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Summary: She had less than a month to finish a project she should’ve finished ages ago, and on a whim decides to interview the campus radio show. Little did she know she’d get locked into the Thursday Night Lockdown with a certain campus cutie. Wow I’m sorry I suck at summaries please send help.

Characters: fratboy!Vernon/Original Female + various

Genre: Fluffity fluff (and if you count student stress a lil wittle angst)

Word Count: 5896

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College!AU Seungkwan
  • major: journalism 
  • minor: vocal performance 
  • sports: was on the table tennis team until their funding was cut 
  • clubs: campus journal - he critics music albums and reports on student activities (sports, musicians, events)
  • seungkwan is pretty well known on campus because he’s interviewed just about e v e r y o n e
  • anyone who heads a team or a club or organized a fundraiser/bake sale whatever like seungkwan has emailed them to talk about their activities 
  • and like his enthusiasm isn’t matched by anyone else in the major, like seungkwan will do the most to get a story and he’s never shy of approaching people or getting them to share what they know and like he’s a complete PERFECTIONIST when it comes to reporting because not a single thing can be a lie, he has to report exactly what he knows
  • and sometimes this can get on people’s nerves and people always whisper behind his back about his over-the-top nature but seungkwan could literally care less
  • sometimes seungcheol or hoshi will hear someone say something and they’ll be like “cheer up seungkwan, they’re just being assholes!” and seungkwan, whose eating with one hand and taking notes from one of his interviews with the other is just like “hmm? they said something? i didn’t even have time to hear them.”
  • and like his true passion is writing musical critique because aside from being a journalist, he’s also a practiced singer and even minors in vocal performance 
  • and every time the journal comes out the music section is the longest because seungkwan is passionate and yes he totally reviewed vernon’s secret mixtape and that one cover song jeonghan put up on his soundcloud and when both people found out their names were in the journal they were like sEUNGKWA N and he was just like 
  • “listen i gave you pretty decent scores, you should have seen how i tore about this other album-” and they’re like oh my god
  • and seungkwan has sent in a couple formal pieces to local magazines and things like that and he’s really hoping for an internship soon because just writing for the campus journal isn’t too big of a deal
  • especially considering the fact that almost every time someone joins the journal - they like drop it a semester in because the work that you actually have to put in is a L O T
  • the editor in chief also is like seungkwan maybe you shouldn’t,,,,be so hard on the newcomers you kinda scare them away
  • and seungkwan is like “just because i told ken his fiction piece about flying squirrels wasn’t that good doesn’t mean im being hard on people. it was a story about flying squirrels you guys.”
  • and the thing is seungkwan really does love his major and he really loves the act of reporting, of hearing people talk about things they love or things they hate, and being able to share that small snippet with the rest of the campus through his words - like that impact is the reason he’s so obsessed with putting out only perfect work
  • and so when the campus directors send the journal a letter about how if it doesn’t find new members it’s sure to lose its funding, seungkwan is beyond devastated 
  • and everyone’s like “seungkwan that’s not gonna even wo-” and seungkwan’s already opening up photoshop and being like “comic sans would be a good font, but let’s be real helvetica is more classy.”
  • and that is actually how you meet intense journalist seungkwan, through some flyers and im not saying he hands you a flyer and politely introduces you to the student journal
  • im talking you’re running down the hall to the printing room and seungkwan is holding a wobbly pile of 100 flyers that all say PLEASE SAVE OUR SCHOOL JOURNAL on them
  • and once you two collide all those flyers come down like rain around you
  • and you’re hfowskdf oh my god im SORRY and seungkwan doesn’t even answer you he’s like “the flyers, pick up the flyers, the flyers, we’re ruined, the flyers, flyers, flyers, fLYeRS” and you’re like 
  • watching him try to gather everything with panicky hands
  • and you know you were running because you had to print something super fast because you were in class but you can’t leave him like this so you start helping him pick up the flyers and he doesn’t even notice
  • until you two are both out of breath, sweaty, each holding a crooked pile of papers and you’re like “here!!! sorry again, i hope none are ruined!!”
  • and he’s like “oh-” because he didn’t notice you were helping him he got too caught up
  • and then,,,like you two thought it was over riGHt but all at once it’s the end of classes and before you know it there’s a stampede of like students coming from this way and that and you and seungkwan are caught in the middle and their are elbows being pushed into you and peoples backpacks swinging at you
  • and seungkwan wobbles and once again….the papers going flying
