I give up

I typed up day 2 twice, and the Internet failed me twice just before I could save it as a draft. So eff it. I’ll have all 5 days of CI plus all of next week typed up by the first week of August. I swear on my job as a counselor next summer, it will happen.

All I have to say right now…
Being a passive agressive counselor sometimes feels like its the only way to get a group on the same page and behaved all day. Call it what you want - positive reinforcement, sarcasm, whatever… Nothing works better sometimes that saying “we were gonna have a rock-your-socks water fight today… but me and the rest of the counselors are perfectly fine just sitting in the sun all day if you want to keep acting like this, isn’t that right D? I’m tired today. Controlling 20 of you guys is hard enough. I don’t mind just sleeping in the sun for 15 minutes. If that’s what you campers wanna do today, keep on misbehaving. Go ahead. See what happens. I dare you.”

Also, GOD I wish I could treat some of our counselors like camperrs for a sec. Tell THEM to stay with your group and listen to directions and think befor you speak and pick up 10 pieces of trash and accept all ideas and use your words to communicate and blaaaaaaahhhhhhh. some people man, are just not cut out to lead 25 2nd graders. It’s not a leadership program where we spend a ewek orienting and training counselors to take responsibility seriously. I’m tired of picking up their slack. Literally. I pick up their goup’s lunch mess every day while they sit and gossip. And watch me work. Asdfjkl;.

CI: day 1

chaos. Just. Phoo. Greeted the sunrise at 6. No breakfast. Fun. check in started at 8:30. Parents decided that they wants to show up 15 min early and enter even though no one was set up for check in.

We got counselors situated at base camp. Met D and S for the first time. My group was supposed to be one of the bigger ones, so K was paired up with me,I spent all morning bussing confused parents and kids to base camp. Supersmiles all morning long ;) joined K for the last 2 minutes. Already had a kid -we’ll call him Eli- starting on the wrong foot because he was separated from his 3 besties and s the only 4th grader in a group of 19. Discrepancy much? Took us 15 minute to get mrs. Mom to leave him. ran 15 minutes late getting base camp activity started. Went over rules. Didn’t even start first rotation til 9:30.

Module 1. SmART. Basic patterns. Easy stuff. And then, as if we hadn’t cut the rotation short enough, we had a fire drill at 10:10.

ran back in, sanitized, 6 minute snack, and moved on.

Module 2. I can invent. Fun stuff. Learned about Edison. Removed a bajillion capacitors from kids’ electronics. Im starving st this point btw. That ws a project in and of itself. Also a pain to stay organized and calm. Especially during clean-up.

Module 3. game on. Played a couple team exercises, including that pair-up game where a caller calls out a number and you find a group with that many kids. Yeah, fun stuff, remember? -_______-. K left for lunch at the beginning of this rotation. Oh! At this point, i should probably introduce DanC. Ms. S’s kid. Sweet when he wants to be, but otherwise a royal temperamental pain who’s more than willing to test your boundaries and whine like the worlds out to get him and just him. Cn you tell I love him? *sarcasm, guys.* Switched with K at 12. Gossiped and ate with D and P. They’re practically sisters.

Lunch with the kiddos at 12:30. Went smoothly enough. Back to the auditorium with blue and green group. Collectively, we make up the three youngest groups. Yay :) taunt everyone the moose song, and then split the group to play red light green light and beat master. Aka Indian something or other, according to Eva and some other red grouper. The repeat song was definitely the highlight of my afternoon.

Rushed to power’d at 1:20. Started playing with a small AAbatt powered motor stretched to a pin that’s inserted into a cork nub with a toothpix propellor. Easy enough. btw, e ssecret password to get into our “lab” is “popcorn powered 7”. Don’t ask why, it was audrey’s idea. But shhhhh, don’t tell my campers that I told you.

Hatched at 2:20. Created avatars out of recyclables. Had everything from a 5incher to 4footer. Pretty darn cool. Also created a map for the secret island of Hatched. I had to convince Seth and Owen that their idea for an “underworld” wasn’t on the map because it was so secret that the portals couldn’t br revealed.

We were supposed to do a base camp activity st the end of the day, but kids left almost immediately. So yeah. Spent 15 outside at base camp, then regrouped with counselors, instructors, and both directors. Got check-in/out all figured out and we were good.

Thoughts about day 1? pretty sure D, P, and I are the ones pulling most of the weight. Can’t complain about S even though he didn’t show for set-up. A and R are fine, but definitely not the most proactive. K, my partner is just..iono. Shes not quite a confident leader yet, but it’s fine. My camper, Eli, was fine as soon as we started getting really busy. DanC is gona be….an adventure. Pretty sure S and K are together but no one knows for sure. Not gonna lie, S is sorta cute -not that I’m gonna do nothing about it. Just stating a fact. And he’s and incomming hs senior snd not bad with kids. All god things right ;PI’m for sure not the oldest counselor, but I definitely feel like one of the biggest leaders with the most experience. I’m not tooting my own horn either. It’s jdut s quality that shows after being a campist for almost half my life.

Hi! I'm Mikka!

That’s one thing that I love about camp. Inroductions are usually so easy.

Ok. So quick overview of this blog.
I needed a place to document all the things that happen at the camps I go to.

for the past 4+ years, I’ve den a CLT (camper in leadership training) at Liberty Park day camp. I could gush on and on about this camp forever. That’s for a later date.
The first two weeks of this month were the last two weeks I’d ever be a CLT there. Sadfce.

This week, I’m finally a counselor at Camp Invention, another days camp with a more structured program designed to teach kids about science while teaching them to utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills. Did I mention that my brother’s asst. Director this week? Fun stuff :)

And then next week, I’ll be going up to Big Bear for a one week girls retreat. Love this place too. Will gush later.

After that, I’m back to missing/stalking Liberty camp for a month until they call me for winter camp. Hopefully.

So that my summer in a nutshell. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! I hope all least one of you intewebs out there… somewhere… will be able to relate. If not, think of this as a diary left at a library for you to read :P