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August 31 2017

Wow I have a huge update but these photos suck but whatever tbh I have a headache right now

I went to UCLA yesterday for a job interview!! I think it went smoothly because I didn’t stutter and there were no awkward moments but it was hard to read the professor interviewing me. O well. Studybuddy also had a job interview and I’m pretty sure his went nicely too!!

ANYWAYS I FINALLY FOUND OUT MY ROOMMATES (as most freshmen have lol) because I went random again. I’m really happy because they seem sweet and friendly!! Plus like we sorted through the bunk and desk arrangements and everyone’s happy with it so yay again.

I also started a studygram/spam thing that I think I want to use as a complement to my studyblr (I want to post aspects of my life at UCLA that don’t necessarily focus on studying!) so ya if you would like, instagram: @studyellee

The Things You Do (TAEYONG FLUFF)

word count: 4,090

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  You were walking on the sidewalk after your morning classes were over. You stared up into the trees and witnessed how the sunlight gleamed in between every twig and leaf, creating an array of lighted dots throughout the trees shadow. Scenery near campus was so pretty, your school was a refined art school, so of course it needed to keep up appearances. All the vegetation was colorful and perfect. This imagery calmed you somehow, it was a beautiful sight, one in which made time feel slower. Like the universe was giving you opportunities to soak up some of the postivity. Because this world is an ugly, ugly place.

You took a deep breath in of the crisp air and continued down the sidewalk.

  You had nothing planned today, you were thinking of just going to your favorite restaurant and taking a dish to go. You’d go home, sit on your couch, and eat your life away while watching K-dramas. Yeah, sounded like a good plan.

  You were excited to have a day to yourself, you smiled and bounced happily with each step. Your skipping halted when you saw, dead in your tracks, a book on the ground.

  The book was clean besides the ripped pages sticking out the sides. You picked up the book to examine it’s leather backing and rough textured paper. It was a nice book, it must have just dropped not too long ago, the book wasn’t worn down and had not gathered any dirt on it yet. The pages contained lots of writing in them.
You looked around to try and figure out who could’ve dropped it, but there was no one around.

You felt bad for taking it, but if it stayed outside it could get really messed up, then you decided. This wasn’t far from your campus, so first thing tomorrow morning you would give it to your school’s lost and found.

You shoved the book in your bag and continued on your journey for food.

  You made it to the shopping center that the litte restaurant was located in. The atmosphere felt crowded and loud, a place you wanted to get out of quickly. As you walked you noticed a woman standing, selling her handmade jewelry on a tray.

The jewelry was very beautiful and unique, you could tell by the bright expression on her face that she worked hard and was proud of them.

“I might have to buy one on my way out.” You said to yourself.

Then you snapped backed into attention when you heard someone scream.

You turned around to see the woman on the ground laying on her tray, jewelry on the concrete in pieces. Her eyes widened at her work shattered before her, she turned quickly to a man walking in the opposite direction. You were almost to the restaurant doors until you went running towards the woman.

“Oh my gosh, ma'am are you alright? You’re not hurt are you?” You questioned her as you helped her to her feet.

You could see tears flowing from her cheeks and all she did was nod. You followed her gaze to her broken jewelry, then you flung yourself to the ground to try to gather all the pieces on the tray. Once it was all collected, you used your other hand to shuffle through your bag and offered her a tissue.

“Child, you’re so kind as to help me. It seems everyone else just delivers looks instead of help when a wrong has been done.” She says, sniffling.

“Excuse me, Miss? But can I ask how this happened? You asked, handing her her tray back.

“That man was getting through the crowd. He yelled at me and pushed me out the way. I landed on my things, I worked on all of this for 2 months before it was ready to sell. Now it’s worthless.”

You looked at her with a soft expression. You shuffled through your bag again to pull out your wallet.

“Ma'am? May I buy some of your jewelry?”

She looked at you puzzled.
“But it’s all shattered.”

You glanced over the rubble and picked out a pretty pink charm that could’ve came off a necklace. “How about this?”

The woman smiled.

  In all that commotion timed slipped away quickly. You were finally going to get your favorite dish. You opened the doors to find it was almost closing and noone was in the shop. You approached the counter and made your order.

 You sat at one of the booths until it was ready. You looked around and noticed you weren’t alone. There was a boy, sitting with his head down in a black hoodie. Maybe he was asleep?

   Once your order was finished, you retrieved it from the waitress as the shop was closing. All the staff looked at the sleeping boy awkwardly, like they were cautious about waking him up. You sat your things down and headed towards him. You assured the waitresses they didn’t have to worry about him, that you’d wake him up.

You placed your hand on his shoulder and gently shook him. “Hey there, it’s time to go now.”