  • except this time you guys cant hurry to pick them up, instead they’re stepped on and tore apart by people trying to get the hell out of the building
  • and when you look up at seungkwan you can see the Utter Defeat in his eyes and like you feel so bad that that just happened and you’re like
  • “,,,,,,,,im so sorry.” and he just sighs and as the crowd disperses he walks over to the wall and slides down against it and is like “it’s fine, it was a stupid idea anyway. who on campus even looks at flyers anymore?” and you’re like ): because like you’re not friends with seungkwan, but you know who he is and you’re like 
  • “i assume the flyers are about the journal?? is it closing??” and seungkwan explains that they’re gonna lose their funding if they don’t get more members and you’re like oh,,,,,im sorry
  • and he just shrugs and he’s like “it’s not like anyone reads that journal anyway.” and you’re like “i read it!! i especially like the music page, all your stuff is so in-depth and not half assed.” and seungkwan suddenly gets a hint of happiness on his face
  • and he’s like “really??” and you’re like “yeah!!! i even checked out that cover your friend did…..jeonghan? you wrote about it and when i listened to it, it was so relaxing!!”
  • and suddenly seungkwan perks up and he’s like “if you think jeonghan hyung sings well, you should listen to-”
  • and long story short you don’t ever print your thing and instead you end up talking for some time with seungkwan until once again he’s like “i really don’t know what to do about the journal.” and you’re like “i could try to join??;” and seungkwan thanks you for the sentiment but one new member probably won’t appease the school
  • and so you’re both standing there with frowns on your faces and seungkwan is like 
  • “it’s funny but i used to wish that someone in the journal would finally ask to write an article about me,,,,don’t you think that’s kind of selfish?” and he’s trying to laugh it off but you see that he’s faking and you’re like
  • “wait? are you also a musician?” and seungkwan bites back his lip and shakes his head
  • and he’s like “my sister and i both sang a lot when we were younger so i took up vocal performance as my minor because i like it a lot. i wouldn’t say im a musician, but ……it’d be nice to have someone acknowledge it once in awhile.”
  • and he like starts to get up and you’re like “wait.” and he’s like ??
  • and you  scramble to your feet as well and you’re like “let me do it. let me write something on you as a singer, at least for this last issue.”
  • seungkwan kind of looks at you flabbergasted and he’s like ????? do?????do you know what you’re signing up for???
  • and you’re like “hEY look midterms are over for the most part and aside from stuff i have to do for myself, i could devote some time to this. especially if it means a lot to you.”
  • and seungkwan for a second stares at you as if he still can’t believe you’re offering to do this
  • but then he takes your hand in his and is like “well, finally we’ll have another persons opinion in the music section!”
  • and you’re like giggling but you’re also like “just tell me a time when you’re free so i can hear you sing.” and seungkwan’s like here give me your number so i can contact you
  • it’s cute seungkwan’s background is the famous singer junsu and you’re like “oh” and seungkwan’s like LISTEN he’s my idol,,,,,,,, and his eyes get all sparkly it’s adorable
  • but yeah you give him your number and you’re like “ill look forward to it and ill do my best!!”
  • and then you figure out holy shit your class is over, you never printed your  thing time to run and see if the teacher still hung around for office hours
  • and like as you make your way down the hall, seungkwan holds his phone and he can’t help but finally feel a little better about everything 
  • and as he watches you disappear around the corner he reminds himself that he owes you a thank you when this is all over
  • and so a week passes and seungkwan texts you finally to meet him in the performance center on campus and he’s like “i booked one of the recording rooms!!” and you’re like cool let’s go
  • and like to be honest you’re sitting on the other side of the glass with your notebook out to maybe take notes like ??? really you don’t know what you’re doing here you’ve never written a review but you’re not like worried
  • but then, seungkwan who seems so shy putting on the headphones and adjusting the mic
  • like when he starts to sing the pen you’re holding literally drops from your hand because his voice???????
  • it’s the voice of a real Angel 
  • and from the moment he starts to the last second of the lyrics, you can’t help but just be completely wrapped up in his voice
  • and when he asks you what you thought of it you can only try to snap yourself out of it and ask him
  • “did you play a recording into the microphone? was that really you?”
  • and seungkwan puts a hand over his mouth to laugh and he’s like WHAT is up with your facial expression you look so confused
  • and you’re like “seungkwan, seriously why aren’t you a singer? why are you in college? why aren’t you selling albums with your face on the cover holy hell you sing better than anyone ive ever heard before???”
