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“The last bit of shyness disappeared when a tall, sandy-haired man invited me to dance. I had already sized him up from across the room. He looked a little older and better dressed than the rest of the crowd. I figured he must be a graduate student or maybe even an instructor.” “Sitting across the table from him I was surprised at how easy he was to talk to and how easily we laughed together. He had a smile that made me smile back and beautiful clear blue eyes that lit up when he smiled. He had thick eyelashes, a strong jawline, rich curly hair, and a nice body. When he told me he was only twenty three-three, I couldn’t believe it.” “But as sophisticated as Ted was, he had one hangup that surprised me. Not long after we started spending time together, he came over one night and said he had something very important to tell me, something that might change my opinion of him. Shaking with nervousness, he told me that he was illegitimate. His mother gave birth to him in a home for unwed mothers in the East, he said, and they moved to Tacoma to live with relatives when he was very small. Then she married Johnnie Bundy and had four more children. Johnnie Bundy had adopted him, but Ted knew nothing about it until he was a teenager.”

- Meg Anders

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I hqve a enjonine prompt for you:) Modern day single parents, enjolras daughter and éponines son are classmates, but they hate each other. everytime They have a fight or something, the principal javert calls their parents for a meeting, and that's how they meet?

I think this has been done by a bunch of more talented fic writers than me. But here’s my go at it. And Anon, while you tried for a specific scenario, my brain still found a way to twist and corrupt it. I’m sorry (not sorry). 

As usual, typos my own.  

The Many Grievances of Liberté Enjolras

How Corinthe High’s Disciplinary System Has Effectively Ruined My Life As I Know It

Principal Javert:

As I sit here writing this on a gray Saturday morning in March, I am forced to recall the day you drove a knife through the last vestiges of my childhood.

I am imagining your face right now. It’s most likely Monday morning. Your bushy eyebrows are furrowing into a singular, grim, black caterpillar. Your hooked nose is scrunching so far up your face, the entire student body could fit in your cavernous nostrils. Your thin, wormy lips are curling to reveal tobacco-stained teeth that are in dire need of a cleaning. 

You think I am being overdramatic.

Well, I want you to imagine me. I want you to walk a mile in my Doc Martens. All things considered, I think you at least owe me that much.

I, Liberté (Libby, for short) Enjolras, model student, youngest editor-in-chief of the school newspaper in 20 years, and leader of the Model UN club, am currently languishing in detention in the library. To my right are my treacherous former best friend Wilhelmina Pontmercy and my arch nemesis Monty Parnasse-Thenardier. Your stooge and the worst art teacher in the history of Corinthe High, Mr. Philippe Grantaire, showed up 45 minutes late this morning, meted out your punishment of a 2,000 word essay reflecting on why we are here today, and proceeded to acquaint himself with a Mr. Johnny Walker. In the time it’s taken me to write this introductory paragraph, he has passed out quite spectacularly onto his desk. Wilhelmina and Monty are either trying to see who’s better at tonsil hockey, or doing a damned good impression of slobbering dogs.

But I digress.


Why am I here today? 

I’m here because you ruined my life. 

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The Worst Kind of Intrigue - LarirenShadow - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Online Dating, dating app, Rey needs to get information, kylo is an ass

Rey needs info about the new electric car that was just put on hold by the First Order. All her internet snooping has been in vain so she’s resorting to a more personal kind: heading to their main campus, apply called Star Killer Base, downloading tinder and swiping right on every person who mentions being an engineer in their profile. She didn’t expect Kylo Ren, the head of the project, to be her match. Her little tech blog is about to get the biggest scoop ever.