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going to college/university in gotham city would be so wild???

  • a student who forgets to sort out their accommodation until the last minute and ends up moving into mr freeze’s hideout because everywhere else in town is full. still beats dorms i guess.
  • the welcome assembly is 6 hours long and most of it is what to do if you encounter the joker or batman or some other hero or villain and how the police are essentially useless.
  • non-gothamite students being freaked out over why the gothamite students aren’t panicking when their campus coffee shop gets held up by harley quinn and poison ivy.
  • city-wide catastrophes are not an excuse for getting out of finals week.
  • the black market is incredibly easy to access in gotham and ends up getting used by students wanting to make a quick buck by writing other people’s essays or stealing answers off tests. beware ex-psychology professors who do not take kindly to cheaters.
  • not being sure whether the sound you’re hearing is an explosion somewhere in town or just your neighbor’s music at 3AM. 
  • did you just see nightwing pass by your window or are you hallucinating from lack of sleep? 
  • riddler crashes the university’s servers, causing untold fear and panic to the students who had left their essays to the very last minute to turn in.
  • iceberg lounge is to be avoided, the drinks are so damn expensive and the nightlife is usually lousy unless batman’s doing a raid on the place.  
  • any drunk student could easily be taken in as a new batman villain. one minute you’re at a fancy dress party having a good time, the next thing you know you’re waking up in a jail cell with a suspicious, batarang shaped scar and the tabloids calling you Donkey Girl. 
  • every student thinks they can be robin within the first two weeks of moving to gotham. this usually does not end well. 
  • seeing two-face chilling at mcdonald’s on your friend’s snapchat story and not even being surprised at this point. 
  • no need to set an alarm for a 14 minute nap, batgirl will probably come crashing through your window anyway. 
  • most people want to bang either someone from the batfam or the rogues gallery. some have even attempted it.
  • fear toxin is put in the vents one time but almost no one is affected. everybody is already terrified for exams. 
  • most dorm rooms have an “adopt me batman” sign hanging from the windows, or variations of that (”adopt me catwoman” is a pretty popular one too)
The signs as coffee

Taurus : an entire french press that was made at home that will last the owner approximately an hour before they make another one but you can bet your buttons it was locally sourced

Gemini : iced, black coffee, with 2 packets of splenda, every day at the exact same time, from the same Starbucks on the corner. The barista knows everything and nothing about them.

Cancer : a medium mocha, left to cool down on the window sill with latte art on top that you see on instagram but the photographer spilled it everywhere right after getting the perfect shot and now has to deal with sticky clothes and half the coffee they wanted

Leo : that one pot of coffee in the office that inexplicably makes better coffee so it’s always full except when you want to get a drink and you know all the machines are the same and all the packets of pre measured coffee are the same but stillllll

Virgo : an iced latte surrounded by empty iced latte cups you find surrounding a sleeping student in the library at 8 am how long have they been there the campus coffee shop closes at midnight and opens at 6 how do they have so many empty cups

Libra : a half empty cup of mystery coffee someone left on the bus because I guess they must have been in a hurry to get off why would you disrespect your coffee like this?

Scorpio : a cup of plain black coffee when the owner actually wanted a frappuccino but screwed up so now they’re overloading it with honey and cinnamon and now it’s undrinkable but they’ll choke it down anyway to save face even though no one cares

Sagittarius : a piping hot pumpkin spiced latte drunk with friends who all have the exact same thing, they pretend they’re drinking it ironically, only one person actually likes the taste but will pretend they don’t

Capricorn : a light roast dry cappuccino  from the local coffee house in a reusable coffee cup they got from a local artist with eight fucking shots of espresso in it where did they all go you will die if you aren’t careful man what are you doing man

Aquarius : it’s tea except when anyone’s looking

Pisces : it’s actually hot chocolate, can’t stand the taste of coffee except when they’re studying then it’s an americana with 9 packs of sugar and tears