  • and seungkwan shrugs and he’s like “nahh, it’s just a hobby.” and you’re like if i had a hobby that i was THAT good at. i wouldn’t be here. i’d be trying to get jyp or sm to notice me hoyl HELL
  • and seungkwan comes out and he asks if you took any notes or have any criticisms and you’re like
  • “criticisms? this review im going to write is literally going to be like : BOO SEUNGKWAN OF THE JOURNALIST MAJORS HAS THE VOICE OF GOD”
  • and again seungkwan is just laughing because wow you’re so silly he’s not that good but like a sense of pride swells in him because no one’s really ever praised him so much like this before
  • and like he asks if you’d like to listen to him some more and you’re like yes please!!!
  • and it’s amazing he has such a good range and he even says he’s written his own original lyrics
  • and you two spend a good 6 hours in their together until one of the professors needs the recording room to teach and as you’re walking back onto campus you’re like
  • “seungkwan, what if…… busk?” and he’s like “on campus?” and you’re like “sure, or even better like in the city? like whats a day you don’t have classes or club we could go out and set up in a park or somewhere and you could sing and maybe if we do it a couple of times we could scrap up some many for the journal???”
  • and seungkwan brightens up instantly and he’s like !!! that’d be so cool and you’re like right??
  • and you two start basically jumping up and down in excitement just talking about it and seungkwans like “maybe i could ask my friend joshua to come out and play guitar too??” and you’re clapping your hands like yes!!!! that’d be amazing
  • and seungkwan is like “you’re a genius, we should have thought of this SOONER” and you’re like ok ok text joshua and see when he’s free and then tell me so we can plan more
  • and it’s like really adorable because you and seungkwan, who met literally a week ago are talking like you’ve been friends for ages
  • and you get so happy at the thought of being able to help him and he gets so excited being able to share what he loves with you
  • and maybe neither of you know it yet but listen, this is the beginning of CRUSHES
  • and when seungkwan asks if you’re free tomorrow after 4 because joshua can come out then you’re like yes!!
  • the next day you’re leaving your dorm and your roommates like woAH you look so cute - going on a date? and you’re like huh??? no?? why does it look like i put in effort? and your roommates just like (—–: yes it does. is it for a bo-
  • and you’re like BYE GOING NOW
  • and you meetup with seungkwan and joshua near the subway station off campus and joshua introduces himself and when he turns to seungkwan he’s like 
  • “your significant other is really sweet, why didn’t you introduce them to me before?”
  • and seungkwan is like “oh they’re not - we’re not -”
  • and you’re like YEAH we’re nOT 
  • and joshua is like oh?????? really???? it’s just the way seungkwan was talking about you made it seem-
  • and seungkwan like jumps up to cover joshua’s mouth like HAHAAH so funny hyung let’s get on the subway
  • and you don’t notice it but joshua nudges you closer to seungkwan while you guys are squished on the seats on your way to the city
  • and seungkwan holds you steady when you get up to get off and the train jerks
  • and the whole time joshua’s looking off to the side like he’s on the office with the mOST SMUG EXPRESSION 
  • because you two are all cute and innocent, just like a young couple in love and you don’t even KNOW IT
  • and like once you get to the park you help joshua and seungkwan set up and you guys use joshua’s guitar case as a way to collect money and you’re basically in charge of attracting peoples attention so you run around asking people to gather around seungkwan because !!! hey hEY the best vocalist is about to perform
  • and like you give seungkwan a thumbs up after you manage to get like 15-20 people to come around
  • and when he starts to sing along with joshua’s guitar you can see the shock on the faces of the audience
  • and people even start getting their phones out to record
  • and sooner or later that crowd of 20 turns to a crowd of even more
  • and seungkwan is such a natural people person like in between songs he asks the people if they’re resting well after work and if they’ve eaten
  • and it’s like watching a soloists performance, he’s so professional and good
  • and people even ask if he has albums or a site where they could listen to him sing like a youtube or something
  • and seungkwan is like !! im not that great- but seriously everyone is complimenting him
  • and seeing him light up with happiness and bow in thankfulness it makes your heart beat with joy,,,but also
  • the smile on seungkwan’s face,,,,,,,it gets you so,,,,,,,soft
  • like you want to protect that smile forever
  • on your way back you count all the loose change and bills and you’re like it’s over a hundred dollars and seungkwan is like WHAT NO WAY and joshua’s like “im not surprised, you sounded really good seungkwan”
  • and you’re like “i told you!!! you’re so talented and lovely - people are bound to like you!!”
  • and seungkwan looks at you and he’s like,,,,, “lovely?”
  • and you kind of turn pink and stutter and you’re like “yEAH you know like idols,,,,,,,,,,very lovely your look,,,,,,you look approachable and nice and,,,,,”
  • and seungkwan is like “oh! you just mean im nice!” and you’re like mHMM!!! and joshua is like PFFT UHUH OK 
