28/6/16 10:37 PM // typing out notes from my seminar today + awesome view of Oxford from the top of the tower at St. Margaret’s Church. I have a total of 3 courseworks to complete so far. The summer course has been pretty great and I’ve made more friends than I expected so 😁

Cancer & Taurus
  • Taurus, sitting in the mini park on campus, studying before his next class:
  • Cancer, sees him & walks over to him calmly: Hey Taurus, how are you doing?
  • Taurus, smiles as soon as he notices her: Better, now that your here. What's up?
  • Cancer, screaming inside her head: Oh, you know...nothing.. besides the fact that anytime I see you around, I feel like melting- But you know, just studying.

UC Berkeley just introduced gender-neutral bathrooms in 40 campus buildings

Finding a gender-neutral bathroom on UC Berkeley’s 1,200-mile campus just got a lot easier. University officials announced that 40 campus buildings now house gender-neutral bathrooms, and that a renovation project will add even more. The announcement comes on the heels of big news in the fight for transgender bathroom rights.



>>> guess who went shopping today!

picked up some notebooks and stuff from Hakubundo, along with a new kanji reference and more Haikyuu!! to feed my addictions 😂🙃 (is anyone else super mad that s3 is only 10 eps)

Also, my Herschel came in today ♡ What a beauty. You guys shoulda seen the nasty thing I was using as a bag. Like dang.