  Ever so slowly, he lifted his head and the boy underneath the hoodie was revealing his features. He had deep brown puppy dog eyes, and messy, pastel pink hair. He was gorgeous, even after public napping in an oversized hoodie.

When he saw you his eyes widened.
“Oh, it’s you.”

You cocked your head to the side. “It’s me?”

“I hope so.”

“You know of me?” You asked.

“Yep.” He laid his head back and yawned while stretching his arms.

How could he know you?

You continued. “The shop is closing. I woke you up because it’s time to go.”

He scratched his head in confusion, then grabbed his things to get up.

You walked out the store with the boy.

“Have a nice night.” You said to him with a smile.

“That’ll be hard.” He said.

“Why?” You asked.

“Because I have no clue where I am right now.”

“Huh?” You asked, eyes widened.

“Today hasn’t been the best day.” He said shyly, fixing the back of his hair. “Let’s walk.”

“But wait, I have to go home, shouldn’t you be getting home too?” You asked.

“My phone is dead, and I don’t know what part of town we’re in, so I really ..don’t know how…”

You smiled at him. He was like a lost puppy.

You looked up and felt a drop of rain. It was going to rain soon, and it was already dark out.

“How about we make it to my house, quickly. Then, we’ll figure out how to get you home in the morning.” You asked.

He smiled at you softly. “Someone has a big heart.”

You both begin to walk. and you felt your cheeks grow hot.
“Wait, what do you mean?”

“I mean that you’re a little softie.” He responded.

“How? You don’t even know me.”

“No, but I saw you help that woman earlier, and now your helping me blindly. I could be a serial killer, but you’re still letting me come to your house until morning.”

You looked down at the ground as you walked. “Are you a serial killer?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then we’re fine.”

He giggled. “Are YOU a serial killer?”

“I don’t think so.” You responded.

“Okay-” He said, grabbing the bags you were holding, so you didn’t have to lug them around. “- Then who are you?”

“Earlier you acted like you knew?” You said in a sarcastic tone.

“Not exactly, I knew a girl who stopped everything to help an old woman infront of everyone in a busy shopping center. That’s pretty memorable. The sight kinda lightened up this shitty day for me.”

You giggled. “Glad I could help I guess. My name is Y/N.”

“That’s cute.” He said

You were blushing. “W-what about you?”

“That’s a secret you can find out at home when you decide to split this dinner with me.” He smirked.

“I barely even know you.”

“Says the one inviting me into her house.”

Once inside, you did EVENTUALLY end up splitting the food with him.

You got home late enough as it is, so the night was basically over, but you were able to watch a little TV. When the show went off, you made coffee and sat at the kitchen table with the boy.

“So, can I know your name now?” You say, sliding the coffee mug over to him.

My name is Taeyong.” He said, blowing the top of his mug.

“That’s cute.” You say.

“I know.” He says back.

You roll your eyes and remember the charm you bought from the woman. You went and grabbed your bag. You then brought it back to the table.

“What do you have there?” Taeyong said.

You shuffled around the bag but couldn’t find the tiny charm, so you ended up dumping the contents of the bag onto the table.

You picked up the charm. “I bought this charm from the woman when her jewelry broke, I felt bad she worked hard and couldn’t make any profit.”

You paused. “I know if I tried selling my work, and it got all ruined…”

You drifted off when you saw his wide eyes locked onto something on the table.

“Y/N, where did you find that book?” He asked, eyes set on it.

“I found it on campus, I didn’t know who it belonged to so I was planning on dropping it by my school’s lost and found. Why?”

“That’s my song book.” He said, grabbing the book and skimming through the pages quickly.

“It is?” You said.

He held the book to his chest and looked at you. “Yes. And I was looking for it all day. I was so torn when I lost it. I gave up looking and passed out at that restaurant.”

He sat the book down and smiled.

He then got up and walked towards you.

You backed up a little. “Taeyong?”

He then wrapped his arms around you.
His tight, warm embrace was so comfortable. You could get lost in it forever. This was one of the moments where time felt slowed.

Then, he spoke in a low, but gentle whisper to himself.

“How come the first moment I laid eyes on you, all you’ve done is make me feel happy?”

You felt your cheeks turn dark red.
“U-uh I didn’t.. I wasn’t-”

“You’re like a good luck charm. You gave me hope earlier when you helped the woman, you woke me up and made sure I wasn’t left behind at the restaurant, & you let me stay at your home. You even found my book.”

He backed away and gave you the most sweet, adoring smile.
“Thank you, Y/N!”


“Y-you’re welcome, Taeyong.” You said, still shaken up that this beautiful boy was just hugging you so tightly.

