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Old Victoria Infirmary campus in Glasgow sold for housing - BBC News
The former Victoria Infirmary campus in Glasgow's south side is to sold for housing.

The former Victoria Infirmary campus in Glasgow is to sold for housing.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said the 9.5 acre site would be developed by the Worcester-based not-for-profit housing and care provider Sanctuary Group.

The health board said Sanctuary planned to keep a number of heritage features while creating homes for families, first-time and older buyers.

The developer will consult Glasgow City Council and the local community before making a planning application.

Peter Martin, Sanctuary’s group director development, said: “We are delighted to be buying the old Victoria site and are committed to listening to local communities to select the best development solution.

"Our plans are to retain the key heritage features of the site while delivering a beautiful place to live.

"The development will also create much needed jobs and we look forward to beginning this exciting project.”

The hospital began treating patients at the site in Langside, on the south side of the city, in 1866.

I sincerely hope that they do actually keep the parts of it that are aesthetically pleasing as it is an iconic building of the south side.

This Day in 1D History - December 27



  • *insert innuendo* (Lirry go bowling in Southport, UK)


  • the Midnight Memories video shoot continues


  • Niall is granted lifetime membership to the Mullingar Golf Club (bc what else would a world-famous millionaire pop star do with his time)

kawaiibookwyrm  asked:

Hi Tumblr Mom! I have a question for you. I know that you are from Scotland, specifically Glasgow. I am currently applying to the University of Glasgow for my Masters but the program I want is at the Dumfries Campus! Do you know anything about Dumfries? I'm a little nervous about going there because I know nada about it. Thanks in advance and I hope that your day gets better!

Aha, you are asking me about the only Glasgow Uni campus I haven’t worked at, shame. I will say though, Dumfries is lovely, we used to go down there as kids to visit relatives. You’re in border country, so it’s still possible to head up to the big cities on weekends if you feel like it.

You would also be near Sweetheart Abbey, which is always worth a visit.

And given the location of the area, you actually get to see some beech too

I mean it’s fucking freezing but it’s pretty.

You can also get to Ireland really easily from there. So it’s y’know I mean it’s not a hub city like Glasgow but it’s not like you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere either. There’s lots of cool stuff to do if you like taking long walks and ruined castles and similar tourist/history stuff.

It is however the west coast so invest in waterproof jacket, cause it rains a lot. Trust me, it’s small miracle west coasters haven’t evolved gills yet.

I hope your application goes well!