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104th Cadets at University Headcanons

Note: These are based off of my experiences as a college student from the United States! ^^; All resources/jobs/locations listed are things that exist/are available at my school. 

  • Armin has an on-campus job working as a tutor. 
  • Connie doesn’t have a clue what he wants to major in. He’s taking general classes as he tries to figure it out. 
  • Marco is a student ambassador/campus tour guide to potential students + parents. Due to his amicable nature, he’s very popular around campus. 
  • Reiner works at the campus recreation center/gym and participates in intramural soccer and flag football. 
  • Annie is a commuter student. Is often the designated driver to/from parties cause she has a car. She’s a member of the muay thai club on campus. 
  • Christa is in a service sorority. Despite having all early morning classes, she always looks put together.    
  • Jean is double majoring in architecture and sustainability.  

BONUS: Veterans at University! 

  • Erwin is a graduate student studying law. 
  • Hange is a lab teaching assistant. They oversee students during their science labs to make sure Sasha and Connie students don’t burn the school down or hurt themselves. 
  • Nanaba works at the university’s center for victim advocacy and violence prevention where confidential services are offered to all university students/staff who have experienced crime, violence or abuse recently or in the past. 

anonymous asked:

Hey Archy! I was wondering if you could share some of your favorite Rec Center projects? I'm working on a project for arch school and wanted to know if you had any suggestions for precedents.

When you ask me a question about one of the core typologies of my firm, I have to include only examples that we have designed.

Here are some Rec Center examples, all of them by CannonDesign:

Missouri State University, Bill R. Foster and Family Recreation Center, Springfield, MO

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