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The signs as things as first semester in college
  • Aries: The first week that is dedicated into luring into their traps dubbed 'clubs' and 'organizations' and them talking you into going to one of those cult like events for sororities and fraternities; you can't escape, they will find you
  • Taurus: The urge to back hand annoying upper class men who are offending your eardrums without even being in their stupid conversation about how dog boobs are weird
  • Gemini: "I WOULD LIKE TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU, WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR" starter pack. Does not include tears or awkward conversation skills.
  • Cancer: Must. Find. The. People. Who. Give. Out. Free. Food. And. Money. Or. Maybe. Get. A. Rich. Upper. Classmen. To. Be. My. Sugar. Daddy/Mama.
  • Leo: The fuck do you guys mean you invested all this money into a theater and don't have a theater department? ! Well, student body government here I come.
  • Virgo: Drugs. Frat parties and so much drinking. Then freaking out finals week when the temperature drops and freezes your nipples back into studying
  • Libra: Shaving your armpits and legs more often then you open your $130+ psychology books
  • Scorpio: With black painted nails and freshly inked tattoos, all they are trying tell me is that- YOU TO USE TUMBLR, FOLLOW ME. NOW.
  • Sagittarius: That one hot professor who stares at you and you stare back, hoping to start something new- turns out you have dried drool in both corners of your mouth and those crust boogers in your eyes and they feel bad for you. Or think you were out partying instead of writing that 4-page-double-spaced essay over the history of the fucking United States of America
  • Capricorn: The pathetic excuse they call food in the dining hall that you can't even take food from. But everyone steals the fruit and sneaks out cookies to save money. Don't drink the milk unless you want an upset stomach that lasts a week
  • Aquarius: That one person you have sexual tension with but your not sure whether or not to engage with your first fwb in college or not. Also, this same person spilled ramen on their lap and was forced to go to the ER
  • Pisces: Resisting the urge to call your parents and telling them you have become a stripper and have a roommate who every time they open their bedroom door- their room smells like week old hot pockets and $1 air freshener

Depaul University bans a Jewish guy from even speaking at or even attending a lecture on free speech. 

The entire lecture left the on-campus lecture hall and walked a couple blocks to another theater. 

The education systems and institutions deplatform and refuse to allow free thought or speech. Anyone that disagrees with them is the enemy and must be silenced. 

They hired 30 guards to keep out a single short Jewish guy that was invited by their students. 

Miss Murder

It’s Murder season at UC National City, and Alex is determined to win.  A Sanvers college AU.


The rules are simple: there are no rules.  Actually, that’s a lie.  There are a couple rules.

Rule number one: You can’t murder someone inside a dorm room.  The halls are fair game, but as soon as you step into their room, that’s a safe zone.

Rule number two: You can’t murder someone in the dining hall.  There needs to be some public safe haven on campus and the dining hall is that.

And rule number three: You can’t murder someone if they’re naked.  No shower sneak-attacks, no skinny-dipping strikes.  Your victim must be fully clothed at the time of the murder.

Anything else is fair game.

If Alex Danvers hadn’t been awake trying to finish this godforsaken paper at four o’clock in the morning, she would have missed it: the swift patter of footsteps down the hall, a small rustling as an object is shoved under her door.

Alex pauses her music and looks down at the floor to find it: a single plastic knife.  Her face lights up in a grin.  This is it, her year.  This is the year she would finally beat her sister Kara at this stupid game.  She had a plan, a foolproof plan to be the last one standing.  And, for Christ’s sake, Kara doesn’t even drink alcohol so what was she going to do with the prized vodka that you win at the end of the game anyway?

No, Alex has a plan. Evade and evoke.  She would figure out who was her hitman early on.  She would lull her enemies into a false sense of security by making them think they were safe.  She would let everyone else make kill after kill, learning who they had, how many people were left.  And at the last possible moment, she would kill her victim and reap all the benefits. It was a flawless plan, a foolproof plan.  Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan that she had spent the better part of the last year perfecting.

With a cocky smirk, Alex gets out of her desk chair and bends over at the door to grab her weapon and find out who the unlucky soul of her victim is.  She turns the small knife over in her hands to find a name written on it in sharpie.

Maggie Sawyer

“Fuck,” Alex curses.