  • and so you accompany seungkwan a couple of more times when he goes out to busk
  • and by the end of the semester you’re sure you’ve raised enough for the journal to fund itself just a bit longer without having to get new members
  • and seungkwan is like “it’s time for our next issue to come out!!” and you’re like “can you wait to see what i wrote on you?” and he’s like HONESTLY NO
  • and so when the copies get made, seungkwan rushes to see and he’s like 
  • “why isn’t your piece in the review section, it’s just my review of vernon’s mixtape - where is -”
  • and you’re like “silly, look at the cover!!”
  • and seungkwan flips it back over and he sees that on the cover it’s a photo of him singing in the park, a photo you took and he’s like “wh-”
  • and he sees that the main story that was printed is about how his performances helped save the journal
  • and it’s written by you (with help from the journals members who all love seungkwan too) and it’s literally just you praising his hardwork and humbleness 
  • and ask seungkwan reads it you see him stop at the last line 
  • “….and somehow, this all made me fall in love with him.”
  • and he looks up at you and he’s like 
  • “is it true?”
  • and you can only looks to the side sheepishly like,,,,,,, “reporters shouldn’t lie? right?”
  • and seungkwan literally just puts the journal down and takes you by the waist and kisses you and you’re like oH!!
  • but it doesn’t stop there he’s just kissing you on your temple and your cheeks and your nose
  • and you’re like seungkwAN THE other MEMBERs of the JOURNAl Are WATHCING 
  • and he’s like OOPS but it’s cute they’re like “we’ll leave you two to it ^^”
  • and seungkwan is just like,,,,,, “i don’t know how or why i got lucky enough to meet someone like you who wanted to help me right from the get go, but god im so so so thankful”
  • and you’re like “im thankful too, to have meet someone so talented and passionate. you have the capacity to do anything seungkwan. really.”
  • and you two are looking into each others eyes and he leans in and he’s like
  • “right now, i want to use all that capacity to kiss you again.”
  • AND LIKE you two are the cutest thing ever seungkwan is so proud of dating you and he shows it off all the time
  • like literally a minute after he sends his mom an excited message about how he thinks he’s found the person of his dreams
  • he also mails her a copy of the journal as always and he’s like “here, do you wanna talk to my mom when i call her???” and you’re like isNT IT TOO early to talk to her like this,,, and seungkwan is like “no no she’ll love you i know it because i love you.”
  • and the journal is up and running ok and tbh seungkwan’s busking on campus has kind of made it pretty popular like more people are coming to meetings and submitting writing or songs 
  • and you even join but not really as a reporter but more as like an editor every now and then
  • and you’re the only person seungkwan trusts to show drafts too 
  • and like you’re his number one hype squad like you’re always like seungkwan your writing is so good, your singing is so good, your face is SO GOOD
  • and seungkwan’s like ‘i know my face is good because you keep kissing it’ and you’re like YOU’RE RIGHT
  • that background photo of junsu on his phone is replaced with a photo of you when you fell asleep on his shoulder after you two were coming in from the city after he busked
  • and one day he actually writes a song for you 
  • and performs it for the first time outside on the campus quad
  • and when he sings your name you literally fall to your knees with your face in your hands and like seungcheol and joshua and vernon and jeonghan are all elbowing you like AYEEE and it’s cute 
  • seungkwan serenades you when you’re a little pouty with him and you’re like STOP we’re in the cafeteria and he’s just in his sing-song voice like “i don’t care~~~ i love you~~~~”
  • sarcastically told jun off that one time he tried to ask you to get coffee with him since seungkwan was busy writing for the journal and literally it was like this;
  • seungkwan: if i had to do a review on your hair jun, i’d give it a bacon sticker because it’s so greasy.”
  • it hurt jun and he held a grudge for quite a while
  • as he is with reporting and singing, seungkwan is a perfectionist in dating 
  • and sometimes it’s a bit too much because if he takes you on a date and something goes wrong he blames himself and you’re like “baby, we don’t have to go see that movie. we can just go to the arcade.” and seungkwan’s like bUT i know you wanted to see that movie and you just pinch his cheeks and tell him that yes, but you also wanna kick his butt at dance dance revolution and that gets him fired up
  • you didn’t believe he was good at table tennis until you guys finally had a match and he won even though you guys played like 12 matches and you’re like seungkwan is their anything you’re not good at
  • seungkwan; hmmm im not good at resisting you?
  • depending on if you like to sing or not you and seungkwan do a duet during his busking one time and an elderly couple is just like “you two should hurry up and get married!!”
  • and you’re like blushing but seungkwan is like “my ideal wedding would be getting married on the beach at jeju, are you cool with that?”
  • you: seUNGKWAN we’re IN COLLEGE PL E A S e

