breath, hearing pad of paws against soft earth drawing closer. Suzie muttered and mumbled what sounded like prayers, fiddling in her purse for a packet of salt, or a bolt, or some little iron trinket. Kath leaned towards the edge of the bulldozer, about to risk a glance around, when a hand clamped on to her shoulder.

She was too startled to scream, but Suzie wasn’t, letting out a short, sharp squeak of terror. A man stood before them, dressed exactly like a campus security guard, except for the fact that every inch of clothing on his body was green. He wore a green cap, green shirt, green slacks, green boots, forest green hi-vis, even his maglite cast a pale green light over the two girls.

“Goodness, you’re in a mess aren’t you?” he said, almost off-hand, as though commenting on the weather.

Suzie looked fit to scream again, but Kath spoke first.

“Please, you have to help us. There’s a guy out there hunting us!” she said, her voice almost cracking with fear, both real and exaggerated.

“Sounds like Lord Pelham,” the green guard said with a little grimace. “A powerful lad and no mistake. Getting suspended would be the least of your troubles. You must’ve done something pretty bad to rile him like this.”

Kath frowned, shifting the bottles awkwardly in her hands.

“Well, okay. We did something pretty stupid. But please, we’ll do anything.”

Suzie shot Kath an appalled look, and Kath sighed.

“Alright, I’ll do anything.”

The green guard smiled without showing his teeth.

“Lucky for you I’m no friend of Lord Pelham. Although, it would certainly be nice to have some kind of recompense for my magnanimity….”

Suzie (a Biomed student) frowned, but Kath did Literature. She laid her bottles on the ground, and nodded for Suzie to do the same.

“Well, I’d say that’s an ample gift. Step this way.”

Kath and Suzie stepped forward, and plunged into absolute darkness. Kath felt her hip bump into something hard, like a metal table edge.

“Ugh!” Suzie said, somewhere nearby. “What’s this?”

“Just my little home. You’ll pardon me keeping it dark, but power bills are atrocious for my thousand crystal chandeliers,” came the voice of the green guard.

Suzie felt along the table edge and hopped up on to it, sitting on the edge.

“Not much in the way of furniture,” she said, shifting uncomfortably.

“I apologise,” came the guard’s voice. “I’ll admit that solid gold furniture inlaid with precious stones tends to be a little hard on the backside. I’ve only arrived recently, and haven’t had time to unload my thousand silk cushions.”

Suzie and Kath were silent for a moment. Kath ran her hand over the tabletop, feeling little lumps and bumps across its surface.

“It can’t really be gold, can it?” came Suzie’s voice.

“Even if it isn’t,” said the guard, “you’re a long way away from Lord Pelham, aren’t you?”

Kath didn’t respond. She supposed she owed him that much. She lay down on the table and closed her eyes, for all the difference it made in the dark.

When light came, it was harsh and hard. A bright autumnal morning dawned across the campus, bringing a cold breeze that blew across Kath’s sleeveless arms. She leaned up and looked around, and saw where she was. Then she let out a laugh.

She and Suzie had tumbled in the night and fallen into one of the pilings for Shaw House. She’d spent the night lying at the bottom of a muddy hole on a half-buried I-beam, and she could already feel the bruises where its rivets had dug into her. Suzie roused herself beside her, mumbling darkly about a headache.

At the top of the piling pit, a human head in a hard hat shouted down to them.

“Oh thank God!” it said. “I thought you were dead!”

“No!” Kath shouted up, smiling. “Although my friend may wish she was.”

* * *

It wasn’t until later that Kath got back to her room. On her desk was a note dotted with rhinestones and written in glittery green gel-pen.

It simply read, “Whether he was a security guard or a Gentleman, remember: ‘there’s more things told than are true, and more things true than are told’.”

At the bottom it had been signed by a ‘Lord Shaw’, in long looping handwriting.


Black Coffee (Chapter 1)

Bughead college AND coffeeshop AU

Jughead’s go-to campus coffee shop is closed so he’s forced to go to a new, much fancier one.  He’s pissed off about it until he sees a certain barista (and tastes the coffee).