Aries : who cares it’s all over the ground anyway

The Librarian *Bucky Barnes x Reader* NSFW

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Summary: A University AU. You have been studying in the library all weekend, although the sexy librarian has been distracting you. Turns out you’ve been a bit of distraction for him also.
Warnings: Explicit (+18) smut, public sex, no condom & oral. Also swearing

Quick thank you to my close friend @full-of-sins-not-tragedies for reading this over for me. - Rosalie

University was hard and stressful but you loved every second of it. You had made friends with all the History majors, your dorm roommate was hilarious and the campus coffee pop-up stand was a lifesaver, literally. University was everything you expected to be and more, you did think it would be more partying at 4 am but you did go to the occasional one or two at the weekend.

Except for this weekend. This weekend is spent in the library on campus, researching medicine in the 18th century. You had been arriving as soon as the doors opened and staying to just before closing time.

Also, you couldn’t lie the man running the library this weekend was hot. When you walked in on Saturday morning, he was perched behind the oak desk with a book, glasses perched on his nose and long hair tied back into a bun. White button up shirt tucked into blue denim jeans. He was intimidatingly handsome, rugged with the unshaven face but adorable in the sense his mouth moved as he read; muttering the words to himself.

You had, admittedly, been slightly creepy with the staring when reading about history became boring. He was just so intriguing to you. You hadn’t seen him work here through the week, you hadn’t seen him around campus either, he was an enigma to you. You wanted to know more but yet, you didn’t want to go up and just talk to him. So, you kept to sneakily peeking over the mountain of books at him.

When you walked in on Sunday morning it was dead. Everyone had gone out partying Saturday night, leaving the library to be empty on Sunday as they all nursed their hangovers. He was there, sat silently behind the desk, till he glanced up at the door opening and smiled at you. Pride and Prejudice perched in his right hand.

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Aha I'm already in love with your insta au and I really want more do you have any headcanons? Like for the other characters as well and how they are incorporated into the au??

omg yes!! i have like two waiting to be posted and 4 more drawings im currently working on for it!

basic au hcs

  • everyone is basically still in university in this au 
    • allura is getting her masters in international and diplomatic studies and is currently fluent in over 10 languages
    • shiros getting a phd in applied mathematics and theoretical physics 
    • pidge is an undergrad double majoring in computer science and mechanical engineering 
    • lance is an undergrad majoring in astrophysics 
    • hunk is an undergrad majoring in mechanical engineering 
    • keith was majoring in astrophysics until he dropped out sophomore year and now works in a garage fixing bikes and cars 
  • lance and allura both run popular beauty/lifestyle instagrams and actually met through insta when lance shot her a message asking if she wanted to do a photoshoot with him 
  • they’ve been best friends ever since 
  • hunk and lance are childhood friends and it was hunk who introduced lance to pidge (who he met through their engineering courses bc how could he not talk to the small genius who had the gall to tell the professor they were wrong the first week of classes)
  • pidge and keith have been best friends ever since they met freshman year in one of their gen ed courses (turns out mutual hatred/annoyance is a great foundation for a lasting friendship)
  • broganes
  • shiro and allura 100% had a meet cute where shiro spilt his coffee all over her shoes in a campus coffee shop  
    • he felt rlly bad 
    • they were also v nice shoes 
    • allura promised it was fine and that he could repay her with a date this friday 
    • keith and pidge were actually there to witness this and they’d never seen shiro so red and nodding so fast he looked like one of pidge’s short-circuiting robots (when shiro denied this pidge sent him side by side video analysis from what she recorded on her phone earlier that day and the bot that fried itself the day before)
  • keith knew and was a follower of lance’s insta way before they even met or he even knew pidge was friends with him or that they had gone to the same uni and even had some freshman classes together 
  • pidge was 100% aware the second she met hunks loud mouthed roommate that he was the same guy she caught keith stalking on insta multiple times every week (the only reason he even has one is bc pidge convinced him to get one back in freshman yr bc there was no point of posting embarrassing/stupid pics of ur friend if said friend wasnt going to see them)
  • shiro never told him that his gfs best friend was the same lance either 
  • keith is surrounded by traitors 
  • everyone knows about this but lance

i have many more but i dont want this post to be too long!