“Are we ready for bed?” He said raising his eyebrows suggestively.

“You might be, but on the couch.” You said sarcastically, returning his look.

Y/N~~ That’s no fun! What if I get cold!”

“Then I’ll bring you a blanket.”

“But what if I’m lonely!”


“I have a disorder where I need to cuddle in order to sleep, and without sleep you can die.”

“I’m sorry Taeyong, but you can’t come to my bed.”

“I’m going to scream”

“Do it and you’ll sleep outside.”

“Yes ma'am.”

  The next morning you wake up at 11:30 am. You slept in alot more than usual. Probably because you stayed up so long with Taeyong.
Their weren’t any classes scheduled today, which was a good thing since you have this maniac in your house.

You went in the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth. Then you smelled breakfast.

What the hell?

  You walked in the kitchen to find Taeyong standing in your kitchen making bacon, eggs and pancakes. He had no shirt on, and wore the gym shorts you gave him that your best friend Yuta left at your house a long time ago.

“What are you doing Taeyong?”

  He turned towards you, his pink hair was all disheveled from sleeping, and his abs were VERY noticable. You tried not to look at his stomach as you felt your face getting red.

Good morning honey.” He tried to say in the annoying dad tone, but his voice was so raspy from sleep that it gave you chills.

He put the food on the plate. “Come sit down.” He motioned you toward the table.

You sat down and he put the plate infront of you, and then went and grabbed his own. He sat across from you.

“How long have you been up?” You asked him.

“Only a little bit before you,” He took a bite of his breakfast.

“-I’m glad I got up, too. Just in time to make breakfast, aren’t you surprised?”

“That a stranger in my home is making me breakfast, yes.” You responded.

You took a bite of the food and closed your eyes to savour the taste.

“It’s that good?” He giggled.

“These are the best pancakes I ever had! Are these from scratch?” You asked fascinated.

“Y-yeah, it’s my mom’s recipe.”
He was obviously happy he impressed you, his cheeks grew red.

“I’ll have to keep you around then, if you can cook like this.” You said taking a big bite of the eggs.

“That’s kinda what I wanted to talk to you about.” He asked, playing with his hair nervously.

“Hmm?” You said, face stuffed.

“I want to see you again. I want to see you alot.” He said, face becoming blood red.

“You do?” You said, shocked.

“I want to see you tomorrow. Tomorrow night we can go on a proper date together. Just to say thank you for everything.” After he finished his proposal, he covered his cheeks with his hands and awaited your response.

You smiled and grabbed one of his hands from his cheek.

“I’d love too, but only if you make me some more of these pancakes first.” You said, still holding his hand.

He gave you the brightest smile

“I’ll get right on it, ma lady.”
And he bowed.

What are you gonna do?

The time had come, Taeyong had left to go home yesterday after breakfast. You let him charge his phone so you guesssed with that he found his way home.

But the same words played through your head-

“I want to see you tomorrow. Tomorrow night we can go on a proper date together. Just to say thank you for everything.”


You hadn’t been asked on a date since highschool. You didn’t know what to wear, or say, or do. Should you text him to confirm the plans?

You had exchanged numbers before he left, so maybe..


Right as you pulled up your keyboard, Taeyong texted you.

“2 Lattes, cafe close to your house, 6:30”
And another text
“Can’t wait to see you!~”

You blushed, and texted back.

You decided to wear something flattering, but nothing too fancy. Proper coffee house attire, in early spring.

Were you really that interested in him?

He was good looking, he was funny, he was sweet & he liked to take note in things you did.
It seems so perfect, and yet so strange.

Why would someone so perfect be interested in you?

Were you over thinking it?

Maybe he wasn’t interested in you at all, this could be just a little coffee to return all the favors you did for him yesterday.

Let’s just get it over with.

You began walking to the cafe, and you saw him. He made you feel so under dressed. He was wearing a fitted black suit. Not as fancy as a tuxedo, but enough to make him look so irresistible. His pink hair styled, and his face in a smirk looking at you, up and down. When his eyes caught your own he looked away quickly.

So, Mr. Confidence is shy today?

“H-Here, I got you this.” You he said, handing you a single pink rose.
His eyes followed the flower instead of looking at your expression.

You touched his hand as he handed you the rose, you looked up to him.
“Thank you, it’s so pretty!”

You brought it up to your nose and smelled it.
“Ahh, I love the smell of roses!” You said, giving him a bright smile.

He looked at you, blushing, then looked to the door quickly.
“Let’s get inside.”

 He held the doors open for you as you stepped inside.
The lady at the counter was very familiar.

Then you knew.

“Hello Miss!” You said excitedly. “Do you remember me?”

