Character Questions - Camping Edition

1. What accessories do your ocs take with them everywhere, no matter what?

2. Which oc wants to stop and pet every animal they see?

2a. Which oc treats really dangerous/mythical animals like tiny pets?

2b. Which oc has to stop them?

3. Which oc hates nature?

4. Which oc is a friend to all living things, and which oc wages a war on all insects?

5. Which oc/s goes on a camping trip and never leaves the tent/cabin? 

6. Which oc is really outdoorsy?

7. Which oc is certified in first aid training?

8. Which oc/s is/are very adventurous, but needs to be rescued because they get in over their heads?  If there are more than one, do they often go in pairs?

9. Which oc gets voted team leader?

9a. Which oc names themself team leader?

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