| Voltron Insta AU |

Dusk to Dawn | 1 | jjk

pairing: jungkook x reader 

genre: soulmate!AU angst, fluff, smut

warnings: swearing, smut, use of alcohol, smoking, lowkey going to be heartbreaking

word count: 11.6K

summary: You meet Jungkook in psychology class who acts like he has it all figured out, however as you two get closer you realize you are more alike than you two originally thought. Unfortunately for the two of you, fate has another plan in mind which will test yours and Jungkook’s relationship in more ways than one. 

part 1 of 2 

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Fall Semester 


The first day of the new fall semester has been nothing less of eventful. Not only did you sleep past your alarm by more than thirty minutes, not only did you not get a cup of coffee in you this morning, not only did you realize that you had forgotten your psychology textbook back at your apartment until you got to class, and not only were you ten minutes late to class, you somehow were able to calm yourself down enough to where you did not cause a commotion once you entered the lecture hall.

Once you sat down, places towards the back mainly open, you opened your laptop trying to blend in with everyone like you had not just missed the first ten minutes of class. You focused in on what your professor was saying, trying to ignore the fact that you had also forgotten to brush your teeth as well.

“In my class, we will learn about all sorts of things,” the professor states, “From children, to sociopaths, the human mind, to medicine, to love… and sex,” he pauses for a moment, a smirk on his face, “and yes, we will be talking about soulmates, too for those wondering, although many of you may already know where I’m at with this,” he continues.

Your face suddenly drops. Soulmate. You have heard the term all of your life and as you have gotten older, the more you try to ignore it.

Your older sister soulmate’s name carved into her left wrist at the tender age of fourteen and found the guy when she was seventeen. Your best friend soulmate’s named etched its name onto his left wrist when he was eighteen. The special thing about your soulmate’s mark, is that their name is written in their handwriting. A sacred thing that you have yet to experience. Everyone you knew, had received a name by the time they were eighteen… except you.

You were now 21, going on 22 and a name still has yet to be marked on you. You’ve heard stories of people never finding their soulmate and dying alone and depressed. Not only that, but you have also heard of the physical pain that comes along when never finding a soulmate.

Thankfully you have never experienced any physical pain yet, which gives you hope that the name is still yet to come.

“Excuse me,” a voice, a whisper, knocks you out of your thoughts. You glance over to see a boy with light brown hair and big doe brown eyes staring at you. “I think you dropped this,” there in front of you, the mysterious boy holds up a pencil that must have slipped out of your hand while you were in thought.

“Oh, thanks,” you say in a whisper, snatching it back from the boy giving him one last look before turning your attention back on the professor.

You internally groan to yourself and you can tell this is already going to be a long year.

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#optomstudies here to stop your 💸💸💸 from flying away! This is to answer an ask I received from @psychblr (thank you for asking!!). For some pointers on how to make money, please also check out my 7 Part Time Work post. This first part will cover food, transport and entertainment. The next part will cover textbooks, tax, and scholarships

Detailing all your income and all your expenses for the month, sort it into categories like food, rent, entertainment, etc. then circle everything you could’ve cut down on. 