She looked up from her work and her eyes widened.

“My, well hello there honey!”

The lady from yesterday, the one with the jewelery.

“I didn’t know you worked here! It’s so nice to see you again!” You smiled.

“Yes, your kindness yesterday was really astonishing, I never even caught your name?”

“I’m Y/N.”

“That’s a very cute name.”

Taeyong butted in. “That’s what I said too!”

Her gaze went from you and up to Taeyong.

“Oh, you’re with someone. Who is this?”

You opened your mouth to respond until Taeyong beat you to it.

“-I’m her boyfriend.”

You hit his chest. “No, this is Taeyong. My friend.”

She chuckled. “Oh right.”

“What’s your name, Miss?” You asked.

She pointed to the name tag on her shirt with a smile. “I’m Miss Park, but  anyway let’s take your orders.”

Taeyong asked what you’d like and made the order and paid.

After she finished ranking him up, & began  talking to a new customer, her eyes went to your neck.

You followed her gaze and looked down at the charm laying on your chest. You had attached the charm you bought from her to one of your old necklace chains and wore it.

She gave you the softest smile and mouthed a thank you. You shot back a thumbs up as you walked away to go sit with your latte and your date.

Taeyong was watching the whole thing and smiled, putting a hand on your head to ruffling your hair.

You felt your chest warm up.

“So, Y/N.”

“So, Taeyong.”

“What is your school’s name again?”


“I attend there too.” he said sipping his beverage.

“Really? How come I have never seen you?” You asked.

“Are you a music major?”


“That’s why.”

You giggled.

 How could have he been so close to you and you never were able to see him?

“-I’m glad we passed paths though.” He continued.

“Why, because you like annoying me?”

“Yes, but also because I love watching you.”

“That sounds weird.” You giggled.

“Hush!” He said, putting his hand up to his cheeks. He went from confident sarcastic brat to shy child in 2.5 seconds flat.

“What I mean is you’re full of surprises, and being around you is it own adventure.” He smiled at you.
“And I want to go on so many adventures with you.”

You were nervous and started straightening things around you to try to not look him in the eyes.

Oh really?” You asked in response.

“Yes, you’re a sight to be discovered. And I want to know everything about you.”

This was a moment you could live in forever. Time was on your side now.

“You think you can stick around that long?” You smirked.

“I think so, if you let me.”

“Happy Birthday Y/N!”

Taeyong said, standing at your door step with bags in hand.

You put your hand on your face and motioned him to come inside.

You had been close to Taeyong for almost 7 months now. You saw eachother everyday.

  Your friendship had grown, to where you told each other everything and were always there for one another. Besides the fact you flirted constantly.

  Taeyong was your other half. He could make time change. When you went to the park, & played around, or when he picked you up and threw you in the pond, and you pulled him in with you. Those times were so fun that they flew by and you wish you could relive the short laughs and smiles over and over. And other times when he held your hands, gave you long hugs, or fell asleep on you during movies at your house. Time was slowed down. You wanted to live in those moments with Taeyong forever.

He laid the things on your kitchen table as you made coffee for the two of you.

Today was your birthday, and Taeyong was determined to make it your best.

He pulled out a takeout box, a flower, his songbook and a tiny box.

You brought your cups to the table looked at the things sprawled on the table.

“I gathered some things for you, a little bit of nostalgia for your birthday. These are things that mean alot to me, and I hope they mean alot to you to.”

He opened the takeout container, by the smell you knew.
It was your favorite dish from the restaurant you met Taeyong in. The first meal you shared together at midnight in your living room.

You put you hands up to your heart. “Awe Taeyong-”

“Not yet.” He said

He picked up the flower and smelled it.

“A flower for the girl who taught me the smell of the flower is far more important than the looks of it.”

You giggled and you could feel tears at the corners of your eyes. “You’re so lame.”

He flicked your forehead. “Let me finish.”

He picked up the little box.

“I asked for Miss Park’s help on this one.”

  He opened the box to reveal a bracelet with a pastel pink charm dangling off. Along with a book, a rose and a pancake charm. You out your hand over your mouth as you held up the crazy charm bracelet.

It was so gorgeous, and you could tell by the beautiful craftsmanship that Miss Park made it. You felt tears stream down your face and your giggles were muffled by your hand over your mouth.

“Taeyong I-”

He grabbed your hands.

“Y/N, I have observed you for so long now. And I’m so glad to have met you. I want to spend a long time with you. I still want to spend every adventure with you.”

He picked up the charm bracelet and put it around your wrist.

“I have fallen in love with every little thing you do. All the cute, embarrassing and kind things you do. I have noticed everytime and I have fallen hopelessly in love with them. You can make me the happiest, most nervous, most comfortable, and luckiest person in the world all at the same time. You give me reason. And I am here to say that I am in love with you.”