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West Coast Adventures!

I got offered my dream job the other day!!

I haven’t officially accepted it yet, and I have an on-campus interview next week for a different job at the same institution, so I’m going to wait to make up my mind until after that, but it looks like @sufficientlylargen and I will probably be moving to California, and to near the Bay Area in particular.

I know NOTHING about living in California except it’s expensive, warm, wet in the winter, and the avocados are delicious.

(I’ve been an East coast person my entire life and I hardly know anyone out there!)

So, my dear Tumblr friends, if you have things to say about the West coast, including pace of life, where to live, cost of living, favorite things, things to look out for, or also “hey, I live there, too!! Let’s be friends IRL,” please either respond here or message me!!

6 Things Every College Student Should Know How to Do

Heading to college and living on your own is a huge step toward complete, adult independence. If you’re about to take that all-important step, congratulations, and way to go! Before you head off on your own at college, though, there are some things that you’ll need to know how to manage without Mom or Dad there to do it for you.

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MD's Top Med School Interview Tips

All of these tips are based on my own experience with 3 Medical School Interviews this year, if you have any more suggestions feel free to reblog and add them. My askbox is also open if you have any questions. 😊

{Interview Prep - A couple weeks before}

1. PREPARE WITH A FRIEND 👯: Try to find a person you trust and get along with to help you prepare. My friend and I met up once a week for a couple weeks to go over potential interview questions and MMI scenarios. We pooled resources and each looked online and in prep books for possible questions. Together we went through a ton of ethical situations and talked about pros and cons of everything. It was great to have a safe space with a friend to explore healthcare issues and just by having these conversations I felt more comfortable with the language and opinions that are associated with medical topics. [Note: make sure you and your friend aren’t coming up with the SAME answers for questions. The point of this is to practice expressing your point of view and answers with a person you are comfortable with]

2. KNOW YOUR CV 📄: Pretty much every interview (no matter what format) will have questions about YOU. So in addition to knowing answers for the basic questions (Why do you want to be a doctor? Etc..) make sure you can articulate your experiences, what you’ve learned from them, challenges you’ve had and why these skills and experiences will help you with a career in Medicine. Some schools release lists of attributes they look for in prospective applicants, so try to figure out how your experiences exemplify those qualities.

3. KNOW WHAT THE INTERVIEW FORMAT WILL BE 🔎: You will likely want to prepare differently if you are doing an MMI or more situation based interview compared to a panel interview. Also it’s good to know if the interviewers will have access to your application information or not.

4. PRACTICE WITH A PRO 💼: If your school has a career centre or Pre-Med club, try going to an interview workshop to get individualized feedback from someone who has practice interviewing lots of people. Another option is to ask your boss (wherever you work) if they would be willing to run through a mock interview with you. I know this may not be possible everywhere but it was super helpful for me to get feedback from my boss because she has interviewed hundreds of people over the years. Even though she isn’t involved in anything medical there are certain things that can make or break any interview and it’s good to have someone point that out to you. I felt super prepared after doing this!

5. READ LOTS 📚: Stay informed about current issues, healthcare related and otherwise. You may be asked for your opinion on something and while you may not need to know exact details it’s a good idea to have a general sense of big events/issues happening in the world. Also if you’re interested in Medicine it’s a great idea to read some books about it! I personally loved the following Atul Gawande books: Being Mortal, Complications, Checklist Manifesto, and Better. Don’t forget to read whatever it is YOU find interesting, not just Medical stuff, it’s important to pursue other interests too. [ps. Following lots of Medblrs helped me to be aware of a lot of topics that may or may not have been discussed in my interviews]

6. THE OUTFIT 👔: Find something that makes you feel professional and awesome. Whether you are buying an outfit, borrowing clothes from a friend or wearing something you already own, make sure it fits and you are comfortable. My parents bought me my first suit for Christmas for me to wear to my interviews. I wore a black pencil skirt with a black blazer and a white blouse (it didn’t have a collar but it had a conservative neckline and a ruffle detail in the front), black heels and stud earrings. I looked kind of plain, but I felt professional and confident. I knew my personality would show through in my attitude not my clothes, however other people may want to wear something more stylish and that’s okay - but I’d advise staying on the more conservative side.

{The Interview}

1. ORGANIZATION ✔️: Make sure you’ve made appropriate travel arrangements so you can get to your interview early in the *least stressful* way possible. You may or may not want certain family members to be around you during that time and that’s okay. Do whatever is going to make you feel the most calm and confident.

2. MANAGE YOUR ENERGY 😴: Do your best to relax and get a good night’s sleep before (easier said than done - I know!!). Do a light work out the night before or the morning of- whatever you usually do! Schedule the day so you’re doing a tour of the school’s campus AFTER your interview if possible so you can just relax and won’t be tired for your interview. Eat a good breakfast and potentially bring a snack with you in your bag if you’re allowed to and you’re going to be there for a long day. I didn’t realize how long I would be without food for one of my interviews and I was SO HUNGRY and almost lightheaded by the time my interview got started because I didn’t realize we would have to sit through 2 hours of presentations beforehand. Thankfully I made it through the interview but I felt pretty weak and shaky after because I hadn’t eaten for hours.