  • Don’t buy coffee on campus. One cup is $3-4. Bring your own coffee if you must in a thermos. 
  • Plan your meals. Make a list so that you don’t overbuy or get duped by instant microwavable meals (which taste kinda gross anyway). 
  • Bulk buy at supermarkets. Make meals with multiple servings that you can store in the fridge for the next week. 
    • Stick to home brands. Compare the unit price ($/kg) on items so that you know you’re getting the best deals. 
    • Buy fresh fruit and veggies at markets
    • Also, if you can find an Asian grocery near you, they usually sell meat at a much cheaper price than you can find at Coles or Woolworths. 
    • Buy at ALDI if you have one near you. 
  • Bring your own bottle and refill from the water stations on campus, rather than buying bottled water and soft drinks. 
  • Join free food pages on Facebook. There’s usually sausage sizzles that sell lunch for $2.50 at least once a week, and occasionally they’ll be free!
  • Consider eating lunch off campus. If you don’t mind the trek, you can look for places off-campus. Around our uni there’s many cheap eateries that sell different cultural foods, usually catering for international students. 
  • At places like Starbucks and other places that sell coffee, ask for “hot water”, they charge $0.43 and you can bring your own tea bag or instant coffee, thanks @bambooboss
  • Asking for “a glass of water” is legally free anywhere in Australia. So save yourself from spending money on $3.99 bottled Mount Franklin water :)


  • Travel during off-peak hours. Most full time students are eligible for a concession Opal card, but you can also get an additional 30% off the travel fee outside 7-9am and 4-6:30pm weekdays. 
    • Arrange your classes later so that you start at 11am and finish around 6-7pm. 
  • Use public transport instead of driving. Saves you petrol, speeding fines and parking fees. 
  • If you live close enough, try cycling or bike loans. Our uni has bikes available for rent that are provided with helmets a lock and a light. 


  • Use your student discounts. Discounts on movie tickets and local shops can be attained just by flashing your student card. 
  • Use your uni WiFi - Library is open pretty much all day, so if you ever have a free day, just lounge around and watch Youtube to your hearts content. 
  • For parties, your uni usually holds a beginning of semester and end of semester events that are super cheap to attend if you’re looking for that kind of entertainment. Faculties will also hold cruises with free drinks and formals once a year, but those are a bit pricey. 
  • For outings, do something that doesn’t break the bank, e.g. hiking, stargazing, visit to the art museum, bike riding, perusing the flea market, watching uni sports events, cooking dessert with friends, etc. 
  • Avoid any unnecessary purchases. Do you really need that third set of highlighters? No. To avoid impulse purchases, just sleep on your decision. When you wake up in the morning with a fresh mind, most likely you’ll realise that you don’t need it after all. 





Title: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Summary: "Trini sighed and was about to swipe left because she wasn’t interested in looking for love right now. Tinder is just… Tinder. It’s all just a game to her. 

That is until she accidentally swipes up.

‘You Super Liked Kimberly!’“


Trimberly Week: Day 1: Coffee shop, college, fake dating au

ps. there’s more social media au edits if you read this mess of a story :)

Read @ ao3 (formatting might be a little better?)

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The Signs As Coffee

Taurus : an entire french press that was made at home that will last the owner approximately an hour before they make another one but you can bet your buttons it was locally sourced

Gemini : iced, black coffee, with 2 packets of splenda, every day at the exact same time, from the same Starbucks on the corner. The barista knows everything and nothing about them.

Cancer : a medium mocha, left to cool down on the window sill with latte art on top that you see on instagram but the photographer spilled it everywhere right after getting the perfect shot and now has to deal with sticky clothes and half the coffee they wanted

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(yet another) college au prompt meme

cause im trash and i wanted to make my own based off some of my fun college experiences. (these have probably been used in like 80 other peoples prompt lists but whatever.)