My first multichapter fic!!! Title is temporary-ish? I might think of a better one. This chapter is PG but don’t worry there’ll be smut eventually ;)

The “closed this week for renovations” sign taped crookedly to the door of Coffee Planet upsets Jughead more than he’s willing to admit.  This will be the first time in the two months he’s been at this school that he hasn’t grabbed a coffee here on the way home.  Okay, maybe not the first time, but at least only the fourth or fifth, and certainly the first time that he’s gone this far out of his way just to be disappointed.

Anyway.  Coffee Planet is the only place on or near campus with a short, simple menu, which is what brought him there in the first place.  When he wants coffee, he wants it black, strong, and bitter.  And he doesn’t want to wait in line behind eight Art History majors ordering lattes.

So.  He carries on, walking past the little shop that has become a place of comfort to him over the last couple months.  He has a coffee maker in his dorm room, but he wants to drink coffee now, on the way home, and not while he’s shut up in his too-hot room with his sweaty roommate.

It occurs to him that he could go to another coffee shop, but it’s not until he walks past The Littlest Bean that the thought actually tempts him.

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College Confession #47

My friend was letting me borrow his saxophone neck (the top part of a saxaphone) and was walking around the music department to give it to me. But he kept it in his coat pocket and held it in a way that maybe looked like he had a gun. 

So long story short, campus police showed up, interrogated him, confiscated the neck, and I was late for my concert.

- Rowan University

more Monsta X in college!

Shownu: athletic scholarship, which duh he he looks like he’s on the football team. he’s always at the gym and that doesn’t surprise you. you see him on campus sometimes, sandals and shorts and always quiet. if not he’s almost always helping with functions carrying things that look like they weigh a ton and setting up. quiet but he must be sweet if he’s helping so much.

Wonho: looks like he’s on the football team but isn’t. he’s always at football games though. majors in health science. set off the dorm fire alarm because he was making ramyun his room. campus sweetheart in that everyone seems to know him and he seems to know them. he snuck an abandoned kitten into the dorms one time. somehow the cat became the dorm pet. 

Minhyuk: childhood education major, minor in psychology. is probably the head of the orientation committee for freshman. probably knows everyone. the kind of person you hear before you see. you always see him and he’s always kind. probably the one you want bothering you during finals week but the one you don’t want to bother during finals week. dance battled the school mascot during a game.

Kihyun: culinary arts major. used to major in music but no one knows why he switched. used to offer free samples of new recipes until he realized he could sell them. he still offers free pastries though. almost always in the culinary department, if not find him singing and out with his friends. will always make sure you’re eating finals week.

Hyungwon: undecided. at first was photography then film, then linguistics because he wants to travel. whatever it is he’s going to travel and he knows that. on campus celebrity because he’s been in almost every campus newspaper at least once. best dressed on campus and no one knows how he does it. the best at finding spots to chill on campus.

Jooheon: creative writing major. writes poems and raps all the time. holds showcases on campus all the time. held one in the dining hall until he was told to stop. friends with all the dining hall staff and sometimes gets snack for free when he’s running and almost always late for class. he’s probably late because he’s at every party but it’s okay. always yelling. painted himself the school colors for homecoming.

Changkyun: computer science and graphic design double major. probably runs on noodles and leaves his room only when he’s dragged out. wears the same hoodie everyday unless it’s for a party. no he cannot change your grade in the system so stop asking. real cool for sometimes dying of being a double major, should major in sarcasm though. seems shy but you saw him with his friends once and changed your mind.

So long story short my campus hosts a game once a semester called humans vs zombies. It’s pretty much just a gigantic game of tag that lasts a week. It starts where a single zombie is disguised as a human for 24 hours, silently tags people, and grows a zombie horde.
Humans are armed with socks and nerf guns, and can stun zombies in order to get away.
The zombies have one mission: to turn humans into zombies, and humans have the mission of trying to survive.
Humans have checkpoints throughout the week to further a storyline. Some humans will come and get rewards for attending checkpoints, and others will vanish for up to days at a time.