Your tears flowed heavily as you looked up at him, trying to understand his words.

He is in love with you? He’s in love with you.

We’re you in love with him?

You smiled at him, he let go of your hands to cup your face. He wipes away your tears with his thumbs.

Then he gently pushed your hair back and brought your face to his, giving you a deep, gentle kiss.

The kiss was passionate, like a fire an ice. A burst of life and light that could turn every corner of this ugly ugly world beautiful. Taeyong made every inch of your world beautiful.

And you knew that. And you knew now.

You pulled away from his lips and put your forehead to his own.

“I am in love with you too, Lee Taeyong.”

He pulled away and looked into your eyes with a sweet smile on his face.


“Yes, stupid.”

He grabbed your hand to pull you up for your seat and spun you around his arms.

When he put you back down, he caged you in his embrace and kissed your forehead.

“Happy birthday Y/N.”

You looked up and kissed his chin, then looked over to your table.

“Taeyong, why did you bring out your song book?”

“Oh, I almost forgot.”

He opened the book and showed you a messaged written across two pages in bold black letters


THAT WAS SO AWFUL BUT OH WELL HERE IS TRASH and I know I’ve been gone for minute lol, but I’m back and switching it up a little bit. I hope this awful fluff can make up for it 💗💗


Originally posted by h0e-shi


The night air, although cooler than the heat of midday, felt sticky and sweltering as the two of you wandered around aimlessly. Hanbin’s hand stuck to yours a little too tightly as you walked the lighted path that surrounded the fountain in the middle of the quad. It was nearing midnight and there was no one else around. Everyone was either visiting home for the weekend, getting shit-faced at one of the parties surrounding campus, or settling in for the night with homework (Netflix).

But here you were, hair that had fallen sticking to the nape of your neck and your clothes clinging to your sweat-slicked skin. “It’s too hot for it to be midnight,” you whined as you brushed beads of sweat from your forehead.

Hanbin nodded his agreement and leaned his head against your shoulder. “I thought your roommate was going home for the weekend,” he pouted, “why did she come back?”

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fluid motions i

Originally posted by grape-joon

characters: min yeri (oc), jeon jungkook, min suga (brother) and more!

pairing: college!jungkook x oc

genre: fluff, angst, mature themes (drugs, swearing, eventual smut)

chapter 1/2/?

word count: 4k

summary: starting afresh at Seoul National University, driving her passion for swimming forward, Yeri has attained the sturdy course of Sports Ed. as her four-year study.

During Yeri’s first week, it’s trouble at home but nervous glances and sweaty palms as she meets bio-engineering student Jeon Jungkook, who is currently living on campus. Jungkook was everything the perfect male college student was. Tall, lean, smart, not necessarily on the football team but he was something that Yeri almost yearned for.

The only problem was keeping this whole thing a secret from her asshole, drug-addict brother, Min Yoongi.

a/n: hi, angel here! this will be my first chaptered fic i’m posting here on tumblr so i hope you guys like it! it won’t be more than 10 parts (hopefully)! i’ll also be opening requests for small drabbles for a short time too so you guys get to be more familiar with my writing! enjoy :)

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Not Love, But Comfort {Pt.1}

Originally posted by nycbtslover

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff (at the moment) college!AU

Word Count: 2.4k

A/N: IT’S BACK! Honestly, now that I’ve edited the story, I am satisfied with the progress and quality. I hope you guys enjoy this series.Sorry for the delay in my series, I just don’t want to compromise quality or anything. 

Ah, college. Perhaps the most exciting thing in a person’s life; or at least it should be. If you ask me, it’s another few years of school. And let’s be honest, school isn’t exactly the most fun place to be. However, there is a difference between college and grade school: 1. The friends you meet are supposed to be friends for life. 2. You can eat whatever the hell you want; bad or good or whatever. 3. THE ABSENCE OF PARENTS! These three things make the college experience, or at least what I’ve been.

The college campus was refreshing, I’ll admit that. No city landscape, an enormous quad in the middle of the grounds. Everything the campus was, the city wasn’t. My family didn’t understand why I wanted to move miles away from an environment unfamiliar to me. College is supposed to the time where you grow as a person, where you figure out who you are. It’s the time of rebirth for almost everyone here. A time of rediscovery; whether it’s falling in love with a long lost passion for something, or you embrace the unknown and accept the many changes, albeit changing your major, or just changing the way you look.