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Zodiac SQUAD: Capricorn, Virgo, Leo & Pisces
  • Capricorn, walking past the court yard near their dormitory, sees a couple of friends & waves:
  • Capricorn, heads over to the dining hall to meet up with Leo, Virgo and Pisces, sees Leo talking nervously on the phone:
  • Leo, in a hushed tone, kinda: But Mom- No, I'm not doing drugs- what do you mean I'm lame?! You told me not to! I'm not a loser! You know what Mom, I'll call you later. Heeeeeeey Capricorn!
  • Capricorn, chuckles as they get scanned in and walk over to Leo: Save it. You are your mom's baby.
  • Leo, scoffs as they point behind them: At least I still have my youth, unlike that train wreck behind you
  • Capricorn, turns to see Scorpio take out plastic baggies and stuffs food into them: Smart.
  • Leo, laughs while they shake their head: It's wild, man
  • Virgo, walks over with Pisces who is complaining about a project they have to do with Cancer: Hey guys!
  • Pisces, pouting: Hey everyone...
  • Leo, fixes their hair: Hey Virgo, and hello there, little baby
  • Pisces, glares: Just like your pe-
  • Capricorn, claps hands: So! Anyone have any updates or anything to talk about?
  • Pisces, taking a fry off of Leo's plate: How about Leo's crush on Virgo?
  • Leo, stares at Pisces:
  • Virgo, wide-eyed and embarrassed, looking down at into their lap:
  • Capricorn, gives Pisces a look: Dude, what the fuck
  • Pisces, gets up to get some food: They are taking too long, and I'm getting tired of hear Virgo gush to me about how they like Leo. So there
  • Capricorn, shakes head and gets up after Pisces: You two should talk
  • Leo, glances over at Virgo: Is that true? That you like me, too?
  • Virgo, nods head: I didn't think I saw you in that light but after a while of thinking and failing to push away my feelings- I came to that.
  • Leo, smiles brightly: Well that's great! Would you like to go out some time?
  • Virgo, smiles at them: I would love to..

to go along with the release of shinee’s upcoming fifth japanese album, five: a series of premium pre-listening events will be held nationwide throughout japan. the dates for these events are as follows: january 22nd in tokyo at the tower records shibuya store, january 24th in osaka at atc hall - d hall, january 27th in tokyo (once again) at the tower records shibuya store, january 28th in nagoya at diamond hall - space d, february 4th in fukuoka at kyushu visual arts college - campus hall and february 11th in sapporo at bfh hall. more in-depth information on the locations and starting times can found at the source.

Housemates!NCT Part 6

Your university runs out of dorm space, forcing you to find a last minute living arrangement with some international students. In other words, you’re basically screwed.

Warnings: alcohol, drugs, sex, profanity

Word Count: 1,534

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Also check out my College! thing too to help you tide yourselves over as i’m a shit head :)

College!Jaehyun | Ten

You guys are going to hate me when you get to the end of this chapter LMAO IM SORRY IN ADVANCE. 

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For your first-year at University:

Attend Orientation

  • Now that you are in college you’re allowed to make decisions entirely on your own. There’s no one to tell you you can’t do this or that or to force you to go anywhere you just don’t feel like going. When you enter your new school, as many schools will do, is offer an orientation that may be from 2-5 days long. Attend all of the events! Put yourself out there, and meet all the new people! Whoever is a part of the orientation planning put in a lot of effort to make sure your transition at your new school is as smooth as possible, and later in the year when everyone is saying “remember that time during orientation that was so funny and everyone…” - you don’t want to be the one sitting there saying you don’t remember because you decided to not go. Get involved! This is your first opportunity!

Be OPEN and welcoming

  • If you are living on campus in the residence halls my BEST advice for you is to leave your door open while you’re in there! It allows the opportunity for people to walk past and say hello and for you to do the same! Plus those tiny dorm rooms can feel pretty, well, tiny and opening the door makes it feel like you’re not stuck in the smaller half of a lunch box. 
  • Going along with that, sit in the hallway to type away on your laptop if you’re doing something not too important that requires a lot of focus. My first-year we all sat in the hallway! It was a way to become close with everyone on our hall and some days we’d be sitting around and decide to order some Chinese food and everyone in the hall chipped in and we all shared! These are the people you will see all the time, so when you first move in don’t be afraid to start up a conversation and introduce yourself because once everyone pegs you as the person who doesn’t want to talk and keeps to their self you will have that stuck with you for the majority of your first-year.


