Character Questions - Camping Edition

1. What accessories do your ocs take with them everywhere, no matter what?

2. Which oc wants to stop and pet every animal they see?

2a. Which oc treats really dangerous/mythical animals like tiny pets?

2b. Which oc has to stop them?

3. Which oc hates nature?

4. Which oc is a friend to all living things, and which oc wages a war on all insects?

5. Which oc/s goes on a camping trip and never leaves the tent/cabin? 

6. Which oc is really outdoorsy?

7. Which oc is certified in first aid training?

8. Which oc/s is/are very adventurous, but needs to be rescued because they get in over their heads?  If there are more than one, do they often go in pairs?

9. Which oc gets voted team leader?

9a. Which oc names themself team leader?

anonymous asked:

What is burning man? What happens there I don't understand exactly what it is. Do people take a lot of drugs and get drunk all of the time? Are you suppose to dress up really weird? What's the point of everything there and everything you buy and everything you do I don't really get the point of it I guess?

It’s basically a huge city set up and ran by the people who attend burning man. A social experiment of sorts. Nothing is sold at burning man besides ice and coffee. You’re expected to bring your own food, water, shade, etc. People set up elaborate camps that offer a ton of different commodities. Basically any weird thing you can think of is at burning man. There’s sex camps, food camps, bars, lounges, art installations you can climb on, bounce on, explore. There’s camps that give away clothes & accessories, camps where you can make hoops, yoga camps, hammock camps, camps that are specific to astronomy & stargazing. There’s an observatory, there’s sound camps that have lots of different producers, jazz camps, etc, spiritual speakers, the temple (such an intense place).There’s waaaay too much shit going on for me to list. 

People go to burning man for many different reasons. To some it’s a place to get as fucked up as they possibly can, some go to express themselves and bring their art on the playa, some go for the spiritual aspect, some go because it’s their literal week-long vacation. About 70,000 people of all ages, even children, go to the burn for their own reasons. It’s a magical place in a harsh environment. It’s really what you make of it. Some people leave early their first year because it’s too much to handle or they just don’t enjoy it… but there’s many who return year after year because of that playa magic. Plus, burning man is HUGE. You really don’t understand how massive it is until you’re there.. so there’s always new stuff to see. Every year is a new adventure, new people, different camp setups, workshops, art installations. :) 

There’s a ton of information on the burning man website if you’re interested or looking to attend next year.

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Seldon WaterStation™: You find the water, we'll do the rest.

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Our mission is to bring clean drinking water to the world. The next piece in that puzzle for us is our WaterStation™ product. The WaterStation™ prototype is a fully-functioning, portable water purifier that removes biological and man-made contaminants. It is ideal for adventurers, car campers, rescue teams, 4x4 off-road enthusiasts, or anyone who doesn’t want the environmental footprint of bottled water. It also serves as a backup home water purifier in emergencies and natural disasters. We need your support to improve the design of the prototype and run the first set of production units.