Ever since the seventh grade, I was met with nothing but change. If there is anything that is ever constant, it’s the change and adversities life seems to give me…and Mel of course. Mel and I have only known each other since the start of high school, but she know’s me better than any of my childhood friends. Maybe even better than my own sister. Luckily the two of us decided to attend the same college, and practically live together for the next few years.

My eyes began to wander the campus. The green scenery, a bell tower that was sky high, and the buildings made of bricks. “So, what do you think?” chirped a voice beside my ear, making me jump back a little. I swiftly turned to see the owner of the voice. I was met with eyes that were a dark brown, almost borderline black, cheekbones angled high, a jawline that could easily kill, and two small dimples besides his bright smile. In contrast to his dark eyes, his smile shined brightly…almost as bright as his orange colored hair in the sun.

“Excuse me?” I asked, taken aback.

“The campus. What do you think of it so far?” He further presses his question, apparently interested as to what I think.

“A college campus is perhaps the biggest variable in choosing where you go. So if you think it sucks, your experience will most likely suck.” I blatantly stated. As much as he tried to hide it, a frown crept onto his face.

“I’m just messing with you. If I didn’t like the campus, then why would I come? If anything, this college is actually my top choice.” I chuckled in hopes of seeing him smile again.  

“REALLY?!” He perked up.

“Yeah. I’ve heard this college is notorious for its dance program.” I added, hoping that he wouldn’t lose his precious smile.

“You’re here for the dance program too?” He exclaimed. Whoever this guy is, he’s clearly ecstatic about everything I have to say.

“Yeah…” I muttered.

“I’m Hos-” He was immediately interrupted by a loud, high pitched scream that could only be Mel. I quickly turn around and see a figure running towards me, getting ready to tackle me with a hug.

“Y/N!” Mel shouted. She embraced me the moment she could. I’m suddenly taken into her arms, helpless and restricted by her tight, confining hug. Right before she let me go, I saw the orange haired boy walk past me, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to talk me just as he was before.

“Wait!” I called out to him. He looked back at me, only to smile.

“Don’t worry, the first day is always like this. I just wanted to welcome you is all. But hey! There’s a party happening tonight in celebration of the incoming freshmen. You and your friend can come.” He says “Hopefully I’ll see you there,” smiling one last time before he walks to a bigger crowd of guys.

“Who was that?” Mel asked.

“I don’t know. He just came up to me. Really nice though.” I added.

“ARE YOU EXCITED FOR COLLEGE?!!!” At this point, Mel seems to be more enthusiastic about it than me. “We get to sleep in, not have parents on our backs, stay up all night…”

“Eat instant ramen whenever we want” I joined.

“That’s the spirit! But on another note, are we going to that party?” Mel raised her eyebrow.

“I don’t know. Why?” I asked

“So, remember way back last year when I was crushing on that senior?” Mel seemed excited about whatever news she had, based on her aggressively shaking my shoulders.

“Oh god…what about him?” I said.

“Well, he’s here. Apparently, he transferred mid year over, and I’m hoping he’ll be at the party.”

“Mel, there is no way in hell that Jungkook would be at that party.” I rolled my eyes.

“Y/N… you know the welcoming parties are always the most kick ass, which means a crap ton of people attend, therefore a very high possibility that Jungkook is totally going.” Mel stated as if her points were facts.

“Yeah right. Besides, you never even talked to him other than the electives you two shared.”

“That’s so untrue Y/N. You know we were getting closer towards the end of the year, but he graduated and left. We even flirted on some occasions” She argued.

“I’m sure, but if you want to go that badly, you could’ve just said so.” I teased.


I laughed, not expecting Mel to plead like that.

“Aright. Let’s go.” I said.


Mel and I got dressed for the party, and while Mel went full blown runway model look, I took an easier approach: t-shirt and jeans. This is the first time I’ll probably get to enjoy myself since the incident. I’m not sure if I’m ready. All the pleasant personalities, bubbly expressions. It wasn’t fair that everyone was allowed to be expressive about their happiness, while I had to suffer internally.

When we arrived, the house was more than just crowded. People were pouring out of the doors, large groups hanging out in the front yard, and the overall temperature seemed to increase due to many bodies in one place. We walked past the large crowds in the front and stepped in the house. You know, people don’t tell you how hard it is to breathe in a party. The clouds of smoke going around from people smoking, the hot, humid air from two sweaty bodies dancing if you would even call it that.

“Oh my god Y/N, there he is” Mel whispered gesturing her head towards a muscular guy who looked about 5 foot 10 inches and a coconut head for hair. “How am I going to play this? How do I wanna come across?” Mel was apparently swooning over Jungkook.

“Definitely not like a creep. Stop staring at him.” I scolded. She instantly snapped her head back, but by then it was too late. Jungkook had noticed and began walking towards us.