  1. “the obligatory my roommate is super cute and i’m crushing on them au.”
  2. “the obligatory my roommate is trash and leaves me locked out, but thankfully youre a decent person so i’m not alone”
  3. “my roommate is doing push ups on the floor and i’m not sure whether to be turned on by their athletic powers or freaked out”
  4. “i work nights and you have an 8am class, so we always end up running into each other at the campus coffee shop.”
  5. “its the first week of the semester, what reason could you possibly have for being at the library right now?”
  6. “you work for the campus radio station and keep passively aggressively dedicating songs to me”
  7. “i was really drunk and you walked me safely back to my dorm room.”
  8. “youre singing in our dorm shower, and i just want to let you know that you have a wonderful voice, also oops i’m naked.”
  9. “were both running for the same associated students position and are sudden rivals.”
  10. “its my senior year, and ive created a bucket list of things i want to do before i graduate - one of those things happens to be you.”
  11. “i really want you to join this organization i’m a part of - not because you’re super attractive or anything, haha, not at all.”
  12. “oops i accidentally slept with my ta.”
  13. “i have a term paper due tomorrow and yours is the only 24 hour cafe with internet.”
  14. “i have the keys to the roof of the chem building and you need somewhere to smoke.”
  15. “you just hit me with your bike, but you’re also really hot so i forgive you.”
  16. “my org requires community service hours, and your program is the only one that sounded semi-decent.”
  17. “i literally only joined this org because the person handing out fliers was cute, wtf do we even do here?”
  18. “were in the same orientation group and we might never see each other again but i still want to do this.”
  19. “wait so you’re saying you still live in a college town even though you graduated years ago?”
  20. “hey hey its alumni weekend and everyone else has become freakishly successful after graduation, the fuck.”
college boyfriend!joshua

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a/n: special thanks to @choco-seventeen for giving me the idea of barista!josh which ended up being the best idea ever,,, get rdy to die yall

  • here it is, our long awaited gentleman of seventeen!! requested by this darling~
  • i’ve never written anything for josh (which is appalling) and seeing as he’s now,,, like a bias,, i mean i kinda have to don’t i
  • i’m going to pretend that a straight week of searching for joshua scenarios did not help encourage this

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i feel bad bc the campus coffee shop by where i live serves starbucks coffee but since its not a REAL starbucks the people who work there aren’t like, baristas, so when i will go in there with my Special Order sometimes i will just feel so bad like……sorry i just need to get fucked up on sugar and caffeine

The Hogwarts Houses As College Students

Gryffindor - The Life Of The Party

Whether it’s a a classy gala, a rave, or just a small gathering, you know Gryffindors are there to ensure everyone’s having a good time!

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Hufflepuff - The Support System

When their friends are breaking down over existential crises, or just plain homesick, the Hufflepuff will always be there with a hug and a warm mug of coffee.

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Ravenclaw - The Busy Bee

They do readings in advance, they’re constantly busy with their extra-curricular activities, and they’re always down for a study date at the campus coffee shop. Ravenclaws may look like they have their shit together, but they’re probably screaming internally 24/7.

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Slytherin - The Mom

The Slytherins are born leaders to a fault, and help their friends out of sticky situations. They head group projects, clubs, and yes, even college parties. You can usually find them in the bathroom, trying to sober up a drunk/stoned classmate before class.

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Coffee shop AU

-Midoriya is a new barista in the campus coffee shop. Between studying to be a veterinarian and working a part time job, he doesn’t really have time to meet new people despite Ochako’s attempt at setting him up with some of her friends.

-He notices the frequent customer just one week into his work. Always arrives the moment the shop opens, orders a large mocha with extra ice, takes his preferred seat by the window and buries himself in writing away on his computer. Everyday, like clockwork. 

-The customer is cute. With odd, half white half red hair, heterochromia eyes and a sort of pensive look as his default expression, the customer looks like a character from Final Fantasy. Ethereal, out of this world, and certainly out of Midoriya’s reach. 

-The customer has a worst case of dark circles under eyes, however. Midorya isn’t really one to judge because dark bags under eyes are a thing among university students. So when he brings the customer his order, he also brings a small tube of eye cream with him. 

-”For your eyes.” Midoriya shrugs at the questioning look the customer sends his way and goes back to the counter. When the customer leaves, Midoriya finds the eye cream used and a sticky note sticks to it. ‘Thank you,’ it says. 