So, long story short, I want this to be a thing in Abel township. I want this to be an annual thing that half the township gets in on.
There’s casual players like Maxine and Veronica and Paula and Sam, who are usually hiding in a building somewhere plotting how to best gets humans past the checkpoint. (Or are the people who set up the game)
Jody strings up a bow to shoot socks instead of arrows, and is usually a tank when it comes to killing zombies.
Simon is a killer zombie, and can easily chase down any human.
Sara Smith is the person no zombie bothers with. She will actually kill you. When she does play as a zombie she prefers ambush tactics.
Jack and Eugene will occasionally play, but prefer to narrate the entire occasion.
Amelia usually just bribes her way out of being tagged (usually by selling out her fellow humans)
Janine is a powerhouse, and will literally hunt down zombies given the chance.
And then, freakin runner five. They always play as a zombie. You will never see them coming. They will tag up to three people in one go without being stunned. You might think you’re safe coming out of the mess hall, but before you know it runner five has tagged you. On the rare occasion you do see them coming, they’re running at you full speed with danger in their eyes. It’s the last thing you’ll ever see.

I need to see this. Six to start please.

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I had this crush on my teacher anyways she's engaged (also 10yrd older than me). So today I ran into her at the store and she was with her younger sister who is my age. Apparently good genes run in the family cause dayyuumm. Her sister's going to the college tomorrow and she asked if I had time if I could give her a tour of the campus... long story short after class tomorrow I'm giving her a tour and her sister was wearing a rainbow bracelet and she's also very pretty so is that like I sign??

That’s more than a sign. You should buy your engagement ring.


“(Blame it on the) Night Moves” by Janne Marie Dauer

Made for the Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2016


Seokjin Scenario: Personal Affairs - Part 1

Request:  Hello :) Can I request a scenario where the reader is dating Jin secretly but the twist is Jin is her professor in college and they have to keep it a secret but they get found out and he fights for her. Thank you so so much~

Genre: Romance / Drama

Part 2

It shouldn’t surprise you at all the fact that your alarm clock decided not to sound and leave you sleeping peacefully through the hour in which you should have woken up, that evil traitor. Now you were running towards the assigned classroom for the new International Affairs course you were taking this semester.

It wasn’t like you were really anticipating it, you knew were going to fall asleep in the middle of those long lectures about… well, whatever it was that you were going to see, really, it was only a pain and being so early in the morning didn’t help you like it more. 

You sneaked your way through the back doors, not wanting to receive a scold from a grumpy old man with white hair, badly fitting suits and shaky voice. There were a few empty seats at the back and you took one, at least you were only fifteen minutes late, so you smiled to yourself and finally raised your eyes towards the front. 

The professor was already there, writing an email address on the board right below his name, Kim Seokjin. Alright, you needed to take a second look because one, your new professor didn’t have a single white strand on his perfectly styled dark brown hair. Two, as far as you could see his suit fitted him to the point of perfection, if judging for the way it hugged his wide back and shoulders, you blinked twice to make sure your sleepy eyes weren’t fooling you. And three, his voice wasn’t shaky at all, it was smooth, sweet, and firm.

He turned around after finishing writing his email address and office hours for any student who wanted to ask him something outside the classroom, and you held your notebook a little tighter. You were expecting an old, grumpy, tired professor but you were met with the most handsome man you’d seen, he was like taken out from a magazine, tall, confident; with a smile that made your stomach feel weirdly funny. He was wearing a dark gray suit with a black turtle neck and everything looked so well, from his shining leather shoes to his modern looking glasses. 

You let escape an unconscious sigh while hearing him speak, giving an introduction to the course to then jump straight into a speech about intergovernmental organizations or IGOs as he said with his delightful voice and you only stared at him, unable to stop looking at him or the way his luscious lips moved.

Scratch whatever you’d said before entering the classroom and meeting your new professor. You were so excited for the new International Affairs course you were taking this semester, and Professor Kim Seokjin had everything to be with that.

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One of the social/political publications on campus is calling for short essays on social justice issues we’re passionate about and I’ve been invited to submit some writing but I don’t think a pro life virulently anti abortion, anti death penalty, anti euthanasia and assisted suicide article on the inherent sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, and classicism of these institutions is what they have in mind…. nor the fact that free speech applies to everyone, including people you don’t like (and arguably to hate speech? Even though it’s shitty and morally wrong? That’s kinda the whole thing about free will and the nature of sin? Though that’s a whole other can of worms I’m just too tired to open rn)