“Oh my god Y/N…he’s walking over here!” Whatever happened to the calm and confident Mel I always knew? Clearly, Jungkook is the only guy that affects Mel.

“Get a grip girl, you’ll figure it out.” I look up and see that Jungkook had finally reached us.

“I didn’t know you two would be coming here,” Jungkook said.

“It’d be quite creepy if you did.” Mel fired back, obviously taking the witty approach. From what I heard back in high school, if you ever gave a snarky remark to Jungkook, best be sure that he’ll roast you alive.

“As creepy as you staring at me back there?” Jungkook gave Mel a smug smile. I managed to stifle a chuckle, only to be glared at by Mel.

“I was not staring at you.” she said matter of factly.

“Yeah, you were” Jungkook mimicked.

“No, I wasn’t! What do you have that I would possibly stare at you for?”

“I don’t know, but we can always find out together. ” Jungkook inched closer to Mel, trying to intimidate her

By now, Jungkook was pushing Mel’s buttons. The two were clearly into each other. Why they never acted on their attraction for one another will be a mystery to me. “And with that, I’ll take my leave.”

I began walking around the house when I noticed two guys roughhousing with each other. I watched the two from a distance pushing and laughing, both clearly having a great time, but as I paid more attention one of them seemed familiar to me. Just then the orange haired boy was able to get a silver haired boy into a headlock. Holding onto the forearm, and looking a bit shy, the silver haired boy began to laugh hysterically, and instead of fighting his way out of the firm grip of orange hair, he gave into it. There was something about the way these two were that made me laugh. Maybe it was just the fact that they didn’t care who in the world saw them acting like idiots.

“HEY!” shouted the orange haired boy. Now that I think about it, he’s the same guy who invited me here. “YOU CAME!” He quickly let go of his silver-haired friend, letting him fall to the floor and ran towards me with his bright smile on his face. Next thing I knew his standing right in front of me. His dark brown eyes were now in front of me, looking deep into mine. It felt a bit weird that a stranger could look deep within me. They almost made me want to run away from him, but something was telling me otherwise.

“Yeah…I did” I smiled.

“Is it just you or did your friend decide to come too?” he asked looking around me. Why was he curious if Mel came? Was he interested in her or what?

“, I came with my friend, but she’s hanging out with her boyfriend right now.” I lied. I didn’t want him thinking Mel was single, even though she’s out there trying to get with Jungkook. Good luck to Mel for trying to get that to happen.

“Ohhh…” he said.

“Yeah…” I’m not the greatest at making small talk. Never was, and probably never will. But there’s something about the bright orange haired boy that made me want to converse with him. “So, who’s that back there? Why did you have him in a headlock?” I tilted my head towards the shy boy who was keeping a small eye on us.

“Oh! That’s Jimin.” he smiled warmly when he mentioned his name. “See, the thing is…Jimin said that he could easily beat me in a dance battle. Now, usually I wouldn’t mind some taunting. BUT COME ON! Easily? I don’t think so.” he cocked an eyebrow.  “Even though I’ve only been here 1 year more than he has, here in this school, 1 year makes a difference. I will admit though, he’s extraordinary when it comes to contemporary,” he confessed.

“What’s your specialty then?” I asked. He opens his mouth, but rather than his chirpy, energetic voice, came a soft sweet voice from someone else.

“Ahhh…this hyung is amazing at hip-hop!” Who I assumed to be Jimin, now had his arm around his orange haired friend. “You should really see him one day” He seemed proud to brag about his friend’s abilities.

“Jimin this is…umm, what’s your name?” he chuckled.

“Y/N,” I said.

“Jimin, Y/N. Y/N, Jimin. He’s one of my best friends here.” he introduced us.

“We go way back, Hoseok hyung and I.” Jimin started.

So, that’s his name then; Hoseok He’s one of the most charismatic, energetic, hopeful, happiest, loudest person I’ve come to know. He’s perhaps my biggest fanboy.” Jimin chuckled.

“Could you not?” Hoseok laughed nervously.

“You know it’s true hyung, you just don’t want to be embarrassed in front of a girl” Jimin teased.

“My lovely friend…continue and you’ll see yourself in a headlock again.” Hoseok teased.

“Aww. You know it’s true though” Jimin nudged Hoseok.

“I know. Look at these cute fluffy cheeks of yours.” Hoseok said in a cutesy voice while pinching Jimin’s cheeks. The two were comfortable with each other. Enough to make their bromance visible to the entire world. Jimin tried hard to pry Hoseok’s hands off of his cheeks.