-Sometime later, the customer comes with a serious cough and he places his usual order. Midoriya purposefully makes a small hot mocha, and after thinking things through, makes a cup of honey tea. 

-The customer tries to protest, but the cough has already taken away his voice. Instead he typed on a his laptop. 

‘It’s not my order.’ it says as Midoriya leans in to read. 

“I can’t really let you have more ice when you can’t even talk now can I?”

‘I don’t bring enough money to pay for the tea.’ The customer types

“Don’t worry, that’s on me. By the way,” Midoriya says as he rummages around his apron pocket. “Have some of these. They help.” He places four yellow ginger candies on the table and cheerfully goes back to his place. “Have fun studying.” He pretends not to hear the hoarse amused snort.

-Snow and wind are the bane of his health. Midoriya comes to work that day with a runny nose and a mild headache. The customer takes one look at him and gives him his pristine white handkerchief. Then he proceeds to unravel his blue scarf and wraps them around Midoriya’s neck to Midoriya’s eternal surprise and embarrassment. 

“You should take a day off.” The customer chides him, his eyes narrowed in worry and disapproval, and really those do not help the butterflies doing somersault in his stomach.

“I’m-” Midoriya sneezes, and isn’t it a great sight with how much fluid is in his nose. He wipes it away quickly with a tissue (no way in hell he is using the customer’s handkerchief!) before continuing, “-fine.”

Judging by the arched eyebrows, the customer isn’t convinced.

-The customer keeps sending questioning glances his way while drinking coffee and Midoriya can’t keep the smile off his face.

-The customer leaves, not without urging Midoriya to call it a day. And well, that’s what he was originally going to do anyway but he wants to see the customer. With that done, he can now go back to his bed. 

-An early morning one day before Chirstmas break, Midoriya sees a familiar figure huddle in front of the door to the coffee shop. In the sub zero temperature and heavy snow, the customer’s thin hoodie offers hardly any protection. He is not wearing any gloves, hat, scarf, ear muffler. Nothing to ward off the cold. The customer raised his head briefly as he saw Midoriya approach and made to stand up but he swayed on his feet. Midoriya quickly catches him and oh god the customer is so cold! With dept hands, he opens the door and guides the customer inside. He sits the customer down in front of the heater and whips up a hot chocolate. 

-The customer does not even register the hot drink in his hand. It takes Midoriya physically guides the customer’s hand to bring the cup to his mouth for him to start sipping on it robotically.

-They stay silent. Midoriya uses it to observe the customer. He looks, well, bad. His lips are an unnatural blue. There are frozen tear tracks on his face and-is that a hand print…? 

-”My dad wants me to become a lawyer.” The customer starts to say, his voice wavering with every word. “I don’t want to. So I apply for a Creative Writing degree behind his back. He threw a tantrum when he found out, but it was too late. I’ve already sent my acceptance notice by then. Then he tries to stop me from studying. He locks my laptop and phones when I come home and only returns them to me in the morning right before he goes to work. My classes are all in the afternoon so I make do. I though it would stay this way until I graduate, but no, my old man is too conniving for that. He withdrew me from school and secretly enrolled me to a law school across the country. I argued, he back-handed me, I ran away from home with nothing on me except for my clothes and I have no friends to run to. I apologize. I should leave.” The customer tries to stand but Midoriya stands with him, grabbing a firm hold of his arm.

“My apartment is just across the street. You can stay there until things die down at your house. Don’t argue, it won’t change my mind,” Midoriya says, adopting a stubborn glare. He is spitting profanity at the customer’s father in his mind. 

“I don’t have anything to pay you”

“No need. You sharing this with me is payment enough.” And Midoriya starts for the door, not giving the customer a chance to get another word in edgewise.

-The customer’s name is Shouto. So cute!

A Crossroad Deal (1)

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Summary: After getting out of a long term relationship, you try to move on with your life. However, having spent the last three years unavailable, you are not sure you know how to get back out there again, let alone if you even want to. That is, until you meet Jeon Jungkook, the barista at your college coffee shop. He is more than happy to help you wet your toes in the dating scene again, but at what cost?