  • One thing you must keep in mind and always remember is that you and your roommate DO NOT have to be best friends. Have a chat upon move in when there is down time about respecting each others living space, come up with a system that works for both of you. If roommate wants to have boothang over night make sure you talk before hand about how many days notice you would like, will she need the room for x amount of time, etc. All you need to do is respect each others space and each others stuff and realize that this room is SHARED by the both of you. 
  • Some people never keep in contact with their roommate after freshman year or after they graduate, and in some cases your first-year roommate may be a bridesmaid at your wedding. Recognize that both of these are options and it’s fine if your relationship with your roommate goes either way!

On your first day of class

  • Read over your syllabus, talk to the person you sit next to, highlight important dates and deadlines.

Do not forget to have fun

  • You’re in college now, you should be studying and paving the way for your future, however, having fun and relaxing when you can should still be a priority! Plan to go to those school sponsored events, ask a roommate or hall-mate or classmate if they want to go, make a trip to go into the city, explore the area you’re now living in for the next four years. 
  • Your freshman year will be the most memorable, you will always remember these moments and you will always wish to go back to freshman year. Make sure the moments you look back on are fun and exciting! Take lots of pictures!
  • Refrain from going home on the weekends. Yes you will miss your parents cooking, yes you will miss your brothers and sisters, dogs and cats and pets. Try to stay at your school and do things on the weekend instead of going home because “there’s nothing to do” - you’re not trying hard enough.

Find your perfect study space and stick with it

  • Whether it is the cafe on campus, a local coffee shop, the library, or even your desk in your dorm make that space yours and always go there when you need to study or revise your notes!

Organize! Organize! Organize!

  • I cannot express this enough. An organized space is an organized mind. Even if you weren’t the best at organizing in high school make it a point to figure out what works for you and keep all of your stuff in its place. 
  • Do NOT leave things until the last minute, I have such an issue with this and procrastination, but it will feel so much better when you want to do that thing and you already did your homework than wanting to do that thing and being stressed the entire time because you still have homework. This is very important

Do not forget about your well-being

  • Stay healthy, keep hydrated, do the things that make you happy and do not ever EVER be afraid to ask questions.

Sorry about the ugly watermark, but this piece is too important to let float around the internet willy-nilly;
I painted this piece to submit to the new Art on Campus in the Residence Halls initiative, with the hope that I will be selected to have my art up in the walls of the dorm!
It’s another one of my favorite animal-machine fusions, like I created for my AP Art concentration in high school. This time, my painting skills are much better. Even if I don’t get chosen, I am extremely happy with the results and hope that I can continue to make weird surrealist paintings in the future!

i just got the best gig ever i am gonna sit in a dining hall on campus on friday and play irish music off of spotify for 3 hours for money. this is lit.

more aa!continue? headcanons that nobody asked for!!!!!!!!
  • they are banned from the dorm kitchen. this ban has been in place since their first year and it will never be lifted
  • josh has made out with about 75% of the fourth year class
  • they order pizzas directly to their room, which annoys the shit out of campus security
  • every hall has a fire extinguisher, but theirs is the only room that is required to have one. it is duct-taped near the door
  • dance battles, always
  • their sleepovers are fucking ragers and everyone wants on that guest list
  • paul made jeff “guest of honor” at his re-election party
  • nick has a super secret diary
  • nick or paul: should i wear this / josh: idk man / nick or paul: let me ask joshualina / josh: [sighs, puts on the wig, doles out expert fashion advice]

someone wrote my phone number and “text for nudes” or something like that on a table in our campus dining hall which is very cool and funny because I love getting texts from strangers and wondering if someone is trying to stalk and/or rape and/or kill me, I have a pretty good idea of who did it and it’s very nice to know that they have an intimate understanding of my trauma and still just don’t give a fuck about it, love being crazy, love being targeted by people who still act like we are in sixth grade, love being reminded of my trauma on a daily basis, I’m sure you feel very good about yourself and I’m sure your friends think you are very cool and funny


Georgetown students plan sit-in to protest dorm named after slave owner

Students at Georgetown University announced a sit-in demonstration Thursday to protest a residence hall named after former school president and slave owner Thomas F. Mulledy. Their demands were simple: Change the name, or we’re not moving. According to students, the building represents the university’s major failure to reckon with its history.