Once Jimin was able to escape Hoseok’s grasps, well his cheeks were looking plumper than before. Most likely swollen from that hard pinching. “Oh my gosh…” Jimin blushed, “If it’s not you, then it’s Jungkook, Namjoon, or Taehyung who make me feel like this small creature.” Jimin whined.

“Wait what?” I’m curious as to how they know Jungkook. “How do you know Jungkook?”

“Oh, he’s in our dance program as well. He’s wicked good! Actually, he’s great at everything, especially for someone who’s only 19!” I noticed how Jimin’s face practically lit up by bragging about Jungkook.

“I know! He’s 3 years younger than me, but he’s such a quick learner. I admire how hard he works too. Always perfecting every single thing that he can.” Hoseok added. “But how do you know him Y/N?”

“Well, we went to high school together. He was a senior when I was a junior. As a matter fact, he’s with my friend right now.” I completely forgot that I made that small lie about Mel hanging out with her “boyfriend” earlier in the conversation.


“He what?” Jimin and I said simultaneously. I was taken aback that Hoseok came to that conclusion.

“But the boy is shy! He’s quiet!.HE RUNS AWAY FROM GIRLS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” yelled Jimin.

“Hang on a moment. Jungkook runs away from girls?” I laughed hysterically. To think that Jungkook used to flirt with all these girls back in high school, and now he runs away from them? That’s just mind boggling.

“Which is exactly why we have to meet your friend Y/N. ” Hoseok yelled. “It’s a must.”

“Wait hyung. Shouldn’t we tell the others first and then go surprise him?” Jimin suggested

“I like the way you think.” Hoseok patted Jimin on the back.

“This is going to be fun,” I smirked.

And the three of us set off to our mission: to embarrass Jungkook.

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omg you're at yale? that's so amazing congrats!!! it's one of my dream schools and im going there for the summer what's it like there? like in terms of people and campus scenery and stuff like that if you don't mind me asking

AAAAA GOD I HAD A WHOLE POST TYPED OUT AND THEN TUMBLR REFRESHED ON ME so a lot of my glowing praise is lost but like, yale is amazing. i wasn’t sure about coming here when i visited last year and i still loved it. the people are incredible and kind, and yale does a lot to encourage community and collaboration over competition; my first impression upon visiting was a ton of current students seeing my little blue itinerary folder and coming up to excitedly ask if i was a prospective student and then offer to answer any of my questions about the school, or help me get to this building or that one. the students are welcoming and brilliant and talented and the professors are passionate about what they teach and about helping students succeed. campus is absolutely gorgeous. there are greens and courtyards everywhere, if natural space is important to you, and the buildings are splendidly collegiate gothic. charles dickens called the road near the admissions office “the most beautiful street in america.”  here’s the library i work in:

(as in, i have an actual job there.) i’m still not used to it.

it really is a wonderful place. there are people stuck in the liberal/ivy bubble for sure (we all do that sometimes, we’re going to yale for god’s sake) but there are also people working actively to snap everyone else out of it. there are people who are already successful and confident and know what they’re doing and inspire you to no end and there are people who comfort you by openly admitting that also aren’t sure what they want to do yet or how they got here, but they’ll be damned if they’re not going to have an incredible time figuring it out at yale.

also, financial aid is amazing. definitely better than most ivies and, in my experience, most schools in general. you can message me off anon if you want to talk more about that, but yeah, it’s good. i particularly love the residential college system and all the super cool free talks and events you can go to literally any day of the week. it’s good!! have so much fun when you come down!!!

Journal pt. 2

Summary: First day of university for a socially awkward girl and stressed boy can be weird, but even weirder when they find odd journals.
Members: Jungkook x Reader (appearances by BTS and Mamamoo)
Type: Angst/Fluff/ Student!AU
Length: 3,936 Words

I am seriously really happy that you guys liked the first chapter. I am really hoping that you guys like what is to come in this series. Anyways, I hope you guys like this chapter <3

-Admin Kat

[Pt. 1]  [Pt. 3]  [Pt. 4]  [Pt. 5]  [Pt. 6]

Jungkook was excited for his first day of university. He was always looking forward to a new school year. Meeting the few new students and already having them know him. Why wouldn’t he be excited? After all, he was going to school with an art scholarship, knew several students, and had a pretty good reputation with both the students and the faculty. This year was sure to be a breeze. Well, university would be a breeze overall. He looked around the campus, taking in the three miles of scenery. The campus was the kind that you would see in the movies, with a large library near the wide open quad. Several buildings were spread out in a way that surrounded the quad, separated into halves by the Union; a building in the middle that had the fast food dining areas as well as the school’s official merchandise, supply, and book store. From what he heard from his tour guide a few months ago, the building also hosted several events throughout the year and was a meeting spot for several campus groups.

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