3. OTHER APPLICANTS 😊: I was pleasantly surprised by how nice and friendly everyone else was. It was actually a highlight of the whole interview experience to talk to the applicants and hear about their backgrounds. I met engineers, theatre majors, athletes, pharmacists, research prodigies, 30 year olds switching careers, applicants from small towns and big cities, people working on Masters, PhD’s and other undergraduate students with traditional and non traditional degrees. Everyone was great and it was cool to feel like we’re all in this together. I could totally see these people being my future friends and colleagues so it was great to chat, but obviously if people prefer to be quiet and focus on their interview that is okay too! Do what’s best for you, but be nice to people. [ps. Don’t be intimidated by other people’s accomplishments if they bring them up. The admissions committee wanted YOU to be there for a reason. Another person’s awesomeness doesn’t make you any less awesome]

4. THE INTERVIEW 🌻: Go in there with confidence knowing that you’ve made it so far in the application process. This is a big and exciting step and no matter what it’s a huge accomplishment just to be invited. The admissions committee wants you to be awesome, and you’ve been preparing for this moment for a long time so relax and try to enjoy it as much as possible! This is an exciting day!! You get to talk about Medicine and yourself and things you are passionate about! You get to meet other great applicants who could be your friends and colleagues one day! You get to meet current students and faculty at the school and learn about their experiences and ask questions!! Despite stress, nerves and anxiety YOU GET the chance to interview at a medical school!! This is awesome and exciting and I am proud of you!! ✨✨✨

Alrighty, I am happy to announce that I’ve started working on my college application series!! As a reminder, this series is based entirely off of my experience and what my family/friends/college counselors told me, so others’ experiences and opinions will inevitably differ, and that is totally okay and expected! Another note is that it’s all centered around applying to private schools in the US, as that is where I applied ^^

This will be a five part series, and will be split into the following topics:

  1. Testing + Teacher Recs
  2. Campus Visits + College Fairs
  3. Interviews
  4. Applications + Essays
  5. Decisions

Any advice/input/comments would be really appreciated! ^^ What do y’all think?

I got a marketing job offer in California…! It’s a really cool job in a new place and that door is completely open now. I have a couple of weeks to decide. 

But, what’s fucking me up is my deep-seated desire to return to residence life work and to explore somewhere new while I still want to. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, because I’m so glad that the job in California worked out—but, I’ve been there before. Maybe not that exact city, but I’ve been to California, and I know I’ll be back there for the long haul someday. Is it today? I’m just not sure.

In terms of residence life, I went into graduate school dreaming of becoming a Resident Director. It was my goal. Now, I’m an RD candidate at a couple places, and I find myself in love with the one I just visited for an on-campus interview. It’s in New York City. Great people work there, the students are phenomenal, and I would grow so much. When I had to come back to Washington, I didn’t want to leave—it felt like my time there was only just beginning. If I go back to California now, will I ever make it out to the East Coast? Or will I forever be a visitor in a place I know I’d love?

I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself, because NYC hasn’t offered the job and their third on-campus candidate is coming today. But, the third is their last, and this week they’ll be deliberating to give an offer out next week. One position, three candidates. I couldn’t have felt more qualified or prepared, and I sensed positive vibes. This is one of those times I wish I was a fortune teller.

I’ve already decided to take the chance and run with it if NYC offers it. I can’t deny how I feel about the whole thing. It’s less income than California, but getting to live in an apartment in NYC for free has its value. In fact, housing in that area usually starts around $1400 at the minimum for monthly rent. Given that, it’s like I’m being compensated $17,000 a year for the free housing (and let’s not forget free meal plan). After all calculations are said and done, the value of the whole experience comes out to a similar net income to California—it just takes doing the math to get there.

I’ll be so, so disappointed if I don’t get NYC, but I’m trying not to think this way. I think I’ve got this, and I think it’s for me. That sensation in my gut is telling me something about that direction is right, whether it’s that it’s residence life in general or NYC I still have to figure out. Just one more on-campus to go through, and then all will be figured out by May 5. 

I’m amazed by my own tenacity and ability to survive. I’ll need to write a separate blog to detail all of the shit that’s happened to me in the last two months, but it’s been a damn whirlwind. And I’m still standing.

School shooting leaves 2 adults, 1 student dead in San Bernardino

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US News

School shooting leaves 2 adults, 1 student dead in San Bernardino

A teacher and a student were shot to death and a second student was critically wounded Monday in a murder-suicide at a San Bernardino elementary school that spread panic across a city still recovering emotionally from a terrorist attack at a community center just 15 months ago. The suspected shooter who opened fired in a classroom at North Park School also died. A school official said the attack was believed to stem from a “domestic dispute.” Two wounded students were flown to a hospital where an 8-year-old later died. The other student was listed in critical condition.

We believe the teacher knew who the shooter was.

