shakarian headcanon: when news about garrus and shepard’s relationship gets out the higher ups of the turian military/turian high society are divided into two camps

on one hand, the savior of the galaxy decided she needed a turian to satisfy her, suck it xenophobes

on the other hand, one of the highest ranking officials in the hierarchy chose a human?? the species they went to war with 30 years ago??

half of the hierachy is overjoyed one of their own was deemed worthy by someone as capable as shepard and the other half is sulking over garrus being a bad turian

After watching part of the most recent season of Mad Men

I now ship Bob and Pete because WTF is going on there? They both seem like terrible people. Even if Bob wasn’t involved in the murder of Pete’s mother, he got Pete thrown off an account on the day Pete found out about his mom’s disappearance! The funny thing is, Pete was furious and upset about what happened to her, but soon ready to move on. It’s all just… unexpected.