Next Chapter 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: A little of everything

Word Count: 7k

College!Jungkook, somewhat FuckBoy!Jungkook

Warning: language

A/N: The genre is for the whole story over all and not just this chapter. There will be fluff scenes scattered within chapters though. The story starts off slow but picks up with the more chapters added! I hope you enjoy =)

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All my friends who’ve finished uni are like ‘I’m travelling around south america!’ and ‘I just got accepted for this really great job!!’ and I’m just like ‘well… I examined some vaginas today and sat in the abandoned library for a bit having a breakdown but it’s all good lmao’

watsonthebox  asked:

Still at the Garrison, Lance wanted to be friends w/ Keith. After admiring from afar, he finally introduce himself, but he was straight up ignored (ouch). Lance told Hunk who replied "Oh, Keith? Isn't he Korean?" A lightbulb went off in Lance's head. What if Keith ignored him because his English wasn't strong (Lance knew the struggle)? Cue Lance learning Korean, just so he can become friends with him. He becomes fluent and discovers that Keith English if just fine, he was just being extra emo.


Please bare with me, I used Google translate. I apologize if anything is wrong   >.<


 Lance sighed as he stared at the raven haired who stalked away from the classroom. 

Hunk followed his friend’s gaze and released a small laugh. “Lance why don’t you just go up and talk to him?” 

 Lance frantically shook his head no and stood up, collecting his various books. “Hunk, I can’t do that.” Hunk and Lance exited the classroom and Lance fought the urge to walk the same way Keith went. 

“Lance, why can’t you talk to him? You’re pinning hardcore over him.” 

“Because Hunk, he’s a somebody and I’m a nobody. I don’t deserve his presence.” Lance and Hunk turned a corner, Lance flashing a toothy smile at some of the girls that they passed. 

“You talk about him like he’s a God.” Hunk released a sigh and opened the door to their shared dorm. 

 Lance flopped on his bed, “maybe he is a God. He’s good at everything and I mean everything. Like I’ve never seen that kid mess up anything. He’s just too perfect. I’m not worth his time.” 

 “Whatever you say buddy. I’m going to hit the showers, see you soon.” Hunk exited the room with his shower supplies and Lance groaned into his pillow. I need to talk to him, come on Lance all you have to do it say ’The name’s Lance.’ What’s so hard about that? I’ll do it tomorrow, I promise. 


Lance smoothed down his uniform for the 50th time and glance at the door. Class started in 5 minutes and Keith still hadn’t showed up. The one day I actually want Keith around he has to be late. Lance closed his eyes and suppressed a groan of annoyance. He reached down and started to pull out his supplies for the class. 

He anxiously watched the clock and 30 seconds before class started, Keith strolled into the room. He wasn’t even phased that class was about to start, where Lance would have been an anxious mess. Lance watched Keith take his usual seat in the back of the classroom, not even pulling out a notebook or anything. Just staring at the board with boredom. 

Like I said perfect.

Lance jumped out of his seat as soon as his professor closed his book and declared that class was over. Lance bolted out of the room and speed walked towards Keith, who managed to get a head of Lance. That boy can teleport or something. 

Lance eventually caught up to Keith and he stopped right in front of Keith and placed his hand out in front of him. 

“The names Lance, nice to met you!” Lance plastered the biggest smile he could muster on his face. 

Keith gazed at Lance’s hand and brought his eyes up to Lance’s face. He stared at him for a few seconds and then pushed past Lance and continued his walk to his room. 

Lance’s smile fell and he lowered his arm. What just happened? 


Lance was laying face first on his bed, he hadn’t moved since his conversation (was it even considered a conversation?) with Keith. Hunk wasn’t back from classes since he had a few different classes then Lance and he was for once grateful. Lance loved his roommate to death but right now he wanted to be alone. 