Maria Garcia, San Bernardino City Unified School District spokeswoman

Other students at the school were bused to safety at a nearby college campus. Several parents interviewed on TV said their children were too young to carry mobile phones, so they had not been able to immediately contact them to see if they were safe. Monday’s shooting was the latest tragedy for a city that has struggled in recent years with more than its share of them. Once a major rail hub and citrus producer, San Bernardino filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after struggling to pay its employees despite steep cuts to the budget.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm about to graduate nursing school and am a bit nervous to start the interview process. Have any suggestions? THANKS!

Hi! Congrats on nearing the end of nursing school! So exciting! Interviewing can be nerve racking for sure. Here you’ve done all this work of just surviving during nursing school and now you’ve got about an hour to prove to some panel of people that you’re worth hiring and putting those skills to use. 

I actually just spent a day sitting in interviews for nurses who want to join our new grad program. Here are some {lengthy!} things that would be helpful to keep in mind (side note, these are good for any RN interviews, no matter how long you’ve been doing it and (2) while some of these may seem critical of the interviewee, please know that I LOVE new RNs and student nurses and this is all said out of wanting you all to do the best you can):

1. Research the hospital/institution you want to work for. We’re looking to see that you’re going to be a good match, for our retainment purposes as well as your own job satisfaction. My hospital asks specifically what you’ve heard about us that makes you want to work there. Be specific and genuine. That fact that we’re Magnet is great but not the end all be all. I chose my hospital because of their commitment to diversity. At another hospital you may value their Christian mission. Whatever it is, show that you have a basic understanding of who you’ll be working for and why that means something to your personally.

2. Many interview questions are behavioral based now. What that means is we’re asking you questions to try to understand how you think and will approach a situation. You should answer these in three succinct parts. (1) what the situation was (2) what did you do about it [not your nurse/instructor/preceptor] (3) and what was the result. We’re not looking for perfect situations. You’re a new nurse, you won’t do everything right. But you should be able to show your process for working through things. And if you didn’t do it exactly right, tell us how you’ve learned from that situation and what you would do differently next time. Also there are some basic themes to these type of questions. For example, a tough clinical case, what you did when you had a patient diagnosis you weren’t familiar with, how do you handle conflict, etc.

2a. Personal pet peeve. Do NOT tell me that you’ve never had conflict. Do NOT tell me you hate and/or avoid conflict. This isn’t healthy. Everyone has conflict at some point. We’re not asking you about a shouting match or a fist fight. We’re asking how you handled a difference of opinion, a misunderstanding, or a difficult patient. Conflict can be a good thing! Challenging others and ourselves helps us grow. Show that introspection and maturity in your answer.

3. In conjunction with #2, be thinking about your previous clinical situations before the interview. Have a crazy story? Chances are that’s the one you’re going to want to share with us. Memorable for you will be memorable for us. Especially when we’re interviewing dozens of people for only a few select spots.

4. ASK. US. QUESTIONS. I don’t care if you think you found out everything you need to know from the hospital’s website or recruiter. This is the 45 minutes or so you have to convince us that we want to hire you. We want to have a conversation with you. Even if it’s, “the recruiter told me a lot about your great staffing ratios, how did you come up with those?” or “I saw on your website that you recently embarked on xxx study. I was interested in what other kinds of studies you do, or how are the bedside nurses involved in efforts like these?” so on and so forth 

5. Think about what you want to convey to us at the beginning of the interview and let that be your theme throughout. What makes you you? Are you naturally funny? Tell us a story about how joking around with a patient distracted them during a painful wound dressing change. Are you a nut for details? Tell us about how you caught an error before it hit your patient. 

6. Don’t worry too much about being nervous. Prepare ahead of time and the rest will come. We know that you’ll be nervous, your first RN job is a big deal. But the thing is, we’ve all sat in that chair. And no matter how your interviewer comes across, they all want you to do well and be successful. If you’re not a match, it’s okay. (repeat that, alright?) Being a match is important. Being happy at your job is important. You interviewer is trying hard to determine if they’re going to be an equally good match for you. So a “no” is not always a bad thing. 

I hope this all helps! Feel free to add or ask any other specific questions about the interview process that you have. Of course every hospital will be a little different but I think this will get you started. They’re are a lot of articles out there on this too that you can find through a google search. Also try your career services dept on campus who can practice interviewing with you. 

Job search updates have been coming out all over the place. I’ve been enjoying weekends a bit more now because I know that I won’t be getting notifications about job developments since the employers aren’t in their offices either. But during the week, the communication happens very randomly.

Yesterday, my top choice in Boston let me know that I’m among their top candidates but they don’t have any other confirmed openings at this time, so they can’t move me forward for now. It was like a kick to the stomach—they’ve been my number one throughout the whole process. As I moped around, I got two more updates very close to one another, each being an offer for an on-campus interview. That turned the whole day around. In the next two weeks, I’ll be visiting a campus back home in the Bay Area and a campus in New York City. I’m nervous and excited and just so ready to be a finalist…!

