campus push up



Been on campus since this morning studying in the library, I finished physio, psych, and biochem notes, so now I’m working on anatomy for 2 lectures, and then I’ll head home to sleep.

Didn’t take my phone during my run, but it was uneventful except for the fact that my legs were sooo tight I pretty much walked the entire 2 miles that I did. This is really why I don’t take rest days in the training cycle, it just gives my legs an excuse to get lazy and tighten up. There were lots of hills on campus so I guess that was good, and I definitely broke a sweat, but it honestly didn’t feel like a true workout. I came back to campus gym for push-ups and squats, followed by a much-needed shower. I’ve had dinner and now I’m back in the library studying my little heart out.

Enjoy the study notes pictures, I didn’t feel happy enough to take a watch photo or scenic picture.