Yet the silence didn’t last forever and soon Hunk opened the door immediately seeing his friend distress. “Hey Lance, you feeling okay?” 

Lance shook his head no and a few moments later he felt the bed dip under his friend’s weight. “What happened?” 

“I talked to Keith.” Lance mumbled through his pillows. 

“That’s great! How did it go?” Hunk started to rub his friends back, hoping he would sit up. 

“How do you think it went?” Lance pushed himself upright and slumped against Hunk. 

Hunk wrapped his arm around Lance, “what did he say?” 

“Nothing! He literally just looked at me and walked by. I was just rejected by silence. What don’t people like me? I feel like every time I want to talk to someone I have to fight for their attention. I just don’t get it, what’s wrong with me?” 

They were both silent for a few minutes and Hunk snapped his finger. “Wait, Keith is Korean right?” Lance shook his head yes. “Maybe his English isn’t that strong so he didn’t want to say anything.” 

Lance stood up and turned towards Hunk. “Hunk! You’re a genius! I know what I have to do know.” 

Hunk gave Lance a confused look, “are you just going to ask him if that’s the reason why?” 

“Phhs no, I’m going to learn Korean! I learned English really fast, Korean can’t be that hard!” Lance grabbed his jacket and his ID and opened the door. “I’ll see you at dinner Hunk!” 

After a few weeks Lance learned enough Korean to manage a small conversation and he felt comfortable enough to approach Keith again. 

It was a Saturday and Keith was in the library. Lance walked towards Keith and tapped his shoulder. Keith turned around and raised one of his eyebrows at Lance. 

Lance inhaled and willed his tongue to form the words he needed to form. “Ibwa, laenseu lan ileum-iya.” (이봐, 랜스 란 이름이야.) 

Keith stared at Lance for a few seconds and bursted out laughing. Lance felt his face turn red, did I say the wrong word? “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you or anything!” 

Keith stopped laugh and wiped his eyes, “dude why were you speaking Korean?” 

Lance opened and closed his mouth a few times attempting to think of a response. “Wel-Wait you know English?!” 

Keith shook his head, “Yeah, why would you think that I didn’t?” 

“Last time I talked to you, you didn’ say anything! I thought you didn’t understand me.” Lance looked around the library and immediately found the nearest exit. I gotta make a run for it. 

“Oh that, I just didn’t feel like talking.” Keith traced the books with his fingers. 

“Emo much.” Lance mumbled and Keith looked at him. 

“What did you say?” 

“Nothing! Well since I completely embarrassed myself I’ll just leave you and drop out of the Garrison.” Lance gave Keith a friendly salute and started to turn away. 

Keith reached out and grabbed Lance’s shoulder. “Wait a minute, anyone who is willing to learn a different language for me is worth a coffee hangout. So tomorrow at noon sound good?” 

Lance felt a blush cross his cheek and fought back a scream of joy. “So-sounds great! I’ll see you then!” Lance exited the library and bolted back to his room. He threw the door open and scaring Hunk in the process. “HE KNEW ENGLISH! HE WAS JUST BEING EMO!” 

“He did? You learned Korean for no reason?” Hunk shut his book and faced his friend. 

“Well yeah, but the language is fun so I don’t mind but he invited me out for coffee tomorrow! Hunk I’m going on a date with Keith!” Lance started to jump around his room and Hunk watched his friend in delight.

“That’s awesome buddy, where are you getting coffee from? There’s like five places on campus that sell coffee.” 

Lance immediately stopped dancing and thought back to the conversation. “He never said….FUCKKKKK!” Lance bolted out of the room and ran back to the library, praying that a certain mullet was still around. 

bwa, laenseu lan ileum-iya (이봐, 랜스 란 이름이야) = Hey, the names Lance.

I had so much fun writing this!!! (They did manage to go on their date, don’t worry) 

I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long!

Thank you <3