Earlier this morning, I completed what is, I think, the last of my first round interviews for a while. I’m beginning to get interview fatigue, so the next week or so will be a welcome break from phone calls and Skype interviews. I’ll also be taking a road trip come Friday morning for the weekend to clear my head.

But, I need to get my shit together because next weekend, I’m in New York (wow) and I have to bring everything I’ve got without A) being too much and B) showing my nerves. I’ve never done an on-campus interview, so I just hope I can gather my wits before I’m in the hot seat.

I went from having ambiguous leads to two on-campus interviews in a single day. This job search is going to give me proverbial whiplash.

advice for juniors about to go through the college application process from a senior who basically just finished the whole thing
  • visit your schools! if you can swing it, do it. there have been plenty of schools i thought i would love and the minute i stepped on campus, i realized how wrong i’d been and vice versa
  • once you have your list of schools all set and the common app has been released, cHECK THE REQUIRMENTS FOR EACH SCHOOL I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. some schools require an additional letter from a fellow student, or take a different financial aid form, etc. don’t make assumptions. 
  • do not waste your time comparing yourself to kids who did or did not get into your top choice. it will just make you anxious. DO NOT CHECK COLLEGE CONFIDENTIAL. it is unreliable, and full of outlier applicants on the forums. it does not give you an accurate picture of how likely you are to get into a school.
  • spread out the work for your applications! the common app is released in early august. if you’re applying early decision/action anywhere you have until around november 1st to get that handed in. regular decision is early january. pace yourself with your essays. do not rush them. give them the time and effort they deserve.
  • have someone proof-read your essays! it can be a parent, a teacher, a friend. anyone! just have them do it!!!!
  • if you get offered either an on-campus interview or one with an alumni, take it! it’s designed to help you tell colleges why they’d be lucky to have you as a student. if for whatever reason you can’t go, REPLY TO THEM AND TELL THEM THAT. my mom does alumni interviews and i know it reflects badly on you and your application if you never get back to them. 
  • if you have a question for the school, either find the email of your admissions representative for your region and ask them, or if you can’t find this information, call the admissions office. do not have your parents do it. i know how terrifying speaking on the phone can be, but colleges would much rather hear from you than your parents.
  • ON THE DAYS YOU RECEIVE ADMISSIONS DECISIONS: take a bath, go get coffee, watch a movie, hang out with friends. do something. do not sit around and wait for colleges to post on their website or go hunt down the mailman. distract yourself so you can be as calm as possible. it is a stressful time, but make sure to take care of yourself. 
  • if you don’t get into your top school: i’m not gonna lie, getting rejected from my ed choice hurt like hell. i cried. i yelled. i used a box of tissues. a full one. allow yourself to be upset. however, don’t wallow in self pity. it’s the school’s loss, not yours. there will be acceptances else where. in the meantime, treat your self. 

The scene at my university today.
Frankly, I think the prolife society went about their demonstration in a disgusting manner.
In Ireland, studies show that approximately 12 women a day leave the country to have an abortion in England. This bombardment, of what is fundamentally guilt tripping propaganda, may be distressing to women who have had an abortion.
Freedom of speech is one thing. Bombarding students with a potentially harmful message is another entirely.


Campus Courtesy - Campus Interviews #1

The Occasionally Blurry Line Between Candidate and Educator

Have you ever had a moment during an interview, either on campus or in a phone/skype interview, where you’ve thought for a moment, “should I say this?” I’ve had several, particularly around issues of social justice. 

I think that as student affairs educators, we can’t “turn off” the teaching and mentoring part of ourselves, even if as candidates we don’t want to rock the boat. I was thinking earlier about the role of students on search committees (which will have to be a later post), and recalled this interaction. 

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Campus Interview Red Flag: You don’t get to meet anyone outside of the (small) office the mid-level position’s in, and the administrator (in this case, an AVP for Student Affairs) that oversees the office can’t be bothered to stop by and say hi at any point through the day and a half you’re on campus.

As someone who thrives on collaboration across programmatic, departmental, and divisional lines, I was really disappointed in the campus interview that only had me interacting with the office director, admin assistant, and students. This might not be a red flag for everybody, but it sure was for me. 

What campus interview red flags have you encountered?

Gradblr Challenge: Day 3/31 

              Yesterday was wonderfully productive, just not in the way I had hoped it would be. I spent most of my day being a teacher, student, and a colleague. I met with a third of my students for one-on-one meetings, attended class, and watched a practice teaching demonstration that a colleague will give during her campus interview this week. 

               It was an amazing day really- I couldn’t be happier with my department (their support for the students here is incredible) and meeting with my students is so rewarding. Today’s goal is to shift the balance and spend more time as a researcher and writer. Today I’m going to finish reading a book (est. 300 pages left), select a pub outlet for a project, outline a paper, and write a page on another paper. 

I hope your days are stunning!